Carolines Tagebuch 1
Carolines Tagebuch 2

Caroline fing an, ein Tagebuch zu schreiben, damit Elena weiß, was passiert ist, wenn sie wieder aufwacht.


  • Dear Elena...
    A few weeks ago, you said goodbye and told us to write everything down so you'd feel like you didn't miss anything when you woke up. Bad news first—Damon said the best way to keep his mind off you was to help Alaric grieve. So, in common Damon-fashion, he kidnapped Ric and flew him to Europe for a guy-getaway. I'm sure you can imagine how that's going... Obviously, we didn't send them there without a chaperone... So, Damon's watching out for Alaric, Bonnie's watching out for Damon, and I don't know exactly who's watching out for Bonnie... Matt will officially be Deputy Donovan next week when he graduates. As happy as I am for him, a big part of me wishes my mom was hear to see it... The Town Council gave her a bench. I've been visiting it, hoping I'll miraculously start missing her less. I keep thinking that if I can heal, I can move on with my life, but I don't see that happening any time soon... Anyway, I covered Damon, Bonnie, Ric, Matt... Who am I missing?... As I was saying... things are great.
  • Dear Elena...
    I'm pregnant....... Ridiculously long story short, they're Alaric and Jo's twin babies, magically transported into my readily available womb by the Gemini Coven. I guess I thought writing to you might help me figure out how I'm supposed to feel about the whole thing. Because on one hand, I know how much this means to Alaric... and on the other, I have no idea what it means for me.
  • Dear Elena...
    I realized I haven't written in a while. I'm sorry. Apparently, pregnancy eats at your brain. Anyway, we all miss you and Stefan's finally bouncing back from his days in that Phoenix stone hell, but he's worried about Damon... A lot so more than usual.

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  • Elena's the most selfish person I've ever known. Everyone thinks she's so together, but it's really just coldness. It's sickening the way people suck up to her, never realizing that she doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything except Elena.
  • Bonnie’s almost as bad these day, always trying to make herself important. The newest thing is pretending she's psychic so people will pay attention to her. If she was really psychic she’d figured out that Elena is just using her.
  • Meredith doesn’t do anything to stop it. In fact, Meredith doesn’t do anything; she just watches. It's as if she can't act; she can only react to things. Besides, I've heard my parents talking about her family- no wonder she never mentions them.

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