Amalia Giroux was a character of The Originals novel series. She was a witch was the leader of the New Orleans witches back in 1788 and was in an alliance with the vampires and werewolves to stop Tomás Vargas.


Not much is known about Amalia's history, but she did replace Lily Leroux as the leader of the witches sometime after her death.

The Originals Novels Series

The Resurrection

She is approached by the Mikaelsons and Sampson for the help against the Vargas twins and their followers. She also offers her help in getting rid of them, but has outrageous demands for the witches and herself. She asks for a foothold in New Orleans again and she tells them that whoever gave the enchantment to Tomas and Alejandra, she has already dealt with them, but will not give out any names. She tells the Mikaelsons that she knows of a way to rid Elijah of the vinaya enchantment and lights a candle. She also says that the intense pain he is feeling is equal to the pain of a hundred vampires.

Afterwards, there is a battle with many witches, werewolves, humans and vampires in the warehouse, Amalia included, many perish in the fire that Klaus planned.


Amalia is shown to be brave and has a take no prisoners attitude. She was willing to help the other supernatural species since the Vargas twins were threatening their very existence. She did say that she putted the alliance in place as to have peace between the factions. She is shown to be blunt and has no need to brighten the situation up, as in the case with Elijah. She is shown to have loyalty to her fellow witches as she refused to give out their names to the Mikaelsons because of the vinaya enchantment.

Physical Appearance

Amalia was tall and slender, with long, thick black hair, liberally streaked with white. She was also said to have perceptive brown eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Amalia possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Amalia had the typical weaknesses of a standard witch.



  • Amalia is derived from the Germanic word amal meaning "work" and connotes "industrious" and "fertile".
  • Giroux is of French origin.

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