KLAUS: [voiceover] My siblings and I are the first vampires in all of history, the Originals. Unlike them, I am a hybrid—half vampire, half werewolf. Three hundred years ago, we helped build New Orleans. Now we've returned, drawn back by a coven of witches who've threatened the woman carrying my child.

AGNES: That baby will bring death to us all. 

KLAUS: [voiceover] My brother Elijah dealt with them. 

ELIJAH: [to Agnes] No one hurts my family and lives. 

KLAUS: [voiceover] We thought Hayley would be safe. 

MARCEL: [to Hayley] I am Marcel. I don't think we've met. 
ELIJAH: Hayley's gone. Where is she?
KLAUS: Marcel was here. 

KLAUS: [voiceover] We were wrong. 


[Dozens of vampires have congregated in the courtyard of the compound, where they all talk amongst themselves and drink. After a moment, Marcel appears on the balcony]

MARCEL: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fight Night! And, the first rule of Fight Night is: the vampire left standing at the end of the night is one step closer to the inner circle, and one of these--[He holds up the hand on which he wears his ring]-- a daylight ring. If you can impress me with a little ultra-violence, you too can enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. All you got to do is kick a little ass. Here we go!

[All the vampires form a circle as they wait for the announcement of the first fighters]

MARCEL: Our first two contenders: Felicia and Otto!

[Felicia and Otto fight while the rest of the vampires cheer them on. At one point, it appears that Otto has the upper-hand, but ultimately Felicia wins the fight by wrapping her legs around his neck and twisting her hips to snap his neck]

MARCEL: Damn, girl! Not bad!

[Suddenly, Klaus and Elijah enter the courtyard. Klaus walks behind Felicia and snaps her neck. The whole room goes silent]

Klaus: Good evening! I'd like a word. 
MARCEL: What do you think you're doing? 
Elijah: It appears that we've interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs! We've come here for the girl. Give it to us, or we kill everyone here... starting with you. 
MARCEL: You two got a lot of nerve, coming into my home and making demands. 
Klaus: [smiles fakely] Your home, is it? 
Elijah: [angry] The girl! I will not ask again. 
MARCEL: I assume you're talking about Hayley? Yea high, dark hair, bitchy attitude? Who is she, anyway?
Klaus: She's an old friend. You know how sentimental I am about old friends. 
MARCEL: Well, I ain't got her. And before you start whining, I did pay her a little visit earlier tonight. I was feeling nostalgic, so I took a trip out to the plantation where I used to be a slave. And, imagine my surprise when I realized that the Original family of vampires had taken up residence. Your girl, Hayley, answered the door, we exchanged hellos, that was it. You don't believe me? Look around. Hell, I'll even help you find her. But the question that I'd ask is: if Hayley isn't here, then where is she? 


[Hayley awakens in the trunk of an SUV with her wrists bound as it drives down the country roads of Louisiana. She tries to kick out the back window to escape, but the driver stops the car and gets out to check the trunk. When he opens it, he tries to grab her, but she fights back by kicking at him. It's revealed that the driver is Tyler Lockwood]

TYLER: [annoyed] Seriously? 
HAYLEY: Tyler? 
TYLER: You don't wanna fight me, Hayley. You know you can't beat a hybrid. 

[He uses zip-ties to bind her ankles so she can't run away]

HAYLEY: Ahh! Let me go, you backstabbing half-breed piece of shi--
TYLER: Shut up!

[Tyler pulls Hayley out of the trunk and throws her over his shoulder. As he walks down the road, his hybrid face comes out as he angrily drags Hayley into the Bayou]



[Elijah and Klaus are sitting in the courtyard. Some of the vampire fighters are milling around the compound]

Elijah: Not the most attractive community, are they?
Klaus: You do realize they can hear you?
Elijah: You do realize I don't care? 

[Marcel appears, followed by some vampires, and the witch, Sabine]

MARCEL: You know, Elijah, I liked you better in that box. [He turns to Klaus] But Klaus, my sire, you I owe the world, and I always show respect to my elders. If your special lady friend is missing, you could benefit from the help of a witch. And, since I control all the witches in this town, I'll grant you one little locator spell. Sabine's the best guide in the Quarter. Need to find someone? I guarantee, she's your girl.

[Marcel turns to leave them to their business]

Klaus: [confused] Where are you going? 
MARCEL: I hate to cut this short, but the sun's coming up soon. My nightwalkers need to get inside, and I have got a city to run. I leave you to track down your lost sheep. 
Elijah: [to Sabine] Can you find her?
SABINE: I can try. 


[Tyler has brought Hayley to some encampments in the Bayou, and drops her on the front stoop of a little shack]

HAYLEY: What is this place?
TYLER: The armpit of Louisiana. 

[Tyler pulls a knife out of his pocket]

HAYLEY: [worried] What are you gonna do with that? 
TYLER: Depends on you.

[He cuts the zip-ties on her ankles]

HAYLEY: Hey, you attacked me, remember? You ambushed me, in my own backyard. 
TYLER: It's not your backyard, it's Klaus'! You're shacked up in that mansion with that psycho. A long way from the girl I've met in the Appalachians, helping other werewolves. 
HAYLEY: Tyler, I'm sorry, but a lot has happened since the last time I saw you. 
TYLER: You mean that you're pregnant? A hybrid baby, yeah, I know all about it. I've been roaming around the Bayou, asking questions. Let me tell you what I learned! [He pulls down Hayley's sweater-sleeve so we can see the birthmark on her shoulder] This crescent birthmark means you come from a big-shot family. Some kind of royalty for the werewolves of this region. And right here-- [He gestures around him]-- this is all that's left of them. 

[They both look around, and see more shacks and tents made of blankets. Hayley spots a blonde girl standing nearby, watching them]


[The woman is startled and immediately runs away]

HAYLEY: Help me! 
TYLER: They can't help you! They're in the woods, hiding, because they were persecuted for decades by vampires. 

[Another werewolf, Dwayne, appears]

DWAYNE: Is that her? 
TYLER: [sighs] Yeah, Dwayne. Get her inside. 
HAYLEY: [scared] Tyler? Tyler! 


[In the courtyard, Elijah, Klaus are crowded around a small table, where Sabine waves her hands over a map. As she casts the locator spell, a puddle of Klaus' blood traces across the map from their current location to where Hayley is being held in the Bayou]

SABINE: She's in the back country. Way up past Houma, deep in the Bayou. 
Elijah: I don't suppose you could be more precise?
Klaus: What's the matter, Elijah? You're worried a bit of splashing about in the bog might ruin your expensive shoes? 
Elijah: As a matter of fact, after my recent confinement, I could use a decent stroll through the countryside.
SABINE: There are stories of exiled werewolves, encampments. If Hayley went out that far, chances are she went to find them.
Klaus: Clearly, she hopes to make the acquaintance of more like herself. I suppose our company wasn't good enough for her.

[Elijah looks at Sabine worriedly]

[In the bar room, Josh is sitting at a table, drinking and watching a group of vampires play drinking games, when Marcel approaches him]

MARCEL: You could always join them, you know.
JOSH: Uh, drinking games? It's not really my thing. It kind of reminds me of the jocks in my high school. We had a pretty high quota of what you'd call "douche-nozzles."
MARCEL: [smiles] Bullies, huh?
JOSH: Yeah.
MARCEL: Wonder what'd happen if you saw those guys now. I bet you'd tear them apart, right?
JOSH: [nervous] Ah, yeah, totally. Ha probably go all vamp-ninja on them.
MARCEL: Hahaha! You're a funny guy, Josh. In fact, I thought it was really funny last night, you know, seeing you at that plantation where Klaus is staying.

[Josh quickly gets up and goes to run away, but is blocked by several other vampires, forcing him to turn back to Marcel]

MARCEL: Oh, ho ho, hahaha! You going somewhere, Josh?


[Klaus and Elijah continue their search for Hayley near the werewolf encampments]

Elijah: We should head south towards the water.
Klaus: You seem quite determined to find the little wolf.
Elijah: If I'm moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you're welcome to wait in the car. Do be certain to leave the windows down.
Klaus: Ah, so I've touched a nerve? You've begun to admire this girl. Perhaps that's why you've been barking orders since your return, hoping to impress Hayley by assuming the role of family patriarch.
Elijah: If you're going to insist on treating her like a walking incubator, then that's your mistake.

[Klaus sniffs at the air and looks around]

Elijah: Have you found her scent?

[Klaus comes upon Tyler's SUV and starts searching through its contents]

Klaus: [groans] No, but I found someone else's. This vehicle reeks of someone I thought I was rid of... Tyler Lockwood.
Elijah: And why would your little hybrid-sidekick from Mystic Falls have any interest in Hayley?
Klaus: He wants revenge because I went after his girl.
Elijah: Why do I suspect this is the least of your offenses?
Klaus: Back when I had the means to sire hybrids, he was my first, Although, I didn't give him much choice in the matter.

[Klaus pulls a blanket out of the abandoned car and sniffs at it]

Klaus: He was loyal in the beginning, but he grew insubordinate, turned my other hybrids against me. I couldn't have that, so I massacred the lot of them. Tyler ran like a coward before I could finish him off.
Elijah: [sighs in frustration] Anything else that you would like to share?
Klaus: Well, there was this business with his mum...
Elijah: [incredulous] You killed his mother. Wonderful.
Klaus: He needed to be taught a lesson!
Elijah: And what lesson will you be taught, Niklaus, if he retaliates by harming Hayley?
Klaus: So you do care about her. Well, go on, then. Have at it, brother. Save her. Claim what spoils you can. I've sampled what she has to offer and let me tell you, she is exquisite--
Elijah: [cuts him off] --Niklaus, so help me...
Klaus: Enough. I'll kill Tyler Lockwood myself.

[Klaus vamp-runs away to find Tyler]


[Marcel enters the Davina's attic room with a large canvas bag thrown over his shoulder]

DAVINA: [frantic] Marcel, something is happening. There is a witch doing magic in the Quarter.
MARCEL: [smiles] Oh, no worries, that one is Marcel-approved! Besides...

[He drops the large sack onto the floor]

MARCEL: Got something else for you to handle!

[Marcel opens the bag to reveal Josh inside. Josh gets his bearings, and when he sees Davina, he gets scared]

JOSH: [terrified] Oh, no. Y-you're the super-witch.
MARCEL: [to Davina] Say hi to Josh.
DAVINA: [confused] Why would you bring him here?
MARCEL: Josh has a problem. Klaus compelled him to spy on me.

[Marcel forces a still-scared Josh to sit in a chair]

JOSH: Agh!

MARCEL: I can't have that. So, I thought, "I'll just kill Josh"--
JOSH: [interrupts] Marcel, please! It's not my fault!
MARCEL: --then I thought, "Killing a vampire? That would be breaking my own rule." Smart thing to do is to flip Josh. That way, he can tell Klaus whatever I want. He could even spy for me. All we gotta do is wipe away that compulsion. So, what do you think?
DAVINA: I can make him forget what Klaus told him. But, the more Klaus said, the more it is gonna hurt.
MARCEL: Hmm. Probably gonna hurt a lot. Josh?
JOSH: I-I'll do it. Anything. Yes. [He hesitates for a moment] How much pain are we talking?

[Davina holds up a hand and starts to remove Josh's compulsion. His vision starts to blur, and he begins to shout out in agony]


[Hayley is alone in the shack, zip-tied to a fire stove, when Tyler walks in and joins her]

HAYLEY: Tyler, there's been a wolf watching me lately. Protecting me, like it instinctively knows that I'm part of it's pack. [She pauses a beat] You're a hybrid, you can turn into a wolf whenever you want... Was it you?
TYLER: [confused] No, but you're right-- only hybrids can control when they change. And I'm the only one left, besides Klaus. Which is why we're here.
HAYLEY: Whatever you think you're doing, you know that whole Original family has made some sort of pact, or something, to keep me and the baby safe. So, if you hurt me, they'll kill you.
TYLER: What makes you think I'm afraid to die?

[Dwayne walks into the shack and joins them]

TYLER: [to Dwayne] You ready for this?
DWAYNE: [nods] Let's do it.

[Tyler digs in a bag and draws out a large syringe, and Hayley's eyes widen in fear]

HAYLEY: [scared] What are you doing?

[Dwayne walks over and holds Hayley down. Tyler crouches down in front of her]

HAYLEY: Tyler, please. NO! Tyler!
TYLER: Klaus destroyed everything good in my life! So, I'm gonna take away the thing he wants most!

[Tyler jams the syringe into Hayley's stomach and draws out a measure of her blood. Hayley screams in pain. One he removes the syringe from her body, he jams it into Dwayne's neck, injects the blood into him, and snaps his neck as Hayley watches in horror]


[Marcel is walking downstairs after dropping off Josh in Davina's room, and is about to leave when he notices someone's presence and stops]

MARCEL: I thought you were leaving town! Couldn't stay away, huh?

[Rebekah comes out of nowhere and slams him onto the floor as she holds her stiletto-heel-clad foot against his neck]

REBEKAH: I was half-past Louisiana when I found out you invaded our home. What have you done with Hayley?
MARCEL: [smiles as he gasps for breath] You're so hot when you're angry.

[Rebekah furiously lifts Marcel up off the ground and throws him against the nearby wall. He bounces off and falls into a heap on the floor]

MARCEL: [groans] Ahh.
REBEKAH: You used me! 
MARCEL: [stands up] I'm pretty sure that was mutual.
REBEKAH: Beguiled by your charms, I slept with you like a fool, led you to our home, and then you took Hayley?
MARCEL: Whoa, I didn't take anybody! Alright? I already sorted this out with your brothers. But, it begs the question-- why'd you come back?
REBEKAH: If Klaus learns it's my fault you found your way to the plantation--
MARCEL: [interrupts her] You really think I'd rat you out? Come on! [He caresses her face] If you think that I'd ever, in a thousand years, do ANYTHING to hurt you, you've got me confused with Klaus.
REBEKAH: All your charms and flirtations simply prove that you're every bit the liar and manipulator that Klaus is.
MARCEL: [slightly hurt] Is that what you really think?
REBEKAH: By all means, prove me wrong.
MARCEL: Fine. Come on, there's something that you need to see.

[Marcel turns to leave, and Rebekah reluctantly follows him]


[Tyler lifts Dwayne's dead body up off the floor and drags him over to the other side of the room while Hayley glares at him]

TYLER: Don't get all judgy! Dwayne knew what he was getting into. He volunteered!
HAYLEY: [skeptical] For you to kill him?
TYLER: Dwayne is a werewolf who died with your blood in his system. The same blood you share with your hybrid baby.
HAYLEY: [realizes what he's doing] You're trying to turn him into a hybrid? That's impossible!
TYLER: I've been running with wolf packs all over the country. One of them was tight with a witch. She had nightmare visions about your baby and how Klaus could use its blood to make an army of hybrid slaves.
HAYLEY: [furious] I am sick of these witches and their premonitions about my baby. It's just a baby!
TYLER: [shrugs] Maybe. Maybe not. That's where Dwayne comes in. You see, he was happy to be the test case. If you haven't noticed, these people don't have much to live for. They'd all welcome the chance to become the superior species. Trouble is, all hybrids are sired to Klaus. They follow his every move. [He grabs knife from his bag and sets it on the table] No way I let that happen.
HAYLEY: How can you be so sure Klaus knows what the baby's blood will do?
TYLER: What do you think? Klaus Mikaelson, killer of men, women and puppies, all of a sudden wants to be a daddy? Or, he's got an ulterior motive. Hybrids can walk in the sun. Their bite is lethal to vampires. They'll take over New Orleans by the end of the week. And you know what's going to stop Klaus then? Nothing.

[Dwayne awakens with a gasp and starts freaking out]

TYLER: [glances at Hayley before addressing Dwayne] You're gonna have to feed on her.

[Tyler picks up the knife and walks toward her before cutting her neck]

HAYLEY: [screams] What? No! Ahhhhh!

TYLER: Do it.

[Dwayne walks over to Hayley and feeds on her, despite her cries. After a moment, Dwayne stops feeding and falls to the floor in pain. Tyler pushes him outside and leaves the shack to tend to him. Hayley notices the knife on the ground and strains to reach for it. When she realizes she can't reach it, she instead grabs a broken chair leg from the floor. Outside, Dwayne continues convulsing]

TYLER: [shouting] Look at me! Look at me!

[Dwayne starts to calm down, and eventually lies still]

TYLER: [relieved] You're okay.

[Dwayne's hybrid face emerges, and he smiles]

DWAYNE: I'm better than okay.


[Josh continues to lay in the fetal position on the floor of Davina's attic room while she works on magically wiping Josh's mind of Klaus' compulsion. After several moments of Josh's pained screams, Davina sighs and stops her spell]

DAVINA: I'm sorry, but it's just gonna get worse. Klaus' compulsion runs deep.

[She kneels down and helps Josh back into the chair]

DAVINA: You need to think of something else. Take your mind off it. [She pauses for a moment] Do you like music?
JOSH: [still panting from the pain] What? I can't think of music right now.
DAVINA: [sighs again] Why?
JOSH: [frustrated] I dunno, maybe because you're giving me a Voodoo lobotomy!
DAVINA: [shrugs] Do you like jazz? [Josh sighs in frustration] So, what then?
JOSH: [sighs] Club stuff. [He notices Davina's confused expression] House? Trance? You know, "unce unce unce unce?"
DAVINA: [scoffs] I'm a witch, I'm not Amish! It's just, I'm only sixteen, I don't go to clubs.
JOSH: When I was sixteen, I'd been to, like, a hundred clubs. [He pauses] God, that was only four years ago. It feels like another life. All I wanted to do is meet boys. Things are so much more complicated. Now, all I want to do is meet boys, feed on people's blood, get one of those daylight rings so I don't burn in the sunlight. [He laughs bitterly] All perfectly normal things.

[As Davina listens to him talk, she walks over to her table, where Tim's violin is still resting from when Elijah fixed it]

DAVINA: I like the classics. Puccini, Bach, Mozart. I took piano, not that it matters while I'm stuck here.
JOSH: Why not?
DAVINA: Marcel's worried that someone could hear. It's not his fault, he just wants to keep me safe.
JOSH: [confused] Safe from what?
DAVINA: Basically, a coven of psycho witches wants to sacrifice me in a blood ritual.
JOSH: [laughs dryly] Oh! Wow, okay, uhhh... I'm sorry?
DAVINA: Don't be. I'm going to destroy them all. And once they're gone, everything will go back to normal. I'll have my old life back!

[She smiles happily, and though Josh looks concerned for her, he smiles sadly back at her]


[Tyler returns to the shack after Dwayne's transformation. He gives Hayley a grim look, and she looks shocked]

HAYLEY: It worked, didn't it? He's a hybrid.
TYLER: If Klaus gets a hold of you, if he gets that kid? He wins.
HAYLEY: Then help me hide the baby from him!

[Tyler walks over and picks the knife up off the floor]

HAYLEY: Help me run!
TYLER: He'll find you, he'll take your kid away, and he'll make more hybrid monsters. Slaves who do everything he says. 
HAYLEY: [terrified] Tyler, whatever you're thinking of doing, there has to be another way. You're not like this! 

[When Tyler shakes his head and continues to walk toward her, she stabs him in the gut with the broken chair leg. Tyler screams in pain and pulls the stake out]

TYLER: That was stupid!

[He starts to walk toward Hayley again when Dwayne rushes in]

DWAYNE: Get away from her!
TYLER: What do you care?
DWAYNE: I said get away!
TYLER: [annoyed] You got what you wanted, now get lost!
HAYLEY: [desperate] Dwayne, he's gonna kill me! And he's gonna kill you, too! He said that hybrids are too dangerous to live! You need to stop him!

[Dwayne comes behind Tyler and tosses him across the room. He lands on the floor, and when he gets up, Dwayne runs to tackle him. Hayley sees that Tyler dropped the knife within reach, and uses it to cut herself free. Tyler eventually overpowers Dwayne and rips his heart out. When he turns back toward Hayley, he sees that she's escaped and becomes furious]

[Hayley runs as fast as she can through the woods, Tyler's knife still in her hand, and stops to hide behind a tree. As she catches her breath, she hears someone approaching. She braces herself, readies her knife, and turns to attack, but it's just Elijah. He holds her hand steady to protect himself]

Elijah: [smiles] Forgive me! I thought you were in danger. It appears I was mistaken.

[Hayley sighs in relief and dives into Elijah's arms. The two hug for a long moment before Hayley eventually pulls away]

HAYLEY: You will not believe the crap day I'm having.
Elijah: I'll take you home.

[He turns to leave, but Hayley stops him]

HAYLEY: Elijah, there's something you need to know about the baby.

[Meanwhile, Tyler angrily continues to look for Hayley in various tents]

TYLER: HAYLEY! Don't make this harder than it has to be! Give up now... I'll end it quick.

[Klaus appears behind him]

Klaus: Quite an offer! Though, not one I'll be extending to you.
TYLER: [braces himself for a fight] Klaus.
Klaus: Hello, Tyler. You look well! I aim to change that. [He smiles] Threatening a pregnant girl in order to exact revenge against me? I never expected you to sink so low! [He walks toward Tyler] I admit, I'm impressed!

[Tyler ducks away from Klaus and puts more distance between them]

TYLER: Used to hang out with you. I guess something must have rubbed off.
Klaus: What would Caroline say if she saw what you've become? Perhaps I'll ask her when I call her to tell her of your demise. 
TYLER: [smiles] Whatever happens to me, Caroline's never going to stop hating you! 

[Klaus' face goes cold, and he runs toward him to toss Tyler into a tree]

Klaus: [bellows] Come on, mate! Give it a bit more effort! I want to enjoy myself.

[Tyler glares at Klaus and braces himself to fight, but at the last minute, he vamp-runs away. Klaus smiles, and waits for a moment before chasing after him]


[Marcel leads Rebekah into the Garden, and gestures at a vampire guard to leave them alone. Rebekah stares around in confusion and mild horror]

REBEKAH: What is this place?
MARCEL: [gestures around them] This is the Garden. It's where I punish vampires who break my rules. [He pulls some blueprints out of a little hole in the wall] But, a long time ago, it used to be something else. 

[He spreads out the blueprints and shows them to Rebekah]

MARCEL: Go on, tell me what you see.
REBEKAH: [examines the sketches] Two stories, Greek columns, wrap-around porch. High ceilings, transom windows... It's lovely. So what?
MARCEL: So, I designed it for you. It was going to be ours.
REBEKAH: [stunned] That, this...was supposed to be our happily-ever-after?
MARCEL: Yours and mine. [He puts the blueprints away] Except you flew the coop with Klaus. I already built the foundation for the place. I halted constructions after you took off. The plan was to wait for you to return. You never did, so, now it's where I bury the people who betray me.
REBEKAH: You could have come after me!
MARCEL: You were with Klaus! I didn't know where, I didn't know if you still wanted to be with me! All you had to do was come home!
REBEKAH: It was more complicated than that. Not long after we left here, he put a dagger in my heart and stuck me in a box for NINETY YEARS. He stole a century for me like it was nothing!
MARCEL: That's what he does, Rebekah! Klaus will never be happy. He'll be damned if he lets anyone get something that he can't have!
REBEKAH: I know! I've been dancing to this song for a thousand years!
MARCEL: Starting right now, you have a choice, between the brother who takes away your happiness whenever he feels like it, and the man who wants to give you anything you ever wanted.

[The two stare at each other for a long moment]

REBEKAH: [sadly] He will kill you in front of my eyes out of spite. 
MARCEL: [shakes head] Not if we get rid of him first.

[Rebekah looks at him in shock]


[Hayley is sitting against a tree as she tells Elijah what she's learned. Elijah paces anxiously while he listens]

HAYLEY: Klaus must have known, that's the only explanation! He could care less about the baby. He just wants her to be born so he can use her to make more sired hybrids.

[She looks at Elijah, and they share a look before Elijah looks away, troubled by Hayley's news]

HAYLEY: Although... the way that Dwayne was acting... it was more like he was sired to me.

[They both continue to think about the implications]

Elijah: [sighs] I should take you home.
HAYLEY: Are you serious? Home to what?
Elijah: Look, regardless of my brother's intentions, mine remain the same. I said that I would protect you, even, if need be, from Klaus himself. 
HAYLEY: I can take care of myself. I've done it for a long time.

[Hayley gets up and walks away. After a moment, Elijah follows her]

[Meanwhile, in the werewolf encampments, Klaus wanders around and checks random tents as he searches for Tyler]

Klaus: Is this your idea of revenge, Tyler? A grueling game of hide-and-seek?

[Tyler runs up behind Klaus and stabs him through the chest with a stake. Klaus yells in pain and backhands Tyler away, before he pulls the stake out of his chest and readies himself to fight back]

Klaus: [glares at Tyler] Let's end this, shall we?

[The two continue to glare at each other. Before they lunge forward to fight, their hybrid eyes and fangs emerge. Tyler tackles Klaus, and they both roll down a small hill and land in front of Dwayne's shack. Tyler punches Klaus in the face, so Klaus grabs him in a choke-hold]

Klaus: How dare you!
TYLER: I'm just getting started.

[Tyler stakes him in the side, and Klaus groans in pain]

Klaus: You've grown bloodthirsty. Perhaps it's best your mother didn't live to see you like this.

[Klaus laughs devilishly at him. Tyler gets more enraged and begins to pummel Klaus in the face. Klaus grabs his fist, flips him over so Klaus is on top of him, and stakes Tyler in the chest with the stake that was stuck in his side. Tyler moans in pain, and they both get back on their feet]

Klaus: It's sad, really. I thought I made you better. Turns out you're quite the disappointment.

[Tyler pulls the stake out of his chest and throws it aside]

TYLER: I guess I'm another one of your failures. Like how you failed at making hybrids. How you failed your family! [He approaches Klaus and smiles] Now it looks like you're going to fail your own kid!

[Klaus grabs Tyler by the throat and pushes him against a tree]

Klaus: And thus ends your tedious little life. At least it was brief!

[He jams his hand into Tyler's chest and grabs his heart as Tyler shouts in agony]

TYLER: [gasps for breath] Do it! You're never gonna break me! Only thing you can do is kill me, so go on! Go on, get it over with!
Klaus: [pauses and chuckles] Ahhh, you want me to end your suffering, don't you? Hmm? I did break you! I took everything from you, and now you're begging me to sweep away the shards of your shattered little life.

[He stares at him for a moment, and just when Tyler thinks Klaus is about to kill him, he pulls his empty hand out of his chest and chokes Tyler momentarily]

Klaus: Death offers more peace than you deserve. It's better to let you live. And each morning, you will wake knowing your wretched existence continues only by my will. [He starts to compel him] Now go, and live the rest of your days knowing that you are nothing to me. 

[Klaus lets him go, and leaves him alone in agony]


[Rebekah and Marcel continue to talk]

REBEKAH: Do you know how many fools have tried to vanquish my brother? If you stand against him, he will kill you and it will be awful and bloody and I will not stand around and watch.

[She turns to leave, but Marcel stops her]

MARCEL: You forget, I have a secret weapon. Davina, the most powerful witch in the last couple centuries! What if she can find a way to kill him?
REBEKAH: You don't know, do you? You can't kill Klaus! Not without dying yourself. We learned it from the deaths of my brothers Kol and Finn. If an Original dies, every vampire ever made from their line dies with them. Even if you kill Klaus, he'll still win! It's been that way for a thousand years, that's his trick. He always wins. 
MARCEL: There's another way. 
REBEKAH: What would that be?
MARCEL: We bury him down here forever. 
REBEKAH: Are you mad? This little chamber of horrors may work for your riff-raff, but do you really think it will hold my brother?
MARCEL: Isn't it worth the risk? You know I'm right! Klaus will never stop trying to control you! 
REBEKAH: And I'm supposed to believe that, after a century, suddenly you're willing to risk death at his hands to be with me?
MARCEL: I want to defend my home. I wanna be free. And if that means I get to be with you, all the more reason to bury him. Now, you tell me--- what do you want?

[Rebekah stares at him, but says nothing]


[Klaus is waiting at Dwayne's shack when Elijah and Hayley return. Once they approach the porch, he shoves Dwayne's dead body in front of them]

Klaus: There you are! I see you've found our wandering stray. Perhaps you could shed some light on the situation. This-- [kicks the body over]-- appears to be a hybrid.
HAYLEY: His name was Dwayne.
Klaus: Well, whoever it was, I didn't sire him. Any idea how that's possible?
HAYLEY: [stomps toward him] As if you didn't know!

[Elijah holds Hayley back and walks in front of her to protect her from Klaus]

Klaus: [unamused] Ahhh, well, aren't you two fast friends? Oh, come on, then. What kind of horrible accusation have you conspired to levy against me? 
Elijah: Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory. [Klaus nods at him to continue] That the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims that you knew that. Furthermore, that you intended to use this knowledge to build an army.
Klaus: [hurt and angry] And, of course, you assume it's true. I mean, why else would I show interest in my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me, and my own brother falls in line, eager to believe it! How quickly you believe the worst, especially when it comes from her.
Elijah: Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it you once said to me? [He impersonates Klaus] "Every king needs an heir!"
Klaus: My big brother. So, you doubt my intentions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, standing next to the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard

[The two stare at each other as Klaus approaches him. Elijah seems to be reconsidering his position]

Klaus: That's all I am to you, isn't it? And Rebekah. And, judging by the way Hayley hangs on your every word, it's clear she feels the same way! [He pauses, looking even more hurt] No doubt my child will as well. 
Elijah: [more kindly] Brother, if--
Klaus: [interrupts] You've said all that needs to be said, brother. [He steps back a few steps and holds his arms out in defeat] I'll play the role I've been given. 

[He turns as though he's going to walk away, but instead, he turns back quickly and vamp-runs over to Elijah before biting him savagely on the neck. Hayley screams in horror and runs over to him]

Klaus: [wipes his mouth with his hand] You two enjoy each other's company. You'll have much to bond over, once the hallucinations and dementia set in. Consider that bite to be my parting gift to you both.

[Klaus walks away, leaving Elijah and Hayley to fend for themselves in the Bayou]


[Josh is laying on Davina's floor, looking sweaty and pale after being subjected to Davina's spell all day. He pants and groans as he pushes himself onto his elbows. Davina kneels next to him]

DAVINA: That's it. You're free!
JOSH: [smiles in relief] You're right! I can feel it. [Davina giggles] Before, I was always thinking about what Klaus would want me to do. Now, I'm like, "Screw that guy!"

[Josh starts to laugh hysterically out of happiness]

JOSH: Klaus Mikaelson can suck it!

[Josh continues laughing, but Davina frowns, which doesn't escape Josh's notice]

JOSH: What? What's that look for?
DAVINA: [sadly] Marcel wants me to make you forget about me.
JOSH: Oh, you don't have to do that! I, like, owe you my life! [Davina smiles weakly at him] I'l keep your secret! Besides, it's kind of nice, just talking to someone normal again. 
DAVINA: You think I'm normal? I'm a sixteen-year-old witch living in an attic like some kind of freak.
JOSH: I'm a gay club kid who died and came back as a vampire. Yeah, normal's kind of relative, you know? [They both laugh, and Josh extends his pinky to her] Here, pinky swear on it.

[The two of them link pinkies and smile at each other]


[Elijah and Hayley look around the abandoned shack as Hayley shuffles through old photos]

HAYLEY: You don't have to help. I can dig through the werewolf antique show on my own. Besides-- [She looks at his neck wound]-- shouldn't you put some kind of ointment or something on that?
Elijah: The bite won't kill me. Like Niklaus himself, it's more than a nuisance than anything.
HAYLEY: Good, 'cause I'm eventually going to need a ride home. [smiles] And thanks, by the way, for staying out here. You didn't have to.
Elijah: I know, but you said the people of this village are the only family you have left. I can relate. 
HAYLEY: You're thinking about Klaus.
Elijah: [sighs] Perhaps I was too willing to condemn him. In the thousand years that we have been together, my brother has committed numerous unspeakable acts. But, then again, so has Rebekah. So have I.
HAYLEY: So did I, the last time I was in Cabo. [Elijah stares at her in confusion] We've all done bad things. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing. But, don't for a second compare yourself to Klaus.

[The two stare at each other intensely. After a long moment, they both awkwardly look away]

HAYLEY: It's like a freaking hot-box in here, I'm gonna get some air.

[Hayley leaves to walk out onto the porch. When she gets outside, she finds a Bible laying on the corner of the porch. She picks it up and begins to flip through it. After a few moments, Elijah joins her outside]

HAYLEY: Someone left this here.
Elijah: What is it?
HAYLEY: A Bible, with a family history that goes back generations.

[The two pore over the the Bible's pages. There are many names and birth dates documented, the last of which is "Andréa Labonair 6 June 1991"]

Elijah: What are these names? Who is Andrea?
HAYLEY: [shocked] I think I am... That's the day that I was born.


[Klaus is staring out the window and drinking scotch when Rebekah enters the living room]

Klaus: I thought you were leaving us. 
REBEKAH: We both know this family can barely function without me. Where are Elijah and Hayley?
Klaus: I left them in the Bayou.
REBEKAH: [frowns] Why?
Klaus: Elijah and I had a bit of a row. [He laughs bitterly] Hayley's conspired to turn him against me. You know our brother was never one to resist a pretty face! So, one thing led to another, and I bit him, left them both stranded in the swamp.
REBEKAH: [becomes livid] Daggering, biting, deserting. Does your wickedness ever end?
Klaus: My "wickedness" is self-preservation! And I wouldn't have to go to such lengths were I not presented on all sides with ignorance and treachery! Now that Elijah's abandoned me, I'll be needing you in my plot against Marcel.

[Rebekah glares at her brother resentfully]

Klaus: [pours himself another drink] Don't expect to be leaving town anytime soon.
REBEKAH: Why should I help you, after what you did to Elijah?
Klaus: [hurt] You're my family. Besides, who better to spy on Marcel than the girl he so clearly loves? [He sits on the coffee table in front of Rebekah, who sits on the couch] You can tell me all his secrets. Like, how did he find us here? Huh, any idea about that, little sister? 
REBEKAH: [anxious] How should I know why Marcel does what he does?
Klaus: You think I don't know about your engineered run-ins all over the Quarter? I know you've had private chats with him! Just tell me what secrets he's confided to you. Is he plotting against me?
REBEKAH: [glares at him and gets in his face] My poor brother, so paranoid. Marcel knows nothing! He's not plotting against you, he simply thinks you're in a quarrel in need of making up. 
Klaus: [sighs] Perhaps we will. After all-- [He points and leans in aggressively toward Rebekah]-- you know I'm capable of forgiving those who disappoint me. As soon as they've seen the error of their ways... and suffered for them. You'd do well to remember that. 

[Klaus gets up and walks away]

REBEKAH: [mutters under her breath] You never let me forget.


[Tyler and Marcel sit at a table in the bar room while a couple of vampire guards stand around nearby]

MARCEL: You wanna make a deal with me, you gotta offer me something. I already know about Hayley, the werewolf girl. What else you got?
TYLER: What if I told you that werewolf girl is carrying Klaus' child? 

[Marcel leans in, clearly interested]

TYLER: And, if that baby is born, it'll mean the end of the vampire species.

[Marcel nods at him, silently agreeing to work together]


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