Mystic Falls High School

[It's morning. Alaric is sitting alone at his desk in his classroom, his feet propped up on the desk. He twirls the white oak stake in his hands and takes his feet off the desk. He leans forward and looks at the stake. He turns to look out the door. He hears Caroline entering the school.]

[Caroline is on the phone with Tyler, she walks through the halls of the school.]

Caroline: What do you mean you're ditching my clean up committee?
Tyler: [At Klaus' Family Mansion] Klaus called. He's leaving town and wants me to pack up his house.
Caroline: Well, since when does sire bond equal mover slave?
Tyler: Since he realized you're not gonna dump me for him.
Caroline: Ugh, he's being petty.
Tyler: And he still thinks I'm sired to him. It's fine, I'll keep up the act and it will all be over soon. I'm late, I gotta go. I love you.
Caroline: I love you too.

[Caroline hangs up. She hears a noise and turns around. Behind her, Alaric rushes past. Caroline turns back around.]

Caroline: Hello?

[Caroline walks into the cafeteria. Rebekah is alone, cleaning up the mess from the dance.]

Caroline: Where's Matt?
Rebekah: He bailed. Got called into work at the last minute.
Caroline: Are you kidding me? So, it's just us?
Rebekah: Yes, and you're late. Clean up committee started at eight o'clock.
Caroline: It's like 8:02.
Rebekah: Exactly. I managed to turn up on time and I didn't even get to attend the dance that I organized.

[Rebekah walks past Caroline and empties out the trash.]

Caroline: I'm sorry about your mom. I mean I know you like, hated her and everything, but still...I'm sorry.
Rebekah: I'm sorry about your teacher. He seemed like a nice guy.
Caroline: Yeah. He was.
Rebekah: I'm gonna get started on the gym.

[Rebekah walks out into the hallway. Alaric comes around the corner and Rebekah stops dead in her tracks.]

Rebekah: You're supposed to be dead.
Alaric: I am!

[Rebekah rushes at Alaric, but Alaric throws her against the locker. He's about to stab her with the white oak stake when Caroline rushes out of the cafeteria and pins Alaric to the locker. Rebekah takes the stake and stabs Alaric with it. Caroline and Rebekah look at each other as Alaric takes the stake out. When he finally gets it out, he realizes that they are both gone. Outside, Caroline rushes to her car and pulls out her keys and fumbles with them. She sees Alaric's reflection in her car window and drops her keys. Alaric snaps Caroline's neck and she falls to the ground. Alaric drags the unconscious Caroline back towards the school as his flesh starts to smoke and burn off. Rebekah watches him enter the school.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena drapes a white cover over an armchair. Jeremy and her pour paint into a paint trough and begin to paint the room. Stefan walks in.]

Stefan: Going darker, huh?

[Elena looks around.]

Elena: It's the only color we had.
Jeremy: That's what happens when you decide to paint your dead guardian's room in the middle of the night.
Stefan: I don't suppose anyone tried to talk you guys out of doing this so soon.
Elena: We have to keep moving. Otherwise we'll start thinking and we don't want to think.
Stefan: Want a hand?
Jeremy: So, are you two like back together or something?
Elena: What? No, Jer, we're just...
Stefan: I – I was just checking up on you guys. Seeing how you were doing, after everything.
Jeremy: We're fine. But, if you are trying to be the good guy again, why don't you do the right thing and give us one day. Just one day without any vampires in it.

[Jeremy leaves the room. Elena drops her paint roller in a trough and walks towards Stefan.]

Elena: He didn't mean that.
Stefan: Yeah, yeah he did.

[The doorbell rings.]

Stefan: I'll get that.

[Stefan goes downstairs and answers the door. Damon is holding Bonnie by the arm. She has a bite mark on her neck which is still dripping blood.]

Damon: We have a problem.

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Klaus is packing up things around the house while Rebekah talks to him.]

Rebekah: Alaric Saltzman just tried to kill me.
Klaus: Alaric Saltzman is supposed to be dead.
Rebekah: Well, he's not and he's a vampire thanks to mother's spell with a white oak stake that can't kill him. He's strong, Nic. Too strong.
Klaus: Where is he now?
Rebekah: He's stuck at the school without a daylight ring, but as soon as night falls he'll come after us. We need to leave now.
Klaus: Fine. I'll collect Elena, we'll be on our way.
Rebekah: Forget Elena! You don't need any more stupid hybrids!
Klaus: What I need is protection from Esther's continued assaults against us.
Rebekah: We'll protect each other, like we always have. Always and forever, Nic.
Klaus: I'm not leaving without her.
Rebekah: I'm leaving now. You can either walk out that door with me or you are on your own.

[Klaus looks at her but says nothing.]

Rebekah: Fine. Trust your hybrids over your family. Let your spite be the death of you, see if I care.

[Rebekah walks out of the room, walking into Tyler on the way out.]

Rebekah: Move it, sire boy!
Tyler: What's her deal?

[Klaus stares at him and Tyler continues on into the room.]

Gilbert Residence

[Bonnie, Damon, and Stefan are in the kitchen together. Stefan brings Bonnie a towel for her neck wound.]

Stefan: What do you mean he turned? I thought you were standing guard!
Damon: Don't blame me. Blame Bonnie the blood bank. She fed him.
Bonnie: I had no idea what was happening. Okay, the witches led me there. They wanted him to feed so he turned.
Stefan: So, where's the stake now?
Damon: Oh, you mean the white oak one? The one that can kill an Original and wipe out an entire line of vampires? We don't know.

[Damon glares at Bonnie as he speaks the last few words.]

Bonnie: If you are so upset with me, why did you feed me your blood to save my life?
Damon: Because I do stupid things, Bonnie. I do things, like let my friend die with dignity when I should have just killed him.
Stefan: Alright, so how do we kill him now?
Bonnie: I've been trying to figure that out. A witch can't truly make an immortal creature, there is always a way to undo a spell.
Damon: So, what's the witchy work around?
Bonnie: That's the problem. I don't know.

[Elena is upstairs in Alaric's old room. Her phone rings. She picks it up and sees that it is Alaric calling her. She answers it.]

Elena: Whoever this is, it's not funny.
Alaric: Well, who else would it be?
Elena: Ric?
Alaric: Listen closely, I'm at the school, I have Caroline, and if you want to keep her alive, I need you to get in your car and come down here right away. If you tell anyone where you are going, I will kill her.

[Alaric hangs up. Caroline is staked down into a desk with pencils in her hands and a cloth dipped with vervain in her mouth. The doorbell rings at the Gilbert house. Jeremy answers the door. Klaus is outside.]

Jeremy: What the hell do you want?
Klaus: Now is that any way to treat a guest?

[Stefan comes up behind Jeremy.]

Stefan: What are you doing here, Klaus?
Klaus: Well, for starters, young Jeremy here could show some manners and invite me inside.

[Damon walks over to the door. Stefan moves in front of Jeremy.]

Stefan: Why don't you go up to your room?

[Damon looks at Jeremy.]

Damon: Now.

[Jeremy sighs and walks up the stairs.]

Klaus: Hm, poor lad. Loses one questionable father figure only to be replaced by the likes of the two of you.
Damon: Yeah, about that. Something happened.
Klaus: Oh, I know all about my mother's invulnerable little creation and that's why I'm here. I'm leaving town, just need to pick up a few road trip necessities. Spare tire, flashlight, doppelgänger.
Damon: Can't help you there.

[Damon claps Stefan on the shoulder, pulls him back, and shuts the door on Klaus. Damon moves into the living room and Stefan goes towards the stairs.]

Stefan: Elena!

[Outside, Klaus paces the front porch. He stops and picks up the newspaper by the front door. Inside, Stefan walks up the stairs and into Alaric's old room. Jeremy is here continuing to paint, but Elena is nowhere in sight.]

Stefan: Where is she?
Jeremy: I don't know, she was just here a few minutes ago.

[Stefan walks out of the room and down the stairs where he meets up with Damon.]

Damon: Where is she?
Stefan: She's not here.
Damon: What do you mean she's not here? Where did she go?

[Bonnie walks into the living room.]

Bonnie: What's going on?

[Damon looks out the blinds and sees Klaus pacing with the newspaper still in his hands.]

Damon: Klaus wants in, we have to keep him out.

[Damon sees Klaus pull back his arm and throw the newspaper at the window with vampire strength.]

Damon: Ah, duck!

[The newspaper smashes through the window and flies into the living room. Damon ducks down. Stefan grabs Bonnie and they both duck.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Alaric is sitting at his desk with Caroline still staked down to the chair. He hears Elena enter the school.]

Alaric: Right on time.

[Elena walks down the hallway, looking around. She hears Caroline crying and runs towards the noise. She enters Alaric's classroom and sees Caroline.]

Elena: Caroline. [She turns to Alaric.] Let her go, Alaric!
Alaric: [Points towards Caroline] Free her yourself.

[Elena and Alaric stare at each other. Then, Elena cautiously walks over to Caroline. She gets down and strokes Caroline's arm soothingly. She starts to gently pull the pencil out of one of Caroline's hands, but Alaric comes up and slams the pencil back down into her hand. Caroline screams and Elena gets up.]

Elena: You said that you would let her go!
Alaric: How many times do I have to tell you, Elena? Stop trusting vampires!

Gilbert Residence

[Klaus is still outside, waiting.]

Klaus: I think you're probably gonna want to let me in!

[Klaus walks over to a neighbor's house with a white picket fence. He places his hands on the fence and looks around. He sees a soccer ball and smiles. Back in the house, Bonnie, Jeremy, Stefan, and Damon are standing in the kitchen.]

Stefan: Elena's car is gone.
Bonnie: Why wouldn't she tell anyone where she was going?

[Suddenly, the front door bursts open and the soccer ball flies in. Klaus walks up the porch with two fence pickets in his hands. He hurls one of the pickets into the house and it narrowly misses Damon's head and gets stuck in the wall behind him. Stefan grabs Jeremy and Bonnie and pulls them down.]

Stefan: Get down!
Damon: Missed me!

[Damon pulls the picket out of the wall and throws it back at Klaus. The picket just grazes over his shoulder. Klaus breaks the other picket in two and throws half of it at Damon again, but instead he hits a picture and it breaks.]

Damon: Missed me again!

[Klaus aims the last picket into the house. Stefan's phone rings and he answers it.]

Stefan: Alaric.

[Klaus comes back up to the house with a propane tank and a newspaper "torch". Stefan comes up to the front door.]

Stefan: Put it out.
Klaus: Come outside and make me.

[Stefan steps outside.]

Stefan: Elena's not here. Alaric has her and Caroline and he's gonna kill them both unless you turn yourself over to him.

[Klaus throws down the newspaper and drops the propane tank.]

Klaus: Now, I know you're not asking me to walk into a certain death.
Stefan: I really wish we could. But unfortunately, if Alaric kills you there's a one in four chance that we die too.

[Damon walks out with a picket over his shoulder.]

Damon: I'll take those odds.

[Stefan looks at Damon.]

Stefan: And a hundred percent chance that Tyler dies.
Damon: I'm good with that too.
Stefan: Why don't we just figure out a way to put Alaric down?

[Klaus and Stefan are pacing outside and Damon is leaning against the picket. Klaus stops and turns around.]

Klaus: Okay, how about Damon sneaks in and distracts Alaric, while Stefan grabs Elena and carries her to safety?
Damon: Huh, that's a great idea. What's to stop me from getting killed instantly?
Klaus: Nothing.
Damon: Caroline's in there. Don't you have a thing for her? Or did she just reject you too many times?
Stefan: This isn't really helping too much.

[Bonnie walks out of the house.]

Bonnie: I might have an idea. My mom used a desiccation spell on Mikael that immobilized him for over 15 years. If I can get it, I might be able to use it on Alaric.
Klaus: If and might? Your words inspire such confidence.
Bonnie: I'll get it. But even with the spell, we'll need a lot of vampire muscle to take him down. Including yours.

[Klaus turns around.]

Klaus: Just so we're clear, the sun sets in about eight hours. If we don't succeed before then, Elena will be dead, I'll be gone, and the rest of you will be left to fend for yourselves.

Mystic Falls High School

[Alaric dips the cloth that was in Caroline's mouth into a beaker of vervain. The skin around Caroline's mouth is very red and appears to have peeled away. Alaric walks back to her.]

Caroline: [Groaning.] No, no more, please, no more!

[Elena gets up.]

Elena: Alaric stop!

[Alaric pushes Elena back into a seat.]

Alaric: Sit down! This keeps the vervain in her system. It's like inhaling razorblades with every breath.

[Alaric puts the cloth back in Caroline's mouth. Her skin begins to smoke and burn. She cries and screams in pain. Elena touches her arm.]

Elena: Why are you doing this?
Alaric: To make it easier on you when you put her out of her misery.

[Alaric picks up the white oak stake and walks towards Elena.]

Elena: What?! No!
Alaric: Isn't this what you wanted, Elena? For me to teach you how to kill a vampire? [Alaric holds out the white oak stake towards her.] Well, here's a vampire, Elena. Kill her.
Elena: This isn't what I want.
Alaric: Of course it is. All those hours you spent training, getting stronger, you could be a hunter, Elena. But you've never actually staked a vampire through the heart.

[He persistently holds out the stake. Elena stares at it.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon and Bonnie are waiting in the parlor for Abby. Bonnie is pacing while Damon is sitting on the couch. He glances at the clock. It's almost midday.]

Damon: Well, this is promising.
Bonnie: Relax, Abby will be here.
Damon: I'm sorry, I forgot about her stellar track record in the dependability department.
Bonnie: Jamie said she was coming, okay. Just give her time.

[The bell rings. Bonnie goes to answer the door.]

Damon: Don't get your hopes up! Might be a Girl Scout.

[Bonnie opens the door. Abby is outside.]

Abby: Hello Bonnie.
Bonnie: Thanks for coming.
Abby: Jamie's worried about you. He said it was urgent. I just didn't think you'd ever want to see me again.
Bonnie: Like Jamie said, it's urgent.

[Bonnie walks back into the house, Abby follows her.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan and Klaus pull up to the school's parking lot in Klaus' car. They get out and Stefan receives a text.]

Stefan: Abby just showed up.
Klaus: Good. Perhaps this plan won't be an epic failure after all. You know, if this does go off and we drop the history teacher in the Atlantic, I'm still leaving with Elena.
Stefan: I'll go with you.
Klaus: Really? What's the catch?
Stefan: There's no catch. I'd turn my back on everything here to make sure Elena's safe.
Klaus: And that is what makes you her better option. It's a shame it's not easier for Elena to see that, I mean, personally, I think she's wasting her time with Damon.
Stefan: You know, all this time and energy you've spent trying to get me and my brother to hate each other. It's actually had the opposite effect.
Klaus: [laughs] Has it? Has it really? Well then, perhaps I should let Elena decide which Salvatore joins us, being as you and Damon are so close.
Stefan: Ah, go for it. Damon and I have been through a hell of a lot worse than you.

[Stefan walks away.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Abby and Bonnie are in the parlor together.]

Abby: Why didn't I have to be invited in?
Bonnie: Only vampires live here.

[Damon enters the parlor with a glass of blood in his hand.]

Damon: We had signed over the deed to Elena, but she died. The seal broke, very long story. [Damon holds out the glass of blood towards Abby.] Blood? [Abby just stares at the glass.] Ah, come on. Think of it as a peace offering. [Abby continues to stare and say nothing.] Fine. More for me.

[Damon looks at Bonnie and gestures that she proceeds while he sits down next to her.]

Bonnie: We called you here because I need help with a spell. [Bonnie gets up and walks towards Abby.] Esther created a vampire that can't be killed. I want to desiccate him like you did to Mikael.
Abby: Bonnie, it's too dangerous. Your magic comes from the Earth. It's pure. This spell asks you to tap into dark places. Places of temptation, places you can't handle.
Bonnie: You turned your back on me for sixteen years, you have no idea what I can handle.
Damon: Gotta say I'm team Bonnie on this one. How hard can it be to parch a vampire?
Abby: The spell allows you to stop a vampire's heart. The blood will stop flowing and his body will desiccate.
Bonnie: That's exactly what we want to do.
Abby: To stop a vampire's heart, you need to find a balance among the living. Can you handle that?

[Bonnie stares at her.]

Damon: What? What does that mean? Bonnie, I don't speak witch.
Bonnie: I have to stop a human heart.

Mystic Falls High School

[Jeremy is sitting on a table outside looking at his ring. Bonnie and Damon walk over to him. Bonnie shows Damon something on her phone.]

Bonnie: I just got this. It connects me to Caroline and Elena through our phones. [Bonnie turns on the app and it locates Caroline and Elena.] They're in Alaric's classroom. You should go in from the south entrance.
Damon: Digital locator spell. Why the hell do we need you then?

[Damon and Bonnie walk over to Jeremy. Damon holds out his hand.]

Damon: Hand it over.
Jeremy: I'm not giving you my ring. Let me do this.
Damon: By my math, you've already bit it once, this will be twice, wearing that thing and if for some reason, Bonnie can't restart your heart and you do indeed die, then before you know it, we have another psycho alter ego case on our hands, which is bad so give me the ring.
Jeremy: This is my ring, Elena's my sister. No one's gonna fight harder for her than me.
Damon: Fine. Be stubborn. [Looks at Bonnie.] Try not to kill him, will you?

[Klaus and Stefan walk up to them.]

Klaus: Look at this, one big, happy family.

[Bonnie pulls out a small vial with her blood.]

Bonnie: Drink this. It's my blood. It bridges us all together so that when I stop Jeremy's heart, you'll have the power to stop Alaric's. You need to make a physical connection to his bloodstream; a vein, artery, something connected to his heart.

[Damon drinks some blood out of the vial and hands it to Stefan.]

Stefan: If one of us gets a clean shot, take it, the other two: hold him down.

[Stefan takes a swig of the blood and passes it to Klaus.]

Klaus: Before we all walk through these doors, let's get on the same page, shall we? I was the one who created your vampire bloodline, therefore I am responsible for your lives and Tyler's life, Caroline's life, and of course, Abby's life, should anything go wrong.
Damon: Or you're just lying to save your ass.
Klaus: I'm not lying. But go ahead, call my bluff, let the teacher kill me. You'll all be dead soon thereafter.

[Klaus drinks the remainder of the blood.]

Stefan: Let's just get this over with, shall we?

[Stefan, Damon, and Klaus all walk to the school, leaving Jeremy and Bonnie behind. In the classroom, Caroline is still staked down to a desk, Elena is in the desk next to her. Alaric paces in front of them.]

Elena: Why are you doing this?
Alaric: Because you need me. Because you're an eighteen-year-old girl without parents or guidance or any sense of right and wrong anymore.
Elena: Look at you. How is this right?!
Alaric: [Points to Caroline with the stake.] She's a murderer. She told me she killed someone and liked it. Now how is that right? Listen, Elena, your parents led the council. It was their life's mission to keep this town safe. They weren't dead six months before you undid it all.
Elena: You don't know anything about them.
Alaric: Why, am I wrong? Do you actually think that they'd be proud of you? [Alaric kneels down in front of Elena.] If you don't side with the humans, you're just as bad as them. Now kill her. [Alaric hands her the stake.] Or I'll do it for you and I'll make it hurt. Get up!

[Alaric grabs Elena's arm and pulls her out of her seat. He places her in front of Caroline and forces the stake into her hand. He pulls away. Elena stands there with the stake in her hand for a moment, then turns around and tries to stab Alaric. He grabs her wrist before she can.]

Alaric: I thought I taught you better than that.
Elena: You did.

[Elena breaks the beaker filled with vervain over Alaric's head. He screams in pain and his flesh starts to burn. Elena releases Caroline and urges her to leave.]

Elena: Get help!

[Caroline rushes out of the room, Elena right behind her. Caroline manages to get out, but Alaric blocks Elena from leaving.]

Alaric: Not so fast.

[Caroline gets out into the hallway, turns around, and realizes Elena is not with her. She continues to walk backwards when suddenly Klaus grabs her from behind. He covers her mouth, so no one can hear her scream.]

Klaus: [Whispering.] Shhh. It's okay, it's okay. It's me.

[He takes his hand off of her mouth.]

Klaus: [Whispering.] It's okay, you're safe. We'll save Elena. You go straight home. You stay inside, do you understand?

[He turns Caroline around so that she is facing him.]

Klaus: Do you understand me?
Caroline: [Nods.] Thank you.

[They look at each other for a moment, then Klaus rushes away. Caroline stands in the hallway for a second and then rushes out. In the hallway, Alaric throws Elena into a locker and grabs her by the throat, holding her up against it.]

Alaric: I should kill you. I should gut you like Brian Walters, Bill Forbes, and all the other cowards I plan on ripping apart. You're the worst offender of them all, Elena. You don't deserve to live.
Elena: So then, why am I still alive? There's obviously no humanity left in you, so what's stopping you, Alaric? If you want me dead then kill me.

[Alaric's eyes start to become red and veiny.]

Elena: Do it! Kill me!

[Alaric's eyes become normal again and he releases Elena from his grasp. Suddenly, Stefan and Damon rush up to him and grab him by his arms.]

Damon: Do it now!

[Alaric pushes them off of him and breaks Stefan's back. Stefan falls to the ground, temporarily dead. Damon rushes towards Alaric, but Alaric snaps his neck, temporarily killing him as well. Klaus rushes towards Alaric and places his hand into Alaric's chest.]

[Bonnie and Jeremy are in the woods together. Jeremy's lying on the ground, while Bonnie is kneeling next to him. Bonnie feels that Klaus has made contact with Alaric's heart.]

Bonnie: They made contact. It's happening.

[Bonnie places her hands above Jeremy and begins to chant a spell.]

Bonnie [Chants]: Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos.

[Meanwhile inside the school, Alaric manages to pull Klaus' hand out of his chest and throws him to the ground. Bonnie feels the break in the connection and stops chanting.]

Jeremy: What's wrong?
Bonnie: Something happened. The connection broke.

[Alaric grabs Klaus and throws him against the lockers. He flips him over and is about to stake him with the white oak stake, but Klaus fights back. A struggle ensues where Alaric continues to try to push the stake towards his heart and Klaus tries to push it away. Suddenly, Elena yells at them.]

Elena: Stop!

[Alaric looks up at Elena. Elena has a knife to her throat.]

Elena: Let him go or I'll kill myself.
Alaric: Put it down, Elena.
Elena: Why? Because you still need me alive? There's a reason why Esther used me to make you, isn't there? She didn't want you to be immortal, so she tied your life to a human one. Mine. That way you have only one life span to kill all vampires and then you'll be gone. So, when I die, you die too. That's it, it has to be!
Alaric: You're wrong.
Elena: Am I?

[Elena begins to cut her throat open.]

Alaric: Stop! STOP! STOP! STOP!

[In his moment of panic, Klaus seizes the chance and throws Alaric off of him. He rushes towards Elena, grabs her and leaves. Alaric gets up and realizes that they're both gone.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Elena wakes up. She feels a prick in her arm and gasps. She looks down to see a nurse inserting a needle into her arm.]

Nurse: Be careful. Moving only makes it hurt more.

[Elena's blood starts to run through a tube out of her body.]

Elena: What are you doing?
Klaus: Draining you of all your blood.

[Elena realizes she's tied down in a chair. The blood bag begins to fill up. Tyler walks into the room with a box of Klaus' stuff and stops dead in his tracks when he sees Elena.]

Tyler: Elena?

[Tyler puts the box down and walks towards Elena.]

Elena: Tyler, help me!

[Tyler stops halfway.]

Klaus: He can't. He needs to go fetch me more empty blood bags. About three liters' worth, please Tyler.
Elena: Tyler, please. Get Stefan, please.
Klaus: No, Tyler, get the bags.

[Tyler stands there for a moment, than rushes towards Elena. Klaus intercepts him.]

Klaus: Forget the girl and get the bags. Now.

[Tyler looks at Elena, than walks out of the room. Klaus walks behind Elena and grasps the back of the chair.]

Elena: So, that's it? You're just gonna bleed me dry.
Klaus: Yes, but don't worry, it'll be completely painless. As the last drop is drawn, you'll simply fall asleep.

Mystic Falls High School

[Damon's lying on the hallway floor, his phone next to him. It starts to ring. Damon wakes and groggily grabs it. Bonnie is calling him.]

Damon: Why am I still alive?

[Alaric walks up to them.]

Alaric: Get up.

[Stefan awakens too and groans.]

Alaric: I said, get up. Klaus is gonna kill Elena.
Damon: What?
Stefan: What are you talking about?

[Stefan stands up.]

Stefan: Klaus needs Elena's blood to make hybrids. She's the last person that he'd kill.
Alaric: The witch bound my life to Elena's. If she dies, I die. Klaus figured that out and now he's taken her. Now, I'm trapped here until the sun goes down, so you two better get doing what you do best. Saving Elena's life.

[Alaric walks between them, knocking them both out of the way.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[The nurse switches out the filled blood bag for a fresh one. Elena is becoming weaker.]

Elena: What about your hybrids? You'll need more than this to create your army.

[Klaus takes one of the blood bags from the nurse.]

Klaus: These last few liters will have to suffice. You see, by attempting to kill us, my mother strengthened the bond between my siblings and I. I don't need hybrids. I have my family.
Elena: If you believe that, then why take my blood at all? You want a backup family. You know that your siblings will never trust you again.
Klaus: You know Stefan blames me for trying to tear him from his brother, but I think we both know who really came between them. You. That's why you won't choose. You know once you pick a Salvatore, you'll destroy their bond.

[Klaus moves closer towards Elena.]

Klaus: Consider this me doing you a favor. Once you're dead, you won't have to choose. No broken hearts. Their family stays intact. But just between us girls, who would you have picked?
Elena: Rot in hell.
Klaus: You're welcome. Sweet dreams, Elena. It's been fun.

[Klaus walks past Elena, grazing her neck with his fingers and leaves the room. Elena struggles to get out of the chair as she grows weaker and weaker from the loss of blood. Elena is starting to fade away. Tyler quietly comes into the room and undoes the ropes tying Elena to the chair.]

Elena: What are you doing?
Tyler: Shhh.

[Tyler continues to untie Elena from the chair. Elena sees Klaus standing in the doorway.]

Elena: Tyler.

[Tyler turns around and stands up.]

Klaus: So much for that sire bond.
Tyler: I'm not your little bitch anymore.

[Klaus smiles and walks towards him.]

Klaus: How did you break the sire bond?
Tyler: By breaking every bone in my body a hundred times for the girl I love.
Klaus: That's impossible.
Tyler: Is it? [Tyler walks up to Klaus.] Or maybe real love is stronger than fake loyalty. But what would you know about that?
Klaus: You know, you should be thanking me. I gave you a gift. I took away your misery.
Tyler: You didn't give a crap about me! You just didn't want to be alone!

[Tyler walks back towards Elena and helps her up.]

Tyler: Come on.

[Klaus rushes towards Elena and pushes her down. Her head hits a ledge and knocks her unconscious. Klaus then grabs Tyler by the throat and pushes him against a wall.]

Klaus: Goodbye, Tyler.

[Klaus attempts to grab Tyler's heart out of his chest, but Tyler twists his arm around. Stefan and Damon come into the room. Damon grabs Klaus' other arm and Stefan puts his hand into Klaus' chest, causing Bonnie to feel the connection once again.]

Bonnie [Chants]: ...Aleora Subsitos. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Olo Santire, Dis Et Brav. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Ocoros Mecante.

[As Bonnie chants the spell, Jeremy dies. Dark, black veins start to creep up Bonnie's arms and move towards her face.]

Klaus' Mansion

[Klaus' heartbeat begins slowing down and he begins to desiccate. Damon moves away from him and goes towards Elena, who is waking up. He grabs her gently.]

Damon: Hey, are you okay?

[Elena nods.]

Damon: Come on.

[Damon helps Elena up. Klaus continues to become more decrepit looking. The veins on Bonnie's face, which look similar to the desiccation ones appearing on Klaus, start to creep away. Bonnie breathes for a moment, clearly feeling the effect of the dark magic. She then places her hands above Jeremy and recites a spell to revive him.]

Bonnie [Chants]: En Dugas, Tuas, Animos!

[He doesn't awaken. Bonnie starts to panic and shakes him.]

Bonnie: Oh my God! Jeremy!

[Bonnies begins to pound on his chest haphazardly.]

Bonnie: Jeremy! Jeremy!

[Jeremy wakes up and props himself up on his elbows. Bonnie places her forehead against his.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Klaus has been completely neutralized. Stefan takes his hand out of his chest and Tyler lays Klaus down on the ground.]

Stefan: We should get her home before the sun sets.

[Damon takes Elena's hand and walks her out of the house. Tyler follows. Stefan stares at Klaus' body for a moment then walks out as well.]

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan, Elena, and Damon get out of the car and walk towards the house.]

Elena: Huh, you two are really gonna walk me all the way to the door, aren't you?
Stefan: You lost a lot of blood today.
Elena: Yeah, I know, but I told you I'm fine, I just – I have a little headache.
Damon: Yeah, but the sun's about to go down and Ric's gonna be able to terrorize the streets any minute.
Elena: Yeah, but he can't hurt me. It's you two that we should be worrying about.
Stefan: Nah, he won't be able to find us.

[Elena opens the front door and goes in.]

Stefan: I'll uh – I'll call you when we get back.

[Stefan and Damon start to leave.]

Elena: I know it's selfish.

[They stop and turn around.]

Elena: I – I know that it seems like I'm stringing you both along. But I don't – I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I mean, if I choose one of you then I lose the other and I've lost so many people. I just – I can't bear the thought of losing one of you.
Stefan: It's um – it's been a long day.
Damon: We'll call you from the road, after we dump Klaus' body in the Atlantic.
Elena: careful. Both of you.

[Stefan and Damon leave. Elena watches them go, walks back inside and closes the door. When she enters the kitchen, she hears laughter and sees Jeremy, Caroline, Matt, Tyler, and Bonnie.]

Elena: What are you guys doing here?
Caroline: Welcome to our victory party!
Elena: What victory? We failed. Alaric's still out there.
Bonnie: We know, but we've been trying to get rid of Klaus forever and Caroline convinced us to enjoy it for a night.
Matt: You know, to be honest, I'm a little pissed none of you let me help you take down Original brother number two.

[Matt puts his arm around Tyler.]

Tyler: Yeah, he would have taken you right down to the hospital, bro.
Matt: Please, I'm more stealth than that. I'm like a ninja.
Jeremy: Yeah, you wish.

[Caroline comes up to Elena and hands her a shot of tequila.]

Caroline: Here. You need this.

[Elena takes the shot and looks at Caroline quizzically.]

Caroline: I heard. And you know that sooner or later, you're gonna have to choose, right?
Elena: I know.

[Caroline rubs Elena's arm. Tyler walks over to them.]

Tyler: [to Elena] Hey, give me your hand.

[Tyler pours salt on Elena's hand.]

Elena: Thank you for standing up to Klaus like that.
Tyler: Let's just say it's been a long time coming.
Caroline: Way too long.

[Caroline wraps her arm around Tyler.]

Caroline: All right, let's drink!
Elena: I do not condone this, by the way.
Jeremy: You survived Klaus. All right, make an exception, you can go back to being responsible tomorrow.
Elena: Okay.

[She raises her shot glass to her mouth, but stops.]

Tyler: Hang on. Do you guys hear that?

[They all remain silent for a moment, listening for something.]

Tyler: That is the sound of a Klaus-free life.

[They all laugh.]

Elena: [raises her shot glass] To a Klaus free life.

[The others raise their glasses too.]

Elena: And to all of you. My family.

[They all clink their glasses together, say cheers, and drink.]

Lockwood Mansion

[It's nighttime. A half-full moon is in the sky. Carol opens the front door and lets Liz in.]

Sheriff Forbes: Carol, what's so urgent that you called an emergency council meeting at this hour?
Carol: I didn't call the meeting, Liz.

[They walk towards the living room together.]

Carol: He did.

[Alaric is in the room with all of the other council members.]

Alaric: Join us, Sheriff. I was just telling the council about our vampire problem. Or should I say your problem.
Sheriff Forbes: What do you think you're doing?
Alaric: Well, perhaps you and the Mayor can enlighten the group on the strides you've taken to eliminate the issue. Oh, that's right, you haven't. You see the Sheriff, a woman we elected to keep our families safe and town secure, has a vampire for a daughter.

[The council members gasp and look at her.]

Alaric: And our lovely Mayor, a son who is half-vampire, half-werewolf.
Carol: Why are you doing this?
Alaric: These women are hypocrites. They claim to spearhead our defense against the supernatural presence, than cover up the violent attacks committed by their children.
Sheriff Forbes: That's enough. We're done here. It's time to go.

[Liz starts to leave, but Alaric rushes to the doorway and blocks her way out. The Council members seem surprised by Alaric's speed.]

Alaric: Sit down, Liz. We're just getting started.


[Stefan and Damon are driving to drop off Klaus' body. Damon pats the casket.]

Damon: Yeah..
Stefan: What?
Damon: How many desiccated hybrids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Stefan: You're in a good mood.
Damon: Yeah I'm in a good mood. Klaus is dead, my brother's half way sane, again. Give or take an immortal hunter who wants to kill us, we won, Stefan. Come on say it. Say it.
Stefan: We won.
Damon: Once more with feeling.
Stefan: We. Won.
Damon: Thank you.
Stefan: Nah, you know what, thank you. Turns out we make a pretty good team, huh?
Damon: It only took a century and a half.
Stefan: What happens when uh- Elena makes a decision?
Damon: You know how these things pan out, Stefan. She'll probably make a list of pros and cons and then at the end of the day dump both of our asses.
Stefan: What if she doesn't?
Damon: Then she'll pick one of us.
Stefan: Well, if she chooses you, I'll leave town and let you two be happy and not be bothered by me.
Damon: And in sixty years, we'll go back to being brothers and none of this will have mattered. Right?
Stefan: Yeah.
Damon: Fine, if she chooses you, I'll leave town too. All this over one girl.
Stefan: She's a pretty special girl.
Damon: Yeah, she is.

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy is painting the window frame in Alaric's old room. Elena comes in.]

Jeremy: Hey. Everyone gone?
Elena: It's just us.
Jeremy: I hate this room.
Elena: Me too. Mom and Dad were right. Alaric should just kill all the vampires and put an end to all of this. But then that means that Caroline dies and Bonnie loses her mom, the Mayor loses her son, and I lose Stefan and Damon. So, if it makes me the bad guy for wanting to keep those people alive, then fine, I'll be the bad guy.
Jeremy: You forget that Alaric never wanted any of this. Once he carries out his plans, what if he decides he doesn't want to live anymore and he kills his human connection to end his life? That would mean I would lose you. I'm not gonna let that happen. [Elena smiles.] I'm gonna shower and get some sleep. Good night, Elena.
Elena: Good night.

[Jeremy touches her face and leaves the room. Elena stays in the room and grabs a paintbrush. She continues to paint the window frame and bends down to dip the paintbrush into the paint. Suddenly, Elena grabs her head in pain and falls to the ground, unconscious. Her nose starts bleeding profusely.]

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