[A jazz band is playing an upbeat number at ST. JAMES INFIRMARY, where Elijah has joined them at the piano. While he plays, he looks around the room, where he sees two black-suited men (presumably Strix guards) staring blankly at him while a similarly-dressed man having an emotionally-charged conversation on his phone at the bar. Elijah uses his vamp-hearing to eavesdrop on their phone call]

MYSTERIOUS MAN: I just got into town. The competition for that bullet is gonna be fierce. A lot of vamps think it's theirs, but not if I get to him first. I've waited long enough for my shot at Klaus Mikaelson. If anyone's gonna take him down, it's gonna be me.

[Elijah continues to both play and watch the vampire, who is wearing a daylight ring, as he hangs up his phone. The vampire then turns away from the bar and exits the club, just as a waitress walks toward the two suited men watching Elijah play and spills the tray of drinks she's carrying all over them]

WAITRESS: Oh! Oh my gosh!

[The men groan and flick out their jackets to try to dry them off, clearly upset that this has prevented them from following the vampire from the bar. The waitress still looks panicked and is frantically trying to help]

WAITRESS: Okay! Oh, no! Sorry!

[She kneels on the floor to pick up the glasses she spilled, and the men look around in an attempt to discern where the mysterious vampire has gone. When they look up, they realize that Elijah is no longer at the piano]

[Meanwhile, the mysterious vampire is now walking down the dark streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, and Elijah follows behind him from a decent distance away as the vampire turns a corner through an alley. Elijah stops momentarily and watches as the man walks into the fog, allowing him to put some space between them before he resumes his chase. When Elijah makes it down the alley near an outdoor café space, he's taken aback when the two vampires from the club stop him. Elijah smiles genially at them]

ELIJAH: Gentlemen.

[The men stand where they are, not saying a word, as Marcel appears from the shadows to join them]

MARCEL: Come on, Elijah! I thought we agreed?

[He laughs in amusement]

MARCEL: The compelled waitress dumping those drinks was a nice touch... But you're the one who wanted to keep the Strix around for security. As long as we have a legion of Mikaelson enemies in town, how about you just let 'em do their job?

[Elijah does not look pleased as he tersely replies to Marcel's remarks]

ELIJAH: You know, Marcel, I was just looking for a little me-time.

[He spins on his heel to face Marcel, who rolls his eyes]

MARCEL: Well, as soon as they know you're safe and sound, they'll be more than happy to give you all the "me-time" you want. In the meantime... if you stayed put, maybe they could devote more of their energy to finding out who's got their hands on that missing white oak bullet?

[Elijah gives Marcel a hard look]


[In the old train car where Aurora and Aya were previously scheming together, the scene picks up where the previous episode left off, with Vincent having just found the last white oak bullet that Aurora hid after the Ancestors led him in that direction. Realizing what he's just found, he begins to hyperventilate from the stress before shoving the bullet in his pocket, grabbing his crowbar and flashlight, and getting up to get out of there before anyone finds him. Unfortunately, when he turns around, he finds a blonde woman (Sofya) blocking his path, and she stares at him with an amused smirk]

VINCENT: [nervously] Can I help you?
SOFYA: I believe you already have!

[Vincent begins to lose his temper after being threatened so much recently, and he angrily throws the crowbar onto the ground as he walks toward her, seemingly done playing nice]

VINCENT: So, if you're looking for an easy target, you're in the wrong place.

[Just as he raises his hands to cast a spell on her, three other vampires vamp-speed into the train car and join her, including the vampire from St. James Infirmary earlier. Vincent looks exasperated as Sofya replies]

SOFYA: Some free advice, Mr. Griffith?

[Vincent gives her a look that tells her to continue]

SOFYA: Know when you're outmatched.

[The male vampire from earlier vamp-speeds toward Vincent, but before he can lay a hand on him, he casts a pain infliction spell on him that is so powerful that he immediately grabs his head and falls to the floor with a groan. Vincent clicks his tongue and makes a face that says, "You were saying?" just as Sofya's other two companions vamp-speed toward him in response. Vincent screams an unintelligible spell at the top of his lungs as the vampires grab him by the arms, which causes them immense pain that knocks them unconscious, leaving only Vincent and Sofya standing. Sofya does look mildly impressed, but when Vincent lifts up his hand and starts to rub his fingers together to take her down, he finds his magic isn't working]

VINCENT: [chants] Sahhhh...

[Vincent looks alarmed when his magic doesn't work on her, and Sofya makes a mockingly sympathetic face]

SOFYA: I was expecting more of a fight from the Regent of New Orleans.

[Sofya vamp-speeds around until she's standing behind him before grabbing him by the shoulders and biting into his neck]

VINCENT: [in agony] AHHHH!

[Finally, Vincent manages to break out of her grip and falls to the floor, shocked that she actually managed to feed on him]

VINCENT: Who are you?

[Sofya keeps her vampire fangs and eyes out for a moment as she hisses at him menacingly before she reverts to her human form]

SOFYA: I'm just a hired gun. Unfortunately... you're in my way.

[Sofya vamp-speeds toward him, punches him in the head until he's knocked unconscious, and pulls the white oak bullet out of his pocket, chuckling softly as she examines it]




[Hayley has just walked out of the gas station store with a bag full of supplies to find Klaus waiting for her outside their SUV. Hayley pulls a black and white trucker cap that reads, "Mother Trucker" on it and waves it at Klaus, who immediately objects to it]

KLAUS: Absolutely not!
HAYLEY: We need to blend in! You could start by losing the thousand-dollar jacket.

[Klaus sighs petulantly and makes a face at her]

KLAUS: Tell me again why we're on a scenic tour of Methamphetamine Country, and not compelling a jet to some far-off-- preferably tropical-- destination?
HAYLEY: Look, I'm not the one with an army of pissed-off vampires coming after me. Can I have the keys?

[Klaus sighs dramatically once again before he pulls the keys out of his pocket and reluctantly slams them into Hayley's open hand]

KLAUS: On a scale from one to ten, exactly how much am I going to despise this little plan of yours?

[Hayley makes a face and thinks about it for a moment before she replies]

HAYLEY: I would say... a solid eighty-five.

[She gives him a mocking smile and slaps the trucker cap on Klaus' head, and he rolls his eyes as he and Hayley turn back to the car, though he doesn't take the hat off]

KLAUS: Oh, good...


[Josh is at Marcel's bar, where he's pouring himself a drink as Marcel walks down the stairs, yelling at one of the Strix guards on his cell phone]

MARCEL: [on the phone] I don't care if he turned into a cloud of smoke! Your job is to be Elijah's shadow! All right? Don't let him out of your sight again!

[Marcel hangs up the phone, and Josh chuckles in amusement]

JOSH: I remember when you used to bark orders to me like that!

[Josh sighs dramatically as he turns to sit down in the armchair]

JOSH: Ahhh... those were the salad days, weren't they?
MARCEL: [sarcastically] Come on in, Josh. Have a drink! Take a load off!

[Marcel pulls out the stopper of his decanter of bourbon and pours himself a drink]

MARCEL: Tell me-- how have I wronged you this time?
JOSH: Well, you said the Strix were as good as gone once we figured out who was killing their guys.
MARCEL: [sighs] Turns out I still need 'em.

[Josh sips his drink and hums in understanding]

JOSH: Mmm. And, in the meantime, me and the rest of your benchwarmers are supposed to do what?
MARCEL: [shrugs] Besides keep the bench warm?

[Josh rolls his eyes, but his smile says that he's not that upset with Marcel]

JOSH: Hilarious! I have a better idea. How's that saying go? If you can't beat 'em...?

[Marcel, who was taking a long gulp of bourbon, nearly chokes at this response]

MARCEL: You want to join the Strix?

[Josh spreads his arms wide and makes a face that says, "Why not?", but Marcel just shakes his head]

MARCEL: Not gonna happen.

[Josh narrows his eyes at Marcel as he turns and walks back toward the bar]

MARCEL: But, if it makes you feel better, they're only staying to protect Elijah.

[Josh, who clearly knows something, decides to start to show his hand]

JOSH: So, I guess they know about the auction, then?

[Marcel, stunned by this uncharacteristic scheming on Josh's part, turns and gives him a look]

JOSH: For the last existing white oak bullet?

[When Marcel continues to stare at Josh with a shocked expression, Josh takes the opportunity to rub it in a little]

JOSH: Wait-- you mean your army of fancy-pants vampires didn't tell you about this?

[He dramatically shakes his head and smiles]

JOSH: Weird! Well, that's the thing about ancient vampires, isn't it? They don't pay attention to modern things. Unlike your friend here, who minored in computer science and wrote a paper on the dark web!

[Marcel still looks shocked, but it's clear he wants any information Josh has]

MARCEL: Bottom-line it for me, Zuckerberg?
JOSH: I ran down some online rumors... Turns out, someone claiming to have the white oak is offering it up to the highest bidder. Today.

[Marcel considers this new information for a moment]

MARCEL: Could be a fake.

[Just then, Vincent, looking exhausted and with a slight bruise around his left eye, walks in wearing a furious expression]

VINCENT: I wouldn't bet on it.

[Josh and Marcel both look surprised at Vincent's appearance as he continues on]

VINCENT: I had the white oak bullet in the palm of my hand, and then some ancient vampire lady--

[Vincent pulls his collar to the side to reveal the painful-looking bite-marks on his neck]

VINCENT: She rang my bell to get it.

[Marcel narrows his eyes at Vincent, clearly suspicious of his motives]

VINCENT: Now, I think "old vampire," I think you, and your new friends. But it sounds like this one ain't one of yours.

[Marcel looks horrified by this revelation]


[Freya has just walked into the front door of the compound when she suddenly runs into Lucien, who is holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back and who is being blocked by two Strix vampires in black suits who seem to be denying him entry]

LUCIEN: Ah! Freya. Would you mind telling your security team that I'm a dear and beloved friend of the family?
FREYA: Well, that might be overstating it. For now, let's go with "necessary acquaintance."

[She smiles at the Strix vampires, who reluctantly allow Lucien to pass. He smiles in amusement as he follows Freya into the courtyard]

LUCIEN: Hmm, flattery will get you everywhere!
FREYA: [sighs] What do you want, Lucien?
LUCIEN: The question isn't what I want-- it's whom. See, I've known the Mikaelsons for one thousand years. But you, Freya, are a new variable, and I can't help but find myself intrigued.

[Freya finally stops walking and turns to face him, and Lucien pulls the bouquet of various colorful flowers from behind his back and presents them to her. Freya can't help but smile despite herself]

LUCIEN: Don't tell me you haven't felt the spark between us...

[Freya chuckles for a moment before she snaps out of her flattery-haze]

FREYA: This... isn't a good time.

[She quickly turns around and walks away without another word, leaving Lucien in the courtyard with her flowers]

[Meanwhile, upstairs in Elijah's study, a frantic Kol has just informed Elijah of his run-in with Finn, and Elijah is understandably concerned about this news]

ELIJAH: Are you quite sure?
KOL: I saw him with my own eyes. Finn must have come back when Davina resurrected me. The spell was tied to the blood of the Mikaelson line. Either it worked on him, or he found a way to hijack it. Either way, the only "how" I care about right now is how long I'm going to make him suffer before I kill him.

[Kol begins to anxiously pace around the room while Elijah tries to calm him down]

ELIJAH: Restraint, brother. For now.
KOL: [scoffs] Why? Finn is clearly the one spreading rumors about missing white oak. He's luring Nik's enemies out of the woodwork. It's all part of his tedious revenge fantasy.

[Just then, Freya walks into the room and joins him]

FREYA: You're wrong. Those rumors began before either of you returned. Finn's innocent.
KOL: [incredulously] Innocent?

[Freya crosses her arms and nods as she sits on Elijah's desk, and Kol looks back at Elijah for back-up. When he doesn't get it, he turns back to Freya]

KOL: Pardon me, love, but Finn tried to kill the rest of us more than once! He's an enemy of our family.
FREYA: He is our family. Finn's return is an opportunity to mend old wounds and fix what's broken.
KOL: [angrily] He didn't just drop a bloody vase! He murdered me.

[Elijah turns away from Kol for a moment and walks toward Freya to address her]

ELIJAH: You seem certain...

[Kol is visibly appalled that once again, his concerns are being ignored by his siblings]

KOL: Are you honestly siding with her?

[Elijah raises his hand to silence Kol and continues to talk to Freya]

ELIJAH: Time and time again, Finn has demonstrated nothing but contempt toward his family. So, you tell me-- how can you be so certain that he would return to us in peace?

[Suddenly, Finn appears and joins them in the library, raising his hands in a non-threatening gesture]

FINN: Our sister knows me well. Though, perhaps you're right to doubt my intentions. By all means, let's discuss our family quarrels. I believe we're long overdue.

[Both Kol and Elijah stare at Finn in shock]


[Klaus, who is still wearing the trucker cap Hayley got him, walks into a homey-looking bar that is blaring country music inside with Hayley, carrying Hope in her carseat. Klaus doesn't seem pleased as they walk toward the bar, where a bartender is cleaning glasses in the back]

KLAUS: [sarcastically] Well, I can see why you wanted to come here. I feel safer already.

[The bartender, a grouchy-looking, middle-aged man, gives them both a look]

BARTENDER: We're closed.

[Klaus gives him a look]

KLAUS: You don't look closed...
BARTENDER: We are for you.
KLAUS: Well, perhaps you failed to notice the hat?
HAYLEY: [sighs] I'll take a bourbon. Unless Hollis is still serving that moonshine of his?

[Just then, Hollis, a middle aged black man, walks out into the bar from the back room, looking pleased to see Hayley]

HOLLIS: Well, I'll be damned!

[Hollis walks toward the bar, affectionately patting the bartender on the shoulder]

HOLLIS: I got this.

[He turns to address Hayley as the bartender leaves]

HOLLIS: It's been a long time since you danced on my bar, Hayley Marshall.
HAYLEY: [smiles] It's been a long time since I danced on any bar.

[Hollis holds out his hand, and Hayley takes it, smacking it affectionately as Klaus sighs and rolls his eyes in annoyance]

HAYLEY: I get in a different kind of trouble these days.

[The two chuckle for a moment before Hayley begins to introduce him to the others]

HAYLEY: Hollis, meet Hope.
HOLLIS: Oh, look at her!

[Hollis, who still has Hayley's hand, notices her wedding band and assumes that Klaus is her husband]

HOLLIS: Ah, city boy, huh? Wouldn't have guessed that.

[Klaus sits down on one of the bar stools and responds in a mocking tone]

KLAUS: Never underestimate the allure of indoor plumbing.

[Hayley, looking awkward, jumps in to mediate]

HAYLEY: Hollis, this is Klaus. He's my...

[Hayley struggles to find the words to describe him for a moment]

HAYLEY: ...Daughter's father. It's a long story.

[Hollis, visibly confused, narrows his eyes and looks over at Klaus, who returns the look in kind before giving him a small smirk]

HAYLEY: We just... need a place to lay low.

[Hollis doesn't seem too pleased by this request, but when he sighs, he smiles at her anyway]

HOLLIS: You picked a pretty rough time for us around here. A lot of folks are giving up on the pack altogether.

[Hayley gives him a concerned look, and he nervously rubs his face with his hand before he continues]

HOLLIS: Well, for the reigning dart-throwing, tequila-shooting champ in Willoughby Lake? I just wish there were a few more people to give you a proper homecoming.

[Hayley giggles at looks around the bar at the people drinking and playing pool as Hollis pulls out two mason jars and places them on the bar in front of Hayley and Klaus]

HOLLIS: Hey, you guys settle in. I'll pour the moonshine. Baby drinks for free.

[Hollis pours moonshine from a larger mason jar into their glasses, and Klaus seems extremely uncomfortable by the deep-country atmosphere]


[At MARCEL'S LOFT, Marcel is standing behind Josh, who is busy typing away on his laptop while Marcel talks to Elijah, who is at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, on the phone]

MARCEL: Looks like we got a good news/bad news situation on our hands.
ELIJAH: [impatiently] Marcel, I simply don't have the time for this.
MARCEL: I got a beat on the bullet. Whoever found it is offering it up to the highest bidder... of which there are more than a few.
ELIJAH: [frowns] This is your idea of good news?

[Marcel ignores him and continues on]

MARCEL: The bad news is... word's spread. The Strix are, uh... spooked.

[Elijah, who is standing on the balcony, watches as the Strix guards at the compound begin to argue amongst themselves below him in the courtyard]

ELIJAH: [sarcastically] And they're usually such a laid-back bunch!
MARCEL: [shrugs] Well, with that bullet out there, half of them want to bury you alive. I can't blame them-- you die, they die, too.

[Elijah sighs and rubs his brow in annoyance]

ELIJAH: Tell them that the Mikaelson compound is quite secure, and with the addition of their own forces, absolutely impenetrable. No one will leave here, no one will enter. Do you understand? Maybe this will stop their infernal bitching.
MARCEL: Giving me enough time to win that auction... or kill the guy who does.
ELIJAH: Godspeed, Marcellus.

[Elijah hangs up and returns his phone to his inner jacket pocket, just in time to hear the sound of Kol yelling from the next room. He immediately rushes into the next room, where Freya has just stepped in between Kol and Finn, the former of whom is struggling against her so he can attack the latter]

KOL: Take a swing at me, huh? All these side-steps and parries... Even the way you fight is boring.
FINN: It's an odd critique, considering all your flair and flourish couldn't keep you from being bested the last time we faced each other.

[While he talks, Kol reaches around Freya and shoves Finn in the chest while Freya glares at him in frustration. When he stops, Kol shoves Freya aside, where she lands on the nearby couch, so that he can push Finn backward against the wall. Before he can do anything, however, Lucien vamp-speeds into the room and pulls Kol away from him, eventually shoving him against the bookshelf in a choke-hold from which he desperately tries to break free. Still keeping him pinned, Lucien turns back to Freya, who has just stood back on her feet]

LUCIEN: Perhaps we should let them fight? After all, they can't actually kill each other.

[Just then, Elijah finally arrives to mediate, clearly annoyed by their bickering]

ELIJAH: Behave yourselves! Particularly considering we'll be confined here together for the foreseeable future.

[Kol takes advantage of Lucien's distraction and breaks out of his grip, shoving him in the chest before marching toward Elijah]

KOL: What does that mean?
ELIJAH: I believe the term is "staycation." You see, Niklaus isn't the only one who's inspired revenge fantasies. Right now, we are all at risk.

[Kol turns around and glares at Finn, and Freya, not pleased by Elijah's news either, sighs and closes her eyes, visibly frustrated]

ELIJAH: So, while Marcel works to retrieve the white oak, I recommend we dispense with the posturing and get down to some good, old-fashioned family bonding.


[Hayley is drinking her moonshine while Klaus complains about their current hide-out]

KLAUS: I'm quite sure this glass hasn't been washed in the past decade, which makes it the cleanest thing in this establishment.
HAYLEY: [rolls her eyes] And you have hit your complaint quota for the day. Congrats. You are officially the worst.

[While they talk, the bar's landline phone starts to ring, and Hollis walks over to answer it. Klaus seems annoyed by Hayley's attitude]

KLAUS: I seem to remember you knocking on my door to join this little road trip. No one had a gun to your head. What was it... couldn't bear to spend another day giving Elijah the mournful doe-eyes?

[Hayley clears her throat in annoyance, clearly hating this turn of the conversation]

HAYLEY: That is none of your business.
KLAUS: Right. It's only my brother and the mother of my daughter in my house in-- oh, yes-- my city!
HAYLEY: [sighs] Weird. It's almost like you're making this all about you again.

[Just then, Hollis walks over to the bar, looking overwhelmed and worried]

HOLLIS: Hayles? If you're trying to be discreet... Start by turning down the volume on the lover's spat.

[Hayley immediately notices his concern and becomes concerned herself]

HAYLEY: Is everything okay?
HOLLIS: Someone tried to rob the Gas 'n' Save down by the highway. Kayla was there. I heard it went back for the bad guy.
HAYLEY: [shocked] Kayla McInnis?
HOLLIS: [nods] Her first.
HAYLEY: Wait, isn't she like, nine years old?
HOLLIS: Fifteen.

[Klaus looks confused, since he has no idea who they're talking about, so Hayley elaborates for his and the audience's benefit]

HAYLEY: A girl I used to babysit for. The last time I saw her, she was playing with dolls. Now, she's killed someone and triggered the wolf curse. Where is she?
HOLLIS: The cops let her go home. Little trailer down by the creek.

[Hollis, looking sad, walks away, and Hayley immediately gets up to leave, causing Klaus makes a face and grab her by the arm]

KLAUS: Where do you think you're going?
HAYLEY: Klaus, I remember when I triggered my curse. Now, Kayla is going through the same thing.
KLAUS: [annoyed] And that's your problem how?
HAYLEY: I used to take care of Kayla when her mom was drinking. If she ever needed someone to talk to, its now.
KLAUS: [sighs] In case you've forgotten, we're supposed to be keeping a low profile. It's hardly the time to go play youth counselor to a bunch of misguided wolves.
HAYLEY: It's just down the road! I hardly--

[Klaus ignores her and cuts her off]

KLAUS: In fact, I think this little experiment is over. I hope you enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane. But my life-- our daughter's life-- takes precedence. A fact you've clearly failed to grasp. From now on, we do things my way.

[Hayley sighs and rolls her eyes, clearly angry at Klaus as he gets up, picks up Hope and her car seat, and gets ready to leave]


[Marcel and Vincent have just returned to the loft with the body of the vampire from the bar Elijah saw earlier, which they lay down on the floor in the middle of the living room. Josh, who is continuing to research the auction online using his laptop, seems concerned by the body's appearance]

JOSH: Do we know this guy?
MARCEL: Random enemy of Klaus. Elijah spotted him in the St. James.

[Vincent pulls out the man's phone and uses the man's thumb to get through the fingerprint lock]

JOSH: If he's here for the auction, they must've sent him a login. Check his texts and emails.

[Vincent does as he's told and finds a text message from a number labeled "Unknown" that reads simply, "auction login: 3pq4D8076$"]

VINCENT: Uh, I got it.

[Vincent hands the phone to Josh, who seems very enthusiastic about this discovery]

JOSH: Yes!

[Josh types the login info into the laptop, revealing a video featuring Sofya that seems to be a live feed to the auction]

SOFYA: [on video] Welcome.
VINCENT: That's her.

[The three continue watching the video]

SOFYA: [on video] You are the lucky few, chosen for your extensive resources and extreme prejudice toward the Mikaelsons. Whomever's bid proves most alluring to my employer will become the sole owner of the last piece of white oak in existence.

[The men exchange nervous looks as Sofya holds up the bullet for all to see]

SOFYA: [on video] Opening bid is $5 million. Shall we begin?

[The screen switches to a dark web chatroom where numerous bidders are commenting with their bids. The bids that are legible include a fleet of tankers; two containers of Swiss gold bars; an island near Lisbon, Portugal; three silver chalet, and the Great Pyramid of Khufu, presumably among many others that are too blurry to be read]

JOSH: [anxiously] Whoa. A fleet of oil tankers? A dozen casinos in Monaco? Yeah, these guys are not playing around.

[Marcel rubs his chin anxiously as he considers this for a moment, and Josh looks to him for instructions]

JOSH: Marcel?
MARCEL: Type aliquid sub sole. It's Latin for "anything," an infamous Strix rite. It means the whole order pledges to fulfill any one command.

[Josh does as he's told and types "aliquid sub sole" into the reply box before hitting enter]

VINCENT: [concerned] You really think that's gonna work?

[Marcel shoots him a look, and after a moment, the screen turns black, with the exception of two words in white text-- "BID ACCEPTED"]

JOSH: Hmmm. Okay.

[Just then, the vampire's phone rings, and Josh hesitantly hits "answer," though none of them say anything. Not waiting for a greeting, Sofya speaks up]

SOFYA: [on the phone] Congratulations. 4:00, 318 Toulouse Street, Suite 1.

[Sofya hangs up, and Josh looks slightly alarmed, though Marcel seems pleased]

MARCEL: All right. Let's go get our prize!


[Freya is pacing around the study off of the courtyard while Finn leans in the doorway, though none of the other siblings are anywhere to be seen]

FREYA: I think they reacted as well as can be expected... given your history.

[Freya continues to pace, but looks pointedly at Finn, who is still staring off into space and seemingly ignoring her]

FREYA: I know you've had your disagreements.

[Finn scoffs and turns back to face her]

FINN: "Disagreements?" Such a quaint way of describing it all.
FREYA: So you are listening.
FINN: There can be no conciliation between me and my brothers.

[Freya is not at all happy to hear this from him]

FREYA: You told me that things would be different.

[Finn starts to walk toward Freya]

FINN: They are! Your presence here has assured that. Though, when I said I wanted a change, I think you misunderstood me. I'd still rather die than be part of this wretched family.

[Freya, even more angry, is about to argue with him when suddenly, Elijah's voice is heard from the doorway]

ELIJAH: Freya, would you excuse us just a moment, please? I believe my brother and I have some catching up to do.

[Freya, who is almost near-tears due to Finn's stubbornness regarding their family, leaves the room without another word, and Finn sighs in anticipation of whatever Elijah has to say. He starts to rub his neck anxiously as he paces around, and Elijah closes the door behind him before turning back to Finn with a fake smile]

ELIJAH: So, tell me-- how was Hell? Is it warm this time of year?
FINN: [sighs] You always had a penchant for idle chat.
ELIJAH: Well, perhaps we could discuss something a little bit more constructive.
FINN: DO you intend to threaten me into being a better brother?
ELIJAH: [shrugs] Depends. Why are you here?
FINN: Could you believe me if I told you I'd changed?
ELIJAH: [skeptically] Have you?
FINN: Yes... and no. All that time trapped alone in Freya's pendant, I was able to reflect on what we've become over a millennium. I'm still sickened by what you are, but I'm done trying to atone for past sins.

[Elijah, amused, starts to pace around the room]

ELIJAH: It is curious the way you speak as though you and I are not the same...
FINN: We are not the same! You see, I still have a chance at some small happiness, and I'm going to take it. My proposal is simple-- allow Freya to put me back in a witch's body. Let the two of us go, and I promise never to look back again.

[Outside the closed door, Kol is eavesdropping on their conversation, and seems furious by what Finn is proposing before he zips away to process this information]


[Josh, clearly nervous, has just knocked on the door of the suite left in Sofya's instructions. However, once the door is opened by a male vampire, he has put on the act of a much older and more confident vampire as he walks inside. The apartment s bare, aside from a few small pieces of furniture, and several more male vampires are standing around inside as Sofya walks down the staircase to join them. She gives Josh an appraising look before she speaks]

SOFYA: Congratulations, Mr...?
JOSH: Aldous. Aldous Charlamagne. And the pleasure is all mine!

[Josh extends his hand to shake hers, but it's clear when Sofya does not do the same that he's been made, just as one of the vampires grabs him by the arm and punches him in the face so hard he stumbles across the room into the arms of a second vampire, who grabs him so the first can beat him up. Josh, however, is not as easy of a target as he appears, and is able to elbow the vampire holding him in the face before kicking and punching his way through the vampires. Unfortunately, he's not prepared for Sofya to join in, and she kicks him in the face so hard that he gets a bloody nose and lip before she defeats him. The other vampires pick him up off the crowd and restrain him so he can't fight back. Sofya looks amused by his attempt to deceive her, but Josh, whose face is even bloodier now, just scowls at her]

SOFYA: Joshua, isn't it? Tell Marcel Gerard he cannot stop the inevitable. I answer to someone who wants the Mikaelsons to pay for their sins... And so they will pay.

[She looks down and sees that a smear of his blood has appeared on her chest, which she wipes away in annoyance before addressing her minions]

SOFYA: In the meantime? Make it hurt.

[She turns and walks out of the room as the rest of the vampires start viciously beating Josh]


[Klaus has just finished buckling Hope's car seat into the backseat of the SUV]

KLAUS: [affectionately] Always a good girl. Let's get out of here, shall we?

[Unfortunately for him, when he turns to get into the driver seat, Hayley is standing in front of him with an unamused expression]

HAYLEY: There is a scared kid out there, and I can't just turn my back on her.
KLAUS: And, tragic as that may be, it's not my problem. Neither is it yours. Get in the car. We're leaving.
HAYLEY: [firmly] We're not going anywhere.
KLAUS: And I suppose you're going to stop me? Perhaps you'll get Cletus and your other foul-smelling friends to help?
HAYLEY: [frustrated] Those friends of mine are helping us, Klaus-- no questions asked-- despite the fact they have problems of their own. And all you've done is insult them. You don't get it, do you? This is the exact reason why we're here. Maybe if you hadn't been a dick to, I don't know, everybody, then we wouldn't even be on the run.

[As usual, Klaus is not thrilled to be called out on his faults, and he's becoming more angry by the moment]

KLAUS: I have always done what I needed to do to protect our family from numerous enemies. I make no apologies for my methods.

[Hayley scoffs in frustration and annoyance]

HAYLEY: Do you even hear yourself, Klaus? You're incapable of even pretending to be a good person. And you can justify it all you want with strategy, and "us versus them," but at the end of the day, the enemies that you have are the ones that you made.

[Klaus clearly knows that Hayley is right, but is loathe to admit it, so he continues to glare at her]

HAYLEY: Is that what you want for your daughter? Is that how you want her to see the world? I'm not just gonna stand back and let you raise her to be just like you, Klaus.
KLAUS: [angrily] If it's your impulse to trust in the kindness of those outside the family, all the more reason you need my protection.

[Hayley has reached her limit and sighs before ending the argument]

HAYLEY: I am gonna go speak to that girl, because she needs my help. You're gonna stay here and shut up. I've earned at least that.
KLAUS: [aggravatedly] Hayley, listen to me--

[Hayley, at her limit where this argument is concerned, opens up the car door so that Klaus can see Hope, who is watching them argue]

HAYLEY: There is a very good chance that one day, our daughter will be dealing with the same thing that Kayla is dealing with. And, if that day comes, I hope that someone makes it their business to help her, too.

[Klaus finally starts to understand where Hayley is coming from, and remains silent as she turns to leave to find Kayla. Before she does, though, she squeezes his arm affectionately and whispers to him]

HAYLEY: Being kind doesn't make you weak, Klaus.

[Hayley turns and leaves Klaus to process what has just happened]


[Kol and Davina are in Kol's bedroom, where he is ranting about what he's just learned about Elijah, Finn, and Finn's proposal]

KOL: Elijah is just going to go for it! Let Finn steal a body and start a new life!

[Davina, who has been looking around his room, looks at him with concern]

DAVINA: You need to calm down.

[She walks over to him, and after a moment, she smiles]

DAVINA: You know, I've never been in a guy's actual bedroom before.

[Despite Davina's casual demeanor, Kol is still too anxious and angry to find humor in her words]

KOL: Are you even listening to me?

[Davina gives him a look as she chuckles]

DAVINA: I am. But you raging about Finn when you're stuck in here and can't do anything about it isn't going to help. What you need is something to take your mind off it...

[She smiles again as she leans forward to kiss him, and he kisses her back for a moment before she moves down and starts kissing his neck]

KOL: [sighs] It won't work.

[Davina pulls away and gives him a seductive look]

DAVINA: Is that a challenge?

[Kol sighs and stands to his feet to pace around the room]

KOL: I just want Finn to suffer for what he did to me. For what he did to us.
DAVINA: He will!

[Davina walks toward him and takes his hands in her own, squeezing them reassuringly]

DAVINA: I promise.

[She lets go of his hands so she can cup his face and kiss him, and they begin to make out passionately. They both get more and more into it until Kol finally pulls away and spins her around so he can kiss her neck. She sighs and closes her eyes in pleasure, but the blood vessels around his veins start to darken, and when he pulls away, his fangs have come out. He becomes so overwhelmed with desire and bloodlust that he's about to sink his fangs into Davina's neck, only managing to stop at the last moment when he opens his eyes and sees his vampire form in the mirror in front of them, though Davina doesn't see since her eyes are closed. When he realizes what he's about to do, he lets go of her as though he's been burned and vamp-speeds out of the room before he can harm her. However, Davina looks confused and hurt when she opens her eyes and finds she's completely alone in his bedroom]


[Josh is still being beaten severely by Sofya's vampires, though their numbers have dwindled down to only two at this point. After they take a brief break, Josh spits a mouthful of blood onto the white carpet before looking up at them with a bloody smile]

JOSH: Oh, don't you guys know bullies never win?

[The two men look at him in confusion until suddenly, they both fall dead to the floor, revealing that Marcel is standing behind them holding the hearts they just ripped from their chests. He smirks at Josh, who breathes a sigh of relief as Vincent, holding a white pillar candle in his hands, sneaks in and shuts the door behind him]

JOSH: Cutting it a little close on the rescue there, aren't we, boys?
MARCEL: Had to give you enough time to do your thing!

[He bends over and holds out his hand to Josh, who takes it and allows Marcel to help pull him to his feet]

MARCEL: So... did you?

[Josh smiles, making it clear that he bled on her on purpose]

JOSH: Oh, yeah! She's gonna have one heck of a dry cleaning bill.

[They walk over to where Vincent is kneeling in front of the coffee table. He lights the candle, and Josh bites the palm of his hand before dripping his blood onto the lit candle]

MARCEL: You sure you can track her using his blood?

[Vincent ignores him in favor of casting his locator spell]

VINCENT: [chants] Aducté do mi volum ix ti de...

[Vincent softly wiggles his fingers in front of the flames as he learns Sofya's location]


[Sofya is in the back of a limousine and is talking to her mysterious employer as she looks at the white oak bullet between her fingertips]

SOFYA: You'll be pleased to know things are going just as you said.

[Her driver hits the brakes due to congested traffic, and after a moment, when she sees a police officer approaching, she lowers the window to speak to him]

POLICE OFFICER: Sorry. Road's closed. About to get a second line through here. Hold tight.

[He walks away, and she rolls up her windows as her employer says something that visibly shocks her]

SOFYA: You're certain? [She nods] Then, of course. Consider it done.

[A knock is heard on the other back window of the limo as Sofya hangs up, and when she lowers it, she looks at Marcel blankly as though she doesn't recognize him]

MARCEL: I don't think we've met yet! The name's Marcel Gerard.

[Sofya's eyes widen in horror as she quickly opens the passenger door and rushes out and away from them. Unfortunately, she runs down an alley that eventually causes her to be cornered by dozens of members of The Strix. She attempts to run the opposite direction, but stops right in her tracks when she sees Vincent approaching with Marcel]

VINCENT: [smugly] Free piece of advice? Know when you're outmatched.

[As they all surround her, she raises her hands in a non-threatening gesture and sighs]

SOFYA: I don't get paid enough to die.
MARCEL: The person who pays you got a name?

[Sofya gives him a look that says, "Seriously?", but when she doesn't answer, Marcel simply shrugs]

MARCEL: All right, then. I have a feeling we can jog your memory.
SOFYA: [defeatedly] You don't understand. If I give you his name, I'm as good as dead. And, now that you've gotten in his way... So are you.

[Marcel gives her a skeptical look]


[Davina has just sneaked into the library, where she finds one of Esther's grimoires and flips through the pages, scanning them until she finds the one she's looking for. She smiles in satisfaction]

DAVINA: All right, Finn... Let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine.

[Davina rips the page out of the grimoire before putting it back on the shelf]

[Meanwhile, Kol, still visibly overwhelmed and shaken by his anger toward Finn and his horror at nearly feeding on Davina, is drinking a glass of bourbon and staring out from the balcony when Elijah appears in the doorway behind him]

ELIJAH: Whatever it is you're planning...? Don't.

[This visibly angers Kol, who doesn't immediately look at him]

KOL: He cursed me to die, Elijah. Slowly. In front of her.

[Kol finally turns to face his brother and glares at him angrily]

KOL: If nothing else, I owe him for that.
ELIJAH: [shrugs] Perhaps. And perhaps the best revenge is to simply expel him from our lives altogether?
KOL: [angrily] No! He doesn't get to live happily ever after!

[Elijah raises his hand in an attempt to settle Kol down]

ELIJAH: I haven't made my final decision-- I only ask that you stay your hand.

[Kol completely loses his temper and shouts at Elijah]

KOL: That isn't your decision to make!

[Kol furiously squeezes his tumbler until it shatters into pieces, and Elijah seems surprised by this reaction]

ELIJAH: Control yourself!

[Kol, unable to do so, picks up a chair and throws it across the room, and Elijah finally realizes what is happening]

ELIJAH: ...Unless you can't.

[Kol finally returns to his human form, and it's obvious that he's embarrassed by his behavior as he quietly replies]

KOL: It's worse than I remember. The rage... the hunger.

[His eyes fill with tears as he finally makes eye contact with Elijah, who looks at him with concern]

KOL: I'd like to blame my anger on Finn, but it's been growing worse since I came back. I never did learn how to keep it in check. I never really cared to...

[Elijah suddenly understands what is bothering him]

ELIJAH: But now you do.

[Kol sighs and sits down on one of the chairs, his eyes looking glassy with tears]

KOL: I couldn't live with myself if I hurt Davina. But, hurting the ones we love, whether we mean to or not... That's just what we do, isn't it?

[Elijah looks at him sympathetically and walks toward him to go onto the balcony, squeezing his shoulder affectionately though he has no words of comfort to offer]

ELIJAH: It is who we are.

[Elijah leaves, and a single tear falls down Kol's cheek]


[Night has fallen, and Hayley has just arrived to Kayla's trailer, where she's knocked on the door. Kayla, a young teenage girl with long dark hair answers the door, looking devastated. When she sees Hayley standing in front of her, she bursts into tears and rushes toward her to give her a hug]

KAYLA: Hayley!
HAYLEY: I am so sorry, kiddo.

[The two pull away, and they walk toward a small campfire near the trailer]

HAYLEY: I heard there's not much of a pack left, so I thought you might need someone to talk to.

[Kayla nods silently, but she's still obviously overwhelmed by everything that is happening]

HAYLEY: But here's the thing you need to remember as you deal with all of this-- you're a lot tougher than you think you are. And, no matter how awful you feel, you're not alone.

[Hayley looks over and sees a large branch sticking out of the fire, which she picks up and uses as a torch]

HAYLEY: Come on. There's someplace I want you to see.

[Kayla looks confused, but she follows Hayley as she leads her through the woods with their torch lighting the way]


[Davina is walking down the hallway next to the courtyard when Finn comes out of a room from the other side of the hall and addresses her]

FINN: If you're looking for Kol, just follow the screams of the innocent. You'll find him close by.
DAVINA: [smirks] Actually, I was looking for you.
FINN: [patronizingly] Poor, naive child. You don't know it yet, but you're on the wrong side. Did my brother ever tell you about the novice Dulcina? You remind me of her. Innocent girl, beautiful voice... She promised herself to God until Kol caught sight and found her pretty. Within days, she'd broken her vows of obedience and chastity. Within a week, she was dead. He'd grown bored.
DAVINA: I don't believe you.
FINN: [gives her a look] I think you do.
DAVINA: [shaken] It doesn't matter. Kol's changed. But you're still the monster you've always been.

[Davina thrusts out her hands, using her magic to bring him to his knees as she casts the spell she stole from Esther's grimoire, though Finn's screams of agony prevent the incantation from being understood. A brand appears on Finn's chest as he moans in pain]

DAVINA: I hear you're looking to steal the body of some unsuspecting witch...

[She continues to silently cast the spell while Finn screams, until finally she finishes and leaves Finn panting and recovering on the floor. He sees the large brand on his chest and looks horrified]

FINN: What have you done to me?
DAVINA: Get comfy, Finn. I just locked you in that body you hate so much. You're stuck as a vampire for the rest of your pathetic life.

[Finn becomes so enraged that he vamp-speeds toward her and pins her against the wall in a choke-hold, just as Kol appears and throws him off of her. Kol channels his rage, punching Finn in the head and stomach before grabbing him by the neck and slamming his head into the wall, but Finn elbows Kol in the face to break out of his grip for a brief moment before Kol starts to strangle him with both hands. Finn manages to grab Kol's left wrist and snaps it before headbutting him in the face and tackling him, but when Kol elbows him hard in the back, Finn is disoriented enough for him to knee him in the gut and throw him through the glass doors into the courtyard, where he lands on the floor. Finn tries to crawl backward away from Kol and Davina as they approach him, and Kol grabs a lit candle off the table as he walks toward his eldest brother. Finally, Freya rushes into the room to intervene]

FREYA: Kol, stop.

[Kol glares at her as Lucien appears behind Freya, but when he continues to walk toward Finn with the candle, Elijah vamp-speeds in and shoves him backward]

ELIJAH: Enough!
KOL: [furiously] This isn't your fight!
ELIJAH: [sternly] I told you to stay your hand!

[Kol scowls at him furiously]

KOL: Fine.

[Kol angrily throws the candle across the room, and Davina seems shocked by this uncharacteristic (to her) display of rage]

KOL: I'd rather take my chances out there with white oak then stay here with you lot.

[Kol turns to leave, and Davina follows after him. Freya rushes over to check on Finn before looking back at Elijah]

FREYA: Elijah?
ELIJAH: He'll be fine. Marcel has paid us a visit.

[Elijah reaches into his pocket and pulls out the bullet]

ELIJAH: The last remaining white oak in the world... right here.

[Lucien frowns and watches Elijah intently, as does Finn, who seems to be realizing how important this bullet is to him]

ELIJAH: Sister, if you would be so kind?

[Freya nods and flicks her wrist toward the fire pit nearby, which bursts into flames. However, when Elijah throws the bullet into the fire, Finn yells to try to stop him, to no avail]


[Finn vamp-speeds toward the fire and plunges his hand into it, groaning in pain as he's burned until it finally pulls out the bullet, which had not yet been fully consumed by the flames]

ELIJAH: Brother!

[Finn falls to his knees and looks at his siblings and Lucien with horror in his eyes]

FINN: The little witch has condemned me to this! To remain a beast.

[He looks up at Elijah with a pleading expression]

FINN: Elijah... I can't bear an eternity with no hope of escape. Can you?

[Elijah looks conflicted about this question]


[Hayley has just brought Kayla to a clearing in the woods near her trailer, where various personal items have been spread around-- a teddy bear perched under a tree, a pair of sneakers hanging from the branches, Mardi Gras beads and various other items strewn around. Hayley uses the torch to light several more torches that have been stuck in the ground while Kayla looks at their new location]

KAYLA: What is this place?
HAYLEY: The pack used to come here when someone triggered their curse. Not to ask for forgiveness, but... to accept what they had done. To honor the dead in order to move on.

[She looks at Kayla, who looks utterly overwhelmed]

KAYLA: I don't even know his name...

[Hayley smiles gently and walks over to her, pulling a wallet out of her jacket pocket and handing it to her]

HAYLEY: Here. This was his.

[Kayla looks at her questioningly, and Hayley huffs a laugh]

HAYLEY: I have an old friend at the Sheriff's department. He used to get me out of trouble back in the day. I called in a favor.

[Kayla looks down at the wallet, unsure of what to do or say]

HAYLEY: Look, the turning is gonna hurt. And your first full moon is gonna be a real bitch. But, like I said, you're tough. You can handle it.

[Hayley seems affected by her own words, as though they apply to herself, and Klaus, who, unbeknownst to the girls, is lurking in the shadows behind them, also seems to relate to what Hayley is saying as well]

HAYLEY: You'll never forget what happened, but... You can't let the past define who you are.

[Klaus seems impressed by how comforting Hayley is being to the young werewolf, and Kayla gently opens the wallet and pulls out the work ID of the man she killed before hanging it up on the tree to signify his life and death]


[In the courtyard, everyone is staring at Finn, who is standing in front of the fire and holding the bullet in his hand while Elijah attempts to plead with him]

ELIJAH: Finn, give it to me.

[Finn doesn't move and gives Elijah a devastated look, and Elijah's voice becomes more stern]

ELIJAH: Give it to me.

[When this doesn't work, Lucien sighs before vamp-speeding toward Finn, stealing the bullet from him, and then vamp-speeding across the room again. Lucien looks at the bullet for a moment, shocked that he actually has it in his hands, and everyone looks at him suspiciously for a moment before he sighs again and tosses the bullet to Elijah at vampire speed, who catches it and looks surprised by this turn of events. After a moment of inaction, Lucien looks impatient]

LUCIEN: Come on, then. After all this time... go on and destroy it.

[Elijah looks conflicted, and Finn tries to plead with him]

FINN: Elijah, forever is a burden that nobody should have to bear.

[Lucien continues to argue the opposite]

LUCIEN: You cannot keep that white oak in this house, Elijah. It is already a beacon drawing your enemies to you.

[Elijah continues to stay frozen in place, and Lucien finally decides on a compromise]

LUCIEN: Perhaps the best solution is obvious? Entrust it to the one who loves each of you most.

[Finn, realizing what Lucien is intending, looks at Freya with a desperate expression, and Elijah also seems amenable to this idea. Freya, realizing this is key to keeping her family as whole as possible, nods in agreement]

FREYA: I can cloak myself. If it has to exist, at least I can take it far away. Hide it under a thousand spells, somewhere where no one else will ever find it.

[She looks up at Finn, though she's visibly unhappy with the thought of Finn's death]

FREYA: Until the day comes when... you're ready for release.

[Elijah still looks unsure, but he eventually hands Freya the bullet with a serious expression]


[Sofya has been tied up to vervain soaked ropes with a bucket full of vervain and water under her seat to keep her weakened while Vincent and Josh stand around her]

JOSH: Man, I really thought asking nicely would do the trick!

[Sofya rolls her eyes, but Vincent continues on]

VINCENT: Now, your boss is jonesing real bad for some Mikaelson blood, and I just want to know who he is. Ain't no need for this to get nasty.

[Sofya scoffs and rolls her eyes before replying in a condescending tone]

SOFYA: You poor fools. I let you take that bullet. He wanted you to have it.
VINCENT: [alarmed] Who?

[Just then, Vincent gasps as a gust of wind blows through the room so hard it pushes Vincent backward. Sofya looks truly worried for the first time as another gust of wind blows out all of the candles in the room. The whispering of the Ancestors can be heard as they cast a pain infliction spell on Vincent that knocks him onto his knees, and Josh looks worried]

JOSH: Vincent!

[Vincent continues to gasp and groan, his eyes turning cloudy white, just like when they gave him the location of the last white oak bullet in the previous episode, until they finally relent]

VINCENT: I understand.

[Josh frowns in concern, just as Vincent, as though he's been possessed, flicks his wrist, telekinetically snapping Josh's neck and causing him to collapse onto the floor in a heap. Sofya looks confused as Vincent flicks his fingers, unraveling the ropes that keep her bound, and she quickly stands to her feet, though she's too puzzled by what is happening to simply run away. Vincent gains at least part of his bodily autonomy back and laughs defeatedly, but his eyes are still cloudy, indicating he's still being controlled]

VINCENT: The Ancestors... they don't want me to kill you. They want me to help you. They want me to help him.

[Vincent does not seem to be at all happy about this revelation, knowing what the Mikaelsons will do if they find out he's conspiring against them, even if he's not fully in control]

VINCENT: And may God have mercy on us all.


[After Kayla has returned home, Klaus comes out of the woods to join Hayley, still looking slightly embarrassed about his earlier behavior. Hayley looks confused when she sees him]

HAYLEY: Where's Hope?
KLAUS: With Hollis. You trust him, I trust you... Baby steps, as it were. Seems I owe you an apology, little wolf.

[Klaus looks uncomfortable, but forces himself to look Hayley in the eyes]

KLAUS: I've given you a thousand reasons to abandon me, but you haven't yet. So... thank you. For my sake, and for our daughter's.

[Klaus sits down to her neck to the fire]

KLAUS: Perhaps... it's time to start living, not by my decisions, not by yours, but by what we together decide. Partners. For Hope.

[Hayley seems truly touched by Klaus' response and smiles at him. Klaus catches the ID Kayla hung on the tree out of the corner of his eye, and he looks horrified when he gets a closer look at it. Hayley's expression becomes concerned]

HAYLEY: What's wrong?
KLAUS: This was no random attack.

[He gets up and walks over to the tree to look at the ID, which has "KINGMAKER LAND DEVELOPMENT" stamped above the photo of the man Kayla accidentally killed]

KLAUS: These wolves aren't just disappearing. They're being hunted.

[Hayley's eyes widen in horror]


[Elijah and Marcel are having a drink in the parlor of the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, and Elijah breaks the silence when Marcel gives him a look]

ELIJAH: You think I should've burned it, don't you?
MARCEL: [shrugs] It's your call, not mine. I sure as hell don't envy you, though. I think the phrase "sibling rivalry" is about to take on a whole new meaning.

[Marcel sips his drink as Elijah replies]

ELIJAH: I can handle my brothers.
MARCEL: [skeptically] Mmm. The rest is gravy, right? We'll get a name out of our new lady friend soon enough. And without a weapon, all the rest of the revenge seekers are just a bunch of buzzing flies.

[Elijah frowns for a moment when he considers something]

ELIJAH: Maybe. Did it not seem... too easy?

[Marcel smirks at him]

MARCEL: Hey! Maybe I'm just that good.

[Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of Elijah's buzzing phone, and when he sees it's Klaus calling from the CLEARING IN THE WOODS, he answers it, walking out onto the balcony for some privacy]

ELIJAH: [on the phone] We got the white oak. Time to come home.
KLAUS: [exhaustedly] Well, at least one of us has something good to report... Because Hayley and I have just made a rather unsettling discovery. Seems our friends at Kingmaker Land Development are still targeting wolves. What we don't know is why.

[Elijah does seem shocked by this news in a way, though the expression on his face indicates that perhaps he just didn't want to consider this possibility]

[Meanwhile, Marcel has just returned to MARCEL'S LOFT with a bottle of alcohol he presumably sneaked from the compound. He's laughing to himself until he walks into the room where Sofya was being held to find that Josh is laying unconscious on the ground and both Sofya and Vincent are gone. His smile immediately falls when he realizes that something bad has happened]

[Back in the COMPOUND, Elijah's expression is grim as he processes this newest development]

ELIJAH: This whole time, we've been so consumed with everything out there. This auction, this swarm of old enemies... what if it was just a distraction? Niklaus, I'm beginning to fear that the real threat has been in front of us all along.

[Freya has just left the compound and is heading toward her car. Vincent, who has been lurking in the alley, slowly follows behind her. When Freya sees a shadow behind her as she opens the driver side door, she quickly turns around and prepares to attack, only to breathe a sigh of relief when she realizes it's only Vincent, not knowing his allegiance has shifted]

FREYA: Vincent.

[She seems unsettled by the guilty look on his face and frowns]

FREYA: Something wrong?
VINCENT: [sighs] Very much.

[Vincent raises his right hand and makes a fist, using his magic to knock her unconscious without a word. He looks extremely unhappy as Sofya's men come and pick up her body before throwing it into a black van and driving away]

[Over at LUCIEN'S PENTHOUSE, Freya has been bound to a chair with a black hood over her head, and Lucien circles around her, tracing his finger over her shoulders before he finally removes the hood. She has also been gagged, and she glares furiously at Lucien as he leans in from behind her and whispers in her ear with a smug smirk]

LUCIEN: Hello, love.

[He sighs deeply and takes the white oak bullet out of her pocket before he continues]

LUCIEN: A Mikaelson witch, a white oak bullet... Throw in a dash of wolf venom and a case of champagne, and I'd say we have a recipe for some real fun!

[Freya looks horrified by the prospect of what he could want with her]


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