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Damon: It makes two of us. My mother threatened to destroy that today. And I didn't stop her.
Elena: Why not?
Damon: Because your fantasy of five years from now scared the hell out of me. I panicked.
Damon: Because I'm an idiot, and I'm selfish and I'm so in love with you and I don't want to lose you.
Damon: You're gonna take the cure, Elena, and I'm gonna take it with you.
Damon and Elena, after she discovers the Cure

Because is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and thirtieth episode of the series overall.



The Vampire Diaries - Because Trailer

TO TELL HER OR NOT TO TELL HER – Wrestling with whether or not to tell Elena about the cure, Damon brings up their future together and what life would be like if they weren't vampires. Meanwhile, it's all hands on deck when attempts to stop a humanity-free Caroline doesn't go as planned. Elsewhere, when Bonnie discovers that Damon has betrayed her trust, she takes matters into her own hands, setting off a chain of events that leaves Damon dealing with the fallout. Lastly, after being forced to face his traumatic past, Enzo sets out for answers and is surprised when he learns the truth about the day he was turned into a vampire. Stefan, Matt and Alaric also appear.


Stefan takes Caroline to a B & B for a break, telling her his mom was full of lies. It's part of his plan to convince Caroline his humanity is still off, then torture her until she breaks. He calls for towels, planning to eat whoever brings them. Going over the plan with Damon and Elena beforehand, Damon is delighted to tell Elena that Stefan and Caroline slept together. They plan to drain Caroline and make her weak, then overwhelm her emotions. Elena has a letter from Caroline's mom that arrived after Caroline flipped her switch.

Damon arrives with the towels and shoots Caroline with vervain darts, then Stefan to stage the scene. When they wake up, Stefan tells Caroline they got caught. Their room has been vampire-proofed. Damon drops by Bonnie and breaks the news about leading his mom on about returning to the prison world. Bonnie isn't happy to learn Lily might be her problem soon. She also can't believe Damon hasn't told Elena about the cure yet.

Elena drops by Stefan and Caroline locked in their room. She gives Caroline the letter from her mom, but Caroline insists Stefan burn it. He goes along to preserve the illusion that his humanity is still off. Elena is horrified.

When Lily shows up at the Mystic Grill, Matt calls Bonnie. Enzo drops in to talk to Lily, his maker. She's happy to see him but he isn't feeling warm fuzzies. Nevertheless, he agrees to join her for a drink.

Back with Damon, Elena is reeling from the fact Caroline burned the letter from her mom. Damon asks Elena where she'd be in five years if she was human. In a loft in Tribeca, with Damon owning a bar and Elena working in the surgical residency program. She wants two kids. From upstairs, Caroline gets annoyed eavesdropping and decides to distract herself by kissing Stefan. Damon interrupts with crime scene reports of all Caroline's kills, asking Caroline what her mom would think of it. Caroline turns on them and asks Damon what it feels like to not be able to give Elena the life she wants.

Back at the Grill, Lily tells Enzo that the night she turned him, she and her friends were captured by the Gemini coven. She realizes he thought she abandoned him and assures him her ripper days are behind her. She tells him about her six friends still in the prison world and that Bonnie has offered to help get them out. Enzo and Lily head back to the Salvatore house, as Enzo is smugly telling Lily that she shouldn't believe what Damon said about getting her friends back. Bonnie finds the ascendant and takes it before they return. Enzo tries to explain to Lily that her real family is Damon and Stefan, but she thinks the six friends in the prison world are the family who keep her from returning to her ripper days.

With Damon, he prods Elena into admitting she will never be 100 percent OK with being a vampire, but she's OK with that if it means spending eternity with Damon. They're interrupted when Lily calls to demand Damon return the ascendant. She found the cure and threatens to destroy it if he doesn't.

Back in their room, Caroline figures out that Stefan turned his humanity back on when he won't return her advances. She snaps his neck and kicks the door down.

Damon finds Bonnie in the dorm at Whitmore about to destroy the ascendant. He tells her his mom has the cure, but Bonnie doesn't want to risk her life by letting the heretics out. Bonnie says if he wanted to give Elena the cure, he would have by now. She dares him to take the ascendant, knowing it could mean a life without Elena. He walks away.

Out on the road, Caroline gets pulled over—by her mother. Liz lectures her about killing but Caroline realizes it's not real. She wakes up back in the room with Stefan putting visions in her head and calmly urging her to let the emotions in. Caroline appears to listen to him, but then uses a window shutter to stab him. He grabs her and begs her to stop. She sees a memory of him going to Liz for a sewing kit to repair Caroline's teddy bear after they dug it up in the woods. Liz bluntly tells him she hopes he and Caroline end up together, but he says he doesn't want to start something when Caroline is grieving. He assures Liz he can be patient. Liz is finishing writing her letter for Caroline. Back in the room, Caroline is affected by the memory and wants to see more. She asks to see the letter, but Stefan points out it's the one she burned. Caroline starts crying and everything she's done comes back to her. She breaks down.

Damon goes to see his mother. She tosses the cure box in the fire when he says he didn't bring the ascendant, saying she's doing him a favor.

Meanwhile, Elena finds a rose petal and candle spread on the table—and a ring box. But it doesn't have a ring inside, it has the cure. Lily tells Damon the last thing she wants is for him to get to spend eternity with Elena. She tells Elena that Damon was never going to give her the cure.

Back at the bed and breakfast, Jo tends to Caroline. Stefan thinks Caroline doesn't want to see him, but Jo urges him to check on her. Caroline is beating herself up for everything she's done and isn't ready to talk.

Enzo arrives to meet Lily in the middle of the night, now feeling appreciative that Lily saved him in 1903. She tells Enzo about accidentally walking in front of a car and not being able to resist tearing the driver's head off. His car is a bloody mess. "What have I done?" Lily sobs.

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena realizes what Damon was getting at asking about her thoughts for five years from now. He confesses to Elena that he didn't stop his mother when she threatened to destroy the cure because he's a "selfish idiot" who doesn't want to lose her. Elena suggests they give it to someone else, but Damon tells Elena she's going to take it—and so will he.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • Antagonists: Caroline Forbes and Lily Salvatore.
  • Bonnie steals the Ascendant from the Salvatore House after Damon tells her of Lily having it.
  • Bonnie tells Damon that she's finally going to put herself first as she plans to destroy the Ascendant.
  • Bonnie realizes Damon is the most scared in his life if he tells Elena about the cure as he might lose her if she becomes human again.
    • As a result, Damon doesn't take the Ascendant from her to keep Lily from destroying the cure.
  • Stefan gets inside Caroline's head and makes her hallucinate her mother arresting her for the murders she committed before showing her a genuine memory of him and Liz.
  • Stefan shows Caroline when her mother told him that she hoped that he'd one day become more than a friend to Caroline.
  • Elena finds The Cure. After Lily left it for her find in her bedroom with Damon in the Salvatore house so as to cause problems between her and Damon as he hadn't told her about it.
  • Elena tells Damon they should give the Cure to any vampire who wants rather than taking it herself as she doesn't want to lose what they if she becomes human again as they both agree that they wouldn't work if she was human and he was still a vampire.
    • The same could've been said of her relationship with Stefan.
  • Caroline turns her humanity switch back on after seeing Stefan's memory of her mother and being unable to read the letter she had written for her, having burnt it with her humanity still off.
  • Lily kills a human for the first time since being sent to the 1903 Prison World.
  • Enzo and Lily have a heart-to-heart in this episode on why she left him right after turning him.



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 1.37 million viewers in the USA.
  • Hashtag during the airing is #CrazyCaroline
  • Damon called Lily "Mommie Dearest", which was a title of a seventh season episode.

Cultural References

  • "Because" is a song published in 1902 by Edward Teschemacher (lyrics) and Guy d'Hardelot (music). It became an extremely popular vocal to be sung at weddings.[1]
  • "Because" is a different song published in 1898 by Charles Horwitz (lyrics) and Frederick V. Bowers (music).[2]
  • "Because" is also a song by The Beatles from their 1969 album Abbey Road.


Elena (to Stefan and Damon): "Do I need to remind you two that the last time we tried to flip her switch, Caroline went on a killing spree?"
Stefan: "She's not gonna find out this time."
Stefan (to Elena and Damon): "First step, convince her that my humanity is still off."
Caroline (to Stefan): "Such a gentleman."
Stefan: "Torture her until she breaks."
Caroline (to Liz): "You're not real. You can't be real."
Elena: "Who says she's even gonna want to see you again?"
Elena (to Stefan): "Did you and Caroline...."
Damon: "Do it? Yep!"

Elena (to Damon): "Well at least Alaric and Jo can cross this off their list of honeymoon options."
Damon: "They had a list?"
Elena: "Mm hmm. Jo's pregnant. They didn't want to fly anywhere."
Damon: "Do you have a list?"
Elena: "Of where'd I'd go on my fictional honeymoon before I give birth to my fictional baby? No. But not here."
Damon: "I thought you like this place?"
Elena: "Really? What part of extreme floral patterns screams Elena Gilbert to you?"
Damon: "Well, excuse me missy, I've guess we never played the "Let's pretend we're human fantasy game" together. Alright. Let's play. You're human, five years from now. Where are you?"
Elena: "Easy! With you."
Damon: "Boring! I need a zip-code."
Elena: "Okay... umm... get a loft in Tribeca, above the bar you work at."
Damon: "You made me Matt Donovan in your fantasy?"
Elena: "Okay... you... you own the bar and we are now working there, you're... you're in our couch, pouring me wine and massaging my feet after a long day at the OR. I'm in the surgical residency program."
Damon: "Of course you are. Kids?"
Elena: "Yeah. Of course, eventually. But we should um... probably have two. You know so that they can keep each other company when we're... you know... distracted by another thing."
Damon: "You got it all figured out, don't you?"

Jo (to Alaric): "Oh! Did I tell you? I got us into that cute bakery right off campus."
Alaric: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Jo: "To taste wedding cake. For our wedding."
Alaric: "Oh...."
Jo: "I don't need to remind you. Right around the corner."
Alaric: "Is there where I pretend to care about how our wedding cake tastes?"
Jo: "I just pulled an roomie all-nighter at a B&B where we're supposed to be scouting for the wedding. You can care about cake. Did I mention that the cute bakery is right next door to an even cuter tequila bar?"
Alaric: "Mmmm.... tequila.... a favorite drink again.... How many is that?"
Elena: "Oh! Umm...." (clears throat).
Alaric: "Elena! Hey."
Jo: "We were just keeping a real close eye on your friends."
Alaric: "Yeah. Real close."
Elena: "Yeah. I can see that."
Alaric: "Yeah...."
Elena: "Good news! Your shifts over, I'm here to relieve you."
Jo: "In that case, I'm just gonna head to the honeymoon suite."

Caroline (to Stefan): "Stefan?"
Stefan: "Yeah?"
Caroline: "What happened?"
Stefan: "We got caught."
Caroline: "Ugh..."
Caroline: "They've vampire-proofed a B&B."
Damon (to Stefan): "So what do we do once you've earn her trust?"
Stefan (to Damon and Elena): "We drain her of her blood, make her weak and bombard her with everything she used to care about: Memories of who she was, her friendships, her mom."
Caroline (to Damon): "How does it feel to know that you can't give someone the life she really wants?"
Elena: "Shut up, Caroline!"
Caroline: "I'm just stating the facts, Elena."
Damon: "You're a real bitch when you're hungry."



Last.fm_play.png "Holding On To Hell" – Gin Wigmore
Last.fm_play.png "Cocoon" – Catfish and the Bottlemen
Last.fm_play.png "Ready" – Kodaline
Last.fm_play.png "Madman" – Peter Cornell
Last.fm_play.png "This World" – Lena Fayre
Last.fm_play.png "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" – Cary Brothers




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