Abby's House is located somewhere in Monroe, North Carolina. Currently Jamie and Abby reside here. A barn is also located on the property not far from the house.  

Season Three

In The Ties That Bind, Bonnie and Elena seek out Abby for help with a spell to open the 4th coffin, in hopes that it's contents will defeat Klaus. Before they arrived, however, Klaus' hybrid Daniel Warren circumvents their efforts by compelling Jamie and threatening Abby if they help Elena and Bonnie. When Bonnie and Elena arrive, Bonnie's mother doesn't recognise her. Once she explained it to her, Bonnie dropped the news that her grams was dead. Abby later drugs Bonnie and drags her out of the house and into the car while Elena was checking on Jamie. Stefan appears and Jamie gets a shotgun and aims it at Stefan. Jamie attacks Elena and ties her up. Jamie shoots Stefan and bleeds out on the floor. Eventually, Elena breaks free and knocks Jamie out before going to Stefan and pulling out all of the wooden pieces out of his chest.

In Break On Through, Abby is brought home by Bonnie as she was turned into a vampire. Caroline, Bonnie and Jamie are helping her adjust to her new life. Bonnie tires to comfort her by healing a plant in the garden. Abby is distraught because she no longer has a connection to the Earth. Later, Caroline goes inside to check on Abby and finds her packing and writing a note to Bonnie saying that she's sorry and that she's leaving. Caroline tires to persuade her to stay but leaves without saying goodbye to Bonnie.


Season 3


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