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This article is about Andie Star from The Vampire Diaries. You may be looking for Andi, a character from Legacies.

You need to know somebody cares about you. I care about you, Damon.
Andie to Damon in Klaus

Andie Star was a recurring character who appeared in the second and third season of The Vampire Diaries. She first appeared in the thirteenth episode of the second season. Andie was a 30-year-old local newscaster for Mystic Falls and friends with Jenna. She served as a love interest for Damon after Rose's death, as he was upset. He treated Andie similarly to how he treated Caroline, using her mainly for sexual/feeding purposes, however he grew to genuinely care for her. She was compelled by Stefan to jump off a stage, dying instantly as she hit the ground.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

Andie and Damon at the grill

Jenna introduced Andie to Damon at the Grill. Damon wasn't interested in her at first, but later that night he called her and invited her to his house in an attempt to confide in someone following Rose's death. Damon talked to her about his problems and his love for Elena. He then fed on her and compelled her not to tell anyone. Damon didn't seem to care about Andie, using her for sex and feeding, and compelling her regularly. She made small appearances in many episodes, usually leaving the Salvatore boarding house with a scarf tied around her neck. After an argument with Stefan and Elena, Damon goes to his room where Andie awaits him. She confesses her love for him, and for the first time he shows a desire to kill her, but contains himself and compels Andie to leave before he kills her.

Season Three

Andie is killed by Stefan

In The Birthday, Andie helped him find information about Stefan through her contacts. She was working late at the station when she was suddenly confronted by Stefan, who compelled her to stay on the edge of the stage. When Damon arrived, Stefan forced him to watch as Andie jumped and fell to the ground, dying on impact. Damon was clearly saddened as he kneeled and observed Andie's lifeless body. Damon bitterly tried to play off his feelings in front of Elena the next morning, but finally confessed to Elena about how Andie and him were looking for Stefan all along. Elena was furious that he hadn't told her this.


She was friendly and cared about others, as seen with her conversations with Damon.

Physical Appearance

She was an attractive woman with long, wavy-curly light brown hair and brown eyes. She had an athletic build and a medium stature, and wore refined clothing with a scarf around her neck.


  • Damon and Andie (Dated/Non-Consensual Relationship)
  • Jenna and Andie (Friends)


Season Two

Season Three


  • Andie is English and the meaning is "Feminine of Andrea".[1]
  • Star is English surname, and the meaning is "star".[2]





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