[At the ORCHARD, Klaus is leaning against his parked truck, where Hope is sitting quietly in her car seat in the trunk. Next to her is Freya's unconscious body. Several feet away, Dahlia has set up a small table, on which she has created an infinity symbol with salt and lit candles, where two small pewter chalices sit within each circle in preparation for her linking spell. Klaus sighs audibly, and she glances at Klaus for a moment before speaking]

DAHLIA: You're quiet. Are you having misgivings?
KLAUS: I was just looking for a polite way to ask, "What the hell is taking so long?"
DAHLIA: [gestures to the table] Well, we can begin now.

[Klaus' smirk wipes off of his face, and he tilts his head curiously at her as he waits for further explanations. Dahlia smiles at him, visibly pleased about winning]

DAHLIA: Once we're linked, I'll no longer have to sleep a hundred years again. Your concerns for my status will ease, and I'll finally be able to focus on Hope.

[She looks over at Hope, who is still sitting quietly in the car. Klaus looks over at Hope as well, and Hope turns her head to look at her father. After a moment, Dahlia walks toward him]

DAHLIA: I will only need one drop of her blood--

[Klaus sighs and stands to his feet, blocking her from coming any closer to Hope and giving her a patronizing smile]

DAHLIA: --And then her power shall be mine also.

[Klaus looks into the backseat, where Freya still lays unconscious]

KLAUS: What do you want to do about Freya?
DAHLIA: She served her purpose.

[She looks up at the moon, which is in its waning crescent phase]

DAHLIA: So, tonight, at the moon's apex, I'll end her life, and once our link is severed, the bond that I share with your daughter will become permanent.

[Klaus does not seem pleased about Dahlia's reaction or her plan in general, but he does his best to keep his intentions concealed by smiling at her]

KLAUS: Best get on with it, then.

[He pushes past her and walks toward the table, and Dahlia follows behind him. Once there, she holds out her hand, which Klaus takes and clasps tightly. Dahlia waves her free hand over the table before she begins to chant]

DAHLIA: [chanting] Medareno sometswar. Medareno sometswar.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Gia's charred corpse is still laying on the floor of the courtyard where she died, and Elijah looks devastated as he covers her body with a sheet. Cami, whose hands are still smeared with blood after pulling Papa Tunde's blade out of Elijah's chest, drinks a cup full of his blood to heal after Klaus attacked and fed on her, grimacing at the taste as she swallows it. Once she's done, Elijah turns to her, looking furious as he growls quietly]

ELIJAH: So, now that you have healed, what do you mean, Niklaus had a plan?!

[Elijah's voice rises to a shout]

ELIJAH: We had a plan! A plan he has mercilessly destroyed--
CAMI: [loudly interrupts him] Your plan wouldn't have worked, Elijah! When Klaus got into my head, he said your plan would fail, so he had to enact one of his own.

[Elijah glares at her, stunned and frustrated by this revelation]

ELIJAH: And what might that be?
CAMI: He has to get her to link to him.

[At the ORCHARD, Dahlia is continuing to chant the incantation as she and Klaus clasp hands. After a moment, the pewter chalices in front of her starts to fill with blood, which begins to pour over the rim and onto the table. From there, the blood travels toward the center of the infinity symbol. Klaus can barely cover up his displeasure at this event while Dahlia sways and clutches onto his hand tightly]

DAHLIA: [chants] Medareno sometswar. Medareno sometswar.

[At the COMPOUND, Elijah cannot believe what Cami is telling him]

ELIJAH: [frustrated] My brother wishes to bind himself to our enemy? She'll be virtually indestructible!
CAMI: He said I had to convince you that everything he had to do, he had to do alone. You had the wrong ingredients to kill Dahlia, and he has to buy time before he finds the right ones.
ELIJAH: [confused] How?

[At the ORCHARD, Dahlia continues the spell as their blood merges together in the middle of the infinity symbol. Suddenly, Dahlia and Klaus are knocked backward forcefully by the power of the spell, and both gasp loudly as Dahlia feels the rush of Klaus' power through her. In the car, Hope starts to whimper, so Klaus walks over to check on her. Once Dahlia has recovered, she begins to laugh happily while Klaus' back is turned to her]

DAHLIA: With your strength, I will never need to sleep for a century again.
KLAUS: Well... perhaps one more nap.

[Dahlia, confused, turns back toward Klaus, who turns around to face her with the tip of the golden dagger piercing his chest. Dahlia realizes what he's about to do and thrusts her hand toward him, but it's too late-- he's already daggered himself, and she and Klaus both begin to weaken immediately as the dagger takes its effect. Once Klaus has desiccated, they both fall unconscious onto the floor. Hope continues to cry when she sees her aunt and father laying on the ground, but after a moment, Freya awakens with a gasp next to her and looks around in surprise to find both Dahlia and Klaus neutralized]



[Marcel has just placed Eva's dead body onto a chaise lounge in the room off of the ballroom, and immediately rushes over to the coffin where Rebekah's body has been stored and waits for her to wake up]

MARCEL: [panicked] Come on. Come on.

[When Rebekah doesn't immediately wake up in her original body, Marcel becomes distraught and shakes his head in disbelief]

MARCEL: No. It can't end this way.

[Tears fill his eyes as he begins to shout desperately at her]

MARCEL: This is not how you die!

[He angrily swipes at a vase of flowers on a nearby end table, shattering it and causing the broken pieces and flower petals to fly everywhere. He pants anxiously and considers his options when suddenly, Rebekah rises in her original body in the coffin and starts to stretch out a crick in her neck with a groan]

REBEKAH: Ugh! Well, I've always been a sucker for a good display of strength...

[Marcel is so relieved that he instantly rushes to her side as Rebekah opens the lid to her coffin so she can get out. She wraps an arm around Marcel's neck so he can lift her up]

REBEKAH: Fair warning-- since you're still compelled to kill me, you've got a whole new fight on your hands.

[Marcel sets her on her feet and caresses her face with his hands]

MARCEL: That was one hell of a gamble!
REBEKAH: [sighs] I didn't have much choice.

[They both look over at Eva's dead body on the chaise lounge, and Rebekah's voice becomes bitter]

REBEKAH: With Klaus as the dealer, expect a crappy hand.
MARCEL: Yeah, it's not just a bad hand! He rigged the game! He compelled me to hurt you because he knows what you mean to me.

[Rebekah remains silent and caresses his cheek with her hand as she stares into his eyes. Suddenly, her phone starts to ring in Eva's pocket, so she goes to get it to find that it is Klaus who is calling her]

REBEKAH: [sighs] Well, this should be good.

[In the courtyard, Elijah is still sitting on the edge of the fountain, staring at Gia's sheet-covered body while Cami looks at him sympathetically]

CAMI: I am sorry about your friend.
ELIJAH: [skeptically] Are you?
CAMI: I don't condone Klaus' actions. I'm trying to help you.

[Elijah looks up at her with a hurt expression, unable to believe what she's saying]

CAMI: All I know is Klaus will do whatever he has to do--

[Elijah suddenly loses his temper]


[He holds up his phone as he walks toward Cami]

ELIJAH: Now Hayley isn't answering her phone.

[Elijah, overwhelmed with fear and anger, begins shouting again]


[Rebekah and Marcel quickly walk into the room, interrupting Elijah and Cami's conversation]

REBEKAH: [sheepishly] Don't blame the messenger.

[Rebekah and Marcel join Elijah and Cami by the fountain, and both of them look just as angry as Elijah. Elijah and Cami gape in shock when they see Rebekah in her original body]

ELIJAH: [confused] Rebekah?
REBEKAH: [shrugs] Looks like Niklaus had a lot on his to-do list last night.

[She looks over at Marcel sadly and hesitates before turning back to Elijah]

REBEKAH: And, as for Hayley...
ELIJAH: [worried] What is it?
MARCEL: [sighs] When Klaus attacked me, he stole the spell that I used on the Crescent wolves...
ELIJAH: [enraged] So he would condemn her to the body of a beast?

[Rebekah, who looks overwhelmed and worried, rushes over to Elijah and grasps his shoulders so she can look him in the eyes]

REBEKAH: Elijah. Hayley will be human once a month. We will find her and we will help her.

[Elijah shakes his head and tries to push Rebekah away]


[Rebekah looks at him sadly, hating what she's about to say as much as he will]

REBEKAH: [gently] We need to focus on who needs saving today.

[Elijah begins to breath very quickly as he starts to panic]

REBEKAH: Freya called-- Dahlia is... incapacitated. They are two hours north at an orchard near Pale River. She has Hope.

[Before Rebekah can continue, Elijah has vamp-sped away to go meet with Freya]


[It is daylight now, and Freya is holding a fussy Hope in her arms as she rocks her soothingly. Hope keeps an eye on Klaus and Dahlia's neutralized bodies as she does so. After a moment, Elijah arrives, having run the entire way there at vampire speed]

FREYA: Well, my adage holds-- nothing good ever happens in a clearing in the woods.
ELIJAH: Nothing good ever happens where my brother is concerned.

[Elijah looks at Hope, who has stopped crying, and his face softens slightly at the sight of his niece safe and sound. He nods in Hope's direction]

ELIJAH: With one exception.

[Elijah rubs Hope's back soothingly, and Hope whimpers as she rubs her eyes with her small hands]

ELIJAH: How is she?
FREYA: She's a Mikaelson. She's resilient.

[She watches as Elijah examines Klaus and Dahlia's bodies]

FREYA: When I woke, they were like this. Rebekah tells me Klaus has a plan to kill Dahlia, that he knew our plan would not work?
ELIJAH: Yes. According to him, our ingredients were incorrect. Niklaus infiltrated Dahlia's mind. You didn't break her heart. We needed the blood of the witch she loved the most, and you are not that witch-- that honor goes to our beloved mother.

[Freya sighs in frustration, as she knows that Esther has been dead since she killed her in Exquisite Corpse]

FREYA: So, we need Esther's blood? Well, that's impossible-- I killed her.

[Though he is mildly surprised, Elijah does not seem at all upset by this confession]

ELIJAH: One incarnation.

[Freya looks at Elijah in shock]

ELIJAH: Our mother is buried in New Orleans. Niklaus wants us to revive the original body.


[Davina is in one of the tombs in the cemetery, where she is pouring a large amount of dark brown, creamy-looking fluid into a stone coffin that is surrounded by a magic circle made of salt. Once she's finished, Vincent enters the tomb and seems impressed by what he's found her doing]

VINCENT: Earth magic! Huh.

[He examines the set-up for her spell]

VINCENT: Who taught you this?
DAVINA: The closest thing I've had to a teacher-- the guy I'm bringing back.
VINCENT: Now, when you became Regent, our ancestors gave you a one time only access to their power. Now, are you sure you want to use that on Kol Mikaelson?
DAVINA: [sighs] I've already made up my mind. The spell's almost done. I just use the power of the spirits to turn dirt and ash into flesh and bone.

[She holds up her hands, which are covered in mud]

DAVINA: Though, maybe I should have worn an apron.
VINCENT: Look, Davina Claire, you want my advice, as someone who has just been put through the Mikaelson meat-grinder? Be careful.
DAVINA: Kol's not like his brothers. They all turn on each other.
VINCENT: "I against my brother, and my brother and I against the infidel."
DAVINA: [confused] What does that mean?
VINCENT: It means that families fight! But, when push comes to shove, you can always trust a Mikaelson to back another Mikaelson.

[Davina gives him an incredulous look, and Vincent sighs]

VINCENT: So, you watch your back.


[Elijah, Freya, and Hope have made it back to the compound with the still-daggered Klaus and neutralized Dahlia, where they have laid them on the floor of the living room. Marcel and Rebekah are there as well, and Marcel is kneeling to examine Klaus' body]

REBEKAH: [sighs] Nik is demented! Are we really to dig up our mother, burn her to ash, swap said ash with Kol's, and then trick Davina into using up her last chance to bring someone back from the dead? Not to mention we lose the opportunity to save Kol... if Davina doesn't turn us inside out!
ELIJAH: Or, we dig a deep hole and leave both our problems at the bottom of it.
FREYA: [unhappily stares at Dahlia] I say we choose a more permanent option-- find the white oak stake, kill Klaus, Dahlia dies with him.
MARCEL: [scoffs] Well, yeah, and so do I, and every other vampire that Klaus has turned!

[Rebekah hears a strange sound and frowns before turning back toward the bodies. When she looks back at Klaus, she notices that the golden dagger in his chest is beginning to melt]

REBEKAH: The dagger!

[The rest of them turn toward Klaus and see the end of the dagger begin to slowly but surely melt, so that the handle becomes shorter and shorter, presumably from Dahlia's magic]

REBEKAH: It's bloody melting!
ELIJAH: [sighs] We have no choice but to finish the task that Niklaus has set.

[Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel, and Freya all look grim as they consider their only option and watch as the dagger continues to melt]


[Rebekah and Elijah are at the burnt-down plantation house, where they have just finished digging up Esther's remains. Elijah pulls out her coffin and drags it away from her grave as Rebekah looks on unhappily]

REBEKAH: [sarcastically] Oh, isn't this lovely. Fresh air, the birds are singing in the trees... the perfect day to dig up Mommy Dearest's corpse.

[Elijah picks up a can of gasoline and begins to pour it over Esther's remains]

ELIJAH: [bitterly] A perfect day to carry out the assignment of a lunatic.
REBEKAH: What's that saying? "A madman often speaks the truth?" I can't help but think we should be using this opportunity to raise Kol and not this daft bitch.
ELIJAH: You speak as if it's a foregone conclusion.

[He angrily throws the can of gasoline into the grave]

ELIJAH: Let's not forget, we still have to deceive Davina Claire. So, perhaps we steal a page from Niklaus' playbook? She might yet help us if she has no idea that she is helping us.

[Rebekah remains silent for a long moment, and looks both guilty and unhappy about having to involve Davina in this way]

REBEKAH: I said I'd stay in my witch body until I saved Kol.

[Elijah gives her a sympathetic look]

REBEKAH: Now, I've broken my promise, and I am actively conspiring to shanghai Davina of her one chance to bring him back herself. I feel like a traitor.
ELIJAH: You are not to blame.
REBEKAH: It's not just my promise to Kol. Now, because of Nik's spite, I am once again built to take life... Robbed of the chance to create it.

[Rebekah looks as though she's about to cry, but after a moment, she forces herself to shake it off before admonishing herself]

REBEKAH: Enough.

[Rebekah looks sadly over at Elijah]

ELIJAH: He stole from you, too.

[Elijah, too, looks as though he's about to cry]

ELIJAH: [angrily] Gia was innocent.

[Elijah pauses, unsure of what else to say]

ELIJAH: Innocence does not do well in our family.
REBEKAH: She is not the only thing he stole from you last night.
ELIJAH: [bitterly] Hayley was never mine to steal.

[He becomes overwhelmed and turns his back to Rebekah, but Rebekah pushes on]

REBEKAH: Elijah, it hurts me to see you pretend you don't deserve happiness! That you don't deserve her.
ELIJAH: And what about you, sister? Where is your happiness?

[Rebekah has no answer for this, and instead simply pulls a silver lighter with the Mikaelson "M" seal engraved into it from her pocket and lights it]

REBEKAH: I suppose it's a family trait-- everything we love, we turn to ash.

[She angrily tosses the lighter on top of Esther's gasoline-soaked remains as she and Elijah somberly watch it go up in flames]


[Marcel and Freya are searching the compound for Kol's ashes so they can swap them out before they're given to Davina]

MARCEL: Elijah said Klaus kept Kol's ashes in a blue urn.

[Marcel starts searching a dresser, looking exasperated and annoyed as he does so]

MARCEL: What he didn't do was narrow the field. Heaven forbid one thing not be a damn secret in this family.

[Freya wanders around the room as she also searches for the urn]

FREYA: And yet, here you are, casting your lot with Klaus. Is that because you think his plan is going to work?
MARCEL: That is the Mikaelson paradox-- you wanna love and kill each other at the same time!

[Marcel starts searching the nearby bookshelf. His back is turned to Freya, who surreptitiously drops a toothpick into a glass of bourbon that was left abandoned on an end table and waves her hand over it as she casts a simple locator spell. The toothpick points toward the fireplace, and Freya stealthily walks over toward it to examine it. She sees a button in the middle of the flower carved into the mantle, which causes a small wooden shelf hanging from a chain to pop out of the inside of the fireplace. Meanwhile, Marcel has finally found a secret cubby behind one of the portraits hanging on the wall, which has a blue and gold urn inside of it. Marcel starts to laugh sarcastically as he pulls it out, and Freya quickly pushes the button to hide the hidden shelf before he can see it when he walks over toward her]

MARCEL: [laughs] Look who got lucky!

[Marcel looks inside and frowns, and Freya gives him a curious look. After a moment, he turns the urn upside down, revealing to her that the urn is empty]

FREYA: Either you have a curious definition of luck, or someone got to those ashes before we did.
MARCEL: Alright, we better find a way to stop that dagger from melting.

[He holds up the empty urn for emphasis]

MARCEL: Because if the thief is who I think this is, we've got a problem.


[Davina is still in the crypt, where she looks incredibly pleased while she holds up a clear glass jar with a lid that is full of Kol's ashes. After a moment, she starts to speak to him as if he's already returned]

DAVINA: It's gonna be weird, seeing you with your original face.

[She sighs and walks to the end of the stone coffin she has set up for her spell, and is just about to put in the ashes when Rebekah appears in the doorway to the tomb and smiles]

REBEKAH: He was a handsome one, my brother.

[Davina looks up at Rebekah and seems shocked when she realizes that Rebekah has been returned to her original body. Rebekah smiles at Davina and turns and walks away, which leads Davina to sigh once again in frustration and follow her outside to talk]

DAVINA: [sarcastically] So much for your big promise to stay a witch until we got Kol back.
REBEKAH: [hurt] He is my brother, and I've loved him many lifetimes longer than you have been on this earth. I will stop at nothing to get Kol back, no matter what flesh I'm in.
DAVINA: [guiltily] I'm sorry. So, what happened?
REBEKAH: Nik happened.

[Rebekah looks down at her body and spreads her arms wide]

REBEKAH: I suppose he thinks I'm more durable in this body, and he's probably right, given we're up against Dahlia.

[Rebekah hesitates for a moment]

REBEKAH: That's why I'm here-- I need your help.
DAVINA: [confused] What do you want me to do?
REBEKAH: There is only one witch strong enough to stop Dahlia, and that is my very dead mother, Esther. I need you to use your power as Regent to bring her back.
DAVINA: [upset] No. I only get one shot at this-- I'm using it to bring back Kol.
REBEKAH: [pleadingly] Please, love. I promise you, we will find another way.

[Davina looks angry and laughs bitterly at Rebekah before using her magic to break Rebekah's femur (thigh bone), which causes Rebekah to moan in pain]

DAVINA: Yeah, you are all liars.

[Davina uses her magic to continue breaking Rebekah's bones]

DAVINA: [angrily] I'm gonna bring back the only one of you who has ever meant anything.

[Davina breaks several more of Rebekah's bones before telekinetically snapping her neck, causing Rebekah to fall unconscious onto the ground]


[Freya is working on a spell to halt or slow the magic that is melting the dagger in Klaus' heart, which involves sprinkling salt over it as she recites an incantation]

FREYA: [chants] Convultaras distere. Convultaras distere.

[After a moment, she becomes frustrated when the spell doesn't seem to work, and she throws the rest of the sand on Klaus]

FREYA: It's no use-- I can't slow her magic. Everything I'm trying fails.

[Marcel anxiously rubs his brow with his hand. After a moment, they hear a faint whispering noise, along with creaking, and when they look up, they see that vines covered in black dahlia flowers are beginning to grow inside the compound. The vines twist around the railings on the balcony overlooking the courtyard, and both Freya and Marcel look incredibly alarmed]

MARCEL: There's gotta be a way to kill her.

[Freya grabs the white oak stake out of her inside jacket pocket and holds it up, looking both unhappy and determined]

FREYA: There is.

[Marcel turns around, looking confused, but when he sees the stake, he immediately lunges for her]

MARCEL: No, Freya!

[Freya raises her hand and thrusts it toward Marcel, pinning him to the wall behind him. Marcel desperately tries to fight it, but he's stuck in place]

[At the CEMETERY, Davina picks up the jar of ashes and removes the lid before dumping its contents into the mixture of soil and water she's created in her stone coffin. She then thrusts her hands forward and lifts up her arms as she begins her spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Fian en che en kanu! Fian en che en kanu!

[At the COMPOUND, Marcel is continuing to struggle against Freya's binding spell while she holds the white oak stake over Klaus' daggered body. By this point, the golden dagger's handle is almost completely melted, and has formed a pool of molten gold on Klaus' chest]

MARCEL: [desperately] Freya, we can find another way!
FREYA: [fearfully] I'm sorry, but I see no other way.

[At the CEMETERY, Davina is continuing her resurrection spell, which has caused all of the lit candles around her to flare brightly]

DAVINA: [chants loudly] Fian en che en kanu! Fian en che en kanu!

[Suddenly, all of the flames from the lit candles around die out, and Davina stops chanting. She anxiously looks at the stone coffin, whose soil, ash, and water mixture has completely solidified]

[At the COMPOUND, Marcel is still struggling as he remains pinned against the wall, and Freya is holding the white oak stake in one hand while she holds Marcel in place with the other. She looks determined to stake Klaus, thereby killing Dahlia along with him]

MARCEL: [shouts] AHH! No! No! No! You kill him, you kill me, too!

[Freya looks at Marcel, and is clearly not happy about doing this, as she has tears in her eyes and looks so anxious she is almost hysterical]

FREYA: I don't want to kill you!

[She looks at Klaus desperately]

FREYA: I don't want to kill him!

[A crackling noise is heard as the dagger, whose handle is almost completely gone at this point, continues to melt]

[At the CEMETERY, Davina watches the now-solidified soil and ash mixture as it begins to crack, and after a moment, a hand bursts from within it. Unfortunately for her, the hand is small and distinctly female, though Davina doesn't notice right away]

[At the COMPOUND, Freya is nearly crying as she continues to talk to Marcel while holding the stake over Klaus' heart]

FREYA: This is the family I longed for, but because of her--

[She looks back at Dahlia's body with loathing]

FREYA: --I'll forever be alone.

[She lifts the stake up and is just about to thrust it into his chest when Klaus, who is no longer desiccated, reaches up and grabs her wrist to prevent her from finishing it. He looks almost touched after having overheard her confession about her family]

KLAUS: Sister...

[Klaus lowers her hand but squeezes it tightly and affectionately]

[At the CEMETERY, Davina watches excitedly as the body begins to break out from within the soil and ash. However, the smile is completely wiped from her face when she sees a pale, blonde-haired woman sit up from inside it instead of Kol in his original body]

[At the COMPOUND, Dahlia suddenly awakens with a gasp and looks absolutely furious about what Klaus did to her. Klaus, who is just sitting up himself, still weakened from the effects of the dagger, glares at her furiously]

[At the CEMETERY, Davina is staring in horror at Esther, in her original body, who has just risen from the soil and ash. Davina looks furious and upset when she realizes the implications of this trick]

DAVINA: [horrified] Who the hell are you?!

[Esther, looking quite surprised to be alive herself, remains silent. After the break, Esther, who is still covered in soil and ash, has wrapped a blanket around her naked body as Davina paces around the tomb anxiously. After a moment, Rebekah walks into the tomb, looking ashamed and angry at herself for being forced to betray her. Davina looks at her contemptuously]

DAVINA: What did you do?

[Davina stomps over to Rebekah when suddenly, Elijah walks into the tomb to join them, carrying the last pair of cursed shackles in one hand]

ELIJAH: [quietly] It wasn't Rebekah.

[Davina and Esther both turn to look at him in surprise]

ELIJAH: It's rather a simple matter, actually.


[Davina has just walked outside to talk to Rebekah after setting the jar of Kol's ashes on the table. While they talk outside, Elijah, who has two jars, sneaks into the tomb. He puts Kol's ashes in an empty jar, and fills Davina's jar with the ashes from Esther's corpse that he and Rebekah had just burned]

DAVINA: So much for your big promise to stay a witch until we got Kol back.
REBEKAH: He is my brother, and I have loved him many lifetimes longer than you have been on this earth. I will stop at nothing to get Kol back.



[Upon hearing this explanation, Davina only becomes more furious at Rebekah and Elijah, while Esther watches in confusion. Davina starts to cry from frustration]

DAVINA: That was my only chance! That was Kol's only chance! Now I know why he hates you.

[Davina storms toward Elijah and raises her hand to cast a spell on him, but Rebekah vamp-speeds behind her and holds her in a headlock to stop her, looking extremely guilty as she does so]

REBEKAH: I'm so sorry, love. I promise, we'll get Kol back-- just not today.

[Rebekah puts Davina in a sleeper-hold until Davina loses consciousness. Once she has laid Davina on the ground, Elijah vamp-speeds over to Esther and slams the cursed shackles onto her wrists to prevent her from doing magic before smirking at her]

ELIJAH: Welcome back, Mother.


[Freya has just helped Klaus up onto his feet, and he uses her for support as he wraps his arm around her shoulders. The two of them and Marcel back away from Dahlia, who is standing upright as well and is glaring at them]

DAHLIA: I'm almost impressed by the lengths you'd go to for your little girl. Though, not enough to let bygones be.

[Dahlia holds up her hand and uses her telekinesis to rip the white oak stake from Freya's free hand so that it flies into her own. Klaus and Freya both look alarmed for a moment, but Klaus tries to play it tough]

KLAUS: We are still linked, dear aunt. You may not want to punish me with that particular weapon.
DAHLIA: [amused] Hmmm. I made sure that the link between us melted along with that dagger. Meaning... I'm quite free to kill you!

[She points the stake at Klaus and uses her magic pull Klaus toward her so she can stake him]


[Marcel lunges forward and tackles Klaus to save both Klaus and all of their combined vampire progeny, Marcel included. However, Marcel and Klaus were so distracted that Dahlia was able vanish with both the stake and Freya while they were on the ground. They suddenly hear Hope crying upstairs in her nursery, and the men run up to check on her. The vines and dahlia flowers are still growing inside the compound, and have managed to cover all of the walls and ceiling of the nursery as well. As they grow, they wrap around Hope's cradle and move out toward Hope, pricking her hand with one of its thorns and drawing blood, which makes Hope cry even harder. Marcel and Klaus make it upstairs to Hope and are momentarily relieved to see that she is still there. Klaus wastes no time rushing over to her and picking her up in his arms to soothe her]

MARCEL: [confused] Why didn't she take Hope?
KLAUS: [grimly] Because all she needed was a drop of her blood. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the vile harpy has fled to.
MARCEL: [sighs] All right, go. Get Hope someplace safe. I'll track down your witch.

[Marcel gives Klaus a hard look]

MARCEL: And, when this is over, you and I are gonna settle up.
KLAUS: Provided we survive what's to come tonight, I look forward to it.

[Marcel leaves the compound, while Klaus stays behind with his daughter]


[Vincent has just rushed to the tomb in the cemetery, where a very angry Davina has just reawakened after passing out from Rebekah's sleeper-hold]

VINCENT: Davina! Are you okay? I sensed something was wrong.
DAVINA: Elijah hijacked my spell.

[Vincent, still concerned, looks at Davina closely]

VINCENT: But you're all right?
DAVINA: [angrily] I'm not okay! I'm furious, and I can do something about it. I am Regent of all nine covens. I will turn every single witch against that family until they are broken.

[Suddenly, Marcel appears and walks into the tomb to join them, looking angry and exhausted]

MARCEL: Fair enough.

[Davina turns and looks at him in surprise]

MARCEL: All I ask is that the war wait one day. Just one day.
DAVINA: [confused] What are you doing here?
MARCEL: You're right. You're learning what I've known for over two hundred years-- that if you're not a Mikaelson, you're cannon fodder. But, right now, their problem is my problem.

[Marcel hesitates for a moment]

MARCEL: Alright? I need you to find Dahlia.
DAVINA: [incredulously] You want me to help them?
MARCEL: Dahlia wants to kill them all, alright? If Klaus dies, I die. Josh dies. Everyone I've turned dies.

[Davina looks horrified, and Marcel looks at her desperately]

MARCEL: Help me right now, and we all live to fight another day.

[Vincent looks worriedly at Davina, who seems conflicted]


[Klaus is sitting at the bar of the club, upon which he has placed Hope and her car seat. After a moment, his phone buzzes, and when he checks it, he finds it's a text from Marcel, which reads, "I found your witch." Before he can process this, Cami walks into the club, and Klaus immediately gets to the point without any greeting]

KLAUS: Camille, I need your help.

[Cami laughs bitterly and holds up a finger to silence him. After a beat, she sarcastically and mockingly pretends to be Klaus and has a conversation with herself]

CAMI: "Hello, Klaus." "Hello, Camille. Thank you so much for convincing my furious siblings to join my Machiavellian plan!" "Yeah, that was good times. Oh, what did you say?--"

[She dramatically touches her neck where he bit her earlier]

CAMI: "--How is my neck? It's healed, thank you so much for asking."

[Cami drops the mocking act and takes a deep breath before continuing]

CAMI: Now, you were saying?
KLAUS: [hurt] I had to make it seem as if I cared for nothing, for no one. But, you should know that when I hurt you...

[Klaus is unable to finish his sentence and looks pained. Cami is visibly shocked and overwhelmed by this reaction. After a moment, Klaus starts to speak again]

KLAUS: Our battle is not yet won, and I need you to protect the most important thing in my life. I need you to do it here, where magic is void.

[Klaus pauses, looking guilty]

KLAUS: And, I'm sorry. I will find a way to make it up to you.

[Cami smiles weakly and nods in agreement]

[In the back room of the jazz club, Esther, who is still wearing the cursed shackles and is now dressed in a plain black dress and flats, is sitting in a chair while Elijah sits at the table behind her and casually spins a knife in his hand]

ESTHER: [amused] Let me guess-- you brought me back from the dead to torture me.

[Elijah rolls his eyes in annoyance]

ELIJAH: My dear mother, we simply need your blood. Though, in the event that you should suffer horribly, I can't promise I won't enjoy it immensely.

[Klaus suddenly arrives and joins them in the dining room. Esther maintains her usual serene demeanor, but Elijah immediately becomes enraged by the sight of him]

KLAUS: [smirks] Ah, Mother. I've arrived just in time for another one of your deaths, and as much as I appreciate the front-row seat, I'm afraid I'm going to have to postpone the festivities.
ELIJAH: [growls furiously] You're in excellent spirits.
KLAUS: [smiles] Lucky for you, as I'm the one needed to save the day.
ELIJAH: [unamused] Is that what it's called?
KLAUS: Why not? My plan's worked perfectly.

[Elijah becomes even more enraged by this glib comment and lunges for him, but Klaus stops him before he can]

KLAUS: Easy, Elijah-- I can see your red door swinging wide open, but our job's not yet done.
ELIJAH: So, we kill her and be done with it.
KLAUS: To be clear, I do want her blood, but I want it on this blade--

[Klaus holds up a long silver knife]

KLAUS: --Which I've had bound with the soil from Dahlia's homeland, not to mention Viking ash. Mother's demise will have to wait. You see, I need her to weaken Dahlia's defenses.

[Klaus leans next to Esther's head and whispers threateningly into her ear]

KLAUS: Bit of psychological warfare before I slaughter the both of you.
ESTHER: [sarcastically] Ah, yes. You expect me to walk willingly to my death.
KLAUS: [grins] Well, your willing participation would have been a bonus, but it's far from necessary. If needs be, I'll drag you there myself.

[Suddenly, Rebekah walks in and joins the group. Both Esther and Klaus are shocked to see Rebekah in her original body]

REBEKAH: Yes, dear Mother, you do not have a choice. Then again, why should you be any different from the rest of us? We're all dancing puppets in Nik's end-of-days marionette show. He forces every move we make.
KLAUS: [upset] And how long are you gonna stand there and pretend you don't need me to? The both of you have fought me at every turn, leaving me no choice but to act alone! We're no strangers to disagreements on the battlefield, but we also have a very long history of doing whatever it takes to win the war.
ELIJAH: [furiously] And what of Gia?

[Klaus seems surprised by how upset Elijah is as his brother walks toward him. Once they're standing face-to-face, Elijah smiles fakely at him before continuing]

ELIJAH: Hayley?

[Klaus' smile falls, but he tries his best to appear unbothered by his actions]

KLAUS: Collateral damage.

[This infuriates Elijah so much that he punches Klaus forcefully in the face. Klaus takes a moment to recover while Rebekah and Elijah glare angrily at him]

ELIJAH: You claim your actions are part of some ruse-- this was punishment.
KLAUS: [plays dumb] Punishment? Whatever for? Perhaps the dagger you put in my heart?
ELIJAH: [raises his voice to a shout] You brought that upon yourself! No, we have fought together for centuries, and once again, to break your enemy, you broke your family.

[Klaus looks both surprised and hurt by this reaction, but Elijah is more enraged than he has ever been]

ELIJAH: Well, know this-- whatever the outcome tonight, you will no longer see me by your side. You want to be alone? Well, congratulations. You have your wish.

[Elijah turns to Esther and grabs her by the shackles as he drags her out the door]

ELIJAH: Come, Mother.


[Vincent has just arrived to the jazz club, where he finds Cami and Hope sitting at the bar]

VINCENT: When I invited you to meet me, I had no idea we were gonna have such a gorgeous guest!

[Hope coos happily, and Cami just laughs. Vincent grabs a bottle of bourbon from the bar and sits down next to Cami, but becomes worried when he notices a red stain on the collar of her shirt and gestures toward it]

VINCENT: You have blood right there.

[Cami blushes and rubs her neck]

CAMI: Oh, yeah. My dry cleaning bill has been insane since moving back into town.
VINCENT: [rolls his eyes] Uh-huh.

[Vincent grabs a glass and pours himself and Cami a drink, causing Cami to raise her eyebrows at him]

CAMI: Drinking in front of a baby. New all-time low?
VINCENT: [laughs] Well, you're the one who brought her into a bar!
CAMI: Hmm. Oh, yeah.

[Cami is silent for a moment while Vincent looks at her]

VINCENT: Oh, yeah. I know that lool. Sense of obligation. Duty.

[He clinks his drink against hers]

VINCENT: What do you feel like you owe these people?

[Cami gives him a look and rolls her eyes, but Vincent just shrugs]

VINCENT: You forgot, I have a few psychology degrees from before the family you're so wrapped up in stole my body.
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] So, you're head-shrinking me now, is that it?
VINCENT: No. I'm... I'm trying to figure out why a smart, level-headed woman such as yourself would choose to stick around a town that, to my eyes, seems to offer you nothing but danger.
CAMI: I'm the last of my family line! The O'Connells have a long legacy here.
VINCENT: [shakes his head] Uh-uh. Don't feed me that legacy crap, Camille. You wanna talk about legacies? My mama, her mama, and they daddy before them were some of the wickedest witches the west side of this city has ever seen. And yet still, I'm able to walk away from magic because I know that it's not good for me-- just like Niklaus and his whole clan are not good for you, Camille.
CAMI: So, you're walking away, huh? More like you're dumping your responsibilities on a teenager who doesn't know any better.
VINCENT: She knows better! She knows. She knows a hell of a lot more than she should. And, if she's not careful, she doesn't walk the right line? She's gonna end up being the wickedest of them all. You mark my words.
CAMI: Then why would you leave her without a teacher?
VINCENT: [laughs] Well, okay. Fair enough. Pick a fight, call me out, but, um... from one head-shrink to another? What is it that you're deflecting from yourself?
CAMI: [skeptically] You want to know why I stay in town?
VINCENT: [nods] Yeah.
CAMI: Because... against every ounce of my better judgment, my sanity, and my common sense...

[She pauses for a long moment]

CAMI: It turns out, I have complicated feelings for a monster.

[Vincent seems surprised by this confession]

VINCENT: And does this monster have complicated feelings for you?
CAMI: [hesitates] I think it's entirely possible that he does. Yeah.

[Vincent sighs dramatically and downs his entire glass of bourbon in one gulp before pouring himself another]

VINCENT: We're gonna need another bottle.
CAMI: [laughs] Yeah.


[Dahlia has dragged a struggling Freya by the arm into a storage warehouse that is full of antique cars from the early 1900s]

DAHLIA: Two centuries ago, this city hung its traitors right here. I thought it only fitting that it be your slaughtering grounds.

[Dahlia casts a spell that starts to choke Freya, and she falls to her knees and gasps for breath. Dahlia then smashes a bottle of salt onto the ground and uses her magic to form a magical circle around herself and Freya, trapping the latter inside, before walking around and waving her hand as she casts a spell around them]

FREYA: [pants] I actually pity you. Over the course of our long lives together, I could see you were broken. I used to think it was my fault, but in time, I learned your ability to love died long ago.

[Dahlia considers this for a moment before she replies]

DAHLIA: Darkness isn't born, you know. It's created... by the snuffing out of the light.

[She kneels behind Freya and speaks into her ear]

DAHLIA: So, however you thought you might mend me, please know you never could. Whenever I looked in your eyes, I saw your mother-- the sister who turned my heart to stone. And, with that stone, I will crush every one of her children.

[Suddenly, Klaus appears behind her, having vamp-sped there, and Rebekah follows behind him]

KLAUS: Isn't there a saying about stones and glass houses?
REBEKAH: In case the analogy is lost on you, I believe my brother is calling you a hypocritical bitch.

[Dahlia glances over at Freya with an amused look on her face]

DAHLIA: Hmm. Bringing vampires to a witch fight. Someone hasn't learned their lesson.
KLAUS: Well, I can be a bit thick sometimes...

[The sound of chains rattling can be heard behind him, and after a moment, Esther appears with Elijah and joins Klaus and Rebekah in circling around Dahlia]

KLAUS: Although, on this occasion, I'd say I took your lesson to heart.

[After the break, the scene returns to the warehouse, where the Mikaelsons and Dahlia are all gathered around. Dahlia and Esther are shocked to see each other, and for a moment, it looks as though Dahlia's about to cry. However, in reality, she actually begins to laugh hysterically]

DAHLIA: My sister... in chains? Hahaha! Is... is she to be a gift to buy your freedom? Because I brought something.

[She pulls out the white oak stake and holds it up, causing thunder to crash overhead]

KLAUS: [incredulously] One stake, three of us. Even if you don't hesitate, the other two will rip you in half.
DAHLIA: [amused] Sound thinking. But... small thinking.

[She holds up the stake again and causes thunder and lighting to rumble in the sky above again. After a moment, the stake is telekinetically thrown up into the air, where it explodes into such tiny pieces that they look like snowflakes falling down around them. She then uses magic to direct the stake fragments into the mouths of Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah as they breathe, and they all begin to cough and gasp in pain as their veins become visibly red and irritated]

FREYA: [desperately] You're killing them!

[The three Original vampires fall to their knees and cough forcefully, clearly in agony from the fragments of white oak in their lungs. Dahlia smirks gleefully at Esther, who seems surprisingly upset to see her children hurting]

DAHLIA: Now, sister, let us watch together as I burn your children from the inside out.

[Esther hesitates for a moment before walking toward Dahlia]

ESTHER: You still carry around so much anger for me after all these years?
DAHLIA: [angrily] You broke your vow. We were to stand together, always and forever, and you left to marry that brutish Viking imbecile. You ended my family, and they we the result.

[Dahlia gestures to all of Esther's children before casting a spell that knocks Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus backward. Elijah scratches at his neck, and the veins that run along his throat turn blood-red and swollen]

REBEKAH: [gasps] No!

[The Original vampires all continue to gag and cough, and their veins become even redder and more irritated through their skin]

ESTHER: You call this my wrongdoing? You made me bargain away my firstborn child! My daughter!
DAHLIA: Not just this firstborn, but every firstborn!

[Klaus pulls out the blade bound with the ingredients that make up Dahlia's weakness and tries to pull himself to his feet]

DAHLIA: And even then, you found a way to deny me that which you had sworn to be mine! How do you think that felt?

[Klaus jumps toward Dahlia with the blade in hand, but she telekinetically throws him backward, which causes him to drop the blade. Dahlia looks up at the ceiling's skylight, where she can see the waning crescent moon has hit its apex. She smiles and looks down at Esther]

DAHLIA: Now, Esther, say goodbye to the last of your children.

[Dahlia thrusts her hand forward and puts Freya in a telekinetic choke-hold, which causes her to gasp desperately for breath. Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus are looking as though they're running out of time as well, but before Dahlia can give Freya the killing blow, Esther rushes forward at the last moment and stops her]

ESTHER: Sister, wait! Wait!

[Dahlia looks at her and loosens her choke-hold on Freya, but doesn't let go completely as she watches Esther stare at her pleadingly]

ESTHER: You've won, Dahlia. You have everything you ever wanted, including the firstborn of a new generation! You have bested us all. At least let me try to make amends.

[She walks even closer to Dahlia, until they are finally face-to-face]

ESTHER: Let me share with you the glorious freedom that I have found... in death.

[Esther lunges forward and wraps the long chain that connects her manacles around Dahlia's neck and chokes her with it. Dahlia releases her magical hold on Freya to fight against her sister's grip, and Freya quickly uses her own magic to break the magic circle binding her and cure her siblings of their white-oak-induced sickness. They all begin to cough up blood and sawdust, but otherwise, they seem to be healed. Esther is struggling to keep strangling Dahlia, and turns back toward her children]

ESTHER: [desperately] Elijah?

[Elijah picks up the blade, and when Esther nods in encouragement, he tosses it to Klaus. Armed with the blade, Klaus vamp-speeds toward them and stabs Esther in the back with the blade, which goes through her and into Dahlia's heart as well, killing them both]


[Suddenly, Dahlia and Esther appear in a sunny, grassy field. They are both their much younger 10th-century selves: Dahlia is wearing a pink dress, while Esther is wearing a yellow dress and a crown of flowers in her hair. Dahlia gasps in shock and looks down at her dress, which has a bloody stain over her chest]

DAHLIA: [worriedly] Where are we? Where... What have you done?
ESTHER: What I should've done one thousand years ago-- stay by your side.

[She caresses Dahlia's cheek with her hand]

ESTHER: When I saw my children willing to fight for one another, dear sister... It is only now that I realize my most grievous sin-- not standing by you. Please forgive me.
DAHLIA: [near tears] Oh...

[Dahlia lunges forward and hugs her sister tightly, and the two embrace for a long moment]

DAHLIA: Of course, I forgive you.


[Dahlia and Esther, whose bodies have both turned to ash, are still standing in an embrace, both looking more content as they've ever been. Freya, Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah all stare at them for a long moment before Klaus finally speaks]

KLAUS: [sighs] Seems we're officially orphans.



[In the antique car warehouse, Esther and Dahlia's bodies have finally disintegrated into a pile of ash, and a strong breeze blows the ashes across the room]


[Marcel and Elijah have gathered in a back alley, where they have two bodies wrapped in white sheets and soaked in alcohol. Marcel has set Gia's violin on top of Gia's body to burn with her, but Elijah picks it up and takes it for himself. He and Marcel share one last long, sad look before Elijah leaves with the violin in tow, and Marcel throws a lit lighter on top of the corpses and sets them ablaze]


[Klaus is in the dining room, where he has one of his compelled humans bleeding from his wrist into glasses for the vampires to drink when Rebekah walks in to join him]

REBEKAH: The spoils of war, eh?
KLAUS: A family tradition!
REBEKAH: Minus the family.
KLAUS: Well, you're here.

[He hands her a glass of blood, which she takes as she sits next to him at the table]

REBEKAH: In the skin of your choosing, no less.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] Well, poor you. Because that body is such a hardship. Meanwhile, the rest of the family enjoys the fruits of my labor. Freya has her freedom from Dahlia, and Marcel will forgive me once I hand him back the reins of the city. I was done with it anyway.
REBEKAH: [skeptically] You would hand over your crown? And do what?
KLAUS: Raise my daughter... with the help of my sisters. One big, happy family.
REBEKAH: [sarcastically] Now, that does sound grand-- minus the giant, Elijah-sized hole in the room. And, whilst your sisters raise your child, what will the child's mother be doing, exactly?

[Klaus' smile is completely wiped off his face, and he knows he has no legitimate answer, so he simply remains quiet. Rebekah stands to her feet and scowls at him]

REBEKAH: This, dear brother, is not what happiness looks like.

[Rebekah leaves and walks into the backroom, where she finds Freya waiting for her beside her old coffin]

REBEKAH: You wanted to see me?

[Freya looks at her with an expression that is clearly relieved]

FREYA: 'I finally have the freedom that I've always wanted-- the ability to choose my own fate. I thought you should have the same.

[She walks over to Rebekah's coffin and gestures toward Rebekah to indicate she should open it. When she does, she finds Eva's body, which is whole and in perfect condition]

FREYA: I've healed this body and made it so you can inhabit it once again. Now, you can be who you want to be-- either a vampire, or a witch. You have a choice.

[Rebekah looks at Freya and is clearly overwhelmed with surprise and affection for her]

REBEKAH: [near tears] Why would you do this?

[Freya smiles kindly and squeezes Rebekah's hands]

FREYA: Because you were the first to see me as a sister, and since you spent so long looking after your family, I thought, for once, you deserve to have a sister to look after you.

[Rebekah looks at Freya gratefully]

FREYA: [grins] Go. Be free, Rebekah.

[Rebekah looks as though she's about to cry and glances down at Eva's body, torn about what she should choose]


[Marcel's phone rings, and when he sees it is Rebekah calling, he answers it]

MARCEL: [smiles] So, which did you choose? The new version, or the OG model?

[The scene cuts to just outside Marcel's apartment, where Rebekah has parked her SUV out front. When Marcel meets her outside, the camera shows that she has her coffin packed in the backseat. After a moment, Rebekah, in Eva's body, exits the vehicle and approaches him with a huge smile on her face]

REBEKAH: I decided not to decide. Not yet. I will use the advantages this body has while I search for a way to bring back Kol, and then, who knows?

[Marcel seems pleased to see her so happy, and he nods encouragingly at her]

REBEKAH: And you? What will you do, Marcel?
MARCEL: Uh, I will try not to start a war with your brother.
REBEKAH: [laughs] Some things change. Some never do.
MARCEL: Well, here's one more constant.

[Marcel steps toward Rebekah and kisses her, and the two make out passionately for a long moment. Once they pull away, Rebekah sadly walks back to her car and gets ready to leave. She turns back one last time to smile at Marcel, and he smiles at her in return, looking sad to see her go]


[Cami walks into the bar carrying a box full of liquor bottles, only to find that it is completely empty except for Klaus, who is waiting for her]

KLAUS: '78. A good year. Crack one of those open, would you? Let's commiserate my sister leaving me... again.

[Cami shakes her head at him incredulously]

CAMI: You have to stop compelling the customers. I need the tips!

[Klaus chuckles and pulls out his wallet before slapping a $100 bill onto the bar, which makes Cami laugh]

CAMI: When I first got into town, you handed me one of those. I had taken a shift from another girl. If not for that, could've been someone else standing here right now instead of me.
KLAUS: [smiles] You know, I prefer to see it the other way. If it wasn't that night, this bar, that $100 bill, it would've been Jackson Square, staring at a painting, or Frenchmen Street, listening to jazz.

[Klaus stares at Cami intensely, and she's equal parts nervous and happy]

KLAUS: I would have found you.

[The two continue to stare at each other for a long moment, and Klaus loses his nerve]

KLAUS: Thank you... for the drink.

[He hesitates for a second before rushing out the front door and into the street]


[Elijah is waiting outside Hayley's old shack in the Bayou when, after a moment, Hayley, naked and slightly dirty in her human form, comes to join him. He hands her his jacket, which she puts it on before giving Elijah a big hug]

HAYLEY: How is she?
ELIJAH: She's safe and well, according to Freya.

[Elijah hesitates for a moment]

ELIJAH: Hayley, I promise you, by whatever means necessary, I will release you from this.
HAYLEY: I want you to make me another promise, Elijah. I can't let Klaus be the only thing that she knows. I need you to be there for her. Promise me that. She needs you.

[Elijah seems conflicted, as he's not eager to return to life with Klaus, but Hayley looks so sad and determined that his face softens as he reconsiders his decision]


[Klaus is in the nursery, where he's rocking in a rocking chair while holding a sleeping Hope and tells her a bedtime story. As the scene cuts to the various characters, Klaus continues the story in voiceover]

KLAUS: Once upon a time, there was a wolf king who fought a war for the most precious treasure in all the kingdom... his beautiful little princess. But, victory came at a price.

[The scene cuts to MARCEL'S LOFT, where Marcel is standing by the window and staring out over the river to the French Quarter]

KLAUS: [voiceover] Allies lost...

[The scene cuts to LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, where Davina, dressed all in black, is in the middle of performing a ritual at the altar in front of the Lycée, where she is surrounded by several members of the various covens who stand and watch her. Behind one of the tombs, Vincent stands in the shadows, looking conflicted about his role in the witch community and his responsibilities regarding Davina]

KLAUS: [voiceover] New enemies made...

[The scene cuts to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Klaus is seated at the dining room table and pours himself a drink]

KLAUS: [voiceover] And so, the wolf king stood alone. Happily ever after, it was not. But, sometimes, even the worst endings are not really endings at all.

[Footsteps are heard in the background, and after a moment, Klaus is joined by a very reluctant-looking Elijah. Klaus slides a drink down the table for him, and Elijah takes it. The brothers stare silently at each other for a long moment, neither one knowing what to say]

KLAUS: And, you should know, my littlest wolf, that even when all seems burnt to ash-- in our story, there is always another chapter to be told.


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