Bill Forbes' Cabin is located somewhere outside Mystic Falls. It belonged to Bill Forbes. The cabin has several rooms, a cellar and a barn outside.

Season Five

In What Lies Beneath, Caroline, Stefan, Damon and Elena hid here from The Travelers.

Since Bill has died in Bringing Out The Dead, they were able to enter without an invitation. They've played several games including charades and Never Have I Ever. Enzo had followed them via The Other Side and he tried to drown Elena while she was bathing. At one point of the evening, Luke had gone missing, but Stefan and Damon managed to find him tied up in the barn, which Enzo had set on fire.

Season Six

In Stay, Caroline and Stefan moved some of Elizabeth Forbes' stuff. Later they've kissed.

In a flashback scene in Let Her Go, Elizabeth taught Caroline to ride a bike near the house. She fell and her mother told her that everything's going to be okay.



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