I took the ring off again. Returned to what I had been taught by my family. Now, their rules ground me.
Antoinette about how she lives as a vampire in Ne Me Quitte Pas

Antoinette Sienna is a character on The Originals. She was introduced in the third episode of the fifth season.

Antoinette is a member of the Sienna Family.

Early History

Not much is known about Antoinette's early life, other than the stories that she has told Elijah. In her final days, Antoinette was stoned to death by her village. While dying, she was visited by Greta and was turned by her, and at this point Antoinette considered her a mother.

After turning, Antoinette learned much of what it meant to be a vampire from her family. She remarks that they lived among the shadows, unlike vampires in recent times. However, Antoinette grew wary of her vampiric ways and left, seeking a new life, living among humans. After a while, Antoinette grew to view this lifestyle with disdain, throwing away her daylight ring in favor of her prior life in the shadows.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Five


In Ne Me Quitte Pas, Antoinette first appears in New York City, feeding on an unknown woman and is confronted by Elijah, who has no memories of who he is. While trying to get away, he asks her if she can help him and they go to a diner to talk. She tells him about what vampires can do and how different it is compared to being a human. They go to his apartment and he shows her what he had with him in a box.


Antoinette views Elijah's actions with disdain

They get to know each other more and he takes her out one night and shows her a club with other vampires in it, which makes her on edge a little. When she gets some food from a French cart, he asks her what's wrong and she tells him about vampires with daylight rings and those that don't. They head to a park and she begins telling him about her family and how she died as a human. She says she did have a daylight ring, but took it off and began living the way she wanted. They then feed on someone walking by and she notices a piano that says "Play Me" in the park. They begin to play and Elijah notices someone is watching them, to which he gets attacked by Marcel. When she tries to interfere, she is threatened by Marcel and backs off. When she sees that Elijah wants to follow him, she leaves as him wanting information about himself could lead to them both getting killed.


After an unknown amount of time, she is seen playing the piano in Manosque, France. She reunites with Elijah and they begin a romantic relationship where he shows her a ring. She goes to get some champagne and is confronted by Klaus, who begins to compel her to walk away from Elijah. Unknown to Klaus, she tells Elijah what he told her and she gets up, telling the guests to leave. As Elijah and Klaus confront each other, she goes in the back and breaks off a piece of wood, and stakes Klaus. She is confronted by Elijah about knowing about Klaus and that she had been taking vervain since she first met him. She then watches as Elijah and Klaus begin arguing, and after he breaks his brother's neck and renounces his family, they leave. She has most of her belongings packed and is then proposed to by Elijah, accepting it. She then watches as he burns in the sunlight to begin life anew.

In Don't It Just Break Your Heart, she and Elijah are making out while she spots someone spying on her. Elijah attacks and kills the man, and afterwards asks her why he was taking pictures of her. She soon reveals to him that they had already met in 1933 and tells him what really happened back then.

In What, Will, I, Have, Left, she opens the door and sees that Greta is standing there, looking exhausted. She listens to Greta's story and she looks at Elijah worriedly when her mother suggests Elijah should go to stop Klaus. She tells him that her mother shouldn't have gotten him involved and also tells him that Greta isn't really her mother, but considers her one as she saved her life when she was dying. Later, she gets a call from Roman and tells him that she's on her way there after hearing his side.

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, she and Elijah walk into an apartment and sees that a group of vampires are there. They are welcomed by Emmett and he tells her they are part of the purist vampire group her mother organized. She tells them that they came to see how everyone was and express their condolences to Greta's death. While talking, it's shown that Antoinette still shows reluctance to Greta's cause and wants to leave. As they walk out, Klaus appears, snaps Elijah's neck and bites Antoinette.

Later, she and Elijah are in a cell together at an unknown location. She shows him the bite on her neck and when he tries to make a deal with Klaus, she wonders why he didn't ask her if she wanted the cure or not. They talk more and she tries to convince him to get his memories back. While she thinks he may not have the same feelings he had for her when his memories were gone, he says otherwise.

Marcel and Vincent Griffith come into the cell and perform the spell necessary to give Elijah's memories back. She notices that there's some difficulty with the spell and is visibly worried about Elijah. After Elijah collapses onto the floor, she asks Marcel what happened, and he doesn't know either.

In The Kindness of Strangers, she is on a bed suffering from the effects of the bite Klaus gave her. Elijah walks in the room with the vial of blood Klaus gave her and tells her to drink, which she does. She is cured and is relieved to see Elijah, but when he apologizes to her and leaves, she looks on with a saddened expression on her face.

In There in the Disappearing Light, Antoinette texts Elijah, asking to meet with him. Once Elijah meets her, she tells him Roman. Elijah realizes it was Klaus' doing and she pleads with him not to let him die, if he hasn't already. She continues, that despite getting caught in their mother's shadow, her hate shouldn't be pinned on him. She asks him to convince Klaus to spare Roman. Elijah agrees to try.

Later she appears at St. Anne's Church, having gathered Emmett and his followers, telling him that she's finally ready to step in her mother shoes. She tells them that Roman as been taken by the 'half-breed' Klaus and together they are going to liberate him. Emmett agrees and shows them his weapon against them; Marcel's venom. Elijah barges in, confessing that he's had a change of heart and willing to join them, fully committed to the cause; however, it's a setup as Klaus and Hope bust through the doors as Elijah informs the purist vampires they're going to die, just as Greta. Antoinette and Elijah leave, per their bargain with Klaus, letting Hope take care of the vampires.

Elsewhere, Antoinette thanks Elijah and asks for forgiveness for her family. Elijah responds in kind. Elijah asks where she will go and she tells him that someone once told her that Shanghai is a safe place to hide out. She kisses him one last time, saying "till they meet again". Elijah corrects her, if they meet again. Antoinette hopes they do, and leaves.


Antoinette is free-spirited and has a calm demeanor. She has been shown to take matters in her hands where she deems fit and that she tries to live her life the way she wants. She does show some fear towards some vampires as she wanted to leave the nightclub she and Elijah were at because of how they view her without a daylight ring. She also shows some fear towards Elijah and Klaus, considering their reputations, especially them being Originals.

As a vampire, she can be cold and ruthless and prefers to drain humans dry, as opposed to consuming some of their blood and then compelling them to forget.

Despite coming from a family with purist values, she reveals that she doesn't hold the type of views her adoptive father and adoptive mother held when they were alive.

Physical Appearance

Antoinette is a beautiful woman who appears to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She has a tall and slim build, wearing high heeled shoes and dark clothing that shows elegant and expensive taste. She has long, black hair which she is always seen wearing straight. She has full lips and dark brown eyes.


Elijah Mikaelson

"Antoinette: I thought I lost you...Elijah...

Elijah: Forgive me..."

—Elijah while curing and leaving Antoinette in The Kindness of Strangers.

Nearly a century ago, Antoinette and Elijah first meet, but it wasn’t impactful to their future relationship. Antoinette met Elijah a second time in New York City, when he was trying to figure out his identity. Originally, Antoinette wanted nothing to do with Elijah being she knew that he was an Original Vampire. However, when Antoinette learned he had no memories of who he was, she taught him how to be a vampire again and they became like each other over time. They both valued humans as only food as they traveled together, while eventually becoming a couple. A few years later, they become engaged. However, traumatic events related to Elijah’s original family led him to gaining his memories back and Antoinette was forced to let him go when he asked to. Their engagement is off due to Elijah not being the person he was before his memories came back, but they both part on good terms and wished each other well. Antoinette claimed that she wished to see him again someday, but unfortunately, Elijah takes his life to die with his closest brother before they can see each other again. They are separated permanently now with Elijah’s death.

Other Relationships

  • Antoinette and August (Adoptive Father/Former Allies)
  • Antoinette and Greta (Adoptive Mother/Former Allies)
  • Antoinette and Roman (Adoptive Siblings/Allies)
  • Antoinette and Klaus (Frenemies/Former Enemies)


Season Five


  • Antoinette is a French given name and the feminine form of Antoine. It means "beyond praise" or "highly praiseworthy".[1]
  • Sienna derives from the Italian city, Siena, and may also refer to the orange-red color of burnt orange.[2]


  • Antoinette is a free-spirited, beautiful, "old-school vampire" whose charm and wit mask her dark history.[3] She meets Elijah shortly after he loses his memories.[4]
    • Antoinette is one of the only "old-school vampires" that we have seen in the TVD/TO universe. Those who do not wish to walk among humans.
  • Antoinette prefers to compel her victims before draining them.



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