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This article is about Alaric Saltzman from the TV series. You may be looking for Alaric K. Saltzman from the novels.

You know, in the beginning, there was balance. You know, when Caroline and I opened the school, it made sense. Then it was... it was just me, and... and I-I... I thought I was strong enough to manage it alone. But I just... made so many mistakes. I thought if I just kept moving, I could outrun them, you know? But they caught up to me.
Alaric to Dorian in I'll Tell You a Story

Dr. Alaric J. "Ric" Saltzman is a main character of The Vampire Diaries and Legacies. He is a former recurring character of the first half of Season One, Season Four and Season Five. He was also a recurring character on The Originals, first appearing in the eighth episode of the fourth season. He also served as the main antagonist in Season Three along with the Mikaelson Family. Alaric is a human, vampire hunter, former history teacher at Mystic Falls High School and a former Enhanced Original, not by being one of the first vampires as the Mikaelson Family is, but instead being turned through an altered version of the spell used on the Mikaelson family. He originally came to Mystic Falls to find the vampire who killed his wife, but learned that she voluntarily became a vampire and left him. He also learned that his wife had a child when she was a teenager, a daughter named Elena Gilbert, his student. Alaric began a romantic relationship with her adoptive aunt, Jenna. Following Jenna's tragic death, he seemed to step into his step-father role to Elena and is a father figure to her brother, Jeremy. He is also Damon's best friend alongside Bonnie; Damon even called Alaric "brother" on occasions.

Through overuse of the Gilbert Ring, Esther manipulated his spirit while he was on the Other Side before he would resurrect, and as a result he developed an alter ego, called The Darkness by Bonnie and Dark Alaric or Evil Alaric to others, that hated vampires and vampire sympathizers; as the Darkness, Alaric killed several members of the Town Council. With a goal to create a monster to end all monsters — similar to her husband before him — Esther linked Alaric's life force to Elena's and, in the process, created an Enhanced Original Vampire with one true weapon, the final, indestructible white oak stake. Fearing for her family's life, Rebekah Mikaelson caused Elena's death, thereby killing Alaric in the process. Following this, Alaric was resurrected as his Original vampire self without his alter-ego. While trying to save Damon from Tripp Cooke, Alaric was pulled into the magic purification zone over Mystic Falls. He temporarily died from the stab wound that killed him before his transition, when the magic that made him an Enhanced Original was stripped from his body. Jo Parker revived him with her medical skills, but upon resurrection, Alaric reverted back to his human self.

As a vampire hunter, he designed several different weapons to fight vampires which include vervain tranquilizers and arm vest stakes.

As a Ghost, he watched over Damon, Jeremy, and Elena. In the last two episodes of the fourth Season, his spirit was brought back into the world of the living (albeit confined within the Expression Triangle) where his presence proved crucial at offsetting the threat of the Hunters of the Five in their goal to kill Silas after curing him of his Immortality. His ghost was resurrected in Home, from the Other Side before its destruction, being the last to cross over to the land of the living.

After being resurrected, and though he retained his status as an Enhanced Original Vampire, he became a college professor at Whitmore College, teaching Occult Studies (taking up the same position that was held by both Sheila Bennett and Atticus Shane). He met and fell in love with Josette Parker, who saved his life when he crossed the magical border into Mystic Falls which stripped him of his supernatural powers and made him human again. Eventually, they came to find out that they were expecting twins. However, Josette was brutally murdered by Kai Parker at their wedding, seemingly along with their unborn children.

Alaric later became a father when his children, Lizzie and Josie, were saved by the Gemini Coven and carried by Caroline Forbes. They would later set up a home together and eventually became engaged. However, Stefan returned and they had to rejoin the supernatural world in Mystic Falls. Caroline broke off their engagement and Alaric helped Peter Maxwell and Dorian Williams at the Armory with the mystery of Sybil and the return of Katherine, who wanted to destroy Mystic Falls. When Mystic Falls was saved, Alaric, along with Caroline, set up the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

Alaric is a member of the Saltzman Family and a non-biological relative to the Petrova Family and the Gilbert Family, due to being Elena's step-father through his marriage to Isobel, and Jeremy's guardian.

Early History[]

The Saltzmans are descendants of German immigrants who arrived in Texas in 1755. He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He mentions to Jenna Sommers that during high school, he wore eyeglasses and had a skin condition. While attending Duke University, he met and then married Isobel Flemming, a parapsychologist (it's revealed by Meredith that Isobel filed a restraining order against him twice) who had an interest in vampires, a topic he would regularly tease her about.

He said that she was "Like Mulder, except hotter, and a girl". At some point, Isobel gave him a ring and told him to always wear it. One night, he returned home late to find a vampire in his bedroom drinking Isobel's blood. Her body was never found and she was presumed dead. Alaric took over her research and found out about Mystic Falls and the rumors about vampires being alive in the town. He went there to find out the truth and discover what had happened to his wife.

He also created a number of anti-vampire weapons, so as to protect himself and others from them.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

Alaric moved to Mystic Falls and took up the position of a history teacher after the death of the previous one, William Tanner. He found a file Mr. Tanner had for Jeremy Gilbert labeled the "jackass" file. Alaric gave Jeremy a clean start and decided to help him out with his grades by giving him an extra-credit history-report about any event that happened in Mystic Falls.

Jenna Sommers, Elena and Jeremy's aunt and legal guardian, took an interest in Alaric and was okay that he talked about Isobel, feeling that he needed to let it all out. Alaric came across Logan Fell and staked him because he was a vampire. It was revealed that Alaric was a vampire hunter and had researched and studied them.

He met up with Jenna who told him Elena, her niece, was researching her birth mother whose name was Isobel. Alaric didn't believe they were the same person until Jenna showed him a picture of Isobel whom he recognized as his deceased wife. Shocked that she never told him, he left. He later told Jenna that he wasn't ready for Elena to ask him any questions about Isobel. He recognized Damon Salvatore as the vampire who "killed" Isobel at a party and confronted him. Damon taunted Alaric that the life he had with Isobel didn't seem to be enough for her, revealing that she begged him to turn her into a vampire before stabbing him in the lung with a stake. Stefan Salvatore, Damon's younger brother, was surprised that Damon had done this but was shocked that Alaric woke up alive. Alaric said it was the ring. Since finding out the truth, his relationship with Damon is less antagonistic.

Alaric later helped Damon with escaped tomb vampires who kidnapped Stefan to torture and then kill him. His job was to get inside the house and get Ms. Gibbons out of the house but was horrified when Damon killed her. The two fought and killed several vampires. Pearl, another escaped vampire and her daughter Anna arrived afterwards. The reason Alaric helped Damon was because Damon told Alaric that Pearl could help with finding Isobel. After finding out that Damon lied, Alaric punched him in the face.

Isobel came to Mystic Falls and asked Alaric to give Elena a message to meet with her. Alaric, hurt and upset with Isobel, refused and left. Isobel caught him outside the Mystic Grill and gave him a firmer warning: to give the message to Elena or she would kill his students one by one. Alaric did as she asked and gave the message to Elena, Stefan and Damon. He met Isobel again and took off his ring and vervain to prove that he was not protecting himself from her. Isobel compelled him to move on and get over her, showing that she still cared about him. She gave him back his ring and left.

In Founder's Day, after John Gilbert turned on the device, Stefan, Damon and Anna along with several other vampires were affected and when Stefan was spotted, Alaric sent a deputy towards another vampire instead of Stefan, saving his life.

In Bad Moon Rising, Alaric went to the Salvatore Boarding House where he was questioned by Elena, Stefan and Damon on Isobel's research on the paranormal, hoping to figure out with species The Lockwoods were. Alaric said all of Isobel's research was at Duke University. He spoke to Jenna while Elena packed for the trip. Jenna was happy he was spending time with Elena because of Isobel. Alaric apologized for not being around very often, but Jenna was used to that sort of talk and told him not to bother. Damon, Elena and Alaric met Vanessa Monroe who leads them to Isobel's study before trying to shoot Elena. Alaric grabbed her and forced the crossbow out of her hands before sitting her down in a chair. He is shown to be protective of her and her family.

He questioned her and she admitted that she read Isobel's research and thought Katherine and Damon were dead.

To get some info on Mason Lockwood, Damon gets Alaric to convince Jenna to throw a barbecue.

In Plan B, Alaric goes to Damon with some of Isobel's research on Aztec legends regarding werewolves and the Curse of the Sun and the Moon, and is shocked to see Jeremy Gilbert there. They discover that the moonstone can break the werewolf curse. Later that evening Alaric is staying for super at the Gilbert's when Elena gets a call from Katherine who made Jenna stab herself right in front of Alaric and Elena. They both rush over to her side.

When Damon and Stefan are planning on killing Katherine, Alaric helped demonstrate to Jeremy how to kill a vampire with various tools and contraptions. Later he is at the Gilbert's house and protects Elena.

Later on Alaric spends a lot more time in the Gilbert house, Elena even catches both him and Jenna half dressed in the middle of the night and Elena states to Jenna that she's fine with Alaric staying around so much.

In By the Light of the Moon, Alaric phones Damon saying Mason is now declared a 'missing person' and also tells him about Jules. A while later Damon meets Alaric at the Mystic Grill where they discuss if Jules is a werewolf or not, and how to prove it. They team up and while Damon distracts Jules, Alaric puts wolfsbane in her drink. Their attempt fails as Jules could smell the wolfsbane, also confirming she was a werewolf. Alaric tells Damon to go home and they will deal with her in the morning as the stand no chance with the full moon after Jules and Damon threatened one another's life.

When Stefan tries to find a way to get in touch with Isobel he goes to Alaric to ask if he has any way of contacting Isobel. When John Gilbert returned it cause a lot of problems between Alaric and Jenna.

In Crying Wolf, Damon tells him his plan to kill Elijah. Later on during the episode both him and Damon were attacked by werewolves. Alaric was killed by Stevie by later came back to life thanks to his ring. He calls Jenna and apologizes for not meeting her.

When Damon throws a dinner party, Alaric stops Damon from using the dagger against Elijah because it would kill him if he used it. While Andie Star questions Elijah, Alaric quickly stabs him in the chest from behind, who tells Damon to dispose of him, placing the dagger on the table. Later Alaric tells Damon he's his friend, but doesn't want any more lies between them. At the end of the episode Jenna demanded answers about Isobel but when he couldn't answer she left. John came in and threatened to tell Jenna about Isobel if he didn't get the Gilbert Ring.

A day after breaking up with Jenna, Alaric told Elena and he revealed that he can't lie to her while he is with her. Elena admitted that it is getting more dangerous for Jenna, not to know what's really going on, but explained that she wanted to leave it until Klaus had been dealt with. Alaric promised to respect Elena's decision about whether or not to tell Jenna. He later met Jenna at the grill bar and admitted that he hated that she is upset. Jenna stated that she can handle anything he is hiding and left. Alaric walked Jenna home and told her that Isobel is dead, and adds that he loves Jenna.

When Isobel later showed up in town she had a talk with her husband in which she revealed that she compelled him to move on and then Alaric is kidnapped by Maddox and used by Klaus as a medium to speak to Katherine.

In the next few days Klaus used Alaric to get info on the group by discovering that Bonnie is a super powered witch. He told Jenna about vampires, and since the full moon was coming Klaus got Greta Martin and Maddox to perform a spell that returned Klaus back to his body thus freeing Alaric, passing out from the spells aftereffect from possession.

In The Last Day, Alaric goes to the Salvatore Boarding House to give everyone a message that the sacrifice happens tonight, and Jenna points a crossbow at him. He states that he is not Klaus by telling her about his first night with Jenna. Alaric admits that he doesn't remember anything that happened in the last few days. Later when Stefan and Damon are fighting, Alaric and Jenna walk in. He tells Jenna to get Stefan some blood bags down from the cellar. After Stefan recovers Alaric apologizes for not confiding in Jenna earlier, explaining that he should have known she could handle it. Jenna admits that she doesn't know if she can. She says she is glad he is okay, and they kiss. He later helps Damon by inviting him in his house so Damon can get info from Katherine on where Klaus' werewolf and vampire is.

In The Sun Also Rises, Alaric, Stefan and Elijah arrived at the place where Bonnie is and talked about the plan. Later Alaric tells Damon that Stefan is going to offer himself and Damon is furious. Alaric notices that something is wrong but Damon claims that he is fine. When everyone was leaving the house Alaric couldn't because Bonnie put up a barrier so that he couldn't leave. When Damon returned he said that Jenna had died. Alaric attended Jenna's funeral and lay a rose on her grave.

In As I Lay Dying, he is seen first drinking in a bar obviously still grieving Jenna. Later he helps the other look for Damon after he escapes the boarding house while sick by a werewolf bite. After Jeremy is accidentally shot by Sheriff Forbes he carries him for Bonnie so she can revive him. She does and later that night he crashes in the Gilbert home to look after him. This implies he has decided to take a more active role in Jeremy's and Elena's lives.

In The Birthday, Alaric has stepped in as a guardian for Elena and Jeremy after the two months following Jenna's death, but he still refuses to sleep in the room that had once belonged to Jenna, and stays on the couch. When Damon gets a lead that Klaus and Stefan are in Tennessee, he and Alaric go to find him. They find a house where two women were killed by Stefan and ripped apart. They also discover that Klaus and Stefan have been hunting werewolves. Alaric then decides to move out of the Gilbert house because he doesn't believe that he can be a good role model for Jeremy due to his drinking, depression, and messed up life outside of his work. He also says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with the vampire world anymore.

In The Hybrid, when Elena tries to find Stefan without Damon's help, she goes to Alaric who, after some convincing, tells her that Klaus is hunting werewolves. After asking for help from Tyler, Elena convinces Alaric to help her find the pack in the Smoky Mountains even though it will be a full moon that night. Alaric and Elena set off and Elena offers his ring back to Alaric, saying that she would feel bad if he died because of her. Although he says he won't keep it, he takes it. At that moment, Damon arrives having been warned by Alaric as to Elena's plan. Although disapproving, they keep going.

That is when they fall on Ray Sutton, a werewolf that Klaus had turned into a hybrid but he had gone rabid for an unknown reason, later revealed that his transition failed due to not drinking Elena's doppelgänger blood. Damon, Alaric, and Elena manage to neutralize Ray by using Damon's strength, wooden stakes, vervain and wolfsbane laced ropes, and wolfsbane grenades. They then tie him up but Ray starts to turn into a wolf although the moon isn't up yet. The three run but Elena trips and rises to find the wolf in front of her. Damon goads it into following him while Alaric and Elena go back to the car. There, Elena convinces Alaric that he shouldn't give up just because he feels lost. He then says that he will be keeping the ring, telling Elena that he will be sticking around. At the end of the episode, he is seen moving back into the Gilbert House.

In Disturbing Behavior, Elena and Damon are getting closer, despite Alaric's warning Damon to stay away. Later Alaric and Elena try to stop Damon from going after Bill Forbes but Alaric is soon afterwards killed by Damon. The next morning Alaric comes back to life and is greeted by Damon with a drink. However, Alaric is not happy with Damon for killing him and gets up and leaves. He goes to Carol Lockwood and Elizabeth Forbes, to convince them that the council needs to be watching out for the humans of Mystic Falls, since despite some of the vampires and werewolves being family and friends, they were still dangerous. He leaves, grudgingly telling them that he will see them at the next meeting.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Alaric is seen training Elena how to kill vampires in the woods. Later Alaric tries to help Elena from Stefan, but Stefan warns him not to get in his way. Elena tells Alaric how she's one of Klaus' assets now because of her blood and Stefan is sort of her bodyguard. Later at night in Rick's classroom, discussing the plan to incapacitate Stefan, he learns from Damon Tyler is sired to Klaus. After Elena gets drunk she distracts Stefan long enough for Alaric to shoot him with tranquilizers. While in Alaric's car Vicki sets it on fire to try to kill Elena. Alaric is outside trying to free her. Stefan then kicks the door open, allowing Alaric and Elena to pull Stefan to safety. Back at the Salvatore house Elena asks Ric if he wants to rekindle his bromance with Damon. Ric's not too enthused.

In Ghost World, Damon goes to Alaric and tells him about Mason Lockwood's ghost, however Alaric still mad at Damon for killing him, doesn't want to help until they both see Mason appear. Later Damon needed Alaric to enter a cave in which he can't enter. At first Alaric doesn't want to help until Damon tries to apologize in his own way for killing him. Alaric and Damon finally renew their friendship. Alaric then discovers the cave wall covered in drawings, a story of the Original Family carved on the walls.

In Ordinary People, Alaric and Elena are in the cave and discover a lot of drawings and words in Viking script. He translates the writings on the wall and concludes that they are Viking script of the Original Family, and their history. He finds a symbol for the Original Witch Esther, and the story of her death, as well as the Hybrid curse. He also finds the names of Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah written on the wall. He takes photos of the cave wall and eventually is able to translate them completely.

In The New Deal, Alaric is at the Grill, reading his students' papers. He went there to see Jeremy who had F for his midterm paper, but is an hour late for his shift. Later he learns that Jeremy was fired a week prior, and tells this to Elena. Together they try to convince Jeremy to stop hanging out with Tyler, because he is sired to Klaus and considered dangerous as he lacks his free will against Klaus' orders. It backfires and Jeremy invites Tyler in. Alaric asks Tyler the difference between being sired to and being compelled, and they learn that although he denies it, he is blindly loyal to Klaus and would do whatever Klaus says, even if he were asked to rip his own heart out, although Tyler doesn't understand what he just said.

Then Jeremy receives a phone call from Klaus. He was compelled to stand in front of a speeding car without the Gilbert Ring after he receives this call. When Alaric sees the car, he runs and saves Jeremy in the nick of time, pushing Jeremy out of the way and being run over himself. Luckily the driver is Tony, a hybrid, so Alaric will come back to the living. When he wakes up, he still has his his wounds and internal bleeding, damage so severe the ring could not fully repair. He states something's wrong with the ring. Paramedics come but they are stopped by Tony, who is killed by Jeremy. Alaric is then taken to the hospital. There he meets doctor Meredith Fell, who is amazed by his incredible fast recovery. Unknown to her, it was Damon's blood. At the end, he and Elena decide to make Jeremy leave town. On their request, Damon compels Jeremy to leave the town behind and never think twice about it.

In Our Town, Alaric is with Elena at his house, training. He then accompanies Damon to the Founder's Council Feast, where he meets doctor Meredith again. As he got outside, he notices an argument between Meredith and her ex-boyfriend Brian. He intervenes and causes Brian to go away. Before he does, Brian says that Meredith is a psycho. After he took Jeremy to the airport, he meets Meredith at the Grill, who states that she has lost a patient.

In The Ties That Bind, Alaric has lunch with Meredith at the Grill, and invites her to dinner as well. He is warned by Damon to take it easy with his new girlfriend, because he believes that she may have been the one who committed the murder of her ex-boyfriend Brian Walters the medical examiner. Alaric tells Damon he can handle the problem, but is interrupted again during a physical-training time. Visiting him at home, Alaric is informed again by Damon that Meredith used vervain on him and took his blood.

Alaric gets nervous and goes to the hospital where he meets Meredith. He tells her he knows about what had happened and needs answers. Meredith reveals him that she hates her patients dying so every time when she has the occasion to heal them, she will do it, as she heals Bill Forbes from a werewolf attack with Damon's vampire blood. In exchange for telling him the truth, Alaric decides to tell Meredith the truth about him. He tells her that he's a vampire hunter. After that, they kiss, but their moment is stopped by Elena.

In Bringing Out The Dead, he and Elena learn that the stake used in the recent murder of the town's medical examiner as well as a council member was a stake from the Gilbert's arsenal. He begins to believe Meredith is behind the murder and begins to investigate when Bill Forbes is also killed with another Gilbert weapon, a hunting knife. Later that night Elena arrives home to find blood everywhere and Alaric stabbed and bleeding to death.

He orders Elena to kill him, so that they know for sure he will come back to life, since Elena, as a doppelgänger, is a supernatural occurrence and the attacker's identity is still unknown. When he comes back to life he reaches for Elena for comfort. He is mentioned to be in hospital by Elena to Matt. He is under observation but in a stable status.

In All My Children, Alaric is seen at the grill with Meredith, when Damon calls him asking if he is with his sexy psycho doctor. Later that night Alaric defends Meredith from Kol. Alaric then stabbed Kol with the White Oak Ash dagger, and starts to drag him outside. He is greeted by Damon and Stefan until Klaus shows up and pulls the dagger out, being knocked out in the process by Klaus. Later he is brought to Meredith's apartment, saying he needs to go help Elena, but she reminds him that he is too injured to leave. Later that night Alaric wakes up goes into the kitchen and sees files of the murder victims, his hospital and legal records, and a hunting knife identical to the ones used on Bill Forbes and himself. He sees Meredith standing there with a gun saying he was not supposed to see that and she shoots him.

In 1912, Alaric is healed from his gunshot wound by Meredith who uses vampire blood before framing him for the murders. Sheriff Forbes arrests him as all evidence points to him and, during the investigation, the only things that he says are things that will only incriminate him further such as the phone conversation he had with Meredith in which she told him Bill Forbes threatened her medical license for using vampire blood to heal his wounds against his will, and mistakes himself to have left the party Brian Walters was murdered at after the murder, but Liz informs he left before the time of death, and he nervously says he must have been home asleep. However, it is eventually revealed that Alaric had an alibi for the time of death when Meredith reveals that she had been mistaken about Brian Walters' time of death.

Alaric returns home where he is given a hug and comforted by Elena, and they agree to look after each other. He is then approached by Meredith who convinces him not to slam the door in her face when she tells him that she had framed him, not to lock him up, but to eliminate him as a suspect. She then reveals that she believes that he had actually committed the murders albeit unknowingly due to the strong blackouts that he's been experiencing such as the night of the Wickery Bridge fundraiser, and the night when he was attacked. Meredith believes him to be sick and says that she wants to help him. She reveals his Gilbert Ring brings him back from the dead but asks him how many times he can die before it changes him, believing overuse of the ring has created an alter-ego in Alaric. Elena believes that Meredith is right after reading the journal of Samantha Gilbert which revealed that she had committed similar killings while wearing the Gilbert Ring that her grandfather Johnathan had given her.

In Break On Through, Alaric is subjected to tests at the hospital by Meredith to determine if his psyche has been damaged in some way. The results are positive and it appears as though Alaric is fine. Later Alaric falls asleep and when he awakes his alter ego (referred to by Bonnie as The Darkness) is in complete control. Dark Alaric then attempts to kill Meredith, though he fails, but wounds her seriously. Elena returns and Dark Alaric attempts to kill her as well though he is stopped by Stefan. Bonnie later attempts to make herbs for Alaric in an attempt to help him resist being controlled by The Darkness.

In The Murder of One, Alaric considers turning himself in upon discovering that he is the Mystic Falls Serial Killer though he is dissuaded by Stefan and Damon who insist that he help them with their latest plan to kill Klaus and the Originals through the use of the last white oak stakes. Alaric hides one of the White Oak Stakes on one of his book shelves only to announce to Damon that the stake has gone missing. Damon and Alaric attempt to find to stake when Alaric realizes that since he was the only one who had access to the stake, and only he knew its location, the culprit must be his alter ego (The Darkness), alarming Alaric and Damon as it could be used to possibly kill Damon's bloodline of vampires though the Original the bloodline originated (later revealed as Klaus') from.

In Heart of Darkness, Stefan attempts to force Alaric into losing consciousness in the hopes that The Darkness will take over when he awakes. Klaus appears and kills Alaric hoping to expedite the process though when he awakes he is still himself. Alaric suggests to Stefan that the only way to force his alter ego out of hiding is to threaten his life. Stefan begins to beat Alaric within an inch of his life until finally Dark Alaric appears.

Stefan manages to force Alaric's alter ego into revealing the location of the final White Oak Stake. Dark Alaric states that the stake is in the Cave where no vampire can enter. Rebekah then forces Alaric to the cave so he can retrieve the stake. Dark Alaric attempts to bargain in order to save his own life, and so that he can keep the stake. Rebekah steps into the cave revealing herself to be Esther, and both her and Alaric form an alliance.

During Do Not Go Gentle, Esther and Alaric conspire together in order to kill Niklaus and her entire family. Esther takes Dark Alaric to the place of her death over 1,000 years ago and casts a spell to melt and bind Alaric's ring with the last White Oak Stake, thus making the stake indestructible from the ring's protective powers. Esther then calls Elena to the same location and uses her blood to perform the same ritual used by her over 1,000 years ago to turn her husband and children into vampires.

Esther decides to make Alaric a true Original Vampire Hunter like her husband Mikael, with Alaric to be the "vampire to end all vampires." Esther gives Dark Alaric Elena's blood and tries to perform the ritual on him. She then stakes him through the chest with the White Oak Stake. Alaric later awakes as himself and stops Esther from killing Jeremy and Matt who had come to rescue Elena. Alaric decides that it would be too dangerous to complete the transition into an Original Vampire, and so he decides to let himself die. Just before he dies, Bonnie appears while under the control of Esther, and incapacitates Damon using her magic. She then feeds Alaric her blood which completes his transition into an Original Vampire, his dark side now in full control with the indestructible White Oak Stake.

In Before Sunset, Alaric holds Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert at Mystic Falls High School captive in order to lure out Klaus. He then attempted to persuade Elena in siding with that every vampire should die. After a brutal battle with Stefan, Damon, and Klaus, Elena learns that her death will also bring Alaric's death. Alaric insists she is wrong, but tells Elena to stop when she cuts herself. Klaus catches Alaric off-guard and quickly flees from the battle with Elena. As he knows Klaus will kill Elena after bleeding her dry for his hybrids, Alaric wakes Stefan and Damon up. He tells them that his life is bound to Elena's, and Klaus will kill her to kill Alaric. Alaric tells them to go save Elena. As the night begins, Alaric calls an important founders meeting to show the failure in the town attempt to keep it safe on Sheriff Liz Forbes, and Mayor Carol Lockwood's part in it, revealing that their children are supernatural creatures.

In The Departed, Alaric goes to the hospital where Elena has been taken for treatment after collapsing. He informs Meredith that he has told the Council everything and that her medical license will be revoked. After that, he disposes of the vampire blood she keeps to heal her patients. He also tells her that he is taking Elena and that, as her guardian, she can't stop him. However, as he goes to get her, she has already left with Jeremy. Alaric later meets Jeremy at the Grill where he tells him that he can help him: if Jeremy tells him where to find Klaus' body, he will be able to kill all the Originals, and then they can magically immobilize him until Elena dies at which point he will also die.

Jeremy later contacts him and tells him that Damon is burying Klaus' body off Route 12. However, this is a trap set up by Jeremy. Elena and Jeremy have made a deal with Elijah to exchange Klaus' body for neutralizing Alaric by stealing the stake from him. In exchange, Elijah will take the indestructible White Oak Stake and Klaus, and get out of Mystic Falls, taking Alaric with them as he would no doubt follow them and run until Elena were to die of old age. However, despite Jeremy's misleading, Alaric finds where Damon has hidden Klaus, and after breaking his neck, starts to search the storage lockers for him. Before he finds him, Rebekah arrives to pick up Klaus. Damon and Rebekah attempt to get Klaus out, but Alaric finds them and stakes Klaus' body. Rebekah then runs and Alaric pursues her. He later returns and finds Damon on the phone with Elena saying their goodbyes as they assume they will soon die with Klaus dead.

They then start to fight and Damon tries to invoke their friendship to stop him. However, Alaric tells him that their friendship was what was wrong, and that he never should have forgotten who he truly was. However, Damon, who had a memory of the first time he met Elena before compelling her to forget, starts to fight back, using his anger and his love as boost to his strength.

However, as they fight, Elena dies when Rebekah forces Matt to drive off the road and into the river. Alaric then dies in Damon's arms, who knows that he has lost both his best friend, and the girl he loves. Alaric then appears to Jeremy as a ghost, his old self again. He tells him that he will always look out for him, even from the next world. This is how Jeremy learns that Elena is dead, as his life was bound to Elena's life by Esther.

In Memorial when Damon talks to Alaric's gravestone and tells him how he misses him, but Damon has little knowledge that Alaric's ghost is sitting beside him. Even though Alaric knows Damon can't see him, he replies "I miss you too buddy." This shows that Alaric will not only be watching over Elena and Jeremy, but Damon as well.

Although not making an appearance, Alaric was mentioned multiple times in We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes. The first is when Matt sits in Alaric's seat and Damon tells him the seat is taken, second when Damon notices Jeremy is still wearing the family ring even after it drove Alaric crazy, and third when Damon sits in Alaric's old classroom and raises a bottle of bourbon in the air before taking a drink, as it is both Alaric and Damon's favorite drink.

In After School Special, after Elena tells Damon that she loves him, Damon looks up at the sky and smiles. At that moment, it seems like Damon is thinking of and thanking Alaric.

In Stand By Me, Alaric was mentioned by Elena. She was talking about how she can no longer live in the Gilbert House because it is filled with memories of the people that she loves who have died and she knows that Damon wants his drinking buddy back.

He was also mentioned by Elena in Bring It On. While Elena is fighting Caroline, Caroline mentions that she's older and more powerful than Elena, but Elena says that Caroline has no fighting experience, and Elena was trained by Alaric. She then demonstrates her strength and almost kills Caroline easily until their fight is broken up by Stefan and Damon.

Elena mentioned Alaric again in Pictures of You. She didn't want Alaric and Jeremy coming back to life so she wouldn't have to turn her humanity back on.

Alaric returned as a Ghost in The Walking Dead, when the veil to The Other Side was dropped. When Damon is injured by Elena, Alaric shows up and helps him. After proving he is not Silas, Damon and he head into the basement. Silas later uses his form in an attempt to trick Damon but Damon sees through this. At the end of the episode, Alaric gives Damon The Cure.

In Graduation, Alaric helps Jeremy, Elena and Damon against the Brotherhood of the Five. Connor tries to kill the families of students in the Grill, but Alaric manages to stop him. Later, Alaric rescues Damon from being killed by Vaughn. In the last moments, Alaric congratulates Damon as he finally got the girl, and says that he must not ruin it.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Alaric appeared at the Boarding House where he was seen by Bonnie and Jeremy. When asked by Jeremy where he had been, Alaric said that he wouldn't leave Damon in charge without looking back to check in on everyone. After Damon raised his glass to Alaric, he smiles fondly and seems at peace as he looks at everyone he cares about.

In Home, Alaric's ghost came to assist Elena's on the Other Side, saying he would find Damon and get him to Bonnie so they could all pass through to the land of the living together. However, when he found Damon they were delayed trying to save Sheriff Forbes from being trapped under the rubble in the Mystic Grill. After helping the sheriff, Alaric and Damon met up with Bonnie, who grabbed Alaric first, allowing him to pass through her and resurrecting him.

However, after Ric came through, Lucas Parker stopped the spell allowing the ghosts to pass through Bonnie. Alaric was the last to come back before Damon was trapped. The Other Side collapsed, taking both Bonnie and Damon with it, leaving Alaric as a resurrected vampire. Alaric found Elena breaking down and hugged her, his first acts since his return being to comfort a distraught Elena and Jeremy over their losses.

In I'll Remember, its been four months since Bonnie and Damon died and Alaric has returned back to the land of the living. He is still an original vampire and has now taken up a job of teaching at Whitmore College. He is still learning to live a life as a vampire. In one of his classes, he is seen talking about occult studies. Liv giggles when he says the lesson is on resurrection. Tyler comes in late from football practice. Alaric is distracted by Elena sipping on a cup full of blood. He faces the chalkboard and whispers at her to knock it off.

Later, at a restaurant, Alaric calls to check in on Stefan, who says he's still following his lead. Caroline then arrives. He's giving her books on magic to research a way to reverse the Traveler's spell over Mystic Falls. She hasn't heard from Stefan since he left town four months ago and is upset about it.

At a tailgate before the game, Alaric runs into Tyler, who is drinking. Alaric gently questions the wisdom of him drinking given his anger issues and the risk of re triggering his werewolf curse. When Alaric notices Tyler checking out Liv, he tells Tyler that Liv isn't into him. Later, Alaric runs into Jo, the doctor from the hospital. He tries to talk to her but its awkward. He leaves a message to Elena explaining how becoming a vampire has ruined his dating life too. Later, Alaric steps in to stop Tyler and Luke from fighting.

Alaric later visits Elena at her dorm room. Elena asks Alaric how he's handling coming back to life and being a vampire. He tells her he hates everything about being a vampire. She tells him she did too, until she found the idea of eternal love with Damon, but now she's lost it. She needs Alaric to do something for her. Because he was created by the original vampire spell, which means he can compel other vampires. She wants him to compel her to forget that she ever loved him.

In Yellow Ledbetter, Alaric is trying to compel Elena to forget her love for Damon. He sits down with Elena, explaining the process he's going to use to work back through her memories to find the signature memory about Damon that should affect all the others when he alters it. She's sad to be losing her memories of Damon, but knows she needs to. He walks her back through meeting Damon on the bridge in Mystic Falls and changes it to meeting a stranger. Then Elena is remembering when Damon kissed her. Alaric alters the memory but she still thinks of Damon as her boyfriend, so they decide to take a break.

After the break, Elena shares more Damon memories with Alaric, including when he stepped in as her escort for Miss Mystic Falls. She remembers it was the first time she noticed how sexy he was. But erasing that doesn't change things. They go through every moment she can come up with but none of them undo how she feels. She quits. Alaric then calls Caroline for help figuring out when Elena fell in love with Damon. Caroline knows immediately, it was when she was still was Stefan.

Alaric finds Elena in her dorm room, leaving a desperate message for Luke. He confronts her about falling in love with Damon while she was with Stefan. He knows she never betrayed Stefan and it's okay to love them both. Elena remembers Katherine used to say the same thing. Elena finally admits the day she fell in love with him, her birthday after she and Damon spent all summer looking for Stefan. He gave her the necklace Stefan gave her that she had lost. She knew how much it hurt him but he still gave her and decided to be selfless. In that moment she loved him. Elena tells Alaric she's ready. He rewrites the memory, and she remembers the night ending with Damon snapping Jeremy's neck in front of her. Finally, she doesn't remember Damon as her boyfriend, but as a monster who died.

In Black Hole Sun, Alaric is first seen when Elena goes to see him, asking about her life that he had compelled away. Alaric gives her a box full of her things that contained things that reminded her of Damon. She finds a letter that she had wrote to herself, detailing why she had gotten Alaric to wipe her memories of ever loving Damon. Alaric asks her is she wants to remember, she replies with no, not yet. Alaric takes hungover Jeremy to the hospital. Jo comes over to help, Alaric asks her if he could a STD test on him as a joke, sense shes already insisting a full workup. Once Jeremy had gone to pee in a tube, Alaric fails to flirt with Jo while over viewing a man with a bloody face. Alaric and Jeremy then go to the woods to work out their issues, fighting. Jeremy doesn't think the fight is fair to Alaric practically being an practically being an Original Vampire, but Alaric counters that Jeremy had killed an Original before. Alaric's new mission is to get Jeremy healthy again. Jeremy feels like he has a right to have a problem right now since Bonnie died to save everyone else and told him about it over the phone. He has resentment issues, and Alaric, wanting to say what every adult is thinking, is like, "I have YEARS of resentment, you entitled teen prick." I'm paraphrasing. The moral here is, "We find a way to keep going." He seems to get through to Jeremy.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Alaric is teaching his class about the history of homecoming and indirectly talks about Damon. He tells Elena at the end 'Damon might be gone but I can still find pleasure in judging his life choices'. He also asks her if she's changed her mind about Alaric compelling to which she replies no. She asks him to come to a the party. Later, alone at the collage, Stefan goes to see him. Alaric doesn't look very happy to see him. Stefan tells him that Enzo turned Ivy into a vampire and he needs him to compel her to leave him. He refuses, saying that it's his responsibility and he can't compel and it's not that easy. Stefan says it was when he compelled Elena to forget Damon. Alaric says he forget him first. He threatens him to leave before he 'compels him to be the guy he used to know instead. Alaric shows up at the maze, sees Jo, and goes up to talk to her. Tyler drives his truck through the maze, hurting many people, including Alaric. Jo wakes up next to Alaric, he quickly takes a wooden stake out of him, she leans to look but it's gone by then and she's confused. They start helping people but he has difficulty resisting blood. Later at the hospital. Alaric and Jo have a heart whelming talk. Alaric attempts to compel her. Telling her that she doesn't want to kiss him, however, to his astonishment, Jo kisses him, revealing that she's impervious to compulsion.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Alaric tells Elena that Damon is back and if she wanted her memories back. She rescues. He agrees and tells her he'll wait until she asks him herself. He also tells her to find out about Jo and why she can't be compelled. Later, Matt tells Caroline and Alaric about Enzo getting caught. Caroline's angry that he didn't tell her before but he says he was confused about who was 'good' and bad. Stefan comes in and tells them he was the one who handed Enzo in. Later, Damon asks Alaric to undo the compulsion but he refuses. Elena calls Alaric who tells her he'll get him back and to not worry. Jo comes to Alaric and tells him that she knows he tried to compel her. Alaric says its a bad time but she continues and he lashes out saying his best friend is about to die again and he has to save him. Alaric and Stefan block one route to Mystic Falls, Elena and Caroline block the other. Stefan starts to break everything apart in the engine to stop it working in anger. Alaric says it's okay because he gave up on Damon too, and explains how much he hates being a vampire and his constant hunger, noting how ironic it was that he had become the very thing he used to hunt.

They see the van coming and Alaric waves to stop it. He then asks for a lift. Once Tripp had refused, he smashed the window in holding onto the van. Tripp steps on the accelerator, making the car thrust forward, hitting Alaric's car and over the border of Mystic Falls. Tripp loses control of the van, making it swerve and tip over. Alaric is found laying over near the van. Alaric, Enzo and Damon start dying as the magic undoes because of the Magic Purification Spell. Stefan has only time to save, both Enzo and Damon, however, Jo comes to the rescue, attempting to stop the bleeding from his heart. Jo is determined to save Alaric from dying and refuses to get him across back the border. Alaric, for a short period, dies. But is later revived by Jo. He wakes up feeling different. He quickly comes to a conclusion that he is again human and freed from the curse of being a vampire. Later, Elena phones Alaric in hospital, he tells her he's happy to be human and apologizes to Elena. She says its okay because she had the chance to get her memories back. She says she'll have to live with herself now.

In Do You Remember the First Time?, Damon visits Alaric in the hospital, playing around with all of the hospital equipment, Damon knows that Alaric is sorry for not being unable to uncompel Elena, but there is no way to undo it since Alaric is now a human. Jo joins them and invites Alaric as her date to the hospital fundraiser, where Elena will also be with Liam. While at the fundraiser, Alaric watches Damon fail to rekindle his relationship with Elena. Alaric acknowledges that it was his fault since he shouldn't have compelled her but Jo reminds him that it was Elena's choice. Alaric embraces being a human again, despite the pain he's still feeling from his injuries.

In Fade Into You, Elena calls Alaric, he tells her about Bonnie's teddy bear, Ms Cuddles, giving them hope that she's still alive. They're in Portland to track the Gemini Coven and to make Stefan feel bad that he was the only one not invited to Friendsgiving. Damon, Stefan and Alaric arrive to the location when the Gemini Coven is meant to be. While walking up to the empty field, Damon starts using Bonnie's bear, Miss Cuddles, to taunt Stefan. Stefan then grabs the bear form Damon's hands and kicks it as hard as he could, unveiling a cloaking spell on a house. Alaric suggests that Bonnie has put her magic inside of her bear. While the only human there, Alaric is the only one to enter the house, suggesting that someone lives there. Alaric looks around the house, bumping into Liv and Luke's father. He then shakes Damon's hand, causing Stefan and Alaric to disappear out of the house and also cloaking the house once again while Damon was still inside.

Alaric then calls Jo, hoping that she will tell him how to get back inside the house. Her father, then gives her a migraine form his house causing her to collapse. While in pain, she invites them both into the house and tells Alaric that there is a knife in a tree stump in front of the house containing her magic. Stefan then, with vamp speed, grabs the knife and throws it in the direction of the house, unveiling the house once again. They rush into the house, stopping Joshua from killing Damon, resulting in him disappearing in thin air. Alaric later before getting into the car, says he won't let Jo die, Damon says that so there's no way they're getting the Ascendant from her and risk letting Kai out. So naturally, Damon compels him to get it, revealing that for some reason, he isn't on vervain.

In I Alone, Alaric and Jo have dinner and it's revealed that Damon compelled Alaric to do whatever it takes to get her to discuss about the Ascendant. Afterwards, Alaric gets the Ascendant and hands it over to Damon and he compels him to forget that what he did never happened. A day later, Jo is looking for the Ascendant and when he keeps telling her he doesn't have it, Jo is convinced Damon compelled him to get it and Alaric believes Damon wouldn't do it, as he's his friend. Jo then challenges him and says if they cross the Mystic Falls border and if he crosses and the memory comes back, he was compelled, if not, then Damon is his friend. Alaric meets up with Damon at the cemetery and punches him for compelling him. Damon tells him they were trying to get Bonnie back, and Alaric says getting her back was never off the table, but having be compelled and steal from Jo was off the table since they promised her they would keep Kai locked away. When Damon tells him that Kai is out, but it wasn't their fault, Alaric punches him again and walks away.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Jo calls Alaric and tells him she's going to have to cancel their plans as she has many patients coming in, and he promises to save her dinner. A day after Alaric calls Elena and asks her if she's seen Jo, to which she says she hasn't since the day before and Alaric says it was Kai since she knew he would come after her and he did. When Damon tells him that he should've kept an eye on her, Alaric asks him sarcastically if he would compel her to stay put and Elena interrupts them, telling them they need a plan to save her. At Alaric's apartment, Alaric is saying what is happening doesn't make sense and Damon is wondering why, to which Alaric tells him that Jo needs her magic for the merge to work, but she got rid of it back in 1994. Damon tells him that he had hid the knife and they tell Alaric that Kai was born without the ability to do magic. Alaric says that if the only way to restore Jo's back is to reunite her with the knife, Kai will come looking for it, but Damon tells him that he'll kill him and reveals he hid it behind a picture frame, but when he opens the back, the knife isn't there as Kai had already found it.

Alaric and Damon then arrive at the cemetery and Damon is complaining that even though they are going up against Kai together, Alaric still won't talk to him. Damon tries to apologize to him and when he scoffs and walks off, Damon vamp speeds in front of him and apologizes, and Alaric tells him to go finish Kai. When Damon distracts Kai, Alaric comes behind him, grabs him and puts a gun to his head. Damon tells him to kill Kai, but Jo tells him not to as she doesn't want Liv and Luke to do the merge since it would be unfair to them. Jo pleads with him not to kill him and that she's going to train to be able to defeat Kai in the merge, to which Alaric knocks Kai out with the butt of his gun. Alaric then walks Jo to his car and he says they'll just lock Kai up she and him merge during the next celestial event. He gets a blanket out and wraps it around Jo, to which she tells him to be careful and he drives his car up the border and gets out. Damon asks why he keeps compromising for some girl he just met, which Alaric tells him that he's a real dick and Damon tells him he feels bad for leaving Bonnie over in the prison world but he's in the real world, to which Alaric tells him that he should stop pretending that this is about anyone else but him, and Damon throws a rock at his tire and punctures it. When Kai is doing sucking up all the magic from the border, he gets up and levitates Alaric and slams him into a tree. When Kai disappears when Damon tries to punch him, he goes over to Alaric and gives him his hand, and he accepts Damon's apology, but asks how he isn't dead as he's across the border.

In Woke Up With a Monster, Alaric arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House and brings Jo breakfast. He tells her that he wouldn't want to watch her trying to practice witchcraft being sober and Stefan asks why the regimen they are doing is happening in his living room, to which Alaric tells him Damon feels guilty. Damon calls Alaric to tell him that Liv is gone and he needs a witch to help him. Jo volunteers and Alaric protests at first, but he lets her go so she can cloak Damon and save Elena from Kai. After Jo and Damon rescue Elena, Alaric and the rest are at the Boarding House and Alaric tells Damon that Jo is a keeper and that he thinks she's going to have a handle on the merge. Damon tells him she's not strong enough since Kai absorbed the traveler magic, and Alaric tells him they'll keep Kai down until his magic drains away. They then toast to women who make screwed up decisions and loving them even more for it.

In Stay, Alaric is at the Mystic Grill with Matt and Jeremy as Jeremy is getting ready to leave town and do his own thing. Later, Alaric arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House to and tells him it's time to get the hell out of Mystic Falls. When Elena is ready to bring Jeremy to the airport, Alaric offers to take him instead since she should go be with Liz. Alaric and Jeremy then arrive at a bus stop outside Mystic Falls and they joke about it being the airport. He tells him the bus will stop about 30 miles north of Santa Fe and that he can't confirm if there or animal attacks or something else, but Jeremy says he's on it. Alaric tells him that he's going to have to do some art so Elena won't be on to him because if she finds out that art school is one big lie, she's not just going to kill him, but she's going to kill Alaric too. Alaric tells him he'll send him leads and not to do anything stupid. He hugs Jeremy and tells him he's proud of him and he promises he'll call Jeremy if Bonnie ever comes back.

In Let Her Go, Alaric is at Jo's apartment and she is throwing up. He tells her that the vegan dish she had did her in and he says that maybe they should skip the funeral, but she says they are going. When the doorbell rings, he goes to the door and sees that Kai is there. He tells Alaric that he knows that he hates him, but he needs to see his sister, but when he tries to close the door, Jo appears and he tells her he's sick. When Kai starts vomiting blood, Alaric gives him a bucket for him and Kai tells her he doesn't think she has food poisoning, he thinks it's because he didn't merge with her and that if he dies, she will and the rest of the coven does too.

Jo is checking Kai out and he asks if Alaric has to be there, and Alaric tells him that he's not leaving her alone with him so he's going to have to deal with it. When Kai tells Jo that he needs her magic, Alaric grabs his hand and threatens to break some bones and Kai then explains that if the leader of the Gemini Coven dies, the Prison Worlds collapses and Alaric then is shocked that there is more than one. Jo and Alaric then talk and she tells him that she has no choice and he tells her she does, as it's her to give or not. He tells her that if she wants to fight and keep her magic, he'll fight with her, if not, and tells her he loves her regardless if she's a witch or not. When Jo is ready to give her magic to Kai, Alaric asks what the other prison world is. He tells him that it is a place filled with people like him and that he's saving their miserable lives from oblivion. When Jo gives all of her magic to Kai, he congratulates her and after he leaves, Alaric asks what he whispered in her and she tells him that Kai told her she was pregnant. He then asks her to marry him and he takes out a box with a ring in it. He tells her he bought it the day after Luke died, and that he was trying to plan for the right moment. He tells her he would like to have the baby and that the moment isn't a pity proposal. He tells her he loves you and he kneels down and opens the box to reveal a diamond ring. He then asks her again to marry him and she sits down and then asks if he was sure, to which he jokes at least 92% and she tells him yes.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Alaric is at the medical center and talks to Jo about keeping Sarah out of harm's way until Elena's blood is out of her system or else she'll become a vampire. Jo starts to think they should elope and Alaric jokes with saying the same thing. Alaric mentions that she was compelled to forget the night before and will be back at Duke, to which Jo says the name is a little obnoxious but cute. Alaric becomes alarmed that she has been thinking of baby names and Jo asks if he hasn't been. He tells her that he has, but Jo knows that he really hasn't.

Alaric is at Whitmore in his office writing down baby names and Jo calls. He tells her he has a few and she tells him that someone with the name "Alaric" shouldn't be allowed to name another human. He tells her he didn't name himself and he vetoes Duke. Enzo interrupts their conversation and comes in. Alaric asks what he is doing there and Enzo says that he's hoping he has enough vervain to get Caroline and Stefan to the Salvatore cellar without any drama. Alaric tells him he's a human and going against two no humanity vampires isn't a good idea, but Enzo says that he would become a cowardly father and it would affect the child. Alaric then sighs and tells Enzo he has weapons in his apartment. Enzo and Alaric then arrive at the dorms with a crossbow and a stake-shooting rifle in their hands. Alaric asks why he wants Stefan's humanity back on as they both hate each other and Enzo tells him the game is better with two players. Alaric tells him Sarah had an involuntary splenectomy because her brought her into his life and he tells him that he needs to reevaluate his obvious loneliness. They come next to another room and a vervain grenade rolls down the steps and Enzo grabs Alaric by the collar and vamp speeds away, and the grenade barely misses them. Alaric and Enzo are unconscious and Caroline moves them out of the way while Stefan says they should send a message. Caroline stops him from killing them and points Alaric's stake rifle at his chest.

At the medical center, Alaric is getting checked by Jo with a pen light and his face slightly scratched up from the vervain grenade. She tells him she's marrying an idiot and that he could've died. She tells him she needs him alive for 18 years and after they send she/he off into the world, he can go around with guns, vampires and be an idiot. He smiles and says "fine" to her.

In Because, both Jo and Alaric are at the Bed & Breakfast on watch duty for Caroline and Stefan. They are playing cards and Jo tells him that she got them into the cute bakery for their wedding cake and he tells her at first he had no idea what she was talking about. She tells him right next door to the bakery is a tequila bar and he tells her he won again with the card game. She kisses him and they begin making out passionately until Elena shows up, looking surprised and uncomfortable. Elena clears her throat and they break apart, looking at her, then at each other. She tells them she's there to relieve them of their shift. Alaric tells her supplies are there and cards are there just in case she gets bored. She tells him that it's really nice to see him happy and he says thanks. Caroline is then heard grunting and groaning miserably and he leaves her to watch duty. Alaric approaches Stefan and asks about Caroline. Stefan tells him that she doesn't want to see him and Alaric tells him that every emotion she pushed away just came back at least 100 miles an hour. Jo then joins them and tells Stefan that maybe he should let Caroline decide what she needs.

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Alaric is at his desk grading papers when he gets a call from Jo and she tells him that tonight is her last shift as a single woman and she can't wait to marry him. He tells her he's counting the days and they hang up their phones. Alaric goes back to grading papers until he hears a creaking noise out in the hall and goes to investigate after seeing a dark figure go past. He is about to go back into his office until a black hood is thrown over his head and he tries to break free, but to no avail. Alaric is seated in a chair with the hood still over his head and when it is ripped off his head, he looks around in a daze and is confused until Damon, Stefan and Matt shout "Happy Bachelor Party!" at him. Alaric realizes what's going on and smiles happily, and notices there is room full of beautiful women and copious amounts of alcohol. While Alaric's bachelor party is raging downstairs, he and Damon talk at the bar. Damon had told him he offered to take the cure and Alaric tells him if he takes the cure, he won't be able to become a vampire again and that Damon is now getting cold feet. Damon gets frustrated and asks Alaric if he wants to spend his last night as a single man debating his crisis. Alaric is concerned and asks Damon if he told Stefan he was going to take the cure. Damon tells him he will...eventually, which makes Alaric sigh and is handed a glass of bourbon and they clink their glasses together.

Alaric finds Matt out on the back patio drinking straight from the bottle of liquor he stole. He sits down next to Matt and passes him the bottle. Matt asks him if he's really doing this, meaning taking a plunge and start a family in Mystic Falls. Matt tells him that he has 30 stitches in his side and all his friends are killers except him. He says it's a miracle he's still alive and he's a dick if he's okay with bringing the baby into the supernatural mess. Alaric sarcastically tells him if that's his bachelor toast then it sucks and Matt tells him to leave town, take his fiancee, his unborn baby and his miracle life and get out while he still can.

At the hospital, Alaric arrives and Jo starts running towards him. Alaric asks her how Bonnie is doing and she tells him that Damon gave her some of his blood. He asks her how she is and the baby, and Jo pulls a sonogram out of her pocket and shows it to him. Jo tells him they're having twins and Alaric is stunned as he looks at the sonogram. Jo tells him that even if Kai never escapes his prison, her family will try to take them from them. Alaric tells her they won't find out and she asks how, to which he tells her after the wedding they're going to disappear and where her family can't find them. He tells her she and the babies are his life and all he cares about is keeping them safe.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, it is Alaric and Jo's wedding day. He meets Elena outside of the hospital where Jo was admitted to after collapsing due to a panic attack. Elena tells him that her first instinct was to give her vampire blood, but since she was human she couldn't do that anymore. Alaric asks her if she is having second thoughts, but Elena tells him she doesn't and that it feels amazing to be a human again. Later on, before the wedding, Alaric calls Jo and asks her how her vows are coming along. He tells her that it was big of her to invite her father despite the fact that he tried to kill her. The wedding begins, and Alaric delivers his vows to Jo. He promises her that he will be with her, that he will love her, and that he will dodge fate with her. Tearfully, Jo started to say her vows until she suddenly stops and gasps. It is discovered that she is being stabbed, and she falls into Alaric's arms. Jo's brother Kai appears before them with the dagger, having been disguised by a cloaking spell. Alaric is on the ground, holding Jo's unconscious body.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Alaric is still on the ground, with Jo's lifeless body in his arms. He is crying and pleading for help. Kai comes up to Alaric and apologizes to him for killing the babies, but he didn't feel like competing for leadership with them. Alaric doesn't respond to Kai, and continues to sob. Afterwards, Elena and Alaric share a special moment out in the woods. Elena tells him not to give up, but he tells her he has nothing left to fight for. Later on, Alaric is carrying a body bag to his car. It is revealed that Jo is in the body bag as Alaric zips it up. Alaric gets into his car and grabs a gun out of the glove compartment. He is then approached by Kai, to which he immediately gets out of the car and shoots Kai five times. This had no effect on Kai, who healed due to his transition into a vampire-witch hybrid. Alaric points the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger, but there were no bullets left. They are interrupted by Tyler, who attacked Kai and bit him.

When Alaric let's Elena into his thoughts to say goodbye, it flashes back to their special moment in the woods. They are in the woods similar to where Alaric trained Elena how to fight years prior. Elena is hugging him and telling him that he can't fight it, can't change what happened and that he has to let himself drown in it so he can learn to swim and grow stronger from it. Alaric glimpses at Elena in her coffin, but is interrupted by Jeremy, and him and Jeremy embrace.

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, weeks after his disastrous wedding, Alaric went on a getaway trip to Europe with Damon and Bonnie. Alaric didn't want Damon to be his babysitter but Damon assured him that he was there to get his mind off of Elena and Ric's own grief was a good distraction for him. While on the trip, he got drunk regularly, apparently trying to drown his sorrows away. When they heard about trouble with the Heretics back in Mystic Falls, Stefan called and asked Alaric about how to make a bomb, since he was going through his weapons and needed something that could take out the Heretics all at once. Alaric said he would call him back when he wasn't in such a public place. Alaric then excused himself, acting drunk, when it was revealed soon after that he was actually just drinking tea and pretending it was bourbon.

In actuality, Alaric was stone-cold sober and went to a psychic, showing him a red stone. He asked if the psychic had ever seen one and then asked if the psychic could communicate with Jo's spirit. Needing something of significance to tether to her, Alaric offered the psychic his wedding ring. When Alaric realized the psychic was a fraud, having handed him a fake ring, he grew irate and volatile, especially when the psychic told him his wife was better off dead. Alaric beat the psychic with his bare hands in rage. When they returned home from their trip, Alaric went to the hospital morgue and demanded to see Jo's body. Despite the hospital's policy, Alaric paid the pathologist off to keep Jo's body longer than was allowed.

In Never Let Me Go, Alaric taught his class full of students about fables of monsters, hoping he could get the teens to stop sneaking into Mystic Falls for amateur monster hunts. He told them that the most terrifying thing they would find there is a trespassing ticket. Bonnie spoke to him after class commenting on how the evacuation plan didn't go as well as everyone had hoped. Ric told her that they turned it into a ghost town but ghost towns draw the college kids and the Heretics had killed ten people already. She asked him if he was okay and that Damon filled her in on what he was doing in Europe. Ric told her that he was over it. Bonnie admitted she was a little offended that he didn't come to her first about contacting Jo in the afterlife. Ric asked her if she'd ever heard of the Phoenix Stone.

Later in the dorm, Ric showed Bonnie the Phoenix Stone and told her about its supposed resuscitative powers. He explained that got it the night they were in New York when he pretended to pass out, but had actually sneaked into the Maritime Museum because the Phoenix Stone was on display there and he stole it. Bonnie didn't feel any magic from the stone but told Ric that sometimes witches would conceal a powerful talisman by hiding the magic inside it. Bonnie started getting horrible, bloody, violent visions and dropped the stone, telling him that she saw people dying and that there was something wrong with the stone, something evil. She told him that he can't mess with that kind of magic and he needed to destroy the stone.

In his classroom, Alaric dissolved a regular stone in hydrochloric acid and was glad to know that it worked. However, he couldn't bring himself to destroy the Phoenix Stone as he gazed at a picture of him and Jo. He later lied to Bonnie, telling her it was destroyed and then went to the morgue again and set the Phoenix Stone on a dead man's chest. The man came to life, startling Ric who quickly removed the stone, causing the man to return to his former state.

In Age of Innocence, Alaric dealt with Damon living at his place and asked why he hadn't just compelled himself a better home. Bonnie arrived, having had more nightmares from the Phoenix Stone, and asked Alaric if he had destroyed it like he said he would. Alaric lied, saying he had seen it dissolve in acid. He then went with Damon and Bonnie to Myrtle Beach to try and track down the only Heretic that had escaped from the prison world but wasn't accounted for in Mystic Falls. They wanted to capture Oscar and exchange him for Elena, whose slumbering body had been taken by Lily. They found Oscar and discovered that he had been sent on a mission by Lily but had abandoned it to indulge in his new-found freedom. When they asked him to siphon the magic of Bonnie's violent visions away, he discovered that they knew about the Phoenix Stone. Alaric questioned how he knew about it but Oscar demanded to know where it was before knocking them all out with magic. Oscar took the stone from Alaric when he was knocked out.

When they awoke, Bonnie realized Alaric had been lying to her about the stone. Despite her anger, Alaric explained that she and him had both come back to life; and that he'd do anything to let Jo have that same chance. Bonnie reminded him that their circumstances were different and The Other Side was gone. Alaric didn't care, saying that he had to try, even if there was a minimal chance of success. He didn't want to live the rest of his life wishing he had just stayed dead. They found Oscar fighting Damon and while Bonnie kept him at bay with magic, Alaric shot him with vervain darts, successfully taking him prisoner. The stone fell out of Oscar's pocket and Bonnie returned it to Ric, telling him to never lie to her again. Later, they researched the Phoenix Stone together. Bonnie warned him that it wasn't a matter of raising a magical veil to ghosts, it was actual necromancy. Alaric decided to show her the morgue where Jo was kept and told her how he'd been paying them to keep her body longer than regulated. He asked for Bonnie's help in reviving Jo with the stone. Later, Alaric watched Damon propose the trade of Oscar for Elena.

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, three years from now, Alaric was shown with two daughters, fixing their baby doll. However, they were then met by Damon, who hadn't seen Ric in some time. Alaric dug out a stake shotgun from the cabinet and cautiously checked on his daughters, finding Damon standing outside the door. Damon noted that Alaric seemed to have gotten everything he wanted and threatened to start causing some chaos to his perfect life unless Alaric invited him inside, which Alaric seemed very hesitant to do. Back in the present, Alaric, with the Phoenix Stone in hand, again paid the mortician to let him keep Jo's body in the morgue a little longer.

Alaric and Bonnie prepared to use the stone to try and bring back Jo, but were interrupted by Damon with Oscar's dead body. Needing Oscar alive to get Elena back, Damon asked that they instead use the stone to bring Oscar back first. They put the stone to Oscar's chest and watched as Bonnie tried multiple spells to try and bind his soul to his body through the stone. After many unsuccessful attempts, Oscar awakened from the dead but with no apparent memory of what had happened to him, and desperately craving blood. Seeming to have worked, Bonnie and Alaric then tried the Phoenix Stone on Jo's corpse. They watched as the Phoenix Stone seemed to resurrect Ric's late wife.

In Live Through This, Alaric sat beside the revived Jo as she rested, having been asleep for twelve hours since her resurrection. Bonnie arrived with his term papers to grade, reminding him that he still had a job to do. Bonnie wanted to learn more about the power of the Phoenix Stone and the magic it involved, asking Alaric for the stone back. He didn't see the point in learning more, now that it had worked and his wife was back but gave her the stone back anyway. Jo awoke and Alaric discovered that Jo had memory loss after her revival just like Oscar had. He tried to help her adjust, and to help her recover her memories. However, he later learned that she wasn't Jo but a vampire soul that had been trapped in the Phoenix Stone. When Bonnie explained this to him, Alaric found "Jo", and asked if they could talk. The vampire inside Jo's body confirmed that she wasn't Jo, and Alaric still promised to help her.

In Best Served Cold, three years in the future, Damon told Alaric that Caroline was in danger now that Stefan's scar had opened up and the huntress had returned. Back in the present, Alaric watched tapes of his wedding and got a call from Bonnie asking to come keep an eye on "Jo". Her nose started to bleed and Alaric realized that a vampire soul not being in a human body would deteriorate since it couldn't contain the essence of the vampire soul. As "Jo" started dying, she told Alaric about the sword that had killed her and trapped her soul in the Phoenix Stone, and told him she remembered that her name was Florence. Alaric apologized for putting her through that in his efforts to bring his wife back to life. Florence told him that she wished she was his wife and that he would have made an amazing husband. Alaric tearfully told her it was nice to hear Jo's voice again and thanked Florence for allowing him to say goodbye. Alaric watched her die as Caroline looked on.

Later, Alaric found Valerie watching his wedding video and she listened to the spell the Gemini Coven were casting on Kai closely. She explained that the coven wasn't trying to send Kai away but instead was protecting the unborn twins inside of Jo, as the Gemini Coven depended on them. When Valerie cast a spell to find out where the babies were transferred to, they discovered that the location of the unborn children was in the room with them. After some deduction, Valerie learned that they had been magically transferred into Caroline, much to Caroline and Alaric's utter shock and disbelief.

In Mommie Dearest, three years in the future, Alaric drove Damon to try and rescue Caroline. In the present, he and Caroline waited for the results of a pregnancy test. Caroline asked him if, given his knowledge as an occult expert, he had ever heard of a pregnant vampire, Alaric reminded her that he didn't know everything. Alaric suggested that because a vampire's body mostly functioned normally, it could be possible. He realized the Geminis put the baby some place safe, inside a body that wouldn't die very easily. They got the results, and learned that they were negative. Alaric was surprised and somewhat disappointed, having believed Valerie's certainty. However, Alaric and Caroline later learned that she was indeed pregnant and that the Gemini twins inside of her were just cloaked for protection.

In Cold as Ice, Alaric and Caroline discuss attending a birthing class for the twins. They eventually agree to attend together. At the birthing class, Caroline makes a joke about a quote from a book she read, however Alaric corrects her on the chapter that the quote is taken from. Alaric is startled when Caroline gets angry over something she heard with her enhanced hearing; her vampire features begin to show, which causes issues for the two.

At Alaric's apartment, Alaric hands Caroline a blood bag and remarks that the people at the birthing class were jerks, and deserved everything they got. Caroline questions if blood is bad for the twins, and Alaric tries to reassure her that it is probably alright for them, given it is good for her.

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Alaric prepares to raise his children but the relationship between Alaric and Caroline becomes strained when Caroline sees Alaric's job offer on his desk; she realizes that Alaric will be moving away with the twins. The two talk about the situation and Alaric tells Caroline that he doesn't plan to raise his children anywhere near Mystic Falls or Whitmore College. She is concerned, but realizes that Alaric's deeper concern is vampires. Alaric offends Caroline when he tells her that he was under the impression she would not be involved post-pregnancy.

In This Woman's Work, Alaric is worried when he talks with Valerie and Stefan; Caroline is in urgent need of a C-section in order to save hers, and the twins' life. Alaric tells them to do what they have to, but to keep everyone safe.

Alaric calls Stefan back hours later and is concerned when Stefan reveals that she is being treated by the Heretics. Stefan reassures him that the Heretics are the best course of treatment given both their connection with the Gemini Coven and their history. Alaric is relieved to find out his twins are alright. He is present when they are born and introduces them by name to Caroline, revealing that he named them Josie Saltzman and Lizzie Saltzman in honor of his late fiance and Caroline's mother respectively.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, after seeing the birth of his children and remembering his promise he had made to Jo about moving away, Alaric decided to move to Dallas with his two daughters. Caroline was shocked by his sudden decision, worried about the care of his daughters so suggested that she go with them. Alaric and Caroline drove the babies out of town while Matt called hoping to figure out where Rayna was. Stopping at a diner, Alaric finally managed to get his daughters to stop crying. Caroline tried to help him find a suitable nanny for the girls. After moving into his new house, Alaric told Caroline she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted.

In I Would for You, Alaric and Caroline worked together to take care of the babies together in Dallas. Later Alaric received a letter from Damon telling him that he was going to desiccate in a coffin until Elena woke up. He revealed that he'd been miserable ever since Elena was forced to leave, and told Ric that it was nice knowing him. Upon finishing Damon's good-bye letter, Caroline entered and handed the babies to Ric who happily cradled his daughters as unknown to them, Stefan sadly looked on. Three years passed, and Alaric and Damon reunited. He tried to help him save Caroline and Stefan from Rayna Cruz.

In I Went to the Woods, Alaric got a call from Matt and was furious that he had been working with Rayna and had put Caroline in danger. Despite Matt's assurance that he made sure Caroline was protected, Alaric angrily told him that for three years he and Caroline had been out of their old lives and away from any supernatural threats. He also reminded him that he and Caroline were going to get married in a month. Matt warned him that something bad had happened and he was sending help but Alaric refused. Suddenly, the door bell rang and he found Valerie at his door with Rayna Cruz captive. Valerie told him that when the Phoenix Stone was destroyed, all of the vampire souls inside had been released and found new bodies, some human and some vampire. She also told him that Stefan, who had been trapped in it again, hadn't been found yet. Rayna explained to Ric the importance of tracking down the released vampires since most of the vampires in the stone were evil and destructive, since she didn't like going after do-gooders.

Alaric called Damon and told him that the Stefan he was with wasn't really Stefan; and instead was another released vampire inhabiting his brother's body. Alaric told him it was hard to find Stefan since reports were popping up all over of people being attacked. He reminded him of what happened when Jo's body had been inhabited by a soul from the Phoenix Stone and said that if Stefan's soul had gone into a human body, then he had about three days to live. Alaric listened to reports of vampire attacks and Valerie thought maybe Rayna's connection to the Phoenix Stone would allow her to help find Stefan. They found that Stefan was in a human body in Arkansas and Alaric asked how Damon how quickly he could get there since a blizzard was on its way. Damon called back and told him that the vampire in Stefan's body had escaped. Rayna told them that the vampire inside of Stefan was a serial killer and needed to be stake immediately. Valerie refused so Rayna broke free to do the deed herself, knocking out Valerie. Ric reached for a dart gun but stopped when he realized it wouldn't do any good and let Rayna leave. Later, Alaric spoke with Valerie and she questioned him for proposing to Caroline. Ric revealed that he fell in love with Caroline in their three years together but knew Caroline only said yes because it was best for the kids, and understood that Stefan coming back might ruin the life he'd built with Caroline.

In One Way or Another, Damon called Alaric and asked him to help track down the vampire that had taken over Stefan's body, Ambrose, to capture him and return Stefan back to his original body before he died in his new human one. Alaric asked him if instead of trying with their plan, that Damon should instead just say goodbye to Stefan, since Ric had seen the same thing happen to Jo when her body was inhabited. Damon brushed him off, telling him he'd gotten soft. While driving, Alaric reminded Damon that three years was a long time for everyone else, even if it wasn't for Damon during his desiccation cat nap. Damon apologized for saying goodbye in a letter rather than in person, and wanted them to work together on a mission for old time's sake.

They tracked Ambrose down to a fraternity house but Damon wasn't able to get through the threshold without being invited in, so asked Ric to enter for him. Despite Ric's protests, Damon didn't believe that he was out of the game. Ambrose compelled a young woman to deliver his terms to Damon and Alaric, that if they killed Rayna, Ambrose would turn Stefan's body back over to be transferred into another vampire. They discovered that Enzo had taken Rayna. Alaric explained to Damon that Enzo and Bonnie developed a relationship over the three years Damon had been asleep, much to Damon's surprise. Returning to Ambrose's fraternity house, they found that he had slaughtered all of the party guests. Alaric realized that Ambrose might be going after the real Stefan so there was no chance that the transfer could happen. They tracked down Ambrose trying to kill the real Stefan and Alaric shot him in the back with vervain darts, disabling him. Alaric commented how much he hated how good it felt to be taking down a vampire again. Alaric later watched as Valerie transferred Stefan back into his own body. As Alaric prepared to head home, Damon asked Ric if he could forgive him so they could go back to the way things were but Alaric told him that he didn't want to, since the last three years had been the happiest of his life. He then told Damon where Bonnie was, and said he might have better luck winning her back.

In Somebody That I Used to Know, Alaric is surprised to see Stefan arrive at his house. Alaric is concerned, however, Stefan reveals that he doesn't need help evading Rayna at the moment, but wants to talk with Caroline. Alaric reveals that Caroline is out of town at the moment, but invites Stefan in nonetheless. When they realize that the house is empty of food, they opt to go to a bar for a diner instead.

Stefan receives numerous calls from Damon, however when Alaric questions him, he reveals that he and Damon are on a time-out. Alaric questions what Stefan wants with Caroline, and it becomes clear that he wants to fix what he broke three years prior. Alaric is angry at Stefan's sentiments, believing he treated Caroline wrongly, however Stefan expresses that he was in a difficult situation back then, but has changed. Stefan eventually answers Damon's call, and it is revealed that Bonnie is in trouble. He asks for Stefan's help and Alaric agrees to help and is visibly concerned over Bonnie's safety.

"The point is this-- there was no book club. Turns out, she'd park her car down by the river so she could cry, alone. And then something happened. She stopped making excuses to be somewhere else, and the girls and I stopped being a placeholder. And we became her life."
Alaric to Stefan

Alaric helps Stefan save Bonnie from the vampires, however he is visibly annoyed when Stefan makes jokes about getting the Mystic Falls Gang back together. Alaric eventually explains the trauma Caroline went through when Stefan left her, and explains that Caroline doesn't want to see him, despite what he may think. Alaric is later angry but surprised to see Stefan at his house when he returns home.

In Kill 'Em All, Alaric and Caroline return to their old ways, hunting vampires. Caroline is visibly distracted by her encounter with Stefan, and Alaric tells her that they can pretend he doesn't exist; she remarks that she is fine, however. Later, Alaric tells Caroline that they can leave everything behind and start again. Caroline, however is reluctant and reveals that their attempt to have a normal life is futile and that she knows Alaric has been wanting to return to his former activities for a while.

"It's okay. I mean, to be honest, I always knew. It's just that, you know, we... we had these moments where we were... just... (sighs) perfectly in sync. You know, laughing at the kids or... in tears because we were so exhausted, I... I guess, uh... I don't know, I guess a part of me thought that maybe, one day, those moments might become something more. But that wouldn't be fair to you. Certainly wouldn't be fair to me, either."
Alaric to Caroline

In Gods and Monsters, the relationship between Alaric and Caroline breaks down completely as he realizes that it is simply platonic. He tells Caroline to stay with her friends and that, given all they have been through, they will always be family.

In Hello, Brother, Alaric has a video chat with Josie and Lizzie. After they talk he talks with Josie and Lizzie's nanny Seline. As he is talking with Seline he is interrupted by Dorian. Dorian tells Alaric him and Georgie have found something in the Armory's Vault. When they reach the Armory vault they come across Georgie. Georgie tells Alaric to clear his mind as she puts on a blindfold and ear muffs on him. Dorian tells him to use his fingers. Suddenly Alaric gets sucked in the cave wall of the armory vault. Dorian and Georgie meet up with Alaric and Alaric tells them how shocked he is that they found this place. Dorian tells him it's an optical illusion and they need his help. Alaric and Georgie talk. Georgie asks him why he is afraid to explore the tunnels in the vault. He tells her since the birth of his twins he is trying to stay away from dangerous and supernatural stuff. Alaric, Dorian and Georgie come across a gold mine. As Alaric and Georgie explore Georgie tries to flirt with him and he turns her down. Alaric also tells her not to touch anything. They are then interrupted by Dorian. Who tells Alaric that Caroline has been calling. Alaric then goes to Caroline's home. She tells him about what happened to Virginia St. John. Caroline tells him she tried to save Virginia but she bled to death. Alaric tells her he doesn't want to be far away from their children anymore. Caroline asks him if he will move back to town. He tells her he will move into her home. Caroline tells him it's a bad idea. And Alaric tells her he doesn't want her there. She tells him she has nowhere to go. Alaric then tells her he knows where she wants to go. And that even though he still has feelings for her. He wants her to be happy. Sometime later Alaric is on the phone with Bonnie. They talk about Sirens. And about what they are capable of and their powers. Bonnie then tells him that Enzo wants their help to fight it.

In Today Will Be Different, Seline is surprised and tells Alaric that he and Caroline paid her incorrectly. Alaric, however, reveals that they have decided to give her a raise as she has been working hard.

Alaric and Georgie attempt to find a medieval object that can be used against sirens. They are unable to find anything, however later, Georgie finds a symbol written in a history book that matches a mysterious symbol on her stomach. Georgie recounts a story about how she accidentally killed her friend in a car crash years prior.

In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, building on prior research, Georgie builds a theory surrounding a pitchfork and its connection to the Devil. Georgie finds no connection with sirens but theorizes that the pitchfork is as old as Sybil, recounting their earliest existence at around 2200 B.C.

Alaric later tests his theory, using the pitchfork to severely weaken Sybil. It is revealed that when vibrating, the pitchfork creates a frequency sirens cannot stand.

In An Eternity of Misery, Alaric and Stefan question Sybil over the pitchfork, specifically, Alaric questions why the pitchfork affects Josie and Lizzie. Sybil mocks Alaric, however, citing that he thought he had it all figured out. Sybil later reveals that there were two sirens, in the beginning, however Sybil does not reveal that Seline is the other siren.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Alaric reveals to Dorian that he believes the pitchfork — and the vibrations it gives off — had something to do with the formation of the tunnels running beneath the Armory and Mystic Falls. He questions who built the tunnels, and why, but Dorian is unable to give and thoughts on the matter.

When Alaric and Caroline return home the following night, they find that Josie and Lizzie are nowhere to be found — they had been left in Seline's protection.

In Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, Alaric calls Seline questioning where his daughters are. Seline tells him that the girls are with him, and are very special. She believes herself to be saving them from a lifetime of pain. Alaric refuses to accept Seline's actions, however, and warns her that she underestimates just how far he is willing to go to save his daughter's lives.

"You were right. Genetically, they are not mine. But I gave birth to them, I raised them, I loved them... and when they went missing, I felt like I was dying. So don't you ever throw that in my face again."
Caroline is angry at Alaric

Alaric is angry at the whole ordeal and blames Caroline for what has happened. Caroline reacts angrily to Alaric's words, and he tells her that darkness follows vampires everywhere and that when he gets them back they are leaving Caroline behind. Caroline becomes quite offended when Alaric refers to the twins as his kids, and she remarks that they are her kids too. Later, Alaric and Caroline get the twins back, and have a serious conversation about the twins. Caroline tells Alaric that despite not genetically being the twins' mother, she is. Caroline agrees that Alaric should take the twins somewhere safe, however.

In What Are You?, Alaric talks with Matt, who is experiencing visions following the ringing of the Maxwell Bell. Alaric suggests that the bell could've been a talisman used to contact Maxwell ancestors.

In It's Been a Hell of a Ride, Alaric fails to mention to Caroline that the girls aren't going to their school anymore because of their magical incidents. He later helps Stefan try to kill Cade by ringing the bell, but stops after Kai tells him he's going to kill the girls. He uses a voice recording to lure Kai and fights with him, but before Kai can do anything else, Caroline arrives and snaps Kai's neck. After everything, Alaric reveals to Caroline that he plans on making the Armory a school for children needing help with their magic, with some help to make it happen.

In We're Planning a June Wedding, Alaric surprises Caroline with the twins while she's getting prepared for her wedding. Indeed he changed his mind about the girls not going to the wedding, plus he made sure they would be safe (Valerie did a protection spell on them). Then Lizzie asks him to practice with her and Josie but he replies that he needs to go back to work. Lizzie makes a comment on Caroline's look and Alaric agrees. He clearly still cares for her, though he knows who she loves; hence he tells her to be happy and they embrace.

In I Was Feeling Epic, after Mystic Falls is saved Alaric opens up the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted and employs Dorian and Jeremy. He's last seen spending time with Lizzie and Josie unaware that Jo's spirit is watching over them giving her peace of mind which allows her to find peace itself.

Throughout The Originals Series[]


Alaric speaks with Klaus on his way to New Orleans

In Voodoo in My Blood, Alaric walked out of a gas station outside of New Orleans while talking with Klaus on the phone, having been asked to find one of the Hollow's. Alaric explained that he found an ancient finger bone at the Lockwood estate, but didn't want Klaus to come back to Mystic Falls so would be bringing it to him. Alaric went on to say that the Lockwood family kept records about the bone and that other families of werewolves protected the rest of the Hollow's remains. He elaborated that the Labonair family could find the rest of the bones. However, Alaric emphasized that he didn't want to fight anyone, since it wasn't his fight, and wanted Klaus to meet him at a barbecue restaurant.


Alaric tries to fend off the Hollow

As Alaric drove to the meeting place, he was ambushed by The Hollow in Sofya's body. The Hollow demanded that Alaric hand over the finger bone. As Alaric tried to stall The Hollow from hurting him he went to the back seat of his car and pulled out a crossbow. He used the crossbow on The Hollow and she used her magic on him, completely overpowering him. Alaric was thrown through the air and onto his back. The Hollow prepared to finish him and approached his vehicle but Alaric pulled out a gun, revealing that he had filled his car with explosives. He fired at his car which blew up right next to the Hollow. However, his efforts weren't enough to stop the Hollow from taking the finger bone.


Alaric talks with Elijah and Marcel about The Hollow

Soon afterward, Alaric was found in the road by Elijah Mikaelson and Marcel Gerard. Marcel was surprised that Alaric was the occult expert that Elijah had told him was bringing the bone. Alaric explained to them that someone had taken the bone and described what his assailant had looked like. Marcel quickly realized that it was Sofya and he and Elijah prepared to go after her. Before they left, Alaric told them that he studied the Lockwood's records thoroughly and found another pack name, Del Robles. He told them that the Del Robles bloodline had ended and someone from that family was buried with the Hollow's bone they protected. Alaric helpfully told them where the family was buried in the Tremé section of New Orleans.


Alaric meets Hope Mikaelson

Later that night, at the Abattoir, Alaric meets Hope Mikaelson. Realizing that she was practicing witchcraft, Alaric told her the good things about being a witch and there were plenty of things to study that didn't hurt. He complimented her on how much she had already learned and then told her it was great to meet her. He suggested the possibility that they might meet again some day. Alaric walked over to the courtyard to speak with Klaus and told him that he can't keep Hope locked up in the Abattoir forever. He went on to tell him about the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted that he and Caroline had started for children with supernatural powers. He explained that even his own daughters were doing well there, and using their magic for good. He told Klaus that Hope was always welcome there, before leaving.


Alaric and Hayley talking at the Salvatore Boarding School

In The Feast of All Sinners, Alaric is at the Salvatore Boarding House. That turned into a school for kids that have mystical powers. He walks up to Hayley who just arrived with Hope. He tells Hayley that Hope looks like she is doing well talking to kids her age. He tells her about the kids there and how they all get along and willing to learn new things about witchcraft. He then tells Hayley what they teach the kids. And how these kids will be better at accepting who they are being mystical.

In The Tale of Two Wolves, Alaric is wary of Klaus when he shows up and initially denies his request for his daughter's service of siphoning out the Hollow's dark magic and transferring into Klaus. However, he changes his mind after he sees Klaus acting like a father. After the spell is completed, Alaric takes the girls away.

Throughout Legacies Series[]


Alaric prepares to help a new recruit

In This is the Part Where You Run, ten years following Hope's arrival at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, the year 2028, Alaric had settled into his new, stable life for himself as the firm but fair Headmaster of the school, dividing his time between raising his daughters, running the school and training Hope. Alaric learns of a newly triggered werewolf in Atlanta, Georgia and, with Hope in tow, tracked the boy to a church. There he and Hope encountered Landon Kirby, an old friend of Hope and the foster brother of the werewolf, Rafael Waithe. After successfully restraining Rafael, Alaric took him, Landon, and Hope back to the Salvatore School. While Rafael toured the campus, Alaric questioned Landon about Rafael and informed him about the supernatural nature of the school. When he finished the interview, Alaric called in MG to compel Landon to forget everything he'd seen and heard but to everyone's shock, Landon wasn't able to be compelled. Shaken by this, Alaric confined Landon to the werewolf transition space for 24 hours under the theory that Landon had vervain in his system.


Alaric tries to help Lizzie

With Landon contained, Alaric turned to the business of training Hope in hand-to-hand combat but their session was interrupted by his daughter, Josie. She informed her father that her sister, Lizzie, was in the midst of a meltdown; Alaric went to the school kitchens to find his daughter hysterically tearing it apart over a humiliating conversation with Rafael, which ended with him nearly getting a kitchen knife to the face. To help Lizzie, Alaric set up a meditation session with her so that she could release her stress, pausing only to give permission to Hope to use the back acres to give her a lycanthropic release. Following the meditation session, Alaric went out to break up a student party out by the Old Mill.


Alaric and Hope find the bus full of corpses

The next day, Alaric met with Landon again who asked to remain at the school anyway. Though Alaric was sympathetic to Landon's situation, he reminded the troubled teen that the Salvatore School was too dangerous for a human and turned down his request. He then called in MG again who compelled Landon to leave without a fuss. Not long after Landon had left however, Alaric was alerted to a break-in in the school library by Dorian. He revealed that a mystical dagger of unknown properties had been stolen. Alaric questioned Hope about it as she had met with Landon regularly and concluded that not only had Landon stolen the dagger, but that the compulsion had still not worked on him. Alaric concludes that the only reason behind this mean he must be supernatural. After receiving a call from Matt Donovan, he and Hope head toward Route 29, Near Virginia State Line, to the scene of an active crime scene investigation. Matt informs him that the local PD thinks it was a chemical spill. Alaric and Hope investigate the bus themselves and the bus is littered with charred corpses.

LGC102-032-Rafael-Hope-Alaric~Dragon Girl

Alaric and his students find a mysterious woman

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Alaric is forced to forego his regular duties as coach of his daughters' team for the annual Salvatore Boarding School vs. Mystic Falls High School football game. Instead, he's has to go track down Landon and get the supernatural knife back; however, his plans were interrupted slightly when both Hope and Rafael insisted on accompanying him. Alaric gave in and allowed the two to help. Alaric, Hope, and Rafael traveled to the last place Landon was seen - the charred bus off Route 29. Hope believed it was Landon's doing while Rafael insisted something else was responsible for the dead bodies. The trio tracked Landon into the woods and stumbled across a mysterious mute woman with singed clothing; they presume she's a survivor from the bus incident. Alaric deduced that Landon was hiding in an abandoned root cellar and sent Hope and Rafael to scout the area but not to engage Landon while he questioned the woman.


Alaric hiding in the root cellar

While his students searched for Landon, Alaric tried to talk to the woman but all she did was take his phone from him. When he tried to take it back, the woman breathed fire at him, forcing Alaric to flee back toward the highway. Having flagged down a passing-by motorist, he borrowed a phone of a to call Dorian, believing that the woman was a Pyromancer - a fire-breathing witch. Realizing that his students were in serious danger, Alaric raced to the root cellar to find Hope and Rafael with a distraught Landon, who claimed to have no memory of stealing the knife and that he'd lost it in the woods. The group went back out to find the woman waiting for them, silently demanding the knife and forcing Landon to reveal that he actually still had it. The woman attacked again, forcing the group back inside where they found a barrel filled with phones and other valuables. Another call to Dorian revealed that the woman was not a Pyromancer at all but a dragon in human form.

LGC102-126-Alaric-Death Spell~Hope

Alaric confronts Hope about her dark magic

With no chance of escape, Alaric and his students attacked the woman, allowing Rafael to stab her in the heart with the knife. This however only made matters worse as the dragon was unfazed and transformed into its true form and attacked again. Alaric told the boys to run while he and Hope took care of the dragon. Hope, however, using the fact that he's the father of Lizzie and Josie, suggested that Alaric take cover in the root cellar while she dealt with the dragon. With the dragon returned to her human form, Alaric stabbed the woman in the neck with the knife, killing her, before she's able to unleash another fire breath attack. With the dragon dead, he finds the spell that Hope used to bring the dragon down, a death spell; dark magic. He berated Hope for using dark magic and that it was a spell she couldn't have known she would have needed to use on a dragon, and deduced that she had other plans for it - to use on Landon. He won't allow her to become her father. He demands her to bury the dragon and that he'd meet her back at the car.


Alaric hugs his daughters

When Hope returns to the car, Alaric gives her a note from Landon - that they've both flew. Unwilling to chase them for the time being, Alaric returned to the school with Hope, learning about the debacle at the football game and went to chastise his daughters. However, shaken by the events of the day, he simply embraced them in a tight hug.

Later, he mused with Dorian at the gates of the school that he was not sure if he would be able to protect his students from things that weren't supposed to exist. Unbeknownst to him, a gargoyle was silently watching nearby.


Alaric researches the knife

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, Alaric spent the remainder of the evening diving into research on the knife in ancient Gallic lore. The next day, still aggravated over the brawl at the football game and Hope's use of dark magic, Alaric sentenced the entire football team plus Hope to community service in town despite strong protests from each of them. Resuming his research on the knife, Alaric tried numerous methods to destroy it including explosives, an acetylene torch, a circular saw and even running over it with his truck to no avail; the knife could not even be scratched. He had just moved on to dunking it in a beaker of hydrochloric acid when Emma came into his office concerned as to why he continually skipped his therapy sessions with her and his overabundance of roles. Alaric maintained he had more important issues to deal with but was cut short when a frazzled Lizzie stormed into the room calling him a jerk and yelling about how kids from the rival school had been harassing them in town, culminating in a milkshake being thrown at her, his favoritism towards Hope and refusing to go back. Unwilling to argue with her, Alaric relented and assigned her to watch over the younger students out in the garden instead.


Alaric discovers the gargoyle won't harm him

Not long after Lizzie had gone outside, Alaric heard a scream echo through the hallways and ran to find Lizzie on the floor of the lounge with vicious claw marks across her stomach. Deducing that it was a gargoyle that attacked her, Alaric updated Dorian on the situation and initiated a school-wide lock-down while he went in search of it, believing that it was after the knife. While the students hid, Alaric moved through the school and happened upon the motionless gargoyle. Examining it for a moment, he went to stab it with the knife but the monster stopped him and took the knife from him. Amazingly, the gargoyle did not harm Alaric at all and instead moved on from him to find Lizzie - who had entrapped the gargoyle within the bounds of the school. As he went to intercept it, he came across Hope who had snuck back to the school with Josie to help. Arming themselves with weapons, Alaric and the girls went to the cafeteria where Emma was hiding with the young students with the gargoyle right behind them. Roaring savagely, the gargoyle lunged down the stairs toward Hope but stopped when Alaric threw himself in front of her. Taking advantage of the moment, Josie attacked the creature with an axe and joined with Hope in using a spell to completely shatter the monster.


Alaric warns the school about the new threats

Josie tearfully demanded to know why Alaric put his life on the line for Hope and stormed away even after Alaric insisted that he knew from his research that the gargoyle would never harm him because he was human. Back in his office, Hope told him that he had to stop keeping secrets from them if they were going to be truly safe. Fully resolved, Alaric addressed the students and staff, informing them about the knife, the new brand of supernatural creatures that were appearing, and the danger they now faced and warned them that as of that moment, they were more than just a school, they were family. They will stand together, fight together and will either win or lose together, no matter what comes next.


Alaric and Matt address the students

In Hope is Not the Goal, Alaric was notified by the Mystic Falls Sheriff, Matt Donovan, that two local girls had disappeared without a trace. Unnerved by the possibility that one of his students was responsible, Alaric addressed the students with a plan to uncover more information about the missing girls by having a few of them infiltrate the local human high school under the guise of an exchange program; Lizzie, Josie, Hope, Kaleb and MG all volunteered for the mission. Later that day during a training session, Hope questioned him on Landon's situation with the school to which Alaric responded that Landon's activation of the knife warranted further examination. Struck by inspiration, Alaric then met with Landon and asked him to join in the mission to the human high school, reasoning that Landon would be an effective guide for the others, to which Landon eagerly agreed.


Alaric and Matt investigate

While his team pursued their mission, Alaric accompanied the sheriff in investigating the remains of the car owned by the missing girls, whereupon they soon discovered the lifeless body of one of the girls with prominent bite marks on her neck. Scared by the implication, Alaric frantically called MG for an update and to give them an update also but was frustrated by the fact that the team had already split up. He and the sheriff went back to pick up the girl's body but were shocked to discover that it had disappeared. Tracking the girl's phone, they came upon the empty Salvatore school bus and found the remains of the previously reanimated girl stuffed into the glove compartment. Confused and furious in equal measures, Alaric called the group again who informed him about the discovery of an arachne but his words of caution were ignored by the team who hung up on him.


Alaric confronts Kaleb about feeding on innocent people

In the aftermath of a skirmish with and subsequent death of the arachne, Alaric berated his daughters over ignoring his advice and breaking the rules of the school but was rebuffed by them over his unwillingness to properly teach the students how to defend themselves in light of the increasing monster attacks. Exhausted with arguing over the issue, Alaric reluctantly agreed to revisit the possibility. Biding them goodnight, he tied up the last of the day's loose ends by incapacitating and locking up Kaleb, who had unknowingly admitted to the sheriff to feeding on a number of students from the human high school. Matt warned Alaric about controlling his students but Alaric responded by promising to end the sheriff if he ever went after any of his students or the school. He then rang up Dorian and told him to return to the school with the knife even as Dorian was being confronted by the next monster.


Alaric addresses the students

In Malivore, Alaric expresses concern to the students of the Salvatore School that many of them feel silenced and left out of the decisions affecting their future. Alaric agrees, revealing that he is forming a council comprising of one representative from each species that will represent the younger students and vote on school policies. At the front gates of the school, as he is about to leave, he is confronted by Rafael, who asks what is to be Landon's fate. Alaric reveals that they are running tests to determine if he is supernatural, and that the council will decide if he is allowed to stay once the results are found. Not long after Rafael leaves, MG approaches, admitting that he didn't mean for Kaleb to be locked up after revealing his habits of feeding on humans. Alaric, however, admits that the punishment fits the crime and Kaleb is a danger to wider society should the behaviors continue. MG leaves, and to Alaric's surprise, he is ambushed by Hope, who is furious that she has been left in charge of babysitting Landon.


Alaric and Dorian question the dryad

Alaric arrives at the cabin where Dorian is questioning the dryad. Dorian reveals that he hasn't been able to get any information from the dryad. Alaric tries to talk to the dryad, revealing that he knows of dryad history, including the fact that they lived peacefully among humans. The dryad says that she will help Alaric if he brings her love, Oliver, to her.

Alaric turns to Google to search for Oliver, sarcastically joking that it is a new spell. He reveals to the dryad that she should be aware that Oliver might be dead, as it has been a long time since she was alive. The dryad dismisses this, revealing that she senses Alaric's pain and loss and, at that moment, Dorian enters with Oliver. Oliver, however, does not remember the dryad, and her face fades to sadness. Alaric questions why Oliver does not remember the dryad — given they have clearly met before as she knows his name and he is a vampire — however, Oliver simply cannot remember the dryad and this seems to sadden Alaric himself.

Alaric receives a call from Hope who asks for an update. Alaric reveals that he has figured out that whatever happens to the creatures erases them from history and memory. Alaric puts down the phone after consoling Hope about Landon. Feeling sorry for the dryad, Alaric opens the window, allowing her to feel the breeze again, and the dryad admits that she will honor the deal they made and reveal what they wish to know. The dryad reveals to Alaric her history, including the night she disappeared; she admits she remembers nothing, except awakening with an urge to possess the knife. In a turn of events, the dryad turns violent, admitting that she feels an urge to possess the knife and Dorian is forced to fire an arrow into her chest. The dryad feels no anger, simply begging for Alaric to return her to the forest; back to her home.


Alaric surprised by a revived Jo

In Mombie Dearest, on the morning of Lizzie and Josie's sixteenth birthday, Alaric calls Caroline updating her on the knife situation and arguing over her not being able to be there in person for the celebrations. While on the phone with Caroline, his attention is diverted to an all-too-familiar voice behind him. As he turns, he stands before the sight of his still-bloodied, formerly dead fiancée, Josette Laughlin, still in full bridal wear, standing at his office door. Momentarily paralyzed by shock, Alaric yelled for Dorian, grabbed his loaded crossbow and aimed it directly at the equally-shocked Josette as Dorian came running in. After introducing him to Jo, Alaric advocated killing her on the spot but Jo's protests of innocence combined with Dorian's theory that she might have information on the knife stayed Alaric's hand and he instead sent for Emma, determined to keep his daughters from what was happening. Fitting Jo with some clothes, Alaric coldly interrogated her on her resurrection, still disbelieving that she was who she claimed to be despite her spot-on answers. As he was about to get to the matter of the knife, they were interrupted by the sounds of his daughters outside the office doors demanding to be let in to talk about Caroline; silencing Jo, Alaric tried to wave them off but the twins siphoned Emma's boundary spell from the door, allowing them access and revealing Jo. Though Lizzie initially did not recognize her, Josie did from a picture in Alaric's office, forcing Alaric to confess to Jo the entire story of their birth via Caroline thanks to the Gemini Coven.


Alaric and the twins test Jo

Still somewhat skeptical, Alaric utilized the truth sphere and questioned Jo further; she answered everything truthfully, while even restating Alaric's statement of being there to cause harm to be a lie. Josie took the opportunity to ask how the two of them first met. Irritated by how affectionate Josie was being to Jo, Lizzie insisted they leave to get ready. Leaving Jo in his office, Alaric conferred with Dorian and Emma about the situation and the possibility that Jo was unknowingly being used as an infiltration weapon by a powerful enemy. Hurrying back, Alaric found his office empty and immediately deployed the staff to search the school while he went to check on his daughters. As he was running across the grounds he came upon a dirt-stained and hysterical Jo who claimed to have no memory after being taken by Josie to the birthday party. Suddenly she collapsed, her eyes turning white and an unearthly voice spoke through her saying that Josie had been buried alive and demanding the knife for her location. Frantic, Alaric raced back to his office to get the knife only to discover that Dorian and Emma had taken it with them and left the school.


Alaric forced to say goodbye to Jo again

Shaken by her actions, Jo decided that the only way to guarantee everyone's safety was to have the twins siphon the magic from her that was keeping her alive despite Alaric's tearful reluctance. Embracing Jo, the two reminisced about their time together and the impending danger the twins faced on their 22nd birthday. Later that night, Alaric, Jo and the twins met in the twins' bedroom. Jo sadly said goodbye to Lizzie and Josie, both of whom were inconsolable. As Alaric looked on with tears filling his eyes, Lizzie and Josie siphoned away the magic in Jo, causing her to fade away into nothing. Alaric then tearfully embraced the girls.


Alaric meets the Necromancer

Shortly thereafter, Alaric laid a new picture on Jo's gravestone, vowing to Dorian that he would kill the monster responsible for resurrecting her. As he did so, a demonic but garish figure stepped out of the darkness declaring itself responsible and calling himself "The Necromancer", to which Alaric and Dorian responded with bemusement. Confused by the lack of recognition, the Necromancer demanded the knife. Instead, Alaric knocked him out with a shovel and locked him in the werewolf transformation space.

LGC107-011-The Necromancer-Alaric

Alaric interrogates the Necromancer

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, Alaric tests the captive Necromancer, trying to harm him with many different weapons with nothing actually able to kill him. When Cassie returns from the dead due to the Necromancer, Alaric questions her along with Rafael over what she remembers. When she explains what she remembers, Alaric informs Cassie that the memories are from two months ago, and she has been dead ever since. She later attempts to call her parents, before Alaric interrupts her, telling her that it is not the best idea, as her parents know she is dead.


Alaric and Hope argue

Later, Hope and MG take matters with the Necromancer into their own hands. Their actions end badly, and Hope ends up trapped in the Necromancer's mind. This leads to MG asking Alaric for help. They eventually rescue Hope, and Alaric confronts Hope over her actions. He warns Hope the the Necromancer could've tormented Hope with all of her dead family, or those that she has killed before. Hope chastises Alaric for his own struggles including his increased drinking lately and reminds Ric that he is not her father.


Ric and Seylah discuss parenting

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Still angry at Hope Alaric wakes up at 3am in the morning to discover her stealing his car keys. After explaining that Landon is in danger he agrees to the rescue mission as long she lets him go with her and drive the car which she accepts. After being sent a false location they finally track down Landon with his mom. Alaric bonds with Seylah who tells him that her story is pretty far out there and most days she doesn't believe that it really happened. She tells him her history at the Triad and how she conceived Landon apparently in there, surprising Alaric at this new information. She tells him she's selfish and wasn't fit to be a mother, and that Landon would be better off he didn't remember her, as they won't either as well soon, leaving him and walking away again. She tries to start her own car without keys and Hope confronts her on leaving Landon again. She tells her what she told Alaric that Landon would be better off and she shoots a dart in Hope's neck, temporarily knocking her out. Seylah drives to the Triad building and kills both of the security guards, watching the knife drop in the pit. She goes into the room where the pit is, goes over the rails, and jumps into the pit, thereby erasing everyone's memories of her, except Hope for some reason. Alaric, despite his lost memory, decides that Landon at the boarding school would be better for everyone involved. Hope in private fills in Alaric on blank spaces of his memory.

LGC109-026-Alaric~Night Hag~Oneiroi

Ric is targeted while he sleeps

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, Alaric and Hope consider what they will tell the rest of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted about the glowing artifact and the possible monster that could come for it. They decide to tell the students, and Alaric calls an emergency meeting. During the meeting, he tells the students that they will be evacuating to the Lockwood Mansion, but students are free to remain behind and help defeat the monster. The latest monster is unique as it attacks people in their dreams.


Alaric helps defeat the dream demon

Alaric comes to the conclusion that the monster is a Night Hag, and Alaric pleads with Landon to evacuate the school to avoid injury. Landon refuses, however, and they eventually find that the monster is not a Night Hag but instead is a dream demon called an oneiroi. The oneiros taunts Alaric throughout the day when he falls asleep at his desk, wanting the urn. After realizing that he is being assaulted in a dream, Alaric crashes his truck inside of the dream to wake himself up. He hurries to his students' aid and throws a crossbow bolt to Hope who destroys the dream demon.

LGC110-075-Wish Alaric

Alternate reality Alaric as the history teacher at Mystic Falls High

In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, Alaric is first seen talking to Hope about the Urn and which monster they could be facing next unaware they're being watched by it. When suddenly Lizzie and Josie bust through the doors having return from Europe. Lizzie is however upset at her father for not getting the updated itinerary due to him not seeing it, she was returning earlier and having to take a 3 hour shuttle ride. Hope tells Lizzie that everyone was under a lot of stress dealing with the previous threat however that doesn't calm Lizzie. Upset Lizzie goes to her room and meets a jinni. Lizzie sees the opportunity and makes her first wish for Hope not being a pupil allowing Alaric to focus more on his daughters, however because of this the school is struggling financially. This reality comes to an end when Hope is found in this reality and is urged to think about enrolling in the school. In the next reality Alaric is still the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School in order to keep an closer eye on Lizzie although he hates his job and gets day drunk at it. Nevertheless he always reminds the twins to keep their powers hidden however Lizzie accidentally exposes her magic which alerts the Mikaelson Boarding School.


Alaric continues to try to find a way out of the Merge

Hope asks Alaric to be the headmaster of the campus they were brought to however Lizzie feels like she back at square one with her unhappiness wishing inadvertently for an apocalyptic reality where supernaturals are hunted and Josie was accidentally killed by Lizzie after they learned about The Merge also Hope was never born. Alaric leads the resistance group and is shocked to see that Lizzie is back. Lizzie apologies to him overwhelmed by everything and Alaric tells her in return that he was also stupid for not telling her about The Merge in all other parallel realities. Back in the main reality after erasing all her wishes Lizzie goes apologizes to her dad who tells her contrary what she believes that he always has time for her and Josie however he's still keeping The Merge an secret from them when Lizzie asks what book he was reading and he replied "Nothing you need to worry about" denying the inevitable.


Ric, Dorian, and Hope discover a unicorn

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Alaric, Dorian, and Hope are triggered by the boundary spell. They find a unicorn has triggered the alarm and both Alaric and Dorian are intent on killing the unicorn, however Hope is able to convince them otherwise, citing that it is a harmless unicorn. Due to the unicorn's arrival, Alaric postpones the annual Salvatore School talent show, which angers the school, especially Josie and Lizzie. Josie and Lizzie are able to convince him that the talent show should still go ahead, and he agrees reluctantly.


Alaric sings with Emma

Alaric expresses his contempt for the talent show to Emma Tig, and she suggests that the two should have a day off, considering none of the students are focused on schoolwork given the talent show. Alaric agrees, and the two visit numerous bars in Mystic Falls. Eventually, they visit the Mystic Tap, and begin deep conversation. Alaric invites Emma to get dinner with him sometime, however she reveals that she recently started seeing someone.

Unbeknownst to Alaric and Emma, they're under the influence of a slug-like creature that lowers inhibitions. This causes the two to sing publicly, and eventually when they realize, Emma kisses Alaric, citing that she needed an excuse. When they shock themselves to expel the creatures, it is revealed that Alaric is not under the influence of one of the creatures. This makes the situation between Alaric and Emma awkward, given Alaric asked her out of his own merit.


Ric is infected and takes the urn

Later, after watching Josie sing at the talent show, Alaric looks at the urn while pouring himself a drink. Unknown to him, one of the parasites was in his glass when he drinks it, infecting him with its possession. It influences his action and he calls Emma to apologize about what happened while also throwing the urn into the river, his eyes glowing green as the second key to Malivore gets swept away.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, Alaric, Josie, Hope, Lizzie, and Dorian head out to find the urn that Alaric had thrown into the river the previous night. When they arrive at a picturesque town, they are met by Triad Industries, who are also attempting to find the urn. Their efforts at locating the urn are futile, and eventually, it ends up in the wrong hands.

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, Alaric and Kaleb head out to find MG, who has disappeared following a rough encounter with his father. They find out that MG has been bitten by Rafael and is suffering from the effects of werewolf venom. He is healed by Hope, however, everyone is shocked to find that MG has killed Landon Kirby. Kaleb questions whether Hope will still cure MG after his actions, but Alaric tells him to give her a minute. They're all shocked to watch as Landon sets into flames and returns from death. Alaric identifies Landon as a Phoenix.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Landon approaches Alaric with concerns over Hope, who he believes to be struggling with the trauma of seeing him dead. Alaric dismisses Landon, before investigating further and discovering that Hope's emotions are causing issues with her magic; he is blasted back by an expulsion of energy Hope accidentally causes. Alaric is reminded by Lizzie that the Salvatore School is hosting this year's Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Realizing this, Alaric announces the news to the school, warning them to keep their supernatural abilities hidden from the public, thus projecting the image that they're a boarding school for the rich and entitled.


Alaric is confronted by Veronica.

Alaric is confronted by MG's mother, Veronica. Veronica has concerns that the school environment is no longer safe for MG, given his recent display of emotions and murder of a fellow student; she is also concerned about MG attending school with a phoenix. She suggests pulling Landon from the school, however Alaric assures her that the school is the best place for MG, and the situation is being handled.

Alaric later helps hunt down the monster that turned MG's mother to stone. He draws on ancient literature, drawing the conclusion that the monster must be a gorgon. They are successfully able to find Nia as the culprit, and everyone is turned back into flesh.

Later, when Penelope is leaving the Salvatore School for Belgium, she hands Josie her diary. She reveals that the diary records what everyone writes in their own personal diary (using her pen), and that she should read what Alaric wrote about the Merge. Josie is confused, however Penelope assures her that her father is keeping secrets from her.


Alaric is injured in a fight between the werewolves and vampires

In I'll Tell You a Story, Alaric struggles to retain his grip and control over the students of the Salvatore School. This becomes increasingly apparent when he is powerless to stop a fight between the werewolves and the vampires. Emma warns him that things need to change at the school before he loses complete control, and as a result of this, she takes a sabbatical.

Furthermore, tensions rise between Alaric, Lizzie, and Josie, when Hope finds out about the Merge from Freya. Hope warns Alaric to explain the Merge to his daughters — given they have nearly figured it out — or she will tell them. Alaric sits Josie and Lizzie down and explains the Merge and that one of them will eventually kill the other, but they're looking for a solution and this is why Caroline is always traveling.

In There's Always a Loophole, Alaric tries to return to the Salvatore School with Dorian, however, finds that the road is blocked as Wickery Bridge has been destroyed. Alaric eventually gets into contact with Hope and meets her in the tunnels beneath the school, where he is able to disarm the blood fountain that is blocking magic. Eventually, when the school is back under his control, Alaric reveals to the school that his actions have caused the danger of the students and that the efforts used by Triad to infiltrate the school are ones set up by him in fear of the students. He is ashamed that he believed one day the world would need protecting from the students, and not the other way around. With a large feeling of remorse, Alaric puts his position at the school to a vote in which the Honor Council will vote him to stay, or leave.

LGC116-146~Alaric-Hope Photo

Alaric burns Hope's files and photograph

When Hope figures out that she is Malivore's weakness, she calls Alaric and explains what she needs to do. Alaric is initially opposed to the idea and tells Hope that he is proud of her, however, he is forced by her to accept her actions. She tells Alaric to burn all of the files he has on her and to have her room packed up by maintenance, given that she doesn't want her friends to suffer her loss. After she is consumed by Malivore, he is unable to remember her but realizes that he has forgotten something/

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Alaric is still recovering from the trauma of losing his position as Headmaster at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. Dorian allows him to use some of the school's resources for his investigations regarding the Malivore pit. Alaric asks why Dorian did not vote for him to remain in his position, however Dorian dismisses him, not wanting to engage in an argument. When Alaric is leaving the school, he bumps into Landon, who is collecting meat to cook for Rafael, who is still stuck in wolf form.

2x01 I'll Never Give Up Hope-Alaric-Josie

Alaric and Josie talk about the ascendant and Malivore.

In the Town Square, Alaric and Josie discuss Malivore. Alaric reveals that there are two people who have been absorbed by Malivore, but he cannot figure out who. Josie believes that it could not be anyone they knew as they would have keepsakes, and Alaric agrees. Josie takes this opportunity to ask about the ascendant, but Alaric dismisses her, telling her it has nothing to do with the Merge.

Alaric is at a local bar looking through case files, when Sheriff Machado asks if he is an investigator, but he lies and tells her he is a true crime novelist. Josie arrives, questioning more about the ascendant, and Alaric reveals limited information, including that it opens a Prison Worlds, where their uncle is, but they should not go digging as he killed Jo on her wedding day.

In This Year Will Be Different, Alaric bumps into Hope, who is looking for the Principal of Mystic Falls High School. She is shocked to learn that he is the new Principal, and meets with him in his office. She presents him a fake file on herself, and he tells her that if she is going to stay in Mystic Falls then she needs to enroll in school. She later bumps into Alaric as she is looking for the creature that escaped from Malivore. She tells him that she is a vampire hunter, and he replies that she should know him as he is well known within the community. He pleads with Hope to leave the creature and allow him to track it down, but she ignores him.

Alaric prepares his crossbow to go after the creature, however when he encounters it in the basement of the high school, his arrow has little effect, and he is thrown backwards. Hope arrives just in time to use her artificial light bomb, stunning the creature and allowing Alaric to throw an arrow to her, which she uses to impale the creature. Maya sees the creature on the floor and Alaric has MG compel her to forget. Later in the day, Alaric questions how he knew to throw the arrow to Hope, as if it was muscle memory. He tells Hope that they must have known each other before, which she confirms.

Alaric and Hope track the creature to the Town Centre, and are able to kill it, although it turns out to be a cyclops, not a troll as they initially thought. Alaric gives Hope his crossbow, wishing her well and telling her to be safe outside of the town. Not long after, Hope goes to Alaric's office, revealing everything about herself, including that she isn't Hope Marshall, but actually a Mikaelson and the child of Klaus and Hayley. She tells Alaric that he was the only father figure she had and now everyone has forgotten her, and Alaric promises to help her fix the situation.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Alaric is approached by Sheriff Machado, who asks if he has heard anything about a missing kid, Dennis. Alaric — still relatively new to his position at Mystic Falls High School — tells her that he has not. Alaric reveals that he is an old friend of Matt Donovan to which she laughs, admitting that she knows she has a reputation to uphold.

LGC203-117-Professor Vardemus~Ryan-Alaric

Alaric again confronts Professor Vardemus

At the annual charity football game, Alaric leads the Timberwolves against the Salvatore Stallions, led by Professor Vardemus. The two become conflicted when Alaric notices that the Stallions are using their magic — something he expressly hath forbid previously. Alaric confronts Vardemus, who brushes him off, telling him that his students are simply superior to his, Professor Vardemus believes Alaric to be jealous that he has replaced him as Headmaster. Tensions further arise during the match when Alaric witnesses Vardemus handing Josie a spell, which she unknowingly uses to break Ethan's arm, essentially stealing away his scholarship. Alaric again confronts Vardemus, who bans him from the school grounds, leading to Alaric punching him in the face and starting a fight between the two schools.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Alaric has a discussion with Hope over what she revealed to Landon, as he left a post-it note on his desk asking for a meeting. She tells him that she revealed she is a witch, but nothing else. She reveals that she and Landon were in love, but she cannot reveal that to him. He later suggests that she transfer to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where she will be better placed to protect and watch over Landon; she declines, however. When Hope leaves, Sheriff Mac enters, handing Alaric a restraining order placed against him by Professor Vardemus, meaning he cannot go near the school.

Later on when Landon goes missing, Alaric looks through a bag he initially believes to be Josie's, however it turns out it was the Sheriff's. Inside the bag, he finds a case file on himself, realizing the bag to be the Sheriff's. Later on, he confronts her about the case file, and she reveals that she was checking his background history before asking him out, and he laughs the situation off. She asks him out on a date later that night, but he doesn't give a definitive answer.

After the oni is killed, Alaric thanks Hope for being there for his daughters when they needed it most, believing himself to have lost sight of what truly matters. Hope tells him that she will not transfer to the Salvatore school amid fears that Landon may still choose Josie after she tells him how she feels.

In Screw Endgame, Alaric arrives at the Salvatore School over concerns that Lizzie and Josie did not attend their pre-arranged lunch. Despite Professor Vardemus reminding him that he is banned from school grounds, Alaric reveals that Sheriff Mac has approved his visit under special circumstances. Using every opportunity possible, Kaleb and MG consult Alaric over what to do with Sebastian. He tells the two that they should leave him desiccated, given they know nothing about his history. Alaric asks Kaleb why he voted him out of the school, however he reveals that he was the only one who voted for him to stay.

Angry that Josie voted him out, Alaric confronts her. Josie tells him that she did it because it's what he wanted deep down, but was too scared to act on the feelings himself; she reiterates that she did it for him. She tells him this way he can seek love and other commitments, but also needs to let Lizzie and herself go.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Alaric is questioned over events that occurred at the Mystic Tap. Alaric knows nothing about the events, but has investigated whilst also trying to claim it was an animal attack. Sheriff Mac arrests him, believing his past to point to him being responsible. She eventually finds he has an alibi, when he hands her Matt Donovan's card.

Alaric is caught in the spell by Josie, regaining his memory of Hope. He eventually reveals the existence of supernatural creatures to Sheriff Mac, however she doesn't take the news too well, and Alaric has Kaleb compel the memories from her.

In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Alaric receives information from Dorian about unusual results on Vardemus' DNA. Alaric reveals that he has seen the results before, and pulls up a file from the night Hope was absorbed into Malivore. The two results are the same and Alaric concludes that whoever is posing as Vardemus must have been at the portal the night of Hope's disappearance.

Alaric goes to confront Vardemus, but finds Josie unconscious on the floor. Alaric reveals to Hope that Vardemus is not who he says he is, and leaves to scout the school following its evacuation. At the end of the night when everyone is safe, Dorian apologizes to Alaric for voting him out of the school.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Alaric notices the snow in Mystic Falls, and sees this as a sign of another monster arriving from Malivore. He rushes to the Salvatore School to alert Dorian, however finds that everyone at the school is quite merry — considering it is October. Dorian tells him to chill, and hands him a cup of hot chocolate, which makes him merry too.

Later, Hope sees that everyone is acting absurdly merry, and realizes that it is an effect of a monster. She resorts to using magic to shock everyone out of the situation, and Alaric realizes that something is not right at the school. He tells Dorian to hit the library and asks everyone to gather weapons to fight whatever they are about to go up against.

They are eventually able to fight off the Krampus, with Alaric being surprised that Santa Claus actually exists. At the end of the day, Alaric tells Josie that there is a present for him, however it turns out that it is a perfect present for Alaric. He opens it and it is revealed to be a plaque with the inscription "Dr. Alaric Saltzman. Headmaster" written on, officially welcoming him back into his position as Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.


Alaric and Sebastian talk.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Alaric finally grows weary of Sebastian and his relationship with his daughter, Lizzie. With Sebastian enrolling in the school, Alaric instructs that Sebastian will undergo a series of tests to decide if he is suitable for the school — similar tests to those Landon underwent. He chooses Landon, the only one is at least risk of death, to carry out these tests.

LGC209-122-Sebastian The Merciless

Alaric reads the chapter on Sebastian

Alaric does not let the subject rest, however, and when Landon has completed Sebastian's assessment, he interrupts Alaric to tell him the good news: Sebastian passed all of the assessments. Alaric is unaware that Landon is lying, but continues to read the book in front of him with a chapter titled "Sebastian the Merciless". Knowing that Sebastian cannot be trusted — whether he passed the assessments or not — Alaric follows Sebastian and catches him just as he is about to feed on a human jogger. He shoots Sebastian and the two talk. Sebastian tells Alaric that Lizzie will never be safe at the school as long as he is alive, which angers Alaric. Nevertheless, Alaric tells Sebastian that he is willing to give him a chance at the school if he follows the rules, however Sebastian mocks him.

Alaric is seen in his office an unknown amount of time later cleaning his arrow. Lizzie asks about Sebastian, and Alaric tells him that Sebastian chose to leave the school. Lizzie breaks down and the two embrace.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, a series of flashbacks reveal that Alaric attended a freak accident eight years prior to current events, in which a small girl was the only survivor of a house fire. The girl is revealed to be Alyssa Chang. Alaric tells Alyssa that he runs a school that she can be a part of, and Alyssa agrees. Alaric tells Dorian to cover the whole ordeal up as a gas-leak.

Back in the present, Alaric, Josie and Lizzie are trying to slow down the crumbling of the Mora Miserium, however every spell they attempt fails. Alaric becomes erratic when Lizzie suggests sending the mora miserium to the Prison World. He tells the twins that on no condition can that happen, and promises to figure the ordeal out. He asks Emma about the situation, however she is unable to provide any answers.

Alaric asks Sheriff Machado how to defuse a "bomb", citing that he is writing a novel. She advises Alaric to blow up the "bomb" but Alaric remarks that he is trying to do the complete opposite. The two talk about Maya and Ethan, and Alaric tells Sheriff Mac that he wishes Lizzie would date someone like Ethan. Mac asks about Sebastian, and Alaric avoids giving her a straight answer.

Alaric realizes that he should trust Lizzie and Josie more, and finally agrees to send the mora miserium to a Prison World, but a 2028 version. He leaves the witches to the job and they are successfully able to create the Prison World and send the mora miserium there. Later, Alaric attempts to turn off a lamp in the hall, and is transported to the 2018 Prison World along with Josie and Lizzie. It is revealed that he had sent Sebastian to the 2018 Prison World and lied.

In Kai Parker Screwed Us, tensions between Lizzie and Alaric rise when Lizzie demands to know why he sent Sebastian to the Prison World. Alaric reveals that Sebastian refused to follow the Salvatore School rules and therefore was a danger to society. Alaric rushes Josie to find the mora miserium, however, does not reveal to Lizzie and Josie that they are not alone in the Prison World.

Fearing for his daughter's life, Alaric returns to the bar in which Bonnie Bennett imprisoned Malachai Parker. He finds that Kai has escaped, and watches a video that Kai has left him. The video is cut short, however when Alaric is attacked by Diego and Wendy, two of the students he and Emma sent to the school. Diego is killed by Kai, however, and Alaric shoots Kai, killing him. Alaric is surprised to find that Josie has chained him to a chair in order to prevent him from sabotaging their mission to escape.

Alaric is later freed after Wendy, Jade, and Diego threaten Josie's safety. Jade tells him that they are now playing hide and seek and that, if he hasn't been found in 24 hours, Josie is safe. Jade cheats at the game, however, and uses a locator spell to track Alaric.

In You Can't Save Them All, amid feelings of guilt over sending the students to the Prison World, Alaric volunteers to remain in the Prison World, allowing his daughters — and the students — safe passage home. Josie breaks the mora miserium, allowing her to perform the spell to send everyone home, however, Sebastian appears and forces Alaric to return home. Instead, he remains behind as the anchor to the spell, and eventually meets his demise as the Prison World collapses in on itself. Alaric decapitates Kai shortly after, killing him for good.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Alaric thanks Emma for her part in creating — and overseeing — the simulation; without it, they would've never known Josie needed help. Alaric is saddened when Emma tells him that whilst the Salvatore School is the most wonderful place, it is also the most dangerous and she will be leaving immediately. The two hug and she departs the school for good.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Alaric holds an assembly in the Great Hall, where he announces that everyone is searching for Josie, but she is dangerous and should not be approaches.

In his office shortly after, Alaric talks with Vardemus about the magical simulation box. Vardemus tells Alaric how to increase the difficulty on the box in a bid to trap, and contain, Josie. He successfully does, but is trapped within the box by Hope as she believes he will ruin her chances of getting through to Josie. Alaric eventually escapes the simulation when he becomes self-aware following a conversation with Kaleb, who is also trapped within the simulation when he does not follow Hope's plan.

When he emerges from the simulation, he formulates a plan to have everyone — especially Josie — believe that Lizzie died during the Merge. He instructs Lizzie, Kaleb and Jed to keep Lizzie's secret and protect Hope's whereabouts as she navigates Josie's mind.


Alaric addresses the school with tears in his eyes

Alaric holds another emergency assembly wherein he explains that Lizzie did not survive the merge. He also explains that the Josie they knew previously is gone; this is all a charade, however, as Alaric is aware that Chad and the Necromancer are watching his every move.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Rafael seeks out Alaric for advice. Rafael brings Alaric to an undisclosed location — close to the river — where he shows Alaric Landon's lifeless body. Alaric is shocked, but tells Rafael not to worry, as Landon will return; Rafael shows him the golden arrow, however and cites that this time is different.

Alaric is confused, but Rafael quickly explains that the Necromancer is controlling him. Rafael pleads with Alaric to kill him, therefore ending his misery and the Necromancer's control over him — Alaric refuses, however. Realizing that his plans have changed, the Necromancer has Rafael knock Alaric out and bring him to a meeting.

The Necromancer tells Alaric that he has a proposition for him, and that the two want the same things: the old Josie back. The Necromancer suggests he and Alaric work together to extract the darkness from Josie and return her back to her former self. In return, the Necromancer promises to sever his ties with Chad, Alyssa and Rafael, and to bring Landon back too. Alaric is uncertain, however, and fears the Necromancer cannot be trusted. It is later revealed that Alaric agreed to the deal, as Lizzie performs a spell to transfer the darkness into the Necromancer.

In We're Not Worthy, Alaric talks with the school through an assembly in which he admits that the previous year was tough, but that they have gotten through and will soon be on the road to recovery. The reaction is mixed, with some placing the blame for the events directly on Josie, with many of them wanting to see her punished.

Alaric later realizes that he must keep Hope's situation a secret, with nobody outside of the immediate group knowing that she is stuck in a magical slumber. Moments later, Alaric confronts the Necromancer about Hope's situation, and it becomes clear that Hope has not awoken because of Landon, who is stuck between life and death, reluctant to move on or come back to reality. The Necromancer tells Alaric that he cannot get the magic promised to him until Landon returns from death. With this, Alaric tasks Rafael with convincing Landon to return to reality.

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Alaric realizes the severity of the situation with the Necromancer when Rafael begins slowly dying. Alaric realizes quickly that Rafael may not have long left, and sets out to find Rafael's mother with the help of Sheriff Machado. Eventually, he finds Lucia, but she is reluctant to help Rafael.

Alaric is eventually able to convince Lucia to help her son, and with this, he allows her and Walt to be taken into the Prison World with Rafael in an effort to save him.

In Hold on Tight, Alaric rallies the students of the Salvatore School Group to aid him and the Mystic Falls Sheriff department to tackle the Necromancer and Malivore. Alaric explains the dangers they face, and that he is finally being honest with the students and will not lie about what lies ahead for them. Alaric takes over control of the situation from Sheriff Machado through the compulsion put in place previously.

Later on in the day, Alaric asks for Mac's help finding some of the students, particularly Hope and Landon, who both have gone missing. Suddenly, Alaric realizes that the change felt earlier was the transportation of Hope and Landon to a Prison World.

In This is What It Takes, Alaric is surprised and confused when Hope arrives at the Salvatore School claiming to know about the supernatural community, particularly about the existence of Malivore. Nonetheless, Alaric agrees to help — and allows Josie to help — Hope return the schools memories of Landon.

Having convinced Alaric that she is a close member of the Salvatore School Group, he accompanies her to find an artifact that grants the user their greatest desire. The shopkeeper is reluctant to hand over the artifact after finding out its purpose, however, and Alaric is forced to subdue Hope after she becomes violent.

When Hope awakes in Alaric's office, he explains that he has been in contact with Professor Vardemus about the therapy box, and that it can be used solo. Alaric is eventually able to convince a reluctant Hope to try out the box in an attempt to find out what happened to Landon.


Alaric talks with Hope by the lake and offers her support.

After Alaric forces the shopkeeper to hand over the artifact, tensions rise when the artifact proves unsuccessful in returning Landon to Hope. This upsets Hope who leaves the room momentarily. Alaric later finds her by the lake and tells her that it is perhaps time to accept the fact that Landon is gone and move on; although it will be hard, Alaric promises that he will support her through the ordeal.

In To Whom It May Concern,

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right,

In Long Time, No See,

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?,

In All's Well That Ends Well,

In You Can't Run From Who You Are,

In I Was Made To Love You,

In One Day You Will Understand,

In This Feels A Little Cult-y,

In A New Hope,

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?,

In You Have to Pick One This Time, Alaric holds an emergency session with Kaleb, MG, Lizzie and Josie. They discuss how they're going to deal with Malivore and particularly how Hope fits into that plan. During the meeting, Hope bursts through and interrupts them, shocked to find a barrier spell over Malivore's cage and they're having a meeting without her. They plan to target Cleo, hoping they can inspire a way for them to free her and, by extension, Landon. MG plans to use his and Kaleb's vampiric abilities to infiltrate Malivore's consciousness. Hope likes the plan, but is confused about why she wasn't told sooner. The consensus is that they know how Hope acts with things when it comes to Landon. They can't have her going off the rails and messing things up. They decide to leave it to a vote.

With a plan set in motion, Alaric, Kaleb, Lizzie and Josie approach Malivore. He's already aware they're planning a head dive, and warns them that since he's aware, they'll be going into his conscious mind. There he'll be able to torture them. Josie is weary and suggests to stop, but Alaric pushes forward. Kaleb suggests to be his wingman, but he's adamant to stick to the plan. Kaleb initiates the head dive and Alaric enters Malivore's consciousness.

Alaric finds himself in a past memory, a fabricated reality within Malivore as opposed to darkness. Kaleb appears and they realize it's the night they met at his old high school, East Point.

Alaric attempts to find a way out but everything is closed off. Kaleb remembers the night, clearly. He caught the winning touchdown and believes he'd be going pro if it wasn't for Alaric finding him and taking him to the Salvatore School. Alaric believes that football would have been the least of his worries, and admits that he's only ever tried to look out for him. A light appears down a vacant hallway and they follow it through to a locker room. Malivore is there, waiting for them. Malivore has seen into their minds and this particular memory doesn't quite match up.

Entering the light, they cross the threshold into a hut and find Cleo and two of her sisters. They're shocked to see them, but Cleo quickly reminds her sisters that she invited her friends for dinner, too. Hope plays nice with Cleo but quickly goes against MG's plan, asking about Landon, despite his warnings. Hope lashes out and they argue until the illusion breaks. The three of them are returned to the darkness.

Both he and Cleo are upset and the latter attempts to walk off. He reminds Hope that this isn't in the playbook, but Hope refuses to sit by and continue to play make-believe anymore. The illusion never lasts and she reminds Cleo that friends do; that they're real and have come to save her. Cleo didn't believe anyone would come for her, but they have. They need her to use her muse powers to lead the way to bring her, and Landon, home. Their attempt, however, is cut short with the arrival of Malivore, as his consciousness has been alerted to the disruption. He quickly sends MG and Hope into another fabricated reality.

Malivore explains that Kaleb did feed, but that was just the appetizer. Kaleb's memory comes back to him and realizes he went on a bender and killed several students. Uncontrollable bloodlust. The event was so traumatic that his mind repressed it. Alaric attempts to help him, and searches for his vervain, but Malivore rewrite the memory. Before he leaves, he tells them that if they die within his consciousness, it will severely damage their mind in the real world.

Alaric tries to talk Kaleb through his heightened bloodlust. Kaleb wonders why he didn't tell him before, but Kaleb didn't need to know. All that currently matters is that he can beat this. Kaleb lasts as long as he can but succumbs to the bloodlust and attacks, though a body throws himself between Alaric and Kaleb. It's Landon in the flesh, so to speak. Landon is fine and Alaric embraces him in a hug. Landon explains that this place was lighting up the darkness like a beacon. With Malivore distracted elsewhere, Landon questions just how long he's been gone.

Leaving the school for the football field, he, Kaleb and Landon catch up on missing events. Kaleb wants to continue to tell him more, Landon reminds him that he can't know since Malivore will know. Alaric assures him that Hope is on the case. Ultimately, Landon believes that as long as he's the only viable vessel, this only ends in two ways. He either dies, or Hope becomes a tribrid. Landon wants them to avoid the latter. Alaric reminds him that if they kill his body, then that would be closing the last door in or out of Malivore. He would be trapped. Landon knows this, but asks Alaric to do it. Their conversation is cut short when a bright white light engulfs them. They've been expelled from his consciousness by Lizzie and Josie. Back in the gym, Hope asks if they found anything out about Landon, but Kaleb tells her they didn't find anything.

Later that night, he and Kaleb share a drink. Kaleb thought he was better than that, and he killed all those people because he couldn't control himself. He reminds Kaleb just how far he's come and admits that is growth. Kaleb attributes that to him, for bringing him to the Salvatore School. He comes to the conclusion that sometimes the truth can do more harm than good, at least until you're ready to hear it. Together, they believe Hope isn't ready yet. Whatever Alaric decides, Kaleb will be right there backing his play.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Alaric is unboxing t-shirts when Kaleb approaches his office. He's upset for having lied to Hope about Landon, again, but Alaric assures him that it's a necessary evil. Kaleb notices the the box and Alaric explain that they're t-shirts for Movie in the Square. Their school still owes community service for last year's football fiasco and he needs him and Lizzie to supervise the students while at the event.

Later, caught up with Hope's plan, she prepares the transfusion ritual drawing out the intricate sigil on the floor. Alaric is concerned that Ryan won't show up, but Hope remains confident that he will. He wants redemption, even if he won't admit it. A short while later, Ryan appears, to his surprise. He's short on cash to cover his medical bill, but admits he hates owing a debt to Hope.

Alaric uses the therapy box for Hope and the others to prepare for the spell, though they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong. Hope can't be the one to perform the spell.

Hope decides to hand over the spell to Josie, though Ryan is immediately concerned. Josie performs the transfusion ritual and Hope sits on the sidelines, talking to Alaric. Hope believes she wouldn't have to put them through any of this if she'd just become the tribrid. She used to think that she'd do anything for Landon, but hesitates on this. Malivore, however, begins to wake from the sleeping spell. Though the spell is complete, Malivore is still possessing Landon.

Alaric and Hope return Malivore to his cage and learn that the transfusion ritual worked, but he was inspired by Cleo. He learned of Hope's plan and instead transferred a dybbuk to Ryan. A dybbuk is a parasitic spirit of Jewish folklore that imbues its host with supernatural strength. Malivore sends the dybbuk to Movie in the Square and reveals that the only way to kill it is to kill the host.

Alaric prepares to go after Ryan, but Hope refuses to kill him. She made a promise. Alaric respects her decision, but he won't let him hurt the people he loves, his daughters or students. Hope decides to veto his decision and casts a sleeping spell on him.

Sometime later, Alaric awakens and MG discovers that Ethan, who was concussed, left. Together, they go searching for him and find him held captive by Malivore. He threatens to kill Ethan and demands to be released. Alaric is forced to do as Malivore asks and releases him and he kidnaps Ethan in the process. With Hope, Lizzie, and Kaleb's arrival, he comes clean about Landon.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, he, Dorian, and Kaleb are listening in on a dispatcher call, hoping that the human locals can find the missing students, though there's been no sign of them. Hope enters his office and confirms that the locator spells haven't worked and Malivore must be cloaking himself. Kaleb wonders what they can do next, but Alaric tells them there's nothing they can do, yet, unless the wolves can pick up a scent and they have to wait. This is a hostage situation because Malivore still has Landon, Cleo, and Ethan. They can't afford to do anything reckless. Hope is still upset that Alaric just let him go and about how he kept the fact that Landon was alive from her. Dorian leaves, but believes that Hope is right. They should have told her. Alaric and Kaleb continue to keep their secrets, but Hope decides to take care of Malivore herself. She telekinetically takes a sword from Alaric's hidden weapons cache and goes hunting herself.

Alaric, MG, Kaleb, Lizzie and Josie, arrive at the packing plant too late. Hope has just killed the newest creature, but all they find on the floor is the missing student, Blake. Alaric briefs Dorian about the dead student while Hope is beside herself for his death. Alaric tries to console her and that she couldn't have known. Hope decides in that moment that she'll become the tribrid before anyone else gets hurt.

Back at the school, Alaric storms after Hope while MG, Josie, Lizzie, and Kaleb listening from afar. Hope is adamant on turning, but Alaric still believes there's another way. Malivore has found a way to turn innocent people into monsters that he can control. Eventually, they'll run out of cages and chains and spells. The longer Malivore remains alive, the more innocent people are in danger. Alaric believes her to still be in shock, but Hope refuses. Alaric would have made this choice a long time ago, but he believes she's not ready. Hope believes he doesn't trust her but he reminds her that she is still her father's daughter, no matter how much power she'll have. Crossing a line, Hope tells him to leave. The choice is hers and hers alone to make. Before leaving, Alaric asks her if she's ready to give up on Landon and Cleo.

Alaric leaves and wants MG, Kaleb, Lizzie, and Josie to reconvene in the library, though only MG and Kaleb follow. He wants them to search the books for anything to remove a magical parasite from its host. They need to find a way to pull Malivore out of the people he's infecting. It's now a race to find a solution before Hope goes through with her plan.

Alaric receives an impromptu visit from Dorian, who was called by Josie. He hands Alaric a folder with names, spells in list form, and blank goodbye letters. Dorian explains that it's his plan for the day of the Merge. He figured that Alaric wouldn't be thinking straight, fighting until the last second should that day come. If the worst happened, they would need a plan, because there are some things that can't be avoided. This is one of those days they've been trying to avoid with Hope becoming a full tribrid. It's happening whether or not he's ready. He questions if he's going to make her face it alone.

Lizzie, Josie, Alaric and others are with her as she's pulled from the prison world, visiting Rafael. They've set up a meal at the Old Mill to spend Hope's last day alive together. Hope accepts the gesture.

Wade and others share stories about Hope, such as she casting a spell on a professor to only speak Sumerian or when she was taken control of by the slug. They enjoy her company and laugh at the various stories. MG asks what she'll miss most. Hope recounts that witches lose their abilities to do magic when they complete their transition. Not being able to cast another spell is something she'd miss, particularly with Lizzie and Josie. Speaking of, they've prepared a spell for the three of them to cast. Alaric approaches them when they've completed the spell. Hope is now ready.

As Hope picks a few photos to keep with her, Alaric explains that her emotions will be on overdrive and she'll be disoriented. Alaric recalls the time she first arrived at the school. She made a painting for him. She wanted to be a part of his family and Alaric tells her that she is. He apologizes for his earlier comments. He's not ready to let her go. In fact, she was right about him. His former self never got to watch her grow up or who she would have become. He respects and loves her dearly. She thanks him and he tells her he has one last confession. The meal and spell was a stall. There's someone that wants to see her; her aunt Freya.

Lizzie sits with Alaric and wonders how long it would take for Hope to wake up. After a few hours, she'll awaken in transition and then she'll need to feed to complete it. Lizzie questions if that is an option she or Josie should consider, believing it would solve the Merge. Alaric believes in theory it would be possible. Lizzie's unsure if that's what she wants, becoming a vampire, but it's an option. The day they're afraid of just might come. Lizzie would like to talk about the Merge more instead of it being a big, unspoken thing and he agrees.

In See You On The Other Side, he, Lizzie, and MG listen to Jed as he explains what Ethan and Kaleb are doing. They're enthralling townies with black goo. They need to save the townies and find a way to bring back Landon and Cleo. Alaric is aware of Malivore's plans to try and split them up and fight on multiple fronts. However, that's exactly his plan; he knows what each of them are capable of doing. Alaric will go to the abandoned train station, alone, and face the townies to rescue Hope. He leaves the other two fronts to MG to lead.

Alaric stalks the train yard and is surrounded by Malivore controlled townies. Not wanting to kill them, he throws down his gun and pulls out a bow staff.

Outside the Train Depot, Alaric successfully incapacitates the townies, though not without injury. Kaleb is his next opponent, and he's been upgraded by Malivore. Kaleb's eyes turn orange, and he breathes out fire.

Alaric takes cover as Kaleb attacks, toying with him. Alaric attempts to reason with Kaleb, since he's still worrying about him. Kaleb instructs him to leave, but Alaric refuses. He tells Kaleb that Malivore has Hope. Kaleb explains that he's the reason why he has her. Alaric continues to put his trust into Kaleb and reassures him that he believes in him. Kaleb doesn't want to do this, here, and Alaric wants him to fight it like his bloodlust. Alaric bets his life on Kaleb as his eyes turn orange, but Kaleb takes control, albeit temporarily. Malivore takes control of Kaleb. Malivore berates Alaric for teaching his students on how to be prey as opposed to predators. It makes his job easy but believes him to be pathetic. Malivore assures him that no one will remember them. Once Hope is dead, he will consume them all except Alaric so everyone will remember him as a failure. As Malivore attempts to kill Alaric, Hope surprises him from behind and stabs him. Hope quips about the dragon's soft spot, but falls to the ground, nearly unconscious. Malivore regains consciousness, learning that Hope's escaped and goes out to the train yard, planning to end her himself.

Alaric crawls to Hope and cuts open his hand attempting to feed her. Hope is awake and stops him, but she hesitates. She doesn't know if she can handle what comes after. Alaric has never seen anything she can't handle and is willing to take the risk if she is. He never wanted it to come to this, but Hope accepts her fate. She takes his hand and consumes his blood, completing her transition. Nature itself signals the birth of the tribrid, the sky turning blood red, thunder and red lightning striking through the sky. Malivore arrives just in time to witness Hope's complete transition. Hope instructs Alaric to take Kaleb back to the school and she'll handle Malivore. He grabs Kaleb and leaves for the school.

That night Alaric waits in the gym as Kaleb revives. Alaric admits that the cage is for safety but Kaleb is feeling like his old self, but believes he's still part dragon. That is unexpected for Alaric, but he tells Kaleb that all the townies are back to normal and they don't remember anything. It's finally over. He tells Kaleb that Landon didn't make it. Kaleb doesn't know what he was thinking, but love blinded him. It's a story Alaric and Cleo know well. Alaric hands Cleo the key to Kaleb's cage.

At the Town Square, Alaric arrives to greet Hope. He's late because he had to make sure the students were safe. Hope asked him not to tell the others he's coming, because she doesn't want them here. She admits that love is a burden and stops Alaric as he tries to comfort her. She thought she was prepared to become the tribrid, to kill Landon and all the emotions it would bring. Alaric does know what she's going through. Her grandmother, Esther turned him into a vampire once and knows how it feels. Hope questions why he never turned it off, but he knows that is never the answer. Hope believes otherwise. Alaric realizes too late that she's already flipped her humanity off. She explains that she did it the moment she stabbed Landon, and admits that it's really working for her. She was so sick of her emotions controlling her and now she's finally free. She warns him to not try to talk her out of it. He wonders why she brought him here. She explains that he's meant to be a message to the others, so they will stay away, too. He doesn't believe they will listen, but Hope's true face appears as she reassures him that she'll make it loud and clear.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, Alaric is taken to Mystic Falls Hospital as doctors perform surgery on him.

Lizzie, Josie and MG attempt to reach him through his subconsciousness, but fail. Eventually, Lizzie and MG are able to dive back into his subconsciousness and find him at Whitmore Medical Center. It's the night Lizzie and Josie were born, on March 15. Alaric finds them and calls out to Lizzie. They rush towards one another and embrace in a hug. MG found him. Given their expressions, Alaric assumes things aren't going so well in the real world. He remembers what happened, but he believes that his life is flashing before his eyes. He admits there haven't been too many highlights but seeing Lizzie, now, is a sight. He asks about Josie, but she wouldn't leave her side. Lizzie wants to go and bring him back with them, but he's not sure he can. Alaric tells her that beyond the door is him holding her and Josie for the first time, and giving them their names. She questions why he's never told them the story before, but brushes off that it was a complicated delivery and thought he would have more time with his daughters. Their time begins to dwindle, as the hallway begins to dim and darken. He fears he's out of time and apologizes to her.

Alaric explains that he wants to apologize to her, and Josie, while he still can, for failing them. All these memories, the school, his whole life after this day became about one thing—protecting the both of them and making sure they remain protected, even after he was gone. That is why he changed his mind about Hope, though he came to realize that if they could have turned out so well, so could she. He imagined a world where they became friends and, even, family where they would protect each other. He believes he's let her down and pleads with her to forgive him. MG, too. MG immediately believes he doesn't have too. He's made plenty of mistakes, but offers his forgiveness freely. Lizzie, however, refuses too. She wants him to forget about walking off into the light and demands him to come back with them and for him to make it up to them and apologize to Josie. But just in case, he apologizes anyway. He's sorry for when he wasn't there for her and her sister, for all the times he prioritized Hope or being headmaster over being their father. For not telling them more often how perfect he thinks they both are in his eyes, and all the flaws that they think they have are what makes them. Ultimately, he's sorry for leaving them in a world more dangerous than before, when all he wanted to do was make it safer. However, he knows they'll figure it out, better than he could. He tells her he loves her and has her promise him that she and her sister will take care of each other, no matter what. Lizzie clings to Alaric as they're engulfed in darkness.

In You're A Long Way From Home, Lizzie prepares the spell to save their father with the other dying man. As she casts the spell, a young woman beats on the locked door, wanting to see her dad. Lizzie tells her just a second and tries to keep going, but her pleas reach Lizzie. The girl wants to say goodbye to her father and Lizzie stops the spell.

In Limbo, Alaric appears behind Landon and the Necromancer, asking if they have room for a third on the boat destined for Peace, despite still being in a coma. His life continues to hang in the balance.

In You Will Remember Me, Alaric enjoys a milkshake with the Necromancer and Landon in the Salvatore Crypt in Limbo. He reviews the rules over limbo with them, and that the only way to get to Peace is if they have a coin, which the only way to get is if he does something good, like reconciling with someone from their past. Landon has a theory that the whole point of Limbo is to atone for the mistakes of your life. Once they've done that, the boat to Peace awaits. The rules of Limbo are funny and the Necromancer questions how they can hold and taste their milkshakes. To Alaric though, that doesn't even matter. After the Necromancer made his way into Limbo, he discovered that it's teeming with scores of lost souls and if Landon's theory is correct, they have numerous people they can help to get coins. Now that they know the rules they can cheat the system. Once they get themselves a third coin, they can leave Limbo, but they can steal the boat and return to the world of the living. Landon questions if something is wrong, if Hope is okay.

In the Town Square, Alaric asks the Merman to forgive him. Seemingly able to communicate with him, the Merman hisses in frustration. Alaric reassures him that he had no idea about the land mine that killed him. If he had, he would have warned him. The Merman spits out water at him and walks off, annoyed. The Necromancer hands him a towel and Alaric questions since when are monsters in Limbo. He's been pondering the same thing while he's been failing. Perhaps they've always gone here, just like them, or it could be a result of Malivore's destruction. Either way, they're not sticking around long enough to find out. The Necromancer points out that he's not excelling at making amends, though Landon appears with Vera Lilien, who isn't particularly happy to see him. She questions Landon about how he can help her.

Alaric talks with Vera, but believes everything to be insane. She questions Alaric if he actually expects her to forgive him for running a supernatural school in their town and not telling any of the people whose lives were destroyed, including her daughter. It's a lot, but he's here to make peace for both of their sakes. She denies him, reminding him that her daughter was eaten by a giant spider. Alaric spins the conversation back to her. He didn't even know she had died. She claims she died of a broken heart, and lung cancer. She questions how he's not in hell, but it's been destroyed. This, however, is their hell. She berates him, asking why he's even bothering with apologizing if he clearly doesn't think he's done anything wrong. Landon believes her point. Alaric quips back at her for her being hypocritical. She is trapped in Limbo because she and her daughter are two of the world's most miserable people. She asks if he's even met his daughter, but Lizzie has nothing to do with it. As erratic and intolerable as she finds Elizabeth, she forgives her. She's only screwed up because he is her father. This realization, however, grants her a coin. Alaric tries to grab it from her, but she snatches it away. He deserves to be trapped here with all of his regret. She asks directions for the boat to peace and Landon points her back the way they originally came. Alaric is mad that Landon took her side, but he walks off to try and find someone else. Turning back to the Necromancer, Alaric exclaims that they're never getting out of there. However, he knows exactly who Alaric needs to talk to — Landon.

Alaric finds Landon back at the Salvatore School, admiring a photo of him and Hope. Landon apologizes, but Alaric tells him there's no need to as the Necromancer pointed out that he is the person he needs to talk to. Landon doesn't understand. He didn't know what he'd get him into when Hope brought him to the school, but he allowed him to stay. Landon explains that his school was his home, the only one he really had. He gave up everything, including his life, for it. Landon doesn't regret it. He was ready to move on to Peace until he showed it. Landon, however, wants to find his way back to Hope to help her. Alaric explains in order to do that, he has to give everything up all over again. Landon believes he thought he had already done enough that his and Hope's choice mattered even though they couldn't do it together. They fought their fate for so long and they fulfilled it. He tells Alaric he has no idea what he's supposed to do now. Alaric tells him he's sorry and pulls him into a hug, gaining his coin to Peace.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, he, Landon, and the Necromancer make their way back to the Ferryman on the dock. He plans to jump the Ferryman as soon as they get on board the boat and get back home. The Necromancer wonders if they can detour and drop him off in Peace, but quickly foregoes the comment. Approaching the Ferryman, he stretches out a hand, seeing what they've come to offer. They each present their coins to him and, in turn, he places each of the coins into three separate jars, pointing to each of them as he did so. Landon's jar however, is much smaller than Alaric and the Necromancer's and he figures they owe more than one coin.

He and the Necromancer drink since they have larger jars to fill with coins. Alaric attempts to justify his actions, believing that each of the lives he's taken had it coming. The Necromancer points out that the system isn't just since Landon is atoning for things that he did while under Malivore's control. Landon appears and tells them they have work to do. All those people in town are potential coins. All they have to do is help them let go of whatever is keeping them from passing over. He believes it comes down to one of three things, usually: parents, sex, and God. They need to figure out their damage and then it's a spiritual jackpot. With renewed spirit, the three of them spread out, determined to go home.

Alaric enters the Salvatore crypt. This is taking far too long and they've got to find another way out of Limbo. Landon questions if there's even another way out, but he has someone with him that can help. The sphinx steps out from behind him. What an unforeseeable surprise.

In The Story of My Life, he, Landon, and the Necromancer are given a new riddle by the sphinx. "If you pray twice a day beneath a false face, you'll be as blue in the face as I am. Who am I?" As they attempt to decipher the riddle, they come up short. The Necromancer berates himself for allowing Alaric to talk him into giving up all their coins for this mumbo jumbo. This is now the second time the sphinx has betrayed him. Alaric reminds him that he was trying to bring about the end of the world the first time. Landon, however, believes the riddle is true, though perhaps not exactly how they expect it to be. While Landon attempts to promote teamwork to figure out the riddle, the Necromancer is too angry with Alaric and decides to take a nap.

Alaric and Landon continue to try and figure out the sphinx's riddle, though Alaric becomes frustrated and decides to give up. Landon attempts to rally him, as this is his plan. The Necromancer believes that Alaric is a gullible moron who's doomed them to remain in Limbo forever. Alaric, more or less, agrees with him and believes this is the fate he deserves. Landon empathizes with him, bouncing around from one foster home to the next. He believed that if no one ever wanted him to stay, then there was something wrong with him. That is until Rafael changed that for him. With the three of them here, their sins don't define them unless they let them. He promises them that they're just one good moment away from believing it. Attempting to join hands, the Necromancer is struck with inspiration. The hands and face of a clock. The riddle is referring to the clock tower in the Town Square.

Within the clock tower, Alaric, Landon and the Necromancer, make their way into an underground bar. Believing that the sphinx has never lied to them, someone here must know their way out of Limbo. At the bar they met a blue-faced man, a jinni. Alaric tells the jinni to hold the drinks as they're going to need three wishes instead.

In Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Alaric and the Necromancer drink and dance with other lost souls in the jinni's bar while Landon sits alone at a table. Alaric wants to toast to themselves for getting themselves out of Limbo, though Landon is less optimistic. Relating to a D&D campaign he played called Falcon's Landing, jinnis, depending on the mythology, are difficult to work with. The jinni appears before the three of them, introducing himself as Zied. He has a contract for the three of them to sign to get their three wishes, one wish for each of them. Zied explains that granting three wishes is a bit of a myth and that the number is entirely up to the discretion of the jinni. Three wishes between the three of them, he believes should be plenty, that is if they use them right. Landon already knows that Zied doesn't want them to use the wishes right and the one from his campaign was a total con man and the three wishes likely come at a heavier cost. The Necromancer reminds him that they don't have any coins, but that's not what Zied is after. After reading the contract, Alaric learns he wants their souls. Three wishes for three souls.

The Necromancer doesn't agree to the terms and conditions of their three wishes. He knew from the start the sphinx would screw them over. Landon questions if the contract says anything about why Zied wants their souls, but all it says is that the contract is "perpetually binding" once they all sign it. The Necromancer refuses, believing that being trapped in Limbo forever is the only thing they can accomplish by themselves. Landon, however, believes they should take the deal despite his earlier comments on Falcon's Landing. The wishes his party campaign made had consequences they hadn't anticipated and before they knew it, they were at each other's throats. Where they went wrong was the thought put into the wording of their wishes. Landon believes that if they had been simple, clear, and concise, they might have made it out of the Landing alive. The jinni used their greed and carelessness against them. The Necromancer isn't so sure. He can recoup coins, but his very soul, as questionable as that is, is not something he's willing to risk. Landon offers a counter offer; they will use their wishes first and should they fail, then he can go last to wish himself to Peace. Zied agrees to the new terms and accepts the signed contract. The Necromancer immediately distrusts Zied for his willingness, believing that he's in league with the sphinx. Alaric, however, believes that he means if souls can just wish themselves back to Peace, then he wonders why this place is so packed. Zied explains that they all want to go back and that is what keeps them trapped here in Limbo. Not the coins, but, perhaps, the fear of the unknown. When push comes to shove, even when Peace is at their very fingertips, it's always something else. People wish for the world and the worldly comforts they know. That's the trap.

After Landon makes the first wish, Alaric isn't sent back with Landon and the Necromancer to the real world. Furious, Alaric fights Zied, repeatedly punching him, though surprised to see Landon and the Necromancer back in Limbo. The Necromancer explained that Zied technically didn't have to, because he's technically not dead. They come to the conclusion that they wasted their first wish. They want to know what game Zied is playing and he offers them all a drink, wanting to explain everything.

The Necromancer, getting frustrated, wants to go ahead and wish himself to Peace, though Landon reminds him he still has the third wish. Based on what they now know, Alaric's wish has a lot to accomplish. It's got to bring their souls back from Limbo, put them back into their bodies, two of which are dead, one of which is alive, and somehow has to bypass the Ferryman's powers so we don't just end up back in Limbo. Alaric has also noticed that Landon seemed pretty shaken up after they returned and questions what else has happened back in the real world. Landon holds on to the secrets and tells him that it can wait. Alaric decides to finish his drink and tasks the two of them to talk to the other patrons, to see if they can figure out how to beat Zied's game.

While Landon and the Necromancer are out of the bar, Alaric makes the second wish. After they return, Landon notices that the Necromancer's eyes has begun to change colors. Alaric wished for him to become "the Necromancer" once again.

Back at the crypt, the Necromancer fights his darker impulses. Though apparently rotting, he is furious with Alaric. He doesn't understand how he would betray him and then believe he would do as exactly as he said. He believes that the Necromancer can bring him and Landon back to life and leaving him to use the third and final wish to reach Peace. He threatens to just use his wish right now, but doesn't know why he won't. Alaric believes it's because he's changed, just like when he sacrificed himself for his students. Alaric explains that if there was any other way, he would have wished for it, but his powers are the only thing that can bring them back to life without the Ferryman interfering. The Necromancer makes them leave the crypt, telling them he needs time to concentrate to do the spell.

Alone with Landon, he confronts him about the secrets he's keeping. Landon decides to explain why he's keeping them, rather than tell him. He admits that he was afraid of what he'd do. Not that it matters, as he still screwed things up. Alaric reminds him that he came clean about Hope and since then everything that has followed has been a series of increasingly risky, desperate moves. Ultimately, Landon tells him that the secret is not just about Hope, but Lizzie and Josie as well. The Necromancer emerges from the crypt back to his former self. His problem is solved, and just the beginning of theirs. Though he's grateful to be back, he won't be resurrecting them. He'd rather use the final wish to punish them. However, Landon comes clean and explains that if he wanted to torture them, then he would send them back home.

The Necromancer laughs at the surprising new developments to Alaric's life in the mortal world. One daughter is an undead hybrid, the other has left, while Hope has turned into a villain like her father. Landon reasons that if the Necromancer returns them, they'll be heading back into their worst nightmare, plus he gets to keep his wish to break his contract with Zied. Alaric can't believe that Landon has kept this from him, though believed that if the Necromancer could change, so could he. However, the Necromancer believes one thing that Limbo has taught them. It's that we are who we've always been. The Necromancer decides to return Alaric and keep Landon in Limbo. The Necromancer believes that it's perfect. Alaric goes back and fails everybody again, but racked with guilt all the while, knowing that Landon's genuinely decent soul is trapped in Limbo with him, forever. Alaric doesn't like it but Landon wants him to prove them both wrong, to work with his students and save Hope. With his final words, the Necromancer returns Alaric to the mortal world, waking up from his coma.

Alaric stumbles out of this bed, though Wade finds him and helps him recover. Alaric doesn't understand why he's here, though Wade explains that Kaleb was his emergency contact and the hospital called the school. He has been monitoring all of the school's phones in his absence. Kaleb is out parking his car and explains that a lot has changed at the Salvatore School. Alaric already knows and will explain once Kaleb arrives.

In Was This the Monster You Saw?, getting ready to leave the hospital, Alaric is released, though the nurse tries to convince him to stay a bit longer. MG is already there and presents him with a specially crafted cane and they embrace in a hug. Alaric, however, winces due to the pain of his still recovering body. Alaric thought Kaleb was supposed to pick him up, but MG explains that he was told by Kaleb that Landon had asked him to change how he will do things while they're in this crisis. MG is his new accountability buddy. Alaric accepts, so long as it doesn't interfere with him helping his daughters.

Arriving at the Salvatore School, the would-be surprise party is crashed by Hope Mikaelson. Joining him and MG in his office, Hope has a problem that also involves the school, beyond Alaric's cane issue. Alaric notes that his body and brain are still having trouble synching up because of what she had done to him. His doctors said he's lucky to even be walking. If he could, he'll probably try to kill her for murdering Lizzie. Hope, however, corrects him. It's attempted murder, considering she transitioned into a vampire. Hope also admits that she may have accidentally started a chain of events that has led to the gods returning to our world and she's pretty sure those gods want her dead. MG wants to know why this is their problem, and Hope questions his presence. Alaric explains that he is his accountability buddy, suggesting that she should get one. The way she sees it, this is no different than when Malivore came into their lives. Alaric believes that he shouldn't have involved his students, but Hope now needs an army to face the gods and these students are the only ones with the skill set. Alaric tells her that he's done making the decisions alone and defer the decision to them. Hope demands for him to be an adult and make them do whatever he wants. Hope turns to MG, trying to sway him to her cause. MG doesn't believe her to be right and she's given them more than enough to worry about. Changing tactics, she tells them that her god problem is also their Lizzie problem.

While Hope addresses the remaining squad members, he and MG attempt to listen from outside the Great Hall. After some time, Hope bursts out of the room, hitting Alaric and MG with the door. They've told her "no". If Alaric was so concerned with his daughters, then he should have taken matters into his own hands, like she has just done. She shows them Ben's bangle, though it's broken in half and the spell that protected him is now gone, which means something very scary should be making its way to the school. She believes that if she can prove to them that they can't beat a run-of-the-mill monster without her, then they'll take her deal.

Though he had left, Ben returned to the school with an unconscious Jed mumbling about Trey and his father. Hope reiterates to Alaric that it's time for him to man up and make the squad accept her proposal otherwise Jed will only get worse. Alaric asks Ben for another description of what attacked him and Jed. It was unlike anything he's ever seen before and admits that he would have let it consume him, if he wasn't for Jed. MG and Wade return with a picture book of a clown, asking if this is what attacked him. Ben confirms that it was. Ben questions how one kills a clown. But Hope quips that they don't because she will. Ben confronts Hope about being the one to hurt Jed and employs Dr. Saltzman to let him leave to protect the school. Hope, however, has trapped them all within the ground with a barrier spell and are stuck with the school. Ben reminds her that he's impervious to magic and she cannot hold him here. Hope has another plan and vamps to Ben and breaks his neck. Ben collapses to the floor dead, leaving Wade, MG, and Alaric surprised.

With a description of the monster, Alaric searches through texts when MG approaches him. Alaric believes he's found the monster, thanks to MG and Wade's help. He explains that the first clowns originated from Egypt and were essentially priests that had the ears of the kings, metaphorically. When the Romans plundered Egypt, they brought back more than obelisks and Cleopatra and the book he's reading from had recorded the history of a Roman village. That village used an effigy of a clown to confess all of their sins during an annual harvest festival where they'd burn the effigy down believing that it would destroy all their misdeeds along with it. That is until a conscripted Egyptian witch cast a spell bringing the effigy to life to punish the villagers for taking her away from her home. MG questions how Hope can kill it, but Alaric wasn't aware that they were accepting Hope's deal. Alaric offers him a seat next to him and explains that the bite from this Protoclown would poison the villagers. It would force them to confront the memories of the worst things they'd ever done, so that they could be redeemed, or die by being stubborn. Again, MG questions how this changes things. Alaric believes they can use this monster to help turn Hope's humanity back on and asks whether or not MG agrees with him.

With vervain out of his system due to his hospital stay, MG compels him to remain inside the school when he enacts his plan to confront Hope using the Protoclown. Stuck inside, he watches over Jed, still suffering from the clown's poison, and Ben's corpse. However, he soon hears Cleo calling out and leaves to investigate.

Alaric finds Cleo trapped in a cell. She explains that Kaleb was supposed to be but when MG came to them with a plan to take on Hope, he didn't believe her to be so powerful anymore. That was also Alaric's plan, but MG felt the same about him and compelled him to stay in the school. MG didn't want to be accountable for him getting hurt again, meaning they're going to face the clown without them. However, they hear the clown's laughter, meaning it's inside with them. Cleo wants him to free her, but he believes that she's safer inside the cell where she can't be reached by the clown. Despite not knowing how to kill it, he wants to try it even though he's weak. Cleo reasons with him. Everyone may think they're weak, but they're only weak if they believe it and asks him to unlock the door again.

Following Cleo's advice, Alaric comes up with a plan. Alaric sits in the library scribing sins and balling up the pieces of paper in the middle of the floor. The protoclown finds him, but instead of attacking him, begins to consume the pieces of paper. Alaric admits that this plan was more of a group effort, and he's had some help. Cleo appears behind the clown and stabs him in the head with Alaric's cane, the end of which was a frozen blade. Cleo comments that he's the one who guessed that a frozen blade would kill it because being born by a fire means death by the opposite. He thanks her for the advice.

With the clown destroyed, Alaric pours himself a drink with Hope mocking his accountability. He questions why she's still here. She figured she'd give him one last chance to save the world, now that his "Jiminy Cricket" is gone. In a way, she was right. He is the adult and it means having to tell kids like her things like this. They don't need her, but they want her here, because they still believe the real her is still there. She agrees if his students follow her order, but he refuses. They will work with her and not for her; that is their deal and she can take it or leave it. Hope doesn't have another choice and eventually accepts.

In The Only Way Out is Through, the Salvatore School begins a new day. MG comments to Alaric how weird everything feels so normal. Hope's been at the school for about 12 hours and hasn't put anyone into a coma yet. Alaric is less optimistic, believing the other shoe will drop. MG believes that Hope's humanity is flickering and they could perhaps nudge it along, perhaps with a profound emotional discovery. They intend to use the Therapy Box, but Hope has beaten them to it and smashed the box with a hammer. Hope has another plan, specifically developing a battle plan against the gods. Alaric reminds her that they know nothing about fighting gods, but Hope has already taken the liberty of inviting Professor Vardemus to the school.

Rupert has come with a new device, a Manticulum of his own design. He explains to Alaric, MG, and Wade that it uses algorithmic magic to calculate probabilities. MG specifically wonders how it will help them fight the gods, but Hope explains that, on its own, it can't. She intends to use Wade and run it like a super-accurate D&D campaign while the manticulum will tell them the outcome of any attack or defense. All they need to do is encode their powers into the device.

Professor Vardemus summons a battlefield for their practice session while Hope's humanity continues to appear to her. Rupert explains that vampires can move across the board in one turn and the speed of the gods varies. He has four hidden figures covered in sheets. He took the liberty of creating some automatons for the purposes of their game, using magic to sculpt them. The four automatons are Aurora, Jen, Ken, the father of an entire family of gods, and Lizzie. While Alaric is sure that Lizzie wouldn't fight against them, Rupert explains that to be sure of victory, they must plan for the worst-case scenario. Lizzie is a wild card. Wade comments that he's scored her loyalty to the gods pretty low, and believes that she can still be flipped back to their side. For the game, the two sides will alternate turns, with the Manticulum declaring success or failure of the moves based on the scores they've fed it. Rupert offers to Hope to draw to see who makes the first move. Her humanity appears, offering for her to take the left handed one. Hope, however, goes right and wins the first move.

Alaric and the others proceed with their simulation. Alaric believes that if they could talk to Lizzie, they can flip her back to their side. He believes their first move is getting her to safety. Her humanity tells her that she should listen, and though she believes they would be wasting their first strike, she goes with it. MG vamps to Lizzie though the manticulum calculates that Aurora would attack and kill him. His death turns Lizzie back to their side and she attacks and kills Aurora in a rage. Ben explains that Ken would attack Lizzie and she'd die. With her death, their probability of success drops to zero percent and they lose. Rupert finds this situation fascinating. As soon as Lizzie died, there was simply no move they could make that would lead to victory. He presumes there's a reason she is invaluable to winning. Hope now believes they have to save Lizzie first and wants to run the simulation again.

Rupert and the others run through several more simulations, each time they fail against the gods. Hope's humanity tells her she's going about it all wrong because they've already lost before they made the first move. Analyzing their enemies, Hope realizes the problem is that they're going first. They're facing them all at once and they should be forcing the gods to fight them. Hope declines the first move and Ben sends in Aurora to attack Hope first. Hope creates a barrier that throws Aurora off her feet. Hope sends in Kaleb, using his dragon fire. Aurora is killed and Hope has MG vamp to Lizzie. Ben has Ken attack MG, but Wade reads from the manticulum that he's just fast enough to save Lizzie.

Hope has rejoined the others with Ken, the last remaining on the field. Alaric thinks this is the point that Hope steps in, but Hope would rather send in her pawns first. Hope sends in Kaleb though Ben states that Ken would strike with lightning. Wade concludes that he dies. MG attacks next, though, again Wade explains that he dies. Ben advances Ken to Hope, who sends in Cleo. She too dies. Hope steps up to face Ken, though when pressed about the outcome, Rupert states that the manticulum calculates that she will still lose.

Running through another simulation, Hope has everyone attack Ken. Wade reads off the probability; they all die, but they do real damage against him. She moves in to attack next, though Rupert tells her that she's still not enough and he defeats her. Hope's humanity questions if she needs her help and she barks back, telling her to shut up. The others look at her, questioning the outburst. Hope wants more cannon fodder, questioning how many students there's at the school. Kaleb, however, is finished with the simulations. She's been running them into the buzz saw all day like they're expendable, citing that she only cares about herself. He declares this version of her isn't worth dying for and walks out with the others.

Rupert joins Alaric who asks about Lizzie during their last meeting. Rupert explains that she seemed lost, that recent events left her adrift since all the people she counted on the most to help her suddenly weren't there for her. Alaric thinks that this should have been their fight to begin with. They're still all kids dealing with more than they should. Rupert has a different take. Every generation makes a mess of it and has to pray the next generation can break the pattern, save the world. He knows that these students are extraordinary and if anyone can find their way, they can, including Lizzie. Hope comes out the door. She knows what they have to do next. This time, she wants to run the simulation again, except with her humanity.

As Hope runs through another simulation, Alaric and the other come to her side; Kaleb, MG, and the others taking the next hits for her. Wade has adjusted the stats, though doesn't see how this is much of a battle upgrade, though Rupert believes much remains to be seen. Listening to her humanity, Hope wouldn't send everyone in to weaken him. She'd put herself in danger first because she can take it. She can hold the line for as long as she can, giving them the best chance. She attacks Ken alone. Wade tells her that she does damage to Ken, but he's still standing. Ben believes that his father would call down lightning. Rupert tells her that she's wounded and her life force is down to 70%. Hope continues to attack, drawing his fire, distracting him. Ben's father keeps striking and she's hit again. Her life force drops to 40%. Hope moves into close-quarter combat, inside the reach of his lightning. Wade tells her that her blows do damage, but she's too weak to block his attacks, dropping her down to 30%. Wade tells her that she has to get out of there, but Hope refuses to run. Her vision begins to blur at 20%, but she gets back up. Rupert tells her she has one move left. Kaleb, Jed, MG, Ethan, and Cleo come to her side, taking the next hits for her.

Wade tells them that they score another hit on Ken, but he's confused about what's changed. Rupert believes that Hope is giving them all courage, a belief they can win. Ben believes his father will retreat and ultimately they win, attacking as one. Her humanity tells her that they can win, all she has to do is just turn it back on. She wants her to let her out before she loses control. Hope closes off her humanity once again. All of this isn't real, it's just a stupid game. They're all pathetic and just little boys role-playing war. She calls them all disposable and that they mean nothing to her. She addresses her humanity, calling her a liar and a martyr. The others look on, confused about who she's talking to. Her powers continue to grow unstable, enough that she tells them that they need to do something because she's about to kill them all. She pleads with someone to take her out and Alaric breaks her neck.

Alaric watches over Hope contained in a cell. He's talking to someone on the phone. On the other side, he tells the person that he's glad they've called but he's heard nothing from Lizzie. He believes they and MG are right about Hope and she's close to regaining her humanity. He encourages that whatever they're planning, now, is the opening they've been waiting for.

In Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found, MG finds Alaric on the floor. He fell trying to take a couple of steps without his cane. He asks about "Operation Humanity" and MG confirms that Hope is out under a spell. They'll know the outcome when she wakes up. Given his physical limitations, he'll hold things down while MG talks with the squad about what's to come. That, however, is the very reason he's come to talk to Alaric. He doesn't know how to prepare them for a war with the gods. Alaric wants him to convince them not to fight. The scenarios they ran with Professor Vardemus made it painfully clear that they were likely to suffer some casualties. Though he can accept it if it's himself, he doesn't want to lose a single student in this battle who is not fully aware of the risks. He tells MG that if anyone's still on the fence, now's the time to push them off into safer pastures. MG agrees and questions if he's okay alone. Alaric is, and he has an old friend stopping by for some advice. After MG leaves, he pulls out the prism and a bottle of bourbon.

Alaric uses the prism to summon a manifestation of his subconscious–his former Hunter. His subconscious believes that bringing him here was pointless. His daughter is a vampire, and, if it were up to him, she'd be dead. However, Alaric reasons that if that were true, then the school wouldn't exist. He believes that if he's going to lead them in a war against the gods, he needs to make sure he's looked at every play on the table. That there isn't some ruthless angle that his Hunter instincts sees, that he doesn't. The Hunter part of him tells him there's nothing he can do and his students will be wiped out, and he'll die. The only thing his subconscious can now relate to him is that he's still a drunk. With his innermost thoughts revealed to him, the manifestation disappears.

Later that night MG comes back to him in his office. He's emptying out his liquor cabinet. MG assumes that whoever stopped by made an impact. Alaric has also shaved and tells him that he hopes to never see him again and asks how things went with the squad. MG tells him that no one's leaving. They trust them to lead them into battle, if it comes to that. While Alaric might trust himself to lead them, he's never stopped trusting him. MG doesn't believe the sentiment because he doesn't know if he can fight against Lizzie if she stays on the wrong side.

A knock rings out on the door and MG and Alaric turn to find Lizzie and introduce Jen to them. Jen has convinced her to come home and talk, though immediately believes it was a mistake and wants to leave. Alaric tells her no and has MG help him to her and the two of them embrace her in a hug. Lizzie believes she's done something really bad.

In I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You, Alaric brings Lizzie her breakfast, though she's hiding from the world and her problems. He's brought her Belgian waffles, explaining that she's going to have to face the world at some point. Lizzie doesn't want to face anyone, but Alaric tells her that the lack of communication is half the reason they're in this mess and that's no longer an option. He explains that he's been doing some thinking in Limbo, something that Lizzie's not aware of due to the lack of communication. He wants to do better, starting now. Though she feels they'll regret this personal growth, she shows him her arm. Her brand is gone, which means either Aurora found a way to undo the spell, or the purpose of their covenant has been completed and someone raised a god. She tells her father that it's all bad and talking about it isn't going to help because no one will understand how everything just snowballed. Alaric assures her that they'll work on the god stuff but encourages her to talk to someone, even if it's not him.

Alaric requests for Jen to see him with Cleo, Kaleb, Ethan, and Jed in attendance. He hands her Cleo's drawing, inquiring if this looks like her father's handiwork. Lightning, fire, death, and destruction. She confirms that it is, though questions where they got the drawing. Cleo explains that she got a vision and Jen assumes that her half-brother, Ben, had awoken her father. Jed defends Ben, as they don't truly know if he's involved. Alaric points out that they do know this is the second piece of evidence pointing to Ken's arrival. They have to assume the worst and come up with a plan to save the school. Jen is sure they can't. Cleo is obviously an oracle and they see things that will happen. Even though she can see the future, she questions if she can't change it. Jen denies that she can. Regardless of what's to come, they have to try. Alaric instructs Jed to take Finch and clear out the school. Jed questions about saving Ben, but Alaric defers him, citing they need to focus on one crisis at a time. He wants Ethan to find MG and evacuate the town and Kaleb offers his assistance too. Cleo doesn't want him to go, but he reassures her that they'll make their own future.

Outside, a crack of thunder and a crash of lightning rings out over the grounds. Ken has arrived at the school. With a booming voice, he demands for them to hand over his traitorous daughter. If they refuse to hand her over, they'll all die. Alaric, Ethan, and MG discuss their options. Alaric refuses to hand her over and sends Jen away to the werewolf bunker until they come up with a plan. Ethan tells him that they're not in fighting shape–Jed is holding off Ben, Kaleb's still healing, and the last jump he did really took a lot out of him. They need Hope. Their timing is perfect with the arrival of Hope and Lizzie. Hope knows what she must do knocks out everyone in the school with a sleep spell.

Later that night as Lizzie recovers in her dorm room, he watches over her by her side. She's scared him, but notes that the school is still standing, so that's something. She asks about Hope and he tells her that she's resting. She can't rest because all of this is her fault. She spent all day hiding from that instead of owning it and apologizes to him. She needs to find a way to make it up to him and everyone else. Alaric offers her some advice. As somebody who's made their fair share of mistakes, he believes that the trick to atonement is to ask the people that you've wronged how to earn it, instead of deciding for them.

In Into the Woods, Alaric visits Ben in the werewolf transition space, the former thanking the latter. Alaric tells him not to thank him yet because he's betrayed them and raised a god he claimed to hate. Ben truthfully tells him that he does hate his father and that he was a fool to think that he could save the school from his wrath or free Jed of his curse. Alaric questions why he did it, though all Ben can say is, he thinks, for love. That is something that Alaric can understand and asks why he wanted to see him. Ben wants to find a way to atone for his mistakes, if that's even possible. Given his recent conversations with his own daughter, he'd be a hypocrite if he didn't believe that. With this, Ben offers to help kill his father. Alaric assumed that he couldn't die, much like Ben himself. That's not exactly true as only a god can kill another god. This revelation sounds awfully convenient and, perhaps, a lie just to get out of the cell. Ben pleads with him. When he first came to the school, he had to find a way to trust them and now they must do the same. The reason is desperation. Ben tells him that if he has a better plan, then to pursue it, but his father is as predictable as he is cruel. He believes he will be back to get what he suspects he wants.

Alaric speaks with Professor Vardemus over the phone and thanks him for his expertise. Before he ends the conversation, he asks about Ben's plan and what it would mean for him. He believes that his father will return to the school and take another shot at Hope and if he does, they need to be ready since Hope's still recovering.

With his questions answered, he returns to talk with Ben. He fears he must be losing his mind because he thinks Ben was telling the truth. Professor Vardemus thinks that siphoning the magic from him and weaponizing it against his father could work. Ben questions the hesitation, asking for him to be released. Professor Vardemus also thinks that in doing so, it would kill him because it's the same magic that allows him to die and resurrect. If they were to siphon it there's a very good chance that all of his organs would fail. What Alaric waits for now is for him to convince him that he didn't already know that.

Alaric doesn't understand Ben. Just yesterday he sold them out for a crappy cause and today he's willing to die permanently. Ben admits that every one of his countless deaths has been for nothing. If this final one means the end of his father and that Jed could be safe, he's willing to do it. Alaric sees that Ben has it bad for Jed and tells him that martyrdom rarely works out the way people who sacrifice themselves expect it to. Ben believes that he's allowing his students to do just that, however, Alaric believes there to be a difference. In his experience, if something's worth fighting for, there's always a chance that you'll win. Ben thinks that is either optimistic or delusional. Alaric was, until recently, cynical and disillusioned and the old version of him would definitely take Ben up on his offer, but he's beginning to like the new him much better. Ben wonders what he intends on doing with him. Odd are it's still going to die, but if he wants to get back at his father and atone, he employs him to use his powers to fight with them and opens the cell.

Alaric and Ben use the manticulum to test more battle scenarios with a chest board. Their latest move, though bold, ends in Lizzie's death. Hope wakes and points out they're not using their queen, which is a big mistake. She's the most dangerous piece. Alaric notes that she wasn't on the board, but it's good that she's awake now. He tells her that Ben's on their side now, though he leaves at Alaric's behest. Hope assumes things are going just as good as the last time, and while Ben does slightly enhance their chances, it's still not great. She tells him that Landon says hi, learning she was in Limbo. It's a long story but the moral of which is that there are some battles they can't win alone. Alaric places the queen back on the board, glad to have her back. The next move is hers.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Alaric calls together a squad meeting with Lizzie, MG, Jed, Hope, and Ben in attendance. Thanks to Cleo's vision they know that Ken is planning an attack on the school, but the good news is they get to choose the field of battle. With a map and chess pieces they strategize their battle plan. Hope knows he's after her and she'll draw him to a field. Ben points out that the tree line will prevent him from using lightning strikes. Hope also has a backup plan. Should they fail, they'll have a fallback. Jed questions if she thinks they're going to lose but Hope believes they won't. Either way, they need to stop him. Alaric continues to explain how Ben told them about a mixture the Spartans used to harm the gods."White fire and brimstone," otherwise, phosphorus and sulfur. If they can rig the whole meadow for a chain reaction and get Ken in the middle, the explosion will likely incapacitate him. While Cleo gets more intel, Alaric instructs the witches and vampires to get the minerals.Ben will show the wolves how to set up the bomb before they have to report to the bunker for the full moon. Jed questions why they're trusting Ben again and Alaric explains that he's proven to him that he's on their side. Lizzie figures out that whoever triggers the explosion, they're not likely to get clear in time, even at vamp speed. Hope confirms her suspicion and MG wonders who will do that. Hope refuses to give an answer, just that she's working on it. Ben offers that perhaps Ethan could use his powers, but Lizzie only tells them that he can't. MG continues that they can't offer an explanation until they talk to him about it first. With the meeting over, Alaric retires to his office, but Hope has something else for him to do.

Outside, he trains with Hope; she instructs him to keep his weight back because he can't pivot like he used to. Alaric retorts that he can't do much of anything like he used to. Hope reminds him that's why they're here. As they go again, Alaric collapses to the ground. Hope offers a hand, but he hands her his training batons. Had she quit on him during their training sessions, he would've gotten a quote from "The Art of War". Alaric gets up off the ground and though he appreciates her efforts, they both know where things are heading. He questions if she ran every part of her plan through the Manticulum and wants to know what it said when asked about the last move. However, he already knows. She didn't ask that because she didn't want to hear the answer but he knows it has to be him. Hope immediately refuses, but to him, it's the only part that makes sense. He won't be useful in any other part of the fight. Hope knows this because she's the one who put him in that position. Hope can't let something worse happen to him because of her, that's not fair. Alaric tells her that none of what's coming is fair and that's what Landon was trying to tell her. She has to stay alive, but not everyone else will. The more she keeps avoiding that truth, the more people she puts at risk. Hope believes she's doing the opposite, but Alaric explains that she's not. She's using the explosion as the fallback plan and she's on defense, when that should be their first, best option. If they do that, they're guaranteeing that someone's going to die. Alaric poses the opposite. Should it work, they could save many more lives. Just because everyone keeps telling her that she needs to accept death, doesn't mean she has to choose it. Alaric wants her to prove it, to use the Manticulum and ask the question.

Later, he's called into his office by Hope. He assumes he's right about her plan and Hope confirms that their best chance is triggering the god bomb up front. Alaric knows this isn't going to be easy for her and she's experienced more loss than anyone her age should ever have to. He's lost people he's loved in every way imaginable–long and drawn out, sudden and unexpected. None of them are good. He tells her that the worst is when you have regret. When you were unable to say the things that you needed to say. The rest you can't control and you have to make the most out of the time you have left together. Hope tells him that he'll have to take his own advice. She explains that he was right about the strategy, but wrong about who should trigger the explosion. It's not him, but Lizzie. It makes sense. If Lizzie can siphon Ken at the exact moment of explosion, she can weaken him. Maybe even kill him, if they're lucky. Lizzie is a hybrid and she has the best chance of surviving, admittedly, it's not really much of one. Alaric is silent and reads through the Manticulum output. He's at a loss for words but refuses to accept this. She can't ask her to do this, but Hope already has. Before she gave an answer, she needed to call her mom and Josie to decide. Alaric tells her there's no need, because he's telling her what she's deciding. Hope reprimands him, telling him this is not his choice. It's Lizzie's and deep down, he knows that. This is his daughter, but Hope retorts that everyone here is someone's son, someone's daughter, or father. Winning is how they save as many people as possible, and Lizzie is their best chance. Lizzie interrupts their conversation and asks if Alaric can give her a minute to speak to Hope and he leaves the room without a fight.

Eventually agreeing with Hope, he and the other students prepare a pre-victory party in the Grand Hall, they' surprising Lizzie and Hope. He's figured they could use a little pick-me-up and spend some time making memories with the people they love.

Stepping aside from the party, Alaric talks with Lizzie. He's not going to talk her out of it. She has too much of her mother, both of them, in her for that. He did, however, want something else. One of these days, she's going to have the most obnoxious, beautiful, and expensive weddings, ever. He was just thinking, instead of waiting, maybe they could have that father-daughter dance now, just in case. Lizzie accepts and they share a dance.

Rejoining the party, he stands in the crowd as Hope prepares a speech. Though this is hard for her, she just wanted to take a moment to say how much they all mean to her. She's a better person because of their friendship, love, and their belief in her. It's been the honor of her life to fight by their side. Hope wants everyone to raise a glass, to make a toast to the families that they've made.To the people that their families help them become. She's sure they're going to win.

In This Can Only End in Blood, Alaric watches over Hope's body as she performs an astral projection spell to meet Ken. After she wakes, he asks how it went, and she confirms that Ken has taken the bait. Now it's time for them to go to war.

Alaric approaches Cleo in the art room, thinking she'd like to go to Kaleb's vigil; she doesn't. Lighting candles and sharing stories will not help him or them for that matter. Alaric notices that she's packing a bag, and knows she has other plans. Guilt ridden, she explains that it was her decision that cost Kaleb his life, but Alaric tries to reason with her. His death was at Ken's hand. Cleo, attempting to leave, explains that he will pay dearly for it. Alaric blocks her path, telling her that he's already lost one student and doesn't want to lose another. Cleo reasons with him to let her go because while the school is fighting Ken, she'll make sure that no other god can do something like this again. Alaric uses his own experiences and attempts to get through to her. Revenge feels good for a brief moment, but it won't bring Kaleb back and it won't make her miss him any less. Cleo thanks him for the advice, noting that she'll be certain to enjoy that moment. Cleo walks past him as he's unable to persuade her to stay.

As the battle draws near, Alaric and Hope discuss their plan in the meadow. When Ken arrives, she'll need to keep him busy until Lizzie can vamp in, siphon him, and trigger the explosion. Best-case scenario, it results in his painful and permanent demise. However, should he survive, then Jed and Ben will lead the vampires and the werewolves out of the woods to finish him off. Hope points out that just leave him and he assures her that he'll hang back and support them with cover fire, so long as his leg holds up. They're as ready as they'll ever be, though there's just one final thing. He pulls her into a hug and she hugs him back. The sky darkens and thunder rolls through the clouds. Hope tells him to get into position as the show is about to start.

As Ken subverts this plan, Alaric, MG, and Lizzie rush through the trees. Lizzie remarks that these woods are about to be crawling with carnivores foaming at the mouth for vampire meat. She and MG need to get away from there. Alaric points out that if any of the vampires are bitten, it could cause a chain reaction, sending them all into a feeding frenzy, putting everyone in danger. MG has another idea, though it's risky. They need to get the wolves to safety by leading them to the tunnels beneath the school where Lizzie can trap them with a barrier spell. Lizzie questions who will be bait, but MG doesn't respond. She refuses to allow himself to be bait, to put himself in danger like that. MG points out that she's bait for their plan against Ken, and Alaric intercedes and tells him to do it. They have to protect the greatest number of students. While they handle the wolves, he'll get the vampires inside. A wolf breaks the tree line, snarling. Alaric raises his crossbow, telling the two to get to the tunnels that he'll hold it off since he's not after him. MG and Lizzie vamps away and Alaric takes aim. He pleads with the wolf to not make him do this, but the wolf has no reason. The wolf lunges for Alaric and he releases the bolt.

Shortly thereafter, Alaric covers the body of the slain student, having reverted back to their human-form. Ben approaches him from behind as Alaric discovers that his wounds aren't healing. Ben believes that his father has altered his curse and has made him mortal. Alaric assures him that the witches can heal him and attempts to get him to return to the school. Ben refuses to until he sees who lays dead behind them. Ben pushes past him and removes the jacket. Jed lays dead with an arrow in his heart. Ben's spirit is crushed as his cups Jed's lifeless face. Alaric had no choice since he was going after MG and Lizzie. He apologizes as Ben lets out an agonizing scream.

As Ken yells for Hope to come and face, he and Ben take the fight to him. Ben and Alaric stand and face Ken, who accepts to kill them first. Ben states that he'll make him regret all the things he's done today and for all the people that've died because of it. Ken's only regret is not killing him sooner. He launches the arrow back at Ben, but Alaric jumps in front of the arrow, taking it in the shoulder. The two amuse him; a mortal and a former half-god. Ken calls out to Hope, questioning if this is the best she's got to offer him. Lizzie vamps behind him; she's his next opponent. Facing her, he quips that last time she tried to take his power, she could barely contain it. Vamping to face him directly, she tells him she's been practicing and grabs his hand, siphoning. She calls out to Ben to get her father out of there and to get him help. Ben grabs up Alaric and the two stumble out of the meadow as Lizzie struggles to hold on to Ken who's resisting her.

Alaric, is still alive, rests in the makeshift infirmary. Ben finds him after helping an injured students. Alaric gives him the credit and asks about Ken. Ben confirms that Ken is dead and every curse he's placed has gone with him, so he's luckier than some. Alaric tells him how sorry he is about losing Jed, but Jed approaches them, telling them they don't have too. Alaric and Ben are shocked to see him standing before them. Jed offers Alaric an apology as he was the one who was trying to kill MG and Lizzie. He had to do what he did to protect them and bears no hard feelings. Alaric struggles to stand to hug him, but Ben embraces him instead.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, the Salvatore School holds a memorial service for Ethan on the front lawn of the grounds. Lizzie comforts MG, embracing him in a hug. Hope places a single red rose at an altar with his picture. Cleo finds and embraces Kaleb in a hug. Wade also comforts Pedro with a heartfelt hug. Alaric exits the school and watches over all his students mourning their friend's sacrifice.

Over the PA system, Alaric calls the students to report to the Grand Hall for assembly. Pedro, Wade, Finch, Hope, Cleo, Kaleb, Lizzie, and MG with all of the other students gathered, Alaric thanks them for being there. He begins with how he made Ethan's mother a promise, just like all of their parents when they enrolled, that he'd care for them as his own. However, they're here memorializing yet another student and that is not what the school was meant to be. The school was founded with a single mission: To create a safe space for young supernaturals. He comes to the conclusion that, in reality, it's anything but safe and achieving his mission statement has proven impossible. He declares that he can no longer keep his promise and informs the students that the Salvatore School must close. Murmurs rattle throughout the students and Hope stands in protest, however, it does nothing to sway Alaric. He has nothing more to say, except that he's sorry, and leaves the Grand Hall, leaving Hope, as well as all the others in attendance, shocked.

Hope argues with Alaric in his office, believing he's out of his mind. She goes on to say that he can't make this decision without consulting anyone. Alaric quips that he has, but Hope is offended because he didn't consult her. Had he, she would have told him that they need this place–she needs this place. Out of everyone in the school, Alaric is most confident that she can find a new path. Hope doesn't want a new path, considering she just got back on this one. Alaric has made his decision. This path leads to dead kids and, as a bourbon drinker, just because something feels good doesn't make it right. He tells her that saying goodbye to the school will hurt, but each day, it will get better. If they continue doing what they have been doing, the pain will only get worse. Hope is furious, proclaiming that the school doesn't need to close, just that it needs a headmaster that can handle the pressure. With her peace said, she leaves.

MG gathers Lizzie and Alaric for a meeting. Lizzie interjects, calling him Milton, though he stops her. Milton is a name wielded by bullies or his loved ones–Lizzie and Alaric are dangerously in the middle. MG tells Alaric that he can't close the school and shows them a stack of files. Each file is a person with a life, who needs a home. Lizzie wants him to face the facts as she believes that the school is dangerous for every person in that pile. Every time they solve one problem, another one just pops up. MG believes problems are why they ended up here in the first place–to be safe as the world is not safe for supernaturals. What they have here at the school is a home, a family. Rhetorically, Alaric asks him if he really thinks that he wants to do this because he and Caroline built this school for their daughters. They've all been through too much and they need a fresh start. MG scoffs at that, believing it to be a load of crap. He thinks they're running from grief because they don't want to hurt anymore. He thinks Alaric is making this decision for all of them and that he's doing exactly the thing that he promised Landon he wouldn't do. When Josie left, Lizzie made some bad decisions and reiterates that she'd rather cling onto her than stay at the school to face a life that's different.

Alaric sits in his office and contemplates signing paperwork for the dissolution of the school. While doing school, Hope barges in, questioning if he really had a witch put a barrier spell around his office. He admits that he bribed Pedro with a candy bar, but apparently overpaid considering she was able to get through it. Hope shuts the door with her magic and sits down to talk. He knows she's here to change his mind, but like he's telling everyone else, there's no point. Actually, Hope's come to thank him for helping bring back her humanity. Alaric doesn't take the credit, as it was Josie's idea but Hope already knows. Josie sent the talisman that Hope gifted her to her family in New Orleans and that's how her humanity was able to break through. It's spelled to make quiet things heard. Josie doesn't need it anymore and she asked her to give it to someone who does. Hope decides to give it to Alaric, just in case there's a little voice inside of his head trying to break through the fear. Alaric takes the necklace as Hope leaves his office.

That night, Hope returns to Alaric's office, still insisting that he can't close the school. He tries to interject, but she continues. She knows that things haven't gone the way he imagined, and maybe his mission statement has failed, but she concludes that makes him just like the rest of them. No matter what he founded it for, the Salvatore School is a place for second chances, to not be perfect. She may be the world's only tribrid, but she's still one of countless scared supernaturals around the world who need to be understood. She suggests that maybe their mission statement just needs to change, along with them. She tells him that she's finished and can talk, but not before informing him that he won't be changing her mind about this. He chuckles at her resistance and tells her that it won't be necessary; he's been thinking about the future, too. Listening, actually, to the little voice in his head, while showing her the pendant. She's right. Elated, Hope questions if he's keeping the school open. He responds, telling her yes and no.

On his way to the assembly, he interrupts MG and Lizzie as they're about to kiss. Awkwardly, MG and Lizzie move apart as MG struggles with his words. Alaric looks up at the memorial plaque for Ethan, gives MG a smile, and continues onward into the Grand Hall. MG and Lizzie quickly follow behind.

Alaric addresses the school as they're meeting under happier circumstances. He announces that the Salvatore School won't be closing its doors. The students cheer and applaud the news. However, he continues, he will no longer be their headmaster, much to the students' concerned murmurs. He elaborates that the school's founding purpose was to protect them from the world, but now he believes the world will and must get to know them and their abilities. The truth is, they deserve to be known. With their permission, it would be his great honor to tell those stories by writing the definitive history of the supernatural beings he has come to know. So when that battle comes, they will all be better prepared, armed with the stories of the ones that they love, and those who they have lost along the way. He asks if there are any questions or objections and Wade stands. They probably all have the same question and ask who is going to be their new headmaster. Alaric promises to keep it in the Saltzman name and points to Caroline. The students turn to find her standing at the top of the stairs, admiring them all.

That night, Alaric packs up his Jeep, but not before being stopped by Hope. She thought he was leaving tomorrow, but that's the reason he's leaving now, while everyone's asleep. He's had enough goodbyes in his life, like her. She asks if he's going to be okay, but he turns the question on her. For the first time in a long time, she believes she will. He's happy and it proves that the school wasn't such a failure after all. Tearing up, Hope takes Alaric into a heart-felt hug and thanks him for being the second-best father she could have. In turn, Alaric thanks her for being the third-best daughter. Hope sees him off, as he leaves the Salvatore School.


When introduced, Alaric was a mysterious man who seemed outwardly warm and friendly both with his students, and with strangers. He was quick to give Jeremy a second chance, and immediately started to bond with Jenna. However, this facade showed a darker side, one tinged with guilt and grief. Namely, he carried the burden of the disappearance of his wife and a fierce dedication to discover what had happened to her. He proved to be an intelligent and talented vampire hunter, shown when he killed Logan Fell. However, he was also stubborn and dedicated to finding out what happened to his wife. Namely, he ignored Stefan's warnings to stay away from Damon and attacked him, which led to his first death.

His fixation on Isobel eventually came to pass when he learned of her transformation into a vampire and he managed to let her go, namely after she compelled him to do so, so that he could go along with his life. This allowed him to develop his relationship with Jenna.

Alaric started to warm up to the others and started to form a sort of partnership with Damon as they investigated what happened to Isobel and her connection to John Gilbert. This partnership eventually evolved into a particularly strong friendship, some even considering Damon to be Alaric's best friend, and Alaric as Damon's only friend.

However, after Jenna's death, Alaric was unhinged and started to fall into a state of depression when he was seen drinking away the pain. While he was portrayed as a moderate drinker before the incident, Jenna's death led him to develop a rather severe drinking problem with Meredith Fell calling him a borderline alcoholic. He tried to take care of Elena and Jeremy, but had difficulty living up to the task. This dark part of him was also emphasized due to the many times that he had died and came back to life. It also connected to his suppressed guilt at the way his life had taken and all the pain that had resulted from it which made him fall prey to the darkness within him and turned him into a serial killer.

Alaric's drinking remained a large part of him when he returned from the dead, first as a vampire, then as a human. One of his nicknames was "Professor Bourbon", and Damon, his best friend and drinking buddy, once referred to him as a functioning alcoholic.

Alaric's many deaths and resurrections brought about by the Gilbert Ring eventually caused him to develop a split personality. Each time he died with the ring on, he'd be met by Esther Mikaelson on the The Other Side, and in the brief period before the ring revived him, she would speak with him and nurture his negative feelings toward vampires and how they had affected his life; turning Isobel and killing Jenna. Alaric began to black out and his darker personality would take over, targeting vampires or vampire sympathizers. This Alaric was vindictive, hateful, and militant in his crusade against vampires and anyone who supporting them, not caring if they were once friends or family. He murdered members of the Founder's Council because he thought they were too weak to truly protect humanity from monsters.

This side of Alaric even hated his real self, seeing him as weak and hypocritical, befriending vampires rather than slaying them like he should. This alter-ego did care about self preservation, and would take control if he felt his life was in danger, like when he removed his ring and Stefan nearly killed him to draw him out. The darkness in Alaric's hatred of vampires led to him aligning with Esther when she returned to life, both of them wanting to eradicate the vampire species. This led to her transforming him into an Enhanced Original Vampire, which for a time let his darker side have complete, uninterrupted control.

After Alaric was turned into an Enhanced Original, his darker aspect took complete control, and although now a vampire, was determined to hunt down the Original family and end the existence of vampires, showing that that was all he cared about by agreeing to be desiccated after he had finished his work. His hatred of vampires and vampire sympathizers was just as potent as it had been during his fits of insanity, outing former friends to the Town Council to be hunted down. He also considered his real personality a disgrace, who had befriended the very things that had ruined his life and also was disgusted by ever having been friends with Damon.

Since returning from the Other Side, Alaric seemingly retains his original personality, coupled with his vampiric abilities. He was there for Elena as she grieved the loss of Damon and stood by the rest of the gang as Bonnie and Damon pass on. He admits to Elena that he hates every single part of being a vampire. He drinks from blood bags not from the vein, he seems to not be able to control his hunger when he smells blood.

For unknown reasons, Alaric completely reverted to his original personality when he died. When Bonnie dropped the veil to the Other Side, Alaric retained his vampire powers as well as his personality as if his darker personality simply disappeared when he died. It is possible Esther used magic while encouraging his dark side when he would die with the ring, making it so that after he transitioned his dark side would have full control. As it could have been part of Esther's spell, then it makes sense that he regained his true personality upon death, which would break Esther's tampering with his mind.

Physical Appearance[]

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Alaric can be described as tall, about 6'2 in height, with an athletic build. A handsome man with short, brown hair that is gelled on the top and has blue eyes. He often wears casual clothing, t-shirts, button downs, jackets, jeans, etc. He's mostly seen wearing dark colors, but occasionally wears brighter ones such as pink or white shirts. He appears between the ages of 34-36.

Following the events of See You On The Other Side, Alaric begins using a stylized cane due to crippling injuries caused a humanity-less Hope Mikaelson that caused his body and brain to have trouble synching up. The doctors commented that he was lucky to even walk.


Isobel Flemming[]

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Isobel Flemming is Elena's birth mother and a descendant of Katherine. She is a vampire who was turned by Damon at her own request, and claims to be a messenger from Katherine. She was married to Alaric Saltzman, the history teacher at the high school, but left him when she became a vampire. She dated John Gilbert, Elena's biological father, in high school. Although Isobel tells Elena not to look for any redeeming qualities in her, she regrets that Elena has been drawn into the supernatural world and that Elena is involved with both Salvatore brothers. Because of her desire to keep Elena from staying involved with the Salvatore brothers, she tells John Gilbert to insure both Stefan and Damon are killed along with the tomb vampires and she agrees with John that this isn't the life they want for their daughter. Before she leaves Mystic Falls, she confronts Alaric, telling him she regrets her decision to become a vampire. Isobel then compels him to move on from her.

She returns in season two allegedly to help protect Elena from Klaus, but she really was compelled by him to kidnap Alaric to use him as a host. In their final conversation, she apologizes for everything she put him through and tells him that she will always love him just before she was forced to let Maddox kidnap him for Klaus. Isobel was also responsible for breaking up Alaric and Jenna as she said to Katherine. It was she who asked John to poison their relationship about the truth surrounding her death. John, who wanted his ring back since Alaric had it, agreed to use this to blackmail Alaric out of his ring. She later commits suicide.

Lizzie & Josie Saltzman[]

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The relationship between Alaric's twin daughters, Lizzie and Josie, started when he realized Jo Laughlin was pregnant with them. Shortly after Alaric and Jo's wedding massacre, Valerie Tulle helped Alaric realize that Caroline Forbes was the one actually carrying Alaric and Jo's fetuses, as a surrogate mother. At first, Caroline refuted this to be impossible being she took and failed pregnancy tests, including a failed ultrasound, but Alaric remained optimistic being he was hopeful his twins were still alive. Also, Alaric admitted that Caroline being pregnant was farfetched, but he continued to assist Valerie in trying to uncover the mystery. Valerie eventually lifted the protective cloaking spell (carried out by the Gemini Coven shortly before their demise) and sure enough, Caroline was carrying Alaric's twin daughters. Alaric's fetuses had survived and Alaric was overjoyed. Caroline also accepted responsibility for them as a surrogate mother and as an actual mother. Over the next few years, Alaric raised Josie and Lizzie, along with Caroline. Introducing Lizzie and Josie to their supernatural lives was not easy, but Alaric was determined to assist them, especially with the threat of the sirens and other supernatural forces. As of now, Alaric runs the Salvatore Boarding School, with Caroline, and both of their daughters attend and live together there.

Damon Salvatore[]

"What difference does it make? In the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing that you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock with a birthdate carved into it that I'm pretty sure is wrong. So, thanks friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit."
—Damon to Alaric in Memorial
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Damon is Alaric's best friend. It started out antagonistic towards each other since Alaric knew that it had been Damon who had killed his wife but it later turned out that she wasn't dead and that she had, in fact, been turned into a vampire by Damon. From that point on, they have been shown as becoming closer as they first worked together to rescue Stefan from the tomb vampires' occupied house, then they often team up to fight the usual threats to the town. Alaric is the only one (other than Elena) to call Damon a friend. They are seen often drinking together; it's often seen that they do taunt each other as well though. Throughout the series, they become like brothers. Towards the end of Season 3, Alaric was turned into an Original Vampire by Esther and fed on Bonnie Bennett to complete his transition and then took the White Oak Stake from Bonnie. Alaric died in Damon's arms in the Season 3 finale, moments after Elena's death causing Damon to break down having lost his first real best friend since he and Stefan became vampires. But when Alaric appears as a ghost we learn that he will always be watching over Damon. In Season 5, Damon sacrifices to save Alaric and the others before the Other Side is completely destroyed. Alaric mourns the loss of his best friend. However, Damon later comes back to life realizing that it was Alaric's doing that made Elena lose her memories of loving Damon. This strained their friendship, but they eventually became close again as they began to ally together to defeat Kai Parker. Both Alaric and Damon lose the love of their lives at Alaric and Jo's wedding. During Season Seven, Bonnie takes both Alaric and Damon on a vacation in Europe to help them get over their lovers' deaths. However, due to Damon wanting to desiccate himself for three years in order to speed up the process of reuniting with Elena and not saying a proper "goodbye" to Alaric, this strains their friendship once again. Also, Alaric's claims of moving on without him hurt Damon as well, but they eventually ally together and somewhat repair their friendship.

Jenna Sommers[]

"Just know that I love you. At least I can tell you that much."
—Alaric to Jenna in The House Guest
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Jenna was the love of Alaric's life. They fell for each other and always spent their free time with each other. He felt that her innocence is one of the things that needed to be protected and preserved. As their relationship continued to develop, it later became strained after she discovers that his wife, Isobel, was still alive. She also found out that he is a vampire hunter. They reconcile briefly before Jenna is turned into a vampire by Klaus and killed for his sacrifice. Alaric was devastated by her death, and even went on a drinking binge to cope with the grief and sadness over her death. He then moves in with Elena and Jeremy, and becomes their legal guardian.

Elena Gilbert[]

"You're gonna think that the pain will never end, but it will, but first, you have to let it all in. You can't fight it. It's bigger than you. You have to let yourself drown in it, but then eventually, you'll start to swim, and every single breath that you fight for will make you stronger. And I promise that you will beat it."
—Elena to Alaric in I'm Thinking Of You All The While
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Alaric started out as Elena's history teacher, but they grew much closer after he started dating Elena's Aunt Jenna. After Jenna's death, Alaric moved in with Elena and Jeremy, and essentially became their legal guardian. Alaric also taught Elena how to defend herself against vampires. After Alaric was turned into an Original Vampire, it was also discovered that Elena's life was bound to Alaric's. When Rebekah drove Elena and Matt off of Wickery Bridge, Elena died- also killing Alaric. However, at the end of Season Five, Alaric comes back to life from The Other Side. After Damon sacrificed himself when The Other Side was collapsing, Elena had Alaric compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon. After Kai put Elena under a sleeping spell, Alaric let her into his thoughts and she told him that he will be stronger if he let the pain in.

Jeremy Gilbert[]

"You know a responsible guardian would try and stop you. But, believe it or not, you're actually an adult now. You found your purpose, so you might as well pursue it."
—Alaric to Jeremy in Stay
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Alaric first met Jeremy when he was a history teacher, but they grew much closer after Jeremy's Aunt Jenna died, and Alaric moved in with them and became their legal guardian. In Season Three, Alaric was turned into an Original Vampire, permanently becoming an enemy since his dark side took over. After Rebekah caused an accident, hurting Matt and killing Elena, Alaric died, since his life was bound to Elena's. The real Alaric showed up as a ghost to Jeremy, and he realizes that Alaric had died. Alaric promised Jeremy that he would always look out for him. Him and Jeremy have remained close after Alaric had come back to life, and Alaric saw Jeremy out of town to let him pursue his hunting.

Hope Mikaelson[]

For the past two years and after Hope's biological father's death, Alaric has become like another father to Hope. Alaric's biological daughters, Lizzie and Josie, are jealous of this relationship, which bothers Alaric; Alaric wishes for the three of them to get along. He often gives Hope advice and tries to look after her. Alaric also tries to mentor, teach, and convinces Hope to step out of her comfort zone from time to time. Alaric is also Hope's headmaster at her boarding school and also her coach in learning how to fight, physically. They share an often-humorous friendship, but they know when to get serious with each other when the time comes. Alaric often trusts Hope to handle supernatural threats that threaten the school, which also establishes a professional relationship between these two.

Alaric temporarily lost his memories of Hope when she was consumed by Malivore. Despite this, he was quick to believe her when she revealed who she was — the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson — and when his memories returned, the two happily embraced. As the fight with Malivore continued, Alaric opposed her plan to become a fully realized tribrid, but it was ultimately her decision and accepted it. However, following Malivore's destruction and killing Landon, she attacked him, learning she had shut off her humanity and to send a message to her friends. The attack left Alaric comatose but eventually recovered from his coma, with assistance from the Necromancer. Despite the injuries she caused, he still dedicated himself to save Hope and turn her humanity back on. Despite everything, there's no lasting grudge between them.

Other Relationships[]

Tools and Weapons[]

As a proficient vampire hunter, Alaric used many weapons and tools to aid in his one man war. These weapons were kept in his apartment, car, and even at the school; always close-by and ready for use. He would often loan his vampire slaying weapons to his friends and allies when they were in need of them. As a form of protection against supernatural creatures, Isobel Flemming gift to Alaric a magic ring of resurrection.

  • Stakes - Alaric would primarily use stakes in combat, taking an element of surprise approach in his battles against deadly vampires like Logan Fell and Damon Salvatore.
  • Stake Launcher - Alaric used an air propelled stake launcher that he'd keep nearby at the school. When he first met Stefan, he tried to kill him with the help of this weapon.
  • Arm Cuff Stake - A hidden device under his sleeve which would allow you to either draw the stake from seemingly nowhere or if you punched an opponent with enough force, launch it forward. He taught Elena how to use this weapon effectively.
  • White Oak Stake - Once he had been turned into an Original vampire by Esther, who wanted him to hunt down the Originals, he used the white oak stake along with his new powers to try and make all vampires extinct.
  • Vervain Darts
  • Vervain Grenades
  • Wolfsbane Grenades
  • Gilbert Ring - Alaric always wore the Gilbert Ring that his wife Isobel had given to him. (Isobel obtained it from John Gilbert) It allowed him to be resurrected after being killed by a supernatural creature or by supernatural means, a very handy trinket for someone hunting vampires, though it did end up having some negative effects. Alaric's Gilbert Ring was used to melt and bind its protective magic to the last White Oak Stake, making it indestructible, and the ring is now no more.


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  • Alaric Gothic name meaning "ruler of all". Was the name of the king of the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410 and might have precipitate the fall of Rome.[3]
  • Saltzman is an Ashkenazic Jewish occupational name for a producer or seller of salt, from German Salz "salt" + Mann "man". Altered spelling of German Salzmann[4][5]


  • In the books his name was Alaric K. Saltzman. The middle initial is changed to a "J" in the series and can be seen on his tombstone.
  • In the books Alaric was much younger and was a researcher instead of a vampire hunter. He also had a relationship with Meredith Sulez and was never married or met Elena's aunt. In the series Alaric meets Meredith Fell and starts a relationship with her a while after Elena's aunt Jenna dies.
  • His bank account password is "Vampslayer".
  • He has most deaths in the series.


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  1. Alaric died on November 5/6 2010 in The Departed and subsequently resurrected on May 2, 2012 (approximately 1 year, 5 months, 25 days later) in Home with the collapse of the Other Side. The current date is February/May 2028. Specifically, Alaric is 50.8 years old.
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