Alexander's House was located somewhere in Italy, possibly in Brienno, as Rebekah mentioned that she and Alexander had planned on marrying at a church there.

Early History


Alexander invited Rebekah to his home for a romantic rendezvous, and his brothers invited Rebekah's brothers over for a sleepover. However, while Alexander and Rebekah were hooking up in his bedroom, he stabbed Rebekah with his white-oak-ash dagger; around the same time, his brothers stabbed Finn, Kol, Elijah, and Klaus with their own enchanted daggers. However, Klaus, who is part-werewolf and thus invulnerable to wounds caused by silver, was unaffected by the daggers, so he was able to kill all of the members of the Brotherhood of the Five, including Alexander, causing him to be afflicted with the Hunter's Curse for the next fifty-two years until at least one other supernaturally-enhanced hunter of The Five was activated. He then undaggered the rest of his siblings (except for Finn, whom he left daggered for over 900 years) and they presumably fled elsewhere shortly afterward.

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