[Aurora and Aya are in an old shipyard inside an abandoned train car, where an old-fashioned French jazz song is playing]

AURORA: I can see why my brother liked you. Such the strong, silent type.
AYA: This isn't silence, Aurora. It's patience. Give me what's in your hand, and I'll give you what you want.
AURORA: But you see, Aya, what I want, I have. A weapon that can kill the unkillable and make the Mikaelsons suffer nearly as much as they've made me suffer.
AYA: Unfortunately, Elijah is one of your targets and my sire. If you kill him, I die too.
AURORA: As would my brother, who drowns endlessly at the bottom of the ocean. Killing Elijah is the only mercy I can offer him, Aya.
AYA: But what if there was another way? Help me sever the link between the Originals and their sirelines... and maybe I'll show it to you.

[Aurora sighs, sits down at a vanity table in the train car, and cuts off a small lock of her red hair before handing it to Aya]

AURORA: You know, Aya, when this is over, we should be better friends.
AYA: When this is over, we can be anything we want.

[Aya leads Aurora over to a plush armchair that is covered in cobwebs]

AYA: Now, come and lie over here.

[Aya nods toward one of the surviving Sisters, who walks into the room with a bowl in her hands and her customary hood over her head]

AYA: Cynthia will guide you.
AURORA: This had better work!

[Aya hands Cynthia the lock of Aurora's hair, and Aurora leans back as the witch kneels next to her and drops the hair in the bowl]

AYA: Close your eyes.

[Cynthia begins to cast a spell]

CYNTHIA: [chants] Lo cosu om a din la chambre. Lo cusu om a din la chambre...

[Suddenly, the screen goes white, and when Aurora opens her eyes, she finds that she's sitting in a wooden armchair in a chambre de chasse, where Tristan, dressed in a fine suit as usual, is sitting at a small table with a chessboard on top. Aurora immediately hops to her feet and rushes over to her brother to hug him tightly]

AURORA: [squeals] Tristan!
TRISTAN: Sister!

[They giggle as they hug each other for a long moment before pulling away to get a good look at each other]

TRISTAN: Oh, I missed you.

[Aurora sniffles and blinks back tears]

AURORA: Tristan, I'm so sorry. I failed you.
TRISTAN: Shh, darling. It's all right. It's all right. My circumstances have been beyond horrific, but a light has appeared. Aya hasn't forsaken me. Her witches made this place, drew my mind here. Though my body drowns, here, I can read, and play music, and see you.
AURORA: Tristan, if I have to burn the world to drain the oceans, I will find you.
TRISTAN: Of this, I have no doubt.
AURORA: But first, I have a little show in store for you today. A comedy! Or a tragedy, depending on who you are. And you and I have front row seats.


[Freya is pacing around the study while Elijah, looking tense, is standing and watching her. She turns and gives him an incredulous look]

FREYA: You daggered Rebekah? And you're just telling me now?
ELIJAH: She sacrificed herself in order to protect us. And, to protect her, I've told Niklaus, and I'm telling you. No one would have known Rebekah's whereabouts if Aurora had taken my life.
FREYA: The prophecy says you three will be felled by friend, family, and foe. Rebekah was fallen by family. That leaves friend and foe. You and Klaus have a lot of foes.
ELIJAH: Just one or two.
FREYA: Thankfully, not many friends.

[Just then, Klaus walks into the room with Stefan in tow]

KLAUS: Freya, this is Stefan Salvatore, an old friend.

[Elijah hilariously rolls his eyes at the sight of Stefan, and Freya gives Klaus a hard look]

KLAUS: One of my trickle-down sirelings. Long story.

[Klaus turns to Stefan]

KLAUS: Stefan, this is Freya, my brand-new older sister. Also a long story.

[Stefan nods and smiles weakly in acknowledgement, and Klaus turns back to Freya to address her as he pats Stefan affectionately on the back]

KLAUS: Stefan needs a favor.

[Freya looks at Stefan suspiciously]

FREYA: You're an old "friend," are you?
STEFAN: [awkwardly] Well... That kind of depends on your definition.

[Stefan smiles nervously, but Freya continues to scowl at him]


[Davina is consulting her notes on the de-linking spell that are still hanging in the pool room when she hears footsteps approaching and sighs, visibly stressed out. It's Marcel, who looks concerned as well]

MARCEL: You got everything you need to break the sire link?
DAVINA: Almost. Aya's getting the rest. I should be ready by sunrise. It'll be fine, I promise. You may feel some warmth when the spell begins, but it'll pass when the link's broken.

[Marcel still appears to be terrified, and Davina gives him a pointed look] I know that face.

MARCEL: Crazy spell. Substitute hearts. Creepy witches helping you out. What if the warmth is the last thing I feel?
DAVINA: I'll be careful.
MARCEL: I get that. And I am game. But, we are on a tight rope with the Mikaelsons. I mean, that's not just anybody's heart. Jackson was a friend to them, and he was to us.
DAVINA: [sighs] I know, Marcel. And it's a long shot. But, if I don't save you, then I can't save Josh, and I can't save Kol. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you guys.


[Freya and Stefan are in the upstairs living room, where Freya is unbuttoning Stefan's shirt to examine his X-shaped wound from Rayna's sword. After an awkward silence, Stefan speaks up]

STEFAN: So, um, just full disclosure... I dated your sister once.

[Freya chuckles and rolls her eyes]

FREYA: Oh. While that seems like a great story, let's get back to your wound. A mystical vampire huntress stabbed you with her magic sword.

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to the events of This Woman's Work, when Rayna stabbed Stefan in the shoulder with the tip of the Phoenix Sword]

FREYA: Klaus killed her...

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to the events of Moonlight on the Bayou, where Klaus backhanded Rayna with a crowbar in the chest so hard that she died and was thrown several yards backward into the woods of the Bayou where the transformed werewolves were gathered]

FREYA: But, surprise, surprise...

[In the PRESENT DAY, Stefan finishes Freya's sentence as she mixes ingredients together in a small bowl]

STEFAN: She regenerates.

[Freya sighs dramatically as she walks back over to him]

FREYA: And won't rest until you're dead.
STEFAN: Right. So, no matter how far I run, this wound acts as a beacon, drawing her to me. So, I guess you could say it's been a bit of a rough week.

[Stefan chuckles nervously as Freya begins to rub an herbal paste over the still-bleeding X-shaped cut with an equally nervous smile]

FREYA: Well, I can't cure the wound, but this paste will mask its signal. Just let that dry, and you'll be on your merry way.

[Stefan frowns in confusion]

STEFAN: You know, not that I was expecting a, uh, parade or anything, but why is everyone so eager for me to go?

[The scene cuts to the hallway, where Klaus and Elijah are talking as they walk down the staircase to the entrance call of the compound]

KLAUS: Stefan Salvatore is not the problem. But, if you are so determined to find foe amongst friends, then look no further than Marcel. After all, did he not steal Jackson's heart and deliver it to the very people bent on harming us?
ELIJAH: [impatiently] Marcel is the least of our troubles.

[Upstairs, Freya is continuing the story with Stefan as she fills him in on what is going on]

FREYA: What's troubling the Mikaelsons? Oh, let's see. There's Elijah's super-secret society of ancient vampires...

[Klaus and Elijah continue their argument in the courtyard]

ELIJAH: The Strix would still be clamoring over Hayley's heart if it weren't for Marcel.

[Freya and Stefan continue their conversation in the living room]

FREYA: One of their more zealous members, an old flame of Elijah's, is trying to undo my mother's most powerful spell...

[Klaus and Elijah continue their conversation in the courtyard]

KLAUS: And now Aya and her mob are free to break the sireline. You know, we've had many glorious enemies over the years, brother, but if they sever their link to us, then they will all come for our heads.
ELIJAH: Not without the white oak.
KLAUS: Aurora has the last of it.
ELIJAH: Then she dies first!
KLAUS: You once told me you wanted to use her head as a footstool. Why wait?

[Suddenly, Elijah's phone rings, and he answers it when he sees that it's Hayley calling from the Bayou]

ELIJAH: Hayley.

[The audience isn't privy to Hayley's side of the conversation, so Klaus waits until his call is finished]

ELIJAH: Yes. I see.

[Elijah hangs up and turns to Klaus with a smile]

ELIJAH: The Crescent wolves... They found Aurora.


[It is still early morning, and the sky remains dark as Hayley walks toward the abandoned train car where Aurora and Aya were plotting earlier. She walks into the train car, which has a sign indicating it was formerly a post office car, and hesitantly walks though the hallway inside as she makes her way toward the main room, old-fashioned jazz music playing on a gramophone player nearby. She finally rips the curtains open, but is shocked to find that there is no one in the room, though the creaking floorboards nearby seem to indicate she's not alone]

[Meanwhile, Elijah and Klaus have just arrived to the car as well, and are silently heading toward it as Hayley nervously turns back to leave. However, when she senses something nearby, she finds a hidden door and opens the lock to find someone's body is inside, which slumps forward onto Hayley. Smiling in a furious manner, Hayley lifts the person up behind the hair to see their face, revealing it's Lucien, who has been bound, gagged, and is very desiccated as though he's been starved for quite a while. She sneers at him]

HAYLEY: Lucien.

[Outside, Aya and two members of the Strix have put Aurora's unconscious body in the back of an SUV, as her astral self is still in the chambre de chasse. When Elijah and Klaus approach them, Aya does not look at all surprised by the sight of them as she slinks in their direction]

AYA: [sing-songs] Hello, gentlemen.
KLAUS: [smirks] I had planned on taking a different head tonight, but yours will do just fine.

[Aya quickly draws Aurora's white oak bullet-filled gun and aims it at him, and Klaus glares at her angrily]

KLAUS: I am getting so tired of having that vile weapon pointed at me.

[Aya makes an amused face and shrugs before she aims it at Elijah instead. Elijah is visibly angry by this, but he maintains his fake smile and equally amused demeanor]

ELIJAH: Creator destroyed by his own creation. I suppose there's a certain poetry to that, wouldn't you say, Niklaus?

[Inside the train car, Hayley has just removed Lucien's gag, and he pants for breath weakly, his skin still gray from being starved]

LUCIEN: Get... Klaus... out of here.

[Hayley frowns in confusion and makes a face]

[Outside, Aya is still aiming the gun at Elijah, who does not seem to buy her bluff]

ELIJAH: Shoot me, and you die.
AYA: [shrugs] True. For now.

[Just then, Cynthia appears and begins to cast the chambre de chasse spell as she thrusts her hand forward]

CYNTHIA: [chants] Lo cosu om a din la chambre. Lo cusu om a din la chambre...

[Klaus and Elijah's muscles seize up, and they both groan in pain as the wind starts to howl around them. Finally, they both collapse to the ground as their astral selves are sent to the chambre de chasse with Tristan and Aurora]


[Klaus awakens with a gasp on the floor of the hunt room and rolls over to see that Elijah, too, is struggling to get to his feet]

ELIJAH: [horrified] What is this?

[Just then, a familiar female giggle is heard behind them, and they turn to find Aurora smiling smugly at them]

AURORA: Oh, Nik. The funny faces you make when someone surprises you.

[Klaus scowls at her just as Tristan comes out to see them as well, much to Klaus and Elijah's surprise]

TRISTAN: So good to see you both again, especially today.

[Aurora coos and links her arm in Tristan's]

KLAUS: How the hell are we here?
AURORA: Oooh! I know the answer to that one. It's representational magic. Something in this room represents each one of us.
TRISTAN: Apparently, it's what allowed Aya's witches to drag you to this chambre de chasse they created for me.
KLAUS: Perfect. We find what represents us, we break free.
TRISTAN: [chuckles] You can certainly try, but until then, my Strix are preparing a spell that is like no other in history. We are going to sever the link which binds your lives to ours.
ELIJAH: Are we, now?
AURORA: [smugly] Mmhmm.
ELIJAH: [scoffs] Our second rate-Napoleon, desperately trying to leave his mark on the world with those filthy little claws.
KLAUS: Even if, in the end, he's left with nothing but the scars of his failures.
TRISTAN: Oh, rest assured, it will work. Soon, our fates will no longer be tied to yours.
AURORA: And, once that's done, as your bodies remain helpless, and your minds remain here, Aya will use my white oak to fulfill the prophecy.

[Tristan walks toward Klaus so that they're nearly nose-to-nose]

TRISTAN: So, you see... Today, you die. And, with your sirelines torn from you, you die alone.

[Tristan turns back to Aurora]

TRISTAN: Until then, how shall we pass the time?


[At the DAVILLA ESTATE, Elijah and Klaus' unconscious bodies are floating in the pool in the pool room while the Sisters prepare to cast the sireline de-linking spell. Next to the pool, Davina is kneeling and siphoning what looks like blood into a bottle]

[Meanwhile, in the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Klaus and Elijah are walking around the room to figure out what is representing them. Klaus walks by a large statue with the nose chiseled off before walking toward several paintings in gilded frames. Across the room, a large stand full of katanas draws Klaus' attention, and he walks toward it, only for Aurora to vamp-speed over to him, grab a katana, and hold it to his neck]

KLAUS: Oh, dear. Perhaps I've gotten too close to that which represents me in here?
AURORA: [chuckles] Oh, you mean the swords? Hardly, darling. Though, between a sub-par piece of art and a broken relic, I supposed you'd have to choose the swords, wouldn't you? If only out of denial.

[Klaus vamp-speeds toward her, grabs her by the arm, and spins her so he's now got her in a choke-hold with one arm while he holds the katana blade to her throat with the other]

KLAUS: Maybe we can't hurt each other in here, but when I'm free, I'm going to cut you in half.

[Aurora pauses before responding]

AURORA: How's Cami?

[Klaus reluctantly lets go of her, and Aurora chuckles]

AURORA: Who says we can't hurt each other in here?

[Meanwhile, Elijah is at the other end of the room near where Tristan is sitting at the table with the chess game set up. He eventually sits down across from him]

ELIJAH: Let me guess-- I'm the chessboard.
TRISTAN: Not exactly, but this room was designed by someone who knew you. Intimately. So, you should ask yourself-- How does Aya see you? You realize that I'm here because my people love me. You're here because those same people loathe you. You've driven them to this.
ELIJAH: It's a prison of your own making. Shackled to your miserable existence from the moment I sired you.
TRISTAN: Precisely! We are your children. We came to you. We begged you to lock yourselves away until the prophecy was passed-- to, for once, bear the burden of being our creators.
ELIJAH: Would you mind terribly if you spared me the deadbeat-dad lecture?
TRISTAN: You know, I'm almost grateful for those hundred-odd years I spent compelled to be you. It taught me so much... But nothing more important than how to not be you. Where you betray, I remain loyal. Where you abandon, I remain. And, should you find a knight or two in shining armor still foolish enough to fight for you... They will die right alongside you.

[Elijah scowls at him, and the two continue to play their game of chess]


[Hayley has brought Lucien back to the compound, where he is frantically gulping down several blood bags to replenish himself in the courtyard while Marcel and Hayley argue about what has happened to Klaus and Marcel in front of him]

MARCEL: I had no idea that Aya was gonna take Klaus and Elijah down! And regardless, why the hell are we trusting this guy all of a sudden, huh? He's the one who ran off with Aurora the first chance he got.
LUCIEN: [weakly] You can hardly fault a man for following his heart. Yet, the moment she started raving about firing white oak into Klaus, well... Words were said, hearts broken, veins drained.

[Hayley turns back to Marcel]

HAYLEY: You're one to talk about trust-- who was it that handed my dead husband's heart to the people that helped murder him?
MARCEL: [frustrated] I bought your life with that heart. But hey, you know what? You called me here, so if you have another plan? Please, let's hear it.
HAYLEY: It's simple. We storm the coven house, stop the Strix from completing the de-siring spell. Period.
MARCEL: Okay. Well, that's easy for you to say. You're not sired by anybody, are you?
LUCIEN: It's not just about de-siring... We've got to stop an execution.

[Marcel makes a face and walks over to him with a skeptical look]

MARCEL: What are you talking about?
LUCIEN: A lovesick teenage witch with a runner-up heart is somehow going to break the sire link? I'm sorry, but your darling Davina is in over her head, and Aya knows this. She will let Davina de-sire both brothers, then test the spell's success by firing a white oak bullet into Klaus' heart. I mean, it's win-win for her-- if you live, Marcel, we'll, she's won. If not, at least she's eliminated the rival sireline, including me.
HAYLEY: His prophecy witch said she saw Klaus die and his entire sireline burn.

[Marcel looks extremely worried as Lucien quotes Alexis' words from A Walk on the Wild Side]

LUCIEN: She watched us fall, she watched us burn, every soul Klaus ever turned. When Aya tests this spell, Klaus will fall either way. And, if Davina fails, as she likely will, the two of us will die as well.

[Just then, Stefan walks down the stairs and into the courtyard]

STEFAN: Actually... make that the three of us.

[Hayley turns and looks shocked at the sight of Stefan Salvatore in the courtyard of her home]


[Now, Klaus and Aurora are the ones sitting at the chessboard, and he scowls as Aurora picks up one of the carved white knights and examines it]

AURORA: You know what, Nik? Maybe this is the piece that represents you in here.

[She imitates hooves clapping on the ground]

AURORA: You do quite fancy yourself the white knight, don't you? You even carved one out of white oak when you were a boy.
KLAUS: The one you turned into bullets to bury in my brother's heart.
AURORA: [shrugs] Like I said, there's more than one way to hurt you. I do like seeing how hard you work to save the few who still care about you. There's Elijah, Cami... Hmm. It's a pretty short list.
KLAUS: [coldly] Mention her name again, and you'll regret it.
AURORA: [amused] Ooh! The white knight, indeed. But, do you not also claim to be a king, darling? Oh yes, that's more fitting. And yet, the king is both the greatest and the weakest piece on the board. It flounders around once all its defenders desert it. Much like what will happen to you when that sire link breaks. Once the chains fall, they'll clamor for a piece of white oak to shove into your heart.

[Klaus frowns, and Aurora gasps in mock surprise]

AURORA: Oh... Wait, you don't actually think they fight for you because they love you, do you? They have to, Nik. You're their eternal burden.

[Klaus looks devastated by this blow, but tries to maintain his angry scowl as best he can as Aurora slams the white king piece onto the table]


[In the courtyard, Stefan is looking at a blueprint of the Davilla Estate while Lucien stands over his shoulder]

STEFAN: Could use one of these access tunnels to slip into a back room.
LUCIEN: [frowns] Hmm.
STEFAN: [sarcastically] What? Worried about getting a little dirt on your thousand-dollar shoes?
LUCIEN: Actually, I'll be doing most of the heavy lifting, since the vampires we're facing are, what? Seven times your age?

[Lucien turns to Marcel, who is sitting on the staircase and has just hung up his phone, looking frustrated and unhappy]

LUCIEN: Is this really the best help we can get?
MARCEL: Doesn't matter. We're not getting their bodies back. Strix from all over the world are flying in to make sure this spell goes off. They're guarding every entrance and exit.
LUCIEN: [makes a face] Well, you're their leader. Call a meeting. Schedule a retreat. Order them to stop.

[Marcel shakes his head vigorously in protest]

MARCEL: Nah, nah, nah, nah. I do that, Aya has no problem staging a coup.
LUCIEN: [sighs] Marvelous. I guess it's on me to come up with our grand plan, then.

[Just then, Hayley and Freya walk in to join them]

HAYLEY: No need, Lucien. Freya figured out a way to get the boys out of the chambre. She just needs a strong enough power source.
FREYA: I'd channel Finn, but he's all for letting our brothers perish. So, I'll channel Lucien. The older the vampire, the better the battery.
HAYLEY: We're going to buy her some time, keep the Strix occupied.

[Lucien scoffs and turns to Marcel]

LUCIEN: Wait, so you want me here holding hands with the leftover sister while you take the toddlers and tackle the Strix? You must be jok--

[Freya smirks and flicks her wrist, telekinetically snapping Lucien's neck and watching in amusement as he falls back against the couch. Stefan turns to Freya and gives her a hilariously impressed look]

STEFAN: Huh, that was impressive.
FREYA: [smiles] Well, I work better with quiet.
MARCEL: Wait, so the plan is that the three of us are gonna keep one hundred of the world's most ancient vampires occupied?
STEFAN: Well, there could be another way...

[Marcel gives Stefan a curious look]

STEFAN: All you have to do is get us to the front door.


[Marcel is driving a black car down the road to the Davilla Estate. In the trunk are Stefan and Hayley, the latter of whom is looking at her phone to keep track of where they are]

STEFAN: Are we close?
HAYLEY: A few more minutes.

[Hayley swipes left to exit the GPS map and ends up on her home screen, where Stefan sees the picture of Hope as Hayley's cell phone wallpaper and smiles]

STEFAN: That's a cute kid.
HAYLEY: Yeah. She is.
STEFAN: Is she the reason you're here?
HAYLEY: In a trunk with a stranger, going into a fight we may not win? She's not the only reason, but yeah. Maybe I just don't want her to grow up without a father.
STEFAN: Hmm. Guess that depends on the father. I could have done without mine. If it weren't for my brother, I probably wouldn't have survived the guy.
HAYLEY: So, he stood up for you, and now you're risking your life for him?
STEFAN: Yeah, something like that.
HAYLEY: You know, I never understood the brotherly bond until I met Klaus and Elijah. They hurt each other more than anyone, but... They're vicious when it comes to each other.
STEFAN: And the ones they care about?

[Hayley smiles and looks back at him]

HAYLEY: So, who's on your homepage, huh?

[Stefan chuckles quietly and pulls out his phone to show her his wallpaper, which is a photo of Caroline smiling brightly]

HAYLEY: Ahh, Caroline. Klaus had a thing for her.
STEFAN: [laughs] Yup.
HAYLEY: And I'm pretty sure that I snapped her neck once.

[Stefan looks amused as he takes his phone and puts it back in his pocket]

STEFAN: Yeah, well... She's toughened up since. I don't think you'd win round two.
HAYLEY: And she's also in Klaus' sireline. Is she the reason why you're here?
STEFAN: [smiles] In a trunk with a stranger, going into a fight we may not win? I guess we both have our reasons.

[Just then, the car slows down as Marcel pulls up to the front gate. Stefan looks as though he's about to say something, but Hayley shushes him and puts a finger to his lips]


[The Strix vampires at the gate approach the car, and when Marcel rolls down the window and gives them a look, one of the vampires gestures toward the other one to open the gate and allow him to go through]


[Tristan is playing a somber tune on the violin while Aurora circles around him and watches him affectionately. Meanwhile, Elijah is in a chair, looking bored and frustrated as he pinches the bridge of his nose, and Klaus is continuing to scowl at their captors. When Tristan stops playing, Aurora turns her focus to the Mikaelson brothers]

AURORA: Why, holy heavens. Look at you two. How could a woman really love either of you?

[She turns to address Klaus]

AURORA: Even if she can stomach all your treachery, she's left to face your brother.
KLAUS: [sighs] And here we go again, with the same tune you've been singing since you came to town-- "How Elijah Ruined Our Love."
AURORA: I speak of both of you. Did you not rip Aya from Elijah when you forced him to abandon his loyal Strix? Just as he tore you from me? All in the name of "Always and Forever." A ridiculous concept that ensures both of you spend your immortality alone.

[Klaus makes a face as he stands and turns to walk away from her, which only makes her more smug]

AURORA: Oh. It appears I struck a nerve.
ELIJAH: Tell me something, Aurora-- have you met your brother Tristan?

[Elijah points at Tristan, and Aurora cocks her head to the side in confusion]

ELIJAH: Between deception and rampant abuse, he frequently-- repeatedly-- isolates and abandons you.

[Klaus, curious as to where Elijah is going with this, turns to watch him continue as Elijah walks toward the de Martels until they're face-to-face]

ELIJAH: Of course... he's painfully aware of something that we've known all along-- you are a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised. Do you know... I think the greatest mercy I ever paid my brother was to compel you to leave him.

[Tristan glares at Elijah coldly, and Aurora looks as though she's about to cry, but Klaus simply smirks proudly at his brother as Elijah turns to face him, his arms spread wide]

ELIJAH: Et vóilà! Ten centuries later...

[Elijah turns back to sneer at Tristan and Aurora, the latter of whom can't even look Elijah in the eyes]

ELIJAH: He came to that conclusion all by himself.

[Elijah seems satisfied by how upset the de Martels are and smirks]

ELIJAH: Well, look at that. So, it appears I've struck a nerve.


[Marcel has just entered the pool room, where Aya is overseeing as Davina and the other Sisters prepare for the spell. Klaus and Elijah's unconscious bodies are still floating in the pool, and the witches sprinkle various herbs into the water around them]

MARCEL: [nervously] Any problems?

[Aya doesn't immediately take her eyes off of the pool when she speaks to him]'

AYA: No. We're nearly there. After today, one man's recklessness will no longer weigh on the shoulders of his sires. Thousands of vampires across the world will be freed from the tyranny of the Originals.

[She finally turns to face him, and Marcel conceals his nervousness as best he can]

AYA: I'm really glad you're here, Marcel.

[She touches his chest with her fingers]

AYA: Stay close by when it happens.
MARCEL: [smiles fakely] Mmm. Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

[Aya walks away, and as soon as she's gone, Marcel's smile falls, and he rushes over to Davina to confront her about what he's just learned. She's still kneeling at the edge of the pool with her Sisters' coven cloak around her shoulders, pouring a clear red fluid into the water around Klaus and Elijah]

MARCEL: Did you know?
DAVINA: Know what?
MARCEL: She's going to kill them. Klaus first. Then, if the sireline is proven broken, Elijah won't last much longer.

[Davina does seem surprised by this information and shakes her head]

DAVINA: I didn't know. But... does that really change anything?
MARCEL: [horrified] If it fails and Aya puts Aurora's bullet into Klaus' heart, I die. Josh dies.
DAVINA: [frowns] You don't think I can do it.
MARCEL: [sighs] It's too risky. And either way, Klaus is gone. Your boyfriend Kol's brother. My sire.
DAVINA: I get it. Klaus saved you like you saved me. You think you owe him, but you don't. He's taken far more than he's given-- from you, from me, from Kol. He's had his turn. Two years ago, you asked me to find a way to break the sire link because you wanted to kill Klaus. I swore to you that I would find a way to do it. Now, I have. You trusted me then.
MARCEL: Circumstances have changed, all right? Things are different now, D--
DAVINA: [interrupts him] No! We've always protected each other. When you had me shunned, I was furious. But now... I get it. You'll always protect me, no matter what. Even if I hate you for it.

[Tears start to fill Davina's eyes, but Marcel still looks worried]

DAVINA: You deserve to be free of Klaus. We all do. But I can't do this if you don't trust me. I'm scared, Marcel. And you're the only family that I have. So, are we in this together? Because if so, I can do it.

[Davina sniffles and pulls herself together as she stands to her feet]

DAVINA: No doubts, no hesitation... I can do it.

[Marcel sighs and looks away for a moment before reluctantly standing to his feet and squeezing her shoulder affectionately. Davina smiles at him, comforted by this reaction]


[Outside of the Strix headquarters, several Strix vampire guards are pacing around outside the front gate. Stefan and Hayley are still in the trunk of Marcel's car, where Hayley has just checked her phone]

HAYLEY: [sighs] It's time.

[Stefan is anxiously scratching at the healing wound from Rayna's sword on his shoulder when he replies]

STEFAN: Hey, listen. I... know we don't really know each other, but my life is... sort of in your hands. So let's make this count.

[Hayley gives him a worried look, and Stefan starts to scratch the paste Freya put over his wound off]

[Just as planned, Rayna, who is stomping through the woods of the Bayou, pauses when she suddenly feels Stefan's magical signal and is drawn to the Davilla Estate]

[Meanwhile, inside the pool room, Davina is consulting her de-linking spell notes while Marcel watches and chews his fingernails anxiously]

DAVINA: I'm ready.

[Marcel nervously looks at his watch, and his smile nearly betrays the plan he has arranged with the others]

MARCEL: Are you sure? Take your time.

[Just then, Aya walks into the room with a crowd of Strix vampires]

AYA: If the girl is ready, she's ready.

[Aya puts the heel of her platform boot on the edge of the pool and kneels forward to get a good look at Klaus and Elijah, who are still floating unconsciously in the pool. Davina raises her hood and puts it over her hair in preparation]

AYA: All of us have waited long enough for this.

[Davina takes Jackson's heart out of the box it was buried in and surreptitiously grabs a glass bottle adorned with gold, which Aya and the others are too distracted to notice]

DAVINA: The unsired heart will bind the Sisters' magic to these waters.

[Davina walks over to the edge of the pool and holds the heart aloft over the water]

DAVINA: Once the pool's fully charged with the Mikaelson blood, I can break the sire link.

[Davina drops the heart into the pool with a large splash]


[Lucien has just awakened from his snapped-neck-nap to find that Freya has tied him to a wooden chair with vervain ropes. She's filled the room with dozens of lit white candles, and is standing over an end table with more candles and herbs set up. Hanging from a string above her is what looks like some kind of large insect, as well as a dead rodent of some sort]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permette mon osti--

[Just then, Lucien petulantly interrupts her]

LUCIEN: Did you have to tie me up?

[Freya sighs and walks over to him]

FREYA: I need you not to move.
LUCIEN: [amused] You're a dark one, Freya Mikaelson!

[Freya rolls her eyes and kneels so she can tighten the ropes binding Lucien to the chair to ensure he won't move around much]

LUCIEN: Vervain ropes, penetrating spells... Throw in a Pinot and a cheap motel, and you've got the beginnings of a romance!
FREYA: [smirks] Well, you'd have to survive this first. You see, there's an anchor locking my brothers inside. Something representational.

[Every time Freya tightens the ropes, Lucien grimaces in pain, but he can't help but smile as he watches her work]

FREYA: That's why they can't get out. But, I'm going to bust into this little mental prison and shatter it from the inside... And, it's going to take most of my power and probably all of yours.
LUCIEN: [flirtatiously] Oh, love, my stamina's never been an issue. Go on, have at it. I'll be bound to the edge of my seat until your return.

[Freya smirks and rolls her eyes once again before standing and walking over to the coffee table, which is also covered in candles, and kneeling between it and the couch, taking a deep breath before she starts her spell in earnest. She raises her arms so that her palms are hovering flat above the candle flames]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permette mon ostium

[Lucien immediately starts groaning and writhing in his chair]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permette mon ostium. Onlucan et permette mon ostium...

[Lucien continues to moan in agony as a wind blows through the room, causing all of the hanging spell implements]

FREYA: [chants] Dia a la vida!


[Freya has finally just appeared inside the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, where Klaus and Elijah seem to be in a verbal standoff with Tristan and Aurora. Freya wastes no time rushing toward them and giving them her instructions]

FREYA: Quickly. Find me what represents you in here.

[Klaus smirks at the sight of her, but before any of them can react further, Klaus' throat suddenly splits open as though someone has slit it with a blade, causing Klaus to gasp and choke up blood]

[In the DAVILLA ESTATE's pool room, Davina has just slit Klaus' throat with an athame as she chants the incantation to the de-linking spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem...

[Back in the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Elijah begins to panic when he sees Klaus' condition]

ELIJAH: Niklaus!

[Klaus stumbles to the ground in the CHAMBRE just as Davina lets his body fall back into the pool at the DAVILLA ESTATE]

ELIJAH: Niklaus!

[Just then, Elijah's throat is slit as well inside the CHAMBRE while Davina slits Elijah's throat in the real-world's DAVILLA ESTATE]

DAVINA: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem...

[Just as Davina drops Elijah's body back into the water, Aya leans forward toward him, almost as if she is giving him a mocking kiss goodbye. At the back of the room, Marcel looks agitated and seriously anxious about what is going on]

DAVINA & THE SISTERS: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem...

[Back in the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Klaus and Elijah are both gripping their throats and trying to staunch the bleeding as they gasp and choke on blood, and Freya looks absolutely horrified]

FREYA: [horrified] Oh God. It's starting.

[At the DAVILLA ESTATE, Klaus and Elijah's physical bodies are once again floating in the pool, where the blood from their slit throats fills it up and causes the water to turn dark red]


[There are still a half-dozen Strix guards pacing outside the front gates of the DAVILLA ESTATE as Rayna runs through the woods in pursuit of Stefan, now that she can finally track him. She runs toward the estate, her Phoenix Sword at the ready, and when the guards hear her approaching them, they look at her uneasily]

[Meanwhile, the de-linking spell is still underway inside, led by Davina as Klaus and Elijah continue to bleed out in the pool]

DAVINA & THE SISTERS: [chant] Newo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. Sanguinatum venetus barkael meh. Nemo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. Sanguinatum venetus barkael meh.

[Just then, one of the Strix vampires comes in to speak to Aya]

STRIX VAMPIRE: Aya. We may have a problem.

[Aya seems torn, but reluctantly leaves with the man, leaving Marcel and several other Strix vampires to supervise the spell that Davina, Cynthia, and the other Sisters are casting the sireline unlinking spell]

[In the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Freya is kneeling on the floor in front of Elijah and Klaus, who are on their hands and knees and gasping as they try to staunch the blood flow from their slit throats. Behind them is Tristan and Aurora, who are watching silently]

FREYA: I need you to focus. Show me what represents you so I can break you out.

[Aurora starts to walk toward Freya to stop her as Klaus manages to growl under his breath]

KLAUS: The kings...
ELIJAH: [grunts] The knights...

[Freya stands to her feet and rushes over to the chessboard, and Tristan smirks smugly, indicating that their guesses about their representations are wrong]

[Back at the DAVILLA ESTATE, Aya is walking into a parlor with at least a dozen of the Strix guards, looking impatient and annoyed by this inconvenience]

AYA: If you've lost contact, send men to the front gate to check the--

[Suddenly, Aya senses something and stops, holding a fist up in the air to signal her men and women to do the same. After a moment, she gestures to three of the men to go into the next room to investigate. When they do, it takes only seconds for stabbing noises and grunts of pain to be heard by the rest of the group. Finally, a blood-soaked Rayna steps out and smirks at the sight of the terrified vampires in front of her, though Aya does nothing but scowl at her]

AYA: Well, if it isn't Rayna Cruz!

[Aya and the other vampires vamp-out and lunge for the Huntress at vampire speed. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Hayley peeks around the door to make sure they're all fully occupied before she continues on toward the pool room]

[In the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Freya has just made it to the chessboard, where she picks up two pieces-- a black king and a white knight-- before desperately turning back to her brothers]

FREYA: Which is it? The kings or the knights? We need to decide now.

[In the DAVILLA ESTATE, Hayley has just hesitantly walked into the pool room, where Davina, Cynthia, and the other Sisters' are still performing the spell]

DAVINA & THE SISTERS: [chant] Newo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. Sanguinatum venetus barkael meh. Nemo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. Sanguinatum venetus barkael meh.

[Hayley looks horrified when she sees Klaus and Elijah floating in the pool filled with their blood, but the witches all have their eyes closed and don't immediately notice her. When one of the Strix vampires see her, Hayley vamp-speeds toward him and snaps his neck without a moment's hesitation. Unfortunately, his grunts of pain and the sound of him falling to the floor catches the other's attention. Marcel, looking panicked, vamp-speeds over and snaps the neck of another Strix guard, and Davina looks at him with a look that says she's feeling extremely betrayed]

DAVINA: Marcel!

[Marcel points at her and gives her an apologetic look]

MARCEL: I'm sorry, D.

[Marcel turns and points to Hayley]

MARCEL: We need to get them out of that water now.

[Hayley nods in agreement, but Davina looks furious as she thrusts her hand toward them, just as the Sisters all do the same]


[Marcel and Hayley are both thrown backward toward the far wall, incapacitating them long enough to return to the spell]

[In the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Aurora is giggling in amusement as she watches Freya try to figure out which chess pieces to destroy]

AURORA: How perfect! Even in this crucial hour, your ignorance blinds you.

[Aurora kneels in front of the brothers and stares an angry Klaus in the eyes]

AURORA: Even if you never learn from your sins, at least you will die because of them... and I get to watch.

[Suddenly, Klaus gets an idea and weakly calls out to Freya]

KLAUS: Take the queens. The women we betrayed represent us.

[Freya spins and grabs one of the queens from the chessboard]

KLAUS: Aurora... Aya.

[Freya clutches the black queen tightly and begins to destroy them with her magic]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permette mon ostium!

[Suddenly, Elijah awakens in the pool at the DAVILLA ESTATE, though the Sisters don't seem to notice immediately]

DAVINA & THE SISTERS: [chant] Newo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem--

[Before they can continue, Elijah vamp-speeds to his feet in the pool and grabs Cynthia by the front of her cloak, pulling her into the water and both drowning her and feeding on her at the same time]

[Marcel and Hayley have just finished recovering from being thrown into the wall, and while Davina and the remaining Sisters are trying their best to complete the spell, it's obvious that they're terrified and unsure of what to do. Once Cynthia is dead, Elijah leaps out of the water and snaps the neck of one of the other Sisters while Hayley does the same to another. Marcel leaps to his feet and pleads with Davina]

MARCEL: Davina, stop!

[Davina stands to her feet and rushes away, though she still continues chanting the spell]

[In the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Freya has just grabbed the white queen from the chessboard and begins to cast the same spell to destroy it]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permettre mon ostium!

[In the DAVILLA ESTATE, Davina has just thrust her hand toward Klaus as she continues the sireline unlinking spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem!

[In the CHAMBRE DE CHASSE, Freya is almost done destroying the queen]

FREYA: [chants] Onlucan et permettre mon ostium!

[Suddenly, Klaus awakens in the pool in the DAVILLA ESTATE while Davina continues the spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem!

[At the same time, Freya awakens at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where she finds Lucien unconscious and still bound in his chair. She rushes over to him to check on him]

[Klaus leaps out of the water at vampire speed at the DAVILLA ESTATE, but the force of Davina's spell causes him to remain frozen in the air as she growls at him]

DAVINA: [furiously] You've had your time!

[The lights explode into a shower of sparks, and she pushes her arms down, causing Klaus to land with a large splash into the pool

[Freya is in the middle of unbinding Lucien at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND when suddenly, the skin on his hands start to turn bright red as though he's burning, and it makes his way up his arms, causing Freya to gape in horror]

FREYA: No... Davina's breaking the link!

[At the DAVILLA ESTATE, Davina continues the spell as Klaus screams in pain in the water of the pool]

DAVINA: [chants] Nemo unus animabus carnem! Nemo unus animabus carnem!

[As she chants, both Marcel and Stefan's skin starts to turn red as well as Davina slowly breaks the sireline link. It travels up to their neck as they all scream in agony until finally, Davina waves her arms in two concentric circles, which causes the water in the pool to shoot up in what looks like a half-dozen geysers. The force of completing the spell causes her to pass out and collapse onto the floor, and Klaus falls unconscious in the water once again]

[Elijah and Marcel, both weakened by the ordeal they've each been through, struggle to rise to their feet. Elijah jumps into the pool to gently pick up Klaus, whose body looks desiccated. However, it quickly begins to fade as the wound on his throat heals, and he weakly opens his eyes]

KLAUS: [quietly] I felt them leave. My sireline is broken.


[Aya has just returned to the pool room, dragging Rayna's once again temporarily-dead body behind her, and lets it drop just behind where Davina's still-unconscious body is laying in front of the pool. After a moment, Elijah walks into the room and stops just inside the doorway]

ELIJAH: So, we remain connected, you and I, in spite of everything that you have done.

[Aya keeps her back to Elijah and closes her eyes with a sigh, already near-tears. Elijah shakes his head in disbelief]

ELIJAH: I can't let you hurt my family.

[Elijah sighs deeply, clearly just as affected by this turn of events as Aya]

ELIJAH: And you can't hurt me more than you already have.

[Aya finally turns to face him with an incredulous look on her face]

AYA: I stood by you, Elijah. All of us were willing to die for you, and how did you repay it? Betrayal. Abandonment.
ELIJAH: You were not forsaken. Yes, I failed you. For this, I will never forgive myself. But, I cannot forgive...

[Elijah pulls out Aurora's revolver, which is full of the remaining white oak bullets, and Aya sighs when she realizes what he's about to do as he gestures around the room with it]

ELIJAH: ...This.

[Aya's voice is quiet and defeated-sounding when she finally replies]

AYA: If your life were chained to a man who left you despite your devotion... What choice would you have but to break free?

[She takes a deep breath and stands with her head held high]

AYA: So... end this.

[Elijah tries to smile, but he's not at all happy about the prospect of killing Aya. He raises the gun and aims it at her heart, and Aya looks almost relieved until Elijah hesitates and her voice becomes more powerful]

AYA: End it, Elijah! Or I'll take that gun and kill you just to finally be free.

[Elijah's hand starts to shake as he tries to aim the gun at Aya's chest, but it's clear that he doesn't have it in him to end her life. Before either of them can react further, Aya gasps as a stake is driven through her heart from behind. Elijah gasps in shock when he sees Hayley's face hovering over Aya's shoulder from behind her, and Aya looks just as surprised as she starts to desiccate]

HAYLEY: That's more mercy than Jackson ever got.

[Aya sighs in relief and collapses onto the floor as she dies, and though Elijah looks shocked to see her dead, he doesn't appear to be mad at Hayley for doing it for him]


[Tristan is sitting at the chess table, looking sad but resigned to his fate, as the hunt room starts to shake as though an earthquake has just struck it. Aurora, who is standing at the other end of the table, looks concerned]

AURORA: Brother...
TRISTAN: [sadly] The witches. It's all collapsing. We don't have long.
AURORA: [horrified] No!

[Aurora rushes toward Tristan, but the floor is quaking so hard that she trips and falls to the floor. Tristan falls to his knees next to her and gives her a weak, sad smile]

TRISTAN: Oh, Aurora. It's so strange to have spent an eternity together, yet there's so... so much left to say.

[Aurora bursts into tears as she processes the implications of the chambre de chasse collapsing]

AURORA: I can't lose you again, Tristan! I won't lose you again!

[The rumbling and shaking continues as Aurora and Tristan embrace tightly]

TRISTAN: I'm sorry. I love you.

[Just then, Tristan starts coughing up water, indicating that his astral self is returning to his body, which is still locked in the shipping container with the Serratura at the bottom of the ocean]


[Tristan continues to cough up water, and Aurora starts to cry and scream]


[Aurora clutches Tristan tightly as she sobs in despair]


[Aurora awakens with a gasp in the corner of one of the larger tombs in Lafayette Cemetery, where she finds herself behind a half-constructed brick wall in the doorway. Klaus is standing outside of the wall, giving her a cold but slightly satisfied expression]

KLAUS: Welcome back to the real world, love. I thought we might revisit our chat about what hurts and what does not.

[Aurora, furious, rushes toward him, but she's stopped by an invisible barrier. She glares at Klaus and tries to push through it again, but she's once again stopped, which only amuses Klaus more]

KLAUS: Courtesy of my dear sister.
AURORA: [angrily] Ohh... What are you doing?
KLAUS: You made me realize today what a monster I've been...

[Klaus takes a brick and sets it on the half-built brick wall with one hand while the other one holds a paving tool to flatten the grout]

KLAUS: And I am sorry that I didn't do this sooner.

[Klaus continues to add more bricks to the wall in between them, and Aurora starts to panic]

AURORA: You can't just leave me here!

[Klaus' face becomes cold as he glares at her and continues adding bricks]

KLAUS: I had the right idea when I bricked up your portrait. Behind walls is where you belong.

[Aurora is now near-hysterical when she realizes that he's going to leave her trapped forever and begins to plead with him]

AURORA: Then just kill me! Please, Nik! Just kill me!
KLAUS: [mockingly] Oh, I think not. Not with the only one who loves you rotting at the bottom of the ocean. I wouldn't grant you the mercy.

[Klaus leans forward until he and Aurora are nearly nose-to-nose and sneers at her]

KLAUS: So, while the fish eat him...
AURORA: [desperately] No...
KLAUS: And the worms eat you... Just know that it was I who took everything from you.

[Aurora starts to sob in defeat as Klaus turns and walks away]


[Davina has just awakened on the couch in the living room to find that Marcel brought her back to the loft. She looks furious as she immediately sits up and looks around]

DAVINA: Where's my stuff?
MARCEL: Your bag's over there. I figured after what you did, I'd better get you out before the Mikaelsons came back to hurt you.
DAVINA: [angrily] You mean like you hurt me?

[Marcel sighs, but Davina stands to her feet and glares at him as she walks toward the door, grabbing her bag on her way]

DAVINA: I asked you do to one thing for me. To believe in me. To choose my side. I asked you to choose me. But you didn't.

[Davina turns to leave, but Marcel chases after her to stop her]

MARCEL: Wait, D! Listen.

[Davina ignores him, so he physically stops her]

MARCEL: Hey, listen. I am always on your side, all right? I always have your back. But sometimes the things that you want... they aren't worth the price you have to pay to get them.

[Davina is not at all convinced by his argument and simply glares at him]

DAVINA: Yeah? Keep telling yourself that. Enjoy your freedom.


[Klaus has just walked out of the tomb where he locked up Aurora to find Stefan outside waiting for him]

STEFAN: So... the spell worked. We survived. I saved you, and you saved me. Funny how that works, isn't it?
KLAUS: [smirks] Mmm.
STEFAN: I'd be happy to let this be the end. Am I too optimistic in thinking we'll never see each other again?
KLAUS: [shrugs] Well, that depends-- are you going to do the right thing?

[Stefan gives him a knowing look]

STEFAN: By whom? I assume you don't mean my brother.

[Klaus gives him a pointed look, which Stefan understands perfectly]

KLAUS: By her.
STEFAN: [sighs] I love her. I know that you did once, too. I promise I will only do right by her.

[Klaus looks at him appreciatively]

KLAUS: Thank you.
STEFAN: You know, um... there's someone else you should be thanking.
KLAUS: [frowns] Marcel had to fight for me for his own survival...
STEFAN: I'm talking about Hayley. For some reason, she cares about you-- enough to risk her own life. Take your own advice. Do right by her.

[Klaus seems stunned and taken aback by this statement about Hayley, and he exhales a shaky breath. Stefan frowns in concern]

STEFAN: You okay?
KLAUS: [smiles weakly] Never better.

[He and Stefan shake hands to say goodbye]

KLAUS: And you... take care of yourself, old friend.

[Stefan smiles back at him and picks up his knapsack off of the ground before he turns and leaves the cemetery. Klaus turns around to walk toward Freya, who has just appeared, but he gets woozy for a second and has to lean against the wall of a nearby tomb to avoid collapsing onto the ground. Klaus looks at Freya with a worried expression]

KLAUS: What's wrong with me?
FREYA: [smiles affectionately] You hemorrhaged an enormous amount of mystical energy. Enough to create a nexus vorti. It's nothing a good night's rest won't cure.

[This response does nothing to easy Klaus' concern]

KLAUS: Where did the energy go?


[Davina has just returned to her former attic room, where she closes the door behind her and looks around at the set-up magic circle she must have created earlier in the day that is made of salt, with various runes and magical sigils created within it. She grabs a silver urn of ashes from the nearby table and brings it to the middle of the circle, where she sets it on the floor in front of her while she kneels and digs the glass bottle embellished with gold out of her purse]

[The scene quickly flashes back to earlier, where Davina surreptitiously siphoned the blood from Elijah and Klaus' slit throats into the vial at some point during the spell. Back in the present, Davina opens the bottle and begins to pour the blood inside the ashes in the urn]

DAVINA: The blood of two brothers, the ash of their dead. The blood of two brothers, the ash of their dead.

[Davina stretches her arms in front of her and closes her eyes as she starts to cast the resurrection spell, channeling the nexus vorti Klaus created to fuel her magic]

DAVINA: [chants] Le sang des deux frères, les cendres de leurs morts. Le sang des deux frères, les cendres de leurs morts.

[A strong gust of wind blows through the attic as she continues chanting the spell, until finally, an ash-covered Kol Mikaelson, in his original body, suddenly appears, naked and kneeling on one knee in front of her. When Davina finally opens her eyes, she can't believe what she's seeing, and Kol himself seems to be shocked that he's finally back in the world of the living. Davina gapes in shock at him, and Kol smiles widely as he laughs]

KOL: I never doubted you for a second, Davina Claire.

[Davina stares at him for a long moment before her face breaks out into a beauteous smile]


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