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No! I haven't been "Angry Amelia" in years.
Amelia to Stefan and Lexi in 1969 Part One

Amelia Bennett was a witch who only appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comic 1969. She is the mother of Sheila Bennett and great grandmother of Bonnie. She finally gets to meet Bonnie, though sooner than any of them would have liked on the Other Side. Like other Bennett witches, she has known the Salvatore brothers for a long time, prior to Sheila's birth.

Amelia is a member of the Bennett Family.

Early History

Much of Amelia's early history remains unknown. However, at some point in time she met and had a romantic relationship with Stefan, though it did not last.

In 1962, Amelia was involved with covering for Damon's vampiric tendencies. The local paper however reported the story as a series of animal attacks.

In 1969, Amelia forbade Sheila from attending the Woodstock festival. However in retaliation, Sheila ran away from home. However, much to her surprise, Stefan Salvatore and Lexi returns her home and she meets them on her porch. It's been a long time since they've last seen each other. Amelia wonders what he's doing with Sheila but before he can explain, she demands them all to come inside before someone sees them. Inside, Amelia explains that the Founder's Council has been on alert for the last seven years and it's not safe here for them. The council can't find them. Stefan's confident that they won't. They'll stay at the Boarding House. Stefan even tells her that he doesn't have the same dietary requirement anymore. Amelia's glad to hear it. She's sick of covering for him. Later, Stefan and Amelia talk in private. It's been since before Sheila's been born. Stefan asks about her father and she tells him that he left. Left as soon as he found out what she was. It's a shame. Stefan tells her she deserves happiness. So does Stefan. His life is harder than most. Amelia's done talking though and they embrace in a kiss. Sheila's screams startles Amelia. She and Stefan find Lexi and Sheila laughing on the floor. Shelia's foaming at the mouth, though she's fine, it's just toothpaste. Sheila knows they're vampires and they were only having fun. Stefan suggests that they should be going. Lexi yells back to Amelia an apology. She just couldn't lie about who they were to Sheila. Amelia understands. It was about time she knew there was more out there than just witches. She's just thankful it was them than some other vampire. She's not mad. As Lexi and Stefan motion to leave, she thanks them again for driving Sheila back and she hadn't realized just how much she'd missed them both. Before leaving, she places another kiss on Stefan's cheek. She even offers for them to swing back by once they're settled and they'll catch up properly.

A month later, Amelia receives a knock on her door. It's Stefan. She asks if it's time already. She knows they're leaving and they've barely got to hang out for the past month. Sheila descends the stairs and sees Stefan. He explains he was just saying good bye to her mother, when Herb shows up. Just so happens, he was driving by and thought he'd say hello. Stefan asks if there's a problem, but Herb's just keeping tabs. He even asks if he's been staying at the Salvatore house. Amelia introduces him as "Steven" Salvatore. Stefan adds that he's from a distant branch in the family. He's just visiting the family property. Herb continues to question Stefan, asking how long he's been staying there. A month is a coincidence to Herb, considering they've had some strange attacks occurring in the same time frame. The Mayor, however, appears and stops Herb's questioning. The Mayor apologizes to Amelia and "Steven". Herb was just leaving. Before he departs himself, he mentions not to forget to vote come next November. Stefan agreed to leave too, though it was great seeing her. Amelia gives him the same compliments. Stefan hopes to see her again and she gives him another kiss. Sheila and Stefan exchange goodbyes too, even telling her no more sneaking away to rock concerts.

Amelia joins her daughter and the other townspeople on the day Sheila organizes an anti-war sit-in in Mystic Falls. Everyone showed up and main street was shut down. People started shouting Amelia watched proudly as Sheila stood up, shouting over the masses and they listened. They were mesmerized by her. Eventually the cops showed up and either the police or their parents dragged them away. Sheriff Herb Morrison even handcuffed Sheila, but Stefan compelled him to free her. Once freed, Amelia congratulated her daughter. The sit-in was amazing. She was amazing. Sheila's thankful. It was like they were under a spell, but Amelia admits it was all her.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In 1969, Sheila guides Bonnie through the darkness of the Other Side, beyond the Veil. Shelia tells her there's someone she'd like to meet. Before them stands Sheila's mother, Amelia. She's happy to finally be able to meet Bonnie, although a little sooner than any of them would have wanted. She's Bonnie's great-grandmother. Bonnie recognizes the name and has even seen her gravestone, which she finds to be lovely. She mentions that Stefan Salvatore went out of his way to make sure it looked nice. Bonnie's surprised that she knows who Stefan is and Amelia confirms that the Bennett women have known both of the Salvatore brothers since before Sheila was born. Sheila even remembers the first time she met him in her youth and they regale Bonnie of their history.


Amelia seems to be a very charismatic and down-to-earth woman who loves her daughter. However, Stefan, Lexi and Sheila all know about how mad and angry she can become, even garnering the nickname "Angry Amelia". Returning Sheila to Mystic Falls, Lexi, wanted no part in even being present when they arrived knowing her temper.

Physical Appearance

Amelia is a beautiful woman who appears to be middle-aged wearing plain clothing. She has dark eyes, long black hair that curls at the end and an elegant figure.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Amelia possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a human/witch.


Amelia had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


  • Amelia is a blend of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia. In Latin, it means "industrious" and "striving."[1]
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".[2]



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