Character Episodes Appearances as Antagonist
Francesca Guerrera Rebirth (1/1)
Kol Mikaelson Alive and Kicking (flashback), The Map of Moments (2/13)
Mikael Alive and Kicking, Live and Let Die, Red Door, The Map of Moments, They All Asked For You, Night Has A Thousand Eyes (6/8)
Esther Mikaelson Alive and Kicking, Every Mother's Son, Live and Let Die, Red Door, Wheel Inside the Wheel, Chasing the Devil's Tail, The Map of Moments (7/12)
Finn Mikaelson Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Brotherhood of the Damned, Sanctuary, The Devil is Damned, I Love You, Goodbye, They All Asked For You (6/15)
Eva Sinclair They All Asked For You, Save My Soul, Exquisite Corpse (3/3)
Freya Mikaelson The Devil is Damned, Exquisite Corpse (2/12)
Dahlia Wheel Inside the Wheel (flashback), Save My Soul (flashback), Night Has A Thousand Eyes, When the Levee Breaks, City Beneath The Sea, Fire with Fire, Ashes to Ashes (7/7)

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