Ava Duquesne was a character of The Originals novel series. She was a young vampire who lived in New Orleans.

The Originals Novel Series

The Loss

Ava was part of the newest crop of recruits to the Mikaelson Family. She was a young woman to whom Elijah took a liking, and he eventually turned her into a vampire. For a brief period of time, Ava and Elijah were lovers until she was killed by the resurrected witches. Elijah had followed her trail through the woods since he knew her habit of going through them to find victims. He had followed each clue to the next until he almost stumbled over her prone body before he saw it. He brushes her hair away from face to see her green eyes open and staring, fixed on whatever had hunted her down and murdered her. He jolts back and notices that she had a hole in the middle of her chest and covered with scrapes and fine scratches, as if she had run instead of fighting against her attacker. After cradling her in his arms, Elijah is attacked by a woman and sees that is eating Ava's heart.


Ava seemed to be seductive and it also seemed she had a habit of feeding off of stray bandits and lost travelers.

Physical Appearances

Ava is described to be very beautiful, with long chestnut hair and cat-like green eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Ava possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Ava had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.



  • Ava comes from a Latin origin and means "life." It could be a variation of Eve.
  • Duquesne is a proud French name which was formed in Normandy when the family resided there in the town of Quesney or Chenay.

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