[The camera pans across the courtyard, which is in shambles; all of the furniture is either overturned or smashed into pieces. Upstairs, a black jumper, an emerald necklace, and a pair of black, strappy, high-heeled shoes have been abandoned in a trail that leads to Klaus' bed. In it is Aurora, who is naked and sleeping soundly under the covers. Across the room, Klaus is standing in front of the fireplace with his back turned to her and his phone held against his ear. His lip quivers in horror as he silently hangs up the phone. Just then, Aurora awakens, looking happy as she sits up and wraps the comforter around her chest]

AURORA: What are you doing over there? Come closer.

[Klaus keeps his back turned to her for a moment so she can't see just how murderously furious he is]

KLAUS: [coldly] I think it's best you remain out of arm's reach.

[Aurora's smile only dims slightly as she sighs knowingly]

AURORA: So, I take it you've heard about the busy day everyone's had. Let me take away that scowl.

[Klaus finally turns to face Aurora and glares at her suspiciously]

AURORA: I'll tell you everything I know.


[The clock rolls back twenty-four hours to ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, where Freya is in the middle of casting a spell in the attic where she used to work before she moved into the compound. On the table are a dozen lit white candles, a smoking sage smudge-stick, and a map, while a spindle hangs from the chandelier and points Morocco on the map. In each of Freya's hands are various multi-colored crystals, and there are several other tables and candlabrums full of lit candles as well. After a moment, Freya, with her eyes closed reaches over and picks up a shot glass full of dark liquor before downing it in one gulp]

[The alcohol activates Freya's spell, allowing her to astral project to a hostel in MOROCCO. When she opens her eyes, she is sitting at a table in a colorfully-decorated home, and she smiles affectionately at Rebekah, who is sitting across from her in her witch body and has just finished a shot of alcohol of her own]

REBEKAH: I told you this was better than exchanging stuffy old letters.
FREYA: Well, a drink with my sister beats sireline drama any day.

[Rebekah pours them another drink while they continue talking. The camera pans around the room, where several hookahs are sitting in a dark corner]

REBEKAH: Lucien has always been a pain in the ass. Though, he pales compared to that stuck-up twit Tristan.
FREYA: Oh, don't forget about The Strix. There's more of them in the Quarter every day. I may yet join you here in the flesh.
REBEKAH: Well, I would love the company. Though, I might not be here much longer-- I have a meeting with a Santería witch who may know the key to bringing back Kol.

[Freya smiles happily at this news]

FREYA: We may unite the family after all.

[Rebekah looks at her with concern]

REBEKAH: Now tell me, how are you managing with them?
FREYA: [sighs] Well, Niklaus and Elijah are on intermittent speaking terms... Which I've decided to consider progress!

[Rebekah and Freya each pour themselves another shot of alcohol]

REBEKAH: [rolls her eyes] Just wait, love. The weather will change. Now, I'm off to a witch rendezvous.
FREYA: [smiles] Stay safe.

[Rebekah returns the smile and lifts her glass]

REBEKAH: Here's to family-- every bloody one of us.

[Freya lifts her glass in toast before they each drink their shot. Doing so returns Freya's astral form to her physical body, and she opens her eyes to find herself once again sitting at the table in ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL. She smiles when she thinks about her reunion with Rebekah]

[Meanwhile, Rebekah is still sitting at the table in the hostel where she is staying in MOROCCO. She finally gets up to leave to meet her witch contact when she's suddenly blocked by a very large and intimidating man in a dark gray suit]

REBEKAH: A warning, sir-- if you're looking for trouble, you might want to think twice.

[Just then, someone with a knife appears behind Rebekah and slits her throat. Rebekah gasps for breath as she begins to bleed profusely, and when she falls to the floor and clutches her throat, it's revealed that it was Aya who attacked her. Aya sneers at Rebekah as her witch body begins to bleed out on the floor]

AYA: That's the problem with a witch's body-- you can't put up much of a fight when the real monsters come out.

[Rebekah continues to gasp for breath until she finally dies and goes limp. Aya and her male associate stand over her, looking satisfied]'



[Freya has just returned to the compound after her astral-projection date with Rebekah, and she immediately pauses in the doorway when she notices all of the destruction in the foyer. Looking worried, she slowly makes her way into the courtyard as she gets visions of Klaus and Elijah's fight that began in the previous episode]

[First, she nearly trips over what remains of the bar as she receives a flash of Elijah tackling Klaus onto it. She then sees several overturned wooden chairs, causing her to see when Klaus grabbed Elijah in a headlock from behind, which led to Elijah elbowing him in the face and throwing him across the courtyard into the chairs. Next, she sees the chandelier, which has been pulled down from the ceiling, scattering the taper candles in it across the floor next to a small puddle of blood, which she sees has come from when Klaus, whom Elijah had in a choke-hold, bit Elijah on the forearm to get out of it. On top of the overturned footstool, she finds a broken chair leg that is soaked in blood, which she picks up in case she needs to arm herself]

[Just as she's beginning to look incredibly concerned for her brothers, she hears the doors to the dining room creak open. When she looks toward the source of the noise, she sees Klaus and Elijah, both of whom are covered in blood and are wearing the tattered remains of their clothing, silently and calmly sitting at the table together as though they hadn't just had a violet confrontation. Freya, annoyed, drops the stake and rushes into the room, where Elijah is absentmindedly fiddling with what remains of his tie while Klaus drains some of his blood into a glass. There is a seeping wound on Elijah's wrist from where Klaus bit him, and the sleeve of his jacket has almost been ripped off]

FREYA: [unimpressed] May I ask what happened?
KLAUS: [smirks] We had a little chat about the past.

[Freya rolls her eyes in exasperation, and Elijah, sounding exhausted, explains what happened]

ELIJAH: I informed Niklaus I am not his enemy. And, though they entered the city under the guise of peace, Tristan and Lucien, in truth, are allied against us. A fact that required a little bit of... gentle persuasion...

[Freya is visibly amused by this, but she keeps her face blank in order to not encourage their behavior and turns to look at Klaus]

KLAUS: And so I reminded our brother, who angered them in the first place...
FREYA: [annoyed] And, after all of this civil discourse, what understanding did you come to?
ELIJAH: That we expose and destroy our first sired.

[Klaus smiles happily before sliding the glass of his blood across the table to him. He then picks up a glass of bourbon that he poured himself]

KLAUS: Couldn't agree more. You see, gentlemen know when to call a truce and turn our fury in a more pertinent direction.

[Klaus holds his glass up toward Elijah, who lifts his own glass with his hybrid-bitten hand to clink it against Klaus' before they each take a drink]


[Cami, still in handcuffs, is being led from the police cruiser toward the station by Detective Kinney]

KINNEY: Come on. For someone always giving me an earful, that was a very quiet ride.
CAMI: [sarcastically] What do you want me to say, Detective? "Well done, the streets of New Orleans are safe!"
KINNEY: What I'd love to hear is a confession. Make my job a lot easier.

[Cami struggles against his hold]

CAMI: I am not a serial killer! And while you're wasting time with me, the real murderer is still out there!

[Kinney loses his temper and spins Cami so he can look her in the eyes]

KINNEY: Well, if I'm missing something, show me!

[Cami looks at him in surprise]

KINNEY: Prove to me you're the victim, and I will protect you!

[Cami seems to be seriously considering this when suddenly, the light above their heads explodes, forcing them to dive out of the way to avoid the sparks and broken glass. Before either of them can react, Lucien vamp-speeds toward them and shoves Kinney's head into the wall, knocking him out instantly. Cami gasps fearfully as soon as she realizes who it is and tries to run away, only for Lucien to catch her easily]

LUCIEN: Ah, ah, ah, ah!

[Cami starts to hyperventilate from fear, which Lucien seems to enjoy]

LUCIEN: Cold-blooded-killer Camille! What a shocking turn of the cards!

[Lucien quickly spins her around and grabs her in a sleeper-hold, despite her best efforts to break free of his grip]

LUCIEN: You should rest! We've got a big day ahead of us.

[He squeezes his arm around her neck as tightly as he can without killing her until she falls unconscious]

LUCIEN: There you are...


[The streets of the French Quarter are bustling as Hayley walks down the sidewalk and leaves Davina a voicemail on her phone]

HAYLEY: [on the phone] Hey, Davina. It's me. I, um, am running a little late, actually, but I should be there soon.

[Just then, Hayley glances over at the nearby window and sees that a dark-haired man is standing nearby and following her slowly. Hayley, looking tense, sighs]

HAYLEY: [on the phone] On second thought, I'll be a little longer.

[Hayley continues walking down the street as she hangs up her phone. She cuts down an alley full of abandoned construction equipment, on alert for the imminent danger the man poses. Hayley makes it down to the end of the alley and turns left around the corner. Moments later, the man following her finally turns down the alley the way she came and pauses to try to sense where she went. Just then, an empty can of paint rolls down the alley toward him, which he eventually stops with his foot. He takes a few more steps forward until Hayley appears behind him, looking annoyed]

HAYLEY: You're not very good at tailing people, are you?

[The man, whose name is Shen Min, spins at vampire speed to face her before then vamp-speeding behind her, sneering at her]

SHEN MIN: My talents lie elsewhere.

[Hayley immediately spins around to punch him in the face, but he dodges it easily, along with the kicks and punches that followed it. When she goes to hit him again, Shen Min breaks her arm, kicks her in the abdomen, and shoves her against the wall before grabbing her throat in a choke-hold. Hayley grabs her throat and gasps dramatically for breath, and just when he thinks the fight is over, she shoves her palm into his face, distracting him enough to grab his hand and bite it hard, causing him to roar in pain. Hayley pulls away, her vampire eyes and fangs out, and while Shen Min cradles his bitten hand, Hayley kicks him away from her]


[Elijah is at the bar in the study, having showered and put on a clean suit, and cuts his thumb with a knife so he can drip his blood into a glass for Freya, who looks very hungover from her date with Rebekah]

ELIJAH: Ah, yes. Drinking with Rebekah-- always an adventure.

[Freya takes a sip of the blood and clears her throat before standing and walking toward Elijah, who doesn't seem happy as he looks at sketches of the prophecy visions that Klaus has drawn. The first sketch is of the blood-stained portrait of Elijah]

FREYA: You seem more annoyed than usual.
ELIJAH: It's Aurora.

[Elijah picks up a second sketch, this time of the dining room table in the compound, which is in shambles]

ELIJAH: Her influence frightens me. And yet, our hideously-deluded brother seems to think that she may be the key to ending this wretched prophecy.
FREYA: [worriedly] If she's aligned with her brother, what chance does Nik have?
ELIJAH: None. And still, Niklaus believes that she can be swayed. Although... his perspective of family loyalty is schizophrenic at best.
FREYA: [sighs] Well, I don't get why Lucien and Tristan are working together. Aren't their sirelines direct enemies?

[Elijah gives Freya a sheepish look, visibly embarrassed about what he's about to say]

ELIJAH: ...Well, their mutual lack of goodwill toward our family might not be entirely unjustified...

[Freya gives him a stern look, and Elijah sighs]

ELIJAH: Hatred's a hell of a thing, Freya.
FREYA: [confused] Why? All you did was sire them. They don't seem to be complaining.

[Elijah squirms uncomfortably and shrugs before turning away from her anxiously. Freya, concerned, presses him for answers]

FREYA: Elijah...

[When Elijah remains silent, she sighs in frustration]

FREYA: What exactly did you do?

[Elijah finally turns back to face Freya, smiling sheepishly once again]

ELIJAH: I compelled Lucien to believe that he was Niklaus, Aurora to believe that she was Rebekah, and Tristan, myself. After I sired him, of course.

[Freya does not look at all happy about this confession, and Elijah becomes defensive]

ELIJAH: This was a period of mayhem for us! It was the 11th century, Father was hunting us mercilessly... So, I compelled them. And then, I told them to run.
FREYA: [coldly] You made them bait.
ELIJAH: Not the kindest thing I ever did, if I'm perfectly frank with you, Freya.

[Freya turns to face him with a sad expression as Elijah continues his story]

ELIJAH: So, as we found respite in the sleepy, yet charming vineyards of Tuscany, Father hunted the decoy Mikaelson children to the far-reaches of Europe for the better part of a century. Then, we were inconveniently daggered. The compulsion was broken. Here we are.

[Elijah looks at Freya with mild amusement as she pinches the bridge of her nose]

ELIJAH: How's the head?
FREYA: [laughs bitterly] Spinning. But I don't think it's the hangover...
ELIJAH: Freya, something you must understand about this family-- under threat, we take action, for better or worse. Whatever it takes to protect our own.
FREYA: So, you're telling me their days are numbered?
ELIJAH: If indeed they're working against us, yes. Without question.

[Freya licks her lips anxiously as Elijah walks over and picks up a decanter of bourbon]

ELIJAH: Perhaps a little hair-of-the-dog might be more effective, wouldn't you say?

[Freya lifts her glass for him to fill it, but her hand suddenly starts to shake, and Elijah becomes concerned]

ELIJAH: What is it?

[Freya whimpers suddenly as her hand begins to shake harder, and after a moment, she drops the glass onto the floor, where it tips over and spills alcohol all over the floor and rug as she gasps in shock]

FREYA: [shakily] Something's wrong.

[Freya stands to her feet and stares Elijah in the eyes]

FREYA: We need to call Rebekah. Now.

[Elijah looks at her worriedly]


[An outdoor art show is going on in a nearby park, and various citizens of the town are walking around and enjoying the colorful paintings on display. Aurora, dressed in a black strapless jumpsuit, stops a woman to admire her jewelry]

AURORA: [cheerfully] What a lovely necklace!

[Aurora stares the woman in the eyes and compels her]

AURORA: That emerald would really flatter my eyes, don't you think?

[The woman smiles as though in a daze and takes off the necklace before handing it to Aurora]

WOMAN: I think my necklace would flatter your eyes.
AURORA: [fakely] Thank you! You shouldn't have.

[The woman walks away just as Klaus appears behind Aurora and approaches her]

KLAUS: Will you be taking candy from a toddler next?

[Aurora, pleased, turns her head to look Klaus, smiling at him seductively as she keeps her back to him]

AURORA: If I should happen to be in the mood for something sweet...

[Klaus smiles back at her before lowering his voice slightly as he takes the necklace and fastens it around her neck, lifting her hair out of his way. The intimacy of the gestures seems to surprise her]

KLAUS: Come with me. And don't worry-- I promise I won't bite.

[The scene cuts to Klaus and Aurora as they walk down one of the streets of the Quarter]

AURORA: [playfully] So, am I to receive a stern talking-to for my poor behavior?
KLAUS: On the contrary! I've cleared my calendar for the day. I want to show you my city.
AURORA: [suspiciously] Is this your attempt to discern whose side I'm on?
KLAUS: I'd love to know whose side you're on. But it would be rude of me to ask such blunt discourse from so beautiful a woman without first buying her lunch. Wouldn't you agree?
AURORA: [smiles] Well, it does seem like most men have lost their manners these days. That shall be lovely.

[Aurora walks ahead of him, and Klaus chuckles in amusement before following her]


[Cami awakens on the couch in Lucien's living room, and she stretches, moaning quietly as she does so. She doesn't realize where she is until she opens her eyes and looks around in alarm as she remembers what happened the previous night. She has just jumped to her feet in an attempt to flee when she notices dozens of white file boxes are stacked around the room, all of which are sealed with red tape. Cami lifts the lid of one of the boxes and realizes they're evidence boxes full of all the dark objects and files from Kieran's secret apartment. Just then, Lucien walks into the room with a mimosa in his hand]

LUCIEN: I took the liberty of removing your handcuffs.

[Lucien smiles at her devilishly]

LUCIEN: Unless you're the type that likes to be restrained...

[Cami jumps in fright at the sound of his voice, and when he approaches her to hold out the glass of champagne and orange juice, Cami's body tenses in fear]

LUCIEN: Please, take it. Consider it an apology for the rough start to our day. I see no reason we cannot begin anew!
CAMI: [glares at him] I only drink with friends, and, unless this isn't abundantly clear, I don't like you.

[Lucien sighs and shrugs]

LUCIEN: Fair enough. Later on, I hope you'll remember this all could have gone so much easier.

[Lucien raises his voice to call out toward the other room]

LUCIEN: Detective Kinney, come in and start cutting up the mirepoix.

[At this request, a scared and confused Detective Kinney walks into the room with a tray of vegetables, and Cami looks at Lucien with a mix of horror and fury]

CAMI: You compelled him?
KINNEY: [frustrated] What the hell is going on?
LUCIEN: [to Kinney] Why don't you focus on the cutting? We don't want you to lose any fingers while we talk.

[Lucien turns his attention back to Cami, who is still horrified by this turn of events]

LUCIEN: Did you know that Will's mother's side is full of chefs? He's going to make us his grandmother's grillades and grits! I took the liberty of texting your nosy friend Vincent on your behalf. After leaving police care without incident, he believes you have a date with The Real Housewives at home in your PJs.
CAMI: [angrily] What the hell kind of point are you trying to make?

[Lucien starts to get frustrated, and he raises his voice to talk to Kinney]

LUCIEN: Detective, do me a favor-- throw your blade at her pretty face.

[Kinney, unable to resist due to Lucien's compulsion, throws the knife in a perfect toss toward Cami's face, which Lucien catches just one second before it can hit Cami's face. Cami lets out a deep exhale of relief, and Kinney looks absolutely horrified at what he's just done]

LUCIEN: Now that I have your attention, my point is simple. I'm looking for a particular dark object-- a small bronze medallion with Runic markings. Since you're on vervain, I'm going to ask nicely that you help me find it. Should you refuse, the parlor tricks will get increasingly less fun.

[Lucien hands the knife back to Kinney, who is still gaping at horror about nearly killing Cami. After a moment, Lucien gives him a look before looking at Cami expectantly]

LUCIEN: Carry on!

[Cami, visibly furious, scowls at Lucien as she starts reluctantly looking through the boxes]


[Freya has just finished writing a short note which reads, "Call home, Sister, please," and she rolls up her sleeve in preparation to send it to Rebekah. A moment later, a worried Elijah walks in as he hangs up his phone.]

ELIJAH: She's still not answering.

[Elijah puts away the phone and walks in to join his sister. Freya takes the note and curls it into a ball, which she holds into her hands as she concentrates and performs the spell that should deliver the message to Rebekah]

FREYA: [chants] Touve mon se kavo. Touve mon se kavo.

[Suddenly something goes wrong. Freya looks down at her hands, which are now covered in dripping blood, and both she and Elijah look horrified]

FREYA: There's nothing to connect to. She's gone.

[Freya looks at Elijah, visibly upset]

ELIJAH: What do you mean, "She's gone?"
FREYA: I can't find her. Which means her witch body, her connection to magic... It's as if it's just vanished.

[Meanwhile, at the HOSTEL IN MOROCCO, Rebekah (in her true body) awakens with a gasp and opens the lid of her coffin as she sits up. As she gets her bearings, the camera pulls away, revealing that Rebekah had previously cast a protective barrier around the coffin with salt and candles in order to prevent anyone from coming near it, just in case that she was returned to her body]

REBEKAH: [panting] Bloody hell!

[After the break, Rebekah goes downstairs, where she crouches next to Rebekah/Eva's now-dead witch body to examine it. After a moment, she groans in annoyance before muttering under her breath]

REBEKAH: Not only did you slit my throat, you stole my bloody phone.

[Rebekah immediately tenses when she hears footsteps approaching, looking up to find a smug Aya is entering the room]

AYA: [smiles] Hello, Rebekah

[Rebekah smiles fakely and condescendingly at her as she stands to face Aya]

REBEKAH: Aya. Of course. Elijah's little protégé. Let me guess-- you were tasked with finding my Original body. You couldn't do your job, so you did this to my other one to lure me out.

[Rebekah smiles at Aya coldly]

REBEKAH: Clever, but ill-advised. You see, I needed that body, and now you owe me a hell of a lot more than an apology.
AYA: [narrows her eyes] I don't owe you anything. I'm here to claim the unattended Mikaelson. I only had chains enough for one of you.

[Just then, at least a dozen more powerful-looking members of The Strix enter the room and surround her. Rebekah looks up at Aya in amusement and chuckles]

REBEKAH: Is that all you brought?
AYA: I met your special friend... Marcel Gerard? It's been amusing getting to know him. Maybe I'll send him one of your heads as a souvenir.

[Rebekah stands in a defensive position in preparation for a fight]

REBEKAH: Enough with the idle chit-chat! Are you gonna throw the first punch, or what?

[Aya, too, stands in a defensive position with her fists in the air]

AYA: I respect my elders. You first.

[Rebekah smirks before lunging for her]


[Lucien is eating the grillades and grits that Detective Kinney made for him at the dining room table while Cami continues to search the boxes for the dark object that Lucien wants. Kinney is sitting across from Lucien, looking confused, scared, and angry]

LUCIEN: Mmm. I find the Cajun cuisine almost as delicious as their people. Well done, William.
KINNEY: Not like I had a choice.
LUCIEN: [shrugs] Hmmm.
KINNEY: The moment I do? I'm gonna use this knife, I'm gonna stab you in the heart.
CAMI: [sighs] You couldn't if you tried. You've been compelled to do everything he says. It's like hypnosis. Vampires use it against humans to do their bidding.

[Kinney gives Cami an exasperated and exhausted look]

KINNEY: We're using the V-word now? Great. Might as well embrace the insanity.

[Kinney turns his attention back to Lucien]

KINNEY: What else you gonna force us to do?
LUCIEN: [sighs] Well, Camille consumes vervain, so I can't force her to do anything. But, in exchange for preventing future bloodshed, I'd ask that you find me that pretty little medallion.
CAMI: [frustrated] Like I've told you, I have cataloged everything. What you're looking for is not here.

[Lucien begins to lose his patience and slams his hand angrily against the table]

LUCIEN: It's there! Just hidden, built into something else. Find it!
CAMI: And then what? Some shiny ornament helps you get your revenge on Klaus? Don't tell me this is all because he stole your girl.
LUCIEN: [frustrated] He did a lot more than steal my girl, Camille. He stole one hundred years of my life!

[Cami seems surprised by this answer, and Lucien's eyes widen as he gets an idea]

LUCIEN: Now, that gives me a thought. Loss is a great motivator.

[Lucien turns to Kinney, who has been silently listening to their conversation]

LUCIEN: Slice open your arcuate artery.

[Cami realizes what Lucien is doing and tries to stop him]


[Kinney, despite his best efforts to resist, takes the knife on the table and forcefully slices open the artery running along the outside of his ankle, causing him to immediately begin to bleed heavily]


[Lucien feigns concern for Kinney while Cami gapes in horror at Kinney's bleeding wound]

LUCIEN: Ooh! That's a nasty wound. He'll bleed out if that's not treated. Tick-tock, Camille!

[Cami, both furious and horrified, returns to searching the boxes while Kinney whimpers from pain and blood loss]


[Inside the empty restaurant, Klaus is sitting at a table, smiling in amusement as Aurora feeds on the wrist of a waitress who laying on top of another table, holding a glass of red wine in her hand while she feeds. After a moment, Aurora stops feeding on the now-dead waitress and hums happily as she walks over to join Klaus at his table]

AURORA: Mmm. That was delicious.
KLAUS: [smiles] I aim to please.
AURORA: [gives him a look] No, darling-- you aim to suck me dry of information. But you fed me well, so I suppose I owe you a favor. What would you like to know?

[Klaus' face becomes serious before he speaks]

KLAUS: Well, it's quite simple, really. I find being in your company again wonderfully intoxicating. So, my question is... Do you feel the same?

[Aurora seems pleased by this question]

AURORA: Nik, I am not your enemy! Nor Rebekah's. After all, she is my sire. But, I do hate Elijah, given what he's done to me... and to you.
KLAUS: [suspiciously] So, you choose to ally with the brother who locked you in a prison and the stable boy who, until now, was always so far beneath you?

[This seems to hurt Aurora, and her next words have a bitter tone to them as her eyes fill with tears]

AURORA: You know, the three of us spent one hundred years working together and running together, believing we were the Mikaelsons. And you knew your father. It was no easy task to avoid him, and yet we survived. And when the compulsion ended, it was as if someone had peeled off our skin. We lost everything of who we were and what we'd become in a single moment.

[Klaus seems to suddenly feel incredibly guilty for the pain Aurora was caused by Elijah's compulsion]

AURORA: And, even though we now knew we were little more than an elaborate red herring, Mikael was still after us. So, Tristan swore he wouldn't rest until we made you pay. So, the three of us swore a pact of vengeance. For centuries, we scoured the world, looking for weapons that would kill the lot of you... but Lucien and Tristan never quite got over their hatred of one another.

[Klaus' guilt seems to change to suspicion and concern at this information, though he tries his best to appear calm]

KLAUS: Seems a little short-sighted-- if my family dies, so do all of you.
AURORA: [smiles] Well, that's the beautiful mystery, isn't it?

[Aurora, overwhelmed by the memories, shuts down and changes the subject]

AURORA: [softly] I... I think I'd like dessert. Perhaps you can take me for a walk? Show me what it is you like about this strange little city.

[Klaus smiles weakly at her]


[Marcel has just met Hayley at the vampires' fight gym at ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, where her stalker from earlier has been thoroughly tied to a chair with rope and is still unconscious as a result of the hybrid bite]

HAYLEY: You might remember him from that pretentious excuse for a party.

[Marcel looks at the man for a moment]

MARCEL: Shen Min. 800 years old. According to Tristan, he was a torture consultant for Genghis Khan.
HAYLEY: [rolls her eyes] I don't care if he's a Gemini who likes long walks on the beach, Marcel. Why was he following me?
MARCEL: [sighs] I don't know.
HAYLEY: You don't know, or you're sworn to a code of silence?
MARCEL: [defensively] Hey! Easy. We're on the same side here.
HAYLEY: [annoyed] Then prove it.

[Marcel anxiously wipes at his face with his hands while he tries to think of his next move]

[At ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Freya is preparing to cast yet another spell while Elijah paces around the room and watches. She has dozens of white candles lit on the table around her while she pours drops of various colored potions and pinches of herbs into a small stone cauldron]

FREYA: [anxiously] Mikaelson blood tracks Mikaelson blood. I should be able to find her.

[She looks at Elijah with concern as he takes an athame and slices his palm with it, dripping his blood into the cauldron]

FREYA: I don't understand. Why bring Rebekah into it?
ELIJAH: [angrily] They want all three sires. Tristan and Lucien kept us occupied here while they hunted Rebekah.
FREYA: She's strong. She cannot be killed--
ELIJAH: [interrupts her] The prophecy says otherwise.

[Freya and Elijah share the same worried look before Freya takes a deep breath and starts to cast the spell]

FREYA: [chants] Sang bis najitt trouver. Sang bis najitt trouver. Sang bis najitt trouver.

[As she chants, the spindle from earlier starts to spin around over the map on the table as it finds its location]

[At the HOSTEL IN MOROCCO, Rebekah has just been tossed into a wall by Aya, making her so angry she vamp-speeds over to Aya and kicks her in the side before twisting her arm painfully. Aya throws several punches, which Rebekah blocks with her bloodied hands before she spins on one foot and kicks Aya in the face. Rebekah then grabs Aya in a choke-hold, forcing Aya to try to break free by choking Rebekah as well. After a moment, Rebekah twists her wrist and slams the heel of her hand against Aya's nose, which causes her to yelp in pain and spin from the impact. She's thrown into the bar and leans against it for a moment as Rebekah grabs her by the neck and slams her head against the bar. They slide down the bar, and Aya puts one of her feet against the wall for leverage so she can have the force to slam Rebekah in the face with a metal statue she grabbed from the table top. Rebekah pants as she recovers from the blow, and Aya throws the statue onto the floor before bracing for their next round]

AYA: [patronizingly] You're a bit out of sorts!
REBEKAH: [shrugs] I've been in a coffin for six months. I'm just getting warmed up! Besides, I think I'm in the lead, not that anyone's keeping score.

[The camera pans away from them, revealing that all of the members of The Strix who accompanied Aya are either dead or incapacitated. Just then, even more associates of Aya's file into the room for round two, and Aya gets into a defensive position in anticipation. Rebekah looks exasperated but ready to fight as she throws her arms out dramatically]

REBEKAH: Well, I guess I should be flattered!

[Just then, Freya's astral-projection appears in the hallway behind Rebekah, and she looks at her sister in her original body with an incredulous expression]

FREYA: I can't leave you alone for five minutes!

[Aya, recognizing Freya as a threat, lunges at the witch, but since she's in an astral projection form, Aya simply dives right through her as if she were a ghost. Freya smirks in satisfaction before she thrusts her hands out on either side of her body and casts a spell at the top of her voice, flicking each of her wrists as she does so]

FREYA: [chants] Menedek qual suurentaa!

[Just then, all of The Strix's members' necks snap simultaneously, including Aya's, and they all fall to the floor where they stood. Rebekah looks over at Freya, visibly impressed]

REBEKAH: Not bad! Now what?

[Freya gives her a look]



[Lucien, who has just received a phone call, walks out of the living room/kitchen area and into his bedroom while he speaks in a very low voice to whomever is on the other end]

LUCIEN: [quietly] Hasn't yet. The hunt continues...

[As soon as he's gone, Cami rushes over to Kinney, grabbing a towel and folding it to use as a makeshift bandage]

CAMI: [worriedly] How you holding up?

[Kinney looks down at his bleeding ankle, which is resting on top of a fancy-looking ice cooler]

KINNEY: [weakly] Well, I'm gushing blood into a bucket because the vampire who kidnapped us doesn't want to stain his floor... So, pretty great.

[Cami continues preparing a bandage for him]

CAMI: I got you into this mess. The least I can do is stop the bleeding.

[She walks over to Kinney, who smiles weakly at her]

KINNEY: No. Don't beat yourself up. I'm tenacious. I would've gotten into this mess with or without you.

[Just as Cami crouches down to wrap his ankle with the towel, Kinney reflexively grabs the knife from the table and holds it close to Cami's face, though it's clear by the look on his face that he had no intention of doing this but was forced to by Lucien's compulsion. Cami gasps in shock and backs away]

KINNEY: [alarmed] I have a feeling you shouldn't come any closer.

[Cami, whose eyes are wide with fear, slowly backs up, and after a moment, Kinney looks relieved when he's able to set the knife back on the table]

KINNEY: More tricks from Mr. Transylvania.

[Cami is still horrified by the position they've both been put in, and after a moment, Kinney's eyes widen in realization]

KINNEY: This is what happened to your brother, isn't it?

[Cami remains silent, but the look on her face answers his question]

KINNEY: Your family got mixed up in the supernatural world. Someone made him do something he never would have done. No one should have to go through that.

[Cami gulps nervously, and Kinney pauses for a moment before he continues]

KINNEY: Listen, I... I have a sister. If I don't make it...

[Cami cuts him off as she shoots him a determined look]

CAMI: No. We're walking out of this.

[Kinney laughs bitterly]

KINNEY: At this point, limping out of this is gonna be a challenge...
CAMI: I still have leverage. I'm the only one who can find what Lucien needs, so let's find it.

[Cami gets back to searching through the boxes while Kinney leans back in his chair, weak from blood loss]


[Klaus and Aurora have just arrived at the cemetery, where they're walking around the various tombs]

AURORA: [confused] Why would you bring me here? It's so morbid.
KLAUS: [smiles] They call these graveyards the Cities of the Dead-- elevated mausoleums meant to honor those who've passed on. It's a very human attempt to overcome fear of mortality by celebrating death. Morbid, certainly... But pure.
AURORA: [rolls her eyes] Oh, pure. Like your intentions.
KLAUS: My intentions are quite the opposite. How about yours?

[Aurora, realizing they're back on the topic of the so-called sireline war, sighs in annoyance and tosses the pastry she was nibbling on aside before she turns to face him]

AURORA: Hmmm. You know, over the long centuries, I would dream of you-- my bright light in an ocean of darkness, whose despair mirrored my own, and whose love brought me a joy I had not felt, and have not felt since. But, if only it were real, this charming stroll through your melancholy preoccupations... But, I know it's really an interrogation under the guise of pleasantries.

[Klaus walks toward her and looks her in the eyes]

KLAUS: My desire for answers is only fair-- we are on the brink of war. But, if you doubt the veracity of my feelings for you... Then our tour has one final stop.


[At ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Freya is preparing to perform yet another spell as an anxious Elijah paces around in front of the table where she's working]

ELIJAH: She can't stay there. Rebekah cannot fight them alone.
FREYA: [sighs] I tried-- she's of no mood to listen. Perhaps you'll have better luck.

[Before they can proceed, Elijah's phone vibrates in his pocket, and he pulls it out to check it]

ELIJAH: It's Marcel.

[Elijah answers the phone and answers it with an annoyed tone. Marcel is still at ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, standing outside the room where Hayley is pacing around Shen Min's unconscious body]

ELIJAH: Your timing is perfectly horrendous.
MARCEL: Yeah? Well, I need your help. Hayley caught one of Tristan's guys tailing her. Knocked him out, brought him to the gym for a little Q & A. Problem is, it's Shen Min.

[Elijah's expression turns from annoyance to legitimate concern as he spins on his heel, turning his back to Freya. When he replies to Marcel, his tone is steely-cold]

ELIJAH: Marcellus, do I need to remind you that Shen Min was known as "the Red Sorrow" before he was a vampire? You execute him immediately.

[Freya, behind Elijah, gives him a firm look]

FREYA: Elijah.

[At ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, Hayley continues to pace back and forth in front of the chair where Shen Min pretends to still be unconscious. After a moment, Hayley loses patience and stops right in front of him]

HAYLEY: So, what? You gonna sleep all day?

[Behind her, Marcel is still on the phone with Elijah]

ELIJAH: Before he wakes, you tear that heart from his chest.

[Elijah hangs up the phone without another word and turns back to Freya, who is ready to cast the astral projection spell again. He rushes over to her and takes each of her hands in his own as Freya begins]

FREYA: [chants] Sang bis najitt trouver. Sang bis najitt trouver.

[Elijah and Freya's astral forms arrive at the HOUSE IN MONACCO where Rebekah is waiting for them]

REBEKAH: [smiles] It's good to see you, Elijah, even if you're not flesh and blood.

[Elijah gives Rebekah a weak smile]

ELIJAH: It's time to come home, Rebekah.
REBEKAH: [frustrated] No! I'm too close to bringing Kol back!
ELIJAH: [sighs] You're even closer to bringing about your own destruction.
REBEKAH: [determinedly] I'm not leaving without that spell.
FREYA: [gently] Kol will have to wait, sister. The Strix are making their move.
REBEKAH: [shocked] What happened?
ELIJAH: Hayley had an encounter with Shen Min. She and Marcel are dealing with this matter accordingly.

[Rebekah looks horrified by this news]

REBEKAH: What the hell are you doing here? Go and save them before that lunatic gets free!

[Elijah looks at Rebekah with a serious expression]

ELIJAH: Give me your word. Come home now. No detours.

[Rebekah looks at Freya for a moment, whose expression tells her that she agrees with Elijah. After a moment, Rebekah reluctantly agrees]

REBEKAH: [sighs] Fine. But, my niece's mum and that handsome fool better be alive when I get back.

[Elijah nods before turning to Freya]

ELIJAH: You make certain she returns.

[Elijah holds out his hand, and Freya takes it, clutching it tightly]

ELIJAH: I'll see you tonight.

[Freya and Elijah close their eyes, and Freya silently sends Elijah's astral projection back to his body in New Orleans]

[Back at ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, Shen Min slowly opens his eyes and looks up at Hayley, who smirks at him smugly]

HAYLEY: Hmmm. About time. Now we can get started.

[Marcel walks into the room and joins them, frowning unhappily. At the sight of them, Shen smiles in amusement]

SHEN MIN: Yes, we certainly can.

[After the break, the scene returns to the gym, where Hayley is kneeling in front of Shen so she can look him in the eyes]

HAYLEY: There's still time. If you talk, maybe I'll even get you healed.

[Hayley forcefully pushes her index finger into the bite wound on his wrist she gave him earlier. It's clear that it is causing him pain, but Shen simply clenches his jaw and says nothing]

HAYLEY: Why were you following me?
SHEN MIN: Because we have a use for you. Or, is it some other reason? You'll never know. And, it won't matter, because when I get free, I'm going to break your jaw as you did mine and slowly pull your intestines out from your body.

[Marcel, alarmed, interrupts his threats]

MARCEL: Hey! How about we just calm down?

[Shen turns his attention to Marcel and sneers at him]

SHEN: And you. The others were so pleased when you joined our ranks, but I knew from the start you were filth. You've proven it by siding against us. For that, I will end you, but not before you watch her die... screaming.

[Marcel sighs in exasperation and turns to Hayley as he rolls up the sleeves of his jacket]

MARCEL: Right. Well, that's about enough of that. Sorry Hayley. Your turn's over. He's got to die.

[Marcel lunges forward to rip out Shen's heart, but before he can, Shen stands up and spins quickly, smashing the chair that he's tied to against the door frame to break it into pieces, allowing him to get free of his restraints. He picks up two broken chair legs, holding one in each hand as makeshift stakes. Marcel gets into a defensive position in preparation for a fight and lunges for him, only for Shen to block his hits with the stakes and shove him so hard he flies backward across the room. While Marcel is down, Shen turns to Hayley, who manages to dodge his first few hits before quickly bending over to pick up a kettle-weight from the floor and swing it so hard it knocks one of the stakes out of his hands. She then uses the weight to slap him across the face twice in a row, but Shen recovers quickly and grabs her arm and twists it so hard she falls onto the floor. Just then, Marcel appears behind him and grabs him in a bear-hug and yells to Hayley]

MARCEL: UGH! Take him!

[Just as Hayley is about to rip out Shen's heart, Shen kicks her in the stomach, and she yells in pain as she doubles over]


[Shen then elbows Marcel in the face and shoves him aside, where he is thrown into the side of the fight cage and bounces off of it. When he lands on his feet, Shen rushes over and plunges his hand into Marcel's chest, gripping his heart tightly]


[When Hayley rushes over to stop Shen from killing Marcel, Shen shoves his free hand into Hayley's chest and grips her heart in his fist as well, causing her to shriek in agony]

SHEN: [smugly] How poetic. Two warriors fighting side-by-side, dying together.

[Just as he's about to rip out their hearts, Shen groans in pain and throws his head back. When the camera pans zooms out, its revealed that Elijah has impaled him through the chest and abdomen with a large, sharp piece of wood, just barely missing his heart. Shen is so overcome by the pain that he lets go of Hayley and Marcel, who are both panting for breath as they recover from nearly dying. Elijah looks at Hayley with concern]

ELIJAH: Are you okay?

[Hayley nods, and Marcel, looking both exasperated and offended, rolls his eyes as he continues to try to catch his breath]

MARCEL: Oh, I'm fine, thank you for asking.

[Elijah gives Marcel a look]

ELIJAH: Marcellus, next time I ask you to take out the trash... try not to dally.

[Back in the HOUSE IN MOROCCO, Freya is frantically trying to get Rebekah to get ready to leave]

FREYA: Rebekah, we have to go. I'll get you on the first flight out.
REBEKAH: [frustrated] I can't give up now! Not when the answers to bringing our brother back are just a few streets away.

[Freya gives Rebekah a stern look]

FREYA: You promised Elijah...
REBEKAH: And what about my promise to Kol? I've already lost my witch body. I can't go home with nothing.

[Freya sighs in exasperation at Rebekah's stubbornness]

FREYA: Well, I supposed arguing with you would be a waste of already precious time.

[Rebekah smiles at her, pleased to have won their debate]

REBEKAH: See? You're fitting into this family like a glove.


[Klaus has just brought Aurora to the compound, where they are walking through the front gate and into the courtyard. Aurora takes in the room, which is still trashed from Klaus and Elijah's violent argument earlier, and wrinkles her nose in distaste]

AURORA: So is this your family home?
KLAUS: [smirks] Please forgive the detritus my brother and I had a slight disagreement. Over you, as a matter of fact.
AURORA: Oh! A duel in my honor. How chivalrous. But, I'm afraid if this is what you wish to show me, it's--

[Klaus interrupts her before she can continue]

KLAUS: If you want to know what's been in my heart for the past few centuries, come with me.

[Klaus leads her up the stairs and into his art studio, where he pushes a dresser out of the way and traces his hand over the brick wall behind it. Aurora stands behind him and watches with a confused expression]

KLAUS: Life is like a city-- built in layers. No matter what new experiences come along, the foundation remains.

[Klaus then punches the wall with such extreme force that his fist goes through the brick, crumbling the wall into pieces until he finally reveals a beautifully painted portrait of Aurora from the early 11th century. Aurora gasps in shock, visibly overwhelmed by this revelation]

AURORA: What is this?
KLAUS: Two hundred years ago, it was my art studio. It became a tomb for my memory of you.

[He turns toward her, visibly uncomfortable with the vulnerability he's showing her]

KLAUS: I thought if I painted what haunted me, I could free myself of you forever. In all my years, I have never been more wrong about anything.

[Aurora, overwhelmed with emotion, kisses him passionately]


[Elijah pulls Shen Min, who still is impaled by the long piece of wood Elijah plunged into his abdomen, onto his knees. Shen groans in pain as Marcel looks at them warily]

MARCEL:: Between blood loss and that bite, I'm not sure you have enough time to get answers. 

[Elijah circles around Shen so he can face him before turning his head to address Marcel]

ELIJAH: Then let's make the most of it.

[Elijah turns back to Shen]

ELIJAH: I have questions.

(Elijah yanks the stake out of Shen's torso]

ELIJAH: I want answers.

[Shen Min turns around in an attempt to get to his feet and prepare to attack Elijah, but Elijah simply grabs him in a choke-hold and stares him in the eyes with a cold expression]

ELIJAH: [compels him] Why were you following Hayley?

[Shen tries to remain silent, but Elijah's compulsion is too strong to resist]

SHEN MIN: I was ordered to remove her from the playing field. She is an obstacle to the thing we truly want. 
ELIJAH: [growls] Which is what?
SHEN MIN: Davina Claire.

[Both Marcel and Elijah are unsettled and concerned by this confession]

ELIJAH: What do you want with Davina Claire?
SHEN MIN: : Tristan needs her to activate a weapon to use against your family.
ELIJAH: [angrily] What weapon?

[Shen Min uses all of his energy resisting Elijah's compulsion and remains silent. Elijah, not in the mood for games, squeezes his throat even tighter, causing Shen to gasp for breath]

ELIJAH: Forgive me. I'm having a little difficulty hearing you right now. Speak
SHEN MIN: [gasps for breath] I'd... Rather... Die!

[Shen musters up all of his strength and pulls himself out of Elijah's grip. When he falls weakly to the floor, Shen removes his daylight ring, immediately bursting into flames as Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel watch in shock while he dies in front of them]

Lucien's Penthouse

[Lucien returns to the sitting room, where Detective Kinney is even more pale and weak than before due to bloodloss and Cami is still rifling around the many boxes of dark objects]

LUCIEN: Have you found it yet? Because as far as deadlines go, well... Yours seems to be almost dead.

[Lucien lifts Kinney's chin to make sure he's still alive, and the detective is too weak to fight back. Cami, worried about her friend, stops what she's doing and stands her ground]

CAMI: You've made your point. You win, humans lose. Now let him go. 
LUCIEN: So, you have found it? 

[Cami does her best to appear as calm as possible, but it's impossible for her to completely hide her fear]

CAMI: Maybe. I'll only show you if you heal him now. 
LUCIEN: Show me first. 
CAMI: [firmly] Heal him.

[Lucien scoffs in annoyance and bites into his wrist, allowing his blood to dribble into a cup Cami gives him a reassuring look as Lucien slides the glass across the table toward him]

CAMI: It's okay. You can drink it. It will heal you.

[Kinney takes the glass and quickly drinks the blood as Lucien approaches Cami, eyeing her suspiciously]

CAMI: I've checked everywhere else.

[Cami pulls out what looks like a very small human skull and sets it on the table next to her]

CAMI: This is the only place it could be.

[Lucien picks up the skull from the table, but as soon as he touches it, the eye sockets of the skull begin to glow with a glaring green light, which causes Lucien's hand to shake before being thrown backward in pain as though he's been blinded]


[Lucien drops the skeleton head onto the floor, and Cami quickly grabs a knife off the table to defend herself as Kinney stands to his feet, smashing the skull into pieces under his boots in the process. Lucien, having recovered from the effects of the skull, growls menacingly as he lunges toward Cami, grabbing her wrist as he snatches the knife from her]

LUCIEN: Oh! I can see why Nik is so fond of you. You do have spirit!

[Lucien points the blade of the knife directly at her throat, terrifying Cami]

LUCIEN: But your heart skipped a beat just before I healed your friend. I know you know exactly where my medallion is, you crafty girl.

[Lucien shakes his head in exasperation as he lowers the knife and turns to look at Detective Kinney]

LUCIEN: Knife to your throat, mate.

[Detective Kinney reflexively grabs another knife from the table and points the blade at his throat, clearly terrified at the prospect of his death. Cami, at a loss for options, becomes desperate]'

CAMI: No. Don't do this, please.
LUCIEN: [scoffs] Are you trying to appeal to my merciful side? I hate to tell you, darling-- I don't have one! 

[Kinney, still terrified and angry, yells over to Cami]

KINNEY: Don't give him a damn thing!

[Lucien finally loses his patience and snaps at him]

LUCIEN: Oh! Enough! Go on, slit your--

[Cami, panicked, cuts him off before he can finish]

CAMI: Wait!

[Cami picks up a dark object that looks like a large pin attached to a thick brown base and hands it to him]

CAMI: [frantically] Take it! Just take it! It's in here!

[Lucien chuckles in amusement as he examines the object]

LUCIEN: Heh. Had it all along. How about that?

[Lucien smashes the object onto the table until he finds a large, flat medallion with Runic symbols stamped on one side and smiles at Cami]

LUCIEN: Turns out we make quite a team. 

[Cami and Will both look horrified about the potential consequences of Lucien having the medallion]


[Rebekah and Freya have just walked into shop to meet the Santería witch Rebekah mentioned earlier. Freya looks around the empty shop and takes in the decor while Rebekah searches the nearby table. After a moment, she finds a spell written on several sheets of parchment and gasps in surprise]

REBEKAH: There it is. This has got to be it.

[Freya, looking uneasy, continues looking around at the empty room. She is intrigued when she sees what looks like dried crab bones adorned with several magical items. Freya looks around the room and sees that there are more of these decorations on each wall that surrounds them.]

FREYA: If you were told to meet this witch here, where is she?
REBEKAH: Doesn't matter to me as long as I get what I need.

[Freya is still unnerved by the fact that they're alone here, but Rebekah is too busy examining the spell that she isn't paying attention]

FREYA: This is it. This is the spell. It makes perfect sense. Now all we need is Kol's ashes and the blood of two siblings--

[Before she can continue, Freya, sensing trouble, begins to panic]

FREYA: Rebekah, we need to go. Now!

[Just then, the door opens, and a Moroccan witch enters the room in a pinkish-red dress]

REBEKAH: [annoyed] Took you long enough. 

[Instead of responding, the Moroccan witch begins to cast a spell]

MOROCCAN WITCH: [chants] Mithil rata dans hofos. Mithil rata dans hofos.

[The building begins to shake as though they're experiencing a minor earthquake, and Freya and Rebekah immediately begin to panic]

REBEKAH: What the hell is going on?

[Aya enters the room and joins them, standing at the Moroccan witch's side with a smug smile]

AYA: A fitting end to a spoiled bitch.

[The Moroccan witch snaps her fingers, which causes the sheets of parchment with the resurrection spell to burst into flames. Rebekah glares at them as she lunges forward but is immediately stopped by a boundary spell that the Moroccan witch placed. Rebekah looks at Aya furiously]

REBEKAH: Clearly you didn't get the hint earlier. You can't beat me. 

[Aya nods toward the Moroccan witch]

AYA: Maybe not, but she can.
MOROCCAN WITCH: [chants] Lem duree mohana.

[ The witch holds her hands together and gestures it towards Rebekah. Rebekah instantly falls to her knees in pain, and Freya, looking mutinous, shouts at them and prepares to cast her own spell]

FREYA: No! Gratuit fra loke!

[Nothing happens, and Freya looks horrified when she realizes she can do nothing to help her sister] (But nothing happens)

FREYA: No. No!
AYA: [smirks] Your magic has no power here. Only our witch can cast spells.

[The Moroccan with continues to cast the pain infliction spell on Rebekah, who stares at her with wide eyes as she clutches her head in pain]

AYA: How tragic that you and your sister must say your farewells like this.

[The Moroccan witch hands Aya a specially-made stake, which is extremely thin with a larger handle on the end and stained a dark brown color]

AYA: I can't decide. Should I make you watch as she screams for mercy? Or leave you wondering just how badly she suffered?
FREYA: [furiously] If you hurt her, I will rip your l--

[Freya lunges for Aya and the witch, but the latter casts another spell that is so forceful it throws Freya backward and out of her astral projection spell. At ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, the flesh-and-blood Freya hits her head against the wall from the impact of having her astral form reunited with her body that she knocks herself unconscious]

[Meanwhile, back at the MOROCCAN SHOP, Rebekah is still gasping in pain on her knees as she glares at Aya, who is pleased by this turn of events]

REBEKAH: You lured me all this way, and the whole time, it was a lie.

[Aya walks toward Rebekah with her special stake in hand, grinning patronizingly at her]

AYA: Not at all! The spell is very real. I wanted to enjoy the look on your face when I took it from you.

[She points the stake at Rebekah's heart as Rebekah stares at her in fear]

AYA: Not to worry, love. This won't kill you. It's just meant to put you to sleep for a very, very long time. 
REBEKAH: [growls furiously] And when I wake up, you will be the first person that I kill.
AYA: [amused] I won't hold my breath, but you're more than welcome to try.

[Aya plunges the stake into Rebekah's heart, and Rebekah groans in pain as her skin turns gray and desiccates. Her body falls in a heap on the floor as Aya kneels beside her and whispers toward her body]

AYA: Now, time to get you back to New Orleans.


[Detective Kinney is at the sink, where he's presumably been compelled to wash all of the dishes from the lunch he made for Lucien. Cami, looking tense and afraid, is standing nearby as Lucien walks toward Kinney]

LUCIEN: [cheerfully] He cooks and he cleans. He's a real keeper, this one.

[Kinney glares at Lucien furiously, who isn't the least bit offended by it]

LUCIEN: [patronizingly] Aw, sadly it was not meant to be. Now, you will go and tell your superiors you arrested the wrong suspect. 
KINNEY: [coldly] You can compel me all you want. I'll find you. 
LUCIEN: [sighs] No. You won't.

[Lucien grabs him by the throat and stares into his eyes as he compels him to comply]

LUCIEN: Instead, you'll keep up this wretched failure that is your life. You'll continue with this pitiful investigation, never quite connecting the dots or making any progress whatsoever. After a time, you'll grow to hate yourself for you mediocre talents. All the while. knowing there are things lurking in the shadows, and in the face of these, you are nothing.

[Lucien pats Will's face in a condescending gesture, and Cami, looking at them hopelessly, begins to plead with him]

CAMI: Don't do this.

[Lucien turns to her and rolls his eyes]

LUCIEN: Oh, don't look so chagrined, eh? Once the vervain's out of your system, I'll compel you to forget, as well. But like him, I will leave you with one lesson-- against vampires, humans always lose. 

[Cami gulps nervously, her eyes wide with fear]


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Aurora is sleeping soundly in Klaus' bed after their sexual escapades, and he sits next to her and strokes her face gently]''

[At ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Freya awakens with a gasp at her work table in the attic, and when she realized what has happened, she quickly starts grabbing ingredients to cast a locator spell]

[At ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, Hayley is in the room outside the gym, where she's looking at photos of Hope on her phone. After a moment, Elijah approaches her, and she looks up at him with a rueful smile]

HAYLEY: There was a time when all I wanted was to find my family. It consumed me. And then, once I did, as crazy as it is, all I wanted was a home. And New Orleans is that home. And the Strix are trying to take that, aren't they?

[Elijah's replies with a determined expression]

ELIJAH: No. We won't let them.

[Elijah and Hayley are distracted from their conversation by the sound of footsteps, and a moment later, Marcel and Freya walk into the room to join them]

MARCEL: Might be harder than you think. 

[Elijah realizes who is missing from their trio and immediately becomes worried]

ELIJAH: Where is Rebekah?

[Freya looks distraught as she replies]

FREYA: We need to call Klaus.


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus stands perfectly still with his back to Aurora as he listens on his phone to what his siblings have to say about Rebekah. He slowly pulls the phone away from his ear and hangs up just as Aurora awakens. She sits up with a smile in Klaus' bed. The scene finally catches up to where we left off in the cold open of the episode]

AURORA: What are you doing over there? Come closer.
KLAUS: [coldly] I think it's best you remain out of arm's reach.

[Aurora sighs in annoyance when she realizes he's figured out what is going on]

AURORA: So I take it you've heard about the busy day everyone's had. Let me take away that scowl.

[Klaus turns toward her with an unamused expression]

AURORA: I'll tell you everything I know. 
KLAUS: [growls] I suggest you speak quickly.
AURORA: There is a weapon in play-- a dangerous, cursed device called the Serratura.

[Aurora continues informing Klaus of what she knows in voiceover while the scene cuts to LUCIEN'S PENTHOUSE, where Lucien sits on his couch as he stares at the medallion. A pleased grin spreads across his face as he sips his bourbon]

AURORA: [voiceover] It is capable of producing an unbreakable boundary. My brother and Lucien want to use it to lock you and your siblings away forever so that no one may harm you. 

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Aurora continues her explanation]

AURORA: But to do so, they need all three of you in one place.
KLAUS: Which is why they sent a legion of Strix to collect my sister.
AURORA: But, not to worry, my love. I took measures to ensure that Rebekah isn't held by those nasty Strix for long.
KLAUS: [confused] What measures?

[Aurora continues speaking in voiceover as the scene cuts to outside the MOROCCAN SHOP, where Aya's associates are loading the coffin with Rebekah's magically-staked body into the back of a truck]

AURORA: [voiceover] While they did acquire Rebekah's body, I wasn't about to let them keep it! So I enacted a plan of my own. Unbeknownst to my brother, two of the men sent to retrieve her were from my sireline-- loyal to me.

[Two of the men from Rebekah/Aurora's sireline sneak up behind two of the Strix members and snaps their necks so they can take Rebekah's body]

[Back at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus is staring at Aurora with wide eyes, clearly dumbfounded by the overwhelming information he just learned. Aurora smiles at him seductively, indicating she intends to use the fact that she has Rebekah to her advantage]

AURORA: And on my behalf, they procured your sister's body. So don't worry, my love-- Rebekah is perfectly safe. You have my word.

[Aurora's demeanor becomes even more seductive as she beckons him toward her]

AURORA: Now... Come back to bed. 

[Klaus stares at her in horror]


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