These are the short stories written by L.J. Smith.


Short stories [1]

Matt & Elena: First Date

In a completely new story, we get a look back in time to Matt and Elena's first date, a year before Elena will meet Stefan. Matt takes Elena to the most expensive restaurant around, and finds that she isn't the Ice Princess he's been expecting. Cuddly, romantic - the greatest danger in this story is the risk of social humiliation. [2]

Matt & Elena: Tenth Date on Wickery Pond

Here's another peek into Elena's past with Matt, which helps to show why he still is stuck on her, nearly a year after she broke up with him. Elena gets a chance to show her physical courage as well her mental strength. [2]

Damon & Bonnie: After Hours

This story is about the first time that Bonnie met Damon - the real first time. In this story, Damon saves Bonnie from two werewolves in the school library where she decides to spend all night to finish her History paper. [2]

Blood Will Tell

This is a fantasy of fantasy. The idea is: what might have happened at the end of Dark Reunion if Stefan had been persuaded to drink the blood of his three friends in order to be more powerful when he fought that night.

Elena's Christmas

A Christmas night in midsummer, basically in July. Elena, Matt, Bonnie, Meredith and Stefan organize a "Christmas" with decorated trees, cookies, Mrs. Flowers' lemonade, and even gifts. Like a normal get-together, and Damon appears to turn the story funnier. [2]

The Trees

This story takes place before The Return: Nightfall. Matt, Bonnie and Meredith almost got a car accident. [3]

Damon & Elena: Tumbleweeds

Cut from The Return: Shadow Souls for space. Elena and Damon have had an argument while driving to the Gateway to the Dark Dimension. Damon has stopped the car at a crossroads, and now Elena is pacing angrily. Tumbleweeds are all around them—piled up in suspicious mounds. Elena is furious at Damon, who has scarcely spoken to her all day. She can't understand why he won't even look at her. [4]

Dinner Disaster

Not for the faint of stomach. This is a scene which L.J. Smith and her editor agreed to leave out of The Return: Shadow Souls. It’s definitely gruesome, but L.J. Smith would hate for these leftovers to go to waste. [4]


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