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But I do hate Elijah given to what he has done to me.. and to you.
Aurora to Klaus about Elijah

The relationship between the Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and the vampire, Aurora de Martel.

Elijah and Aurora met when Elijah and his siblings disguised themselves as Nobles for the first time since they fled back to Europe in order to hide from their father. Elijah was strongly against her becoming a vampire and joining them, as she was not a part of their family nor their blood.


Elijah first met Aurora when he and his siblings disguised themselves as Nobles in order to hide from their father. When Mikael discovered their whereabouts, Aurora wanted to run with Elijah and his family but he did not approve since she was not their blood. Once Elijah discovered Klaus had in fact killed their mother, he compelled Aurora to break Klaus' heart as revenge.

Not long after that Elijah compelled Aurora, Tristan and Lucien to believe they were the Mikaelsons in order to hide from Mikael. After Elijah was daggered, the compulsion broke and Aurora hated Elijah for what he did to her.

Throughout The Originals Series

In The Axeman's Letter, Aurora reveals a secret Elijah has kept for 1000 years which leads to the half-brothers having a serious fight.

In Beautiful Mistake, Aurora tells Klaus that she hates Elijah for compelling her to end her relationship with Klaus as well as being a decoy Rebekah so Mikael would hunt her and the Trinity down.


  • Aurora was the first vampire Elijah ever compelled.


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