Being kind doesn't make you weak Klaus.
Hayley to Klaus

Alone with Everybody is the sixteenth episode of the third season of The Originals and the sixtieth episode of the series overall.


THE REMAINING WHITE OAK BULLET — When rumors begin to spread about the remaining White Oak bullet, dangerous foes descend upon New Orleans in an attempt to take down Klaus once and for all. As the threats continue to grow, Elijah urges his siblings to lay low at the compound while Marcel, Vincent and Josh chase down a lead involving a mysterious vampire named Sofya, who may have the answers they're looking for. Meanwhile, tensions inside the compound build as Kol is forced to come face to face with his brother Finn, the person responsible for his death. Elsewhere, Klaus and Hayley seek shelter with her former pack and stumble upon some unsettling news involving the threat against them. Davina and Freya also appear.


Elijah is at St. James Infirmary playing the piano with the band. Two Strix are guarding him, as per Marcel's orders. He overhears a guy on the phone talking about taking down Klaus before the other competition. A bartender bumps into the Strix, allowing Elijah to get away to follow the guy. But down the road, the Strix appear. Marcel comes up behind him, saying that as long as the city is crawling with enemies, the Strix are there to guard him.

Vincent finds the last of the White Oak bullets, but a woman stops him from leaving. A few more vampires appear, but Vincent takes care of them easily with his magic. However, his magic has no effect on her. She knocks him out and takes the White Oak bullet with her.

Josh wants to join The Strix instead of doing nothing, but Marcel rejects him. Josh mentions the auction for the last White Oak bullet, but Marcel doesn't know anything about it. Since Josh minored in Computer Science and wrote a paper on the dark web, he'd be useful to Marcel and The Strix, and says the auction is happening that very day, offered to the highest bidder. Marcel thinks it could be a fake, but Vincent arrives and tells them he had the bullet in his hands but it was taken away.

Lucien is stopped by Strix bodyguards, and Freya reluctantly lets him in. He flirts with her, but Freya turns him away. Kol is certain Finn is back and started the rumors of the White Oak bullet, but Freya tells them the rumors started before Kol even returned. Elijah says Finn has shown nothing but contempt for his family, so how could Freya be certain he wants to return in peace. Finn immediately makes his entrance.

Hayley and Klaus come into a bar, where one of Hayley's friends work, named Hollis. She introduces Hope to him, and Klaus. They need a place to lay low.

Marcel and Elijah are on the phone. There are a lot of people bidding on the White Oak bullet, and The Strix are spooked. The compound is impenetrable as more of The Strix arrive, and Marcel is intent on winning the auction. Kol is trying to fight Finn, with Freya in-between, and Lucien gets involved. Elijah orders them to behave, as they'll be stuck with each other for the foreseeable future.

Hayley and Klaus banter, him complaining about the establishment's lack of his standards of cleanliness. Hollis tells Hayley someone tried to rob the Gas ‘n Save down by the highway. A girl she used to babysit, Kayla McInnis, was there and killed the guy, triggering her werewolf gene. Hayley wants to help her, as she remembers what it was like when she triggered hers, but Klaus says they're supposed to be keeping a low profile.

Josh uses the auction login from the guy's phone (the one whom Elijah overheard in the beginning of the episode), and Vincent recognizes the woman who is auctioning off the bullet. Marcel tells Josh to enter "Aliquid sub sole," Latin for "anything," an infamous Strix rite; it means the whole order pledges to fulfill any one command. They immediately get a voice text, saying they've won and they're given the address.

Finn wants Freya to put him in a witch's body, and to let him and Freya go, promising to never come back again. Kol overhears this, and he's unhappy.

Josh arrives at the location, under the name Aldus Charlamaigne. He's immediately attacked, and Sofya reveals she knows who he really is. She only answers to someone who wants the Mikaelsons to pay for their sins, and tells the vampires to make Josh hurt.

Having strapped Hope to her seat in the car, Hayley and Klaus argue. All Klaus has done to her friends who helped them, was insult them. Hayley says that this is why they're here on the run—because Klaus is horrible person to everyone. She tells Klaus one day Hope will go through the same thing as Kayla, and hopes that someone will make it their business to help her too. Being kind doesn't make a person. She leaves to go talk to Kayla.

Davina assures Kol that Finn will pay for what he did. They start making out, but Kol sees his vampire face in the mirror and whooshes away before he can hurt her.

Marcel takes out the guys beating up Josh, and Vincent performs a locator spell. Sofya is outnumbered and allows herself to be captured, but refuses to give them the name of her boss.

Davina rips out a page of a spellbook, and looks for Finn. Kol talks to Elijah; he doesn't want Finn to just walk away and live happily ever after. Davina locks him in his vampire body, and he attacks her, but Kol breaks it up before he can fatally injure her. Elijah stops him, and Kol gives up. He'd rather take his chances with White Oak than to stay at the compound. Elijah reveals the White Oak bullet, given to him by Marcel earlier. Freya ignites a fire, and Elijah throws it in, but Finn catches it. He doesn't want to live as a vampire,

Hayley takes Kayla to a place where the pack would go when they've triggered the curse. Not to ask for forgiveness, but to accept what they had done. She tells Kayla that she's strong, and even though the first full moon will be awful, she'll get through it.

Lucien swoops the bullet out of Finn's hands, and throws it to Elijah. But Finn begs him, forever isn't a burden anyone should have to bear. Elijah hands it to Freya, who will safeguard it somewhere under a thousand spells.

Sofya reveals her boss wanted the Mikaelsons to have the bullet. Vincent gets taken aback by the Ancestors, who want him to help Sofya. He snaps Josh's neck and frees Sofya.

Klaus arrives quietly. He trusted Hope to Hayley's friend, as she trusts Hollis and Klaus trusts Hayley. He's given her a thousand reasons to abandon him, but she doesn't. He decides it's time to start living by decisions they make together. Klaus's mood is soured when he sees a Kingmaker Land Development badge on a tree, and figures out Lucien is still hunting werewolves.

Klaus phones Elijah. Meanwhile, Vincent knocks out Freya with his magic, and a van comes to take her away. Lucien greets her.


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  • Antagonists: Lucien Castle and Sofya
  • This episode marks Finn's first reunion as an Original Vampire with his siblings since he tried to destroy them as a witch possessing Vincent.
  • Lucien was called friend of the Mikaelson family numerous times this episode until he revealed that ever since he first came to N.O, and long before that - he hated the Mikaelsons for what they have done to him.
  • Davina attacks Finn and locks his spirit within his body, condemning him to live for the rest of his life as a vampire, the thing he hates the most. This was vengeance for Kol's previous dead with a similar spell after Davina learned that Finn wanted Freya to place him inside another witch's body.
  • The vampire Sofya is working for a mysterious figure and she claims he wants the Mikaelsons to pay for their sins. She is so afraid of him that she doesn't dare to reveal his identity.
  • Near the end of the episode, Vincent changes sides to help Sofya because the Ancestors want him to help her employer. Klaus learns Lucien's company is still hunting for werewolves.
    • Freya is kidnapped by Lucien, revealing he wants to do a spell that requires a Mikaelson witch, the white oak (bullet), and lots of werewolf venom (this might be the reason for him hunting werewolves). It has been confirmed he is the mysterious figure Sofya is working for.
  • This is the first episode to feature Lucien having scenes with Kol in present day. The last time they were seen together was in a flashback in For the Next Millennium.
  • Camille does not appear in this episode.



Body Count

  • Two of Sofya's vampires - Heart extraction; killed by Marcel

Behind the Scenes

  • We all know Marcel Gerard kills it at karaoke… but it turns out Charles Michael Davis is a talented musician in his own right; every time we're on a set with a piano (both the Mikaelson compound and the St. James Infirmary have one), you're bound to find Charles at the keys between takes. Which of course means that he was more than a little jealous when he found out that Daniel got a big jazz number in the teaser of this opener. Don't worry though, Charles made sure to swing by set to critique Daniel's piano-miming skills and pitch us on Marcel's future musical side-projects. Personally, we're hoping he and Josh start a 90's-style boy band.
  • Every episode, there's a prop that everyone wants to take home at the end of the shoot. Last year, the producers even made up "Viking bumper stickers" based on one of Davina's lines in episode 204. Not surprisingly, Klaus's "Mothertrucker" cap was a VERY hot ticket this time around.
  • This episode featured Josh's very first fight scene. Obviously, as co-presidents of the Josh fan club, we love seeing him evolve from hapless pawn in the war for New Orleans to Marcel's right-hand man and a badass in his own right. But it's also worth mentioning that while we have obviously have (fantastically talented) stunt people, our actors also learn all the fight choreography for the close-ups. In this episode, Steven Kreuger, Nathaniel Buzolic, and Casper Zafer all put in an amazing effort to ensure that our showdowns (and beatdowns) felt authentic. In return, we made sure they had plenty of Advil the next day…
  • In our world, vampirism has its benefits: compulsion, wealth, power, and eternal youth, to name a few. So it was fun to explore the darker, more philosophical side of immortality in this episode, via Elijah's existential quandary over the potential destruction of the white oak. Ultimately, is forever a blessing or an unbearable burden? Early on, all the writers spent part of an afternoon debating the relative pros and cons of vampire life — and deciding whether or not they'd choose to turn if given the chance. Turns out, we're pretty evenly split (apparently only half of us are egomaniacs with questionable morals) — with Bart claiming he'd turn, but only if given some advance notice to hit the gym, and Narducci declaring that not only would he NOT turn, but if he knew for sure that vampires were real, he'd dedicate the rest of his life to hunting them down. Because he is basically a comic book hero come to life, and a much better person than the rest of us.
  • We all loved the idea of turning the water in the courtyard fountain into flames, both for its visual and dramatic impact. Unfortunately, one side effect of a fire fountain is that it's loud. Like, 1,000 tropical fish tanks, mad scientist's lab LOUD. Luckily, our sound design geniuses in post-production were able to work their magic and make sure that the cool effect didn't ruin the scene.

Cultural References


Freya: "Finn's return is an opportunity to fix what's broken."
Elijah: "How can you be certain?"
Elijah: (To Finn): "How was hell?"
Kol: "He's luring his enemies out of the woodwork."
Marcel: (To Elijah): "The great sibling rivalry is about to take on a whole new meaning."

Freya: "Finn's return is an opportunity to fix what's broken."
Elijah: "How can you be certain?"
Elijah (To Finn): "How was hell? Is it warm this time of year?"
Kol: "He's luring Nik's enemies out of the woodwork."
Davina: "Let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine."
Marcel (To Elijah): "The phrase "sibling rivalry" is about to take on a whole new meaning."

Kol: "I saw him with my own eyes, Finn must've come back when Davina resurrected me. The spell was tied to the blood of the Mikaelson line. Either it worked on him or he found a way to hijack it. Either way the only how I care about is how long I'm going to make him suffer before I kill him."
Elijah: "Restrain brother, for now."
Kol: "Why? Finn is clearly the one spreading rumors about missing white oak. He's luring Nik's enemies out of the woodwork, it's all part of his tedious revenge fantasy."
Freya: "You're wrong, those rumors began before either of you returned, Finn's innocent."
Kol: "Innocent? Pardon me love but Finn has tried to kill the rest of us more than once. He's an enemy to our family"
Freya: "He is our family, Finn's return is an opportunity to mend all wounds and fix what's broken."
Kol: "He didn't just drop a bloody vase, HE MURDERED ME!"
Elijah: "You seem certain."
Kol: "Are you honestly siding with her?"
Elijah: "Time and again Finn has demonstrated nothing but contempt towards this family so you tell me, how can you be so certain that he would return to us in peace?"

Klaus: "Absolutely not!"
Hayley: "We need to blend in! You could start by losing the thousand-dollar jacket."
Klaus: "Tell me again why we're on a scenic tour of Methamphetamine Country, and not compelling a jet to some far-off -preferably tropical- destination?"
Hayley: "Look, I'm not the one with an army of pissed-off vampires coming after me. Can I have the keys?"
Klaus: On a scale from one to ten, exactly how much am I going to despise this little plan of yours?"
Hayley: "I would say a solid eighty-five."
Klaus: "Oh good..."

Marcel: "As long as we have a legion of Mikaelson enemies in town, how about you just let 'em do their job?"
Elijah: "You know, Marcel, I was just looking for a little me-time."
Marcel: "Well, as soon as they know you're safe and sound, they'll be more than happy to give you all the "me-time" you want."
Marcel (to Elijah): "If you stayed put, maybe they could devote more of their energy to finding out who's got their hands on that missing white oak bullet?"
Vincent: "Can I help you?"
Sofya: "I believe you already have!"
Sofya: "Welcome."
Vincent (to Josh & Marcel): "That's her."
Sofya: "You are the lucky few..."
Marcel: "I got a beat on the bullet. Whoever found it is offering it up to the highest bidder... of which there are more than a few."
Elijah: "This is your idea of good news?"



Last.fm_play.png "Nobody To Blame" – Chris Stapleton
Last.fm_play.png "Palmetto Rose" – Jason Isbell
Last.fm_play.png "Tell Me How To Feel" – Maggie Eckford
Last.fm_play.png "Come to This" – Natalie Taylor




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