I'm their Alpha. They are looking to me to help them.

An Alpha is the leader of a werewolf or hybrid pack, such as Tyler Lockwood, who was the Alpha of his former Hybrid Pack, and Jackson, who was the Alpha of the New Orleans' Crescent Pack. As the leaders of their pack, all the other members of the pack are supposed to be under their command.

A pack member may become the Alpha of their pack one of three ways: if they step up at the point of death of their previous Alpha, they are named Alpha by the previous Alpha or when they challenge and win a bout with their current Alpha.


The Alpha is the leader of the pack and they are in charge of maintaining structure within the pack. They see each of the pack members as family and make important decisions that reflect not only the growth but welfare of the pack as well. The Alpha creates the rules for the pack, enforces those rules and decides on ranking, courting, assessments, and banishment of werewolves (meaning; they get thrown out of their pack). Another important responsibility of the Alpha is to maintain the pack's hunting territory. All final decisions will be made by the Alpha after all opinions are heard by the pack members. The Alphas have the final say so in everything, yet act only for the good of the pack.


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An Alpha can be challenged for their role as head of the pack by another wolf who wants to be leader. Challenges consist of the two competing to show the other wolves who is the most dominant; the wolf who is determined to be the most dominant is accepted by the other wolves as the Alpha of the pack.

Known Challenges

Known Alphas


  • The term "Alpha" was first used in a conversation between Klaus and Caroline when he proclaimed himself the Alpha male.
  • Tyler and Klaus were both Alphas of a pack before their packs were killed.
  • Klaus' father was also an alpha and is know to be the first werewolf in possession of a Moonlight Ring.
  • Hayley and Jackson shared the Alpha status of the Crescent Wolf Pack.
    • Since both are deceased, it is unknown who took leadership. However, it was heavily implied that Lisina took status as interim-alpha.


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