Town Square 1912

[Two men exit a Council meeting)]

Gerald: Will you get home all right, Mr. Salvatore? I can send for one of the police vehicles.
Zachariah: Oh, a winter chill never hurt anyone, Sheriff Forbes.
Gerald: I'm less concerned about the cold front, more for your safety.
Zachariah: One council men's murder doesn't make an epidemic, Gerald. Good night.
Gerald: Good night.

[Zachariah leaves and starts to walk across the square, alone. He hears a noise and is suddenly stabbed. He dies.]

Police Station

[Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood are walking towards the building.]

Sheriff Forbes: The mystery is not going to get solved any faster with you yelling at me, Carol.
Carol: We have two council murders and an attempted murder on our hands. If you have a suspect, it is your duty to keep me in the loop.
Sheriff Forbes: No, it's my duty to make sure I don't accuse an innocent person of being a serial killer.
Carol: Just, tell me who it is, Liz.

[Inside, Alaric wakes up in a holding cell.]

[Alaric is talking to Sheriff Forbes and Damon. He is still in the holding cell. Later, he talks through the bars with Liz and Damon.]

Alaric: I didn't do it.
Damon: You're arresting him for what this nut job Dr. Fell says?
Sheriff Forbes: No, I'm detaining him. The cell is for his own good. You were shot; Dr. Fell used vampire blood to heal you.
Alaric: Dr. Fell is the one who shot me.
Sheriff Forbes: Because you came at her with a knife!
Alaric: Yeah, with a knife I had found hidden in her things!
Damon: Are we gonna ignore the part where he is one of the killer's victims? I mean, the guy was practically stabbed to death.
Sheriff Forbes: Well, Dr. Fell suggested his wounds could have been self-inflicting.
Alaric: You think I stabbed myself?
Sheriff Forbes: Look, I think I don't know what to think. I've got nothing, except murder weapons from your stash and a respected member of a founding family pointing a very long finger.
Alaric: She is setting me up. I'm being framed here!
Sheriff Forbes: Well, that may be so, but I don't have any proof of that.
Damon: Well then we'll find some.
Sheriff Forbes: No, just stay out of this, Damon. You getting involved is only going to make matters worse.
Damon: Listen, Liz...
Sheriff Forbes: Don't make me put you in that cell with him!

Mystic Falls

[Matt and Elena are jogging together through a neighborhood.]

Matt: What are we running, a marathon?
Elena: If you can't keep up.
Matt: Elena, you can't outrun your problems.

[Matt breaks to a walk while Elena continues running.]

Matt: Though it looks like you're gonna try. I talked to Bonnie!

[Elena stops running and turns to face Matt.]

Elena: What did she say?
Matt: They're at her mom's house. Abby is gonna complete the transition.
Elena: She decided to become a vampire?
Matt: Yeah. Caroline's gonna help her through it. Teach her to control it and stuff.
Elena: Did Bonnie say-is there anything I can do?
Matt: She knows it's not your fault, Elena, she's just upset.
Elena: Damon turned her mom into a vampire to save my life. It's absolutely my fault.
Matt: You're gonna make me run more, aren't you?

[Elena's phone rings.]

Matt: Who is it?
Elena: Sheriff Forbes, is everything okay? He what?

Police Station

[Elena enters the station. Damon walks up to her.]

Elena: Were you just..?
Damon: Ric's fine. Sheriff wants me to stay out of it.
Elena: But you're not going to. Are you?
Damon: Seems just as good a plan as any.
Elena: Your friend's in jail for murder. You have to do something.
Damon: Well, I guess I could rip out Dr. False Accusation's throat. Maybe her tongue. You know, I could chew it up into little tiny pieces and feed it to the squirrels.

[He mimes chewing like a squirrel.]

Elena: Stop it, Damon!
Damon: Guess me staying out of it suddenly sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? I saved your life last night. You're welcome.
Elena: You know, you could show a little compassion about Bonnie.
Damon: I know, you're right, her and her mom must be really hurting right now. Should I send lasagna?
Elena: Okay, now you're just being mean.
Damon: I'm mean, you hate me. The Earth is back on its axis.

[Elena starts to walk away from Damon, but turns around.]

Elena: You know if you keep pushing people away, you're gonna end up alone.

[Elena leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is in his room at his desk with his diary on it. He's tapping his ring on the table, while swirling the pen in his hands, and is sitting with his eyes closed. Damon stops by the door and sees what he's doing. Stefan stops and looks at him when Damon starts speaking.]

Damon: Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever.

[Stefan gets up and puts his diary back on the shelf.]

Stefan: What do you want?
Damon: I was hoping we could hang. You know a little brother bonding. I know we don't actually "hang out". We team up, we join forces, we activate our wonder twin powers.

[Damon shows him his ring, in reference to the wonder twin comment. He starts looking through Stefan's bookshelf.]

Stefan: What are you doing?
Damon: Digging up clues. Most of the Originals are gone, but now we have a whodunnit in town. Hey, do you remember when we came back for Zachariah's funeral?
Stefan: Vaguely. Why?
Damon: If memory serves, he wasn't the first Founders' Council member killed that year or even that month.
Stefan: Your point being?
Damon: I'm trying to remember what year it was.
Stefan: 1912.
Damon: So much for vaguely.

[Damon grabs one of the diaries on the shelf and throws it to Stefan.]

Damon: 1912. Or as I like to call it: last time Mystic Fall's had a serial killer on its hands.

[Stefan opens up the diary and reads it.]

Stefan: "It feels strange to be home again after so long away. I thought I would never return. Certainly not for a funeral."

Cemetery 1912

[A funeral is taking place outside the Salvatore crypt. Two women approach Stefan.]

Marianna: I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Salvatore. I'm told you're a distant cousin of Zachariah.
Stefan: His nephew, actually. Miss..?
Marianna: Lockwood. Marianna Lockwood. And this is my friend, Samantha Gilbert.
Stefan: As in Johnathan Gilbert.
Samantha: My late grandfather. Did you know him?
Stefan: Crossed paths. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be inappropriate, but no one seems to be willing to discuss the details of Zachariah's death.
Samantha: He was murdered and he wasn't the first.
Marianna: Samantha, don't be a gossip.
Samantha: Why not? He should know. He's a founding family like us. Be careful Mr. Salvatore. It's not a good time to be a Founder in this town.

[Samantha and Marianna leave. Stefan looks at a nearby tombstone and sees a crow which flies away. Damon appears.]

Damon: Have you been eating the relatives again?
Stefan: Damon.
Damon: It's been a long time, brother.
Stefan: It's been almost fifty years. I'm surprised you came.
Damon: And miss the funeral of, what do you call him? Uncle Zachariah?
Stefan: I see you're still mad at me.
Damon: Why would I be mad at you, Stefan? You made me become a vampire and now I walk the world alone, drinking other people's blood.
Stefan: Any chance you took it all out on our nephew Zachariah?
Damon: If I'm not mistaken, you were the one who killed our family, remember? May father rest in peace.
Stefan: I'm not like that anymore, Damon.
Damon: Well congratulations, Stefan. But if you'll excuse me, I'd like to live out my eternal existence as far away from you as possible.

[Damon starts to leave.]

Stefan: Damon, wait.

[Damon stops.]

Stefan: Lets grab a drink, catch up.

[Damon turns around.]

Stefan: I've missed you brother.
Damon: Sure. Why not?

Salvatore Boarding House

Damon: What do you say, brother? You wanna go get drunk?
Stefan: Ahhh, I get it, I get it. You're bored! Your best friend's in jail and you don't have anything better to do with yourself.
Damon: Well, there's that and I was hoping you could help me solve a murder.

[Damon takes the journal from Stefan and walks out of the room.]

Mystic Grill

[Carol and Rebekah are sitting at a table together, talking.]

Rebekah: Thank you for meeting with me, Mayor. I figured as head of the Preservation Society, you'd be a good person to ask about the oldest trees in this community.
Carol: A long line of Lockwood women use to keep those records, back before any of them had actual jobs.
Rebekah: I've been to the Founders' archive, but I can't seem to find any record of the tree I'm looking for.
Carol: It probably got cut down. Big old trees built half of this town in the 1900s.

[Stefan and Damon enter the Grill and head toward the bar.]

Damon: Oh, She-Devil at nine o'clock.

[Damon and Rebekah stare at each other.]

Rebekah: Do you happen to know who kept the milling ledgers during that period?
Carol: Back then all the logging mills were owned by the Salvatores.

[Damon and Stefan are at the bar.]

Damon: So what does a medical examiner, Bill Forbes, and Alaric Saltzman have in common?

[Stefan starts tapping his ring on the counter.]

Damon: Come on, knock it off.

[Stefan pours himself a drink.]

Damon: You know, quitting blood cold turkey after a ripper binge might not be the best approach. Every time you play that all-or-nothing game, you eventually leave a trail of bodies. So, I'm thinking, now is a good time to pay our old friend moderation a visit.
Stefan: They were all on the Founders' Council, Damon. That's what they all have in common.
Damon: But why them? Huh? Brian Walters and Alaric weren't from founding families. I mean, hey, if you're gonna slaughter council members, go A-list. At least in 1912 they killed a Salvatore.

[Rebekah comes up behind them.]

Rebekah: Which Salvatore would that be?

Police Station

[Alaric and Sheriff Forbes are talking.]

Alaric: You have to agree, Sheriff, there is no motive here.
Sheriff Forbes: Look, both the medical examiner and my ex-husband got into altercations with Meredith Fell before their deaths. Now, she said you were a witness to her fight with Brian Walters.
Alaric: So, what are you saying, I was defending her honor? I barely knew her then.
Sheriff Forbes: She said she also told you that Bill threatened to report her to the medical board for giving him vampire blood.
Alaric: No she didn't.
Sheriff Forbes: A two a.m. call the night he was killed? I pulled your records, you spoke with her for over an hour.

[Alaric sits down on the bed in the cell.]

Alaric: Okay, I, uh, yes I-I remember calling her, but I was drinking and I-I don't remember the conversation.
Sheriff Forbes: Well, do you have an alibi for the night Brian Walters was killed?
Alaric: I was there the night of the bridge fundraiser, okay? Until midnight. You saw me there!
Sheriff Forbes: Time of death was between one and three am.
Alaric: Well, then, I-I must have been home, sleeping. I'm sure of it.

Mystic Grill

Rebekah: So, Zachariah Salvatore was your nephew?
Damon: Well, our father knocked up one of the maids during the Civil War, she had a son. But as far as everyone else knew, Stefan and I were dead. Family name had to go somewhere.
Rebekah: And, uh, your family owned the logging mills back then?
Damon: You're full of a lot of questions.
Rebekah: I'm just researching the town history. I grew up here after all.
Damon: You know you don't have to disguise your true motives Blondie-Bex, if you want more sex, just ask for it.
Rebekah: Not enough liquor in the world.

[Rebekah grabs the bottle and pours herself a drink.]

Damon: Oh, come on, it was too good for you to be this hostile.

[Stefan grabs his glass and the bottle and moves from between Rebekah and Damon to Damon's right side.]

Damon: You'll have to excuse my little brother, he's jonesing for some O positive.
Stefan: I'm not jonesing.

[Rebekah moves into the seat next to Damon.]

Rebekah: So, did they ever catch the killer?
Damon: Nope. Wrote it all off on vampires.
Rebekah: Maybe it was a vampire.
Stefan: Yeah, yeah, maybe it was a vampire, Damon.
Damon: Don't think for a second you didn't cross my mind too, brother. But these murders weren't your style, were they? Plus there were no other vampires circulating then.
Stefan: Well, there was one other vampire. Remember Sage?
Damon: Ohh, right, Sage. Speaking of great sex. Ooh!

[Damon takes a swig from the bottle.]

Mystic Falls 1912

[Damon is drinking from a bottle.]

Stefan: Damon, you've had enough.

[Stefan takes the bottle from Damon and drinks.]

Damon: Hit a man when he's down.

[The two head towards a tent. Inside a woman is beating a man in a boxing match. Damon and Stefan enter the tent. Sage knocks the man out with an upper cut.]

Sage: Who's next? One hundred dollars to any man who can beat me.

[She sees Damon and winks at him. Stefan walks over to Damon.]

Stefan: I can teach you how to survive without human blood, you know.
Damon: You do not get to lecture me on how to live my life. Not any more.

[Damon walks away from him. Sage comes up to him.]

Sage: What's your name?
Damon: Not interested.
Sage: Well, Mr. Not-Interested, you seem to me like a gambling man.
Damon: Afraid you have me all wrong.

[Sage pulls out a 100 dollar bill from her shirt and shows it to Damon. She puts it in his pants.]

Sage: Hm, well that's too bad.

[Sage walks away.]

Mystic Grill

Rebekah: I knew a Sage once. Trashy little thing.
Damon: You really think it was Sage who was killing all those Founders back then?
Stefan: Town questioned every grown man in Mystic Falls. Probably never occurred to them that a woman could have done it.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Elena is waiting by her car outside the hospital. She sees Meredith get out of her car and goes up to her. They keep walking towards the hospital.]

Meredith: I'm due in surgery. Whatever case you're gonna make against Alaric, make it quick.
Elena: I don't have to make a case, he didn't do anything.
Meredith: How do you know? Sure you live with him, he takes care of you, but do you really know anything about him?
Elena: I know enough.

[Meredith stops walking and turns to face Elena.]

Meredith: Let me tell you what I know. He was arrested for fighting four times before the age of 21. When he was at Duke, his future wife, Isobel, filed a restraining order against him. Twice. Although, then she married him, so I guess that says more about her.
Elena: Okay, you're making all of this up.
Meredith: Am I? How would you know? You took pity on a borderline alcoholic vampire hunter and you never even thought to look any deeper.
Elena: How could you do this to him? He didn't kill anyone and you know it.
Meredith: You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn't come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer.

[Meredith walks away.]

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah is drinking the dregs of the remaining whiskey.]

Rebekah: So, uh, tell me more about your old relatives. I heard they tore down half the woods to build this town.

[A bartender gives them a new bottle of whiskey. Rebekah goes to grab the bottle, but Damon grabs it first.]

Damon: Easy there, lushy pants. It's been a hoot and a half but it's boy's night and you weren't invited.

[Damon leaves with the alcohol, and Stefan follows with two glasses.]

Meredith's Apartment

[Matt and Elena pick the lock of her door and enter the apartment.]

Elena: Wow, nice job.
Matt: All that breaking and entering adds to the list of life favors you owe me.
Elena: Okay, look, I don't know how much longer Meredith is gonna be in surgery, so let's see what we can find.

[Elena and Matt begin searching through her place.]

Matt: Don't you think the police already combed through this place? She handed over everything she had.
Elena: Yeah, I'm looking for the evidence that she didn't hand over.
Matt: And you're sure it's her we should be investigating?
Elena: I know him, Matt. He's innocent. And I know that Meredith's a Fell, founding family.

[Elena looks over at a closet.]

Elena: Which means...

[Elena walks over to the closet and opens the door. She turns on the light and starts looking through her stuff. Matt walks over to her. Elena finally finds a hidden panel at the back of the closet. She knocks on it, it's hollow.]

Elena: Skeletons in the closet. Just like a true founder.

[Matt enters the closet and pulls out the panel. He takes out a cardboard box and the two of them start rifling through the folders inside.]

Elena: Brian Walters. Bill Forbes.

[Matt takes out one of the folders and shows it to Elena.]

Matt: Alaric Saltzman.

Mystic Grill

[Damon is playing darts and Stefan is sitting at a table. Damon hits a bullseye.]

Damon: So, let's just say Sage was killing everyone in 1912. Who the hell is doing it now? It's not that psycho, Dr. Fell. She's a woman. There's no way she could stab three grown men.

[Damon throws a dart, but Rebekah catches it before it hits the board.]

Rebekah: That's a bit sexist. A woman could easily kill a man, with the right motivation.
Stefan: You just, uh, don't give up, do you?
Rebekah: Why are you so grumpy?
Damon: He's on a master cleanse. Trying to be a better man and all.
Rebekah: You know, you were a lot more fun in the '20s.

[Damon bumps Rebekah with his elbow.]

Damon: Don't rile him up.

[Damon takes the bottle of whiskey.]

Damon: He's testy when he's being self-righteous.
Stefan: I'm not being self-righteous, Damon. I'm just not interested in slaughtering innocent human beings anymore.
Damon: Oh, okay, fair enough. My mistake. [He takes out Stefan's journal.] You used to be self-righteous. [He begins to read from the journal.] Dear diary, Damon has lost his way, though I have pulled my own life together he continues to waste his.

[Rebekah grabs the journal from Damon.]

Rebekah: Ouch. [She starts to read Stefan's journal aloud.] His bitterness consumes him. He is nothing but blackness and vile. [She closes the journal and winds the strap around it.] Oh, judgy.
Stefan: Well, this is fun.
Rebekah: You know, if I'm being honest, you didn't seem like much fun either, Damon.

[She hands the journal back to Damon.]

Damon: I wasn't. The woman I was in love with was stuck in a tomb and she wasn't getting out for a hundred years. I wasn't having any fun at all.

Mystic Falls 1912

[Damon is outside of the tent, feeding on a woman. He throws her lifeless body to the ground. Sage is watching him from behind.]

Sage: How sad. You're doing it all wrong. Bad vampire.

[Damon pulls out a handkerchief and wipes his face.]

Damon: I was hungry. Now I am not hungry. My quality of form is purely subjective.
Sage: A woman isn't just for food. She's for pleasure.
Damon: I do not need a woman for pleasure. I am spoken for.

[Damon starts to walk away, but Sage grabs his arm and stops him.]

Sage: We are all spoken for, in some way. But what is being a vampire if not relishing in the pleasure of it?

[Sage starts to walk back to the tent. She motions to Damon.]

Sage: Come along. Let me show you.

[Back in the tent, two men are boxing each other. Damon walks over to Sage.]

Sage: Look at the women, they're beautiful, aren't they? Not them. They're too hungry for attention. You want the ones who button themselves up. Watch them. They can't tear their eyes away. [She traces her finger along Damon's jaw.] Those are the women who secretly crave seduction. They'll put up a good fight, but the game isn't winning them over, making them beg for it.
Damon: What if they don't?
Sage: You're a vampire, you take it.

[They look at a young woman on the other side of the room.]

Sage: Her.

[Damon moves toward the woman. He looks back at Sage, she looks at the girl and nods her head at him, then looks away.]

Mystic Grill

Rebekah: That sounds like Sage all right.
Damon: How did you know her?
Rebekah: She was obsessed with my brother Finn, over 900 years ago.
Damon: What? Creepy suicidal guy?

[Stefan is tapping his ring again.]

Damon: You're doing it again.

[Stefan gets up.]

Stefan: Alright, you know what, I need to, uh, I gotta get out of here.
Damon: Sure. First, admit you're jonesing.
Stefan: Damon, I'm not...

[Damon rushes over and grabs him.]

Damon: Admit it.
Stefan: Okay, fine, I'm freaking out. I'm ready to eat the entire wait staff, why do you need to hear me say it?
Damon: Because I'm feeling a little self-righteous too.

Meredith's Apartment

[Elena and Matt are looking through Alaric's folder.]

Elena: She's got everything on him: medical records, old court documents.

[Matt pulls out a journal from the box.]

Matt: What's this?

[Elena takes it and opens it up.]

Elena: It's an old Gilbert journal.
Matt: Why is one of your old family journals in her closet?
Elena: I...
Matt: Didn't you say the medical examiners time of death was between one and three a.m.?
Elena: Yeah, why?
Matt: Because the county coroner's office says that's wrong.

[Matt hands Elena the paper, she looks at it. Suddenly, they hear footsteps approaching.]

Matt: Oh my God.

[They put the stuff back in the box, and hide in the closet. Meredith enters her apartment, and puts her cup of coffee and her keys on the table. Matt is about to say something when Elena puts her finger to his mouth. Meredith comes out of her room and grabs her stuff. Elena and Matt hear her open and close the front door. They turn the light back on and open the door. Meredith is standing right there.]

Police Station

[Liz walks into her office. Elena and Matt are sitting in front of her desk.]

Sheriff Forbes: What were you thinking?
Elena: I know that we had no right.
Sheriff Forbes: No right? You broke the law.
Elena: But, we found something that clears Alaric. It gives him an alibi in the Brian Walters murder.

[Liz holds up a piece of paper.]

Sheriff Forbes: You mean this?
Elena: What is that?
Sheriff Forbes: A letter from the county coroner's office correcting the error in the time of death of Brian Walters. Meredith Fell received it today. She brought it to me several hours ago, full of apologies for accusing an innocent man.
Matt: Why would she have a copy hidden in her closet?
Sheriff Forbes: I can't ask those questions, Matt, because the very fact that you broke into her home to find it. Do you know how much I'm already protecting both of you?
Elena: I'm sorry.
Sheriff Forbes: Just...get out of my office and go home. Please. Alaric will be released as soon as the letter is authenticated. Go.

Mystic Grill

[Stefan is walking out of the Grill. Rebekah and Damon are behind him.]

Rebekah: So he doesn't want to drink human blood?
Damon: Ah, he's an eternally guilty conscious.
Rebekah: Funny. When I knew him in the 20s, he didn't have any conscious at all. One of the things I liked most about it. Can't possibly think he can survive without feeding.
Damon: Oh, on the contrary, he's determined to live his life pursuing one extreme or the other. He's a stubborn one, my brother. Uh, think I'm gonna need some help with this one.
Rebekah: What can I do?

[Damon sees a woman getting out of her car. He looks at Rebekah, then rushes over in front of the woman.]

Damon: Hello.
Woman: Hi.
Damon: This may seem very forward but you're just so pretty.
Woman: Thank you.

[Damon compels her.]

Damon: And please don't scream. You're about to have a very, very bad night.

[Damon bites her and starts to feed. Stefan stops walking and rushes over to Damon and pulls him off the woman.]

Stefan: Damon, stop!

[Rebekah catches the woman as she falls backwards.]

Damon: Sorry brother. It's dinner time. Have a bite.
Stefan: What are you doing?
Damon: Tough love, Stefan. You're not gonna survive this cold turkey thing, you never do. It's time to get that monkey off your back.
Stefan: No. No.
Damon: Feed or I'll let Rebekah have her way with her. You know she'll kill her.
Rebekah: You know I will.
Damon: Then her blood will be on your hands. Or you could just have a little drink, save her life. Come on, Stefan. You were the one that said you didn't want any more innocent lives slaughtered. Save her. Go on, have a bite. I snatched, you eat, I'll erase. Hell, I'll even heal her for you.
Stefan: Why are you doing this? You know what blood does to me.
Damon: Because you let it control you. You always have. I'm just here to help you learn how to fight it.
Rebekah: This is rubbish.

[Rebekah extends her fangs and gets ready to bite the woman, but Stefan rushes over and pushes Rebekah out of the way, he grabs the woman. He stares at the blood running down her neck and then bites her and feeds.]

Damon: I got it from here. Go ahead.
Rebekah: The night's just getting started.
Damon: Scram. No one likes a lurker.
Rebekah: You're a real arse, you know?
Damon: So I'm told.

[Rebekah leaves.]

Damon: Alright, that's enough. Come on. You're gonna bleed her dry. You're gonna drain her. Come on.

[Damon pushes Stefan off the woman. Stefan has blood running down his chin and tries to go back and feed some more, but Damon pushes him away.]

Damon: I said that's enough! Hey, you wanna fight hunger or do you wanna fight me?

[Damon bites his wrist to heal the woman and puts it to her mouth.]

Damon: I got you. That's a good girl.

[Elena and Matt are walking past the alleyway and stop.]

Elena: What are you doing?

[Stefan turns around. Elena sees the blood on Stefan's face.]

Elena: Stefan?

[Stefan wipes the blood off of his mouth.]

Stefan: Elena.
Elena: What are you two doing?
Damon: Relax, Elena. Just a little experiment. There's no need to make this more dramatic than it needs to be.
Matt: Elena, let's just go.

[Elena continues to stare at Stefan.]

Matt: Elena!

[Matt forces Elena to move, she eventually does. Stefan watches them leave. He turns back to Damon.]

Damon: So...that's gonna take a little time.

[Stefan walks into Damon and then walks away.]

Damon: Stefan, hey wait, Stefan. Wait!

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is sitting at the dining room table. Matt brings her a mug of tea and sits down with her.]

Elena: Just say it.
Matt: I just don't get it. Your thing with them.
Elena: I know it doesn't make sense, but at the beginning, after my parents died, there was something about being with Stefan that just felt safe.
Matt: Safe? Elena, he's a vampire.
Elena: I know, believe me, just saying it out loud it sounds crazy, but it's like I knew that he would never stop loving me. Like he would never...
Matt: What?
Elena: Die. Like he would never die.
Matt: Like your parents did. And Damon?
Elena: Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do I just...I can't shake him.
Matt: Once you fall in love with someone, I don't know if...I don't know if you can ever shake them.
Elena: I'm sorry. This...this is weird. Talking about them with you.
Matt: No. Not really. I got you something.

[Matt pulls out the Gilbert journal out of his jacket pocket and hands it to Elena.]

Elena: The journal?
Matt: It's your family's, you should have it. Meredith and that idiot deputy were too busy questioning you to give a damn about me. Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires. I'm practically invisible.

[Elena looks at Matt. Suddenly, Alaric enters the house. Elena gets up and walks over to him.]

Elena: Are you okay?
Alaric: Yeah, yeah, I'm alright.

[Elena hugs Alaric.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is sitting in front of the fireplace. Damon enters.]

Damon: They let Ric go. Sheriff Forbes says she's out of suspects again, but Ric is in the clear. I know it may not seem like it, but you did really well tonight. And before you know it you're gonna be the king of moderation. Elena will understand.
Stefan: Doesn't really matter what Elena thinks.
Damon: Uh-uh, none of that. No more no-humanity Stefan. There's a road called recovery and we are on it.

[Stefan gets up and walks over to Damon.]

Stefan: Why do you even care, huh? The whole brother bonding thing, getting Elena to hate you, what do you feel guilty because you kissed her, is that it Damon? Because you can stop, go back to hating me. It was a lot easier.
Damon: Can you for one minute actually believe that I'm trying to help you?
Stefan: I don't need your help.
Damon: You don't need my....Are you kidding me? Do you remember what happened last time you said that?
Stefan: What are you talking about?
Damon: 1912, Stefan. The last time I convinced you to drink human blood.

Mystic Falls 1912

[Sage is fighting another man in the boxing ring. Damon and Stefan are standing together and watching.]

Damon: Go ahead, Stefan, pick one.
Stefan: They're people, Damon.
Damon: Yes, they are people, Stefan. People with blood pumping through their veins, waiting to be opened up and sucked dry. You've just forgotten how good it feels.
Damon (present day): And so had I, but Sage, she reminded me. It's worth it, it's all worth it.

[Stefan is staring at the man who Sage just knocked out. He is bleeding.]

Damon: Not him, Stefan, not him. [Damon sees a woman across the ring.] Her. She's the one.
Stefan: I don't do that anymore.
Damon: But you can, Stefan, we can. Let the past be the past. Have a drink with me, brother.

[Outside the tent, Stefan is feeding on the woman.]

Damon: I knew you still had it in you.

[Stefan continues to feed. Damon walks over to him.]

Damon: Don't be greedy.

[Stefan pushes Damon away and feeds some more.]

Damon: Stefan...Stefan.

[Stefan feeds on her so hard that he rips her head off. He drops her body and falls to his knees.]

Stefan: Oh my God...Oh my God, I'm sorry.

[Stefan tries to put her head back on.]

Damon: Stefan, stop. Stefan, stop.
Stefan: I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

[Damon grabs Stefan's shoulder but Stefan pushes him away.]

Damon: Stefan..
Stefan: What did you do to me?!
Damon: Shh, Stefan.
Stefan: What did you do to me?
Damon: You just need to learn how to stop. I can help you.

[Stefan gets up and retreats from the corpse.]

Stefan: I don't need your help.

[Stefan runs into the woods.]

Salvatore Boarding House

Damon: The Founders' Council killer had nothing on you. By the decade's end, they were calling you the Ripper of Monterrey. I let you walk away. I watched you go over the edge, I didn't do anything to stop you.
Stefan: You couldn't have.
Damon: Sure I could've. But I just didn't want to. But I want to now. And whenever you go too far, I will be there to pull you back. Every second, every day, till you don't need me.
Stefan: Why?
Damon: 'Cause right now, you're all I got.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is sitting on the couch, reading the Gilbert journal. Alaric comes downstairs.]

Alaric: Hey, I was gonna make some coffee.
Elena: I'm good. Gonna head to bed in a few.
Alaric: Hey, listen, Elena, the uh- the Sheriff told me about everything you did today and while I appreciate it, I don't want you getting in trouble because of me. Okay?
Elena: If not for you, for who?
Alaric: Well, still, I'm the one who's supposed to look after you, even if I suck at it.
Elena: Okay, well, how about we just agree to take care of each other then?
Alaric: Deal. What are you reading there?
Elena: Old family journal.
Alaric: Any juicy family secrets?
Elena: It's hard to tell. I mean, at first I thought it was Johnathan Gilbert's journal, but it ended up being his granddaughter's, who apparently went just as crazy as he did. So, great genes, huh?

[Elena gets up from the couch.]

Alaric: Well, at least you have something to look forward to.
Elena: Good night, Ric.
Alaric: Good night.

[Elena goes upstairs.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is in the parlor, playing the piano when Stefan walks in with a large book.]

Stefan: So I dug into the old family archives from the 1900s.
Damon: So now you want to be helpful?
Stefan: Want me to go back to being mad at you?
Damon: What'd you find?
Stefan: Well, nothing from 1912, they never did arrest anyone for the Founders' murders. [Stefan places the open book in front of Damon.] But, they did get a confession ten years later.
Damon: They did? Who?
Stefan: Johnathan Gilbert's granddaughter, Samantha. They assumed she was crazy. Locked her up in an insane asylum.
Damon: Then what?
Stefan: Trail ends there. I mean, she was a Founder, you know how they like to look out for their own.
Damon: Samantha Gilbert. That is very weird.
Stefan: Why?
Damon: Because I'm pretty sure I had already killed her.

Gilbert Residence

[Meredith knocks on the door. Alaric answers.]

Meredith: I know what this looks like.
Alaric: Yeah, well, I sure as hell don't. You shoot me, you have me thrown in jail, and then you have me freed?
Meredith: I did it for you, Ric. I forged the coroner's note to clear your name.
Alaric: Oh, you know what, people are right. You are psycho.

[Alaric starts to close the door, but Meredith stops him.]

Meredith: No! Now that you've been cleared, they'll look somewhere else, they won't look your way again. Please. You have no reason, but I need you to trust me anyway. If you let me in I can explain.

[Elena is upstairs in her room, reading Samantha's journal.]

Samantha (echo of her voice): I don't feel like myself. I'm losing time. As though I'm going mad.

Salvatore Boarding House

Stefan: So you think Samantha Gilbert is still alive, running around Mystic Falls, killing Founders?
Damon: It's not possible, if she became a vampire, we'd know about it, right?
Stefan: Then she must have had a ring that brought her back to life, I mean she was a Gilbert, right? Those rings were passed on for generations.
Damon: Yeah, but even if she had a ring, she wouldn't be alive today. Doesn't protect her from old age.
Stefan: Johnathan Gilbert only made two of those rings. Jeremy has one of them and the other's....
Damon: Alaric's.

Gilbert Residence

[Alaric is looking through a folder with crime scene evidence. Meredith is with him.]

Meredith: Like the Sheriff said, the victims were killed with your weapons.

[Flashback to the scene of Bill Forbes and Brian Walters murders.]

Alaric: Yeah, but I was attacked.
Meredith: With your own knife. A wound that could have been self-inflicted.
Alaric: It's impossible! I would know if I were killing people.
Meredith: Would you? Have you had any blackouts, instances of lost time?
Alaric: You're insane.
Meredith: No, but I think you might be. You wear a ring that lets you cheat death, Ric. How many times can you die before it changes you?

[Alaric sits down. Meredith sits down with him.]

Meredith: I think you're sick and I want to help you. This has happened before, almost 100 years ago.

[Meredith and Alaric see Elena standing in the doorway.]

Alaric: Elena.
Elena: Ric, I think she's right.

[She shows him the journal.]

Mystic Falls 1912

[Zachariah is walking through the town square when he is stabbed. Samantha Gilbert is the one who murdered him and she is wearing the same ring Alaric has.]

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