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This is the relationship between the vampireDamon Salvatore and the former Immortal Anchor-turned-humanAmara.

They are known as Damara, Amaron and Damaron.

Amara is the progenitor of the Petrova line and the woman who looks like Elena and Katherine, Damon's lovers. They met each other during Silas' plan to destroy The Other Side and during their short time together, they were friendly.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

In Handle with Care, Damon finds out from Qetsiyah that Amara is still alive. He then meets her and introduces her to her doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert.

In Death and the Maiden, Damon introduces Stefan to Amara while they watch her as she suffers with the effects of being the Anchor to The Other Side. He stops her from committing suicide (she had bitten her wrists in an attempt to make herself bleed to death). Damon later finds Amara after Silas takes her from the Anchor transferring spell Qetsiyah was performing. He tries to feed her his blood, but it won't work. He pleads with her to stay awake, but Amara tells him to let her die. She then passes away with Damon next to her.


Season Five

Amara: (upon seeing Damon) "Are you real?"
Damon: "Are you?"
-- Handle with Care


  • Damon dated two of Amara's descendants/doppelgängers, Elena and Katherine.
  • During the time in which they knew each other, Damon gave Amara several nicknames, including Crazy Pants.
  • In Death and the Maiden, Damon was by Amara's side as she was dying from a self-inflicted stab wound, much like Amara's descendant Elena was by Damon's side in As I Lay Dying.
  • Damon was the last person to see Amara alive.
  • Both had committed suicide for what they thought were for good reasons;

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