But tonight is the decade dance!

20s Decade Dance was an event featured in the Season Three episode, Do Not Go Gentle. Caroline meant for the dance to be 1970's-themed, as the previous two Decade Dances had been the 1950s and the 1960s. However, Rebekah took over the committee and changed the theme to the 1920s, both because she thought it was classier, and because she knew it would annoy Caroline. During the dance, Caroline and Tyler danced together until Klaus cut in to dance with her, as he planned on leaving town afterward. The Mystic Falls Gang eventually ran into difficulties at the dance when Esther created a magical boundary around the school so that no vampires could leave and interfere with her plan, which was to use Elena's blood to turn Alaric into an Enhanced Original Vampire and a true vampire hunter that rivaled the likes of Mikael himself.


  • Jeremy returned from Denver just in time for the dance.
  • Elena asked Stefan to be her date after Caroline suggested she do so. However, they insisted that they were only going as friends.
  • "That Man" by Caro Emerald was featured.
  • Rebekah "hijacked" the dance and the dance committee from Caroline, who originally planned it as a 1970s decade dance.
  • Caroline danced with both Klaus and Tyler, the latter of whom was her date.
  • Jamie was Bonnie's date, and they both have fun dancing with each other.
  • Klaus tortures Jamie in front of Bonnie until Stefan forces him to stop, as Stefan argues that Bonnie would have no motivation to help them if he hurt her loved ones.
  • There was a boundary spell made by Esther so no vampire could leave, and all of the vampires in attendance were trapped at the school until Esther's death broke the spell.
  • Alaric become an Enhanced Original Vampire and a true vampire hunter. He was given a white oak stake coated in the melted metal of a Gilbert ring to ensure that the stake could never be destroyed by using it on an Original or by any other means.
  • This event took place in the Season Three episode Do Not Go Gentle.
  • Jeremy meets Jamie for the first time.


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