[Marcel is taking a run around the FRENCH QUARTER while he listens to music on his cell phone. He passes various locals, including a police officer, and he nods to them in greeting as he makes his way down the streets. When he returns to HIS APARTMENT, he finds an empty glass on the bar and looks at it suspiciously. When he picks it up to examine it more closely, he sees lipstick smudged on the rim and sighs when he realizes he had visitors while he was gone. He then notices that his decanter of bourbon is almost completely empty and mutters under his breath in annoyance]

MARCEL: By all means, help yourself to the good... stuff...

[He trails off when he realizes that, though the decanter is empty of alcohol, there is still something rattling inside of it. When he turns it upside down, a pair of solid-gold cuff-links fall into his hand that are designed to look like the old logo of The Strix. Tense, Marcel turns around to find a tuxedo and an elegant black masquerade mask hanging on the wall across from him and approaches it. Just then, he gets a call on his cell phone. He sees that the Caller ID reads "UNKNOWN" and answers it]

MARCEL: [smiles] You want to dress me up in nice clothes, all you gotta do is ask.
TRISTAN: I'll keep that in mind in the future, Mr. Gerard.

[Marcel, not realizing that it was Tristan who was calling him from inside the back of his chauffeured limo, frowns in embarrassment. As they speak, Tristan is parked on the same street where Marcel was just running, suggesting he has been watching him]

MARCEL: I thought you were someone else.
TRISTAN: Perhaps my associate, Aya? Clearly she made quite an impression. She is an exquisite beauty. And, in fairness, the violence wasn't my idea-- had you come willingly, none of that would have been necessary.

[Marcel, who is examining the tuxedo, finds another one of The Strix's business cards in the inner jacket pocket. On the back is a message: "7041 ST. CHARLES AVE. MIDNIGHT"]

MARCEL: So, this is your version of asking me something nicely?
TRISTAN: It's an invitation. I believe Aya told you a bit about The Strix-- who we are, what we're capable of. Every few years, we gather to celebrate our status as the most elite creatures in the world. And, in the rare instance we feel we've identified someone worthy of our attention, we open our doors.
MARCEL: What makes you so sure I'm interested in you?
TRISTAN: You haven't hung up the phone yet. I understand you've fostered quite a community here in New Orleans. We can offer you a global network-- resources, access, power. You're a born leader, Marcel! Why stop at just one city?
MARCEL: Maybe I'm happy with what I've got.
TRISTAN: [skeptically] Somehow I doubt that. But, if I've failed to pique your interest, by all means disregard this call. If, on the other hand, you feel you'd be a worthy addition to our ranks... Join us. Tonight. And, don't be late.

[Tristan hangs up the phone with a smirk, and Marcel, still staring at the invitation card, sighs]



[Elijah is in the middle of his own workout at the new gym Marcel has set up at St. Anne's church, where he is vigorously punching and kicking a punching bag. After a moment, he gets so heated in his exercise that he punches the bag clear across the room, where it knocks over a bench press and hand-weights. When he turns around, he sees that Hayley has entered the room with a small card in her hands. She addresses him with a mocking tone]

HAYLEY: Something the matter, Elijah? There's nothing you want to talk about? Like... The Strix?

[Elijah pulls out a towel and uses it to blot the sweat from his face. When he doesn't respond, Hayley reads the black invitation in her hands aloud to him]

HAYLEY: "I do hope that you can come, old chum. Signed, Tristan."

[She waves the invitation in the air and gives Elijah a look as he walks over to pluck the invite out of her hands to read it for himself]

HAYLEY: I was picking up Hope when some vampire dropped it off.

[Elijah continues to skim the invitation, which reads in full "You are cordially invited to an evening of exquisite excess. The Davilla Estate, 7041 St. Charles Avenue. Midnight," along with Tristan's personal note at the end that Hayley read aloud]

HAYLEY: You care to fill me in?
ELIJAH: [quietly] This isn't your concern.

[Elijah starts to walk past Hayley, but she grabs him by the arm and stops him]

HAYLEY: Oh, but it is.

[Hayley then vamp-speeds them both over to the cage, where she pins him to the chain-link wall by the throat]

HAYLEY: So, why don't you cut the protective macho crap and tell me what's going on. I'm part of this family too, Elijah. I thought you of all people would act like it.

[Elijah, who looks surprised by her tenacity, spins them so he is now pinning Hayley against the wall by her wrists]

ELIJAH: So, what do you want to know?


[Freya is in the upstairs study where she's sitting cross-legged on a small purple yoga mat on the floor. After a moment, an unhappy-looking Klaus walks in and seems surprised to see her]

KLAUS: What are you doing here?

[Freya gives him a look that is both annoyed and amused]

FREYA: ...I live here?
KLAUS: [sighs] Yes. Obviously.

[Freya stands and starts doing another yoga pose]

KLAUS: I just hadn't realized you were back from wherever it is you go to when you leave! Perhaps I was thrown off by the lack of strange gentleman callers perusing the contents of my refrigerator this morning.

[Freya smirks happily and switches poses again]

FREYA: Your concern for my whereabouts is touching.
KLAUS: I simply want to know who is here at any given moment! I hardly think that's too much to ask.

[Just then, an annoyed Hayley and an amused Elijah walk into the room to join them]

HAYLEY: Well, as long as we're talking attendance...
KLAUS: [mockingly] Oh, good! It's my not-so-loving older brother and my former one-night-stand! What a nice, normal family gathering.

[Hayley rolls her eyes and smiles fakely at Klaus]

HAYLEY: Charming. Elijah was just catching me up on how you have no clue which one of your long-lost buddies you can trust and which one is trying to kill you.
KLAUS: [snarkily] Well, clearly what the situation needs is more opinions.

[Klaus looks at Elijah]

KLAUS: I assume you told her about the bloody prophecy?

[Hayley shoots Elijah a glare, and he smiles in amusement]

ELIJAH: I was just getting to that...

[Hayley turns back to Klaus]

HAYLEY: Now would be good.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] Well, it appears my old mate Lucien has acquired a genuine seer, and in an effort to prove his good intentions, he got her to show us some rather dire visions of future doom. It's grim stuff, really-- not for the faint of heart.
HAYLEY: [confused] Who's doom are we talking about, here? Because if it's yours, I think we're all okay with that.

[Klaus chuckles, clearly enjoying this conversation]

KLAUS: Well, sadly, we're all on the chopping block. But, chin up! This witch claims her visions are constantly evolving. So, you may just get your wish!
HAYLEY: [smiles] Well, I want to meet this psychic witch.

[She turns and looks back at Elijah]

HAYLEY: Tonight.


[Night has fallen, and a Halloween party is in full swing in the French Quarter, where people are in costumes and drinking both in the streets and inside the various bars and clubs in the neighborhood. Eventually, Klaus finds Lucien in a booth at Rousseau's, where he's partying hard with three girls: one is a "sexy" cat, one is a "sexy" nurse, and the other is dressed up as a skeleton bride. They all hold up their shot glasses in cheers]

LUCIEN & THE WOMEN: Na zdorovie!

[Lucien looks at the girl dressed as a skeleton bride and lets his fangs drop]

LUCIEN: Haha! Come here, you.

[He bites into the skeleton bride's neck, and she yelps in surprise and pain when he starts to feed on her]


[After a moment, Klaus decides to interrupt]

KLAUS: There's my old friend!

[Lucien quickly pulls away from his snack, a small dribble of blood running down his chin, and he seems happy to see Klaus]

KLAUS: Hard at work ensuring my safety, I see.

[Lucien, clearly drunk, turns his head toward the skeleton bride, who seems interested in both men, and then looks suggestively at KLaus]

LUCIEN: By all means, join us!
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] Business before pleasure.
LUCIEN: [nods] Ah. Excuse me, ladies.

[His female companions stand up and leave, though not before the "sexy nurse" gives Klaus a flirtatious look as she passes him. Klaus then takes notice of a silent, burly man standing nearby and gives him a look as Lucien gestures toward him]

LUCIEN: Ah ha! I see you've noticed Gregory. Former Navy SEAL. I turned him personally to head my security team.
KLAUS: Yes, I've noticed a lot of new faces at my favorite haunts.
LUCIEN: It's strictly for your protection!

[Lucien picks up a shot of tequila and holds it out to Klaus, who sighs in exasperation before sitting next to him and taking the shot from him. Lucien picks up another shot for himself]

KLAUS: Your resources are extensive.
LUCIEN: [giggles] And you don't even know the half of it.

[They clink their shots together before drinking them]

LUCIEN: You see, Nik, I have spent several lifetimes building a company devoted to shattering the very limits of what is possible. I have some of the most brilliant minds in the world developing technologies that you couldn't imagine.
KLAUS: [smiles] With Alexis as your crowning achievement, no doubt.
LUCIEN: [shrugs] Well...
KLAUS: The single cure to the most terrifying threat of all-- the unknown.

[Klaus chuckles happily at Lucien, who looks confused]

KLAUS: Speaking of which... Perhaps we should go pay your seer another visit? See if anything has snapped into focus in regards to that mysterious threat against us.

[Lucien looks slightly uncomfortable, and Klaus tries to place nice]

KLAUS: If, that is, you're prepared to share your resources...
LUCIEN: Of course! Her visions are our greatest chance for survival.

[Lucien holds up his second shot of tequila as Klaus follows suit, though Lucien does look as though he's hiding something]

LUCIEN: I only regret I didn't suggest it myself!

[Klaus smiles at him, and the two clink their glasses together before gulping them down. However, as they swallow their tequila, Klaus shoots Lucien a very quick and suspicious look]


[Lucien and Klaus have returned to Lucien's penthouse, and Lucien wastes no time calling out for Alexis]

LUCIEN: Alexis!

[Hearing the sound of a television blaring, Lucien and Klaus head into Lucien's bedroom]

LUCIEN: Alexis!

[Inside the room, the two see that the bed is unmade, with the sheets all tangled in the middle, several other pieces of furniture have been overturned as if in a struggle of some kind, and what looks like the remnants of a spell has been left on a nearby table. However, Alexis is nowhere to be seen. Lucien examines the objects on the table: a half-dozen lit candles, a full teacup on a saucer that is still warm, a magic circle made of salt surrounded by magical sigils, multiple crystals of various sizes, and a few small ceramic dishes of herbs. He begins to look concerned as Klaus grabs the remote control off of the bed and turns the television off]

KLAUS: Perhaps you should place your special lady friend on a shorter leash?
LUCIEN: [worriedly] You don't understand-- Alexis doesn't go outside unless she has to. She's too sensitive. If she's gone, then someone took her.


[After the break, the scene returns to Lucien's living room in his PENTHOUSE, where he's pacing around as he talks to someone on the phone. Klaus stands nearby and watches him curiously]

LUCIEN: I don't want your excuses, I simply want her found! Do you understand?

[Lucien hangs up the phone, and Klaus smirks]

KLAUS: All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't find one prognosticating witch.

[Lucien rolls his eyes in annoyance]

KLAUS: Ah, well. Takes one to find one, I always say.

[Klaus smirks even more and pulls out his phone before dialing a number. Meanwhile, in the FRENCH QUARTER, Freya is walking down the street when her phone vibrates to indicate Klaus is calling her. She sits down at a makeshift bar on the street to order a drink and sighs as she answers it]

FREYA: What is it now, Niklaus?

[Klaus, who has the phone on speaker, grins and feigns offense]

KLAUS: Really, Freya? Is that the way you greet the brother you've spent your entire life trying to find?
FREYA: Oh, I'm sorry-- are you not calling for a favor?

[Lucien plucks Klaus' phone out of his hand so he can talk to Freya himself]

LUCIEN: You're absolutely right, love. We need your help. A dear, dear friend of mine has gone missing, and we must find her. Our lives depend on it.
FREYA: [amused] And, I take it I was the only one willing to answer your call?
LUCIEN: Well, you're certainly the loveliest.
FREYA: [rolls her eyes] Niklaus, please tell your creepy friend that just because he's good-looking doesn't mean I won't turn him inside out and hang what remains from a pole.

[Lucien chuckles, but Klaus takes the phone back from him and turns speaker off so he can talk to her privately]

KLAUS: Freya, please. I am asking as your brother for your help.
FREYA: [sighs] Fine. Text me the address.

[Freya and Klaus hang up the phone]


[Hayley is in Rebekah's old room at the compound, where she's searching through a stack of clothes she's laid out on her bed for an outfit for The Strix's party and muttering to herself under her breath]

HAYLEY: Come on, Rebekah. You've gotta have something...

[Just then, Elijah enters the room from behind her and smiles. He's already dressed in his tuxedo, though his bow-tie is still hanging loose and untied around his neck]


[Elijah searches through the pile of dresses until he finds a bright red taffeta gown with open shoulders and hands it to Hayley, who smiles sheepishly as she ducks into the attached bathroom to change into it]

HAYLEY: [nervously] Thanks. I'd wear my own clothes, but...

[Hayley clears her throat awkwardly]

HAYLEY: ...I don't usually lean towards formal wear.

[Elijah tries to avert his eyes while she gets dressed until she finally comes out in the dress, which fits her perfectly]

ELIJAH: I take it your husband is fine with tonight's little adventure?

[Hayley looks uncomfortable as she smooths out the skirt of her dress]

HAYLEY: Yeah, Jackson's cool. He knows that I can handle myself.

[Elijah gives her a significant look]

ELIJAH: That's not what I meant.
HAYLEY: [sighs] I know.

[Both of them look awkward for a long moment until Hayley changes the subject]

HAYLEY: So... What exactly am I walking into tonight?
ELIJAH: [tensely] Only the most dangerous and influential congregation of vampires the world has ever known.


[The Strix's party is in full swing, complete with formally-dressed members wearing masquerade masks and burlesque dancers dressed in the style of the flappers of the 1920s. There are humans in attendance as well, most of whom are being fed on by the various members of The Strix. Aya, dressed in a silver gown, sees Marcel entering the ballroom and puts on her mask as she heads over to greet him]

AYA: Marcel! Welcome.

[Marcel smiles at Aya and removes his own mask so he can see her properly]

AYA: I admire your confidence. Please, allow me to make some introductions.

[Marcel politely holds out his arm, which she takes so she can lead him into where the guests are mingling as they watch the dancers. Caterers wearing white masks pass around flutes of champagne as the two pass by a table where two female vampires are feeding on a blonde human woman with a black masquerade mask, whom Marcel seems to recognize]

MARCEL: [surprised] Is that...?
AYA: [smiles] One of our more famous faces. We count amongst our society celebrated actors, artists, politicians... Of course, most of us prefer to live a life outside of the public eye. That doesn't make our talents any less impressive.

[As Aya and Marcel continue to walk around the ballroom, Hayley and Elijah arrive to the party and stop in the doorway as they take in the environment. Their arrival seems to have generated a lot of attention, as many of the guests are staring at Elijah curiously, which unnerves Hayley]

HAYLEY: Why are they all staring at you?
ELIJAH: I'm kind of a big deal around here.

[Hayley's eyes widen in realization as they head toward the bar across the room]

HAYLEY: They're all part of your sireline.
ELIJAH: [nods] Most of them, tragically, yes. You see, Hayley, I wanted to assemble minds curious about the world and eager to improve it, along with the time and circumstance to do so. My desire was to create an elite brotherhood devoted to a new, better civilization. It was naive. Eventually, I was forced to abandon them once I realized I'd cultivated a legion of ego-maniacal sociopaths.

[Music continues to play as Aya and Marcel make their way through the party and talk more about The Strix]

AYA: It's quite like your city's own beloved masquerade. Beneath the disguise, the poor become rich, and the rich? Well, they can do anything they please. We're the top of the food chain-- the smartest, the strongest. And, we take what we want.
MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] And now you want me.
AYA: [smiles] Tristan has been a collector of extraordinary talent for the better part of a millennium. He chooses the best of the best and helps them evolve.
MARCEL: [warily] Tristan wants to help me reach my full potential, is that right?
AYA: [nods] You're clever, bold, a talented strategist... And, should you join us, you'd be the very first member sired not from Elijah, but from Klaus. Marcel, we think you could help us bridge the gap between sirelines and finally put this war to bed.

[She smirks and walks closer to him until their faces are only inches apart]

AYA: That is, if you are, in fact, everything we hope you to be.

[Aya leans in closer as though she's about to kiss him, but pulls away with another smirk and turns to walk away, leaving Marcel both curious and confused]


[Freya has just arrived to Lucien's apartment, where he is warmly greeting her]

LUCIEN: [cheerfully] Please, do come in.

[Freya rolls her eyes as she walks into the apartment and makes a bee-line for Klaus]

FREYA: Ugh, this place smells like dried blood and bad cologne.
LUCIEN: [chuckles] That's just my natural musk. I find the ladies love it.

[Neither Freya nor Klaus is amused, and Klaus points to the table where a map has already been set up for her]

KLAUS: If you're quite finished here... This is hers.

[Klaus sets a hairbrush on the table next to the map as Freya begins to light candles in preparation for the locator spell]

LUCIEN: [worriedly] Your brother must have told Tristan about the prophecy. If that sadistic bastard so much as touches a hair on her head...
KLAUS: [annoyed] Yes, the witch's hair isn't what has me worried. Frankly, your girl seems a bit wanton when it comes to handing out visions.
LUCIEN: [offended] Alexis would not share her gifts with him. That doesn't mean he wouldn't torture it out of her...

[Freya pours black sand from a small bottle into her hand and lets it fall through her fingers onto the table as she chants an unintelligible and whispered incantation under her breath. The three watch as the sand begins to move around in concentric circles on the map until finally making a small circle around Alexis' location]

LUCIEN: Ah, the Davilla Estate. Brilliant. Isn't that where--
KLAUS: [finishes his sentence] --Our old friend Tristan lured Elijah just the other night. It seems your fears are warranted.

[Freya looks at Klaus and Lucien with concern as the two begin to brainstorm]

LUCIEN: Granted, we are the two most cunning, powerful, and handsome vampires of all time--

[Lucien smiles at Freya, who rolls her eyes, but Klaus just smiles happily]

KLAUS: [interjects] --Granted--
LUCIEN: --But that still leaves us a bit outnumbered. How do you propose we fight our way into an entire secret society of ancient vampires?
KLAUS: Oh, luckily, I have a plan.

[Klaus smiles devilishly at Lucien and Freya]


[The Strix's party is still in full-swing, and Aya has just led Marcel to a serious-looking man standing on the outskirts of the ballroom, who is wearing an all-black suit]

AYA: Marcel, I'd like you to meet my mentor, Mohinder. He taught me everything I know about combat.

[Marcel smiles and holds out his right hand, the hand on which he wears his daylight ring, to Mohinder]

MARCEL: Oh, if that's the case, then I am impressed!

[Unfortunately for Marcel, Mohinder just glances down at Marcel's hand before giving him a look, not extending his own to shake them in greeting. Feeling awkward, Marcel clenches his hand into a fist and pulls it away. Aya, sensing the tension, takes Marcel's hand in her own and leads him away]

MARCEL: [mutters] Intense guy.
AYA: As part of his discipline, he drinks only the blood of vampires he's vanquished in combat. He can go weeks without feeding, yet suffer no effects of hunger, such is his control over body and mind.

[Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah are dancing together in the middle of the ballroom while they talk]

HAYLEY: So, where is this Tristan guy? I want to meet him for myself.

[Elijah gets distracted by the sight of Marcel with Aya across the ballroom before he can reply. Hayley, seeing the concerned look on his face, frowns]

HAYLEY: Elijah, what's wrong?

[Marcel turns his head and realizes that not only are Elijah and Hayley there, but Elijah is staring at him. Marcel looks over at Aya with a tense expression]

MARCEL: What are they doing here?

[Back on the dance floor, Hayley looks to see what Elijah is staring at and is shocked to see Marcel in his eye-line]

HAYLEY: What the hell is Marcel doing here?
ELIJAH: [quietly] I should have known.
HAYLEY: [concerned] What?
ELIJAH: This isn't a party. It's an initiation.

[Just then, a row of caterers with trays of champagne flutes walk into the room and tap their glasses with butter knives to get the attention of the party as Tristan, dressed in a fine suit, makes his arrival to the gathering known]

TRISTAN: Distinguished friends, welcome. It's so rare that we're able to come together like this to revel for one night in the company of true equals. Now, I'd like to take a moment to welcome a very special guest-- Marcel Gerard.

[Marcel takes a step forward and nods in acknowledgement as the crowd claps their hands in applause]

MARCEL: Thank you. I'm honored. Thank you.
TRISTAN: [smiles] Of course, before we tell Marcel all of our secrets, there's one small piece of business to which we must first attend. We must determine his worth.
MARCEL: [frowns in confusion] That's funny... I seem to recall you being the one knocking on my door.
TRISTAN: [amused] You'll notice, Mr. Gerard, that over the course of the evening, someone has managed to take something quite dear to you... Your daylight ring.

[Marcel looks down at his hand and realizes that his daylight ring has vanished from his right middle finger. He frowns worriedly, not knowing what to expect. While Hayley suddenly turns to Elijah and say quietly in his ear]

HAYLEY: What the hell is going on?

[Hayley looks shocked and worried at this sudden turn of events. But Elijah hold back her arm in a comforting manner while keeping his eyes on Tristan, as if telling her to wait and see what happens next]

TRISTAN: The test is quite simple. First, you need to deduce the identity of the thief. Then, you are simply to take back what is yours... Although, I doubt the prize will be easily relinquished. After all, despite our refinement, we're still a rather violent bunch.

[Marcel gulps nervously, but maintains his composure as Tristan finishes outlining his test]

TRISTAN: In victory, you become one of us. In failure, you meet your death. You have a few hours until dawn. I wish you the best of luck.

[After the break, Elijah and Hayley are once again standing at the bar and discussing these newest developments]

HAYLEY: These vampires are ancient. How is Marcel supposed to beat one of them?

[Just then, Tristan appears behind them to join their conversation]

TRISTAN: With guile, courage, perhaps a bit of trickery... Admittedly, it's a long-shot, but then, sometimes the new candidates surprise us.

[He turns to address Hayley personally]

TRISTAN: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tristan de Martel, and you must be the famous Hayley Marshall-Kenner, Alpha to the Crescent wolves.

[Tristan takes her had and kisses it gently, but Hayley, not impressed, jerks her hand away after a moment, though it doesn't seem to faze him]

TRISTAN: The pleasure's all mine, I see.

[Tristan turns to address Elijah next]

TRISTAN: Elijah! When I sent your invitation, I didn't dare think you'd come. Tell me-- as our founder and patriarch, what do you make of our latest candidate?
ELIJAH: [sarcastically] Well, let me see. Marcel... He's arrogant. He's stubborn. Prone to self-aggrandizement. He should fit in perfectly!
TRISTAN: If he survives.
[Hayley glares at him angrily]

[Hayley glares at him angrily]

TRISTAN: [Noticing hayley's glare smiles] I take it Mr. Gerard is a friend of yours?
HAYLEY: Mmhmm. We're friends... And, even if we weren't, I don't much like bullies.
TRISTAN: [smiles in shock] A bully? My dear, you barely know me! Allow me to remedy that, and, in doing so, I can explain our methods.

[Tristan holds out his hand in an invitation to dance, and both Hayley and Elijah look wary about it, which Tristan notices]

TRISTAN: Please. Just one dance...

[Tristan looks at Elijah pointedly]

TRISTAN: If it's not an intrusion.

[Hayley and Elijah look at each other for a long moment before Hayley sighs and drinks the rest of her champagne before setting her glass on the bar, rolling her eyes while her back is turned to Tristan. Elijah smiles with fake politeness at Tristan]

ELIJAH: Why, of course.

[Hayley reluctantly takes Tristan's offered hand and allows him to lead her onto the dance floor, where they begin to dance together]

TRISTAN: I'm glad you came, Hayley. Like it or not, when one refers to the Mikaelsons, they're referring to you, as well. Tonight will allow you to make up your own mind about our organization.
HAYLEY: [skeptically] And you think by killing my friend, you're gonna make the best impression?
TRISTAN: I think tonight, you'll bear witness to the truth. At the very least, you cannot call us liars.

[Back at the bar, Marcel has just joined Elijah, who looks concerned]

ELIJAH: I could have warned you.
MARCEL: [sighs] Look, I didn't tell you I was coming tonight because--
ELIJAH: [interrupts] --I wouldn't have allowed it.

[Marcel smiles fakely, clearly annoyed by this response]

MARCEL: Yeah. There's that word-- "allowed." You know, I thought I'd earned the right to be considered an equal, but that's not the way it works in your family. So, it's time I consider my options. If nothing else, The Strix aren't interested in me as a sidekick.
ELIJAH: [incredulously] These options, as you describe them, are a death sentence.

[Elijah sighs dramatically]

ELIJAH: I suppose I shall have to intervene. It is a shame-- I expect it shall ruin my tuxedo. I have had this suit for over a hundred years. It's proven far more reliable than you, Marcellus.
MARCEL: [sighs] Relax, all right? I got this under control.
ELIJAH: [skeptically] Do you?
MARCEL: I hope so.

[Marcel pats Elijah on the shoulder with a smirk before turning to walk away]

MARCEL: That is a nice jacket.

[Marcel walks across the room until he sees Aya. Once he does, he smiles and takes her by the arm. However, he then vamp-speeds them into a nearby hallway and pins her against the wall with his hand around her throat]

MARCEL: Is this how you people get your kicks? Killing each other for sport?
AYA: [smiles] Take your hand off of me, or I will tear your arm from its socket.
MARCEL: [ignores her] What I built in this city may seem small to you, but at least my guys have rules. We don't kill each other. Simple code-- begins with loyalty, something you clearly don't give a damn about.

[Aya smiles and overpowers him, spinning them both so Marcel is the one pinned against the wall in a choke-hold]

AYA: Death is inevitable, even for those such as we. Acknowledging that makes even the longest of lives all the more intoxicating.

[They glare at each other for a long moment until Marcel lunges forward and kisses her passionately. They begin to make out, and Marcel rubs his hands all over her body in hopes of finding his ring, but Aya soon realizes what he's trying to do and breaks away, smirking at him as she pins him back against the wall]

AYA: Mmm... A fine effort, Marcel, but I don't have your daylight ring. I do hope you're able to find it, though. What little time remains.

[She smirks at him once again as she walks away, leaving Marcel alone at the top of the staircase to panic about his next move]


[Hayley and Tristan are still dancing together while Tristan makes an offer to talk to her]

TRISTAN: There are few novelties left in the world, especially to us. A creature such as you is certainly among them.

[Hayley narrows her eyes at him]

HAYLEY: Yeah? And what kind of a creature might that be?
TRISTAN: A hybrid, of course. The only one among us whose life doesn't depend on the survival of the Original family. You, Hayley Marshall-Kenner, are one of a kind. And, a true beauty, at that.

[Hayley looks uncomfortable at this comment, and Tristan spins her around before pulling her close, and she does her best to avoid eye contact with him. At the bar, Elijah is watching them with a scowl on his face]

[Suddenly, Klaus enters the room with Lucien and a large group of Halloween-costumed women, including the nurse, the cat, and the skeleton bride from earlier. Klaus howls drunkenly like a wolf as Lucien and the women all laugh happily, attracting the attention of everyone in the room to the point where everyone stops what they're doing and stare at the gate-crashers]

KLAUS: I'm ready for my medication
LUCIEN: My God, it's a room full of Elijahs.

[Klaus has his arms thrown around the womens' shoulders and is drunkenly leaning against them]

KLAUS: I had that exact same nightmare once!

[The group all laughs hysterically as Lucien turns to one of the women, who is dressed in a fuchsia corset and matching bobbed wig and whose identity is concealed by a black mask]

LUCIEN: Go and grab us a drink, love! Feel free to fetch one for yourself.
KLAUS: [slurs] One for me, please! And one for her, and her, and her, and her...

[The woman in pink turns to fetch drinks, revealing that it is actually Freya in disguise. She sneaks up a nearby staircase while Klaus causes a distraction]

KLAUS & LUCIEN: [shouts] Tristan? Tristan! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Unless, of course, you're afraid!

[Upstairs, a familiar-looking woman with red hair, a teal-blue dress, and a turquoise and gold masquerade mask is walking around, taking care to remain anonymous. Freya passes the woman as she heads down the hall in search of Alexis. Freya eventually finds her in one of the guest bedrooms, where she is calmly sipping wine from a wine glass. On the table next to her is a silver platter piled with large, ripe strawberries]

FREYA: I know you don't know me, but this evening, I'm going to be your knight in hot-pink armor.
ALEXIS: [calmly] I don't need a knight. You see, things have become clearer. Possible outcomes have been stripped away, and a more definitive picture of what is to come has emerged.

[Freya sighs and rolls her eyes, clearly not thrilled with Alexis' vague answer. However, Alexis' calm demeanor starts to disappear as tears fill her eyes]

ALEXIS: I watched them fall. I watched them burn-- every soul they've ever turned. Lucien is doomed. I watched his sire be destroyed, and I know exactly how it's done.
FREYA: [impatiently] Okay, I don't know what you think you saw, but we're in a little bit of a rush, here, so this is not a request. We're going. Now.
ALEXIS: [amused] And how exactly do you plan to force me to go?
FREYA: I was thinking of a blinding spell. The kind that starts as a pin-prick just behind the eyes, and then spreads with such intensity, you'd rather tear them out than endure another second of pain.

[Alexis shrugs calmly and continues to drink her wine as she speaks]

ALEXIS: You could try it. But, the aphasia spell I already cast in anticipation might make it difficult.

[Alexis dramatically sets her wine glass down on the nearby dresser, and suddenly, Freya starts to gasp and desperately grabs her throat as she begins to choke. As she continues to gasp for breath, Alexis smiles and stands in front of her]

ALEXIS: Whatever spell you choose, I will be one step ahead. Since the moment you walked in, I've seen a thousand ends to this little confrontation-- none of them very favorable to you.

[Alexis stares at Freya for a moment before realizing who she is]

ALEXIS: You're a Mikaelson.

[Just then, Alexis releases Freya from the spell with a snap of her fingers before she dives forward and kisses passionately. While they kiss, Freya receives Alexis' visions of what is to come]

[Like the first two visions, it begins with a page from a grimoire that has a spell written on it in a magical language, along with several pentacles. Then, it cuts to a flashback of Freya casting the spell on Klaus' blood (which was still laced with Alexis' blood) to get the first vision she gave to Klaus in the first episode of the season. The scene then flashes to a new part of the vision, where an unidentifiable person is shoveling dirtt over a large wooden box in a hole in the ground. Inside the box is a terrified Freya, who is being buried alive. She is hyperventilating in fear as she pounds on the lid of the box and screams for help]

[Finally, the vision ends, and Alexis lets Freya go. Freya seems to have been weakened slightly by the force of the vision, and leans against the back of the couch to catch her breath, looking unhappy that Alexis overpowered her so quickly]

ALEXIS: [smugly] The family blood you sought to find shall be what lays you low in kind.

[Alexis gives Freya a look and feigns sympathy]

ALEXIS: Poor girl. You searched a thousand years for family, and, in finding them, they will be your undoing.

[Freya smirks and wipes Alexis' lipstick off of her mouth, keeping her back to Alexis as the seer narrows her eyes curiously]

FREYA: Either you're right, or you're wrong. Although, you do make one good point-- I am a Mikaelson.

[Before Alexis can react, Freya spins on her heel and punches Alexis so hard in the face that she's knocked unconscious]


[Downstairs, Klaus, Lucien, and their cavalry of drunken tourists are still in the midst of creating their distraction at the Strix's party. Tristan, looking only mildly unhappy, turns to Hayley and whispers in her ear]

TRISTAN: [to Hayley] I'm sorry. Please excuse me.

[Tristan heads straight for Klaus and Lucien and gives them a patronizing smile]

TRISTAN: You should, uh, move along. You're not welcome here.
KLAUS: Oh. Oh, okay. We're-we're not welcome here...

[Klaus plucks a champagne flute from the nearest serving platter before walking up to Tristan and slurs drunkenly at him]

KLAUS: Or maybe you should move along before I make you cry in front of all your little friends! Hahaha!
TRISTAN: [amused] My concern is for your companions. They appear out of sorts without a shiny pole to writhe upon.

[Lucien looks over at the woman dressed as a skeleton bride]

LUCIEN: [drunkenly] Ohhhhhh, he's suggesting that you're exotic dancers! Which, to him, is an insult--

[Lucien gestures toward the burlesque dancers who have stopped working in favor of watching the drama unfold]

LUCIEN: --If not hypocritical. But, don't take it personally, love. He finds all work demeaning. The only dignified way to accumulate wealth is by birth.

[He smiles at Tristan and leans forward, extending his index finger and tapping Tristan on the end of the nose]


[Klaus can't resist laughing hysterically at this]

LUCIEN: Isn't that right, Tristan? Hmm?

[Lucien claps Tristan on the shoulders with his hands as Elijah, having seen enough of this scene, calls out to his brother from afar]

ELIJAH: Niklaus.

[Klaus turns in an ungraceful manner to try to find the source of the voice until finally realizing that Elijah is coming from the opposite direction. Elijah eventually walks toward him until they're standing side-by-side]

KLAUS: What is it?
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] Oh, you're hammered. Which should come as very little surprise to anyone here, but it does hamper the festivities somewhat. So, could I recommend that you find the nearest exit?
KLAUS: [whispers] Just...
ELIJAH: [patiently] Yes, and could you take your playthings with you, too?

[Klaus shoves his champagne glass into Elijah's hands before staggering farther into the ballroom. From the other side of the room, Mohinder is watching silently, seemingly unimpressed by Klaus' antics]

KLAUS: You know, I used to find it insulting that I was barred from your special little club. But now, I realize that I lack the flexibility to become a member-- I could never get my head far enough up my own ass.

[Klaus bowls dramatically and laughs, while Tristan and Elijah exchange annoyed glances. Lucien and their companions are delighted by Klaus' behavior. Klaus walks back over to Elijah and takes the glass from his hand before downing the rest of the champagne in one gulp and handing it back to him. Afterward, Klaus makes a disgusted face at Tristan and remarks on the champagne]

KLAUS: [sighs] Cheap.

[Klaus turns to address Lucien and the others]

KLAUS: Come on. Let's go. This party's dead anyway.

[They all turn to leave, howling and laughing loudly as they do so]

[The scene cuts to a little later, where Marcel and Hayley are standing very close to one another at the bar with their backs turned to the rest of the party. After a moment, Aya, Mohinder, and some other members of the Strix approach him, and Marcel and Hayley turn to face them, both of whom look nervous]

AYA: If you'd please come with us, Mr. Gerard...

[Marcel takes a deep breath as Mohinder stares at him. Aya turns and leads Marcel and the rest of the leading members of The Strix to a room upstairs. The rest of the party, intrigued by what's to come, follows them up, including Hayley. Once in the room, they find Tristan and some other members standing in wait for them]

TRISTAN: [cheerfully] Mr. Gerard! It's time.
MARCEL: [confused] You're pushing up the clock? I have another hour.
TRISTAN: And I'm afraid that an inability to improvise is the most common of failings. Either you have an answer, or you don't.

[Marcel pauses a moment to look at everyone in the room before finally giving his answer]

MARCEL: Aya. Aya took my ring.


[Aya has just introduced Marcel to Mohinder. Marcel holds out his daylight-ring clad hand to shake Mohinder's in greeting]

MARCEL: Then I am impressed.

[When Mohinder doesn't shake Marcel's hand, Aya takes his hand in her own and leads him away from her mentor]

MARCEL: Intense guy.

[Aya, still holding Marcel's right hand, surreptitiously slides the ring off of Marcel's ring finger]



[Aya looks at Marcel in amusement and shrugs]

AYA: I'm sorry, but I don't have your ri--

[Marcel cuts her off before she can finish and smiles triumphantly]

MARCEL: Hold up! I said you took it. I didn't say you still have it. See, after you lifted it off me, you gave it to my man Mohinder over there.


[Marcel and Aya have just noticed Elijah and Hayley's presence at the party]

MARCEL: What are they doing here?

[While Marcel is distracted by Hayley and Elijah, Aya holds Marcel's ring in between her fingers behind her back, and Mohinder quietly takes it from her]



[Mohinder silently holds up Marcel's daylight ring, and when Tristan sees it, he looks pleased by Marcel's deductions]

TRISTAN: Well done! Of course, as you know, that was only half the challenge.

[Tristan walks past Marcel and claps him on the shoulder affectionately as Aya follows behind him. When Aya joins Tristan on the other side of the room, making space for Mohinder and Marcel to fight, Tristan leans over to whisper in her ear]

TRISTAN: [quietly] Let's see how he does.

[Meanwhile, Mohinder and Marcel are in the middle of unbuttoning their suit jackets in preparation for Marcel to fight to get his ring back]

MOHINDER: There's no shame in dying at the hands of one's superior.
MARCEL: [smirks] There's not much glory in it, either.

[Mohinder strips off his jacket, and Marcel bounces on his heels for a moment to psych himself up before throwing two consecutive punches, each of which hits Mohinder in the face. However, when Marcel kicks him in the stomach, Mohinder grabs him by the leg and throws him across the room, where he lands on a table and smashes it into pieces]


[Hayley, looking alarmed, pushes her way to the front of the crowd as though she wants to intervene, but she stops at the last moment. Elijah follows her, and the two stand next to Tristan and Aya. Meanwhile, Marcel has just thrown off all of the broken table that landed on him, and turns to find Mohinder standing above him, looking mildly pleased by his quick victory]

[After the break, Marcel vamp-speeds to his feet, grabs one of the broken table legs, and backhands Mohinder in the face with it, grunting from the exertion]


[Mohinder grabs Marcel in a choke-hold, and Marcel, alarmed, desperately punches at Mohinder's chest in an attempt to get free. Mohinder then grips Marcel by the shoulders and head-butts him before throwing him through the brick wall behind them, causing him to land on the floor of the next room]

MARCEL: Ughhhh...

[Mohinder climbs throw the hole in the wall and lunges for Marcel, who continues to punch him, only to be shoved face-first into a large shelf full of dishes. When Mohinder grabs Marcel to spin him around so they're facing each other, Marcel grabs a martini shaker and smashes it against Mohinder's head several times. Mohinder once again grabs Marcel in a choke-hold and pins him against the shelf, so Marcel, desperate, grabs an ice scoop and smashes it against Mohinder as well. While he's distracted, Marcel grabs a frying pan with his free hand and uses both to hit Mohinder multiple times across the face]

[Unfortunately, Mohinder grabs him by the wrists and snaps his arms, causing Marcel to roar in pain before he is thrown against the shelf so hard that he smashes it into a pile of broken wood. Mohinder sees a broken piece of wood that would make a good stake and grabs it before pulling the groaning Marcel to his feet in a choke-hold. However, before he can stake him, Marcel musters up all the strength he has and tackles Mohinder so hard that they once again break through the wall and back into the room, where they land at an entertained Tristan and Aya's feet. Marcel sees that Mohinder dropped the stake and crawls across the broken bricks and wood to grab it, but Mohinder sees him and kicks him so hard he rolls sideways away from the stake. Marcel kicks Mohinder to get him the time necessary to stand on his feet and begins punching Mohinder hard in the face over and over again until Mohinder throws Marcel into a nearby table and smashes it as well]

[Finally, Mohinder pulls the weakened Marcel up to his feet, vamps-out, and sinks his fangs into Marcel's neck, feeding deeply. Elijah looks extremely concerned and is about to intervene when Hayley stops him. Elijah looks at Hayley in confusion, but she just subtly shakes her head as though she knows something he doesn't. Mohinder feeds on Marcel for a long moment before he pulls away and vamp-speeds Marcel against the wall, pinning him by the throat and holding up the stake in preparation to kill him]

MOHINDER: You fought with honor. Embrace the nobility of this end.
MARCEL: I will if you will. Or do you still not know?

[Tristan and Aya look at them curiously, intrigued by where Marcel is going with this]

MARCEL: [chuckles weakly] You must have tasted it in my blood.

[Just then, Mohinder begins to look uncomfortable and groans slightly as he wobbles on his feet]

MARCEL: Oh, now you're starting to feel it, aren't you? That burning sensation in your gut? Wolf's venom. A going-away gift from me. I may not have beaten you, but you lost all the same.

[Mohinder continues to squirm uncomfortably, gagging slightly from the venom]

MARCEL: I suggest you make your peace. We're both dead men walking.

[Mohinder becomes furious at this news]

MOHINDER: A desperate ploy! A lie!

[Marcel lifts up the sleeve of his left arm and holds it up so he can see the weeping bite wound on his arm, which stuns Mohinder as Marcel laughs weakly in amusement]


[While Klaus and Lucien were distracting the party, Marcel and Hayley were standing close to each other at the bar with their backs turned to the rest of the guests]

KLAUS: [drunkenly] You know, I used to find it insulting that I was barred from your special little club, but now I realize...

[At the bar, Marcel holds up his arm, and Hayley vamps-out for a brief moment so she can bite him]



[Marcel is still laughing at Mohinder when he spins them so Mohinder is the one pinned against the wall. Marcel aims the stake at Mohinder's own heart before addressing him and the rest of the room]

MARCEL: I don't know why they want you dead, but clearly they do.

[Marcel finally lets go of Mohinder and turns to Aya and Tristan]

MARCEL: Why else tell me all about his little feeding habits, or give me a taste of his technique when you came into my gym the other day? All I had to do was be observant.

[Tristan and Aya look at Marcel with interest, but Marcel just looks annoyed]

MARCEL: But, I'm done picking up your bread crumbs. You want him dead? You're gonna have to do it yourself. As far as I can see, the only thing he's done to deserve it is picking his friends poorly.

[Marcel, getting even weaker from his injuries, which aren't healing as a result of his hybrid bite, stumbles and is caught by Hayley, who puts his arm around her shoulder to help keep him upright. Marcel coughs as Tristan and Aya share a significant smile. Tristan starts to walk over to Mohinder, who is also getting weak from the werewolf venom and looks horrified by this revelation. Mohinder starts to spit up blood as Tristan cups his face with his right hand and looks at him sympathetically before patting him on the shoulder and walking past him. Mohinder looks as though he might be spared when suddenly, Tristan rips out his heart from behind, causing him to fall dead to the floor. Tristan drops the heart onto the floor with a splat, and Marcel and Hayley look alarmed. Tristan appears to be unhappy at first until he finally smiles]

TRISTAN: You chose well! Now, I assure you, he did deserve it. He's been plotting unspeakable crimes against his sworn brothers and sisters. Of course, you couldn't have known. Beating such a worthy opponent is proof of your strength and courage, but your restraint, your refusal to kill without cause, demonstrates a rare integrity. You see, Marcel Gerard... This was the test.

[Tristan bends over to pluck Marcel's daylight ring out of Mohinder's pocket and hands it to him]

TRISTAN: Welcome to The Strix.

[Tristan takes notice of Marcel's increasingly weakened state as he hangs on Hayley's shoulders, and Aya smiles at him proudly]

TRISTAN: Provided, of course, you survive your own gambit.


[Marcel has made it back to the compound, where he and a still-drunk Klaus discuss the evening's events in Klaus' study while Klaus drinks a glass of wine. Marcel is getting weaker by the moment and is leaning against the table for support]

KLAUS: [annoyed] I bet they were all so impressed, weren't they? Hmm, your new mates? Positively taken by your boldness, your cunning wit, and your steely resolve. And you just assumed that I would be willing-- eager, even-- to drain the blood from my veins in the aftermath.

[Marcel remains silent and continues to pant for breath as he leans weakly against the table, and Klaus rolls his eyes as he walks over to him]

KLAUS: We cannot tell friend from foe, and what are you doing? You're pledging a fraternity run by those conspiring against us!
MARCEL: [sighs] My interest in The Strix is because of you.

[Klaus looks surprised by this confession]

MARCEL: I don't get to choose sides. Whoever comes for you, comes for me. That's all I need to know.

[Before Klaus can respond, a tired-looking Freya walks into the room to talk to Klaus]

FREYA: She's awake.

[Klaus sighs and turns back to Marcel]

KLAUS: Yes, whoever comes for me may very well come for you.

[Klaus bites into his hand and drains his blood into his empty wine glass]

KLAUS: But, they may also come through you, Marcellus.

[Marcel reaches for the glass of blood, but Klaus jerks it out of his reach]

KLAUS: Remember that.

[Klaus finally hands Marcel the glass before he leaves the room to go downstairs. Marcel looks both relieved and anxious about what's to come]

[Downstairs, Lucien is sitting next to Alexis on the couch, while Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, and Freya are standing around them. A bruise is developing under Alexis' eye from where Freya punched her, and she looks as though she's close to tears]

ALEXIS: I'm sorry. I hoped I was wrong, Lucien. I really did. But I saw it. I saw him die.

[Klaus sighs and closes his eyes, not at all happy with this news]

LUCIEN: [nervously] Did you see the weapon?

[Alexis nods in response]

LUCIEN: What is it?
ALEXIS: [quietly] To understand, it must be seen.

[Alexis smiles weakly at Lucien, who frowns in confusion for a moment as Klaus stares at them both suspiciously. Alexis holds her wrist out to Hayley, who sits down next to her on the couch. Lucien stands to his feet and allows Elijah to take his seat next to Alexis so he can see the vision as well, and she holds out her other wrist to him. Hayley and Elijah look at each other warily before they each bite into Alexis' offered wrists and begin to feed]

[Alexis throws her head backward as her eyes roll back into her head as the visions begin. Like the other visions, the first flash is of a page from a grimoire with a spell and several pentacles are written on the parchment. Then, the vision cuts to the dining room of the Mikaelson compound, which is in disarray-- it looks like a fight broke out during dinner, because the chairs are overturned, broken glasses litter the table and floor, and the plates of food have been scattered over the bunched up tablecloth. There's another flash to Freya dipping her fingers in the bowl of Klaus'/Alexis' blood, and the scene of Elijah's painted portrait in the living room dripping blood. Another flashback of Freya casting the spell to see the visions from Alexis' blood is seen as the pieces of paper with Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah's names written in Elder Futhark Runic script catch on fire. There is then a flash of Lucien's face, which looks serious at first before he smirks smugly. Another flash of the "beast" with extremely long and sharp fangs is seen as well before the vision erupts into flames]

[In the present, Alexis' nose has begun to bleed, and Hayley quickly stops feeding on her, looking at the blood on her hands in fright. Suddenly, Elijah throws up all the blood he had just drunk onto the floor, and Hayley looks sick as well as she tries to keep herself from throwing up as well]

HAYLEY: [moans] Something's wrong.

[Elijah looks up at the others with terror in his eyes]

ELIJAH: Poison!

[Alexis gags before she, too, begins to vomit up a large amount of blood, and Lucien, alarmed, rushes over to Alexis, whose nose and mouth are still bleeding profusely]


[Alexis weakly falls into Lucien's arms as he desperately tries to wake her]

LUCIEN: NO! No, no, no, no, no!

[Alexis falls into Lucien's lap and dies, while Klaus looks both suspicious and concerned regarding what has just happened. Lucien, however, is devastated and furious and scowls as he tries to figure out who did this]


[Now healed, Marcel is walking down the street with Aya, his tie untied and his jacket abandoned]

MARCEL: [smiles] So, when do I learn the secret handshake? Wait! Do you guys know who killed JFK?
AYA: [chuckles] Patience! All in time.
MARCEL: What would you have done if I didn't figure it out?

[Aya bites her lip seductively and walks toward Marcel as though she's about to kiss him, caressing the side of his face with her fingertips]

AYA: Compelled someone to clean up your burning husk, and never thought of you again.

[Aya smirks at him in amusement as she turns and walks away. She heads toward the limo that is waiting for her on the street and gives Marcel one last look before she gets in and leaves]


[It is morning now, and Tristan, still in his tuxedo, is sitting at a table outside of a cafe and drinking a coffee while he discusses Lucien and Alexis with Elijah]

TRISTAN: Of course it was Lucien. I have to give him credit, it's quite the stroke of genius. The entirety of his claims against me rest on these visions. His promise that they'd become more specific was necessary but impractical. Details can be verified, cross-examined, debunked. The longer his allegations remained vague, the less credible they become, so removing them entirely was actually the only move left to make.

[Elijah and Tristan stare at each other for a long moment before Elijah smiles fakely at him, cupping the back of Tristan's head with his hand and pulling him forward so Elijah can whisper threateningly in his ear]

ELIJAH: Your words are no more compelling than his. I want proof.

[Elijah stands to his feet and walks away, leaving Tristan behind to consider his words]


[Just like the beginning of the episode, Marcel is on his morning run around the FRENCH QUARTER, where he listens to music on his phone that is strapped to his bicep. Throughout the neighborhood, still-costumed partiers make their way home after a long night of drinking, and cleaning crews work on picking up all of the plastic cups and other trash that has been thrown onto the streets and sidewalks. He nods at locals that he recognizes in greeting]

[Elijah has just returned home to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, and is standing on the balcony outside his bedroom, which looks across the street to the KENNER APARTMENT. After a moment, Hayley walks out onto her own balcony which faces him. Like Elijah, Hayley is still in her gown from the party, and both look exhausted as they begin to speak to each other. Though they're talking at normal volume, their vampire hearing allows them to hear each other perfectly]

HAYLEY: I finally got her to sleep. I'll have to explain this family to Hope someday. I think about that sometimes.
ELIJAH: [curiously] What do you think?

[As they speak, the scene cuts to Klaus, who has just returned to his study to find a post-it note stuck on his decanter of bourbon on the table. He picks up the note, which reads "This is your heads up. I'll be here all day. --Freya," as Hayley continues speaking in voiceover]

HAYLEY: [voiceover] I wouldn't lie to her. I'll never lie to her.

[Klaus smiles and sets down the note, and the scene cuts back to where Hayley and Elijah are talking on opposite balconies]

HAYLEY: But, you know what I'll start with? "Always and forever."

[Elijah smiles at these words. Back in Klaus' study, he's in the middle of writing his own note for Freya. Once he's done, he sticks the note on the stopper of the decanter of bourbon before he leaves. The note reads, "Thank you. --K"]

[Back in on the streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, Marcel continues his run and jogs down the street between the compound and Hayley's apartment while the two continue their conversation]

ELIJAH: I'm sorry. I... I should have told you what was happening.
HAYLEY: You made him, right? Tristan?
ELIJAH: I think it would be more accurate to say that we made each other, but yes. I turned him. What was your impression of Tristan de Martel?
HAYLEY: [shrugs] I don't know. He seemed... incomplete.

[On the streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, Marcel passes a woman in a teal-blue taffeta gown, the one who Freya passed in the hallway at The Strix's party when she went to "rescue" Alexis. The woman drops an empty glass vial into a nearby dumpster. Back at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND and the KENNER APARTMENT, Hayley and Elijah continue to talk]

ELIJAH: [nods] He has a sister... Aurora.


[At the party, the woman in the teal dress and a turquoise and gold masquerade mask empties the full contents of a glass vial of poison into Alexis' wine glass, the same glass vial that she just threw away in the present. Alexis, who looks devastated by her vision, has her back to the woman and thus doesn't see what she's doing]



[The woman in the teal dress smiles and removes her masquerade mask, revealing that she is actually Aurora herself. She smirks triumphantly as Elijah continues speaking in voiceover]

ELIJAH: [voiceover] To be perfectly frank with you, I'm surprised that he's without her.

[The scene cuts back to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND and the KENNER APARTMENT to see Elijah looking at Hayley with concern]

ELIJAH: His devotion to her is absolutely pathological.

[In the FRENCH QUARTER, Aurora throws her mask into the dumpster as well before the scene returns to Elijah and Hayley's conversation]

ELIJAH: It's dangerous.
HAYLEY: [smiles weakly] Loyalty doesn't make people dangerous, Elijah.

[Elijah gulps nervously and watches as Hayley turns and walks back into her apartment]

[On the streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, Aurora walks down an alley, taking in the city, and smiles as she walks to the curb of the street and looks around. Grinning even wider, she starts walking down the middle of the street, past all of the cleaning crew members and hungover partiers milling around the neighborhood]


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