Why are you trying to save him?! Elena he's never gonna change! Don't you see that?! He's never gonna change!
Stefan to Elena about Damon

162 Candles is the eighth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the eighth episode of the series overall.


A HAPPY BIRTHDAY THAT WILL END IN TRAGEDY — On his birthday, Stefan is surprised by a visit from Lexi, one of his oldest and best friends. Damon compelled Caroline to throw a party at the Grill because it was part of his diabolical plan. He then invited Stefan and Lexi and eventually they both accepted. Still upset by the events at the Halloween haunted house, Elena does her best to stay away from Stefan, but for some reason Elena finds herself at the Salvatore Boarding House in search for Stefan. When looking for him, she meets his oldest friend Lexi in a towel. Lexi was shocked to see who Elena was for a certain reason who's name is "Katherine." Elena then left and went home. Later Stefan stops off at Elena's house before he heads to the Grill. They talk and he then asks if she is going to Caroline's party; she says no. Then Elena shows up at the Grill still not sure about the situation with Stefan, but Lexi gives her some unsolicited relationship advice. Elena and Jenna are surprised by a change in Jeremy's behavior which has changed for the better. At Damon's compulsive insistence, Caroline tries to get the amulet back from Bonnie. Finally, Damon's offer to help Sheriff Forbes has tragic results. Matt also appears.



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  • Antagonist: Damon Salvatore
  • Caroline's and Matt's relationship begins in this episode.
    • As of this episode, both Elena and Caroline will have dated the same person—in this case, Matt. 
  • The "boy" that Damon had killed was a stunt actor, John Gilbert. He would later return in Crying Wolf, when Paul Wesley injured his leg, and therefore couldn't carry Elena inside. He was used as the stuntman for Stefan.
  • Damon kills Lexi in this episode to help prevent the Counsel from finding out that himself and Stefan were Vampires.
  • This marks the first appearance of Lexi, and this is the only episode to feature her alive (as a vampire) in the present day, as she is later staked and killed by Damon at the end of the episode.
    • Lexi does appear in flashbacks or as a ghost in later episodes.
  • Damon and Lexi meet for the first time in thirty-two years, when he left Lexi to burn to death on a rooftop in 1977 New York.
  • Lexi talks to Elena about Elena's relationship with Stefan, and her own relationship with her formerly mortal lover (Lee, whose name isn't stated onscreen.)
    • Although it's not confirmed until Bloodlines, it's implied in this episode that she turned him into a vampire.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of blood bags as a form of nutrition for ethically-minded vampires.
    • Lexi explains that she knows a phlebotomist who gives them to her so she doesn't have to feed on humans.
  • This is the first episode that Elena admits to Stefan that she loves him.
  • Bonnie reveals to Elena that she is a witch in this episode.
  • Caroline starts to dislike Damon in this episode after he treats her badly when she's unable to get the crystal back from Bonnie.
  • Bonnie refuses to give Caroline the crystal in this episode, as her grandmother Sheila told her that it was the Bennett talisman and that she shouldn't give it to anyone.
  • Stefan is the first of the main characters shown to celebrate their birthday on the series, establishing that his birthday is November 1, 1847, making him 162 years old, as referenced in the episode's title.
    • Elena and Caroline are the next characters shown to celebrate their birthdays, both of which occur in Season Three. Elena's birthday (June 22, 1992) is celebrated in The Birthday, and Caroline's birthday (October 10, 1992) is celebrated in Our Town.
  • Lexi's dislike towards Damon is properly explained in the Season Four episode, Because the Night.
  • This is the first episode of the second chapter of Season One, The Tomb Chapter.


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  • This episode had about 4.09 million viewers in the US, which was 0.9 million less than the previous episode.


Stefan: "Damon? (someone knocks him to the floor................ sees who it is) Lexi?"
Lexi: "Hi!"
Stefan: "What are you doing here?"
Lexi: "How could you even ask that?" (She hugs him)
Stefan: "I've missed you!"
Lexi: "Happy birthday!"

Lexi: "That's it, Damon. After a century I finally realized, death means nothing without you. Do me!"
Damon: "Why are you so mean to me?"
Lexi: "Um, have you met you? You're not a nice person."
Damon: "Well, because I'm a vampire."
Lexi: "But, you're only the bad parts."
Damon: (smirks) "Teach me to be good."
Lexi: (starts to choke him) "I'm older, and that means stronger."
Damon (chokes): "I'm sorry."
Lexi: "Don't ruin my time with Stefan, 'cause I'll hurt you, and you know I can do it."
Damon: "Deal!"

Bonnie: "Are you up?"
Elena: "No. (She covers her head with her blanket, and Bonnie uncovers her).... No, no!"
Bonnie: "Why haven't you called me back?"
Elena: "I'm sorry..."
Bonnie: "Are you gonna stay there forever?"
Elena: "Yeah..."
Bonnie: "Move over! (She lays down next to Elena) I'm officially worried. What's going on?"
Elena: "I'm tired of thinking, of talking..."
Bonnie: "Can we make it a one-line version, so I can at least pretend to be helpful?"
Elena: "Stefan and I broke up."

Jeremy: "Want to keep it down over there?"
Jenna: "Why, what are you doing?"
Jeremy: "Homework."
Elena: "Since when do you do homework?"
Jeremy: "I gotta finish this. I'm way behind, and I have a quiz tomorrow, so..."
Elena: "What do you think? Alien?"
Jeremy: "Some sort of replicate."
Jeremy: "'He can hear you."

Lexi: "So, this Elena girl, she'll come around I'm sure of it. Have you had sex yet?"
Stefan: "No."
Lexi: "Sex always works! I mean you'll rock her world so hard with your vamp-sex she'll be yours forever."

Lexi: "Relax I didn't kill anyone for it. This phlebotomist I went out with a few times, he's my supplier."

(Stefan gives her a stern look)

Lexi: "Oh, don't judge, okay? I tried the animal diet, it lasted three weeks."
Stefan: "I'd never judge you."
Damon: (looks at Lexi's blood bag) "Ugh, I prefer mine 98.6."

Damon: (sees Elena staring at Lexi and Stefan) "Stefan smiles. Alert the media."
Elena: "You haven't given him a lot of reasons to be happy lately."
Damon: "Oh, you're right. Poor Stefan. Persecuted throughout eternity by his depraved brother. Does it get tiring, being so righteous?"
Elena: "Hmph. It flares up in the presence of psychopaths."
Damon: "Ouch. (He puts his hand over his heart) Well, consider this psychopath's feelings hurt."

Lexi: "Ah, the famous Elena."
Elena: "Towel girl."
Lexi: (shrugs) "I've been called worse."

Stefan: "He killed her. He killed Zach, he killed Tanner, he turned Vicki. I have to kill him."
Elena: "No, you can't do that."
Stefan: "Why are you trying to save him? Elena, he's never gonna change. Don't you see that? He's never gonna change."
Elena: "I'm not trying to save him, I'm trying to save you. You have no idea what this will do to you. Please, Stefan."
Stefan: "Everywhere that I go, pain and death follow. Damon follows me. No more."

Caroline: "Do you ever feel like there's not a person in the world who loves you?"
Matt: "Life can be a little rough."
Caroline: "I just wish..."
Matt: "What?"
Caroline: "Wish that life was... different."
Matt: "Yeah, me too."

(Matt gets up to leave; Caroline grabs his hand)

Caroline: "Please. Don't leave me alone."

(Matt gets into bed with Caroline. Caroline snuggles up next to Matt)



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Last.fm_play.png "Feel It In My Bones" – Tiesto feat. Tegan & Sara
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Last.fm_play.png "Too Close" – Mike Sheridan and Mads Langer
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