Salvatore Boarding House

[Alaric arrives at the Salvatore boarding house.]

Damon: Thanks for coming, Ric. Can I get you something to drink? Coffee, bourbon? Bourbon in your coffee?
Alaric: Elena mentioned you needed my help.
Stefan: Yeah, we were hoping you could help shed some light on the Lockwood family.

[At the Lockwood mansion Mason is goes outside the house for a run. Tyler observes him and follows.]

Alaric: Now, why would I know anything about the Lockwood's?
Damon: Well, you wouldn't. But your dead, not-dead vampire wife might.
Elena: Isobel's research from when you guys were at Duke together.
Stefan: You said that she had spent years researching this town.
Alaric: Isobel's research here in Mystic Falls rooted in folklores and legends but at the time I thought much of which was fiction.
Damon: Like that amazing vampire story.
Elena: Aside from vampires, what else?
Alaric: The lycanthrope.
Elena: Wait, like werewolves?
Damon: No way, impossible, way too Lon Chaney.
Stefan: Is it?
Damon: I've been on this planet one hundred and sixty some odd years, never came across one. If werewolves exist, where the hell are they?

[We see Mason running in the woods. Tyler is following him. Mason goes down some brick steps into the ruins.]

Alaric: Why do you suspect the Lockwoods?
Damon: Because vervain didn't affect the mayor at Founders' Day but the Gilbert device did and it affected his son Tyler.
Stefan: And at the school carnival his uncle Mason exhibited inhuman behavior when he fought with one of the carnival's workers.

[In the woods we see Mason going out from the ruins. Tyler watches him and goes in the ruins.]

Stefan: It suggests it's some sort of a supernatural entity.
Elena: We were hoping that Isobel's research could help us figure it out what it is.
Alaric: Well, all her things are still at Duke. I mean her office is still there. She's technically still missing.
Damon: So can we get access to it?

[Tyler is in the ruins. He opens some of the underground doors. He takes pictures of the underground quarters.]

Damon: Ric, we need to know what we are dealing with. If this wolfman thing is true, I've seen enough movies to know it's not good.

[Tyler backs into some metal restraining device and scares himself. He notices scratch marks on the wall.]

Damon: It means Mason Lockwood is a real-life Lon Chaney and that little Tyler punk may just very well be Lon Chaney junior, which means Bella Lugosi, meaning me, is totally screwed.

Forbes Residence

[Matt is knocking at her door. Caroline is in the house but she can't answer because of sunlight shining before the door.]

Matt: Caroline? Caroline!

[She sits on the floor next to the rays of sunshine. He calls her on her phone but she doesn't answer so he leaves a message.]

Matt: Hey, I thought you said you were at home. Tyler is doing this whole thing at the swimming hole and I want us to spend the day together. Where are you? Call me.

[He hangs up and leaves.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is packing for the trip to Duke. Stefan is with her.]

Stefan: Are you sure you want to do this?
Elena: Which part? Digging through my birth mother's life work or going to Duke with Damon?
Stefan: Either, both.
Elena: Well, I'm not sure about the first part but then again Ric is a good buffer so we can bond in our anti-Damon solidarity. I wish you were coming though.
Stefan: You know what? Maybe we should wait a couple days, huh? Wait until Caroline is less of a danger and then I could go with you.
Elena: It's okay that I'm going, right? And be honest because if it's not then I can just stay here and we can take care of Caroline.
Stefan: Listen, I want you to go okay? I do. You have questions about your lineage and about Katherine and...look I'm not gonna let the fact that Damon is going keep you from an opportunity to get some answers.
Elena: You hate it though.
Stefan: I hate it but I love you.
Elena: I love you too.

[She kisses him.]

[Jenna and Alaric are at the front door talking and waiting for Elena.]

Jenna: It's been a while.
Alaric: Well, the school has been keeping me busy.
Jenna: I want you to know it means a lot to me that Elena has a connection to her mother. I appreciate you bringing her along today.
Alaric: Yeah, I figured it was time to take care of my wife's things you know. Look Jenna, I know things between you and I have been a little start and stop and I'm sorry for that but maybe once I can...
Jenna:, don't do that. Not the half maybe apology hope for the future thing.

[Damon is honking.]

Jenna: Elena?! Are you coming?

[She looks at Alaric.]

Jenna: Do what you need to do okay?

[Stefan and Elena are going down the stairs.]

Elena: Hey, are you okay?
Jenna: Yeah, just, men and their baggage.

[They go outside. Damon is waiting at the car.]

Damon: Sorry you can't come too, Stef.
Stefan: Call me if you need anything.
Damon: Oh, I'll take really good care of her.

[Elena grabs Stefan by the neck and kisses him, he kisses her back. Elena is trying to make Damon jealous.]

Damon: Okay, time to go.

[He goes into the car. Elena does too. Stefan looks at Elena.]

Stefan: Goodbye.

Lockwood Mansion

[Tyler is talking with his mother.]

Tyler: Have you ever been down to those old ruins in the woods?
Carol: The old Lockwood estate?
Tyler: Yeah. What do you know about it?
Carol: It was the original plantation house. Beautiful antebellum architecture and if it hadn't burnt to the ground we'd probably be living in it.
Tyler: What's the deal with the freaky underground cellar?
Carol: We don't talk about those kind of rooms.
Tyler: Why not?
Carol: Well, this is the South, honey, but no one likes to reminisce about the old slave days.

[Mason enters the room.]

Mason: Hey. What you guys are talking about?
Tyler: We were just talking about the old Lockwood property. Thinking of having some friends over to the swim hole.
Carol: Well, be careful. If anything happens on the property the family is liable.
Tyler: Of course.

Mystic Grill

[Stefan and Bonnie are sitting at a table.]

Bonnie: I don't know how to make a day-walking ring.
Stefan: Emily made mine, she made Damon's too, instructions must be in the Grimoire.
Bonnie: That doesn't mean I can cast the spell.
Stefan: Bonnie, you know how to drop vampires with a single look, okay? I think you can figure it out.
Bonnie: Caroline killed someone, Stefan. I can't make it easier for her to do it again.
Stefan: No, we're not making it easier for her; we're just giving her the chance to survive. Listen, every day that she's cut off from her old life - from you, from Elena, from Matt, it'll make it that much harder for her to hold on to her humanity.
Bonnie: And how do you know she won't hurt anyone else?
Stefan: I don't, but if we don't do everything we can to help her or at least trust the fact that she can keep it together, we might as well just stake her right now.
Bonnie: I don't know if I can trust her, not with this.
Stefan: Then trust me.

Alaric's Car

[Damon, Elena and Alaric are in the car, going to Duke. Damon looks at Elena.]

Damon: How are you doing back there? You know, this whole pretending to hate me thing is getting a little silly.
Alaric: I don't think she's pretending. You did kill her brother.
Damon: There is a huge asterisk next to that statement: he came back to life.
Elena: Yeah, thanks to a ring that you didn't know he was wearing.
Damon: Why are you so sure I didn't know?
Elena: Did you?
Damon: Yes.
Elena: You're lying.
Damon: Elena, I saw the ring! It's a big tacky thing. Hard to miss.

[Alaric looks at his own ring.]

Forbes Residence

[Bonnie, Caroline and Stefan are in Caroline's bedroom. Bonnie has Emily's grimoire in her hands. Caroline has the ring in her hands.]

Caroline: So, I don't get to choose the ring I have to wear the rest of my life?
Bonnie: Hey, if you don't want it...
Stefan: No, no, she wants it.
Caroline: Now what?
Bonnie: Now is the part where I explain the rules. The witch who spells the ring has the power to de-spell it so if you ever do anything to hurt anyone...
Caroline: I'm not gonna hurt anyone.
Bonnie: You are a vampire that mean the urge to kill is a part of who you are. The minute you let it take over, I will stop you.
Caroline: Bonnie, you're supposed to be my friend.
Bonnie: I can't ignore what happened, okay? If you want to be friends, you have to prove that the Caroline I remember isn't gone. Now put the ring on the bed.

[Caroline puts the ring on the bed.]

Caroline: Do you really think I meant to kill that guy at the carnival?
Bonnie: He's still dead. Now, do you want me to cast the spell or not?

[Bonnie opens a little bit the curtain. The sun shines on the ring. Bonnie looks at the ring and closes her eyes a moment and finally opens them.]

Bonnie: All done.

[She gives the ring to Caroline. She takes the ring and puts it on her finger.]

Caroline: So that's it? I mean nothing witchy happened. You know, no flickering lights, no gust of wind. Have you even done this before?
Stefan: Caroline...
Caroline: What? I just want to make sure that it worked.

[Bonnie opens the curtain.]

Bonnie: It worked.
Caroline: What if it hadn't Bonnie?!

[Bonnie looks at Stefan.]

Bonnie: (Whispers) She's all yours.

[She takes the grimoire and leaves.]

Duke University

[Alaric, Elena and Damon arrive at Duke.]

Alaric: So Isobel was officially employed by the anthropology department given that most paranormal phenomenon is rooted in folklore.

[They arrive at an office.]

Alaric: Excuse me, hi. I'm Alaric Saltzman, I called earlier.
Vanessa: Yes, of course. I'm Vanessa Monroe, research assistant, comparative folklore.

[She looks strangely at Elena.]

Vanessa: Uh, let me just grab Isobel's keys.
Alaric: These are my friends Elena and Damon. I hope this isn't too much of an imposition.
Vanessa: Oh please, Isobel's office is right through there. Isobel was one of my first professors. I'm a grad student. She was brilliant, and one of the reasons I went into folklore. Uh, I have to ask - has there been any news?
Alaric: No, I'm afraid not.
Vanessa: It's this way.

[She opens Isobel's office door, they follow her and enter the room.]

Vanessa: I'll grab the light, feel free to look around. It's fascinating isn't it?

[She leaves. Alaric, Damon and Elena look through the room.]

Damon: Where'd she go?

[Vanessa comes back with a crossbow and shoots an arrow at Elena but Damon rushes over and puts himself in front of Elena to protect her. He receives the arrow in his back, grunts, and falls to the floor. Alaric catches Vanessa and pushes her against the wall, restraining her.]

[Later, Elena is removing the arrow from Damon's back.]

Damon: Pull it out. I can't reach it Elena. Just pull the damn thing out. It hurts.

[She removes the arrow. Damon stands up straight and shakes himself while grimacing.]

Damon: That bitch is dead.
Elena: You're not gonna kill her.
Damon: Watch me.
Elena: You touch her and I swear I will never speak to you again.
Damon: What makes you think that has any power over me? Because I took an arrow in the back for you? You're severely overestimating yourself.
Elena: Right. I forgot that I was speaking to a psychotic mind who snaps and kills people impulsively. Fine, go ahead, do whatever you want.
Damon: You're trying to manipulate me.
Elena: If by "manipulate" you mean "tell the truth" okay, guilty.

[She looks at him and leaves.]

[Alaric is with Vanessa. She starts to stand up but Alaric pushes her back down.]

Vanessa: Please! I freaked out okay? Alright, you would have done the same thing, it's not possible! Katherine Pierce can't be alive and Damon Salvatore died in 1864. Okay? I read Isobel's research.
Alaric: Well, then you should know just how possible this is.

[Elena and Damon arrive.]

Elena: I'm Elena Gilbert, Isobel's daughter and a descendant of Katherine Pierce. And this is Damon Salvatore who you just shot.
Damon: I'd be extra nice to me right now.
Elena: Look, we need your help okay? We need to see all of Isobel's research, anything related to Mystic Falls.


[Caroline and Stefan are in the woods, hunting.]

Caroline: So what I do when I see the rabbit?
Stefan: Chase it, catch it, feed on it.
Caroline: Isn't killing cute defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer?
Stefan: Well, you sort of skipped the serial killer and went straight to vampire. Caroline, if you're not serious about all of this I think you should tell me.
Caroline: No I am. Look, I swear that I am okay? But it's just...I haven't been in the sun for days and everyone is at the swimming hole having fun and Matt is there! And he finally told me that he loved me but I have been blowing him off and now you want me to eat bunnies and I'm kind of freaking out okay?!

[Stefan is laughing.]

Caroline: And now you're laughing at me.
Stefan: No, no, I'm not laughing. None of this is funny, trust me. It's just that...
Caroline: What?!
Stefan: When someone becomes a vampire, all of their natural behaviors get sort of amplified.
Caroline: What do you mean?
Stefan: I a human I cared deeply for people, how they felt. If they were hurting I felt their pain and I felt guilty if I was the one who caused it and as a vampire all of that got...magnified.
Caroline: So you're saying that now I'm basically an insecure, neurotic control freak...on crack?
Stefan: Well, I wasn't gonna say it like that but...hey, listen, let's hunt okay? And then after that we'll go to the swimming hole.
Caroline: Really?
Stefan: Yeah. Matt is the closest connection that you have to your humanity and I think that being around him is a good thing.
Caroline: Okay.

Duke University

[Vanessa is bringing a box to Elena.]

Vanessa: This box checks Katherine's arrival to Mystic Falls in April 1864.
Elena: Is that all there is about her?
Vanessa: All that I'm aware of.

[There is vervain in the box. Elena looks at Damon and gives some of it to Vanessa.]

Elena: Here, take this.

[They are whispering. Damon is in the other room, looking for information.]

Vanessa: Does vervain really work?
Damon: Nope, not at all.
Vanessa: Can he hear us?
Damon: No, that would be creepy.
Vanessa: Can he read minds too?
Damon: You know, if you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask.
Elena: No, that he can't do. He is very capable of being a first rate jackass.

[Vanessa puts the vervain in her pocket, Damon smiles.]


[Everyone is at the swimming hole.]

Tyler: Is it me or did Aimee Bradley's ass get hot?
Matt: All class.
Tyler: Where is Forbes?
Matt: I wish I knew.
Tyler: You guys are on the outs already?
Matt: No. We're fine. I'm fine. I'm just not sure what she is.

[Mason arrives in his car.]

Matt: What's your uncle doing here?

[Tyler rejoins him at the car.]

Tyler: You busting us or you joining us?
Mason: Neither. Hoping you can make sure everyone is out of here by dark.
Tyler: What happens after dark?
Mason: Someone ends up wasted and dead at the bottom of the lake.

[Tyler laugh.]

Mason: You heard your mom. The family is liable if anything happens.
Tyler: Don't be a party killer.
Mason: Hey, I didn't say you had to stop partying, I just said you had to take it elsewhere.
Tyler: Alright, we'll be out of here.

[Mason leaves, he passes next to Stefan and Caroline. He looks at Stefan and Stefan looks at him.]

Caroline: Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?
Stefan: My what? My "vampire serious look"?
Caroline: Hum hum. I mean it's different from your worried vampire look, neither of which stray too far from your "hey-it's-Tuesday" look.
Stefan: I get it, okay. You think I' think I'm too serious. Is that it?
Caroline: I mean I was not gonna say it like that but...

[Matt is alone, Aimee Bradley rejoins him.]

Matt: Hey Aimee.
Aimee: Thanks. You know, you're missing all the fun in the water.

[He holds his arm up and shows her his cast.]

Matt: Not waterproof.
Aimee: Too bad. So, there's a full moon tonight. We're gonna light a fire later and tells ghost stories.
Matt: Uh, I don't know.

[Caroline arrives.]

Caroline: Matt.
Matt: What the hell? I've been calling you.
Caroline: I know, I got held up but I'm here now.

[She looks at Aimee.]

Aimee: Hi Caroline.

[Caroline compels her.]

Caroline: Go find somebody single to stalk, Aimee.

[Aimee leaves.]

Matt: Seriously?
Caroline: She was flirting with you.
Matt: She's harmless; you don't have to be rude.
Caroline: You're mad?
Matt: You've been dodging my calls all day and you get to show up here and be the jealous girlfriend? It's kind of lame, Care.

[He looks at her and leaves. Stefan arrives.]

Stefan: Hey, I saw that. You compelled her.
Caroline: Yeah, she deserved it.
Stefan: Caroline, nobody deserves to have their mind messed with for shallow reasons.
Caroline: You know, why is everyone sticking up for Aimee freaking Bradley?
Stefan: You're letting the jealousy get the best of you.
Caroline: Oh, so now I have magnified jealousy issues, too. That's great.
Stefan: I told you this wasn't gonna be easy.
Caroline: Yeah, well, I might as well have stayed dead. My entire personality is killing me.

[He smiles.]

Caroline: Shut up.

Duke University

[Elena, Damon and Alaric are still in Isobel's office, looking for information.]

Damon: Any luck?
Elena: There's nothing in here about Katherine that we don't already know.
Damon: Ah, man, you know, it's a bummer we're not friends anymore because I could tell you what I know.
Elena: Now who's manipulating who?
Alaric: Hey guys, check this out.
Vanessa: There's no record of werewolf mythology in Mystic Falls, but here are some records of some of the lesser-known legends. Everything from Scandinavian skin-walkers to the Maréchal de Retz.

[She gives them a book with drawings.]

Vanessa: Tonartsliitsii Metslii, which roughly translates into the "curse of the sun and the moon".
Alaric: It's Native American.
Vanessa: Aztec. It explains one origin of the werewolf curse traced through Virginia. The short story: 600 years ago, the Aztecs were plagued by werewolves and vampires. They terrorized the countryside, made farming and hunting impossible until an Aztec shaman cursed them, making vampires slaves to the sun and werewolves servants of the moon. As a result, vampires could only prowl at night and werewolves could only turn on a full moon. When the full moon crests in the sky, who's ever unlucky enough to fall under the werewolf curse turns into a wolf.

[Back in the woods, Mason goes down into the ruins cellar and tests the strength of the restraining chains. One of them breaks.]

Damon: Can they control the transformation?
Vanessa: If it were a choice, it wouldn't be called a curse.

[In the cellar, Mason removes new restraining gear from his bag.]

Vanessa: Werewolves will attack humans but instinct and centuries of rivalry have hardwired them to hunt their prey of choice: vampires.
Damon: Well, if werewolves were hunting vampires, I would know about it.
Vanessa: Not if there aren't that many werewolves left alive. Hundreds of years ago, vampires hunted them almost to extinction.
Elena: Why would they do that?
Vanessa: To protect themselves. Legend has it that a werewolf bite is fatal to vampires.

[Alaric, Elena and Damon look concerned.]

Damon: Oh...


[It's night. A full moon is shining brightly in the sky. Everybody is leaving the swimming hole because Tyler asked them to. Matt is alone. Stefan and Caroline are looking at him.]

Caroline: He's mad at me.
Stefan: Go talk to him. I'll wait.

[Stefan's phone is ringing. He answers it: it's Elena.]

Stefan: Hey.
Elena: Hi. Listen we've learned some stuff here and I know it's gonna sound crazy but I wanted to fill you in.
Stefan: What's up?

[Caroline rejoins Matt.]

Caroline: Still mad?
Matt: I thought we were past all this insecurity stuff, Caroline. I told you how I felt about you, what more do you need?
Caroline: Nothing. Nothing. I don't need anything else. I'm sorry Matt, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so, so, so, sorry.
Matt: I'm not kidding. I'm not gonna put up with the drama.
Caroline: No, no more drama. Just...I promise.

[She kisses him.]

Matt: Come on.

[They leave. Stefan is still on the phone with Elena.]

Elena: I don't know what that means or if we should even believe it but it's a full moon, Stefan. After what you saw Mason Lockwood do...
Stefan: I'll be careful.
Elena: There's one more thing.
Stefan: What is it?
Elena: According to the legend, a werewolf bite can kill a vampire.

[Stefan looks everywhere. He doesn't see Caroline or Matt.]

Stefan: Listen, I gotta go. I'll see you when you get home, okay?
Elena: Okay.

[He hangs up and calls Caroline but she forgot her phone in her bag, in Matt's car. He goes in the woods.]

[Mason is chaining up himself in the cellar of the old Lockwood estate ruins but hears Aimee and Tyler nearby above.]

Tyler: Not much farther, Aimee.
Aimee: Really Tyler? You dragged me all the way out here?
Tyler: I had to move the party so I'm moving the party.
Aimee: Where are we going?
Tyler: It's right around this tree.
Aimee: Are you sure?
Tyler: Oh yeah, come on.

[They enter the ruin.]

Aimee: What is this place?
Tyler: It's a ruin buried underneath my family's old estate. No one will know we're down here.
Aimee: Is everyone else coming?
Tyler: Yeah, unless you'd rather I tell them not to.
Aimee: You're single, right?
Tyler: Oh yeah.
Aimee: Let's go.

[Mason is running half-manacled through the woods and tries to chain himself to a tree. He looks at the moon and begins to scream. He runs toward his car and enters it, screaming. He closes the door. The car is moving a lot, he screams after that and we hear something growling in the car.]

Duke University

[Elena is looking in a box and finds a picture of Katherine.]

Elena: Hey, have you done any research on doppelgängers?
Vanessa: Well, the word means a lot of different things to different cultures, but typically a doppelgänger is a living, breathing double of oneself.
Elena: Did Isobel have anything that explained the link between me and Katherine?
Vanessa: That's all she had on Katherine, unfortunately, but I can tell you that doppelgängers usually torment the people they look like, trying to undo their lives. It's not exactly uplifting.
Elena: And more things we already know. Just...I want to know why we look alike.
Damon: Head scratcher, isn't it?
Elena: Do you know something, or are you just being yourself?
Damon: Well, if I know anything, I'm not gonna tell you, not with that attitude.
Elena: That's good, Damon, and this is coming from someone who wants to be my friend, but you know what? Friends don't manipulate friends, they help each other.


[Tyler and Aimee are kissing in the cellar.]

Aimee: Wait, wait. No, I'm sorry.
Tyler: What's the deal? Come on.
Aimee: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, I can't. I'm not into it.
Tyler: Then why did you come with me?
Aimee: I don't know but I'm not even sure why I was flirting with you. I like Matt.
Tyler: Ouch. Um...okay.
Aimee: I‘m gonna go.
Tyler: Yeah.
Aimee: Sorry.

[She leaves.]


[Stefan is in the woods, looking for Caroline when he hears an animal growling. He sees Mason's car and goes toward it, noticing scratch marks on the ground. He sees chains tied to the tree. He looks into the car and sees yellow eyes looking out. A wolf jumps through the window, falls on him and leaves.]

Duke University

[Alaric and Vanessa are outside.]

Alaric: I trust you're not gonna say anything about this to anyone.
Vanessa: Or else Damon will kill me in my sleep? He gave me the 411, but if you need anything, you can call.
Alaric: Hopefully I won't have to.
Vanessa: But if you do...
Alaric: Listen, you don't want to get caught up in this. Really, it'll take over and will keep from being able to live your life.
Vanessa: Isobel's it related to her research?
Alaric: Isobel became her research. She wanted to become a vampire and she got her wish.
Vanessa: I guess that would put a strain on a marriage.
Alaric: Anyway, I was wondering what it would be like to come back here. It''s okay, it's really okay. It feels good to have her in my past. You know, it' time to move behind this.

[Elena is at the car. She can't open the car door. Damon arrives.]

Damon: Here. Allow me. (He unlocks the car.) You're not gonna be able to hate me forever.
Elena: Can we just go?

[He gives her a book.]

Damon: You didn't dig deep enough.

[She looks at the book. "Petrova" is written on the spine.]

Elena: "Petrova". I saw this on a shelf.
Damon: Katherine originally came from Europe. Petrova was her real name. Katerina Petrova, to be exact.
Elena: How did you know that?
Damon: Back when, I saw it engraved on an old heirloom. Men snoop too, you know. Let me know what you find, I'm very curious myself.

[She tries to go in the car but he stops her.]

Damon: You have every right to hate me, I understand but you hated me before and we became friends. It would suck if that was gone forever. So, is it? Have I lost you forever?
Elena: Thank you for the book, Damon.

[She gets into the car.]


[Caroline and Matt are in the woods, talking.]

Matt: This looks like the spot.
Caroline: For what?

[They kiss. They hear an animal.]

Matt: Did you hear that?

[She looks at him and kisses him. He pushes him against a tree and kisses him again but Matt hurts himself.]

Matt: Ah, damn.
Caroline: What happened?
Matt: I'm a klutz. What's the matter?

[Matt shows Caroline his wrist. It's bleeding. Caroline reaches down and licks it. She then bites it and starts to drink his blood.]

Matt: Caroline? What are you doing? Ah! Caroline! Caroline!

[Her face has changed; she stops and looks at him.]

Matt: Caroline! Your face!

[She bites him on the neck and drinks his blood but Stefan arrives and takes her away from Matt.]

Stefan: Stop it! Stop! Stop! Stop!

[Her face is normal again but Matt faints and falls.]

Caroline: Oh my god.
Stefan: No, no, no, stop. Listen to me. We need to get out of these woods now. We need to leave.
Caroline: What was that?
Stefan: Matt, stay down. Do not move.

[They hear noise all around them.]

Stefan: You and me, we're gonna run. It's going to follow us; we need to lead it away from Matt. You need to run as fast as you can. Do you understand me? Go, go!

[They run and arrive to old ruins but Caroline stops.]

Caroline: Wait! What is it?!
Stefan: It's a werewolf! He will try to kill us and he can!

[Tyler arrives.]

Tyler: Hey! What are you two doing?
Stefan: What are you doing?

[The werewolf rushes into Caroline. She falls on the floor, the werewolf is on her. Stefan rushes on the werewolf with his powers and pushes him.]

Tyler: No!

[The werewolf looks at him and leaves.]

[Caroline is compelling Matt.]

Caroline: You're not going to remember what I did to you or what you saw me become.
Matt: We were just making out in the woods.
Caroline: And then an animal attacked you and bit your neck.
Matt: It's weird; it just came out of nowhere.

[She looks at him and rejoins Stefan.]

Caroline: What are we gonna do about Tyler?
Stefan: I took care of it and I will get Matt on vervain, it'll keep you from being able to compel him and also to keep you from drinking his blood.
Caroline: I can't believe I hurt him.
Stefan: I know.
Caroline: He is the one person on this entire planet that I never wanted to hurt.
Stefan: It's not going to get any easier. You're just gonna have to work that much harder.
Caroline: I shouldn't be with him, should I? Because if there is any danger...
Stefan: I'm the last person to make that kind of decision for you. If I had follow my own advice, I would walked away from Elena a long time ago.
Caroline: You ever think you should have?
Stefan: I know I should have, I just can't.

[Tyler is in the woods. He looks at Mason's car and Mason arrives naked and muddy behind.]

Mason: Wanna toss me those?

[He passes him a bag.]

Tyler: It was you?

[Mason nods.]

Mystic Grill

[Matt is alone at a table, Aimee arrives and talks with him. Caroline arrives and sees them but keeps her distance.]

Aimee: Why, are you okay?
Matt: I'm better, thanks. How are you?
Aimee: I'm...I'm okay, I'm just worried about you.
Matt: I'll be fine.

[Caroline marches up to the table.]

Caroline: Seriously Aimee?
Aimee: We were just talking.
Caroline: Oh, that's what you call it?
Aimee: Yeah.
Matt: Are you kidding me?
Caroline: No, I'm not Matt. She's into you and anyone can see it.
Aimee: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...I'm just gonna go.

[She leaves.]

Matt: Knock it off. What are you doing?
Caroline: This isn't my fault Matt, okay? She's after you and I shouldn't have to put up with that.
Matt: I thought you said no more drama?
Caroline: Well, I lied.
Matt: Just forget it, just forget all of it.
Caroline: So what, are you like breaking up with me?
Matt: Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's what I'm doing.

[He looks at her and leaves. She sits at the table by herself and starts weeping.]

Gilbert Residence

[Jenna is in the kitchen. Alaric walks in.]

Jenna: Ric, I wasn't expecting you and Elena until later.

[He looks at her, pulls her close and kisses her.]

Alaric: I should have done that this morning.

[He kisses her again.]

[Elena and Damon are on the porch.]

Damon: Road trips work well for us.
Elena: This doesn't mean that things are back to the way they used to be, Damon.
Damon: Oh come on! You know I chipped a little bit off of your wall of hatred.
Elena: I need to know the truth. When you broke Jeremy's neck, did you know that he was wearing the ring?
Damon: No. No, I didn't. Katherine really pissed me off and I snapped and...I got lucky with the ring. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't wearing it. Elena, I'm sorry.
Elena: Thank you for being honest with me and the answer to your question, about our friendship is yes. You have lost me forever.
Damon: But you knew that already, didn't you? You used me today.
Elena: You had information about Katherine that I needed to know.
Damon: I thought friends don't manipulate friends. You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks.

[He looks at her and leaves.]

Forbes Residence

[The next morning, Caroline is in her bed. She wakes up, Katherine is there.]

Caroline: Elena?
Katherine: Nope, try again.
Caroline: Katherine.

[Katherine sits down on her bed. Caroline moves away from her.]

Katherine: Don't be frightened. We're going to have so much fun together. (She smiles.)

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