The Abandoned Train Station is located somewhere outside Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

In While You Were Sleeping, Stefan and Caroline meet with the Travelers at this location to discuss the cure they had found for the Ripper Virus. The Travelers offer the vaccine to Stefan and Caroline, however, they demand something in return. The Travelers ask that Stefan help them find his last doppelgänger, by allowing them to link them together. Stefan, however, is hesitant as the first time that he was linked to his doppelgänger, Silas, his brain was fried and he lost his memories. Although reluctant, he agreed.

In Rescue Me, Sloan and the other Travelers perform the mind linking spell to link Stefan and Tom so that Sloan can obtain visions of Tom's whereabouts. Narrowing the location to Atlanta, Caroline sets off to kill the last doppelgänger. With the Traveler's task completed, they consume Elena's and Stefan's blood and perform another spell. As they cast the spell, Sloan sets the Travelers on fire and they slowly die, one by one. Distracted, Stefan and Caroline make their escape.


Season 5


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