The colors, the fabrics...The eighties were just...tragic. You know, I think shoulder pads rival 17th-century puritan smocks for crimes against fashion.

The 80's Decade Dance was an event in Mystic Falls High School in 2011. This event occurred in Season Four. It was cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, but Stefan found a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah. 

Season Four

In A View to a Kill, Bonnie and Caroline were blowing up the balloons for the dance when Bonnie received a call from Elena over wanting to kill Kol.

This dance was supposed to be Rebekah's first school dance, after missing the last ones. Stefan, while wanting to distract Rebekah and possibly grab the dagger off her, used this opportunity to make it up to her and give her the night she wanted.

Stefan chose the music, including songs by and The Cure and Bon Jovi, handed Rebekah a koala corsage and they began to dance. Stefan was distracting her while Matt searched around her home for the missing dagger.


  • This event happened in the Season Four episode, A View to a Kill, even though the dance was officially canceled.
  • This was Rebekah's first dance even though it's unofficial and Stefan used it as a distraction to help Elena and Jeremy kill Kol.


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