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[Children's voices are heard as Damon looks at the girls' drawings on the refrigerator. Alaric enters the room, looking uncomfortable]

DAMON: So, tell me-- what thoughts go through a man's mind before he decides, "I think I'll take the ones with the roosters?"

(Damon picks something up from the kitchen counter-top and holds it up]

ALARIC: [impatiently] I didn't pick those out. 
DAMON: Hang on.

[Damon reaches out his hand and plucks a stray speck off of Alaric's cheek]

DAMON: Glitter. 
ALARIC: [frustratedly] Yeah, well, it goes with the territory. What the hell do you want Damon? 

[Damon becomes serious and gets to the point]

DAMON: When's the last time you talked to your fiancée?

[Alaric pauses in surprise]

ALARIC: I see word travels fast. She texted earlier today. Why? 
DAMON: What time was it, and what'd she say?

[Alaric pulls out his phone to read the message he received from her]

ALARIC: 12:18-- "Do we need bread?"
DAMON: Well, she's not answering her phone now.
ALARIC: [defensively] Yeah, well, she doesn't like to answer the phone before broadcast. 

[Damon's tone becomes urgent in frustration]

DAMON: I don't care. Get her on the horn. Stefan's being hunted again, and it's only a matter of time before Caroline's the bait that's used to lure him out. 

[Alaric, realizing the gravity of the situation, becomes even more panicked when he sees something behind Damon]


[Alaric pushes past Damon, walking over to the television screen, where a local news broadcast has just has just come on. Caroline is sitting at the news desk]

CAROLINE: [on-screen] We apologize for the interruption to your current program. My name is Caroline, I am a segment producer for KQBC News.

[Damon and Alaric watch the broadcast in horror. Caroline appears calm, but her voice is shaking, and blood is dripping from a wound on her hairline]

CAROLINE: [on-screen] Please listen carefully, I have an urgent message for Stefan Salvatore. 

[Damon, looking grim, makes a sarcastic comment to cover up how worried he is]

DAMON: Oh. Well, I guess the old ball and chain won't make it home for dinner, after all, will she? 

[Alaric continues to stare in horror at Caroline on his television screen]


[Stefan, dressed in the typical attire of the time period, sits beside a young boy dressed in a similar fashion to him. Stefan clears his throat and passes the boy a rifle that he was holding]

STEFAN: Hold the gun. There you go. Now, the first thing you want to do-- bite the paper off the cartridge like this.

[Stefan bites the cartridge before loading it into the gun as he said]

STEFAN: Hand me that ramrod.

[The boy passes him the ramrod as requested]

STEFAN: [proudly] There you go. Now, I want you to do it.

[Stefan, after demonstrating how to shove down the cartridge with the ramrod, hands both the rifle and the rod to the boy, who does what Stefan did]

STEFAN: Push it all the way down. Perfect. 
BOY: How far away can it shoot? 
STEFAN: Well, you see that, uh... You see that tree over there with the bark falling off?

[The boy squints as he looks in the distance and eventually shakes his head]

BOY: No.
STEFAN: Pretty far, then, huh?
BOY: [smiles] Can I shoot it?

[Stefan smiles back continues to tease him gently]

STEFAN: I don't know. Think you're old enough?
BOY: I'm eleven!
STEFAN: I was twelve when I shot my first gun...
BOY: [groans] Dad, I can do it!
STEFAN: You think so?
BOY: Yeah.

[Stefan nods then clasps the boy, who has just been revealed to be his son, on the shoulder]

STEFAN: All right. Okay. Let's go find ourselves a deer. Come on.

[Stefan walks through the woods, and his son follows. Stefan stops and raises his gun]

STEFAN: Now, the trick is, never take your eye off the target. Got that?

[Stefan turns back to the boy, but his son is gone. Stefan immediately appears horrified]

STEFAN: Jacob?

[He whips around, turning in a circle in search of his son, who is nowhere to be seen]

STEFAN: [panicked] Jacob! Jacob!

[Each call for his son is even more worried than the last]

STEFAN: Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!


[Stefan, who has been asleep on the couch, jerks awake from what was just a dream. Caroline, who has just entered the room, sits beside him on the couch as he sits up quickly]

CAROLINE: [gently] Hey, it's just me. 

[Stefan looks uncomfortable and slightly guilty about his dream, but tries to cover it up]

CAROLINE: Who's Jacob?

[Stefan plays dumb]

CAROLINE: Jacob. You were yelling his name. 

[Stefan, still dumbstruck by his dream, tries to shake it off]

STEFAN: Oh, um... must have been a bad dream. 

[Caroline seems worried, but her voice remains cheerful]

CAROLINE: Oh, probably because you're sleeping on the couch, silly. What are you doing down here?

[Just then, Valerie appears in the doorway behind them, her hair and skin still wet from a shower and a towel wrapped around her body. She has a black bottle in her hand]

VALERIE: That would be my fault.

[When Valerie sees the shocked look on Caroline's face at the sight of her and Stefan's horrified expression, Valerie starts to feel awkward and embarrassed]

VALERIE: I--I just wanted to let you know I used the last of the shampoo. 

[Caroline, obviously overwhelmed by this revelation, tries to remain polite with Stefan's unexpected guest]

CAROLINE: Valerie, I didn't know that you were staying here. 

[Stefan, looking uncomfortable, interjects quickly]

STEFAN: Stayed. Past tense. Um, just one night.

[Stefan clears his throat in response to this awkward situation]

VALERIE: [awkwardly] I should go put some clothes on. 

[Caroline's patience is visibly wearing thin, and her tone becomes slightly irritable]

CAROLINE: Yeah. You do that. 
VALERIE: ...All right.

[Valerie leaves, and Caroline turns back to Stefan with an annoyed look]

CAROLINE: Explain. 
STEFAN: Okay. Lily wants to raise Julian from the dead. Valerie tried to scorch his body before she could get her hands on him, and that did not work out so well...
CAROLINE: [narrows her eyes] Not following how that's our problem. 
STEFAN: [quickly] Okay. If and when Lily welcomes Julian back into his body, he will find out what Valerie did, and he'll come after her. 
CAROLINE: [sarcastically] Yeah... Just not connecting those dots. 
STEFAN: Well, maybe you can just trust me that I know what I'm doing. 

[Caroline suddenly gets an idea and runs with it]

CAROLINE: So what you're saying is, Valerie needs to disappear-- new name, new job, a country in a separate hemisphere?

[Stefan, realizing where she's going with this, tries to shut it down]

CAROLINE: Well, you just said that she's in danger. I mean, if I need to drive her to the airport myself, I will do that.

[As she speaks, she inches closer to Stefan until her arms are wrapped seductively around his neck. Stefan smiles at her]

STEFAN: Mmhmm.
CAROLINE: [whispers] Unless you have a problem with that...

[Caroline starts kissing up his neck and onto his cheek as Stefan chuckles]

STEFAN: You know, I really like this form of manipulation.

[Two two begin kissing until they are again interrupted by Valerie, who looks uncomfortable as she clears her throat]

VALERIE: Whatever we're doing, we should do it fast. The Phoenix Stone turns people mad, and Julian's soul's been in it for over a hundred years, so anywhere he is, I need to be as far away as possible. 


[Julian jumps over the top banister of the staircase onto the lower step, catching a fencing sword in his hand as he leaps into a sword-fight with Beau]

JULIAN: Ha, see, Beau, fencing's got to flow--

[He swings the sword at Beau]


[The two fence down the hallway]

JULIAN: Like a conversation. I speak. You listen. I speak more!

[Beau telekinetically moves a chair in front of Julian to block him, but Julian jumps over it at vampire speed as he looks at Beau with pride]

JULIAN: You've improved. Well done, friend.

[They continue fighting. Julian vamp-jumps on top of the piano, then leaps over Beau. After a moment, they're interrupted by Lily, who has just entered the room, giving them an affectionate, yet exasperated look]

LILY: Gentleman. Our backyard's not big enough?

[Julian and Beau turn to face her, looking sheepish]

JULIAN: Beau insisted!

[Julian playfully wraps his arm around Beau's shoulders and laughs]

JULIAN: Didn't you friend?

[Lily, amused, gives them a stern look]

LILY: Take it outside, please.

[Julian shrugs good-naturedly and hands Beau his sword]

JULIAN: Well, you heard this ridiculously attractive woman.

[Beau takes the swords and leaves the room with them, leaving Julian and Lily behind in the parlor. She looks at her lover with a concerned look]

LILY: You are suspiciously cheery. Are you sure you shouldn't still be in bed? 
JULIAN: My love, I need to be on my feet again. I spent the last hundred years on my back.

[Julian walks closer to her]

JULIAN: So, unless you can make an offer that I cannot refuse...

[Julian leans in and kisses her, and when she kisses him back, he hums happily]

JULIAN: Mmm...

[He starts kissing her neck, which she clearly enjoys, but after a moment, she smiles and pulls away]

LILY: Okay. Tempting, but I have another idea.
JULIAN: And I like it already.

[He starts kissing her neck again, but when she gently pushes him away again, he frowns in confusion]

LILY: We have enemies here. 
JULIAN: You mean Valerie. 

[Lily's tone is strained as she frowns at the memory of her former surrogate child]

LILY: That name is not to be uttered in this house. I am referring to my sons. 

[Julian looks at Lily in surprise]

JULIAN: Your sons... are alive?

[Lily nods in confirmation, and Julian does the same]

JULIAN: Okay. Well, I have some catching up to do. 
LILY: My thoughts exactly. 
JULIAN: Hmm...


[The doorbell rings, and when Stefan answers it, he finds Beau standing on the porch with an envelope in hand. He hands Stefan the letter before leaving quickly. Stefan, confused, closes the door, but before he can open the envelope, Damon snatches it away. Damon then rips it open to reveal an invitation inside, which he reads aloud in a sarcastic tone]

DAMON: "Lily Salvatore requests your presence to celebrate our town's peaceful spirit and introduce a new friend. This evening, 5:00." Hmm. Looks like Mom raised her man-crush from the dead. 

[Damon doesn't seem pleased by this information, but Stefan's face is visibly upset by the fact that Julian has been resurrected]


[Alaric sits on the coffee table in front of the television screen in HIS APARTMENT, where a video of his wedding is playing. He rewinds the moment where his and Jo's vows are being said and presses play again]

ALARIC: [on-screen] I promise to be with you and love you.

[Suddenly, Alaric's phone rings, and when he sees Bonnie's name on the screen, he pauses the tape and sighs before answering]

ALARIC: Hey...
BONNIE: [anxiously] Hey. Remember when we used an ancient relic to raise your wife from the dead and ended up imbuing her with someone else's soul?
ALARIC: [sighs] Why are you calling me? 
BONNIE: Because I'm at Scull Bar, where faux-Jo is currently--

[Bonnie pauses for a moment to look over at Jo, who is holding her MacBook awkwardly on the couch across the room]

BONNIE: --Holding her laptop like it's a book. You promised me you would help her figure out who she was before she did anything crazy
ALARIC: [frustratedly] Yeah, and every time I look into her eyes, I see my murdered wife. So, I'm taking a break.

[Bonnie, realizing how hard this has been on Alaric, sighs before replying, her voice gentle and sympathetic]

BONNIE: I know this is probably impossible for you. We have no idea what's going to happen to her. We can't just leave her unattended. 
ALARIC: Well, just keep an eye on her, then.
BONNIE: [worriedly] I can't. I have to go to Mystic Falls. Lily Salvatore is having some peace-party mixer... Which'll probably result in half my friends nearly dying if I don't attend. So, get here now, preferably before someone asks Jo to perform surgery, okay?

[Alaric and Bonnie hang up their phones. Alaric looks back to the television, where the video of their wedding has been paused on Jo's smiling face, just before Kai quite literally stabbed her in the back. He looks devastated by the sight of it]


[Stefan is standing in front of a full-length mirror in Mayor Lockwood's study, where he's dressing for the party tonight. He's in the middle of wrapping a tie around his neck when Damon enters. Stefan notices Damon hasn't dressed for the party yet and gives him a look]

STEFAN: Ah, going no tie? I'm going no tie.

[Stefan slides the untied-tie from around his neck as Damon frowns at him]

DAMON: Not just no tie-- no going

[Stefan, unhappy about this response, starts to argue with his brother]

STEFAN: You saw her invite. Julian's back. You're going!
DAMON: To watch Lily bat her eyes at her zombie douche-brain boy-toy? Thanks, but I'd rather stay home and stub my toe repeatedly

[Stefan returns to the mirror and slips on his jacket as he continues to talk to Damon]

STEFAN: You do realize that "zombie douche-brain boy-toy" is living in your house? Bathing in your tub, eating your Froot Loops? 
DAMON: [snarkily] Oh, I know. I also know that he's the love of Mom's life.

[Stefan turns to him, looking both confused and unhappy]

DAMON: Mom, who convinced Kai to link Elena's life with Bonnie's so I'd be miserable for the next six-plus decades. 
STEFAN: What are you getting at?
DAMON: Julian makes her happy, Stefan. More time they spend together, the happier she gets, the more tragic it'll be in six months when I hand-deliver his heart to her. 
STEFAN: [frowns] Six months?
DAMON: Yeah, you know, give or take. Let her get her hopes up. Let her start planning their entire eternity... and then--

[Damon puts on a high-pitched voice]

DAMON: --Squish, he's dead. 

[Stefan gives Damon a worrisome look]

STEFAN: That might he a bit of a problem, brother, because I plan on killing the bastard tonight.

[Stefan smiles fakely and pats Damon on the shoulder as he walks past him to leave the room, shoving his tie in Damon's hands as he does so. Damon looks both worried and confused as to what is wrong with Stefan]


[Caroline and Valerie have made it to Alaric's apartment, where Caroline is sitting at the dining room table with her laptop in front of her. Valerie is standing across from Caroline with her arms folded across her chest, unhappy to be left alone with the current girlfriend of her ex. Caroline turns the computer screen toward Valerie so she can look at it as she talks with a fake-nice voice]

CAROLINE: Seattle looks nice. Hey, they've got the Space Needle! Great coffee, Mount St. Helens...
VALERIE: [sighs] Rain.

[Caroline rolls her eyes and turns her computer back toward her]

CAROLINE: [sarcastically] Didn't take you much of a sunshine person.

[Caroline starts typing into the search engine as she continues talking]

CAROLINE: Um, I mean, there's always Indonesia...

[Caroline's voice becomes more excited at this idea]

CAROLINE: Oh, you could rent a hut on the beach and drink out of coconuts!
VALERIE: [gives her an incredulous look] And be 9,000 miles from your boyfriend in either direction. 

[Caroline rolls her eyes again and closes her laptop]

CAROLINE: Lets put a pin in locations for a moment and talk names because Valerie Tulle is way too traceable.

[Valerie raises her eyebrows at her]

CAROLINE: I'm thinking... Matilda. Oh, you could totally pull off Matilda!

[Caroline adopts a fake English accent]

CAROLINE: Matilda Pettigrew from Liverpool, England.

[She smiles and pushes a pen and paper across the table toward Valerie]

CAROLINE: What, do you want to write it down? 

[Valerie gives Caroline another look]

VALERIE: You're handling me like I'm a wounded bird, like I'm some sort of victim, but I'm not.

[Valerie takes a seat across from Caroline again]

VALERIE: When Stefan kills Julian, he can't hurt anyone else, and I can just put this whole mess behind me. 

[Caroline frowns in confusion]

CAROLINE: What mess?
VALERIE: You know, the whole reason I'm afraid of Julian? My big secret? The entire horror story?

[Caroline continues to stare at her in confusion, not knowing what she's talking about, and Valerie seems rather happy to see that she hasn't been informed of her pregnancy in 1863]

VALERIE: Stefan must have told you. He promised me he wouldn't tell anyone, but I didn't know that that included you...

[Caroline remains silent, clearly uncomfortable, as Valerie gives a sly smile]

VALERIE: Well, his loyalty is certainly attractive, isn't it? 

[Caroline finally speaks up, her voice annoyed by Valerie's cryptic comments]

CAROLINE: Okay, I'm sorry-- what didn't he tell me? 

[Valerie smirks at her, visibly happy to tease Caroline]

VALERIE: Never mind. As you were saying, uh, Matilda Pettigrew from Liverpool, hmm? That's good. I like it.

[Valerie writes the name down on the piece of paper and purposely avoids Caroline's gaze as the young vampire glares at her]


[In the kitchen, caterers are preparing food and carrying trays of glasses from one room the other in preparation for the party. Nora, wearing dark purple, sleeveless lace dress is standing close to Julian, dressed in a suit, as she shows him how to play Candy Crush on his cell phone]

NORA: So, you just line up those matching pieces of candy like so.

[Julian apparently gets a match, and Nora smiles as she praises him]

NORA: There you go! You got it. It took Mary Louise a month to pass the first level. 

[Julian continues to play the game, though he seems confused by the point of it]

JULIAN: And this is meant to be, like, fun, right? 
NORA: Oh, yeah! Give it another five minutes, you'll be full-on addicted. 

[Julian locks the phone and tucks it into his jacket pocket, smiling at Nora as he does so]

JULIAN: I think this era suits you, Nora.

[Julian walks over to pour Nora and himself a glass of champagne]

NORA: [bitterly] Well I wouldn't know. Lily keeps us trapped inside the town border. There's nothing here for us. 
JULIAN: Well, I think she's just nervous to let her little birdies fly free. She doesn't want another Valerie on her hands. 
NORA: [frowns] Well, Valerie's a traitor, and Lily knows she and I are nothing alike. 

[Julian turns back toward her]

JULIAN: You certainly are not. Perhaps I could talk to Lily, see if I can't convince her to loosen her reins a little?

[Julian hands Nora a glass of champagne, and her eyes light up]

NORA: You would do that?
JULIAN: Of course.

[Mary Louise walks into the room to join them, wearing a modest, vintage dress that is made of baby-pink lace. She looks at Nora with an anxious smile]

MARY LOUISE: There you are! Guests are arriving. Help me greet them? 

[Nora takes in Mary Louise's appearance and gives her an unimpressed look]

NORA: You're greeting them dressed like that?

[Just like before they attended the Heaven and Hell Ball, Mary Louise begins to panic at this criticism about her appearance]

MARY LOUISE: What's wrong with it? 

[Julian smiles and jumps into the conversation to mediate before Nora can say anything else]

JULIAN: Absolutely nothing, Mary Louise. You look stunning as always.

[Nora walks past Mary Louise, handing her the glass of champagne as she does so. Julian follows her out, leaving a very anxious and worried Mary Louise behind in the kitchen]

[Meanwhile, Lily has just opened the front door to find Stefan standing at the threshold, smiling fakely and holding a bottle of wine]

STEFAN: [sarcastically] Am I allowed in, or does your cleaning lady need to invite me?
LILY: [smirks] We had her sign the house over to us. She was too expensive. Come in!

[Stefan walks into the foyer]

STEFAN: Thank you.

[Stefan holds out the bottle of wine, which Lily takes from him]

STEFAN: Compliments of the Lockwood cellar. 
LILY: [impressed] Oh, thank you. 

[Stefan looks around at all of the guests in the parlor and makes a face]

STEFAN: Ooh, where did all these people come from?
LILY: [smiles] Neighboring towns. We promised them a night of drink and conversation. 
STEFAN: [nods] Ah. So you compelled them. 
LILY: I wanted to show you what peace looks like. My family is civilized-- none of these people are in danger. 

[Damon, who arrived before Stefan, approaches Stefan and Lily with a tumbler of bourbon in hand. He's wearing a nice suit with a tie and gives Stefan a snarky look]

DAMON: What? No tie? 

[Stefan is clearly surprised to see him and frowns]

STEFAN: What are you doing here?

[Damon holds up his drink]

DAMON: I missed my stash!

[Lily looks slightly worried about the tension between them, but tries her best not to let it show]

LILY: Boys, why don't you go mingle? I'll put this away.

[She smiles at her sons before walking away with the bottle of wine. Stefan puts on a fake smile and puts his arm around Damon's shoulder so he can steer him toward a nearby table before quietly talking to him]

STEFAN: [unamused] Tell me that you are here to help me.
DAMON: [quietly] You know how you wanted to, uh, "redecorate?"
STEFAN: Mmhmm. 
DAMON: Can't let you do that.
STEFAN: [annoyed] Why the hell not?

[Damon continues speaking quietly in code in case someone is listening in]

DAMON: Because Lily just "rearranged the furniture," and she needs a little time to live in it, you know? Fall in love with the whole feng shui of it all.
STEFAN: [annoyed] Yeah. Let me guess-- for six months?

[Damon, confused by how insistent Stefan is being, gives him a look]

DAMON: [confused] Okay, I give up. What am I missing here? Why do you care so much?
STEFAN: [firmly] Let's just say that the furniture Lily recently purchased is psychotic and needs to be disposed of immediately.

[Just then, Julian joins the brothers at their table and greets them with feigned enthusiasm]

JULIAN: Gentlemen, welcome! 

[Stefan smiles fakely back at him, though it's clear he's not at all happy to be in his presence]


[Julian turns to Damon and holds out his hand]

JULIAN: I'm Julian.

[Damon shakes his hand]

DAMON: I'm Damon.
JULIAN: Lily told me all about you! Of course, you were only a boy back then, and now you're, well... you.

[Julian's fake smile grows wider as he turns to Stefan, who returns the fake smile in kind]

JULIAN: Stefan! How long has it been? 
STEFAN: [snidely] I don't know. I must have lost track after I stopped thinking about you.

[Stefan's fake-smile becomes even bigger, but Julian attempts to remain polite]

JULIAN: Huh. My charm is being lost on you. You must be dreadfully sober.

[Julian sees Beau walking past them and stops him]

JULIAN: Beau, get these men something to drink, will you?

[Beau nods and smiles at them before leaving]

[In the foyer, Nora is greeting Matt, who has just arrived to the party in a suit. She smiles at him politely]

NORA: Deputy Donovan. Welcome. 

[Matt walks past her to enter the house before turning back to her]

MATT: It's Matt. We lost all formalities when you and your girlfriend drained me of all my blood. 

[Nora, looking slightly guilty, becomes defensive]

NORA: Okay, look-- the whole point of this shindig is to start over. So...

[Nora extends her right hand to him, but Matt doesn't shake it]

MATT: Got a better idea-- why don't you convince your family to leave Mystic Falls? 
NORA: [confused] And why would I do that?
MATT: Why would a group of vampires hang around an abandoned town with nothing to eat?

[Just then, Mary Louise joins them, now wearing a much more modern and revealing strapless dress, which is white with a black lace overlay. She smiles at them, though she still looks slightly self-conscious]

MARY LOUISE: What are we talking about?
NORA: Apparently, Matt is sick of us. 
MATT: [sighs] I just want my town back. Preferably before anyone else dies. 

[Nora gestures around at the parlor, which is full of humans who are mingling with each other and the rest of the Heretic family]

NORA: Look around. Look at all these people. They're still alive, aren't they?

[Mary Louise, eager to be involved in the conversation, makes a nervous joke]

MARY LOUISE: At least 'til the dessert course.

[Matt scowls at her, obviously unamused by her joke, and Nora glares at her as well]

NORA: [to Mary Louise] You're making it worse!

[Nora turns back to Matt to try to make up for Mary Louise's inappropriate remark]

NORA: Come on, let's go meet people.

[Nora leads Matt into the parlor, leaving an embarrassed and jealous Mary Louise alone in the doorway]

[Outside, Bonnie and Enzo arrive to the party at the same time, and walk up to the front door together. Enzo has a bouquet of flowers in his hands, and Bonnie gives him a skeptical look]

BONNIE: Oh, did whatever animal they're serving for dinner get a plus-one?
ENZO: [rolls his eyes] Hilarious. I was invited. 

[Bonnie side-eyes him when she realizes why he's really there]

BONNIE: You're scoping the competition. 
ENZO: [annoyed] There is no competition to scope.

[Bonnie finally knocks on the door, and Enzo, looking mildly embarrassed about what he's about to say, nervously adds to his statement]

ENZO: Since you're here-- if anyone's wondering, you're my date. 

[Bonnie, stunned, looks at him with an incredulous expression]

BONNIE: Sorry?

[Before Enzo can explain, Lily answers the door and smiles at them warmly]

LILY: Lorenzo, I'm so glad you came. 
ENZO: [smiles weakly]Wouldn't miss it.

[Enzo enters the foyer and hands Lily the flowers, kissing her quickly on the cheek before he joins the rest of the party. Once he's gone, Lily smiles politely and turns her attention to Bonnie]

LILY: Bonnie, I know we've had a rocky past, but I hope this means you're willing to start fresh. 
BONNIE: [taken aback] You're the reason I'm never gonna see my best friend again, so I hope you're joking.

[Bonnie walks past her to follow Enzo into the party, and Lily, looking slightly hurt, closes the door behind her. In the library, Stefan and Julian are playing a game of pool, though Stefan is clearly just biding his time until he can attack him. Stefan starts off the game, and his first play impresses Julian]

JULIAN: Hmm, nice break. 
STEFAN: [snidely] Well, it is my pool table, after all.

[Just then, Damon walks into the room with a drink and joins them]

JULIAN: Ah, Damon, come play with us. 
DAMON: [politely] Oh I would, but I have an irrational fear of pool tables. 
JULIAN: [gives him a look] It's not a rational fear of losing? 

[Damon dramatically turns to Stefan, who looks angry that at Damon's blatant attempt to sabotage his plans to kill Julian]

DAMON: Wait. Has he nev--?

[Damon turns to Julian]

DAMON: Have you never heard the story about the guy that tries to kill the vampire during a game of pool?

[Julian looks suspicious at this, but plays along with Damon's ruse]

JULIAN: Huh. Well, considering my body's been in stasis for a century, why don't you enlighten me? 
DAMON: Well, there's this guy. He's about Stefan's build, maybe a wee bit bigger... little more chiseled, less height on the hair. 
STEFAN: [irritably] Get on with the story. 
DAMON: Right, so this vampire that he wants to kill is at least three hundred years older than him.

[Damon takes Julian's pool stick from him]

DAMON: And anyone and everyone with half a brain knew he was being an idiot, but he had this inexplicable obsession.

[Damon bends over the table to take a shot in the game]

DAMON: So, he bets the vampire in a game of pool, and just as the vamp is setting up for his last shot...

[Damon looks as if he is going to take another shot but instead breaks the pool stick in half and vamp-speeds toward Julian with it. Damon freezes just inches away from his heart, but Julian does not even flinch. Damon pauses for dramatic effect, and after a moment, Julian gives him an annoyed look]

DAMON: Never got a chance.
DAMON: Yeah. Another vampire comes out of nowhere and stops him. Like I said, he was being an idiot.

[Stefan is visibly furious at Damon for his intervention]

STEFAN: [irritably] Wow, that is a wonderful story, Hemingway.
DAMON: Thanks.

[Damon tosses the broken halves of the pool stick to Julian, who catches them. Damon then begins to whistle as he leaves the room. Julian glares at the still-angry Stefan and follows him out]


[Night has fallen, and Alaric enters the bar to find "Jo" sitting on the couch with her laptop in the correct position and drinking a cup of coffee. He sits down across from her and smiles]

ALARIC: I see you've mastered the internet.
"JO": One of these students showed me something called WebMD. Apparently, I have a form of retrograde amnesia. So far, I've cancelled out encephalitis and paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis. Most of my characteristics fall under fugue-state Amnesia, which is rare, but then again, so is coming back from the dead...

["Jo" suddenly catches herself and looks around the room]

"JO": Which I just said way too loudly.

[Alaric, overcome by the resemblance that "Jo" has to the real "Jo" just stares silently at her, which makes her nervous]

"JO": What?

[Alaric quickly shakes it off and smiles weakly]

ALARIC: Nothing. 

[Just then, one of the students approaches them to say hello]

LAURA: Dr. Laughlin, you're back! I thought you were on sabbatical.

["Jo" stares at her blankly, since she's not actually Jo and thus doesn't recognize her, and the student looks uncomfortable]

LAURA: Laura Homested, one of your interns at the med center last semester?

[Alaric jumps in to try to help "Jo" out, giving her a significant look to communicate that she should play along]

ALARIC: Oh right! You remember Laura, who you mentioned to me, right? 

["Jo" realizes what Alaric is trying to do and smiles]

"JO": Laura! My star pupil.

[Laura gives her a confused look]

LAURA: Really? You gave me a "C"

[Jo, not knowing what to say, gapes at her awkwardly, and Laura tries to relieve the awkwardness by changing the subject]

LAURA: Anyway, how was your honeymoon? 
"JO": [smiles awkwardly] Amazing! Wasn't it, Ric?

[Alaric, overwhelmed by the memory of the real Jo, turns to Laura and smiles fakely]

ALARIC: Yeah. Uh, fantastic. 

[Just then, "Jo's" nose starts to bleed, and Laura looks at her with concern]

LAURA: Oh. Dr. Laughlin... Y-your nose. Your nose is bleeding.

[Alaric quickly turns back to "Jo," who touches her upper lip and pulls her hand away to reveal that her fingertips are bloody. She grabs a napkin off the table and quickly pinches her nose to clean herself up. Alaric, looking alarmed, turns back to the also-concerned Laura]

ALARIC: Oh, hey, do you mind getting me some napkins?
LAURA: [warily] Yeah, I'll be right back.

[Once Laura leaves, "Jo" begins to cough up blood into the napkin as well, and she looks up at Alaric with fear and horror in her eyes]

"JO": What the hell is wrong with me?

[Alaric, not knowing what is going on, looks at her with concern]


[In the parlor, a small stage has been set up, and a female jazz singer who is dressed as a 1920s flapper, sings into an old-fashioned microphone in front of the party guests]

WOMAN: [sings] My lover...

[After a moment, Lily walks up onto the stage and takes control of the microphone so she can address the party, looking bashfully at the crowd of party guests]

LILY: I hate to interrupt the party, but I just wanted to introduce my dearest love, Julian. He's just returned from... shall we say, travels abroad? My family is finally complete. My hope now is that in time, we can learn to accept each other and, together, restore this town, with its residents, to a state of peace.

[Lily raises her glass in a toast]

LILY: Cheers.

[As they all drink in toast to the newly-reunited Heretic family, Julian approaches Beau in the hallway for a private word]

JULIAN: Beau, can I ask you something? Lily's concerns about me weren't entirely wrong. My time away might have affected my head a bit.

[Beau looks at him with concern, and Julian quickly clarifies his point]

JULIAN: Nothing to worry about, of course! Nut, um, there is a little something that would bring me great relief. Our dearly departed Oscar had something of mine, but it wasn't on him when he died. So, I thought perhaps it was in his automobile. Could you maybe figure out where it was sent?

[Beau nods in agreement, and Julian smiles, not realizing that Enzo is listening in on their conversation from around the corner]

JULIAN: Great.

[Beau turns to do as he was asked, and Julian walks down the hall. He sees Enzo standing nearby and, realizing he doesn't know him, walks over to introduce himself]

JULIAN: We haven't met. Julian.

[Julian extends his hand, which Enzo shakes politely]

ENZO: Lorenzo.

[Julian, believing him to be a caterer, tries to make small-talk]

JULIAN: Hmm. Those meat-and-cheese spirals were decadent. Your staff does fantastic work.

[Enzo is clearly offended but covers it up with a smile]

ENZO: I'll send them your compliments.

[Julian leaves to mingle with other party guests, and Bonnie approaches Enzo with a smirk]

BONNIE: It's called dignity. Have some! It's free.

[Enzo smiles condescendingly at her]

ENZO: Oh, what I got in return was priceless. Julian is looking for Oscar's car. I intend to find it first.

[Bonnie sees Lily walking into the hallway and immediately smiles seductively before reaching up to straighten Enzo's tie. Enzo gives her a strange look, visibly confused by her affectionate gesture]

ENZO: What are you doing?
BONNIE: Lily is watching. I am fixing your tie. Making her jealous like any good date.

[Bonnie leans in closer to him, and Enzo seems very confused by the multitude of different feelings he's experiencing]

BONNIE: That's what you wanted, right? Make her a little jealous?
ENZO: [smiles weakly] Maybe a little.

[Enzo is temporarily overwhelmed by how close Bonnie is to him, but after a moment, he snaps out of it and takes a deep breath as he backs away from her]

ENZO: Anyway, I got what I came for. Have a nice night.

[Enzo walks past her toward the door and leaves. Bonnie watches him as he walks away and smiles despite herself]


[Alaric has brought "Jo" back to his apartment, where she is settled in his bed. Alaric is sitting at her bedside as she coughs, and Caroline, looking worried stands across from him. Valerie is standing silently in the doorway, though the others are too worried about "Jo" to notice her presence]

ALARIC: Her nose just started to bleed, and...

["Jo" coughs harder, and her hand comes away bloody again]

ALARIC: ...And then that started.
CAROLINE: Oh, here.

[Caroline bites into her wrist and holds the bleeding wound out to "Jo"]

CAROLINE: Take my blood.

["Jo" looks at her in confusion, not understanding what she's meant to do]

CAROLINE: Drink. It'll heal you.

["Jo" warily takes Caroline's wrist and drinks a good amount of blood, but a moment after she pulls away, she gags and scrambles to the edge of the bed, where she projectile vomits a large fount of blood onto the floor. Caroline and Alaric both look alarmed]

CAROLINE: ...Or not.
ALARIC: What the hell's wrong with her?

[Valerie, still standing in the doorway of the bedroom, finally speaks up]

VALERIE: Seems a vampire soul inside a human body does not a perfect match make.
"JO": [weakly] What does that mean?
VALERIE: The Phoenix Stone traps vampire souls. Oscar had a vampire body, got some other vampire's soul, and he lost the plot. Jo was a human. Clearly, a basic human body is unable to contain the essence of a vampire soul. You add that together, carry the one, you're a decomposing mess.

[Alaric looks hurt, and Caroline, furious at Valerie's glib comments, stands to her feet and walks over to her, grabbing her by the arm so she can drag her out of the room]

CAROLINE: [sarcastically] Thank you, Valerie. Your tact is wildly appreciated.
VALERIE: [confused] I was just saying that she was a corpse who was meant to stay a corpse...
CAROLINE: [annoyed] We know. We heard you. But, that corpse was supposed to be Ric's wife, who died with two kids inside of her on their wedding day.

[Valerie's eyes widen in horror at this information, and she immediately begins to feel guilty for her words]

VALERIE: Sorry... I-I had no idea.
CAROLINE: [sighs] Yeah, well, now you do. So, just sit down quietly while he says goodbye.


[Mary Louise is hiding down in the wine cellar when Julian comes into the room to check on her. She stands with her back to him, looking as though she's near tears]

JULIAN: Ah, what a pretty dress!

[Mary Louise doesn't turn to face Julian when she speaks in a bitter tone]

MARY LOUISE: Do you think? Nora didn't even notice.
JULIAN: Well, Nora needs her eyes examined.
MARY LOUISE: [sadly] She's talking to everyone at this party but me. I feel like a fool, running around trying to impress my own girlfriend.

[Just then, Julian beckons over one of the caterers and looks her in the eyes to compel her. Mary Louise turns around, looking at him warily as he does so]

JULIAN: [compels her] Stand still and say nothing.

[Julian turns to Mary Louise]

JULIAN: Why don't you drink what you're actually craving?
MARY LOUISE: [anxiously] Lily would have my head. No feeding on the guests-- she practically made us sign an oath in blood.

[Julian smiles at her condescendingly]

JULIAN: Mmm, just as I thought.
MARY LOUISE: [worriedly] What?
JULIAN: You, Mary Louise, have lost your swagger! The girl I remember had spunk, vigor, danger. Rules be damned. No wonder Nora's bored.

[Julian smirks as he leans over and bites into the caterer's neck, feeding for a moment before pulling away and humming in pleasure]

JULIAN: Mmm. I won't tell Lily this if you won't.

[Mary Louise stares at the girl longingly for a moment before vamp-speeding over and biting the girl's neck. Julian smiles in satisfaction as he watches her feed]

[Once she's done feeding, Mary Louise marches confidently upstairs to find Nora. When she does, Nora looks at her in confusion]

NORA: Mare, did you change? You're looking very Scarlet Johanss--

[Before Nora can finish speaking, Mary Louise lunges toward her and begins kissing her passionately. Nora, pleasantly surprised, returns the kiss in kind]

[Meanwhile, Bonnie is standing in the foyer, where she's approached by a young man in a caterer's uniform]

YOUNG CATERER: Excuse me. Can you tell me where the high school is?

[Bonnie gives him a confused and suspicious look, though her voice is still friendly]

BONNIE: Oh... The entire town's shut down. You haven't noticed the million signs?

[The caterer looks anxious and jittery, as if he desperately needs to do something]

YOUNG CATERER: Yeah, I'm looking for the high school.

[Bonnie looks even more weirded out by his insistence]

BONNIE: Yeah, I heard you the first time. Why?
YOUNG CATERER: Uh, can you tell me where the high school is?

[Bonnie, realizing the young man has been manipulated somehow, becomes even more suspicious]

BONNIE: Who've you been talking to?
YOUNG CATERER: Uh, I can't say. If my boss is looking for me, can you tell him I quit?

[The caterer rushes past Bonnie and out the door, just as Matt is walking toward her, looking confused and worried]

MATT: Uh, what was that about?

[Bonnie watches the young man walk away from the boarding house]

BONNIE: I don't know, but I get the impression he didn't, either. We should follow him.

[Just then, Matt's phone beeps, and Bonnie watches him check a text message]

BONNIE: Unless you have other plans...?

[Matt gives her a polite smile before heading upstairs]

MATT: This'll only take a minute. I'll meet you at my truck.

[Upstairs, Stefan and Damon have just entered Damon's old bedroom to find that a lot of his furniture has been replaced, and what remains has been completely rearranged in his absence]

STEFAN: [frowns] Huh. Where the hell's your TV?
DAMON: [angrily] Where's my bed?
STEFAN: [mockingly] Wow. I guess Lily took over your bedroom. And, I will bet you your old flat-screen that Julian isn't sleeping in the guest quarters...

[Damon picks up one of the swords Julian and Beau were sparring with earlier. When he sees something wedged between the mattress and the bed frame, he uses the point of the sword's blade to pick it up, revealing a matronly pair of sea-foam green underwear that presumably belong to Lily. Damon looks at the underwear with disgust]

DAMON: Here I thought she slept standing up like a horse...

[Stefan begins to lose his patience]

STEFAN: You need to help me kill him, or you need to leave.

[Damon ignores him and swings around the underwear, which are still stuck on the point of the sword]

DAMON: Do you know what this means?
STEFAN: [annoyed] Knock it off.
DAMON: It means Mom's happy. Another couple months of this, and she'll have convinced herself it's forever, and that's when we strike, Stefan.

[Stefan, sick of arguing about this, makes his case]

STEFAN: Look at your bedroom! Our house is unrecognizable. Lily needs to go, and killing Julian is the start of that.

[Damon frowns at him, visibly confused about why Stefan is so adamant to kill Julian now]

DAMON: You know something! Look at you-- murdery, vengeful. It's very humanity-off Stefan, except your switch is intact, which means you know something. So, spit it out!

[Stefan becomes even more irritated by Damon's behavior]

STEFAN: It's not my secret to tell, Damon.

[This answer only serves to make Damon more curious, so he keeps pushing]

DAMON: Oh, really?

[Just then, Matt comes stumbling into the room with a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his hand]

MATT: So, Nora showed me where they keep the good stuff.

[Damon is appalled to see Matt drinking his alcohol and snatches the bottle from him]

DAMON: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on-- does this bottle say "Default-Deputy?" No. No. It says, "Damon's good stuff. Do not touch."

[Damon takes a drink of the bourbon, which immediately burns his throat so badly that he gags it up, burning his face where it touched him. Matt smirks in satisfaction, indicating that he laced the bourbon with vervain before coming into the room. He takes the bottle back before taking advantage of Damon's weakness and stabbing him in the neck with a syringe of vervain, which instantly knocks him unconscious. Matt then looks up at Stefan, revealing that this was actually all Stefan's plan]

STEFAN: [firmly] Take Bonnie. Get out of here. It's about to get ugly.

[Downstairs in the kitchen, Stefan confronts Julian, who has his back turned to him as he nibbles at more of the party food. He grabs Julian by the shoulder and spins him around quickly before stabbing him in the gut with a stake]

STEFAN: My brother told the story wrong.

[Stefan vamp-speeds Julian backward and pins him to the refrigerator, and when Julian grabs Stefan in a choke-hold with his superior vampire strength, Stefan head-butts him and throws him into the fireplace, where he's immediately set aflame. Lily walks in just in time to see and hear Julian screaming in pain, and she stares in horror for a moment before ripping the tablecloth off of the nearby table and extinguishing the flames with it as Stefan scowls at them. Lily turns back and stands to her feet as she glares at Stefan while Julian groans in pain from the burns all over his body]

LILY: What are you doing?!

[After the break, the scene cuts upstairs to Damon, who has just awoken from his vervain nap and groans in annoyance as he sits up]

DAMON: Ugh! Nnngh.

[The scene then returns to the kitchen, where Julian is still whimpering in pain as his burns heal. Lily is glaring at Stefan furiously as Stefan just stares at her]

LILY: What did I do to make you hate me so much.
STEFAN: It's not about you.
LILY: [scoffs] Not about me?! Ever since I've been back, all you have done is try to strip me of my happiness.

[When Stefan remains silent, Lily raises her voice]

LILY: Answer me! What did I do wrong?

[Just then, they hear footsteps approaching as a still-annoyed Damon enters the room. He takes in the scene and realizes what has happened]

DAMON: Well, I see Stefan's plan went swimmingly. Probably explains why your fake-guests are leaving.

[Lily stares mutinously at both of her sons]

LILY: Sit down. Both of you.

[Damon, not wanting to be punished for Stefan's mistakes, feigns politeness and chuckles nervously]

DAMON: Oh, well, we wouldn't want to wear out our welcome. Brother, let's hit the road.

[Julian, who is finally recovered, walks toward Damon]

JULIAN: Sit down, son, or I'll seat you myself.

[Damon, not wanting to push it, grabs Stefan by the arm and leads him to the nearby table, where they sit on the table top]

DAMON: Okay...

[Julian stands in front of the boys as he makes a speech, and Lily listens with concern as he pulls out the Phoenix Stone from his pocket and stares at it]

JULIAN: Hmmm. Over a hundred years inside this thing. Although in this, my own custom-made hell, time is meaningless. The pain, the emptiness, the complete lack of humanity, is quite literally endless. Every day is the same. I wake up. I try to escape. But instead, I end up killing the person I love the most. Every day, over and over again, I drive a stake through your mother.

[Stefan and Damon both scowl unhappily, but Lily looks shocked by this confession]

JULIAN: It's almost enough to turn even the soundest mind mad, but when you're over 475 years old, you learn a thing or two about yourself. This couldn't be real, because I would never bring harm to your mother. Hell was playing tricks on me, hmm? It was trying to break me. But no, I wouldn't let it, because I knew that if I did snap... Ooh, no, no... I wouldn't be a man. I'd be a monster.

[Suddenly, Julian picks up a kitchen knife from the table and spins on his heel before throwing it at Damon and Stefan. The two manage to dodge the blade, which whizzes in between their heads and embeds itself into the wall behind them. Lily looks horrified by this turn of events]

JULIAN: [angrily] Your children have no respect for you!

[Julian grabs the bloody stake that Stefan had used to stab him and throws it at Stefan, who catches in his hand and growls loudly before lunging for him]


[When Stefan vamp-speeds toward him, Julian spins and throws him backward into the shelf above the sink, which is full of glass and ceramic dishes and which all shatter upon impact with Stefan's body. Stefan falls onto the floor in a daze, and Julian grabs Stefan by the front of the shirt before punching him over and over again in the face]

LILY: [concerned] Julian!

[Damon stands to his feet in preparation to defend his brother and growls at Julian]

DAMON: Knock it off!

[He vamp-speeds toward Julian, but Julian simply spins and throws Damon into the light fixture on the nearby wall, which shatters and sends a shower of sparks onto the floor. Lily, horrified, screams in an attempt to stop him]

LILY: AHHH! Julian! Julian! Julian!

[Julian starts kicking Damon repeatedly in the face until Lily finally rushes over to him and pulls him away. Julian is so overwhelmed by his violent impulses that he nearly strikes Lily as well, and she gasps in shock until he manages to stop himself. Once she realizes she's not in immediate danger, she glares at the battered Stefan and Damon, who are trying to get onto their feet]

LILY: [coldly] Boys, out. Now.

[An angry and upset Damon and Stefan do as they're told and leave the house. Lily turns her attention to Julian, who is both angry and also horrified by what he's just done]


["Jo's" face looks hollow and very pale as she lays back in Alaric's bed. Alaric sits at her bedside, looking worried about her]

"JO": [weakly] I wonder what WebMD would say about me now...

[Alaric manages to laugh, though it's clear he's still very upset about her condition]

ALARIC: It's probably best not to find out.

["Jo" pauses for a moment before finally speaking again]

"JO": A woman was wielding a sword that pierced my heart. The blade was metal... It shouldn't have been able to kill me, but it did.

[Alaric looks at "Jo" in surprise]

ALARIC: Did you just remember this?
"JO": [smiles weakly] I also remembered my name. I think I'm Florence.

[Alaric smiles at "Jo" as tears fill his eyes, and unbeknownst to either of them, Caroline walks up to the doorway to check on them and curiously listens to them talk]

ALARIC: Well, it's nice to meet you, Florence. I am so sorry that I put you through this.
FLORENCE: It's okay. I know you want your wife back. I'm sorry I'm not her. I wish I was. She was a lucky woman.

[Alaric is clearly touched by this, and does his best to keep from crying. Florence/Jo's eyes also fill with tears as she speaks]

FLORENCE: You would have been an amazing husband.
ALARIC: [choked up] It's been so nice... It's been so nice to hear her voice again. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to say goodbye.

[Caroline watches sadly as Florence, getting weaker and weaker, struggles to speak one last time, causing Alaric to become overwhelmed with sadness]

FLORENCE: Goodbye, Ric.

[After a moment, Florence (and by extension, Jo) dies, and Alaric breaks down in devastating sobs as Caroline watches from the doorway]


[Bonnie and Matt have just made it to the high school, where Matt, armed with a flashlight in one hand and a police-issue handgun in the other, slowly leads them down the main hallway. As they walk, the lights flicker overhead, causing both to tense up in fear as they check a room with a sign labelled "NO ENTRY." Inside, they find only what looks like custodial equipment, so they return to the hallway and keep walking until they reach the trophy case in the front entrance hall. Just then, the sound of squeaking wheels is heard behind them, and Bonnie and Matt spin around to check on it, the latter of whom aims the flashlight and gun toward the source of the noise. Suddenly, they see the young caterer from the party earlier, who is still dressed in his work uniform and who is walking in a daze as he pushes an IV stand with a full IV bag of clear fluid down the hall toward them]

MATT: [firmly] Hey! Hey, what are you doing here?

[The young man, who looks very pale, just walks between them without even noticing their presence, eventually entering the nearby classroom. Bonnie and Matt both turn to watch him walk away, and when they realize that he is actually hooked up to an IV drip, Bonnie gives Matt a confused and scared look]

BONNIE: He didn't actually see us... did he?

[Bonnie and Matt carefully follow the young man into the classroom and are stunned by what they find-- the young man joins at least two dozen other human men and women of various ages sitting motionless and silent in nearly every desk in the room, each of whom also have IV drips hooked up to their arms and hands. Matt, horrified, shines his flashlight in the faces of an older woman and several teenagers in the nearest column of seats, but they don't even react to the light. After a moment, Matt raises his voice to address them]

MATT: Alright, everybody. Please stand up. We're gonna get you out of here, okay?

[When nobody moves or reacts, Matt snaps his fingers in front of several of their faces, which does nothing to change their demeanor-- they're all sitting as still as statues and aren't registering Matt and Bonnie's presence. Finally, Bonnie sighs and speaks up]

BONNIE: It's not gonna work, Matt. Someone compelled them to be here.

[Matt and Bonnie continue to stare in horror at the motionless victims as they try to think of what could possibly be going on]


[In Alaric's living room, Valerie is sitting in front of the television, where Valerie has started watching the video from Alaric and Jo's wedding where Alaric left off earlier. She has just made it to the part immediately after Kai killed Jo and caused the chaos that left many more people injured, and the camera, which had fallen over in the mayhem, is now pointed at the bottom half of a woman in a teal dress lying dead on the floor in a puddle of blood. However, Joshua Parker's voice is still heard leading the members of the Gemini Coven who were not fatally injured in the blast in a spell]

JOSHUA & THE GEMINI COVEN: [chants on-screen] Sanguinem filio. Sanguinem effugarex perpetuum...

[Just then, Alaric walks out of the bedroom and immediately stops in his tracks when he sees what Valerie is watching. A moment later, Caroline comes out of the bathroom with two sets of bed linens in her arms and walks over to Alaric]

CAROLINE: [gently] Do you want the white sheets or the off-white sheets...?

[Alaric, distracted by the video, only half pays attention to Caroline in favor of walking toward Valerie]

ALARIC: I don't care. You choose.

[On the screen, Joshua and the Gemini Coven continues to chant their spell as Alaric confronts Valerie. Caroline, looking confused, watches the video as well]

JOSHUA & THE GEMINI COVEN: [chants on-screen] ...Effugarex perpetuum...
ALARIC: [to Valerie] What are you doing?

[Caroline, who was blacked out during this part of the wedding ceremony, looks at Alaric in confusion]

CAROLINE: What is that?

[Alaric can't take his eyes off of the television screen, and he sounds dazed when he replies]

ALARIC: It's my wedding video... post-explosion. I've never been able to watch it past the wedding vows...

[Caroline, realizing what is going on, instantly marches over to Valerie]

CAROLINE: [sharply] Valerie, turn it off!

[Valerie, still focused on what is going on in the video, shushes her]


[Valerie listens for another moment before continuing]

VALERIE: I recognize this chant. That Gemini kid, Kai, thought they were sending him to a prison world.
CAROLINE: [annoyed] Who cares? Turn it off.

[Valerie finally turns to Caroline and Alaric, her eyes wide in realization]

VALERIE: No, you're not listening. They weren't sending him away, Caroline. They were trying to save the next generation of Gemini twins.

[Valerie turns her attention to Alaric, who can't believe what he's hearing. Her tone sounds hopeful]

VALERIE: I think your babies are still alive.


[Damon and Stefan have just returned to their current home, where Damon immediately launches himself at the bar and pours himself a large glass of bourbon. Stefan, still annoyed that Damon intervened in his plan, snaps at him irritably]

STEFAN: He's still alive, so I don't know what you're moping about.
DAMON: [furiously] No talking until I'm seeing two of you. Then I'll kick both your asses.

[Damon takes a big gulp of his alcohol before he starts yelling at Stefan]

DAMON: This is why there is a hard line between good and evil, Stefan! I don't cross over into your territory. Don't cross into mine!

[Stefan is visibly frustrated by his attitude]

STEFAN: This isn't about you, Damon. Get over it.

[Damon is so angry that he ignores Stefan in favor of trying to get back at him by saying hurtful things he doesn't mean]

DAMON: You know, I never thought I'd say this, Stefan, but I miss the days when you just let your big brother handle all the dirty work. Quite frankly, I can't figure out why you have such a big beef with this guy, unless V-card Valerie got under your skin.

[Stefan is becoming more and more upset with Damon]

STEFAN: You don't want to start with me right now, Damon.
DAMON: [snidely] I'm surprised, Stefan! I thought Caroline was the one. Then again, we all thought Elena was the one, huh? What is it about the first time that just makes it so memorable?

[Stefan, pushed to his limit, lunges at Damon at vampire-speed and tackles him, causing them both to fall on top of the coffee table and shatter it. Stefan grabs Damon by the front of the shirt and slams him back against the wall, but after a moment, he doesn't have the heart to fight him any further. He pushes himself off of Damon and gasps in an attempt to catch his breath as Damon pulls himself into a seated position. After a moment of silence, Stefan finally makes his confession]

STEFAN: I got Valerie pregnant...

[Damon is stunned by this information]

DAMON: What?
STEFAN: In 1863. Julian found out about it, and he beat her until the baby was no longer alive.

[Damon immediately begins to feel guilty about his words to the point of speechlessness]

DAMON: Oh...
STEFAN: [sighs] I could have been a father.
DAMON: ...Why didn't you just tell me?
STEFAN: [scoffs] What'd you want me to do? Tell you I could've had a kid and watch you brush it off with some glib joke about how it was 150 years ago? Yeah, I know it was 150 years ago, Damon. And it's stupid how much it affects me, but it still does.

[Stefan pauses for a moment, and Damon looks at him with a mix of guilt and sympathy]

STEFAN: I want him dead Damon. No one's gonna stop me from killing him. Not in six months, not in six weeks-- now.


[Valerie has set up a map on the coffee table in preparation to do a locator spell, and she explains her theory to Caroline and Alaric, who are sitting around the table with her. Valerie has also lit a dozen white candles, which have been placed around the room to aid in the spell]

VALERIE: Twins are the lifeblood of the Gemini Coven. If a pregnant mother is in danger, then the transfer is our magical fail-safe. It's rarely used, but used nonetheless.

[Caroline stares at her in disbelief before turning to Alaric]

CAROLINE: Ric, tell me that this isn't crazy.
ALARIC: [sighs] My wife, who died months ago, just looked me in the eyes and said goodbye to me.

[Alaric shrugs, clearly exhausted by all of this]

ALARIC: Why the hell not?
CAROLINE: Because I don't want you to get your hopes up for something that is insane.

[Valerie picks up a knife and looks at Alaric]

VALERIE: I need your blood.

[Alaric holds out his hand, and Valerie cuts open his palm before directing him to where he should let it drip]

VALERIE: Now, put it here.

[Valerie gives Caroline a pointed look]

VALERIE: Indonesia-- the farthest geographical point from Mystic Falls. Your progeny are, obviously, made up of your DNA. If they're alive, the blood will travel along the map. Once it's in the proximity of the babies, the map should ignite. Close your eyes. Clear your mind.

[Alaric closes his eyes as instructed, and Valerie does the same so she can begin the spell]

VALERIE: [chants] Phasmatos quare infantatum, Phasmatos quare filios, Ado finet terraeum, Nunc temos rogamus. Combutis et sanguinem. Phasmatos quare infantatum...

[As Valerie chants, the blood travels east from Indonesia in a long trail. Caroline watches with concern as Alaric and Valerie keep their eyes closed to continue the spell]


[Damon and Stefan are having a drink in the sun room of the mansion as they talk about the day's events]

STEFAN: May I ask you something?

[Damon looks at Stefan expectantly]

STEFAN: Did Julian remind you of anyone in particular tonight?
DAMON: [chuckles bitterly] The almighty Giuseppe Salvatore. Mmhmm. You saw it, too?
STEFAN: [nods] Yep. Although, I will say... Julian's right hook has a little more heft to it.

[Damon chuckles again and pauses for a moment before he responds]

DAMON: Elena and I talked about starting a family. I mean, it was fantasy, but still. We secretly knew as long as she was a vampire, it's all it was. Then, she took the cure, and all of a sudden, having a real family was a possibility. Granted, it'd be dysfunctional as hell, but we'd have a real human family.
STEFAN: Did it ever scare you? The thought that maybe you'd turn out like our father?
DAMON: [scoffs] The guy sent our mom away to die alone. He bullied us for years, and then he shot us. If anything, I just want to be a great dad to spite him.
DAMON: What about you?
STEFAN: Well, I've been on this earth for 160-some years, and I've seen the world at 30,000 feet. I've traveled to every continent, and learned how to cook--
DAMON: [interjects] --Built a Porsche!
STEFAN: [nods] I think my only regret would be not having a kid.

[The two brothers sit in silence for a long moment until Damon makes a decision]

DAMON: If you want Julian dead, I'll help you. Tomorrow, tonight, now... I'm in.

[Stefan seems genuinely touched by Damon's support, and the two continue sipping their drinks together]


[Julian is pacing around the bedroom in his undershirt and slacks when he looks in the full length mirror. He pulls down the neck of his undershirt to reveal the X-shaped scar over the right side of his chest as a still-concerned Lily comes into the room to talk to him. She gives him a serious look before she speaks]

LILY: What the hell happened down there? You were in a blind rage!
JULIAN: [scoffs] Ha! Rage? We offered them escargot and wine, and your boy threw me in the fire, so he's lucky that he still has his head.
LILY: They were just trying to hurt me, all right?

[Julian still seems on edge, and Lily tries to calm him down]

LILY: Look, the whole point of tonight was to end this feud, not start a new one.
JULIAN: [angrily] Why do you care what they think? They Lily that I remember moved on from her children. Where's the girl that I fell in love with? The girl that I found irresistible? I can't say I recognize this version.

[Lily seems hurt by this insult, and when she speaks, her voice is determined]

LILY: This version has no desire to see her children dead. If you have a problem with that... we have a problem.

[Julian seems upset, and he continues to pace around for a moment before he replies, his voice softer and worried]

JULIAN: Lily... Perhaps I'm more affected by my time away than I wanted to admit.

[Lily's expression softens, and she seems worried about Julian's state of mind]

JULIAN: You know, I was wishing that the hell had gone away, but my mind? It's not right. I mean, the truth is, I'm frightened that I'm not the Julian that you remember.

[Julian's eyes start to fill with tears, and Lily follows suit as she walks closer to him and stares him in the eyes]

LILY: We'll fix it.

[Lily sighs deeply]

LILY: We'll fix it together, all right? But you must promise me-- nothing like that will ever happen again.

[Julian nods in agreement and sniffles, blinking away his tears before he replies]

JULIAN: Well, in the meantime... I need to feel safe. Your kids will strike again, and I need to protect myself.

[Lily's eyes widen in alarm as she realizes what he's trying to say, but she seems resolved to agree to his request as she takes his hands in her own]

LILY: What I believe you have in mind will take the cooperation of the entire family.
JULIAN: It will, but I don't anticipate that to be a problem... They love me.

[Lily nods in agreement and caresses his face lovingly]


[Alaric and Valerie still have their eyes closed as the latter casts the spell, and Caroline watches the map warily as Alaric's blood travels through India, Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia before crossing through Africa on its way to North America]

VALERIE: [chants] ...finet terraeum, Nunc temos rogamus. Combutis et sanguinem. Phasmatos quare infantatum, Phasmatos quare filios, Ado finet terraeum, Nunc temos rogamus. Combutis et sanguinem. Phasmatos quare infantatum, Phasmatos quare infantatum, Phasmatos quare filios, Ado finet terraeum, Nunc temos rogamus. Combutis et sanguinem. Phasmatos quare infantatum...

[Caroline watches with concern as the blood runs through the Gulf of Mexico and through the southern United States of America before crossing into the Pacific Ocean toward the other end of the map]

CAROLINE: [weakly] Guys, I don't think it's working...

[Valerie and Alaric ignore Caroline, and she watches with wide eyes as the blood runs off the other end of the map and drips onto the floor, causing Caroline to yelp in surprise]

CAROLINE: Guys, stop! The spell isn't working, okay? The blood's just off the map now.

[Valerie and Alaric finally crack their eyes open as a large puddle of blood forms on the floor at Caroline's feet]

CAROLINE: See? I warned you not to get your hopes up.

[Caroline grabs a napkin off the table and goes to mop up the puddle of blood, but as soon as she makes contact with it, the blood bursts into flames, and Caroline yelps as she backs away to prevent herself from catching fire as well]

CAROLINE: Oh, my God!

[Just then, the map catches on fire along with the puddle of blood, forcing both Alaric and Valerie to leap away from the coffee table to avoid getting burned. The white candles Valerie lit to draw power from flare up as well until the fire on the map and the blood extinguishes itself, and the candle flames return to their normal size. Alaric, looking upset, walks over to Valerie, who is gaping at Caroline in surprise]

ALARIC: [angrily] Okay, what the hell happened?

[Valerie continues to stare dumbfounded at Caroline, whose eyes are wide in confusion, fear, and shock]

VALERIE: [quietly] Not possible.
CAROLINE: [annoyed] What's not possible?

[Valerie's eyes light up in realization]

VALERIE: The babies. They're here!
CAROLINE: [scoffs] Where? Huh? Floating in a raft? Look at the map. Your spell didn't work.

[Valerie is still almost in a daze as she realizes the implications of what they've just learned]

VALERIE: They're not on the map, Caroline. They're inside of you.

[Alaric, shocked speechless, stares at Caroline, who is just as overwhelmed as he is. Even Valerie seems unable to fully believe what they've just seen]


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