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I wanted this. I needed this. And I'm gonna regret it forever. This was my mistake, not yours. You are not gonna remember this. I loved you. I did. And when I think about what I gave up, it hurts. But now your heart's free of me. It's easier this way. Goodbye, Ric.
Isobel to Alaric in Isobel

The relationship between the former Enhanced Original Vampire-turned-human, Alaric Saltzman and the deceased vampire, Isobel Flemming. They were a married couple before Isobel "died" after her quest to become a vampire, which Alaric was infuriated by. Isobel is now deceased, but she will always love Alaric and wanted him to move on from her before she died.

Early History

While Alaric was attending Duke University, he met and then he married Isobel, a parapsychologist who had interest in vampires. At some point Isobel gave Alaric a ring and told him to always wear it. One night when he returned home he sees a vampire drinking Isobel's blood. Her body was never found and she was assumed to be dead. Later he went in Mystic Falls to find out what has happened to his wife.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

When Isobel comes back to Mystic Falls and met Alaric, she told him that she felt sorry about her choice to become a vampire.

Season Two

When she returns in town, she was compelled by Klaus Mikaelson to kidnap Alaric to use him as a host for Klaus' soul. In their final conversation, Isobel apologizes for everything she put Alaric through and she will always love him just before she was forced to let Maddox kidnap him for Klaus. Later, she kills herself due to Klaus' compulsion. Isobel's death effectively ends their relationship.


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