With the decade dance tonight, we've been covering the sixties all week.

The 60s Decade Dance was an event that occurred in the Season Two episode, The Last Dance.

The dance was the following on from the Fifties Decade Dance that took place in the Season One episode Unpleasantville.

The dance was the setting for the first confrontation between Elena, Damon, Stefan, Bonnie and Klaus. Klaus had taken over history teacher, Alaric Saltzman's body, unbeknownst to everyone.

After discovering that Bonnie could not use all of her powers without dying herself, Klaus used his own witch Maddox to make his body strong enough to withstand her powers so that he could kill her and continue with his plan to break the hybrid curse.

It wasn't long before it was discovered that Klaus was in Alaric's body and after Damon discovered the truth about Bonnie he persuaded her to use her powerful magic to trick Klaus.

After fighting Klaus and using all her magic against him, Bonnie dies much to the devastation of Stefan and Elena, however, it is later revealed that Bonnie can come back to life and now Klaus thinks she is dead they will be able to use her in the sacrifice.


  • This event took place in the Season Two episode, The Last Dance.
  • This event is in the first episode we met much talked-about character Klaus, although it wasn't with actor Joseph Morgan as Klaus as he was using Alaric Saltzman's body at that time.
  • It was the events of this dance that persuaded Elena to undagger Elijah.


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