Gilbert Residence

[Elena looks at Jeremy. He's asleep. Then she goes in Jenna's bedroom, looks around and leaves. Damon's there.]

Damon: That'll get easier. But you knew that.
Elena: What do you want?
Damon: I want to apologize.
Elena: Damon...
Damon: Please. Elena, feeding you my blood, I was wrong.
Elena: Yes, you were.
Damon: And I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but...I need it.
Elena: And I need some time, maybe a lot of time.
Damon: Sure. Of course, take all the time you need.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon takes a bottle of scotch from the cabinet and pours himself a drink. He opens the curtains, lets the sun shine upon his face, drinks some scotch and puts the glass down on a table. He returns to the window, takes off his ring and drops it on the floor. He opens his arms and his skin burns but Stefan arrives and pushes him out of the sunlight.]

Damon: Get off of me.
Stefan: You're not doing this.
Damon: Just did. You know what happened to Rose, Stefan.

[Stefan uses his super speed and throws him in the cellar.]

Stefan: I don't care. You're not dying today.

[Stefan closes the door and locks it. He looks at Damon through the bars in the door. Damon remains on the floor but turns to look at him.]

Damon: What's the plan, Superman?
Stefan: I'm gonna find a way out of this.
Damon: Oh, right. A miracle cure. Good luck with that one.
Stefan: I got Bonnie looking for something, anything.
Damon: Always the hero, Stefan. Just tell me good-bye, get it over with.

[He starts coughing and rolls onto his stomach. He coughs up some blood on his hand.]

Stefan: Lie still. Conserve your strength.

[He leaves.]


[Klaus wakes up naked in the forest. He looks at the sun and smiles. Someone throws him some clothes. He turns his head. Elijah's there.]

Elijah: You've been busy.
Klaus: That was amazing. How long has it been?
Elijah: Almost 2 days. Full moon came and went. You remained a wolf.

[Klaus gets dressed.]

Klaus: I can change at will, then. It's good to know. I remember every single kill.
Elijah: Yes, I've been cleaning up your little mess along the way.
Klaus: Just like old times, brother.
Elijah: You've had your fun. I believe we have a bargain.
Klaus: That's right. Now, what was it again? Oh, yeah. Wait. I remember. That's it. You wish to be reunited with our family.
Elijah: You gave me your word, Niklaus.
Klaus: What kind of brother would break his bond? Even though you did try to kill me.
Elijah: I could have. But I didn't.

[Elijah helps Klaus put on his jacket.]

Klaus: And now no one can, not even you. Relax, Elijah. All is forgiven.
Elijah: Where are they?
Klaus: You need to lighten up. I'll bring you to them soon enough.

Mystic Grill

[Alaric is at the bar. He takes a bottle of alcohol from the waitress. She tries to take it back, but he won't let her. He is already intoxicated. He walks away from the bar. His phone rings. He answers. It's Stefan.]

Alaric: Sorry, you've reached somebody who's currently not operating.
Stefan: I need your help.
Alaric: Well, you must have me confused with somebody else. You see, I'm not allowed to help, just idly sit by while my girlfriend gets sacrificed on an altar of blood.
Stefan: Damon's dying.
Alaric: What?
Stefan: Tyler Lockwood bit him. We don't have much time.
Alaric: What do you need?

Town Square

[There's a banner reading "Movie in the Square Presents Gone With the Wind". Some girls are dressed up for the event. Elena and Jeremy walking through the square.]

Jeremy: You brought me to see a girl movie.
Elena: We had to get out of the house, Jer. This is our three-hour distraction from reality.
Jeremy: Is that what we're doing? Pretending like our lives aren't screwed?
Elena: We need to do this, okay? Breathe, eat, sleep, wake up, and do it all over again until one day, it's just not as hard anymore.

[They unfold a blanket and put it on the ground. Elena kneels on it. Caroline arrives with a couple of baskets and places them in the middle of the blanket.]

Caroline: Hey! There you guys are. Who's hungry?
Jeremy: Are we really doing this?
Caroline: Yes, we are really doing this. We are going to take a page from Scarlett. We made it through the war.

[She kneels down on the blanket.]

Caroline: I know you guys went through hell, and my mom knows I am a vampire, so basically it's like Atlanta has burned. And yet, in spite of everything, we persevere.
Jeremy: All right.

[He sits down with them.]

Jeremy: What are we eating?
Caroline: Something good.

Old Witch House

[Stefan and Bonnie are inside. Bonnie lights a candle on the floor with a match.]

Bonnie: I'm not sure this is going to work.
Stefan: You've done a séance before, right? Contacted Emily Bennett. Maybe one of the witches might know how to help Damon.
Bonnie: Let's just hope they want to.

[She casts a spell. The candles in the room suddenly start burning. Some voices start whispering around them.]

Stefan: Bonnie? Bonnie?

[She opens her eyes.]

Bonnie: Emily.

[Emily speaks through her, with her own voice.]

Bonnie/Emily: Why have you come here, Stefan?
Stefan: I need your help. I need to know if there's a spell that can heal a werewolf bite.
Bonnie/Emily: No. Nature ensures a balance to everything.
Stefan: Is that true...or are you just saying no because it's Damon?
Bonnie/Emily: Perhaps it is his time to die.
Stefan: No. That's not balance. That's punishment.
Bonnie/Emily: I will not give you what you want.
Stefan: So you're saying that there's an answer to give? Please, if you know something, just tell me. Help me save my brother.

[Bonnie suddenly holds her ears and screams in pain. She falls to the floor.]

Stefan: Bonnie.
Bonnie: They don't want us here. They think I'm abusing their power.
Stefan: They know something. There's an answer. They just don't want to tell me.
Bonnie: I heard them say a name.
Stefan: What was it?
Bonnie: Klaus.

Sheriff's Office

[Carol enters Sheriff Forbes office with her arm in a sling.]

Sheriff Forbes: Carol. Hi. How you feeling?
Carol: Better, thank goodness.
Sheriff Forbes: That was a terrible fall. Shouldn't you be home resting?
Carol: I've been resting, and now I'm ready to get back to work. I need you to update me on where we are with the vampire situation.
Sheriff Forbes: Well, there have been some developments, but I'm handling it.
Carol: Are you? Because I left you in charge of this town's safety, and lately I'm not seeing any results.
Sheriff Forbes: I said I'm handling it.
Carol: Then see that you do, Sheriff, because if you can't, I'll find someone who will.

[She leaves.]

Town Square

[Stefan joins Jeremy, Caroline and Elena.]

Stefan: Hey.
Elena: Hey! Look who couldn't resist an epic romance.
Stefan: Will you come take a walk with me?

[She gets up and walks with him.]

Elena: I'm breaking the rules, you know. Movie night's supposed to be a distraction. Tomorrow we can return to our regularly scheduled drama.
Stefan: I know. I wish this could wait, but it can't. Listen, um, the other night when Damon was helping Tyler, something happened. Tyler was starting to transform, and Damon was bitten.
Elena: What? Is he gonna...
Stefan: Yeah.
Elena: Oh, my God. And he came to the house this morning and...and tried to apologize. I practically slammed the door in his face.
Stefan: He told me not to tell you, but I figured if you wanted to talk to him, I...I wouldn't wait.
Elena: Stefan...
Stefan: It's not over. There might be a cure, but I have to find Klaus to get it.
Elena: No. He's gonna kill you.
Stefan: No, he had the chance to kill me, but he didn't. Whatever Damon's done, whatever has led him here, I'm the one that made him become a vampire in the first place, so if there's a chance for a cure, I owe it to him to find it.

[They embrace each other.]

Stefan: Go talk to him. Just tell him that there's still hope.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is sitting, slumped against the cellar wall, and starts hallucinating.]

Salvatore Estate 1864

[Katherine is sitting at a dresser getting ready. Damon looks at her from outside the room.]

Katherine: Mr. Salvatore, spying on a lady is a sign of very poor manners.

[Damon enters the room.]

Damon: My apologies Miss Katherine.
Katherine: But since you are here, my corset strings seem to be knotted. I wonder if you can undo them.
Damon: Of course.

[He touches her skin.]

Katherine: Will you miss me while off defending the South?
Damon: I shall.
Katherine: Then I hope you will hurry back. I fear I will be lonely with you away.
Damon: I would think Stefan should be company enough.
Katherine: Is it so wrong for me to want you both?
Elena: Damon.

[He turns around. Elena's standing at the door.]

Damon: Elena?
Elena: Don't you see? She was toying with you. All you had to do was say no, walk away. You had a choice.

[Katherine touches his cheek and makes him looks at her.]

Katherine: Promise me that you will return quickly.
Damon: I promise.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Back in the cellar Damon regains his senses, lifts up his sleeve, and sees the bite has gotten worse.]

Alaric's Residence

[Stefan enters the apartment. Katherine is sitting on the bed.]

Stefan: Hello, Katherine.

[She gets up.]

Katherine: Two days, I've been waiting. I'm supposed to be free of Klaus' compulsion by now. He's supposed to be dead!
Stefan: We ran into complications.
Katherine: Complications?
Stefan: Doesn't really matter. I just need to find him. Do you have any idea where he might be?

[She pushes him against the wall and motions for him to be quiet. Klaus and Elijah walk through the door.]

Katherine: Klaus, you're back. Look who decided to come for a visit.

[Klaus looks at Stefan.]

Klaus: You just keep popping up, don't you?
Stefan: I need your help...For my brother.
Klaus: Well, whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait a tick. You see, I have an obligation to my brother that requires my immediate attention.

[Elijah looks at Stefan.]

Elijah: You understand how important family is, or you wouldn't be here. My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own.
Klaus: And so I shall.

[He stabs a dagger through Elijah's heart, killing him. He pushes Stefan against a wall.]

Klaus: Now, what am I gonna do with you?

[Klaus puts a stake through Stefan. Stefan groans and buckles forward but Klaus holds him up.]

Klaus: Do you feel that? It's scraping against your heart. The slightest little movement and you're dead.
Katherine: He's just trying to help his brother.
Stefan: The witches said you had a cure. Make me a deal. Just give me the cure, and I'll do whatever you want.

[Klaus takes out the stake. Stefan falls on the floor. Klaus walks over to the counter, puts the dagger on it, and pours himself a glass of blood.]

Klaus: Trouble is I don't know if you'd be any good to me the way you are now. You are just shy of useless.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is looking at his werewolf bite. Alaric arrives at the cellar door window.]

Alaric: Well, that looks bad.
Damon: It feels worse. My subconscious is haunting me, Ric. Please tell me you have something for that.

[Alaric puts a glass of scotch and Damon's ring on the door window sill.]

Alaric: Double shot.

[He pours Damon more scotch.]

Damon: That's good.

[He gets up and takes his ring.]

Damon: Oh good.

[He takes the glass.]

Damon: So my brother sent you for suicide watch?
Alaric: He's just trying to help.
Damon: He's doing what he always does, trying to right the wrongs of the past.

[Damon screams and bends forward in pain.]

Damon: You should want me dead. I'm the reason Jenna got killed.
Alaric: I don't blame you for Jenna.

[He takes a drink from the bottle.]

Damon: Oh, sure you do. Let's not forget I turned your wife into a vampire. You must really hate me for that one.
Alaric: Okay, give me your glass. Neither one of us is drunk enough for this conversation.

[Damon gets closer and grabs Alaric's neck through the door window.]

Damon: Kill me. Please.
Alaric: Screw you.

[He injects vervain into Damon with a dart. He falls on the floor.]

Damon: No. Elena?
Alaric: Elena's not here, Damon.

[Outside, Elena parks her car, gets out, and starts walking towards the front door. She hears a noise, stops, and turns around, but notices nothing. She turns back towards the house but the sheriff put her hand over Elena's mouth.]

Sheriff Forbes: Don't make a sound.

[Her deputies appear behind her.]

[Back in the cell, Damon is on the ground. Alaric looks at him.]

Damon: I need blood. I need blood.

[Alaric goes to the fridge and takes a blood bag. He turns to head back to the cell, but stops. The sheriff is pointing her gun at him.]

Sheriff Forbes: Where's Damon?
Alaric: You know, now's not a good time, Sheriff. Trust me.
Deputy: Sheriff, over here.
Alaric: I wouldn't go in there!
Sheriff Forbes: I just wanna talk to him.
Alaric: I wouldn't go in there!

[She closes the door and goes to the cell. She can see Damon lying on the ground inside. She opens the cell door and enters with her gun out but Damon seems to have disappeared.]

Damon: Liz.

[Damon is standing to her right, out of her field of view. She looks at him but before she can move he throws her against the wall and she falls on the floor.]

Town Square

[Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy are looking at Gone with the Wind on a large outdoor projector screen.]

Caroline: (Whispering.) All this waiting around for news is ruining Scarlett for me.

[Jeremy's phone rings. He answers. It's Alaric.]

Jeremy: Alaric. Hey.
Alaric: Tell me you're with Elena.
Jeremy: She went to go see Damon. I thought that's where you were?
Alaric: No, he just escaped. I think he's looking for her, and the cops are after him. Listen, he's in bad shape, Jeremy, so if you find her, get her somewhere safe, okay? I'm on my way.

[He hangs up. Alaric has picked up some tool and is trying to get the door open with it.]

Bonnie: If Damon is off the rails, there is nothing you can do to stop him. Let us take care of it.
Jeremy: You keep doing this. You left me behind before, and guess what Jenna still died. Now I'm going to find my sister. You go ahead and you try to stop me.

[Jeremy walks away. Bonnie looks at him dumbfounded.]

Alaric's Residence

[Stefan is still on the floor. Klaus has a glass of blood in his hands and crouches down to speak to him. Katherine is looking at them.]

Klaus: I heard about this one vampire, crazy bloke, always on and off the wagon for decades. When he was off, he was magnificent. 1917, he went into Monterrey and wiped out an entire migrant village...A true ripper. Sound familiar?
Stefan: I haven't been that way in a very long time.
Klaus: Well, that's the vampire I can make a deal with. That is the kind of talent that I can use when I leave this town.

[Stefan gets up.]

Klaus: Katerina, come here.

[Katherine gets closer. He takes her arm. His face changes, his eyes are yellow. He bites her.]

Katherine: Aah! Aah! No. No...No. No. No.

[He bites his own wrist. He makes Katherine drink his blood. Her wound heals. Klaus looks at Stefan.]

Klaus: You want your cure? There it is.
Stefan: Your blood is the cure.
Klaus: Gotta love Mother Nature.

[Klaus puts his hand on Stefan's shoulder.]

Klaus: Now...Let's talk, you and I.

Town Square

[Damon is staggering and coughing as he walks through the square. He turns his head and sees Katherine in a lavender dress by the town square monument.]

Damon: Katherine.

[She disappears. Jeremy joins him.]

Jeremy: Damon!
Damon: Where's Elena? I need to see Elena now.
Jeremy: Okay. Let's get you out of here first, all right?

[Damon stumbles and puts his arm around Jeremy's shoulders. Jeremy helps hold him up. They start walking away.]

Sheriff's Office

[Elena is in the sheriff's office. Sheriff Forbes opens the door and enters.]

Elena: Where's Damon? What have you done to him?
Sheriff Forbes: Why do you even care? You know what they are, what they do.
Elena: Look, I understand why you hate them, but you're wrong.
Sheriff Forbes: They're murderers, Elena. End of story.

[A deputy appears at the door.]

Deputy: Damon Salvatore was just spotted outside entering The Grill.
Elena: Wait. You've gotta let me come with you. He's sick. He's...he's not himself.

[The sheriff looks at the deputy.]

Sheriff Forbes: Keep her here.

[She leaves. Elena makes to leave but the deputy blocks her path.]

Mystic Grill

[Jeremy walks in helping Damon and calls someone on his cell phone, and places Damon in a chair while he walks a little further away.]

Jeremy: Hey, it's me. I'm with Damon at The Grill.

[Damon hears something, stands up and turns around. The sheriff is in front of him pointing a gun at him. He vamp-speeds away just as she shoots. Jeremy, who was directly behind Damon, takes the bullet square in the chest. He looks at the sheriff and falls to the floor. She holsters her gun and rushes over to him.]

Sheriff Forbes: Oh, God. Oh, God.

[She speaks in her radio. Jeremy is on his back and coughs weakly.]

Sheriff Forbes: I've got a gunshot victim at The Grill. Get the paramedics here.

[She looks at Jeremy.]

Sheriff Forbes: You're gonna be fine. It's gonna be okay.

[Bonnie and Caroline enter and rush over.]

Bonnie: Jeremy!
Caroline: Mom. Mom, what did you do?
Sheriff Forbes: I was aiming for Damon.
Caroline: He still has his ring.
Bonnie: She's human. The ring won't work on him. Caroline...
Caroline: I got it.

[She bites her wrist and puts it in Jeremy's mouth.]

Caroline: Come on, Jeremy. Just drink. Go on, Jeremy. Drink.
Sheriff Forbes: What are you doing?
Caroline: I'm helping him. Jeremy, drink. Please. Please. Please.

[He doesn't make any motion to drink and remains motionless with his eyes closed. Alaric enters and rushes over.]

Alaric: Bonnie, what's going on?

[He sees Jeremy.]

Alaric: Oh, my God.
Bonnie: I know what I need to do.

[She looks at Alaric.]

Bonnie: I need you to grab him. T-take him with us.
Sheriff Forbes: No, no, no, no. You can't move him. This is a crime scene.
Caroline: Mom, you let them go.

[Alaric grabs Jeremy.]

Alaric: All right, come here, buddy. I got you. I got you.

Sheriff's Office

[Elena breaks the window with a chair.]

Alaric's Residence

[Klaus is squeezing a knife blade tightly, and blood is pouring from his hand into a vial. Stefan is looking at him. Katherine is in retreat, looking at them.]

Klaus: There it is. You want to save your brother? How 'bout a decade-long bender? And I have big plans for you when we leave this town.
Stefan: I'm not like that anymore.
Klaus: Well, that's too bad. You would have made a hell of a wingman.

[He starts pouring the blood down the sink.]

Stefan: Wait.

[Klaus stops pouring the blood.]

Klaus: Now that's more like it. I want you to join me for a drink.

[He throws him a blood bag along the counter. Stefan takes it. Klaus watches while drinking his glass of blood. Stefan takes a sip from the blood bag.]

Klaus: Finish it. All of it. You do everything I say, and I save your brother. That's the deal.

[Stefan drinks all of it. Klaus throws him another blood bag.]

Klaus: Again.

[Stefan drinks.]

Old Witch House

[Alaric lays Jeremy's body down on the floor. Bonnie is standing next to them..]

Alaric: Is this even possible?
Bonnie: There's a spell for it if they'll give me the power to use it.

[Jeremy's head is on her legs. She casts a spell. The candles in the room start burning brightly. Voices of the Spirits whisper around them.]

Bonnie [Chanting]: ''Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus.
Bonnie: No.
Alaric: What? What is it?
Bonnie: They're angry at me for coming back here. They don't wanna help.
Alaric: Well, they have to!
Bonnie: They said there'll be consequences.
Alaric: Well, he's just a kid. Tell 'em to shut up!

[Bonnie continues to cast the spell. The building shakes. Her nose bleeds. The voices get louder. She starts crying.]

Bonnie [Chants]: Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas...
Bonnie: Emily. Emily! I know you're there. Please help me. I love him.

[The whispering stops. The candles go out.]

Bonnie: No!

[She cries. Alarics looks concerned. After a few moments Jeremy opens his eyes.]

Bonnie: Oh my god.
Jeremy: Bonnie?
Bonnie: Oh, my God, Jeremy. Oh, my God.
Jeremy: What happened?
Bonnie: Doesn't matter. You're okay. You're okay.

[She smiles at him and raises her head.]

Bonnie: Thank you.

Town Square

[Elena is running while looking everywhere and then stops.]

Damon: Elena.

[She turns around. Damon is standing behind her, his face sweaty.]

Elena: Damon.

[She grabs him.]

Elena: Hey, come on. Come on. We have to get you out of here. We have to hide you.
Damon: Where are we going?

Woods 1864

[Damon is running after Katherine through the woods while carrying a lit torch.]

Katherine: Everywhere!
Damon: Wait for me. I want to come with you.

[He trips and stumbles.]

Town Square

[Damon trips and stumbles. Elena rushes over to him and grabs him.]

Woods 1864

[Damon regains his footing and pins Katherine against a tree.]

Town Square

[Elena looks at Damon.]

Elena: Hey. Hey. Relax. We need to get you out of here.

[He pushes her against a post at super speed.]

Woods 1864

Katherine: You're faster than I thought.
Damon: Why must you always run from me?
Katherine: Because I know that you will chase.
Damon: Then let me chase you forever. Feed me your blood.
Katherine: I will not feed you, Damon. If you want it, take it.

[She takes a needle from her hair and cuts her neck with it.]

Katherine: It is your choice to make.

Town Square

Damon: I choose you, Katherine.
Elena: Look at me. Hey. It's Elena. It's Elena.

Woods 1864

Damon: Promise me you will not tell my brother.
Katherine: I promise. It will be our little secret.

[He leans toward her.]

Town Square

[Damon leans toward Elena's neck.]

Elena: No. Damon. No.
Damon: I have to...if we are to be together forever.

[He bites her neck and drinks her blood.]

Elena: Damon, stop. You're hurting me. Damon, you don't have to do this. Please stop. You're hurting me!

[He stops and looks at her.]

Damon: Elena?
Elena: Damon....Damon.

[He falls to the ground. Elena crouches down and holds him. She holds her neck and looks around her.]

Mystic Grill

[Caroline hangs up her phone. Her mother is standing silently with her arms crossed not far away.]

Caroline: That was Bonnie. Jeremy's alive.

[Sheriff Forbes lets out a sigh of relief. There are tears in her eyes.]

Sheriff Forbes: I thought I killed him.
Caroline: You did.
Sheriff Forbes: I don't understand.
Caroline: I explained it to you once. I...I had to make you forget because I was so scared of what you might do. But now...I don't wanna lie. I'm not gonna be afraid of you anymore.

[She takes her mother's hands in hers.]

Caroline: I don't want you to be afraid of me anymore. I'm still your little girl.

[Caroline embraces her. Sheriff Forbes doesn't return the hug.]

Caroline: It's me. It's me, mom.

[The sheriff cries and embraces her too.]

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy is lying on his bed, typing on his laptop. He does a web search for "BACK FROM THE DEAD". Suddenly a webcam video chat window appears on the screen with Bonnie in it.]

Bonnie: Hey. What are you doing?
Jeremy: Trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Feel different, weird.
Bonnie: Yeah, you were dead. It'd be weird if you felt normal.
Jeremy: Bonnie, I, uh...I don't know how to thank you.
Bonnie: You can thank me tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. Good night, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Good night.

[Their conversation is over. Alaric appears at his door.]

Alaric: Hey, bud. I'm gonna take off. Need anything?
Jeremy: Uh, no, no. I think I'm good.
Alaric: You know, uh, on second thought, I might just crash here. Is that cool?
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. Sure. Whatever.
Alaric: All right.
Jeremy: Alaric, um...Thank you for everything.
Alaric: Ah, you can thank me tomorrow...[Imitating Bonnie.] And the day after that, and the day after that.
Jeremy: Dude, come on! I knew you were listening.

[He throws something at him. Alaric smiles.]

Alaric: And the day after that.

[He smiles and leaves. Jeremy laughs.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is lying on his bed, sweating and looking sick. Elena's at his bedside, with a towel in her hands.]

Damon: Elena.
Elena: It's okay, Damon. I'm right here.
Damon: Elena, get out of here. I could hurt you.
Elena: No. You won't. I'm here until the very end. I'm not leaving you.
Damon: Get out of here.

[He screams and coughs. She sits on the bed and takes his head in her arms.]

Elena: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hang on. Shh. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Damon: It's not okay. It's not okay. All those years, I've blamed Stefan. No one forced me to love her. It was my own choice.
Elena: Shh.
Damon: I made the wrong choice. You tell Stefan I'm sorry. Okay?

[She nods her head.]

Elena: I will.

[She puts her head against his.]

Alaric's Residence

[There are four emptied blood bags on the floor. Stefan is sitting on the floor finishing drinking one. He grunts, and looks up at Klaus who is standing nearby.]

Klaus: You're very cooperative. It's almost as if you're enjoying it.

[He throws another blood bag on the floor next to him.]

Stefan: No more. Not until you give me the cure.
Klaus: Not until we make a deal. It's your choice, Stefan. You can either remain here living your life in Mystic Falls, or you can embrace what you truly are, leave town with me, and save your brother's life.

[Klaus crouches down, picks up and offers it to Stefan. Stefan snatches it and drinks vigorously.]

Klaus: That's the spirit.

[He takes the vial with his blood and looks at Katherine.]

Klaus: Sweetheart...

[He compels her.]

Klaus: Take this over to Damon and come right back.
Katherine: You want me to leave?
Stefan: No!
Klaus: Yes and if I were you...

[She takes the vial and rushes out the door at super speed.]

Klaus: I'd hurry.

[He sits down in a chair.]

Stefan: She'll never take it to him.

[Klaus cocks his head in a gesture of indifference. Stefan looks down and whispers to himself.]

Stefan: She'll never take it to him.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is in Elena's arms.]

Damon: This is even more pitiful than I thought.
Elena: There's still hope.
Damon: I've made a lot of choices that have gotten me here. I deserve this. I deserve to die.
Elena: No. [She lies down next to him and faces him.] You don't.
Damon: I do, Elena. It's okay. 'Cause if I'd have chosen differently, I wouldn't have met you. I'm so sorry. Done so many things to hurt you.
Elena: It's okay. I forgive you.
Damon: I know you love Stefan. And it will always be Stefan.

[She takes his hand and lies next to him, putting her head on his shoulder.]

Damon: But I love you. You should know that.

[She cries and nods.]

Elena: I do.
Damon: You should have met me in 1864. You would have liked me.

[She raises her head and looks at him.]

Elena: I like you now. Just the way you are.

[He closes his eyes. She kisses him.]

Damon: Thank you.
Elena: You're welcome.
Katherine: Well, it's me you should be thanking.

[Elena turns and gets up off the bed to see Katherine leaning on the doorframe holding the vial in her hand.]

Katherine: I mean, I'm the one who brought the cure.

[Katherine looks at her and starts walking towards the bed.]

Katherine: I thought you were dead.
Elena: I was.

[Katherine sits down next to Damon.]

Damon: You got free.
Katherine: Yep. Finally.

[She pours some of the blood from the vial into Damon's mouth.]

Damon: And you still came here?

[She touches his face.]

Katherine: I owed you one.

[She gets up.]

Elena: Where's Stefan?
Katherine: Are you sure you care?
Elena: Where is he?
Katherine: He's paying for this.

[She shows her the vial.]

Katherine: He gave himself over to Klaus. I wouldn't expect him anytime soon.
Elena: What do you mean, "he gave himself over"?
Katherine: He just sacrificed everything to save his brother, including you. It's a good thing you have Damon to keep you company. Good-bye, Elena. Oh. It's okay to love them both. I did.

[She tosses her the vial and disappears. Damon starts to get up and looks at Elena.]


[Elijah is lying in a coffin. Klaus is looking at him. Two men are standing nearby. They are in a warehouse filled with wooden crates.]

Klaus: I suppose, brother, you've been reunited with our family.

[He closes the coffin and looks at the two men.]

Klaus: Put him with the others. We're leaving town tonight.

[They puts him with others coffins. Stefan is standing nearby and receives a text reading "Damon's okay. Where R U?".]

Klaus: So...Did Katerina make it in time?
Stefan: You won't be seeing her again, you know.
Klaus: Because she's on vervain? I've been around a long time, Stefan. I rarely get played for a fool. Besides, she won't get far. You'll help me see to that.

[Stefan walks up to him.]

Stefan: What is it you really want from me?
Klaus: All will be explained in time. Once we leave this tragic little town.
Stefan: Then are we done here? Can we go?
Klaus: Not quite. You see, I have a gift for you.
Klaus: Come here, sweetheart. Don't be afraid.

[A girl walks over from behind a crate. Klaus looks at Stefan.]

Klaus: See, I wanna make sure you honor our deal...that you'll be of use to me.

[He bites the girl's neck and drinks her blood.]

Klaus: I could have compelled her to behave, but a real ripper enjoys the hunt.

[He releases her. She runs away, screaming. Stefan stops her, bites her and drinks her blood until she's dead. Klaus looks at him.]

Klaus: Now we can go.

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy is sleeping when a shadow crosses his face with a noise. He wakes up, a sees a shadow move on his door accompanied by a creaking sound.]

Jeremy: Alaric?

[He gets up and walks sleepily out of his room.]

Jeremy: Alaric?

[Someone is behind him. He turns around but no one's there. He goes down the stairs. Vicki is walking behind him silently. Alaric is sleeping on the couch.]

Vicki: Jer.

[He turns around. No one's there. He goes in the kitchen. Anna's there.]

Jeremy: Anna?

[He turns around again. Vicki's there.]

Jeremy: Vicki?

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