[It is daytime now, and Lucien is leading Freya, whose wrists are still bound but who is no longer gagged, through the woods of Mystic Falls. Freya is clearly not impressed with this situation and simply glares at him while they walk, and Vincent follows from a couple paces behind them]

FREYA: After all that flirtation... this is your idea of a first date?

[Lucien laughs in amusement]

LUCIEN: Think of it as a date with destiny, love. Though, I admit, three is a crowd. Vincent is a necessary evil, I'm afraid-- here to keep you in check should you misbehave.
VINCENT: [angrily] Yeah, you're leaving out the part where I ain't exactly here of my own volition, man. The Ancestors must have lost their damn minds!
LUCIEN: [smiles] Quite the opposite! I've never dealt with a saner bunch. See, when I arrived in New Orleans, I made them a deal. Upon my request, they would grant me access to the Regent--

[Lucien gestures to Vincent for emphasis as Freya rolls her eyes]

LUCIEN: --And, in exchange, I'd provide for them a world without the Originals.

[Lucien sighs dramatically, and Vincent's eyes widen in alarm when he realizes the gravity of their current situation]

LUCIEN: Didn't take much convincing. They do despise your family.

[They walk a few more yards until Lucien finally stops just feet away from a familiar-looking basin sitting upon a rock-- right by where Esther both created the Originals and made Alaric an Enhanced Original]

LUCIEN: Ah... We're here.

[Vincent's tone is irritable as he looks around the clearing where they've stopped]

VINCENT: Yeah, but where the hell is "here," man?

[Lucien gasps in shock and disappointment]

LUCIEN: What...?

[Lucien sighs and gives them both offended looks]

LUCIEN: How disappointing! Two powerful witches who cannot sense when you're treading on hallowed ground?

[Vincent and Freya make eye contact and both sigh defeatedly when they realize what Lucien's talking about. Continuing his dramatic explanation, Lucien gestures around them with a satisfied smile]

LUCIEN: Welcome... to Mystic Falls. The place where it all began.


[The scene cuts to a flashback to the early 11th century, where Esther stands in front of the basin on the stone and a large bonfire, which burns between her and the large white oak that supplied the Originals' immortality. Lucien narrates in voiceover as Esther casts the spell on Tatia's doppelgänger blood in the basin]

LUCIEN: [voiceover] Where Esther Mikaelson created the vampire species.

[The scene cuts to Rebekah, who vamp-speeds toward a village girl and feeds on her, just before cutting to Klaus doing the same. The scene then cuts to archive footage of the white oak tree from Ordinary People, which Mikael, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and the rest of the village watch as it's set ablaze to ensure it cannot be used to kill them]

LUCIEN: [voiceover] Under the shade of the infamous white oak tree, she crafted the spell that turned each of her children...



[Lucien continues his explanation in the present day while Freya and Vincent listen with horrified expressions]

LUCIEN: ...And I mean to replicate that spell. I have everything I need to become what I deserve to be.

[Lucien walks toward Vincent and stares him in the eyes, and Vincent laughs in defeat as he considers the implications of this plan]

VINCENT: You want to become an Original.
LUCIEN: [scoffs] Do I look like the sort who'd settle for some shoddy Original model? I intend to be an upgrade.
FREYA: [appalled] You're insane to think I'd ever help you craft any spell.
LUCIEN: Oh, no, no, no. You misunderstand. Vincent will handle the spell.

[Vincent rolls his eyes in annoyance as Lucien grabs Freya by the arm and yanks her toward the basin]

LUCIEN: From you...

[Lucien looks at her with feigned sympathy and brushes a lock of hair away from her face]

LUCIEN: ...I need something a bit more intimate.

[Lucien vamps out and bites into Freya's wrist as hard as he can, causing Freya to shriek in pain]




[Davina and Kol have just walked into the club, but when they see it's completely empty, Kol throws out his arms in annoyance]

KOL: Seems your friend stood us up!
DAVINA: [warily] Vincent's not exactly my friend...

[Kol shrugs as he reaches behind the bar and pulls out a half-full bottle of expensive bourbon while Davina looks around, clearly uneasy about Vincent's absence]

KOL: Well, since we bothered to be the only ones who turned up, it would be a shame to leave empty-handed. Why not head back, get up to no good?

[Kol cups Davina's face with his free hand and kisses her neck, but Davina, still concerned about Vincent, pulls away with a chuckle]

DAVINA: Something's not right. Vincent said we were up against a "common threat." Now he's missing.

[Kol frowns in concern, visibly worried about Davina getting involved in this situation, while he listens to her continue]

DAVINA: St. James is the one place in New Orleans where magic doesn't work. Why would a Regent want to meet somewhere where he can't do magic?

[Kol seems to agree with her line of thinking as he sighs, opens the bottle of bourbon, and pours himself a drink while Davina continues to look around for clues. Just then, she sees a tarot card propped up on the tip jar on top of the piano. It's the same card from the same deck Vincent was using just before he got her shunned in Out of the Easy -- it is Card XIII from the Major Arcana of the Marseille tarot deck, specifically La Mort, or Death]


[Davina walks into the Lycée to find Vincent reading a tarot spread. He flips over La Mort and gives her a serious look]

VINCENT: Davina, I'm trying to warn you...



[Davina frowns in concern, realizing that his phone has been left behind in the tip jar. She takes both the card and the phone and turns to hold it up for Kol, who is still standing by the bar while he drinks his bourbon]

DAVINA: This is his.

[She walks over to the bar and turns on the phone, finding a video message from Vincent on it and playing it. It's a message from Vincent]

VINCENT: [on video] Davina, listen... I know we are not on the best of terms, but I need you to listen to me, okay? Um, we're in serious trouble. Now, I'm recording this here because it's-it's free from magic, and magic is our enemy. The Ancestors got me on the hook doing some pretty twisted magic, and I want no part of it, but they're forcing me to help Lucien Castle.

[Kol, hearing his sister's name, frowns in concern as he continues to listen to the video]

VINCENT: [on video] And, if you don't help me, Freya Mikaelson's gonna die.

[Davina looks horrified as she glances up at Kol, who gets up and walks over to watch the video over Davina's shoulder]


[Davina and Kol have come to the compound, where Elijah and Finn are now watching the video Vincent left for them in Elijah's study]

VINCENT: [on video] Before they forced me to take her, they had me put up a cloaking spell, so we can't be tracked. Now, Lucien's taking us out of town someplace, I don't know where... but there's a loophole.

[Elijah pauses the video, and Finn, looking annoyed, looks over at Kol and Davina]

FINN: Just how am I the loophole?
KOL: [impatiently] Last year, when Esther first brought us back, I got put in the body of a gormless twit, but you got housed in one of the most powerful witch bodies in the city-- Vincent's. And, even after all this time, there's still an echo of a body-soul connection between you two.

[They all play Vincent's video to get more information]

VINCENT: [on video] And Davina, that's where you come into play. I need a powerful witch that's off the Ancestors' radar.

[On the video, Vincent uses a knife to cut his palm and leave her some of his blood in a small vial for Davina to use in a spell]

VINCENT: [on video] I want you to find the thread between me and Finn.

[Elijah once again shuts off the video before turning to address Davina]

ELIJAH: Have you ever done anything like this?
DAVINA: I don't even know if it's possible.

[She holds up the vial of blood, and its clear by the look on her face that she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Freya or Vincent]

DAVINA: But, I do have Vincent's blood. If I can take Finn's blood and do the spell right, I should be able to track Vincent down.

[Finn looks upset as he paces around the room]

FINN: I should have sensed something was wrong when Freya didn't call. Now Lucien has a head start.

[He looks over at Davina before he shoos her away with his hand]

FINN: Go, witch. Tend to your spells. I won't rest until she's found.

[Kol scoffs in disbelief as he looks around the room at Finn and the others, visibly having difficulty keeping his temper in check as he mentioned to Elijah in the previous episode]

KOL: Behold, the selfless martyr! First, he wants to rip Davina's head off for trapping him in his body. Now he can't wait to be spelled.

[Finn walks over to Kol, staring him in the eyes in a challenging manner, just as Elijah sighs and stands to his feet, ignoring Kol's outburst]

ELIJAH: Finn... you and I shall go together. Kol, you stay here with Davina.
KOL: [shocked] You're going with him? So, the two people responsible for not destroying the white oak when they had the chance, thus putting us in this bloody mess, are now off to try and fix it. That's just marvelous. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

[Kol storms over toward Finn and Elijah, but Davina, concerned about Kol's current attitude, takes him by the hand, causing him to turn back to look at her]

DAVINA: Kol, look at me. I don't know this magic. I need your help.

[Elijah licks his lips anxiously as he watches Kol and Davina]

DAVINA: Come on.

[Davina leads Kol out of the room, and once they're gone, Elijah picks up a knife from the desk and hands it to Finn, who has returned to pacing around the room anxiously as he worries about Freya]

ELIJAH: Let us begin.
FINN: [aggravatedly] Do not give me orders, brother. And make no mistake-- I do not look to you as an ally, or even family. The only reason I tolerate your presence is the hope of finding Freya.

[Finn takes the knife from Elijah as the latter rolls his eyes, and Elijah then hands him a glass in which to deposit his blood for Davina's spell]


[Klaus and Hayley are at a diner in the Appalachians, where Klaus is quietly talking on the phone, presumably with Elijah]

KLAUS: If you find him, don't hesitate.

[He hangs up the phone just as Hayley approaches him]

HAYLEY: Hope's down for the count. She fell asleep as soon as Mary started the car. I doubt she'll miss either of us over the next few days.

[She looks down at a piece of paper ripped out of a small notebook, which has a list of addresses written on it]

HAYLEY: So... which of these Kingmaker offices should we hit up first? There's ten of them?

[Klaus stares at her worriedly, and after a moment, Hayley finally notices and looks up at him]

KLAUS: [anxiously] Lucien has revealed his true nature. He's taken Freya.

[Hayley's eyes widen in shock as she takes in this news]

KLAUS: And now, it seems her rescue depends on Elijah working with my ever-reliable brother Finn.
HAYLEY: Oh... And you want to go back to New Orleans to head up the hunt?

[Klaus hesitates for a moment, clearly torn between their two different missions, and though Hayley looks disappointed, she nods in agreement]

HAYLEY: Fine. You should go. I'm sticking with Kingmaker, though. Lucien's working very hard to cover up these wolf kidnappings, and I want to know why.

[Hayley reaches for the list and the keys and turns to leave, and Klaus, after seeing that Hayley was hoping they could stick together, grabs her by the wrist and stops her]

KLAUS: [sighs] No. The wolves, Freya's abduction... it can't all be coincidence. We'll let my brothers pursue the obvious path.

[Klaus smiles weakly at her, and Hayley looks surprised by this reaction]

KLAUS: You and I... will pursue this one. No doubt all roads...

[Klaus taps his finger on the third address on the list, 122283 Forest Road, though the city and state are covered up by his hand]

KLAUS: ...Lead to to the same treacherous bastard.


[Lucien is squeezing Freya's bitten wrists so that the blood from his bite wounds drip into the stone basin. Freya whimpers in pain, and its clear she's getting weaker by the moment, a fact that doesn't escape the anxious Vincent's notice]

VINCENT: Okay. Okay, man, that's enough!
LUCIEN: [shrugs] Huh. Right you are. That should just about do it.

[Freya is swaying on her feet as Lucien yanks her away from the basin, dropping her unceremoniously on the ground in front of where the white oak tree used to stand. Vincent rushes toward her to help her with her wounds]

VINCENT: Here, let me see it--

[Freya shows him her injured wrists, which are still bound together with zip-ties, but before he can help her, Lucien shouts at him]

LUCIEN: [cuts him off] Enough!

[Lucien gestures to the basin as Vincent stands to his feet and glares at him]

LUCIEN: There's a spell that needs doing, lest the Ancestors melt that precocious little brain of yours.

[Lucien pulls out a vial of reddish-orange fluid from his jacket pocket and pours it in the basin with Freya's blood as Vincent frowns in confusion]

VINCENT: What's that?
LUCIEN: [patronizingly] That's not exactly need to know.

[Once he's done mixing the basin, he reaches into his inner jacket pocket and pulls out a small moleskin notebook]

LUCIEN: This part's all you.

[Vincent takes the notebook and opens it, flipping through the pages to find a spell written in magical language throughout the pages. Lucien sighs dramatically in anticipation as he watches Vincent skim the notes, and after a moment, Vincent's eyes widen in shock as he taps the page]

VINCENT: This is it. This is the spell that created the Originals.
LUCIEN: [smugly] Took an entire coven ages to reverse-engineer it. And then, I had to get my hands on this.

[Lucien pulls out the sole remaining white oak bullet and puts it in the basin with the blood and reddish-orange fluid. Vincent, completely dumbfounded by Lucien's plan, laughs in exasperation and shakes his head]

VINCENT: No. No way, man. I'm not doing this for you. Wh--

[Vincent is cut off by the Ancestors, who immediately begin to cast a pain infliction spell on him that causes him to double over in agony]

VINCENT: Ah! Ahhh!
LUCIEN: [amused] Well, seems the Ancestors beg to differ...

[Vincent starts pounding his head with his hands as he shrieks in pain]


[Finally, the Ancestors stop, and Vincent gasps in relief as he tries to catch his breath. Freya looks horrified by this entire situation as Lucien smugly glances at both of them]

LUCIEN: Now, get to work like a good chap.

[Vincent sighs defeatedly and starts to look through the notebook for the incantation before plunging his hands into the bowl of blood and fluid before beginning the spell, though his chanting is so quiet that it is unintelligible]


[Davina is in the middle of performing her own spell with Finn and Vincent's blood to try to track Vincent down. This involves placing their mixed blood in a metal funnel attached to a string, which Davina holds above a map of the United States, allowing the blood to drip on the map. Kol is pacing around the room while he waits for answers]

DAVINA: They should keep heading northeast...
KOL: [confused] What? Northeast? They've been driving northeast for an hour, love. We need to get a tad more specific before they hit the Atlantic Ocean.
DAVINA: [frustrated] The soul-blood connection is not as strong as a locator spell. The most I can narrow it down to is Virginia. Northern Virginia.

[Kol's eyes widen in shock]

KOL: You're bloody joking! We were born in northern Virginia. There's a one-horse town there now called Mystic Falls. We were turned into vampires there. That's too much of a coincidence. Can you please be a little more precise?
DAVINA: [frantically]. No. I need to boost the signal somehow. Maybe some black cohosh...
KOL: [irritably] Black cohosh won't do it!

[Davina frowns in concern, and Kol, feeling guilty about his outburst, looks at her apologetically with a weak smile]

KOL: Sorry. Look, I have a better idea-- a Blood Rider. A Tibetan singing bowl I had cast into a dark object in the 1900s. It's like an echo chamber. With Finn's blood, we can amplify the connection he has with Vincent.

[Kol's smile immediately falls, and his mood shifts back into annoyance and frustration when he realizes where the bowl is]

KOL: But, like everything of mine, Klaus' ex has it now. I guess I'll just have to pry it out of her hands...

[Davina, who is now also frustrated and a little overwhelmed by Kol's behavior, cuts him off]

DAVINA: Hey! Cami is my friend. Now, if you can't play nice, you're gonna sit here, and I'll go get it.

[Kol sighs, visibly embarrassed by his behavior but not wanting to think about it too much, smiles weakly again at her and affectionately squeezes her shoulders]

KOL: Okay. I'll behave. Let's go.

[Davina gives Kol another worried look before she nods and turns to leave]


[Vincent is in the middle of quietly performing the spell, which involves drawing a symbol on the palm of his hand using his finger and the blood mixture, while Freya, still weakened from blood loss, starts to talk to Lucien]

FREYA: All this effort to become a sad copy of an Original? You think you can just wake up one day and become top of the food chain?

[Lucien tries to ignore her remarks, but eventually loses his temper and vamp-speeds over to her, grabbing her roughly by the shoulders while Vincent continues the spell]

LUCIEN: It did not happen overnight, I assure you. The truth is, I used to think your siblings gods... until my love was stolen, and our lives taken by their compulsion.

[Lucien actually looks truly upset as he recounts this story, but Freya just glares at him mutinously, literally shaking from how weak and angry she is]

LUCIEN: Once free, I realized they were not worthy of all that had been gifted them. I decided, then, that I would become in flesh what I have always been-- their better.

[He stands and storms over to where Vincent is working and points at the spell set-up]

LUCIEN: I have engineered every second since into achieving this moment.
FREYA: You faked the prophecy.
LUCIEN: Oh, no. When I found the prophecy foretelling your family's end, I knew it was true... and that I was its living embodiment.

[Freya's eyes fill with tears, and she uses all her energy to resist bursting into tears as Lucien walks toward her and looks her in the eyes with a maniacal expression]

LUCIEN: It is my rise that shall be their downfall.


[Elijah and Finn have just driven past the "Welcome to Mystic Falls, Est. 1860" sign on their way into town, and Finn looks unhappy to be returning to his hometown when they're forced to stop at a railroad crossing and watch as a train passes them]

FINN: Of course. Mystic Falls. Birthplace of our sorrows.

[Elijah says nothing, choosing to chew on his lip and anxiously beat his fingers against the steering wheel as Finn continues speaking]

FINN: So, are we to drive around this entire pathetic town, hoping to run into my sister before Lucien murders her?

[Elijah sighs deeply, closing his eyes in annoyance before replying]

ELIJAH: Kol has a plan.
FINN: [scoffs] Kol and his ridiculous gambits.
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] 900 years in a box... and zero patience.
FINN: [offended] It's all a joke to you, isn't it?

[Elijah already looks bored by Finn's presence, but Finn isn't done speaking]

FINN: "900 years in a box" just rolls off your tongue as if the time passed without consequence. I assure you, it did not.
ELIJAH: What are you suggesting? We never experienced anything, least of all the passage of time.
FINN: [angrily] Being daggered for decades and being daggered for centuries are very different things. It starts off as a dim pinprick of light, growing brighter year after year, a slow consciousness that I was paralyzed, entombed in my own mind.

[Finn sighs defeatedly, and Elijah looks surprised by this admission, as though he never considered what being daggered was like for him after nearly a millennium of it]

FINN: That despair... utter loneliness... All amplified and made endless.

[Elijah, who is beginning to look guilty, takes a deep breath and looks over at Finn as though he's seeing him for the first time]


[Kol and Davina have just arrived at Cami's apartment, where she is frantically looking through the many boxes of dark objects in search of the Tibetan singing bowl]

CAMI: I know it's here somewhere...
KOL: [irritably] Hard to keep track of all your stolen goods?
CAMI: [frustrated] Kol, my family did not steal these. They just kept the very deadly toys you left strewn about this city from falling into even deadlier hands.
KOL: You know what, love? I'm here now. So, maybe I should take back what's mine.
CAMI: [defiantly] Let's see what happens if you try.
KOL: Oh, that sounds like fun to me.

[Kol's vampire face comes out, and Cami looks concerned just as Davina shouts at him to stop]

DAVINA: Kol! Get out.

[Kol immediately looks embarrassed as his face shifts back to human, and he looks back at Davina with a guilty expression as she points to the door. After a moment, he does as he's told and vamp-speeds out of the room, and Davina walks over to Cami, looking apologetic]

DAVINA: I'm sorry. I think he's getting used to being a vampire again. I'm sure you can relate.

[Cami gives Davina a skeptical look]

CAMI: Yeah... If that's his problem.

[Cami turns back to the boxes and starts to search through them again, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Davina, who frowns in confusion]

DAVINA: What does that mean?

[Cami sighs and looks hesitant as she turns to face Davina again]

CAMI: I've seen that look before, Davina. My uncle... after he was cursed.

[Davina shakes her head in denial and huffs out a weak laugh]

DAVINA: Kol's not cursed. I'd be able to tell.

[Cami turns back to the box and pulls out a large bronze bowl and gives her a sympathetic look]

CAMI: Would you?

[Davina's face falls as she realizes that Cami could be onto something, and Cami looks guilty about making her upset]

CAMI: Look, maybe I'm wrong. Just... be careful, okay?

[She hands Davina the bowl and looks at her with concern, and Davina nods uncomfortably]

DAVINA: Thanks, Cami.


[Elijah has just parked the car before he and Finn get out and walk onto the sidewalk in the town square]

FINN: How will we know when or if this magic trick of Kol's works?
ELIJAH: He says you'll know.

[Finn sits on the hood of the car while Elijah leans against the driver side door]

ELIJAH: It's strange... The birthplace of our very misfortune, beyond that hill. Do you recall the first time we fled together, Finn?

[Finn looks back at him and rolls his eyes petulantly]

ELIJAH: We were but children. Nothing but the clothes on our back, desire we had no idea how to control, and a father hellbent on erasing us from the earth.

[Elijah starts to walk through the town square, and Finn reluctantly follows after him so they can continue their conversation]

FINN: The first of many times we ran together over the next one hundred years, 'til you all left me entombed for nine centuries...
ELIJAH: [sighs] You were a danger.
FINN: [scoffs] Danger?
FINN: [incredulously] Klaus and Kol killed everything that moved, yet I was the one considered too dangerous to undagger?
ELIJAH: Despite their bloodlust, you were the poison that crippled--

[Finn angrily grabs Elijah by the arm, causing them both to stop as he spins Elijah so that they're staring eye-to-eye]

FINN: [interjects] Poison? I anchored us!
ELIJAH: You despised us. You despised yourself, terrified of everything that we became. You threatened our very survival, Finn, just as you have every time we made the mistake of freeing you from that box.
FINN: [furiously] I was made that way because of that box!

[Elijah stops talking and looks at Finn with concern at his outburst]

FINN: Every time I close my eyes, I go back to that black horizon, that place where I was abandoned and forgotten by my own family. So yeah, I came out mad. And I remain so.

[Elijah sighs, clearly feeling guilty for his part in making Finn the way he is, and Finn, not wanting to see Elijah's pitying face, turns and walks away, leaving a speechless Elijah behind before he follows after him toward the Mystic Grill]


[Klaus and Hayley have just gotten out of their car in the parking lot and are walking toward the office]

HAYLEY: [incredulously] Does he just build these from a kit or something? It's the exact same for the last five offices. Same windows, same plants...
KLAUS: And inside, same generic abstract art, same compellable receptionist...
HAYLEY: [sighs] Look, are you sure you wouldn't be better off with your brothers? I can do the leg-work.
KLAUS: [smiles] And split up the team now? Just when I'm discovering your carpool karaoke skills? I think not!

[Hayley laughs, which makes Klaus laugh as well]

KLAUS: No, Lucien is playing a game, here. Each unassuming little office building we search, the more sure I am of it. We keep going. Together.

[Hayley smiles as Klaus walks toward the building, and she follows after him]

KLAUS: Even if we have to scour one hundred of these poxy places.

[Klaus and Hayley rush toward the door to investigate this office]


[Finn and Elijah are walking down the steps toward the back entrance of the Grill as they continue their conversation]

FINN: I hate it here. This place birthed all our pain and sorrow. I refuse to let it be the place where our sister dies. Let us not wait for Kol and his witch's tricks-- let us simply tear this town apart and find her.

[Just then, a male voice is heard from behind them as Matt Donovan appears at the top of the steps]

MATT: Yeah, that's not gonna happen. See, I just ran every single vampire out of this town. So, visiting hours are, well... never.

[Finn glares at Matt, and Elijah simply looks unimpressed as Matt spreads his arms wide, his wooden-bullet-filled handgun in his right hand ready to be fired]


[Vincent is waving his hands over the basin in the woods while he casts the spell. Freya is still on her knees behind him while Lucien paces anxiously and observes the spell. However, due to how fast Vincent is speaking and how loud the music is, the incantation is still unintelligible. The white oak bullet was wedged between his fingers as he chants, but he lets it drop into the bowl just as the contents are set ablaze, causing a burst of flames so tall and powerful that Vincent is forced to arch his back away from it as it turns into what resembles a tornado made of fire. Freya's eyes widen in horror when she realizes the spell is successful, and Lucien smiles and lets the satisfaction of his triumph flow through him. Finally, the flames vanish with such force that Vincent is thrown backward and lands unconscious on his back on the forest floor as Lucien rushes toward the basin, laughing maniacally. There is a spigot of sorts at the bottom of the basin, and he pulls the empty bottle from his pocket and fills it with the blood mixture before shutting off the spigot and holding the bottle up for Freya to see. Freya looks devastated and on the verge of passing out as Lucien triumphantly smirks]


[Hayley and Klaus have just walked into the reception area of the office, where Klaus closes the door behind them before they approach the reception desk. The receptionist finishes her call and hangs up as she looks at them expectantly]

KLAUS: Ah, hello, love! We're here for a spot of "search and potentially destroy."

[Klaus makes eye contact with the woman and compels her]

KLAUS: Do tell-- where are the areas off-limits to general staff?

[The receptionist smiles evilly at them and sits back in her chair]

RECEPTIONIST: You just wait right here... and I'll have someone out here to help you with your inquiry.

[She presses a button under her desk, which causes an alarm to blare loudly throughout the building. The alarm causes the reception area to go dark and red lights to flash as the room floods with armed guards]

GUARD: Stay right there!

[The guards surround Hayley and Klaus, who don't look as concerned as they do inconvenienced as the guards' assault rifles are aimed at them. Hayley and Klaus share a significant look as the guns' laser sights point right at their hearts]

HAYLEY: Shall we?
KLAUS: [smirks] Ladies first.

[Hayley roars at the guards as she storms toward them, and though they all start to shoot at her, she's barely affected by the bullets as she starts taking out the guards one by one, with Klaus following her lead and roaring as well. The two hybrids break some of the guards' bones, snap the necks of some others, and impale them with their guns until finally, Hayley throws the last one standing through the glass door of the reception area. Once they're done, Klaus gives the guard one last passing look before he and Hayley make their way through the building in search for clues]

[After the break, the scene returns to the building, which seems to be under lockdown. Klaus is making his way through another wing when he sees a frantic scientist in a white lab coat rush out of a locked door and almost run right into him. Klaus grabs him from behind and snaps his neck before reaching into his lab coat pocket and pulling out the credentials needed to get into the super-secret areas of the laboratory. He drops the scientist's body onto the floor without another word and holds up the key card for Hayley to see as he laughs in amusement. Checking to make sure the coast is clear, the two make it through the locked door and into a laboratory]

[Inside the lab, Klaus and Hayley at least a dozen men and women chained up and attached to IV drips, while the corpse of a transformed werewolf lays in a cage. Hayley looks horrified when she takes in the scene]

HAYLEY: They're all wolves.

[She walks over to where a young man is chained up and sees what looks like a breathing mask over his face, only it has two vials on other side full of the same reddish-orange fluid that Lucien put in the new version of the Original vampire creation spell, revealing that he's been harvesting werewolf venom from them. When she reaches out to touch the man, his eyes open, revealing yellow-gold werewolf eyes, and he moans in pain]

HAYLEY: [horrified] Klaus, they're still alive!

[Klaus looks equally disgusted by what Lucien has been doing, but when he sees a clear plastic curtain behind him, he turns and opens it to find a dead woman bound to an exam table with lesions all over her face, neck, and chest. Klaus breathes deeply through his nose for a moment]

KLAUS: This one's a vampire.

[Klaus looks appalled as he turns back to face Hayley]

KLAUS: What the hell is Lucien up to here?


[Matt has just made it down the stairs to the back door of the Grill, where he slowly moves toward Elijah and Finn with his gun aimed at them]

MATT: Elijah Mikaelson.
ELIJAH: [unimpressed] Matthew Donovan. How adorably inconvenient.

[Elijah raises his left wrist and checks his watch for a moment before he continues]

ELIJAH: Unfortunately, we don't have time to play right now. I'll pass your regards along to Rebekah.

[Matt looks over at Finn, who doesn't seem to recognize him]

MATT: Finn, isn't it? Sorry, I suck at names, but I never forget a face-- especially when it's someone I've already killed.

[Matt points over at the place where Finn died in The Murder of One]

MATT: That was right over there, right? Did you come back for some more?
FINN: [patronizingly] Do you expect to scare me with that crude little toy?
MATT: Why are you here?
ELIJAH: My sister Freya has been taken.

[Matt makes a face, and Elijah rolls his eyes impatiently]

ELIJAH: Yes, we have another. Option one-- you go about your business like a good little boy.

[Elijah walks toward Matt quickly, clearly unafraid of his gun despite Matt taking aim at him with it as he approaches]

ELIJAH: Option two? Violent disembowelment. What's it gonna be?
MATT: I'm gonna go with option three-- this is my town, my business. Especially when it comes to anything with fangs. Now, you, me, and these ten wooden hollow points can stand here and argue that fact, but... how much time does your sister really have?


[Kol and Davina are in the upstairs parlor of the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Davina is pouring Finn's blood into the Tibetan singing bowl while Kol explains what needs to be done]

KOL: With Finn's blood, we can amplify the connection he has with Vincent.

[Kol crouches down so he's at eye-level with Davina, who is sitting at a small end table and has just picked up a mallet to make the bowl sing]

KOL: All right, let go of everything. Feel the vibration.

[Davina does as she's told and uses the mallet to create a tone with the bowl]

KOL: Now, harmonize with the cadence of the drone.

[Davina starts to hum as she searches for the right tone, and Kol moves behind her, pressing his chest against her back, firmly pressing on the arm she's using to hold the mallet with one hand while helping her make the bowl sing with the other so she can focus more of her energy on the spell]

KOL: [whispers] And once they're both in harmony, it should continue by itself.

[Davina opens her eyes and turns her head, looking at Kol behind her, as he continues giving instructions]

KOL: And it's up to you to concentrate, to amplify it.

[At the MYSTIC GRILL, Finn starts to wince in pain and leans against the wall of the restaurant as the sound of the bowl starts to reverberate through his head Suddenly, he gets a vision of the MYSTIC FALLS WOODS, where Vincent is crawling on the ground toward where Freya is laying on the ground, and Lucien is staring in wonder at the blood mixture in his bottle]

[Back at the MYSTIC GRILL, Finn groans in pain and falls to his knees, and Elijah, concerned, rushes over to him to check on him, with Matt keeping his gun aimed at them just in case]


[Finn takes several deep breaths before he finally opens his eyes]

FINN: I know where they are.

[Meanwhile, in the MYSTIC FALLS WOODS, Lucien smiles in satisfaction and puts the bottle of blood mixture into his pocket before kneeling and filling up a second from the spigot. Vincent continues to crawl weakly toward Freya, looking extremely guilty]

VINCENT: Freya, I'm so sorry.

[He turns just in time to see Lucien attempt to drink the bottle of blood mixture]

VINCENT: [sing-songs] Can't let you do that!

[Vincent thrusts his arm forward and flicks his wrist, casting a pain infliction spell that brings Lucien to his knees, though he takes great care not to spill the contents of the bottle. Vincent makes several more intricate hand gestures that continue the spell, and Lucien reluctantly puts the cap on the bottle to ensure it won't spill just as he drops it on top of a pile of leaves. Before Vincent can do anything else to him, he cries out in agony, and his back arches as the Ancestors cast their own pain infliction spell on him, causing his bones to crack as his body contorts painfully. Vincent pleads with the Ancestors as Lucien takes advantage of being freed from his spell]

VINCENT: [gasps] You're making a mistake...

[The Ancestors stop, and Vincent flops on the ground in relief as Lucien picks up the bottle and growls as he storms toward them. Freya throws herself on top of Vincent to protect him]

FREYA: No one has to die today!
LUCIEN: [condescendingly] Oh. Oh, sweet Freya.

[Lucien kneels on the ground in front of them with a pitying look on his face]

LUCIEN: Today is the beginning of an awful lot of death... starting with yours, I'm afraid.

[Lucien grabs Freya by the wrists and pulls her to her feet as she looks at him with a pained expression]

LUCIEN: Truly, you and I could've been quite the thing.

[Lucien grabs Freya in a choke-hold, and she gasps for breath just as Elijah, Finn, and Matt appear in the clearing]

ELIJAH: Lucien?

[At the sound of his voice, Lucien spins at vampire speed and holds Freya in a headlock]

LUCIEN: Oh... Just in time for the party, lads!

[Lucien holds up the bottle of blood/venom mixture and pops the top off of it with his thumb]

LUCIEN: Cheers!

[Lucien drinks the concoction and sighs in triumph before addressing them again]

LUCIEN: Let the fun begin! Can either of you get to me faster than I can rip your darling sister's head off?

[Elijah and Finn share a worried look, which answers Lucien's question for him and causes him to chuckle smugly]

LUCIEN: Didn't think so.

[Before Lucien can do anything, Finn vamp-speeds toward Matt and puts his hand over Matt's own, using Matt's hands to pull the trigger on the gun and shoot at Lucien three times. Freya gasps in pain, revealing the gunshots went through her shoulder so they would end up right in Lucien's heart. Since he is a regular vampire, the bullets are fatal, and Lucien looks at them in surprise as his skin starts to desiccate]

LUCIEN: Oh, you clever bastard!

[Both he and Freya fall to the ground, and Finn and Elijah rush toward Freya. Elijah pulls her to a seated position and hands her off to Finn, who looks concerned]

ELIJAH: Hold her. Hold her head.

[Finn does as he's told, and Elijah bites his wrist to feed Freya his blood while Finn brushes Freya's hair off of her face]


[Klaus is in the middle of gently removing the werewolf venom-removing apparatus from one of the werewolves' face when Hayley joins him]

KLAUS: Help me with this one.

[Hayley and Klaus work together to help the werewolf, a middle-aged man, out of his restraints and gently help him sit down before Hayley bites her wrist and offers it to him]

WEREWOLF: [weakly] No vampire blood...
HAYLEY: That's okay. The others drank. I'm a hybrid. Go on.

[The werewolf looks at them hesitantly, and Hayley nods in encouragement]

HAYLEY: Go on.

[The werewolf reluctantly drinks the blood while Klaus brainstorms what they've just learned]

KLAUS: He needed their venom.

[Klaus looks around, eventually finding a small refrigerator that he opens to find a vial of cloudy white liquid]

KLAUS: He harvested the venom he needed, then reverse-engineered a vaccine. Clever stuff.
HAYLEY: [confused] And her?

[Hayley jerks her head to the dead vampire woman who is still strapped to the exam table]

HAYLEY: The dead vampire?

[Klaus looks at the woman's body for a moment]

KLAUS: It was the wolf venom that killed her.

[Klaus finds a syringe full of werewolf venom and examines it]

KLAUS: Just Lucien testing his cure.
HAYLEY: [puzzled] Why does he need to test out something he knows already works?


[Freya finally drinks enough blood to recover and gasps for breath as she coughs and frantically looks around]

FINN: [soothingly] It's okay. You're okay.
FREYA: Where is he?

[Matt has just sat down on a large rock next to Vincent, who is still recovering from the power he expended casting the spell, and he gestures toward Lucien's body]

MATT: That guy? Dead.
FREYA: [weakly] No...

[Elijah, concerned, cups Freya's face in his hands and turns her to look him in the eyes]

ELIJAH: Listen to me. It's done. It's over.
FREYA: [desperately] You don't understand-- he drank the serum.

[Elijah shakes his head in confusion, not understanding what she's saying]

FREYA: [quietly] He wanted you to kill him. You helped him take the final step...

[Elijah looks behind them as he hears the sound of rustling leaves, and his eyes widen in horror when Lucien rises to his feet. Finn looks absolutely stunned as he sees Lucien develop double-fangs on both the top and bottom jaws, and his irises grow bright red as the darkened vampiric veins around his eyes stretch all the way down his face like an Augustine Vampire. Just then, Matt starts to shoot round after round at him, but Lucien just laughs and spreads his arms wide as the bullets pass through him, the wounds causing him no pain and healing as quickly as they're made]

[Lucien backhands Matt so hard that he flies backward and is knocked unconscious, causing Elijah to leap to his feet to fight against him. Elijah gets in several punches but is knocked down quickly, and Finn only has time to lunge at him before Lucien hits him in the chin with a right hook and sends him flying to the ground]

LUCIEN: [mockingly] Poor show! Poor show! Come on, gents. You can do better, surely!

[Elijah vamp-speeds toward him, only for Lucien to kick him backward in the chest]

LUCIEN: What do you think, Elijah? This new power-- it suits me, no?

[Elijah continues to try to fight him, only to be defeated at every turn]

LUCIEN: I've pondered this... Whom to end first, you or Klaus? I had thought him. But now that I'm here, I think it should be you.

[Lucien lifts Elijah up by the lapels and lets his fangs out to bite Elijah, only for Finn to appear behind them. He smashes the basin against Lucien's head and uses the second of disorientation to get him to drop Elijah, but in the process, Lucien bites Finn's neck as hard as he can]


[He lets go of Finn, and Elijah catches him before he can fall to the ground. The Mikaelsons stare at Lucien in horror as he licks the blood from his lips, but when he tries to walk toward them, he's unable to move farther than a few steps as Freya thrusts out her bound, bloody wrists and casts a silent spell]

LUCIEN: [incredulously] A barrier spell? How delicious.

[He tests the spell by running his fingers along the invisible boundary while Finn writhes on the ground]

LUCIEN: I do appreciate a bit of spice being thrown into the hunt. It isn't very fun if the quarry just rolls over and offers its neck, is it?
FREYA: [sneers] I can keep this up as long as I need to.
LUCIEN: [smirks] I don't doubt it, you little minx. Never mind. I have waited a thousand years... I can wait a tad longer. I'm gonna enjoy making this last a long time.

[Lucien vamp-speeds away so quickly its as if he's simply vanished, leaving the unconscious Matt and the weakened Vincent, Finn, Freya, and Elijah behind to deal with their injuries. Freya and Elijah waste no time crawling over to Finn to check on him as he wheezes on the ground]


[Elijah pulls Finn into a seated position and turns his head to the side so he can examine his bite. The wound is bloody and painful-looking and has yet to even begin to heal, and Elijah and Freya seem baffled as to how this is possible]


[Kol has just gotten off the phone while he and Davina stand in the parlor]

DAVINA: Well, at least your sister's safe?
KOL: [aggressively] And the man that pretended to be a family friend, but actually hated us for an eternity, has turned himself into some creature, here... Which, for all we know, could be the bloody beast the prophecy said would end us!

[Kol becomes so angry that he punches the mirror in front of him, shattering the glass and causing Davina to flinch in fright before looking at him with a worried expression. Kol yet again looks overwhelmed and embarrassed as Davina hesitantly brings up her concerns]

DAVINA: Hey... All of this? I don't think it has anything to do with you being a vampire. Cami said it might be magic-related... and I think she's right. Kol, you're not yourself.

[Kol, whose back has been turned to her, spins around and starts walking toward her, causing Davina to walk backward to keep space between them]

KOL: Not myself? And which self am I supposed to be? I have been a witch, a vampire, a ghost, a witch in somebody else's body... And now, I am a bloody vampire again.

[Kol grabs her by the arms and shoves her backwards, and Davina looks terrified]

KOL: Now, you think that I'm cursed... but I think it's everyone else getting into my bloody business and not knowing when to back off!

[Kol, now completely overwhelmed, vamp-speeds away before anything else can happen, and Davina breaths deeply as she rubs her arm from where Kol squeezed it. She then walks over to the broken mirror and uses her finger to dab at a drop of blood, which she then tastes with her tongue as she whispers an unintelligible spell under her breath. Her eyes widen in alarm when she realizes that something is wrong]


[Hayley has just finished helping the last of the werewolves when Klaus hangs up his phone and returns to the main room in the laboratory to talk to Hayley]

KLAUS: Freya's safe.
HAYLEY: [relieved] What about the others?
KLAUS: Well, Finn's in a bad way. Some kind of werewolf bite. Elijah thinks I should return home and heal him. Ease his pain.

[Hayley gives Klaus a look]

HAYLEY: Klaus, you should go. As soon as these last few recover, I'll get them home, gather what I can, and torch this place.

[Klaus chuckles as he walks toward her]

KLAUS: No. Finn can purge it himself. He's earned the agony. Besides, you know how much I love burning things to the ground.
HAYLEY: Klaus, when you said that you wanted to work together for Hope's sake, I wanted to know what that looked like. And now, I do. I appreciate you helping me rescue the wolves, but if there is any chance of making Finn an ally, you should take it. Go.


[Freya and Elijah have just returned to the compound and are struggling to carry the writhing Finn into the living room as he shouts incoherently]

FINN: Don't leave me in here! Don't leave me alone!
ELIJAH: [to Freya] Put him down.

[Freya does as she's told and sets Finn down on the couch as she tries to calm him]

FREYA: Hey, hey, hey. You're not alone, Finn. I'm here.

[Elijah tries to help steady him, and Finn grabs him tightly by the hand and stares him in the eyes]

FINN: [weakly] Don't leave...
FREYA: [worriedly] Why is he talking like this?
ELIJAH: [uncomfortably] It's hallucinations of our betrayal. It's his nightmare.

[Just then, Kol walks into the room, looking unbothered by the sight of Finn's discomfort as he heads straight for the opposite couch, where he flops onto his back]

KOL: Well, he looks awful. Werewolf bite. That's got to hurt, mate. So, Lucien's a bloody hybrid?
ELIJAH: We don't know what he is. His venom seems to work twice as fast.
FREYA: That's good. Maybe it'll work through his system twice as fast.

[Kol gets up and shrugs nonchalantly as he turns to leave the room]

KOL: Or it's twice as lethal. Now, if Niklaus doesn't get here in time, he might die.
KOL: With a bit of luck...

[Freya gets up and punches Kol in the face, causing him to vamp-out at her]

FREYA: [appalled] What is wrong with you?
ELIJAH: [impatiently] Behave yourselves! Both of you.

[Just then, Klaus walks in from the opposite door and breaks up their argument]

KLAUS: Sibling squabbling. How familiar. Although, the teams seem to have changed... Someone care to tell me why?
ELIJAH: [firmly] Our brother needs us.

[Finn moans and wheezes from the couch, and the sight of him wipes the smirk off of Klaus' face. Klaus looks between Finn and Elijah for a moment before sighing in exasperation and walking over to Finn. He rolls up his sleeve, bites his wrist, and feeds Finn his blood while the others watch in varying states of surprise]


[Hayley is pouring gasoline all over the laboratory, including the dead vampire's corpse, while the middle-aged werewolf man watches her. When she's done, she walks over to speak with him]

HAYLEY: Go outside and tell the others to keep their eyes peeled for trouble. As soon as this place burns, I'll take you back to the Crescents.
WEREWOLF: [frowns] I'm not from there. One was. He died last week. We're from the seven packs: Deep Water, Malraux, BasRoq, Barry, Poldark... I'm a Paxon.
HAYLEY: [shocked] Wow. They had to look long and hard to find one of you.
WEREWOLF: They wanted our venom.

[He walks toward Hayley and points to the dead vampire]

WEREWOLF: They kept... pumping it into her over and over and over again. Then they'd heal her with some drug. Except the last time. They shot her up with something so powerful... there was no saving her.

[Hayley looks horrified by this information for a moment before returning to the task at hand]

HAYLEY: Go. I'm gonna burn this hellhole.

[The man nods sadly and leaves. Hayley, looking furious, reaches into her pocket and pulls out a lighter before lighting it and throwing it at the feet of the dead vampire before she turns and walks away. The laboratory quickly bursts into flames behind her]


[Finn has just stopped feeding on Klaus' blood and sighs in relief]

FINN: Thank you, brother.
FREYA: How are you feeling?
FINN: I feel... strangely euphoric.
KLAUS: [smirks] I've been known to have that effect.

[Kol, who has been watching from afar, claps slowly and dramatically]

KOL: What a precious family moment. Pardon me while I go and gouge out my eyes with a hot poker.

[His siblings are clearly not amused by his attitude, but Finn just looks at him with a serious expression]

FINN: I thank even you, Kol. Your little witch actually came through.

[Kol frowns at the reminder of his behavior toward her today as Finn sighs deeply for a moment before continuing]

FINN: Today... I saw a glimpse of your coveted "Always and Forever."

[He looks up at Klaus, who smiles at him]

FINN: And... I...

[He's cut off by an intense coughing fit that causes him to throw himself over the edge of the couch as he coughs up a large amount of blood. Klaus rushes over to him, followed quickly by Elijah and Freya]

KLAUS: Finn!
ELIJAH: [panicked] Finn! Oh, what's happening?

[After the break, Finn grunts in pain as Freya and Elijah once again hold him down as he thrashes on the couch. All of the Mikaelson siblings look panicked as they watch helplessly]

ELIJAH: What's wrong with him?
FREYA: [horrified] His body, it's dying...
KLAUS: No! No, it's not possible! I cured him!

[Finn wheezes and claws against their grip]

FINN: [grunts] Freya--

[Freya is wide-eyed as she desperately tries to hide her fear]

FREYA: Hey! It's going to be all right, brother. We'll fix this, you'll see. Okay?

[She turns to her brothers]

FREYA: Get my pendant.
KOL: [panicked] It won't work! Davina fused his soul to his body.
FREYA: [frustrated] We've got to try! There's no Other Side! No Ancestral well if he dies.

[Klaus' tone is desperate as he turns to Kol]

KLAUS: No, get your bloody girlfriend back here to undo what she's done! Finn, you will drink from the source until Freya can move you.

[Klaus goes to bite his wrist, but Finn stops him]

FINN: [anxiously] No. Don't leave me alone!

[Freya grabs Finn's right hand and squeezes it, just as Elijah takes Finn's left. Klaus, standing behind Finn's head, reaches out and puts his hand on his chest, and Finn smiles weakly when he realizes he's not alone]

FREYA: Brother? Finn? Hey, brother, we're here. We are here. I'm here, brother.

[Kol, looking guilty, reaches out and gently puts his hand on Finn's leg as Freya breaks down in sobs]

FINN: Please...
FREYA: You are not alone. I am here. I am here. I am here with you. Okay? I'm with you.

[Elijah grips Finn's hand tighter and does his best to keep himself from crying just as Finn looks up at him one last time before his skin desiccates and turns gray, the life slowly leaving his eyes. Freya breaks down, and tears start to fall down Elijah and Klaus' cheeks. Even Kol can't help but shed a tear at the loss of his brother and the sadness his siblings are feeling as they slowly let go]

FREYA: Oh, no...
KOL: Oh, damn...


[The Mikaelson siblings have gone to the docks, where they have opened a silver urn with the Mikaelson "M" engraved in the side in preparation to scatter his ashes across the Mississippi River]

ELIJAH: You fought against what time and circumstance made you. You're free, now, Finn.

[Elijah scoops up a handful of ashes and tosses them in the water before handing the urn to Kol]

KOL: I loathed you for centuries.

[Elijah can't help but roll his eyes at this remark]

KOL: Even now, it remains unabated. But, I know torment, brother. So, I hope you somehow find peace in the abyss.

[Kol throws his handful of ashes and hands the urn to Freya, who is already crying and sniffling]

FREYA: When you were born, you gave me a gift-- you were my first friend. Today, you gifted me my life...

[Freya sobs harder and sniffles before she continues]

FREYA: And my brothers united... even if for a moment. I love you.

[Freya throws her handful of ashes]

FREYA: Always and forever, brother. 'Til forever ends.

[She hands the urn to Klaus, who pauses a moment and grabs a handful of ashes before he speaks]

KLAUS: Just know... that you will be avenged.

[Tears fill his eyes, and he drops the ashes in the river]


[Davina is sitting at one of the tables in the empty club, fiddling with a strand of Mardi Gras beads, when Vincent walks in and quietly greets her]

VINCENT: I got your message. I don't know what's more surprising... You saving my ass today, or wanting to see me afterwards.

[Davina stands to face him, though they're still standing on opposite sides of the room]

DAVINA: [quietly] I need your help.
VINCENT: [guiltily] Davina, I don't know if I'm your guy. Outside these walls, the Ancestors have a... uh, a pretty strong say in what I can and cannot do.
DAVINA: They're manipulating Kol, too.

[Vincent nods, and is not at all surprised by this news]

VINCENT: [whispers] Yeah.
DAVINA: I tested his blood. It's infused with their magic, which means they corrupted the spell I used to bring him back. They couldn't get to me, so they're making him lose control. I don't know what I do.

[Davina's eyes fill with tears, and Vincent looks at her with a sympathetic expression as he walks toward her, whispering quietly as though he's afraid of being overheard]

VINCENT: Oh, Davina Claire. You know, I used to respect them. The Ancestors. I mean, the more and more I watched them, the more I saw them just using people for their own needs. Then, when they're done, they just... toss them aside. Like they're trash.

[Vincent starts to get angry at the thought of how true his words are, and his voice gets louder]

VINCENT: And if you disobey 'em? Whoa, right? If we disobey 'em, then they're gonna shun us. If we disobey them, then they're gonna cripple us!

[Davina, knowing he's right, scoffs and nods in agreement]

VINCENT: They're gonna kill us! They've got to be stopped, Davina. They've got to be stopped. And it looks like it's just gonna be on us to do it.

[Davina gets a mutinous look on her face and nods at him with determination]


[Freya, Elijah, and Klaus are sitting in mourning in the upstairs living room in front of the blazing fire in the fireplace while they quietly discuss what has happened in the last day]

KLAUS: Lucien did all of this to become like his maker, and yet, my bite cannot kill an Original. What are we up against here, brother?

[Klaus looks genuinely terrified, and Elijah shakes his head in disbelief]

ELIJAH: I truly don't know.

[Just then, Hayley walks into the room and joins them]

HAYLEY: I might. Klaus and I found Lucien's R & D lab full of werewolves. He's harvesting venom, but not to find a cure. He's trying to create a more lethal strain.
FREYA: [angrily] Well, that must be what he added to the spell to make him whatever the hell he is now. He kept boasting about having something that would make him better than an Original.
HAYLEY: Klaus is descended from one of the seven original wolf bloodlines. I am descended from another. Lucien's venom... is derived from all seven packs.

[Klaus' eyes widen in horror when he realizes the implications]

KLAUS: Giving him a bite that not even I can cure.
FREYA: There were two vials of serum, and he only drank one. Maybe it's because the spell will wear off eventually and he'll need another dose?

[Klaus has a dawning realization that makes his face go cold]

KLAUS: Or he made enough for two.

[Elijah frowns in confusion at Klaus' terrified face]

KLAUS: Aurora.


[The scene cuts to Lafayette Cemetery, where Klaus goes to the tomb that was Aurora's prison, turns the corner to where he bricked her inside, and stops dead in his tracks. Elijah catches up with him from the opposite direction, and they both slowly walk toward the cell as they become more shocked]

KLAUS: She's gone.

[The camera pans out to reveal that the brick wall has been broken out, and that Aurora is nowhere to be found]


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