Bitten by... A fresh new artist

Bitten by... A fresh new artist was a contest that lasted during the third and fourth seasons of The Vampire Diaries. It was announced after 1912 had aired.


  • Upload your song by clicking here (Song must be in .wav .mp3 .mp4 .avi or .mov format and maximum 50MB.
  • The song must be at least 90 seconds to 2 minutes long.
  • Upload your band photo.



  • The CW has chosen 10 songs on March 28, 2012.
  • On April 4, 2012, the CW has chosen another 10 songs. Some of them are the winners of the previous voting. Winner is bolded.
  • The winner's song was used during commercial break during "Do Not Go Gentle".


  • "Semper Eadem" by Erin Banaticla
  • "Implode" by Emmanuel Adinde
  • "Afraid of the Dark" by Amy Gerhartz
  • "AKA Sphynx" by SphynxSteve Knauer
  • "Compelled" by GlowNathan Harms
  • "Craving" by Anna Rachocki
  • "Vampire Nights" by Brian Mattson
  • "Open D Gates" by Tyler Dwight
  • "Imagination" by 9th Evolution
  • "Need to Know" by DJ CA


  • "Vampire Nights" by Brian Mattson
  • "Want You More" by Lisa Haagen
  • "Semper Eadem" by Erin Banaticla
  • "Because of You" by Brian Betke
  • "Love Triangle" by Semaj Foreman [1]
  • "Runaway" by Evan Donaldson
  • "Life Goes On" by Beets Rodelas
  • "Higher Than Heaven" by John Brazile
  • "Burden and Truth" by Alas Tarin
  • "Hero" by Dante' Roze


During the twelfth The Vampire Diaries Rehash Arielle Kebbel confirmed that another contest will be held. The winner's song was used during commercial break during Graduation.

Unlike the last year's contest, this time people were able to vote on official Facebook page instead of official site.

The winner:

Rush and Roulette - Hurt Like Hell [2]

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