Hayley: What exactly... am I walking into tonight?
Elijah: Only the most dangerous, influential congregation of vampires the world has ever known.
Elijah about the Strix

A Walk on the Wild Side is the fourth episode of the third season of The Originals and the forty-eighth episode of the series overall.



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THE STRIX — In order to uncover what his old acquaintance Tristan is really up to in New Orleans, Elijah considers attending a gala thrown by a mysterious group of ancient vampires known as the Strix, while Hayley invites herself to attend with him. There, Marcel is approached with an enticing offer made by a mysterious woman named Aya, but he quickly realizes that things are not always what they seem. Elsewhere, when a vital component of Lucien's plan goes missing, he and Klaus form a tentative alliance in order to find it. Freya also appears.


Across town, Marcel is jogging and on his way back to his place. He sees a suit with a mask on display, and gets a call, initially assuming it to be Aya. But it's Tristan, and he invites Marcel to a party, as he's seen him as worthy enough to join The Strix.

Elijah is at the fight gym blowing off steam. Hayley walks in and asks about The Strix and Shi Tristan is, holding up an invitation to a party. Shortly after, they're at the compound with Freya and Klaus, and Klaus tells her about the prophecy of their doom.

Klaus asks Lucien for his help and resources, but Lucien finds Alexis missing. Klaus calls Freya for help, and she locates Alexis at the same location as Tristan's party.

Aya shows Marcel around, while Hayley and Elijah arrive. He reveals he created The Strix because he wanted to gather people who were curious about the world and eager to improve it, but Elijah abandoned them because he'd realize what he created were a legion of egomaniacal sociopaths.

Aya says The Strix want Marcel because he's clever and talented, and want to help him improve. They also want to bridge the gap between the sirelines, as Marcel will be the first in their organization to be from Klaus' sireline. She introduces him to Mohinder, a vampire who taught her combat, and only feeds on the vampires he's defeated.

While dancing, Elijah spots Marcel and realizes it's an initiation, not a party. Tristan comes in, and he starts the test, stating that Marcel's daylight was taken and he has to find out who took it and fight for it. If he wins, he becomes one of them, but dies if he fails.

Marcel corners Aya, telling her that at least his vampires have rules—no one kills another vampire. But Aya reminds him that death is inevitable even for vampires, and acknowledging that makes their long life more intoxicating. He kisses her, looking for his ring, assuming it's on her. But Aya doesn't have it, and wishes him well on finding it.

Lucien and Klaus crash the party, acting drunk, and insulting Tristan's party and the wine. Freya sneaks away to find Alexis, but seeing visions of the Mikaelsons' downfall, she doesn't want to go back to Lucien. She shows Freya visions too, of Freya being buried alive. Freya knocks her out.

Aya and Tristan take Marcel to a room, where he must now tell his answer since dawn is nearly approaching. He chooses Aya. She doesn't have his ring, but she took it and gave it to Mohinder, whom he fights. Mohinder drinks his blood, which Marcel laced with wolf venom from Hayley. But he doesn't kill Mohinder directly, saying the Strix must do it himself. Tristan rips out Mohinder's heart, and tells Marcel he his restraint and refusal to kill without cause is a rare integrity. This was the test. He welcomes him into The Strix.

Klaus gives him his blood to heal him, but not before rebuking Marcel for assuming Klaus would open his veins for him in the aftermath, after choosing The Strix whom are conspiring against him.

To understand what will cause their doom, Hayley and Elijah feed on Alexis, but they spit it out while Alexis vomits blood. She had been poisoned. A flashback shows Aurora, masked, had put it in her wine.

Later that day, Aurora walks across town happily, out of her mask but still in her fancy dress.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • Patrick Brown as Gregory
  • Amgad Mostafa as Strix Vampire


  • Antagonists: Tristan, Aurora and Mohinder.
  • Alexis was shown kissing Freya in this episode, making this the second episode to feature an on-screen kiss between two women on TO.
    • The first time was shown in a flashback in Sinners and Saints between Sophie and a random female party-goer.
    • During the kiss, Alexis shows Freya's fate in The Prophecy: That Freya will be buried alive because of the Mikaelson Family.
  • The hellish hour centers around a Strix gala, of which Marcel is Aya's honored guest. And speaking of the new lady in Mr. Gerard's life, Davis says fans are right to sense something between them. "I think there's pretty good chemistry there", CMD tells TVLine of Marcel and Aya. "But I also think that each one of them, alone, would have chemistry with a balloon. They're pretty charismatic people. But, yes, something is brewing there, and there's more of that in this upcoming episode - including a great scene at the end that I think people will love.
  • Klaus and Lucien crash Tristan's gala, pretending to be drunk in order to cause a distraction so Freya can rescue Alexis.
  • Lucien tapping Tristan on the nose and saying boop was improvised by Andrew Lees. Klaus saying Tristan's champagne was cheap was also improvised by Joseph Morgan.
  • The Strix become known in this episode.



Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 1.07 million viewers in the USA.
  • Building on last week's backstory about Daniel Gillies as a martial arts enthusiast, he choreographed his own boxing workout in tonight's episode. This season also marks the first season since the character's introduction in TVD season 2 where suit-and-tie expert Elijah Mikaelson repeatedly wears a sleeveless muscle shirt.
  • According to Ashley and Bart, it turns out that giant champagne glasses have more rules and regulations than one might expect. Not only did the set decorator have to bring it over state lines (thus getting us the only human-sized champagne glass East of the Mississippi) but the only person allowed in it was the girl who brought it. Basically, it's a BYOGCG (bring your own gigantic champagne glass) situation.
  • Slushie machines are a staple of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, so we named our machine Bonnie's Slushies after our intrepid line producer Bonnie Weis. The most fun writers, set decorators and propmasters have is when we have to generate names for mailboxes, flyers, doors, offices, and slushie machines. I can guarantee when you see a name on screen that it has an 80 percent chance of having been inspired by a crew member.
  • Some people can say that battling for money during prep is like pulling teeth, and in this case it's literal. Ashley landed in Atlanta only to learn her wisdom teeth needed immediate removal. She spent the rest of the shoot blissfully doped up on painkillers.
  • Joseph and Andy had a ball playing the "wasted party crashers" and ended up improvising some of the fun moments, including Lucien "booping" Tristan's nose and Klaus' pronouncement that Tristan's champagne is "cheap."
  • Australian small-world coincidence of the week: Daniel Gillies was on the phone with Oliver Ackland as Oliver boarded a plane, raving about Australian filmmaker Joel Edgerton's excellent film The Gift just as Oliver sat down next to his seatmate and friend — Joel Edgerton. Special shout-out to Joel and his movie, which you should all see because it was terrific.

Cultural References

  • A Walk on the Wild Side is a 1956 novel by Nelson Algren, most often quoted as the source for Algren's "three rules of life": "Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own."
  • "Walk on the Wild Side" is a drama movie released in 1962. It is based on the 1956 novel by Nelson Algren.
  • Klaus made a reference to the nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty when talking about Alexis' disappearance to Lucien


Tristan (to Marcel): "It's an invitation. Join us."
Hayley: "What exactly....am I walking into tonight?"
Elijah: "Only the most dangerous, influential, congregation of vampires the world has ever known."
Hayley: "What's wrong?"
Elijah: "This isn't a party. It's a initiation."

Tristan (to Marcel): "If you feel you'd be a worthy addition to our rank, join us."
Hayley: "What exactly....am I walking into tonight?"
Elijah: "We're going to the most dangerous, influential, congregation of vampires the world has ever known."
Aya (to Marcel): "We're at the top of the food chain and we take what we want."
Hayley: "Elijah, what's wrong?"
Elijah: "This isn't a party. It's a initiation."

Klaus: "What are you doing here?"
Freya: "I live here?"
Klaus: "Yes obviously, I just hadn't realized that you were back from wherever it is you go to when you leave. Perhaps I was thrown off by the lack of strange gentlemen callers pursuing the contents of my refrigerator this morning."
Freya: "Your concern for my whereabouts.... is touching."
Klaus: "I simply want to know who is here at any given moment, I hardly think that's too much to ask."
Hayley: "Well, as long as we're taking attendance....."
Klaus: "Oh good, it's my not so loving elder brother and my former one night stand. What a nice normal family gathering."
Hayley: "Charming. Elijah was just catching me up on how you have no clue on which one of your long lost buddies you can trust and which one is trying to kill you."
Klaus: "Well clearly what the situation needs is more opinions. (To Elijah): I assume you told her about the bloody prophecy."
Elijah: "I was just getting to that."
Hayley: "Now would be good."
Klaus: "Well it appears that my old mate Lucien has a genuine seer and in a effort to prove his good intentions, he got her to show us some rather dire visions of future doom. It's grim stuff really, not for the faint of heart."
Hayley: "Whose doom are we talking about? Because if it's yours, I think we're all okay with it."
Klaus: "Well sadly, we're all on the chopping block. But chin up, this witch claims her visions are constantly evolving so you may just get your wish."

Marcel: "By all means, help yourself to the good...stuff."

Tristan (to Marcel): "It's an invitation. I believe that Aya... told you a bit about the Strix."
Hayley (to Elijah): "I was picking up Hope when some random vampire dropped it off."
Tristan (to Lucien): "You!"



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