[An emotionless-looking Klaus has just taken a painting off of the wall in the study, revealing a safe that was built into the bricks behind it. He spins the dial and puts in the combination to open it. Inside is a wooden box, which he opens gently as he walks away from the safe. Inside the box is a stack of old letters in fading envelopes. Suddenly, the scene cuts to a short time later, where Freya and Elijah have joined him in the room]

FREYA: [incredulously] You collect trophies from all your victims?
ELIJAH: Letters to their loved ones, to be specific.

[Klaus tries to ignore them as he starts to look through the letters]

KLAUS: [absentmindedly] It was a phase.
ELIJAH: A phase in which we were forced to learn a different kind of stealth.

[He sits forward in his chair to continue the story for Freya and the audience's benefit]

ELIJAH: You see, over time, Niklaus' enemies grew so numerous, we had no choice but to artfully withdraw from the world.

[Klaus gives Elijah an offended look]

ELIJAH: And then...

[Freya gives him a curious and exasperated look, and he turns to address her]

ELIJAH: Well, I wouldn't exactly describe our presence in this city as discrete. Wouldn't you agree, Niklaus?

[Klaus, exasperated and frustrated, finally joins the conversation in earnest]

KLAUS: We all saw the white oak destroyed! Plus, this city is crawling with vampires, all of whom had no choice but to shield me from potential foes! Were I to die, they would die, too. I couldn't have been more safe!

[Klaus is starting to look extremely worried now]

KLAUS: And now my sire link is undone. Those very foes will come for me... Like never before.
FREYA: [sighs] It's only been a few days since the link was broken. Must you jump into crippling paranoia already?
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] It's a default setting.
KLAUS: [angrily] And for good reason!

[Elijah stands to his feet to walk over to where Klaus is standing]

ELIJAH: Well, Niklaus, if it offers you any solace whatsoever, you've ransacked Aya's belongings, torched Aurora's hunting ground, and obliterated every last splinter of the white oak.

[Klaus lowers his voice threateningly]

KLAUS: I would be mad to believe that.
ELIJAH: [shrugs] Perhaps you should see a therapist.

[Klaus, realizing he means Cami, sighs deeply. He looks over at Freya, who still looks exasperated by his behavior, before walking away without another word. Elijah takes a deep breath, and Freya gives Elijah a skeptical look]

FREYA: Every last splinter? You're sure?

[Elijah says nothing and doesn't meet her eyes]



[Cami is in the fight gym, dressed in workout gear, and is punching and kicking a punching bag furiously as she trains to become a better fighter while Vincent tries his best to hold the bag still for her despite her new vampire strength]

VINCENT: Whew! Come on, now. Defense! Keep your hands up.

[Cami gives him an incredulous look, but doesn't stop punching]

CAMI: Up? I'm at least a foot taller than Aurora... Not that that'll stop her from kicking my ass!
VINCENT: [confused] Aurora? I thought Klaus took care of her.
CAMI: According to Hayley, he said he condemned her to a fate worse than death. Translation-- not dead. Which means sooner or later, I'm screwed.

[She starts punching the bag harder and harder, and Vincent visibly winces with every blow as he struggles to keep it from moving]

CAMI: She turned me, thinking it would make Klaus run back into her arms. It didn't, so once she gets out, wherever she is, ripping my heart out will be number one on her to-do list.

[Finally, Vincent gives up and holds up his hands as he steps away from the punching bag, which Cami then kicks so hard it nearly flies right off of the stand]

VINCENT: Whoa, there! I figured he'd rip her head off.
CAMI: [sighs] He didn't.
VINCENT: So, are you scared that she's gonna come for you, or that there's a reason that Klaus didn't kill her?

[Cami gives him a look, and Vincent backs off]

VINCENT: Or, we can not talk and keep hitting things...

[Just then, Klaus appears and calls out to them]

KLAUS: I'd prefer we use our words. I have a few matters I wish to discuss with Camille.

[Cami sighs in annoyance, so Klaus tries his best to make it seem like a tolerable request, and Vincent gives Klaus an amused look]

KLAUS: Matters of a personal nature, to be discussed within appropriate professional boundaries, of course.

[Klaus gives Cami a hopeful and somewhat scared look]

KLAUS: Shall we?

[Cami sighs again, but seems to be agreeing to his request]

[Meanwhile, upstairs, Kol has just awakened in Davina's former bed to find Davina in an armchair reading a book. He groans as he tries to sit up, and Davina stands to walk over toward him]

DAVINA: You've been asleep for three days.
KOL: Regenerating from ash takes a lot out of a man.

[He stands to his feet and starts walking toward Davina with a smile]

KOL: You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now.
DAVINA: [smiles] So, what's stopping you?

[Kol stops walking and looks up at the sunlight streaming through the window. He holds his hand up to it, and it starts to burn, causing him to groan slightly]

KOL: Well, I can take the heat...

[He finally yanks his hand away]

KOL: ...If it means I get to kiss you. But, letting the church burn down to ashes may be considered sacrilegious.

[Davina looks shocked and slightly disappointed to find that Kol is back to being an Original vampire]

DAVINA: ...But y-you were a witch...

[Kol smiles weakly at her]

KOL: The spell you used brought me back as I was when I died in this body.
DAVINA: Kol, I've heard the stories. When you were a vampire, you were...
KOL: A psychotic maniac.

[Kol gives her an understanding smile, and though he's surprised by this reaction, he doesn't seem to be offended by the description]

KOL: But, I didn't have you. You're worth being good for. I promise you can trust me.

[Davina smiles weakly and walks over to him. When she gets close to him, she smiles and immediately leans forward to kiss him. Kol looks thrilled to be near her, but pulls away slightly and holds up his hand]

KOL: At the risk of sounding too forward, I need you to put a ring on this finger.

[Kol chuckles in amusement]

KOL: A family reunion is in order.
DAVINA: Kol, about your family... I'm pretty sure Klaus wants me dead.

[Kol doesn't seem too pleased by this revelation, but he smiles weakly once again and pulls Davina in for a hug]


[Marcel has just returned to his loft to find Josh passed out, half on the floor and half hanging over a large potted plant]

MARCEL: Morning.

[Josh awakens with a groan to find Marcel is holding out a glass]

MARCEL: O-negative and tequila, for when you wake up all kinds of wrong.

[The camera pans away to reveal that there are other vampires passed out around the loft, along with crushed Solo cups and empty bottles of beer and liquor. Marcel stands and looks around at the destruction with a displeased expression]

MARCEL: Looks like I missed one hell of a party... at my loft.

[Josh takes a sip of his blood-cocktail as he stands to his feet]

JOSH: It's not every night you get to celebrate your supernatural link to a murderous psycho broken by a blood spell... He said without irony.
MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] Yeah, well, it wasn't a party at Strix HQ. We might be free of Klaus, but they are still linked to Elijah.

[Josh continues sipping his drink]

JOSH: Mmm. How long do we have to care about the Strix? You've played undercover leader. Why can't you just Pied Piper them the hell out of town?
MARCEL: The Strix are thinning out. It's back to NOLA business as usual.

[Just then, two Strix vampires walk into Marcel's apartment]

STRIX VAMPIRE 1: I'm afraid our plans to vacate have been put on hold.
STRIX VAMPIRE 2: Three of our upper-level circle are missing, including Fukuda, Bailey, and Flynn.
STRIX VAMPIRE 1: In the wake of Aya's death, you can understand our concern, though you don't seem to share it.

[Marcel smiles fakely at them as he walks toward them]

MARCEL: Tell me-- how do the Strix punish insubordination, hmm? Or should we check the charter?

[Isaac and the other vampires look concerned, but when they say nothing, Marcel smiles in satisfaction]

MARCEL: All right then. Let's go see if we can find our missing friends.

[Marcel grabs his coat and heads out the door, and the Strix vampires reluctantly follow him out]


[Hayley is in her bedroom, sitting on the ottoman at the end of her bed,where she's looking at a handwritten list she's made with the following names: Aurora de Martel, Aya Al-Rashed, Takahashi Fukuda, Arthur Bailey, Cadence Flynn, Isaac Pack, and Claire B (the rest of her name was out of frame). Aya and Aurora's names have been scratched off. Just then, Elijah walks into the room, and she quickly crumples up the list in her hands]

ELIJAH: Thought you were in the Bayou?

[Hayley puts a finger to her mouth and shushes him]

HAYLEY: Shh. I just came home to feed Hope, put her down for a nap. I'm heading back out soon.

[She stands and surreptitiously puts the list in her back jeans pocket, but when she heads toward the door, Elijah notices a smudge of blood on her forehead and frowns in concern]

ELIJAH: Stop. What is this?

[Elijah wipes away some of the blood with his thumb, and Hayley jerks away from him, looking evasive]

HAYLEY: Nothing. I just got caught on a thorn.

[She walks away from him, purposely not looking him in the eyes, and Elijah seems skeptical of her claims]

ELIJAH: You've been spending a lot of time with the Crescents lately.
HAYLEY: Well, they need me. Ever since Jackson...

[Hayley looks away, and Elijah realizes how still deep in grief Hayley is in. She then grabs her coat and puts it on before looking back at him]

HAYLEY: Do you need something, Elijah?

[Elijah is clearly not buying her act and seems concerned when he replies, though he attempts to hide his worry]

ELIJAH: I came to check on Hope. Niklaus is a little overwhelmed with everything.
HAYLEY: [sighs] Well, maybe he's right in being paranoid. Seems like every time we pause to catch our breath, someone ends up dead.

[She hesitates before she continues on]

HAYLEY: She'll be asleep for another hour. Do you mind?
ELIJAH: Of course not.
HAYLEY: [gratefully] Thank you.

[She grabs her knapsack and heads out with it, while Elijah watches her worriedly]


[Cami and Klaus are in a corner booth at Rousseau's, where they're having their impromptu therapy session]

CAMI: You can't prove all of the white oak was destroyed, and you can't live in fear of something that might not even be there.
KLAUS: I despise feeling so helpless. A few decades ago, in the midst of his incessant pursuit of me, Mikael disappeared without a trace. No witch could locate him. Of course, I lived as though he lurked around every corner, until one day, I, too, disappeared. Just cut all ties and vanished.
CAMI: And Elijah?
KLAUS: I told him I disposed of our siblings' bodies. To call it an estrangement would be a bit of an understatement.
CAMI: But you don't want to be that man again.
KLAUS: [sighs] I have more to lose now.

[Cami frowns and takes a deep breath before she replies]

CAMI: I can't be your therapist anymore.

[Klaus seems shocked by this statement and gives her a concerned look]

KLAUS: Are you afraid vampirism makes you less astute? Because, honestly...

[Cami sighs and interrupts him]

CAMI: I can't counsel you to let go of your paranoia when I have issues of my own.

[Cami looks Klaus hard in the eyes]

CAMI: You left Aurora alive. She compelled me to slit my throat, and you let her live.

[Klaus makes a confused face]

KLAUS: In unending torment! Camille, you are the reason I will not grant her the mercy of a quick death! She has to suffer for what she stole from you.
CAMI: [sternly] I'm okay with who I am now, Klaus. I think you're more concerned about what she stole from you.

[Cami stands to her feet and leaves the restaurant. Klaus looks shocked by this response by Cami and frowns in concern before he stands and leaves as well. While he's walking down Rue DeMaine, he suddenly gets an uneasy feeling and stops in his tracks. When he looks across the street, he sees a man standing and staring at him with a smug smirk. However, several cars drive down the street, temporarily preventing Klaus from seeing the man for a moment. After the cars pass, Klaus finds that the man is gone and looks worried]


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus has returned to the study, where he is anxiously filling in Freya and Elijah on what he's just learned]

KLAUS: It was him. It was Gaspar Cortez.
FREYA: [sighs] I assume this is someone from your box of letters?
KLAUS: The youngest son of a particularly vile family of warlords I dealt with in the 17th century.
ELIJAH: Didn't they burn that philistine pigsty into the ground?

[Klaus scoffs, visibly appalled by Elijah's distaste]

KLAUS: Pigsty? Belaga was my favorite artist retreat! Someone had to pay for that, so I murdered Gaspar's brute of a father.
KLAUS: And one or two--

[Elijah sighs and closes his eyes in annoyance in frustration as he interjects]

ELIJAH: --Five--
KLAUS: [annoyed] Five of his bloodthirsty brothers.
ELIJAH: Don't forget the mistress.
KLAUS: [offended] That was an accident!

[Elijah rolls his eyes and turns to Freya]

ELIJAH: The point is that Gaspar was but a footnote.
KLAUS: Until he became a vampire, hell-bent on hunting me.

[Meanwhile, Cortez has just stepped out of his limousine in a back parking lot of some kind in the FRENCH QUARTER and has just addressed his driver, who has opened the door for him]

CORTEZ: Thank you. See to it my friends are taken care of, won't you?

[Cortez walks away, and the driver peers into the backseat of the car to find four beautiful women laying dead and slumped together on the seats and floor, each wearing multiple strings of Mardi Gras beads]

[Back at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus is continuing to panic about this newest development as the scene cuts back and forth from the compound to the Quarter]

KLAUS: He's a cunning deviant, known to compel hoards of the helpless to aid him with his tasks.

[Back in the parking lot in the FRENCH QUARTER, the driver is dousing the backseat of the car in gasoline before he gets in the drivers seat, soaks himself in the rest of the gasoline, and lights himself and the car full of bodies on fire. The limo explodes in a ball of fire while Cortez walks calmly away from the fiery scene behind him]

KLAUS: You see, this is exactly what I was concerned about. Devils of all kinds, crawling out of their crevices to strike at me.

[Klaus pauses when he hears footsteps and unintelligible murmuring approaching him with his hybrid hearing and scowls]

KLAUS: Speaking of which...

[Klaus vamp-speeds downstairs into the courtyard, where he finds Davina strutting inside the front gate and immediately pins her against a support beam by the shoulders]

KLAUS: Rather foolish of you to come here alone.

[Davina looks only mildly afraid of him just as suddenly, another figure vamp-speeds toward Klaus and tosses him backwards across the courtyard. It's Kol, and when Klaus gets to his feet and sees him, he looks absolutely stunned by the sight of him]

KOL: She didn't come alone, brother.

[After the break, Elijah and Freya have just come downstairs to figure out what the commotion is as Klaus continues to stare at his resurrected brother in shock and disbelief]

KOL: Now, Nik, I mean, you did go after my girl.
KLAUS: It can't be.

[Davina steps in to mediate]

DAVINA: It's Kol. When I broke your sire link, it created a surge of power.

[Freya gives Davina a cold look]

FREYA: You stole the nexus vorti.

[Davina rolls her eyes in frustration, clearly unhappy that they're not more grateful for what she's done for them]

DAVINA: And brought your brother back from the dead!

[Kol walks toward his siblings to defend her]

KOL: You should be thanking her, really.

[Surprisingly, Klaus lunges forward and hugs Kol tightly, which both pleases and shocks Kol. Once they've pulled away, Kol turns toward Elijah]

KOL: Hello, Elijah.
ELIJAH: You haven't aged a day.

[Kol turns to Freya, frowning as though he doesn't recognize her]

KOL: And you...?
FREYA: Freya.
KOL: Right. Long-lost older sister. Speaking of twists and turns in our family tree, where might Rebekah be?
KLAUS: That's a long story. And one reserved for family. Davina can see herself out.

[Kol makes a face and looks at Klaus in exasperation and confusion]

KOL: Uh, are you--
KLAUS: [cuts him off] --As per usual, our family faces a multitude of threats. The sooner you become acquainted with them, the better. I won't have you distracted.
KOL: By Davina? You know, if you could only pull your head out of your--

[Davina steps in and interrupts before Kol can finish]

DAVINA: Kol. It's okay. I'll go.
KOL: Davina.
DAVINA: You can make it up to me.
KOL: And I will. Dust off that fancy dress, 'cause tonight we're going dancing.
DAVINA: [smiles] Okay.

[The two kiss goodbye before Davina leaves, and the other Mikaelson siblings seem surprised by Kol's tenderness toward her]


[Marcel arrives to the bar to find that Elijah is playing a simple tune on the piano, a glass of brandy sitting next to him on the table]

MARCEL: I'd offer you a drink, but I see you helped yourself.
ELIJAH: I'll leave a generous tip.

[Elijah stops playing and looks up at Marcel]

ELIJAH: A favor-- I need to make absolutely certain that not a splinter of that white oak remains. Get your best men on it.
MARCEL: That's not gonna happen. My best men... Fukuda, Bailey... M.I.A., as of three hours ago. And I get the impression that ordering the Strix to do anything other than find their missing men would be, uh, very bad for my health.

[Elijah seems concerned by this news and nods to indicate that he understands Marcel's current position]

ELIJAH: It's very bad for everyone's health. Do you have any leads?
MARCEL: Mmm, the city's full of people who want the Strix out.
ELIJAH: For good reason. Bring them the head of the culprit before they burn this city into the ground.

[Elijah grabs his coat and leaves a stressed-out Marcel behind to continue his work]


[Vincent is still in the fight gym, where he's lifting weights on the bench press. After a moment, a man who appears to be compelled walks in and approaches him]

MAN: Are you Vincent Griffith?
MAN: I've been looking for you.

[He hands Vincent a handwritten note that reads, "Your presence is requested at Rousseau's. Immediately." Vincent gives him a bemused look]

VINCENT: Immediately? Who gave you this?

[The man stands completely still and silent, and Vincent becomes annoyed]

VINCENT: Look, man, I ain't going with you nowhere until you tell me what this is all about.

[The man pulls out a switchblade, and Vincent watches in horror as the man stabs himself in the neck with it]


[The man collapses, and Vincent rushes over to him, only to find he's already died of blood loss. Vincent looks furious as he storms toward Rousseau's]


[Kol is sitting on the bed in Klaus' room as he reads the letters from Klaus' trophy collection. After a moment, Elijah walks in and joins him]

ELIJAH: Well, isn't this the welcome home. Already at the mercy of Niklaus, and just in time to help the rest of us clean up his mess. Do you miss being dead yet?

[Just then, Klaus comes in with a glass goblet full of blood]

KLAUS: Keep up your ceaseless whining, and I'm sure he will.

[Klaus holds out the goblet toward Kol]

KLAUS: Here.

[Kol's eyes widen at the sight of the blood, and Klaus' voice takes on a sing-songy tone]

KLAUS: I compelled the housekeeper.

[Kol looks torn between his hunger and his promise to Davina and stares at the glass for a long moment, and Klaus waves it in his face invitingly before he finally takes it]

KOL: Next time, a blood bag will be fine. I'm meant to be off the fresh stuff.
KLAUS: [amused] Attempting to be a better man for your girlfriend?

[Kol gives him a look]

KOL: I'd rather be with that girlfriend, but since your enemies have returned seeking vengeance, I suppose they ought to be murdered. So remind me, who is this Cortez?
KLAUS: His family decimated Belaga.

[Kol groans and laughs at the same time]

KOL: Ugh! Belaga. That place was hideous.

[Elijah, happy to hear someone agreeing with his opinion of Belaga, smiles and gestures toward Kol as he gives Klaus a smug look]

ELIJAH: Thank you, Kol!

[Klaus looks between Kol and Elijah, both appalled and exasperated by their opinions]

KLAUS: No taste. Either of you!

[Kol stands to his feet and grabs the letters]

KOL: All right, calm down. I know exactly how to find your enemies, as long as our new sister doesn't chafe at me for teaching her a quick spell.

[Kol holds up the letters in his hands]

KOL: Mind if I burn these?

[Klaus gives Kol a curious look]


[Vincent has just arrived at Rousseau's to find all of the patrons standing completely still and motionless. Unnerved, Vincent walks around until he finds Cortez sitting at the bar with a plate of food and a glass of scotch]

CORTEZ: I prefer utter silence when I eat. Helps me to think. And I think you must be Vincent Griffith... Regent of New Orleans.
VINCENT: And you must be the psycho who compelled somebody to die in my arms. See, that sort of thing ain't gonna fly in my city. I'm really gonna enjoy killing you.

[Vincent raises his hand to cast a spell just as three men rush to their feet and hold knives to the necks of many of the bar customers]

CORTEZ: I knew you'd be difficult. That's why I compelled these men to murder their fellow patrons. You can see how this could become a bloodbath, yes?

[Vincent, already completely angry about how this conversation is going, gives Cortez a cold look]

VINCENT: Yeah. What do you want?
CORTEZ: I'm looking for something that was lost in this city, and I bet your witch ancestors know where it is. Since you are the Regent, you're gonna ask them to find it for me.


[Marcel is on the phone with a Strix vampire to get an update on their missing members]

MARCEL: No one saw her taken? Go to all their hotels, grab their things. No one travels alone!

[Josh comes out of one of the side rooms and heads toward Marcel with an apologetic expression as Marcel hangs up the phone]

JOSH: FYI, there's a girl still asleep on your bathroom floor. Couldn't bring myself to wake her. She looks so peaceful...

[Marcel sighs, even more stressed out than before, and gives Josh a stern look]

MARCEL: Josh, another Strix member has gone missing, and I need a favor from Davina. Now, I'm not exactly her favorite person right now, so...

[Josh makes a face]

JOSH: Is it a favor for you or the Strix?
MARCEL: It's not that simple.
JOSH: Uh-huh. Look, I know you had your reasons for joining, but, no offense, I'm starting to think you're not undercover anymore. Kind of feels like you're just... in it.
MARCEL: Well, once you're in, the only way out of the Strix is to die, so I can't just walk away. You gonna help me or not?

[Josh sighs defeatedly]


[Davina is in the attic, kneeling in front of a table with candles in preparation to do the spell for Marcel while Josh stands nearby and watches]

DAVINA: For the record, I'm only doing the locator spell because you asked.
JOSH: Look, I know Marcel's been a total absentee dad lately, but... He always comes through in the end. I hope.

[Josh finally sees the black and white lace cocktail dress Davina is wearing, as well as her fancy jewelry and her hair that has been curled into full waves, and realizes it must be a special occasion]

JOSH: Whoa. Hot date tonight?

[Davina sighs, looking worried and uneasy]

DAVINA: If he shows up. Kol spent the day with his family. He's a vampire again. An Original vampire. I think when he was dead, it was easy to forget that he was a Mikaelson, but... Watching him and the way he fits in with all of them, it's... It's pretty weird.
JOSH: Well, hey, if I learned anything in the last year, doesn't matter what he is. It only matters who he is. So... who is he?

[Davina gives him a weak smile]

DAVINA: I'm still figuring that out.

[Davina sighs and grabs a vial of black sand to cast her locator spell. She starts to murmur the incantation while she spreads the sand in an infinity symbol over a map on the table, upon which the belongings of the three missing Strix vampires are resting]

DAVINA: [chants] Chasé la verde la perdo. Chasé la verde la perdo.

[Davina closes her eyes as the spell takes affect, but whatever she senses does not appear to be good, because she sighs before looking up at Josh]

DAVINA: Well... Good news is I found Marcel's friends. The bad news is they're dead.


[Kol and Freya are standing next to each other at the coffee table in the upstairs living room, where Kol is starting to burn the letters that Klaus used as trophies. Elijah and Klaus watch solemnly from nearby]

KOL: Mixing the ashes of these letters with your blood, Nik, will show us where your enemies are.

[Kol crushes the ashes up with a mortar and pestle, and Freya hands him a gold goblet with Klaus' blood. Kol sprinkles the ashes into the goblet before handing it back to Freya. Freya pours the ash-blood mixture onto a map of the world, which is pinned down by white candles, as Kol pulls a spell written on parchment out of his jacket pocket and hands it to his sister]

KOL: [smirks] With feeling now.

[Freya laughs and gives him a look as she takes the spell from him. She takes a deep breath before reciting the incantation]

FREYA: [chants] Calaste piso tal tras es tros. Calaste piso tal tras es tros.

[The blood starts to break apart into eleven small beads, which scatter across the map. Listed are the closest approximations: four total in North America (one near Chicago, Illinois; one in New Orleans, Louisiana; one in Southern California, and one in South-Central Mexico); one is in Southeastern Brazil; three are in Europe (Belgium, Southern Italy, and Western Russia); two in Africa (one in Nigeria; one in South Africa or Mozambique); and one in what looks like South Korea]

FREYA: Behold your greatest hits, Klaus. All over the world. But only one is here. Which means the legion of enemies you were worried about is an army of one.


[Vincent is in the kitchen of ROUSSEAU'S, where he's in the middle of reluctantly casting a locator spell for the white oak. Suddenly, Cami walks into Rousseau's through the front door to find one of her coworkers mindlessly washing the same glass at the bar. She becomes concerned and tries to snap him out of it]

CAMI: Jamie? Jamie!

[She turns to see Cortez and Vincent in the kitchen rushes toward Vincent, whose eyes are closed in concentration as he contacts the Ancestors. Cortez wastes no time stepping in between her and Vincent before she can reach him, and Cami gasps in shock]

CAMI: Oh my gosh!
CORTEZ: Disturbing him would end very badly for everyone here.
CAMI: I take it you're the guy behind the mess at the gym.

[Cami holds up the note Vincent left behind, stained with the compelled man's blood, and Cortez studies her for a long moment before realizing she's not human]

CORTEZ: You're a vampire. Well, maybe I can't compel you, but I have other ways to make you do what I want.

[He looks behind Cami, and she turns to see the men holding knives to their fellow bar patrons behind her]

CORTEZ: Those men don't want to kill their friends. If you behave, they won't have to.

[Just then, Vincent, who was communing with the Ancestors, coughs on the incense smoke in front of him, and Cortez turns to him to see what is going on. When Vincent sees Cami, he starts to panic]

VINCENT: Leave her out of this.
CORTEZ: I'll gladly release you both once you find what I'm looking for.
VINCENT: I will find you the white oak, man.

[Vincent glances behind Cortez and sees that Cami has just pulled out her phone to send a message for help to Klaus, so Vincent tries his best to keep Cortez distracted long enough for her to send it]

VINCENT: Just leave her alone.

[Cortez is focused on Vincent as he anxiously turns back to the table and continues his ritual]

VINCENT: Um, um...

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Freya, Kol, Klaus, and Elijah are still in the upstairs living room where they're discussing what they learned from Freya's spell]

KOL: I assure you, this is your Gaspar Cortez.

[Kol circles the drop of blood on the map that is right on the dot indicating New Orleans, Louisiana. Just then, Klaus gets a text message from Cami which reads, "Problem. Rousseau's."]

[Back at ROUSSEAU'S, Cami has just finished the text message when Cortez sees her with her phone out and pins her to the door. Just then, Vincent groans in pain as he snaps out of his communion with the Ancestors]


[Cortez, annoyed, slams Cami's head against the door frame so hard that she's temporarily knocked out]

CORTEZ: Did you see the white oak?

[Vincent's eyes are closed as he tries to process what he just learned]

VINCENT: Aurora hid it, but the Ancestors aren't saying where.
CORTEZ: [pleased] But it exists.
VINCENT: Look, man, they are not going to help you.
CORTEZ: Ask them again. This time, I strongly suggest you don't take no for an answer.

[Vincent looks over at Cami, who is still laying unconscious on the floor, and sighs before slamming his hand on the table in frustration. Cortez gives him a look, and Vincent reluctantly starts a new spell]

VINCENT: [chants] L'objet que perdu est petis in civitate...


[Night has fallen, and Elijah has just met up with Marcel in a dark alley in the FRENCH QUARTER. Elijah does not look at all pleased to be summoned there]

ELIJAH: Went to the wrong dumpster. Of course, I have nothing better to do.

[Marcel gives him an exasperated look before opening the dumpster and revealing the mutilated bodies of several vampires inside]

MARCEL: Davina found our missing Strix. Wolf bites. They were tortured and then torn apart.

[Elijah looks horrified at the sight of these bodies]

MARCEL: Elijah, Jackson was killed just around the corner from here.

[Elijah realizes that Hayley is behind this, and Marcel gives him a knowing look]

MARCEL: The Strix are still gonna want the head of whoever did this.

[Elijah, still stunned, walks away, gesturing toward the dumpster as he does so]

ELIJAH: Burn the bodies.

[Meanwhile, in the nearby WAREHOUSE DISTRICT, a female vampire has been bound to a chair, a hybrid bite visible on her neck as she whimpers in pain. Hayley walks around her in circles with a menacing expression. When the vampire gives her a vicious look, Hayley, annoyed, grabs an ax and gets ready to swing it at her just as Elijah arrives and looks at her, visibly appalled by the sight in front of him]

ELIJAH: Hayley! What do you think you're doing?

[Hayley glares at Elijah before turning back to the vampire and swinging the ax as hard as she can, decapitating the vampire and splattering her face with blood in the process as Elijah watches in horror]


[Vincent is still doing the locator spell for the white oak, but it's clear that the Ancestors are fighting it by the blood pouring from Vincent's eye as he chants as strongly as he can]

VINCENT: [chants] L'objet perdu que petis est in civitate, in qua non dico l'objet que petis in civitate... l'objet que... que...

[Cami starts to stir and wake up, and when she sees Vincent's condition, she rushes over to check on him. Vincent is trying his best to fight the pain, but is clearly struggling]

CAMI: You're not gonna get what you want if he's dead.
CORTEZ: Shut up. Vincent, I grow impatient. Where is the white oak?

[Vincent starts to convulse before falling out of his chair and onto the floor. Cami rushes over to make sure he's okay, but he has passed out from the energy it took to fight the Ancestors' wishes. Suddenly, Klaus' voice is heard shouting from behind them]

KLAUS: Cortez!

[Cortez turns and looks at Klaus with contempt as the Original approaches him, examining a wooden stake in his hand]

KLAUS: Welcome to New Orleans. Long time no see. You've come all this way. You must be tired. Please, allow me the courtesy of putting you to rest.
CAMI: Klaus...

[Klaus looks over and sees the three men holding knives to the necks of three patrons]

CORTEZ: Make a move, Niklaus, and everyone here will die. Or... You can wait for us all to learn the whereabouts of the white oak. Choice is yours. Either way, I win.

[After the break, the scene returns right where it left off]

CORTEZ: So here's how this works. Everyone lives... once you let me leave.
KLAUS: [scoffs] So, you expect me to let you live, knowing you seek white oak? It's a shame how some vampires grow so dim with age.

[Klaus smirks at him smugly]

KLAUS: Killing you will be a mercy.
CORTEZ: [shrugs] Kill me, and this quaint eatery turns into a slaughterhouse, shining a light on your town's more repulsive activities.

[Klaus looks appalled by his words]

KLAUS: You know... I really liked Belaga.
CAMI: Klaus... No!

[Klaus throws the stake at Cortez so hard that it hits him square in the chest and forces him back against the doorway. Then, before the men armed with knives can even react, Klaus snaps all three of their necks, saving the patrons, who are still compelled to do nothing but stand perfectly still. Cami looks horrified and rushes over to the men to try to save them]

CAMI: No. No, no.

[She bites into her wrist and tries to feed it to one of the men]

CAMI: You'll be okay. Just drink this.
KLAUS: It won't help.
CAMI: Come on.
KLAUS: [sighs] Camille!

[Cami stands, her eyes blazing with anger, and she glares at him for a moment before shoving past him and leaving the restaurant. Cortez is still alive, though the stake is still buried in his chest, and he weakly tries to remove it. When he does, Klaus, now furious at Cortez, rushes over, grabs him by the lapels, and throws him across the bar. He then smashes a nearby barstool with a cry and takes the broken chair leg to use as a stake, which he buries right into his chest, just to the side of his heart, pinning him to the ground]


[Elijah is angrily confronting Hayley about her behavior at the warehouse]

ELIJAH: This has to stop!
HAYLEY: Why are you defending these people, Elijah? Oh, that's right, because they're the only ones that can protect you from the white oak. Well, guess what? I don't need their protection.

[She takes out her hit-list from her pocket]

HAYLEY: This is a list-- of all the Strix who took down me and my husband. The ones responsible for his execution, which I was forced to watch.

[Elijah takes the list from her and opens it to read for a brief moment before he looks back up at her]

ELIJAH: The Strix will consider this is as an act of war, Hayley. Now, I beseech you to think of your daughter.

[These words only make Hayley more furious]

HAYLEY: Do not use Hope in an attempt to tame me, Elijah! Now, I have taken risks for you. It is about time that I do right by Jackson. I'm sorry if that inconveniences you.

[Hayley storms away, and Elijah sighs in frustration]


[Klaus has just returned to where Cortez is pinned to the floor in the now-empty ROUSSEAU'S bar]

KLAUS: I appreciate your patience. Now that your victims have gone, compelled by me to remember nothing of this night, you and I can take our time catching up.

[Klaus pulls the stake out of his chest and pulls him up to his feet, slamming Cortez against the bar and pinning him down to prepare to kill him]

KLAUS: So before I end you, I just have one teensy little question. How did you know about the white oak?
CORTEZ: There's no shortage of vampires who loathe you. Over the years, we've found ways of staying connected. The world evolved, and those connections became simpler...

[He pulls out his phone and holds it up]

CORTEZ: Stronger and instantaneous.

[He drops the phone on the floor]

CORTEZ: It started as a rumor on a private message board. Now, I've confirmed the truth for everyone. So, go ahead. Kill me. But I will die filled with joy. Your sired are coming, Niklaus!

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Freya and Kol hear a dripping noise and walk over to the map, where they see the small drops of blood on the map start to move toward New Orleans. They both look horrified]

FREYA: It never stops. Never.

[At ROUSSEAU'S, Klaus is still glaring at Cortez as he pins him to the bar]

CORTEZ: They will destroy everything you love. And then they will use the white oak to kill you. And at last, you will get the retribution you deserve!

[Klaus, now filled with rage, karate-chops Cortez's head clean off of his shoulders, but he is still terrified by his warning nonetheless]


[Klaus and Elijah have returned to the compound, where they have joined Freya and Kol in watching the map as the drops of blood head straight for New Orleans, some faster than others]

ELIJAH: So this may only be a fraction of our potential enemies.
KOL: [chuckles] In hindsight, we could've been nicer to people. Or at least left fewer survivors.

[Neither of his siblings seem impressed by his glib comments as Klaus turns to address Elijah]

KLAUS: We don't know all their motivations. Half of these people could want to put the bullet in your heart! End the sire war with the pull of a trigger.
ELIJAH: I have an army devoted to keeping me alive. The only people that care to protect you are standing in this very room.

[Elijah gives Klaus a serious look for a moment before he continues]

ELIJAH: As you well know, Niklaus, there is another way.

[Klaus sighs, but seems to know that Elijah is right. Freya looks confused for a moment before she realizes what they mean]

FREYA: You're going to run?
KLAUS: [chuckles] There was a time when the name Klaus Mikaelson was little more than a rumor. A shadowy figure who cast fear into the very bones of any who heard whisper of him. I don't run, sister. I disappear. And tonight, the three of you are going to make that possible.

[Klaus holds up a burlap sack with bloodstains over it]


[Marcel has just placed the same burlap sack on a silver platter on the table, and pulls it off to reveal Cortez' head]

MARCEL: Gaspar Cortez. From Klaus's line.
STRIX VAMPIRE 2: We crossed him once, during the early days of the sireline war. Clearly, the truce between the two lines has come to an end.
MARCEL: [sighs] ...Unfortunately, before I got to him, there were a few more Strix casualties.


[Elijah is seen viciously killing several more of the Strix members. He then puts the bodies in a nearby dumpster and burns them just like Marcel took care of the others, blood splattered all over his face just like Hayley's earlier]


[Back in the present, Marcel is still talking to the other Strix vampires]

MARCEL: Cortez burned the bodies. But he got his, and he won't be bothering your sireline anymore. So go on, make this the centerpiece for the wake. But before we mourn, just remember that this guy wasn't the only one with an ax to grind. All right? Rumor has it, vampires are coming in from all over, looking for the last of the white oak. So, if we want to protect your sireline, we need to know. This ain't over. It is just getting started.


[Kol is once again preparing to show Freya another spell of his in the courtyard while he snacks on a blood bag]

KOL: We'll just get Nik to bleed into that chalice. Add some oleander and a spotted owl feather, I'll give you the incantation, and we'll be good.
FREYA: Impressive. You created this spell?
KOL: Well, there's no witchcraft on this planet that I haven't studied. But we both know you're well aware of that.

[Freya laughs bashfully as the two sit down in their respective chairs]

KOL: You and I met a century ago, didn't we? You were the only witch in town I couldn't charm into doing my bidding. Honestly, I just figured you fancied the ladies.

[Freya rolls her eyes good-naturedly and gives Kol a look]

FREYA: Oh, because that's the only reason a woman wouldn't swoon for you?

[Kol smiles and scooches forward in his seat with a shrug]

KOL: Well, either that, or you're my long-lost, not-so-dead older sister.

[Freya smiles happily at him]

FREYA: I'm glad you're back. You should know, Rebekah kept her promise to fight for you... before the curse. I suppose we're all lucky Davina never gave up on you.

[Kol frowns and looks at his watch as he remembers his date that night]

KOL: She did right by me, didn't she?

[Freya smiles and nods in agreement]

KOL: And I have to do right by her. You mind if I write the spell down?

[Kol reaches toward the table for a pen and paper]

KOL: There's somewhere I ought to be.

[Kol starts to scribble down the incantation for the spell, and Freya smiles, visibly happy for him]


[Cami is leaning against the balcony overlooking the nave when Klaus walks up behind her and joins her, though she doesn't look happy]

CAMI: Is Cortez dead?
KLAUS: Yes. I know you're not pleased about the innocent lives lost. I'm sorry you had to see that.
CAMI: [quietly] I get it. Three lives taken to spare thirty.

[Cami turns to face him, her face unreadable]

CAMI: I've seen you kill before, Klaus. Did you expect me to just fall apart? I'm not that girl anymore. This morning, you said that Aurora stole something from me. You were right.

[Klaus sighs and gives Cami a serious look]

KLAUS: Aurora turned you because, in her twisted little maze of a mind, she believed my affections for you would grow cold.

[Klaus takes a large step toward her, stopping just inches from her face, and Cami almost looks like she wants to kiss him, though she restrains herself from doing so]

KLAUS: She was wrong.

[Klaus leans forward to kiss her, caressing her face with his hand, but Cami pulls away, which visibly hurts Klaus' feelings]

CAMI: She wasn't wrong. Your feelings may not have changed, but mine have. I've been lying to myself, trying to hold on... But the part of me that loved you, the part of me that hoped for your redemption... That part was human. And it's gone. I'm sorry.

[Klaus, in disbelief, turns and walks away, and Cami's eyes fill with tears as she watches him walk away]


[Davina, in her fancy dress, seems to have given up on Kol showing up, because she's taking off her jewelry. Just then, he appears in the doorway and smiles at her as she walks toward him, looking hesitant]

DAVINA: Everything okay with your family?
KOL: [rolls his eyes] 'Course not.

[Davina seems surprised by this reaction]

DAVINA: Don't they need you?
KOL: [shrugs] Desperately.

[He walks toward her, dropping his jacket on the chair as he smirks at her]

KOL: But for the moment, they'll be fine. And in the meantime, I prefer to be here with you.

[He caresses Davina's face with his hand, and she smiles happily at him]


[Hayley is sitting in front of the lit fire in the fireplace in her bedroom, her eyes red and wet with tears, when Elijah walks in slowly. He stops right behind her and holds out the list, which she takes and opens to find that all of the names are crossed off. He sits next to her on the bench as Hayley crushes up the list in her hands and throws it in the fire, deliberately not taking her eyes off of the fire]

HAYLEY: I love you, Elijah. I always have loved you.

[Elijah, stunned by this response, gasps quietly and looks down at the floor]

HAYLEY: And Jackson knew that. And he died loving me, despite it. And now every time I look at you, it's like he's right there and I'm... hurting him all over again. He died because of me. So... out of respect for him... I have to let you go.

[Hayley looks up at the ceiling to stop herself from crying, and wipes stray tears from her eyes while Elijah tries his best to compose himself despite how heartbroken he is]

ELIJAH: Well, that seems like the right thing to do.

[Elijah stands to his feet and doesn't meet her eyes]

ELIJAH: You know, I tried that myself. Didn't work.

[Hayley looks like she's about to cry more, and Elijah takes one last look at the fire before he turns and walks away without another word. Once he's gone, she bursts into tears]


[Kol has just set the record player to an old jazz tune, and when he turns back to Davina, she smiles and snaps her fingers, which causes the volume to become louder and more robust. Kol chuckles in amusement as he walks toward her]

DAVINA: You taught me that.
KOL: I will miss the magic. But tonight, I'm just happy to be back.

[He takes her hands in his own and puts her arms around his neck so they can dance. They spin forehead to forehead for a moment before Davina speaks]

DAVINA: Can you control it? The hunger?
KOL: I can control it. And it wasn't the magic that made me better, Davina. It was you.

[Davina smiles and looks him in the eyes for a long moment, her expression full of affection]

DAVINA: And, as for the magic, if you ever get the urge...

[She starts to unbutton his shirt and looks at him seductively]

DAVINA: There are other ways. You don't have to do magic to feel it.

[She pulls his shirt off and continues to stare at him as she slowly unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor]

KOL: Davina Claire. You are the best thing about being alive.

[They start to make out as they stumble over to Davina's bed to have sex]


[Cami and Vincent are sitting outside the cafe with their coffees and talking about what just happened]

VINCENT: You ain't mean what you said to him, so why'd you say it?
CAMI: Klaus kills people all the time. For rational reasons, irrational ones... He knows what happens when enemies are left to fester in their hatred-- today proved that. But he couldn't kill Aurora.
VINCENT: You think he still loves her.
CAMI: I don't know. I used to think he could protect me from anyone until her.
VINCENT: Okay, look, you're a survivor. You can protect yourself.
CAMI: Well, I'm going to have to. If history's taught us anything, Aurora will be back. She'll get out. And she'll come for me. And when she does, I can't be wondering who Klaus loves or doesn't love. I can't be worried about whether he's going to protect me or kill her. If I don't want to be another victim, I have to kill her myself.

[Vincent looks shocked as Cami stands to her feet to leave]

CAMI: I'll see you tomorrow, Vincent.

[Once she leaves, Vincent is suddenly overcome with a vision that causes him to groan in pain and clutch his temples. His eyes cloud over, sort of like with a Kenning spell, and he gets flashes of a cloth-wrapped bundle hidden in a loose floorboard of what looks like the old abandoned postal service train car where Aurora was once staying]


[Klaus has just walked downstairs to the courtyard with his bags packed, walking toward where Freya has performed Kol's spell. Elijah stands behind her and walks toward Klaus as he approaches them]

KLAUS: Is it done?
FREYA: Yes. And now any witch who does a locator spell will believe you're right here in New Orleans.
ELIJAH: [amused] You know, for all of his mischief, Kol truly is a master of his craft.
KLAUS: [laughs] Yes, well, drawing trouble is his forte. You'll thank him for me?
ELIJAH: [nods] Don't stop driving 'til you're absolutely certain that you are safe.
KLAUS: [smiles] You don't have to remind me how precious my cargo is.

[Klaus hugs him goodbye and gives Freya a kiss on the cheek before gesturing toward Elijah with his head]

KLAUS: Keep him in line, would you, sister?

[Freya nods, and Klaus walks out into the entrance hall with his bag in hand]


[Davina has fallen asleep after she and Kol had sex, and he rubs her arm affectionately for a long moment before kissing her on the shoulder. He gets up out of bed in his boxer briefs, checking to make sure he isn't waking her as he walks toward his jacket and reaches into his pocket to pull out a blood bag. However, when he sees that it's empty, his eyes widen in horror as he he tries his best to drink what little remains. Unfortunately for him, it's completely dry, and the fact that he has no ethically-sourced blood to feed on makes him visibly panicked]


[Freya and Elijah are standing on the balcony overlooking the street as Hayley, with Hope in her arms, meets Klaus at the car]

KLAUS: I trust you've said your goodbyes.
HAYLEY: Something like that.
KLAUS: [sadly] We may be gone for quite some time.
HAYLEY: [emotionlessly] It's worth it to keep Hope from what's coming. Besides, there's nothing here for me anymore.
KLAUS: Well, then... Perhaps we have more in common than we thought.

[Klaus smiles at her kindly before looking back at Hope, who is in a furry pink coat and is buckled into her car seat. As they drive away, both Freya and Elijah look worried, and Elijah is still clearly recovering from his encounter with Hayley]

FREYA: It's going to be quiet around here.
ELIJAH: I wouldn't bet on it.


[Vincent has a flashlight and is walking through the postal service railway car into a room full of wire shelves with bottles and jars on them. He finds the loose floorboard from his vision and pries it open, unfolding the cloth to find a jar full of sawdust, which he pours out into his hands until he uncovers the sole remaining white oak bullet. He gasps in shock when he realizes what he's found]


[Kol is in a vacant alley, where he is hungrily feeding on a woman who whimpers in pain until she dies. He pulls away and drops her on the ground, his vampire face still out and his mouth still covered in blood as he becomes horrified by what he's just done. Suddenly, a familiar male voice calls out to him and breaks him out of his panic]

FINN: There was never any hope for you, brother.

[Kol turns his head backwards and gapes in horror when he sees his brother, in his original body, standing before him]

FINN: No self-control.

[Kol glares furiously at Finn]

KOL: Finn.

[Finn smirks at him smugly]


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