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If an original compelled a human and then the human died with vamp blood in their veins would they still break the compulsion? Or would the compulsion stick because originals can compel vampires to.
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• 3h

Parker or Mikaelson

Would you rather be a member of the Parker family or the Mikaelson family? I would much rather be a Parker because their family seems much more normal, (aside from Kai) and just sort of warmer. Plus they’re witches and not undead vampires. The Mikaelson’s, I get that they care about each other; I just don’t think they all care really that much. Also I would hate being daggered.
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• 4h

Originals and compulsion

I think I know the answer to this but, can originals be compelled by other originals ie: Elijah compelling Klaus or Klaus compelling Kol.
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• 4h

Legacies witch question

Josie and Lizzie need to siphon magic to cast spells then surely they are taking the magic in Hope so how can they all cast more powerful spells using Hope magical energy but Hope can't cast the spells herself.

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• 5h

What If: Hope's blood being able to turn witches into vamp-witch hybrids

If Hope triggers her vampire side and is able to retain her magical abilities, do you think she could turn other witches into vampires that could use magic with her blood's unique properties? Remember, this is just a what if scenario.

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• 5h

Hope triggering her vampire side and becoming a full tribrid. What is more likely?

  • Loses her magic, essentially becoming a hybrid
  • Retains her ability to use magic but can't have children
  • Is able to have children and thus pass on Esther's bloodline.
  • When her vampire side is activated, she becomes an Original Tribrid
  • Original Tribrid with the ability to have children.
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• 5h

Spirit Magic

When a witch uses spirit magic are they drawing on the power of their family ancestors or on all the witches?
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• 7h


I haven't seen no supernatural creature die from old age from neither of the shows  (Not including vampires )
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• 9h

Literally Craziest Couple Ever

What If Katherine and Kai became a couple? The Heretic and The New Ruler Of Hell.  They would ve taken out the entire mystic falls gang. Bonnie and Damon would be dead and the rest are nothing

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• 19h


I wonder something about Hope if she dies she will activate her vampire side . So what if she dies from natural causes like she grows old . Will she come back
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• 1d

an awesome storyline I'd like to see in Legacies season 2

how awesome would it be if lets say the malivore creatures did survive and ended up trying to take over the world/universe by splitting up in different factions? It would be similar to the originals premise except instead of taking over one city, it would be the entire world, if not worlds. And it wouldnt just be humans, vamps, witches and wolves going for the throne. And of course the salvatore school would have to stop them as they would be the only thing in their path to glory. Now I have no idea if this is an original concept or not, maybe it was done in some movie, tv show, book or video game, but if so, im not aware of it. Yes im aware of game of thrones but that is mainly humans and white walkers, whereas legacies season 2 could incorporate all the different creatures, like a group of wraiths or a group of dragons or a group of arachne, just to name some.

and i'd much rather see that, than a stretched out malivore apocalypse plot cause im extremely burned out on those, i find them generic, utterly pointless to an extent and this would be so much cooler and a breathe of fresh air to the repetitive storylines we get about the end of the world or them just committing crimes for the sake of it. It would literally feel like some fantasy video game come to life on the tv screen and dare I say, an improved version of game of thrones.

And its a shame they lost marcel(charles went to another show) cause if something ignited that king spark in him, wouldnt that be amazing to gather back his vampires and tell off some malivore creature that this world belongs to him cause he is the most powerful creature? And give his, im the king, show me respect speech he gave to klaus? And then this creature just beats him down stating, you were the most powerful until you came across me....,and automatically a war would be on, that would be amazing!

what do you all think?, is this something you'd like to see?

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• 1d

what was up with...

referencing the two other supernatural schools last episode? Do you think that is foreshadowing to something? Cause like okay lets say alarics salvatore school is blown up in the finale, um, im pretty sure he can just build a new one can he not cause they kinda implied he would be moving schools. I dont get why not one, but two schools were mentioned. What do u all think?

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• 1d

Matt Donovan

Am I the only one who thinks Matt donovan was much cute in the first season of TVD as compared to the latest episodes?

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• 1d

Gemini Coven

As It turns out that Caroline is probably away for no reason because there is no more Gemini Coven and so there is no merge that has to be done . And Even if there was the Gemini Coven would not force them to merge due to their prejudice against siphoners.  To them they are nothing but abominations.  So in conclusion what is Caroline and Alaric worried about.  The Coven would wait for another set of twins with actual magic power . I see Luke and Olivia merging because they are witches and the winner will get added power . The same could also be said for Josette and Kai because He would be getting her power added to his siphoner abilities . But 2 siphoners cannot merge or fight in a ritual and they wouldn't be forced to if Kai had not killed his family . I mean someone help me understand what would the winner of this battle between the twins be receiving in the merge . And If they didn't do the ritual voluntarily would this curse force them to merge.?

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• 2d

More than one portal to Malivore ?

So I was thinking about that. To end up in Malivore, the monster or the peoples need to be casted in that black goo portal. But the problem is, how all the creatures ended up there if it's the only portal ? The Gargoyl and the Necromancer died in France, the Arachne was Greek, the Mummy was obviously in Egypt, Dragons were all across the world... And the portal to Malivore is in Georgia.

So how were they sent to Malivore ? I don't think people captured every creatures around the world and travelled to Georgia to toss them in Malivore, that sound... stupid.

Maybe there is other portal across the world or something to instantly send the monsters to malivore. Because this story is really weird...

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• 2d

Malivore creatures

I’m sorry if this has been addressed before but how the creatures in Malivore ended up there? Were their bodies thrown in the hole after they were killed or they were killed by a special someone or an object or all the unusual creatures expect for vampires, witches, werewolves ended up there when they died. I know they possibly have not mentioned it yet but any theory or thought will be appreciated.

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• 2d

The third key

So I have been thinking, with the season finale upon us and the fact Landon was kidnapped by MG's mom what if he is the third key?

The first was the knife, the second the jar. So what if the third is a phoenix? Or a being that was made of Malivore but born on earth?

So lets presume something on the other side of Malivore has the two and is waiting for Landon to show up so it can use the knife to kill Landon and take his blood or a body part for a ritual. But Landon sill come back since he is a phoenix.

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• 3d

New seasons

Will there be a ninth season of Vampire Diaries.
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• 3d

Question about witch babies.

So I’ve been having this thought on my mind for a while and I can’t seem to figure it out. If a witch was pregnant for about eight months and thier baby has already inherited the witch gene. Then a vampire can and feed the pregnant witch vampire blood than killed her and then she came back to life. Would the baby be a vampire or a vampire-witch? I feel the baby could possibly be a vampire-witch but be like Hope and the vampire blood would just flow through the baby veins. What do y’all think?

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• 3d

Katerina's witchcraft

If Katerina wasn't a member of The Travelers could she have been a powerful witch due to being doppealgänger-witch hybrid?
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