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You know a responsible guardian would try and stop you. But, believe it or not, you're actually an adult now. You found your purpose, so you might as well pursue it.
Alaric to Jeremy in Stay

The family-like relationship between the Human Alaric Saltzman and Supernatural Hunter Jeremy Gilbert.

Alaric first met Jeremy when he became a teacher at Mystic Falls High School, replacing Mr. Tanner. Alaric had with Jeremy friendly relationship.

After Alaric's girlfriend, Jenna Sommers, is killed, he becomes Jeremy's and Elena's legal guardian. Their bond grows when Alaric starts living with them. Also, Alaric becomes Jeremy's part-time mentor on hunting vampires.

When Jeremy made his exit from Mystic Falls several seasons ago, Alaric was the only one aware that Jeremy wanted to follow his true calling: killing vampires. Alaric provided Jeremy some intel on where some vampires could possibly be and Jeremy followed that lead to start following his calling as a vampire hunter. They shared a somewhat-distant relationship being Alaric stayed in Mystic Falls, moved to Dallas, Texas, and then moved back to Mystic Falls due to supernatural events taking place in his life. However, they are currently reunited and working together as co-workers being both work at the Salvatore Boarding School.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

Alaric and Jeremy Talk.jpeg

Alaric replaces Mr. William Tanner as the new history teacher and finds Mr. Tanner's "Jackass File", which is really just a file that is about Jeremy Gilbert. After reading the file, he offers to give Jeremy a second chance by doing an extra credit history report. He also sees Jeremy as he spends some time with Jenna Sommers.

Season Two

Alaric and Jeremy

Alaric tells Jeremy more about vampires, werewolves, and shows him wolfsbane. He also gives Jeremy weapons to kill Katherine Pierce in Masquerade. In As I Lay Dying, after Sheriff Forbes tries to kill Damon, Alaric asks Jeremy to find Damon. After Jeremy is shot and killed, Alaric helps Bonnie take him to the Witch Burial Ground to revive him.

Alaric mentions that Jeremy walked in on Jenna and him hooking up, as he was trying to prove that Klaus wasn't possessing his body anymore.

Season Three

Alaric Jeremy51.jpg

Then, in Season 3, Alaric becomes Elena and Jeremy's guardian after Jenna died. He saves Jeremy's life after Klaus compelled him to stand in front of a speeding car.

In the episode Heart of Darkness, Alaric permanently becomes their enemy as his alter-ego starts to takes over.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Alaric makes the decision not to complete his transition into becoming a vampire. He seems to believe that he deserves this after all that he has done. Despite Jeremy's unwillingness to leave him to die, Alaric says that he has to do this. He tells Jeremy he won't be alone because Damon will stay with him. Alaric then hugs Jeremy before letting him walk away.

Jeremy and Alaric hug after he says goodbye.

In The Departed, after dying, Alaric appears as his old self in the Gilbert House. When asked by Jeremy what he is doing here, Alaric says that he wanted to say goodbye and it just kind of happened. He then promises Jeremy that he will always be looking over him, and that he will never be alone. This is when Jeremy realizes that Elena and Alaric have both died and that Alaric is now a ghost.

Season Four

In the Graduation, Alaric and Jeremy appear to be happy as they eat their burgers with Elena.

Season Five

In 500 Years of Solitude, while the veil is down, Alaric returns as a ghost and shares some moments with Jeremy and Damon. 

In Home, Alaric comes back from the Other Side and reunites with Jeremy, along with the rest of his friends and allies.

Season Six

In Black Hole Sun, Alaric takes Jeremy to the hospital after he shows up on his doorstep drunk. After taking advice from Jo, he trains with him in the woods to help him deal with Bonnie's death.

In Stay, Alaric drops Jeremy off to the bus station and gives him a bag of wooden stakes and weapons. It is revealed that Jeremy isn't attending art school, but is actually leaving town to hunt vampires. Alaric gives Jeremy information to look into while investigating recent attacks in Santa Fe. He tells him to be careful and that he'll be the first person to call when Bonnie returns. Alaric silently looks on as Jeremy boards the bus.

Season Eight

In I Was Feeling Epic, although Alaric and Jeremy do not interact in this episode, they are seen to be in touch again and are working in the Salvatore Boarding School together. Alaric is one of the heads of the school and Jeremy is currently a teacher there.


Alaric: [to Jeremy] You know that your old teacher had a jackass file? No joke. It's, uh, typed on a label. It has all the troublemakers in it. But really it's just an opus to you.
- History Repeating

Jeremy: Alaric, thank you for everything.
Alaric: You can thank me tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.
Jeremy: Ah dude come on. I knew you were listening.
- As I Lay Dying

Alaric: Listen, Jeremy, I'm not going complete the transition. My darkside was dangerous enough as a human. I can't be a vampire.
Jeremy: So, what? We're just going to lock you in here and let you die? No, we can't.
Alaric: Listen, Jeremy, it's the right thing to do. After everything that's happened, after all that I've done, maybe I've had it coming.
Jeremy: Don't give me some crap speech about how I need to be the man in the house.
Alaric: Okay, I won't.
- Do Not Go Gentle

Alaric: Jeremy is an idiot. And I know this with certainty because I was once a Jeremy. Trust me, we learn. Eventually.
- Ordinary People

Jeremy: Haven't you done enough? And how'd you even get in here?
Alaric: I don't know. I just wanted to say goodbye and it kind of happened.
Jeremy: Ric?
Alaric: I just wanted you to know that I'll always be here to look after you, Jeremy. That you'll never be alone, okay? I promise.
- The Departed

[Alaric is training Jeremy in the woods]
Jeremy: You call this a fair fight? You're basically an original vampire.
[Alaric seizes him from behind]
Alaric: You've killed an original before. Now get your head in the game and maybe you'll keep it out of the bottle.
[Jeremy flips him over]
Jeremy: Happy?
Alaric: I am trying to help you pull yourself together, Jeremy! Now, what is your problem?
Jeremy: My problem is that everyone thinks I shouldn't have one. I have the right to be messed up right now. Bonnie is dead! She knew it was gonna happen and she said goodbye over the phone! Just so you...
Alaric: Keep going; so what? So I can come back to life, right?
Jeremy: You, Elena, Stefan, Tyler, Enzo. She saved everybody but herself.
[Jeremy turns around]
Alaric: Listen Jeremy you want to talk about resentment huh? Is that it? My wife ran away because she would rather be a Vampire then be married to me. Come to find out it was Damon who turned her. And then she died. And then Jenna [brief pause] she died. And then the guy who killed my wife died, and I actually kind of miss him. And now, I can't even talk to a girl without fantasizing about tearing into her neck? I mean Jeremy, I have resentment for years! Years! I get it, but I find a way to keep going because that's what we do! We find a way to keep going! Okay?
- Black Hole Sun

Alaric: You know a responsible guardian would try and stop you.
Jeremy: But...
Alaric: But, believe it or not you're actually an adult now. [sighs] You found your purpose, so you might as well pursue it. Grant that being a vampire hunter doesn't lend itself to a healthy social life.
Jeremy: Yeah, it turns out a social life isn't as much fun as kicking vampire ass. (He smiles)
Alaric: Just don't do anything stupid, okay? [pause] Now, I'll send you leads you can follow up on.
Jeremy: We already went over this. Don't need to worry about me, okay?
[Alaric hugs Jeremy and laughs]
Jeremy: It's not like I'm not gonna have e-mail or anything.
Alaric: Just shut up and let me hug ya. Proud of you, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Do me a favor. If Bonnie ever comes back...
Alaric: You'll be the first person I call.
[Alaric watches silently as Jeremy boards the bus]
- Stay



  • Alaric and Jeremy have both worn the Gilbert Ring and were both revived by them.
  • Both Jeremy and Alaric were deceased at a point in Season 4, although Jeremy had been revived, while Alaric remained deceased.
    • Later, by the end of Season 5 in Home, Alaric comes back to life, therefore him and Jeremy reunite. 
  • Both were romantically involved with a vampire that has died in the series: Alaric was married to Isobel and Jeremy dated Anna.
  • Alaric is the only one who is aware of Jeremy's art school cover-up.
  • In Stay, Alaric gives Jeremy leads on recent attacks to investigate in Santa Fe.
  • They were both killed by Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert.
  • Currently, the both work at the Salvatore Boarding School together.
    • Jeremy is a teacher at the school.
    • Alaric is the Co-Head of the school.

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