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Dear diary, what an amazing day! Everyone showed up for the sit-in and we shut down Main Street! Cars piled up on either end and started honking, but they were paying attention. People started shouting at us... so I decided to say something back. At first I was just shouting over them, but then they started to get quiet, and then they started to listen.
Sheila's diary entry in Part Two

1969 is the seventh volume of The Vampire Diaries Digital Comic and the tenth and eleventh issues in the series.[1]


Part 1: Bonnie Bennett uses her time on the Other Side to get in touch with some old family history. In this story, Grams reveals the story behind her first meeting with Stefan Salvatore!

Part 2: Grams' adventures with Stefan Salvatore and Lexi continue, as her powers grow stronger. But it's not just her witch powers, she's also awakening as a key force in the anti-war movement in Mystic Falls!


Part One

Sheila guides Bonnie through darkness. There is someone she's like for her to meet. Bonnie asks where they're at. Her Grams tells her they're beyond the Veil. Some call it the Other Side, others the Void. Sheila and Bonnie stop in front of a woman that Sheila calls mom. Amelia Bennett. She's happy to finally meet Bonnie, although a little sooner than any of them would have wanted. Sheila introduces her as her mother, Bonnie's great-grandmother. Bonnie recognizes the name - she's even seen her gravestone. Amelia found the gravestone lovely, that Stefan Salvatore went out of his way to make sure it looked nice. Bonnie's surprised that she knows who Stefan is and Amelia confirms that the Bennett women have known both of the Salvatore brothers since before Sheila was born. Sheila even remembers the first time she met him in her youth.

It was Woodstock, 1969. Sheila writes in her diary. "Dear diary, I can't believe I actually did it. I ran away from home to go to the Woodstock festival. My mom wouldn't let me go, but I'm almost 14, for crying out loud! I know I'll have to deal with it when I get back, but it was so worth it. Everyone here is amazing, and they're so tapped into what's happening. It's opened my mind to so much! No one in Mystic Falls even talks about the war anymore, but people are still dying over there. I wish someone would do something about it." At the festival, Sheila's enjoying herself and taking pictures with her camera until three guys approach her. Before things turn sour, a man and women approach, asking if there is a problem. There's no problem, however, as long as all three of them leave. Avoiding conflict, the three men leave as instructed. Stefan introduces himself and his friend, Lexi, and asks for her name. She introduces herself as Sheila Bennett. Stefan recognizes the name Bennett as asks if she's from Mystic Falls. Sheila's shocked that he knows where she's from, but Stefan's from there too, although he hasn't been back in a few years. He knows her mother and asks if she's here too. Sheila shy's away from the question, which prompts Stefan to ask if Amelia even knows she's here. She doesn't. Not exactly. Stefan hadn't planned on returning to Mystic Falls so soon, but he offered to drive Sheila back home. Sheila's cautious however and wonders how he could be friends with her mother. By appearances, he's only a few years older than she is. Lexi poses if they should tell her, but Stefan doesn't want to intercede. Sheila refuses the ride. She can get home all on her own. However, Stefan figures out that she ran away from home and they both know just how mad Amelia gets about, well, everything. Lexi agrees. Stefan has a sweet ride and they'll be home in no time. Sheila eventually agrees. Sheila's upset about missing Hendrix. Stefan tells her she can catch him another time, he knows how her mother gets. Lexi pipes up with her own opinion; she's not going to be there when he talks to Amelia. This was all his idea. Sheila agrees with Lexi. In no time, they return to Amelia's how. He tells the two girls to remain in the car, he'll attempt to defuse the situation. Amelia, however, meets them out on the porch and Sheila gets out of the car. Amelia wonders what he's doing with Sheila but before he can explain, she demands them all to come inside before someone sees them. Inside, Amelia explains that the Founder's Council has been on alert for the last seven years. There was a series of attacks in 1962 and the paper claimed they were animal attacks. Stefan and Lexi, however, know better. It was Damon. Sheila asks about Damon. Stefan will only say it's his brother. Amelia tells them it's not safe here for them. The council can't find them. Stefan's confident that they won't. They'll stay at the Boarding House. Stefan even tells her that he doesn't have the same dietary requirement anymore. Amelia's glad to hear it. She's sick of covering for him. Later, Stefan and Amelia talk in private. It's been a long time since he's seen her. In fact it's been before Sheila was born. Stefan asks about her father and she tells him that he left. Left as soon as he found out what she was. It's a shame. Stefan tells her she deserves happiness. So does Stefan. His life is harder than most. Amelia's done talking though and they embrace in a kiss. Upstairs, Sheila asks Lexi how they knew her mom. It's a long story, but she'll give her an abbreviated version. She and Amelia are witches. Well, they're vampires. As Sheila turns to ask about her knowing she's a witch, Lexi shows Sheila her true face - her blood red eyes and protruding veins and fangs. Sheila screams startles Amelia. Stefan comes running but finds everything okay. Lexi's laughing on the floor next to Sheila. Amelia follows Stefan, concerned, and asks what happened. Sheila tells her they're vampires. Amelia's more concerned with Sheila - her mouth is foaming. She's fine, it's just toothpaste, she explains. They were only having fun. Stefan suggests that they should be going. As they descend the stairs, Lexi tells him that she could hear what was going on down stairs. That's something she wants to discuss later. Lexi yells back to Amelia an apology. She just couldn't lie about who they were to Sheila. Amelia understands. It was about time she knew there was more out there than just witches. She's just thankful it was them than some other vampire. She's not mad. As Lexi and Stefan motion to leave, she thanks them again for driving Sheila back and she hadn't realized just how much she'd missed them both. Before leaving, she places another kiss on Stefan's cheek. She even offers for them to swing back by once they're settled and they'll catch up properly. Now alone, Lexi asks why he never told her why he and Amelia had a thing before. Stefan only tells her it's more complicated than that. Lexi offers for them to go have coffee and they discuss it, but Stefan believes they'll need something stronger. Unbeknownst to them, a police officer spots them getting into their car. He radios the Mayor. Amelia Bennett has had guests and he might want to see this. He tells the Mayor to call the council. It's about time they've had another meeting.

Part Two

"Dear dairy, it's the first day of classes and my first day of high school! Mary and Linda got so jealous when I told them I went to Woodstock. Linda said she didn't believe me. But she was convinced by the pictures I took. No one at school is talking about Vietnam, though it's like it's not even happening! The president said he'd end the draft, but he hasn't done anything so far. And everyone's okay with this! I should do something about it if no one else is. I haven't seen Stefan or Lexi since they drove me back from the festival. I thought Stefan might be at school since he looks like one of the seniors, but he hasn't shown up yet."

Meanwhile, policeman Herb meets with the Mayor in the woods. They're looking over a dead deer, blood spilled from its neck. It's the fourth one this month and Herb believes they have vampires. The Mayor isn't convinced. Vampires feed on humans, not deer. Herbs suggests they could be evolving, or something. The Mayor isn't interested, nor does he have the time. Herb pushes further, the attack marks are the same as before, from seven years ago. Again, the Mayor reiterates that those were on humans. Herb doesn't take his answer. It's their job as the Founders Council to protect the town. The Mayor mocks Herb. From what, he asks, animals that attack deer. He dismisses Herb and tells him to call him when he has something that's threatening his voting constituency.

"Dear diary, well, I've done it. I've organized a sit-in. It didn't take much, actually. Well no that's not true. First, I put up posters, but no one seemed to notice. So then I started handing out fliers, but people were just throwing them away. Then, I noticed how Patty Smith was all over James Richards in the hall, but he wasn't having it. I told her that if she got the cheerleading squad to show up, I'd help her get James for homecoming. She didn't believe me, so I put a love potion in James's thermos. Now he can't keep his hands off her. If the squad's there, the football players won't be far behind, and everyone else will follow them. Now, we'll see if anyone shows up.

Stefan and Lexi remain at the Boarding House. Lexi wants to move on, she's dying here. Stefan knows but can't. He has some unfinished business. Lexi assumes with Amelia, which is true. Lexi questions if she's ever told him that he has a problem with letting go. First, Katherine, now Amelia. He tells her to leave Katherine out of this, but she's right. They've stayed there too long. He'll say his goodbyes and they can leave. Lexi's happy. Stefan knocks on Amelia's door and she answers. She asks if it's time already. She already knows they're leaving and they've barely got to hang out for the past month. Stefan knows. Sheila descends the stairs and sees Stefan. He explains he was just saying good bye to her mother, when Herb shows up. Just so happens, he was driving by and thought he'd say hello. Stefan asks if there's a problem, but Herb's just keeping tabs. He even asks if he's been staying at the Salvatore house. Amelia introduces him as Steven Salvatore. Stefan adds that he's from a distant branch in the family. He's just visiting the family property. It's legendary. Herb continues to question Stefan, asking how long he's been staying there. A month is a coincidence to Herb, considering they've had some strange attacks occurring in the same time frame. The Mayor, however, appears and stops Herb's questioning. In fact, he's been looking for him all day. Herb was merely interviewing a suspect, but the Mayor has had enough. He tells him to leave them alone, even accusing him of targeting Amelia for the color of her skin. Herb attempts to explain. Amelia was there seven years ago with the other Salvatore brother. Now, here is another and the animal attacks are deer. Mayor Walt has had enough and doesn't want him mentioning the deer again. He apologizes to Amelia and "Steven". Herb was just leaving. Before he departs himself, he mentions not to forget to vote come next November. Stefan agreed to leave too, though it was great seeing her. Amelia gives him the same compliments. Stefan hopes to see her again and she gives him another kiss. Sheila and Stefan exchange goodbyes too, even telling her no more sneaking away to rock concerts.

"Dear diary, what an amazing day! Everyone showed up for the sit-in and we shut down Main Street! Cars piled up on either end and started honking, but they were paying attention. People started shouting at us... so I decided to say something back. At first I was just shouting over them, but then they started to get quiet, and then they started to listen. I don't remember what I said exactly, but it was everything that'd been building up since this summer. I remember Stefan and Lexi were there. And my mom. Then the cops showed up. But no one moved! They all stayed sitting until the police or their parents dragged them away. No one else got arrested, but Sheriff Morrison handcuffed me and put me in a police car. But right after he did, Stefan went and talked to him. I don't know what he said, but they let me go. Stefan disappeared before I could think him, though." Sheila's sit-in was a success. Amelia congratulated her, telling her how amazing she was. Sheila's thankful. It was like they were under a spell. Amelia tells her it was no spell. It was all her.


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  • In Bloodlines, Sheila wasn't sure if Stefan remember her. Stefan then references the October 1969 anti-war sit-in in Mystic Falls. Sheila was barely a teenager, but when she spoke, people were mesmerized. Similar to the comic, Stefan also mentions that her family has had a very long history of keeping his secret.
  • In Home, Bonnie stands next to her Amelia Bennett's gravestone. However, there has been no official confirmation, made by Sheila or anyone else, of their familial relationship to each other or Bonnie.


  • Art by: Xermannico
  • Colored by: Rex Lokus
  • Cover by: Lawrence Reynolds
  • Page Count: 23
  • Age Rating: 15+



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