You also made a choice to stop, to reject the person that the blood made you. You made a choice to be good, Stefan.
Elena to Stefan

Blood Brothers is the twentieth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the twentieth episode of the series overall.


THE HATRED BEGINS, IN THE PAST — While Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl has an ugly confrontation with John Gilbert. Damon and Alaric try to find a mysterious invention before John does. The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy and Anna continues to grow.



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  • Antagonist: John Gilbert.
  • This episode features the fewest number of the main characters (five) in the series thus far.
    • This will not happen again until Klaus, another flashback episode in Season Two.
  • This is the third flashback episode.
  • It is revealed that Stefan is responsible for Damon's transformation into a vampire, as Stefan was the first one to inadvertently complete his transition, and he couldn't stand to live forever without his brother.
  • Stefan apologizes to Damon for forcing him to turn back in 1864, which led to Damon's promise of "an eternity of misery."
  • We learn that both Stefan and Damon had not planned to complete the transition, as Damon only wanted to be a vampire to be with Katherine, and Stefan did not want to be a vampire without Damon.
  • We learn Elena has been spending nights at the Salvatore Boarding House to keep an eye on Stefan while he detoxes.
  • Stefan tells Elena to stay away from him because he fears he might kill her.
  • Steven's Quarry is seen for the first time in the series. It won't be seen again until The Last Day and The Sun Also Rises in Season Two.
  • John stakes and kills Pearl and Harper as they were planning to flee town.
  • Stefan intends to let himself burn in the sun but Elena gives him his daylight ring back and gives him the choice of either dying or to live and be with her. Though conflicted, he ultimately chooses to live.


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Cultural References

  •, an online dating company.
  • Little Boy Lost, a 1953 film starring Bing Crosby.
  • Bambi.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the way that Stefan took his ring and waited for sunrise to kill him is similar to the way that Angel decided to commit suicide in that series' third season episode, Amends.
  • The title of this episode, Blood Brothers, has the same name as the 1983 musical, Blood Brothers.

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 3.39 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.06 million more than the previous episode.


Emily: "Katherine had me make that for you weeks ago."
Stefan: "Where am I?"
Emily: "The quarry, just north of town. My brother and I brought you here last night. We found you dead in the woods."

Jeremy: "What are you doing here?"
Anna: "Picking up this."
Jeremy: "What, a class schedule?"
Anna: "Starting tomorrow, I'm officially a student here."
Jeremy: "What, you're kidding me, right?"
Anna: "No, I finally beat my mom down."
Jeremy: "Why would you want to go to high school? It blows."
Anna: "Do I really need to answer that?"
Jeremy: "So, you'd suffer through all this just to hang out with me?"
Anna: "Yeah. I would."

Elena: "What's his favorite... kind of, umm..."
Damon: "His favorite kind of what?"
Elena: "Type of animal blood that he prefers?"
Damon: "Eww, gross."
Elena: "Your joking doesn't help."
Damon: "It helps me. Now hurry up, I can't babysit all night, I've got things to do."
Elena: "I would say drop dead, but..."
Damon: (laughs) "Stefan likes... puppy blood. Little golden retriever puppies with cute, floppy ears. That's his favorite."

Damon: "The sun hurts my eyes."
Stefan: "That's part of it. The muscle aches, the sick feeling. Emily says its our bodies pushing us to feed... to complete the transition."
Damon: "That's not gonna happen."
Stefan: "Is that your choice then? To die instead?"
Damon: "Isn't it yours? This was all to be with Katherine. And she's gone. I want it over."

Giuseppe: "I watched you die."
Stefan: "You were there when we were shot?"
Giuseppe: "I pulled the trigger myself."
Stefan: "You killed your own sons?"
Giuseppe: "You were both dead to me the moment you sided with the vampires. I only thank God that your mother isn't alive to see the disgrace you have become."
Stefan: "I haven't turned yet. I don't want to. I'm going to let myself die, Father."

Stefan: "Damon, I have been to see Father. He came at me. I didn't know my own strength. There was blood everywhere. He was dying, and the blood was too strong. I needed it. I had to have it."
Damon: "You fed?"
Stefan: "Yes, and it's incredible. My body is exploding with power, Damon."
Damon: "No..."
Stefan: "I can hear things from far away. I can see through the darkness. I can move like it's magic. And the guilt, the pain? Damon, I can turn it off like a switch. Katherine was right-- it's a whole another world out there."
Damon: "Katherine's dead, Stefan. There's no world without her."

Stefan: "It hurts me. It hurts me, knowing what I've done. And that pain, that pain is with me all the time. And everyday I think that if I just... If I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy. And every day I fight that. And I am so terrified that, one day, I'm not gonna want to fight that anymore, Elena. And the next time I hurt somebody, it could be you."
Elena: "There will be no next time."
Stefan: "But you don't know that."
Elena: "Maybe I don't. But what I do know, is that you could take this, throw it in the quarry, and let the sun rise. Or you could take this ring and put it on, and keep fighting."

Damon: "This is where it gets tricky. I may or may not be able to get in."
Alaric: "Yeah, how does that work? You always have to be invited in?"
Damon: "By the owner or person of entitlement. Short-term rentals and hotels are a bit of a gray area. You kinda gotta play it by ear."

Isobel: "Hello, Ric."
Alaric: "Isobel."



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Last.fm_play.png "In Line" – Robert Skoro

Last.fm_play.png "I'll Be Thinking of You" – Jamie McDonald
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