This game is an opportunity. We can show him how seriously we are taking this by making sure that our secret stays protected out there on the field. Today, we will lose even more epically than we normally do.

The Annual Charity Football Game between Mystic Falls High School and the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted is an annual event to let the locals see the boarding school students for what they think they are; normal studnets. This event keeps them from asking too many questions and allows the boarding school students to keep a low-profile. The events occurred in Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn and You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know of Legacies.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Alaric approaches Lizzie and Josie. He's sorry but he can't make the game today. Lizzie and Josie protest; he is after all the coach and Lizzie is the QB this year. Alaric hates that he has to do this to them, but he insists that he has to fin Landon Kirby. Josie proposes to cancel the game, considering it's a "joke" anyways. They can't use their powers, so their performance sucks. Alaric reminds them that it is a "normal" school for troubled rich kid's kind of thing to do. This annual event lets the locals of Mystic Falls see them for what they think they are: normal kids. And the game keeps them from asking too many questions. Despite losing, the Mystic Falls High school students continue to mock them. Alaric reassures her, it's because they're insecure; small-town kids with small minds and to just let it be. Especially now, with Landon running around, knowing all of their secrets, they have to protect our appearance now more than ever. He asks if he can count on them to do just that. Lizzie and Josie eventually agree and he tells them he loves them and heads out.
At the field, Dorian addresses students from both schools. He wants it to be a good, clean, and entirely uneventful game. Connor begins the smack tall, indicating that they're going to win, just like every year. It's not the sportsmanship spirit, but Dorian dismisses it, flipping a coin to see who gets the ball first. Dana calls "tails" and gets the ball for the Mystic Falls High School team. The teams break and attempt to shake hands, but Connor brushes off Kaleb. Josie reminds him that he needs to suck it up. They have to go through this every year. Kaleb's, however, frustrated; he was being recruited by D1 schools before he got here and didn't lose. Today is different. Lizzie extends her sportsmanship spirit to Dana, wishing her good luck. However, Dana's here to win. She tells Lizzie that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Lizzie quips that she's pretty sure she's seen that on a poster at the dentist's. Dana's dad is a dentist, but he still made time to be here; pointing out that Alaric is not there for her game. She guesses she's lucky that way and walks off. Lizzie's angry, but they have to keep up appearances.
As the game progresses, Lizzie warns Kaleb to stick to the game plan. Though he was eating townie scrubs like Dana and Connor for lunch, and that's before he was a vampire. Kaleb holds back his vampiric strength and makes the first kick, which Connor catches. They rush the field, and he passes to Dana, who gets a touchdown. Connor pushes Kaleb to the ground, which only makes him angrier. All things considered, things went well. Despite her earlier warning to Kaleb to stick by the rules, Lizzie is warned by Josie as she has the urge to use her magic to burn Dana. On the sidelines, Penelope approaches MG. HIs attempts to win over Lizzie is laughable and she offers to help him. Ultimately, she tells MG to give her his best performance.
In the second quarter, Mystic Falls is winning by a 28-0 lead. Losing is what they're supposed to do and Lizzie takes a minute to let them all know just how proud she is of everyone. They're all doing a great job, despite the beating they're taking from the other team. Continuing to do the same play - run around and make it look like you know what you're doing, then utterly fail - they break to play another quarter. Kaleb's not pleased, but MG decides to do what Penelope's asked of him and scores a touchdown. Kaleb's super happy, but Lizzie's furious. That's not the play they're supposed to be doing. They're supposed to be losing.
During the next play, Lizzie passes it to Josie who conveniently knocks the ball away from her instead of catching it. Dana comments to Lizzie that she sucks at football and that she should've absorbed her in the womb. Everything comes to head at this moment for Lizzie. They've been playing this game for years, and for years she's been digging at her. She wonders if it is because she's prettier than her. Dana snidely comments that she just gets a thrill from tormenting all the "crazies". Speaking of, she mentions it's been a while since she's paid a visit to her mom's pharmacy and wonders if she's feeling a little delusional because she's off her meds. That's the last straw for Lizzie. She has a new plan and the gloves are off. She wants to win and burn them to the ground. Josie disagrees and tells her no, but Lizzie doesn't Lizzie. Instead of losing, they're going to give these "townies" a taste of what they're really made of. MG and Kaleb are with her, all the way. Josie continues to refuse and asks Josie to get on board with her. Reluctantly, she agrees. With a new plan in action, they subtly use their various vampire abilities as Lizzie uses her magic to cause Dana to fumble the ball. They tie the game at 35-35.
As they have a team meeting, Josie calls an audible of her own. They need to lose, as Alaric's told them to lose for a reason. Kaleb interjects; Alaric's not here and he thinks they shouldn't have to lose. Josie attempts to convince them again. No one would be here if it weren't for Alaric. He built this school for supernaturals like them, so if they win by flaunting all the things that make them different, they're going to lose a lot more than just a stupid game. They'll lose everything. MG eventually agrees, but Penelope appears and offers a door number three option. She tells them that they could still win, but without any of their supernatural special sauce. A game won fair and square. Kaleb and MG are new this year and they could perhaps win this. With a new play, they break in the hopes of winning the game. As they make their last play and on the verge of winning, Josie ultimately decides to use her magic to cause them to fumble the ball giving the win to Mystic Falls High. As they shake hands with the other team, Josie tells Dana that they had a good game. Dana, however, tells her to "suck it, loser". Lizzie snaps and punches Dana in the cheek, causing a brawl among the students of the two opposing schools.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Due to becoming the new principal Alaric coaches the Mystic Falls high school team. The rivalries between the school are intense as both got vandalized with the Salvatore Gates being vandalized during the night and Mystic Falls High vandalized in the early morning which Hope witnesses. At the Salvatore School, Professor Vardemus tells the students that this year, they are free to use their powers in moderation in order to win the football game against Mystic Falls High. This excited Kaleb, but worries Josie, who fears exposure. Vardemus assigns Landon as quarterback, which shocks MG who rushes to tell Lizzie. Lizzie dismisses MG, stating that she has bigger things to worry about, such as whether Sebastian is another monster or not. MG invites Lizzie to the football game on the premise that he can also help out with the reading around Sebastian. On the football field, Landon worries about leading the team, given that he can't even throw a ball. Josie tells Landon that she will help him, and uses magic to improve his throwing skills. Hope who now attends Mystic Falls joins the flag football team as a cover to go after the Shunka. Hope attempts to leave the match early to find Rafael stuck in wolf form who she fears will be found by the Shunka, however her plans are foiled when Maya reveals that she is the quarterback for the match. Landon tackles Hope and she uses this as an opportunity to leave the game early. On the football field, Ethan takes over as quarterback, much to the teams delight. MG pleads with Lizzie to return to the field, which she initially declines, but agrees when she notices that Sebastian is watching. They lose the point, however, which infuriates Lizzie as she watches Sebastian leave the field; MG follows in close pursuit. Vardemus hands Josie a spell to help them win the game, and Sheriff Mac arrives in time to see Ethan play quarterback. Josie casts the spell, which breaks Ethan's arm, an event that Alaric is aware is caused by Vardemus. Alaric confronts him, eventually leading to him hitting Vardemus, which causes a fight between the Timberwolves and Stallions.


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