Alyssa Chang is a witch who made her debut in the ninth episode of the second season of Legacies.

Early History

Alyssa has a complex and complicated history. During her childhood years, she accidentally blew up her parent's house using magic, killing everyone inside and making her an orphan. Shortly after, Alaric arrives and asks her if she would like to become a student at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, a school for special children with unique abilities. Alyssa agrees, but her time at the school is not without problems.

She instantly begins causing tensions with other students, particularly Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, who are regularly subject to her unstable behavior. Eventually, Alaric talks with Emma about sending Alyssa away — which is later revealed to be a euphemism for sending her to the 2018 Prison World — however Emma disagrees. Instead, they wipe her memory to give her a fresh start, an idea which she herself agrees to. Sometime later, Alyssa's behavior improves, and Emma tells her that they no longer need to have weekly meetings.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Two

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Hope returns to her room to find that she is now sharing with Alyssa. She expresses her distaste for this, but Alyssa dismisses her. Later on, Alyssa works with MG to ensure Sebastian fails his assessments. To do this, she purposefully cuts herself with a plate, however Sebastian does not retaliate to the sight of blood; instead it is MG who Sebastian is forced to be restrained.

LGC209-102~Sebastian~Alyssa-Crystal Ball

Later, Sebastian has his assessment with the witches. Alyssa tells him that they wish to know his true feelings/thoughts, and have a spell which will allow them to do this. Alyssa begins pushing, and reveals that Sebastian is afraid of the modern world. Sebastian tells her to stop, however she continues to push until she reveals that Sebastian fears Lizzie finding out who he really is. With this, Sebastian tries to attack the witches, but he is subdued by their magic.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, Alyssa's history is revealed through a series of flashbacks to eight-years prior to the current events of the series. The flashbacks reveal that Alyssa was left orphaned following an explosion that killed her entire family. She came to the Salvatore School shortly after.

In the present, Alyssa begins causing issues with the current students. She clashes with Hope over their room arrangements, but furthermore, she mocks Wade when he announces that he believes he is a fairy, which eventually leads to a warning from Emma Tig.


Alyssa links the two ascendants.

Later on, unbeknownst to anyone else at the school, Alyssa performs a linking spell between the 2018 and 2028 ascendants and, thereby the spell the witches are about to perform with it. Tied to a delaying spell, she sends Alaric, Lizzie and Josie to the 2018 Prison World, framing it as poetic. She reveals to Emma what she has done, however wipes her memories before she can do anything about it. Upon returning to her room, she is confronted by Hope, who questions what she is doing with the ascendant.

In What Cupid Problem?, Alyssa is being held in the werewolf transition cell. Hope, frustrated with her illusion spells, wants her to tell her where she's hidden the ascendant. Alyssa's unbothered and sits in silence as Hope wonders why her truth spell isn't working. Alyssa reveals that the truth spell is not working because because the anti-charm potion she took is working. Hope wants the games to stop and for her to help bring the Saltzmans back from the prison world. Alyssa, continuing to do yoga, questions Hope. She wonders if it's just so she can be the hero and save the day. As far as she's concerned, this has nothing to do with Hope. However, if she knew how annoying Hope would have been, she tells her that she would have sent her away, too. Hope attempts to compromise. The ascendant in exchange for not plucking out her eyelash extensions, one by one. Alyssa, however, doesn't negotiate with "basic witches." With that said, she'll never tell Hope where she hid the ascendant.

When Hope comes back to visit Alyssa, she initially questions if she had a change of heart. Hope hasn't. Brandishing an arrow, she tells her that she's about to. Before Alyssa can properly react to Hope's actions, Hope stabs the arrow into her stomach. Hope struck Alyssa with Cupid's arrow of "obsession". Alyssa is overcome with the magical effects instantly and begins to giggle, asking if she can tell her a secret. She has a crush. Hope uses this information to her advantage.

Alyssa's crush is on MG. Alyssa meets with MG by the pool for their "date." As MG sits on a pool float, Alyssa flirts with him, telling him that she can show him how to ride. MG, however, does not reciprocate her feelings and continues to change the subject matter, offering her frosé instead. MG makes her get it herself. MG offers to play a game with her. Alyssa believes he's referring to Marco Polo; instead, he was thinking something more like if he had a special object that he needed to hide somewhere, where should he put it. That's lame. Alyssa would rather show him how long she can hold her breath and embraces him, kissing.

Alyssa and MG continue their "date." She's happy. No one has ever set up such an amazing first date for her before and can't imagine what he has planned for their second. As she tries to get closer to him, MG decides to make space between them, prompting to get more frosé. With his back turned, she unties the top portion of her bikini. MG vamps behind her and ties her top back together, telling her that this is ridiculous. She's under the influence. Eventually MG comes clean about their date. While he thinks she has great self-esteem and she's super smart, the real reason he did all this was to get her to tell him where the ascendant is. She's disappointed, but, as always, admired his honesty. If that's what he wants, then she'll take him to the ascendant.

Keeping true to her word, they return to her dorm room. Casting a spell, she reveals the ascendant. Before she hands it over, she asks if it is Lizzie Saltzman. The other women that's in the way of their relationship. MG admits that it's not, that he's over Lizzie. Alyssa doesn't by it, he's chased after her for years, even when she was here all along. MG turns the conversation back on her - she was just with Jed. Despite that, he was just a "booty howl" to her. He is, on the other hand, the kind of guy a girl could settle down with forever. He tells her that he's into somebody new. She thinks that it's convenient and just knows it's some slutty werewolf in Canada. She doesn't like to be lied to. MG tells her that it's Kym, the intern, and she has nothing to do with the ascendant. Disappointed, Alyssa realizes that it was never going to be her. MG asks if they can still be friends, but Alyssa tells him no. Instead of handing him the ascendant, she drops it to the floor, breaking into dozens of pieces, stating that she doesn't have friends.

With a new target in mind, Alyssa tracks down Kym in the library, along with Kaleb and MG, ax in hand. MG and Kaleb attempt to rush her with their vampiric speed, but Alyssa casts a spell on them, delaying them in time to a near halt. This is just between her and Kym.

Alyssa lunges at Kym with the ax, missing her and landing into a table. Grabbing the ax, Kym proposes that they talk about this, like the mature women they are. Alyssa agrees to talk, shoving her, she rhetorically asks Kym if she knew how long she's waited for MG to pay attention to her. Then, for her, a human no less, to show up and sweep him off his feet. Alyssa swings the ax again at Kym again, missing again until she kicks the ax out of her hands. With wood from a broken chair, she decides that if she can't have MG then no one can. She turns and sets out to stake MG, though with her back turned, Kym picks up the largest book on the table beside her and knocks her to the floor, unconscious. Knocked out, Alyssa's spell wears off of MG and Kaleb.

Back in the werewolf transition cell, Kaleb brings Alyssa a sandwich. It's ham, which she hates. Her attitude is not helping yourself here. Kaleb asks if she has a way to bring the Saltzmans back. Despite the past events, she truthfully tells Kaleb that she doesn't know how. With no answers, he tells her to get comfy, at least for the time being. Before he walks away, he gives her another piece of advice. MG is not into her and her attempts to try and get with him almost got his sister killed today. He warns her to find herself a new crush. With a smile, looking him over, she tells him that she'll get right on that.

In You Can't Save Them All, Alyssa remains locked in the werewolf transition space. however, she has a visitor — Malachai Parker. He's aware of her actions and complements her work. He asks her how she feels about team-ups. Seeing her chance of escape, she accepts. He tasks her with performing a spell that will sever his connection with the 2018 Prison World.

Having been freed from her cell by Kai, Alyssa does as he's asked. She's prepped the spell — candles linked around and the ascendant in a circle of blood in front of her. With a grimoire near her, she begins chanting. As she's about to complete the spell, a knife to break the blood circle, Hope rushes in to stop her. However, her advances are stopped with a barrier spell. Alyssa remarks that she really is a basic witch and that she doesn't want the Saltzmans back. Not now, not ever. Hope reveals to her that if she were to finish the spell, she would kill them all. This new information stops Alyssa. Kai didn't say anything about that, she tells Hope. Hope tells her to think about the spell she's casting, if she was to sever the connection, the prison world collapses. Alyssa listens as Hope talks her down. Hope knows that she's angry and wants to hurt them, but she's not a murderer. She tells Alyssa that she doesn't want to be responsible for someone's death because it stays with you. Forever. Alyssa take this to heart. She already knows how this feels, having lost both of her parents. She decides not to complete the spell, but the ascendant begins to activate on its own. It's not here, she tells Hope, but one by one, Wendy, Jade, Lizzie, Alaric, and Josie return from the Prison World.

After being freed from the Prison World, Alaric has Josie place her, Wendy, and Jade within a barrier spell at the Old Mill. There, they prepare for bed with a fire and sleeping bags to keep them warm.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Alyssa agrees to help Lizzie. Using her crystal ball, she learns that Lizzie's afraid. Absolutely terrified. Lizzie doesn't need her crystal ball to know that. Alyssa needs to concentrate. She elaborates more on her reading. Lizzie's not scared of Josie hurting her. It's the opposite. Lizzie's scared of hurting Josie. Lizzie concedes that she's done so much to hurt her already and doesn't want to make the same mistake again. Alyssa tells her that she doesn't have to worry. She mistakes Alyssa comment for optimism that Hope's plan will work. Alyssa believes that Josie is going to tear Lizzie apart. The Merge is a battle of wills and the simple fact that she's afraid of winning and losing, makes her a dead duck. Lizzie's upset. She believes that she's going to die because she became a better person. Alyssa finds the situation ironic. Lizzie makes her own declaration. Screw personal growth. She's going back to only looking out for number one. To being selfish. Alyssa tells her that's the spirit and to live long and prosper. Josie, however, surprises them both, telling Alyssa that she won't and neither will she. With a flick of her wrist, Josie breaks Alyssa's neck and she falls, dead, to the floor before she could even react.

Despite her death, she's raised by a powerful new friend, the Necromancer. Dressed in red robes, she and Chad escort Josie to the gymnasium for the Merge Ceremony. She and Chad bare witness to Lizzie not showing up to the Merge, though Hope decides to face Josie. Eventually, Lizzie returns, saving Hope, and completes the Merge with Josie, the latter winning. With the Merge complete, Alyssa and Chad head back to the crypt with the Necromancer and Josie.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Josie commands Alyssa and Chad to redecorate the crypt. The Necromancer is displeased, but wants to use Josie's black magic to raise Malivore — Alyssa and Chad were supposed to be preparing the pit. Josie reveals that if the Merge was successful, then she would have absorbed her sister. Unfortunately, I can't feel her at all, so something's wrong. Alyssa pipes up, believing that it's Hope. It's always Hope. The Necromancer becomes furious and takes command of Alyssa and Chad, but Josie takes control of him. Josie orders the Necromancer to find out what happened to Lizzie. He agrees and orders Alyssa and Chad to get back to work.

Learning that the Necromancer has been fooled and commanded to talk to Alaric, Alyssa, along with Chad and Rafael accompany him to Mystic Tap. Alaric moves to attack the Necromancer, but Rafael tells him to stop, that they'll be forced to fight him, three to one. Alyssa tells Alaric that the Necromancer only wants to talk. Alaric and the Necromancer talk and negotiates the terms of a deal. The Necromancer will get the black magic from Josie and, in exchange, she and Rafael will be raised completely and the link between them and the Necromancer will be severed. The Necromancer even agree to use an unbreakable covenant spell so that both parties will uphold their terms, otherwise neither of them gets what they want. No exceptions.

Alaric eventually decides to go through with the deal and Alyssa is completely resurrected and returns to the Salvatore School. She surprises both Kaleb and Jed. She's back. Fine and not a zombie. She tells them to not make it a big deal. Kaleb attempts to talk to her to make plans for later, but Alyssa waves him off and walks away.


  • Alyssa is a Salvatore School student witch and infamous instigator of drama among her peers. Snarky, intelligent and egotistical, Alyssa is a main character in her own mind, and never backs down from a challenge or misses an excuse to show off.[1]

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Alyssa possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Alyssa has the typical weaknesses of a witch.


  • Alyssa and MG (Classmates/Enemies/Alyssa has crush on him)
  • Alyssa and Lizzie (Enemies)
  • Alyssa and Josie (Enemies)
  • Alyssa and Hope (Enemies)
  • Alyssa and Alaric (Enemies)


Season One

Season Two


  • Alyssa is usually derived from the flower alyssum. It means "alyssum" or "sanity".[2]
  • Chang is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname 常 .[3]




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