Alaric's Apartment was a place where Alaric Saltzman lived with his two daughters and Caroline when they moved to Dallas, Texas. It was first seen in a flashforward in I Carry Your Heart With Me.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Damon visited Alaric who was living with his children, and asked him to invite him in.

In a flashforward from Best Served Cold, Damon and Alaric watched Caroline on TV who was forced to broadcast a message for Stefan Salvatore.

Alaric, Caroline, Lizzie and Josie moved in in Moonlight on the Bayou. Caroline and Alaric were getting used to raising kids in a new home when Stefan called. Damon later left a letter to say goodbye to Rick.

In I Went to the Woods, Alaric and Valerie questioned Rayna.

In Somebody That I Used to Know, Stefan visited Alaric.

Caroline called Alaric to check up on girls in Requiem for a Dream and Gods and Monsters. Later Alaric brought the twins to open The Armory.

Alaric, Caroline and the twins moved back to Caroline's house in Mystic Falls during the summer of 2017.


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