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Bloopers are a short sequence of a film or video production, usually containing a deleted scene or a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew being heard or visible onscreen.

Continuity errors are production errors that don't match storyline or timeline from other parts of the same episode or other episodes. Bloopers can be caused by anyone, including the producer. Such errors can range from subtle, such as changes in the level of drink to more noticeable, such as sudden drastic changes in the appearance of a character which can ruin the illusion of realism in a series.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

Episode Error/Goof Image
  • The sign by Mystic Falls cemetery says it was established in 1792, but later episodes state the town was built in the 1860s
  • In the first few episodes, Damon is shown to have unique powers (such as controlling the fog and crows, showing Caroline visions from far distances, etc). These powers are not shown again, and it is not explained how he was able to do this.
Date does not fit storyline.

"Friday Night Bites"
  • Caroline wakes up wearing different lingerie to what she was wearing in the previous episode.
In 1x02 it's pink, and it 1x03 it's white.

"Friday Night Bites"
  • Bonnie's car is a different color in this episode.
Bonnie's car changes
Bonnie's car changes color.

"Family Ties"
  • The set for Jeremy's room has a crokinole board placed on the wall, like a dartboard. Crokinole is a game that must be played on a flat, horizontal surface, and the boards are usually heavy as they're made of wood, so hanging a board on the wall is sort of ludicrous.
Crokinole board is placed on the wall

"Family Ties"
  • Carol calls her husband "Charles" in this episode. However, he introduces himself as Richard to Pearl later on in the season and is referred to as Richard from then on.
"You're Undead to Me"
  • In the scene where Caroline scares away the crow with a pillow she goes from wearing a grey skirt to being in her undershorts, though there's no time for her to have changed in between shots.
Clothes changed quickly

"Lost Girls"
  • In the state of Virginia (where Mystic Falls is said to be) if you are under the age of 21, all IDs are supposed to be vertical. However, when Sheriff Forbes looks in Vicki's purse her ID is horizontal.
  • It is possible that Vicki had been using a fake ID, but wouldn't the sheriff notice it was fake, especially when she knew the Donovan family personally, and knew Vicki was underage?
Vicki's License

"Lost Girls"
  • In all the other times that either Damon or Stefan have been cut, the wound healed almost instantly. However, when Damon pierced his own skin to force Vicki to feed, the wound stayed open for the entire time she was drinking from it.
Wound error

"162 Candles"
  • In Pilot, Caroline says that Stefan is a Gemini. However, as he was born in early November, he is actually a Scorpio.
  • Interestingly enough, Stefan's brother Damon's birthday is mid-June, making him a Gemini.
"The Turning Point"
  • Logan, the newly turned vampire, claims he cannot get in his own house because the fact that he lived alone meant that there was no one to invite him into his own home. he got no one to let him in as Logan lives alone. However, later in the season, Samantha Gibbons was killed by Damon Salvatore after she had been compelled to refuse to give him an invitation, thereby allowing him to enter the house without it.
  • It is far more likely that Damon would have smelled the pile of bodies in the Fell Warehouse before Logan pointed them out, especially with his heightened senses.

  • Although Bonnie and Caroline both describe Sheila as boozy, she is not seen to drink throughout the entirety of the first season.
  • The address that Matt writes on his application form is different to that on Vicki's driver's license.
  • Elena asked what Stefan looked like in the 1950s. However, she had already seen him on the news of 1953.
  • It is plausible that Dr. Gilbert could fake medical files, but how did Miranda fake a pregnancy? In a small town, somebody would notice.

"Children of the Damned"
  • During flashbacks a copy of Renoir's "Two Young Girls at the Piano" can be seen on the wall behind Katherine. This painting was painted in 1892, which happened 28 years after the flashbacks took place.
  • The men of Mystic Falls should be fighting in the Civil War, as they seem able-bodied enough.
  • Giuseppe's tombstone says that he died in January 1864. However, the Founder's Ball, during which he was alive, took place in September that year.
  • If Johnathan Gilbert found out that Pearl, the woman he loved, was a vampire who could walk in the sun, wouldn't he write that down in his journal?
Error1x13 Renoir
Renoir picture

"Children of the Damned"
  • After Damon forces Elena to drink his blood the amount and position of the trickle of blood beside her mouth and on her chin changes between shots.
  • Damon sees Katherine muzzled in Stefan's room. So why was he surprised when Stefan said that he was the last to see her in History Repeating?
Elena blood

"Fool Me Once"
  • There is no explanation as to why Anna turned Logan Fell into a vampire. Since he played no integral part in retrieving the Gilbert Journal, there is no reason for his turning.
  • When Elena shows up to talk to Damon, she takes off her scarf twice
Vervained necklace

"A Few Good Men"
  • Jenna's search changes from "Peterson" to "Trudie Peterson" from one frame to the next.
  • Why did Isobel have Trudie killed? If it was so she could not tell Elena too much, why not just kill her earlier before she could say anything at all?
  • When Matt and Caroline were watching TV on the couch, whenever the camera cuts to Matt, his arm is leaning on the couch behind Caroline. Although, whenever the camera cuts to Caroline, Matt's arm is around her shoulder.
Peterson to Trudie Peterson

"There Goes the Neighborhood"
"Let The Right One In"
  • When Elena pulls the stake out of Harper's leg for Stefan, when they are rescuing Stefan, Stefan's hands are still tied and the rope is trailing over his shoulder, then Damon tells them to hurry up and they are leaving the room and Stefan's hands are untied and the rope nowhere to be seen.
  • Damon can enter the house after killing Samantha Gibbons. However, Logan could not enter his own house after becoming a vampire.
No ropes..

"Under Control"
  • Jeremy doesn't recognize Alaric's Gilbert Ring despite his father apparently having worn one exactly the same.
Jeremy's ring
Gilbert ring

"Founder's Day"
  • When Stefan is telling Elena about John Gilbert being her father, the flower hair clip in her hair keeps disappearing and reappearing throughout the scene.
Flower keeps appearing and disappearing

  • Stefan tells Elena he had to learn to control his bloodlust on his own, but in The Dinner Party it is shown that Lexi helped him control it.
"History Repeating"
  • In History Repeating, Stefan says that he saw Katherine get dragged inside the church; however, in Blood Brothers, it is revealed he was unconscious due to his vampire transition at the time and only Damon saw her get dragged inside.
  • While it is possible that Grayson, as a doctor, could fake a birth certificate that claimed Elena was his biological daughter, Miranda could not have faked a pregnancy. Someone was bound to have noticed she had apparently given birth without warning. In continuity, they may have claimed they were hiding the pregnancy.
"Children of the Damned"
"Fool Me Once"
  • At the end of Fool Me Once, Pearl tells Damon that Katherine made a deal with a guard who was obsessed with her and that he let her go, but in Memory Lane, it is revealed however that she made a deal with George Lockwood for the moonstone to set her free. It is possible that George used this guard as part of the deal.
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.

Episode Error/Goof Image
"Brave New World"
  • Stefan says Mason only has superhuman abilities during the full moon. However, at the carnival Stefan learned Mason has superhuman strength even without a full moon when they arm wrestled and Stefan witnessed Mason's superhuman strength and agility when Mason fought with Carter.
Mason supernatural ability

"Bad Moon Rising"
  • Vanessa Monroe mentions that Katherine arrived in Mystic Falls in April 1864. However, the Atlanta campaign fires, which she used as a cover-up, took place in early September that year.
  • When Caroline and Stefan arrive to Tyler's party, she's wearing a significantly amount of eyeliner on her eyes.When she meets with Matt, she is wearing almost any make up.
"Kill or Be Killed"
  • When Caroline is sitting down in the dungeon on the Lockwood Estate and has blood on her mouth, the blood changes its consistency.
  • Damon was able to compel Tyler in Haunted before he triggered his werewolf curse, so why couldn't Katherine simply compel Tyler to kill someone to trigger his werewolf curse instead of compelling Jimmy?
Caroline blood amount changes

  • Throughout the fight scene between Katherine and Stefan and Damon the blood stains on the back of Elena's top keep changing size and shape.
  • When Damon and Lucy meet, neither of them seem to know each other. However, it was revealed in History Repeating, that Damon had made a deal with Emily Bennett to protect her entire bloodline in exchange for sealing Katherine in the tomb, in order to protect Emily's bloodline, Damon must have been aware of Lucy's existence.
  • When Damon puts Katherine back into the Tomb, the boundary spell Emily placed on the tomb is still active. This is despite the fact that Sheila and Bonnie lowered the spell in season one. Furthermore, the tomb vampires would not have been able to escape if Bonnie and Sheila had put the spell back up.
    • Bonnie and Sheila also state that if they lowered the spell—which they eventually did—they would be unable to put the spell back up.
    • It is impossible that anyone else put the spell back up since the spell to do so was in Emily's grimoire, which has been in the possession of Bonnie since Sheila's death.
Wound changes shape and size

"Rose (Episode)"
  • The blood stain on the back of Elena's top is considerably smaller in this episode than it was in the last episode.
  • When Bonnie is preparing to send Elena a message she tears a page out of her notebook, closes the note book and starts to write the message, then the camera angle changes so you can see what Bonnie is writing and her notebook is open and she is writing on a page that hasn't been torn out of it.
  • Elijah was unable to recognize that Elena's vervain necklace belonged to his sister, and his mother even though it was been in their family for one-thousand years.
Book is closed but in the next scene it's opened

  • Elena came to visit Katherine in the tomb with a full bottle of blood. She poured a little and half the bottle is gone.
  • Rose-Marie tells the Salvatores that Elijah is merely a foot soldier suggesting that he's one of many Original Vampires and lower in status. In Klaus however it is revealed that they're all part of a single small family. This could be explained in-universe as a lack of knowledge on Rose's part.
  • Stefan tells Elena that Klaus is the oldest vampire in the world. However, later it is revealed that the oldest vampire in history is actually Klaus' step-father, Mikael.
    • This could also be explained as a lack of knowledge. It is possible that since Stefan only met Klaus and Rebekah, he was unaware of the existence of the other Mikaelson siblings, especially Mikael, Finn and Elijah.
The amount of blood in the bottle is wrong

"The Sacrifice"

  • When Elijah ripped out a vampires spinal cord, it was not able to regenerate. However, In There Goes the Neighborhood, Damon's eyes were able to regenerate after Pearl gouged them out, showing that vital organs are regenerative.
"By the Light of the Moon"
  • In the scene where Elena wants to get out, the key ring is on her thumb, few second later it changes to her index finger.
  • Katherine says, "Your heart still beats, struggling to pump whatever blood remains. When it's gone, your veins rub together like sand-paper. It's excruciating." However, in A Few Good Men, Elena says, "Maybe this heartbreak will be good for him. It'll remind him that he has one, even if it doesn't beat." This creates confusion to whether a vampires heart actually beats.
  • When talking with Elena, Kat Graham calls her "Nina" instead of Elena. It is possible that she realized her mistake as she turns to look at Steven R. McQueen, who seems to be laughing.
Key ring switches fingers

"The Descent"
  • When Rose tells Elena about her home town, she mentions that she is from St. Austell; this is a town in Cornwall, UK. Rose mentions that it is "30km South of London", but she is factually incorrect. St Austell is neither South nor within a 30km radius of London.
  • On the porch of the Forbes House, when Caroline arrives to find Tyler waiting for her, she puts her keys in the door but doesn't actually unlock it.
    • Furthermore, when Tyler kisses her, she is seen with the keys in her hand despite having put them in the door moments earlier.
    • Caroline enters the house moments later despite a) not having unlocked the door and b) if she did unlock the door and the keys she had in her hand were not her house keys, then she did not take the keys out of the door.
  • In Rose's dream before Damon stands up there are two white horses behind him, but when the camera angle changes and he stands up white horses is replaced by one brown horse.
Horses missing

"The Dinner Party"
  • In the scene when Elena is talking to Elijah, in one screenshot we see Elena's hair on her shoulder's but when it changes to a different camera her hair is down in front of her.
Error 2x15
Elena's hair changing

"The House Guest"
  • Katherine is seen wearing Elena's necklace to impersonate her. The necklace contains vervain, and as shown when Caroline turned and was wearing her necklace, it should have burned her.
    • It is possible that Katherine had built up enough resistance to the point in which vervain did not affect her. She noted that she had been consuming vervain since 1864. Even so, when Stefan tortured Katherine in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House, the vervain was able to at least cause temporary burns.
  • Katherine mentions that she knows all about the Originals since she's been running from one for centuries. However, in Know Thy Enemy, she believed that the dagger would work on Klaus, meaning that she did not know that he was a hybrid and immune to the dagger. However, she is apparently aware of his hybrid status by As I Lay Dying, when she gets bitten, so he may have told her off-screen between that time.
Katherine taking off the necklace

"Know Thy Enemy"
  • When Isobel takes Elena to her grave, the birth date is different then seen in an earlier episode, where it was shown on her ID.
  • When Katherine was caught and brought into Alaric's apartment, she should have suffocated because she was not invited in.
Different birth dates

"As I Lay Dying"
  • When Vicki shows up to Jeremy as a ghost, she was wearing a different outfit than the one she wore before she died, the Halloween vampire costume.
  • When Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy are at the Gone with the Wind screening, they are watching the part where Scarlett walks among the wounded Confederate soldiers at the Atlanta train depot. Later in the episode, when Damon has escaped and is hallucinating about Katherine, the scene playing from Gone with the Wind is Scarlett leaving the hospital as the Atlanta residents prepare for the siege, much earlier in the actual film.
Vicki appearing
Vicki appearing to Jeremy

Episode Error/Goof Image
"The Hybrid"
  • When Damon jumps in the water, Elena's hair is behind her ear, a few seconds later it's in front.17 seconds later it's again behind her ear.Then when Alaric comes it's again in front.
Hair keeps changing

"Ordinary People"

  • During the flashbacks to 1000 years ago, Klaus says "We were just having fun." But the word "Fun" wasn't invented until Shakespeare times, about 500 years after these flashbacks take place.
  • When Damon is laying in Elena's bed, after she says that Rebekah allows love to "consume her, Elena rolls to her side to face Damon. Damon rolls onto his side to face her. Elena says, "I'm not mad at you for letting him out, Damon." She then reaches to turn off the light on the nightstand. When the camera angle changes and they cut to a wider shot, Damon is on his back again. When they cut back to the close up is on his side again.
  • Rebekah seems to be aware of Mikael's tomb he was trapped in since the 1990s although she was daggered at that time though it's possible that Klaus told her for some reason.
  • The story told by Rebekah about Klaus' father (and how the war between the vampire and werewolf species began) contradicts the story told about Klaus' father in the episode Klaus.
    • Elijah said that Mikael killed Klaus' father after finding out that Klaus wasn't his son while not realizing that Klaus' father was a werewolf and he was starting a new war between species.
    • Rebekah said that Mikael learned that Klaus wasn't his son after Klaus triggered his werewolf gene. This means that Mikael was aware that Klaus' father was a werewolf.
      • However, it is possible that Elijah's statement referred to the fact that Mikael was unaware that werewolves from all over the world would retaliate against his attack.


  • Although knowing Katherine for over five-hundred years, not Mikael nor Klaus were able to sense that the doppelgänger being used to lure Klaus out by Mikael was in fact Katherine, not Elena.

"The Ties That Bind"

  • Being a triggered werewolf, Tyler's wounds should heal instantly, but when Bill Forbes cuts him with an ax to make him turn, his wound does not heal.
Tyler's wound not healing

"Dangerous Liaisons"

  • Damon Salvatore is able to break the neck of Kol Mikaelson, an Original Vampire and over one-thousand years old, with relative ease despite only being around one-hundred-seventy himself.
"All My Children"
  • In the Previous Episode, Rebekah's dress was shown to be ripped by Damon, yet in All My Children Rebekah is wearing the dress again which is in perfect condition without any damage.
"Before Sunset"
  • Klaus cannot get into the Gilbert house as he has not been invited in. However, both Elena and Jeremy have died at least once meaning the seal should be broken and all Vampires should be able to enter.
  • In the Reckoning. When Stefan is running after Elena, he runs into the cafeteria to stab himself but when he turns around you can see the point of the stake and that it did not enter him.
  • When Caroline was captured and tortured by Alaric, she had two pencils through her hands; however, when Elena got the chance to escape with her, she only pulled one of the pencils out.

Episode Error/Goof Image
"The Rager"
  • Elena drinks from Matt's arm but the wound doesn't match the way she drank. The bitemarks turned about 70 degrees.
Blooper bitemarks
Bitemarks don't match the way Matt is been bitten

"The Five"
  • Stefan calls Klaus' torture chamber for Connor the "Red Room of Pain", which is a reference to the novel, '50 Shades of Grey' by E.L. James, however, the book should not have been published yet according to the show's timeline, as it is still 2010, and the book was not released until 2011. Alternatively, the "Red Room of Pain" has been used elsewhere, and was not meant to be a reference to that book, meaning there is no error.
  • Before Rebekah is neutralized, she attempts to escape, however, Stefan uses super speed to block her path. This is improbable as it has been previously stated that a vampire's speed increases with age, so Rebekah should have been able to escape before Stefan had a chance to block her. Also, Rebekah is, if you look at it mathematically, around 10x Stefan's age, she could have easily subdued Stefan and escape, which she did not.
"My Brother's Keeper"
  • In "My Brother's Keeper", Elena rips off Damon's shirt. But, at the beginning of "We'll Always Have Bourdon Street", she is seen wearing his button-down shirt, but it is buttoned at the bottom. 
"After School Special"
  • Stefan is seen drinking at the Mystic Grill in the daytime. Since Stefan is physically 17, shouldn't the staff have questioned him on why he's not at school or at least checked his ID to make sure that he was legally able to drink?
  • It is possible Stefan compelled the staff to serve him alcohol, however, Sheriff Forbes, who knew Stefan and was at the grill at the same time as him, and knew that he was a vampire, should have been able to say something on the matter.
  • Why would Sheriff Forbes debrief the mayor on vampire matters and cover-ups at the Mystic Grill, which was a public setting, where anyone can hear their conversations. It would make much more sense to do it in a private setting.
  • Blood starts pouring out of April because Bonnie inadvertently linked her to Shane, who gets stabbed. Her shirt should be soaked with her own blood, but after Stefan heals her, the stain on her shirt is far less concentrated than before.
"After School Special"
  • When Atticus Shane begins teaching Bonnie Bennett expression, he says the witches discredit it as magic and thus, do not monitor it so one can do what they see fit with expression without consequences. However, after using expression, the spirits punish Sheila Bennett for her granddaughter's actions.
"Catch Me If You Can"
  • Legally, Bonnie should not have been able to question Professor Shane in the interrogation room as only police are allowed to do the questioning. Also, Professor Shane should have been entitled to legal representation, and no lawyer was present.

"Stand By Me"

  • Bonnie is distraught to discover Jeremy is dead, though she saw him get his neck snapped in the previous episode. She may have assumed his Gilbert Ring brought him back, however.
"Bring It On"
  • Elena seemed to somewhat overpower Caroline despite the age difference.
    • This could, however, be due to Elena's training from Alaric, as she notes that Caroline, "fights like a girl" and "Alaric didn't train you".
"American Gothic"
  • A very small concentrated shot of vervain was enough to leave Rebekah completely unconscious for an unspecified duration of time, however Elijah, who is equal in age and presumably strength, healed almost instantly from a shot of a large vervain bomb in Rose. If they are equal, then the vervain shot should not have affected Rebekah at all. However, it is possible that the different elixirs of vervain and highly different concentrations.

"Pictures of You"

  • It is unlikely that Silas would know anything about Cinderella or that he would know the English language when he was unconscious for the last 2000 years.
    • This is irrelevant as Silas has shown the ability to read minds and impersonate the forms of those closest to people, so he could easily learn the English language and culture this way.
  • During Prom, they were dancing to "Stay", which is a song that was released by Rihanna in 2013. However, that song should not have been released yet according to the show's timeline as it is still 2011.
  • In Bonnie's dream, Jeremy has a grave which can be seen next to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, however, in Stand By Me, Elena claims that there's no more room in the Gilbert Family Plot, however, as it was shown in dream, it is unknown if this grave actually exists.
  • Also, April says she drinks vervain in her tea but when Elena sucked the blood from April, she had no ill effect from it.
"She's Come Undone"
"The Walking Dead"
  • Caroline is seen mailing invitations for graduation in this episode, however, this would be pointless as graduation would occur the next day.
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
  • In season 2 when Stefan and Elena go to her family's lake house, she needs to 'take a moment' because she hasn't been back since the accident that killed her parents. However in season 4 when they bring Jeremy there to help him, she says that after her parents died, Jenna made them come back to the lake house, which contradicts her earlier claim that her visit with Stefan was the first since the accident.

Episode Error/Goof Image

Death and the Maiden

  • It is stated that the destruction of the Other Side will cause every denizen trapped there to pass on, however, the full reason why Silas' return was heralded as hell on earth was that the destruction of the Other Side would cause the resurrection of its denizens
    • In Season Four, Silas didn't want to destroy the Other Side—he wanted Bonnie to use the Expression Triangle to permanently lower the veil between the two dimensions so that all of the dead supernaturals could essentially be resurrected. He didn't actually seek out the destruction of the Other Side until Season Five.
Resident Evil
  • Markos states in the story that the universe is responsible for the doppelgängers being drawn together is actually a misinterpretation, and that he is responsible for it. However, the original version of the tale was given by Qetsiyah, who was heavily involved with the creation of the doppelgängers, claims to have watched them come together over 2,000 years (500 of which were before Markos was born), and was intimately familiar with their tale, making it extremely unlikely that she would have gotten it wrong.
  • Damon states his exact age for the first time as being 173 years old, and this episode takes place in the year 2012, according to the show's timeline. However, in the episode, Bad Moon Rising, Damon states that his age is "160-some-odd-years," but never states his exact age, and this episode takes place in 2010. Presuming at the latest that Damon was 169 at the time, even two years later, he should only be 171 or younger, not 173.
  • Silas's compulsion on the townspeople and the gas station clerk should have ended either after he became a witch or after he died, but it's unknown if it ever was. It's possible Silas' compulsion never broke due to his unique immortal powers, but even so, his compulsion should've also been released when the townspeople crossed into the Travelers' anti-magic zone.
    • It has been established that Silas' mind control is different from vampire compulsion since he can use his mind control on any being and vervain does nothing to prevent it. However, it is correct that his mind control should still be considered magic regardless.
The Devil Inside
  • Damon seemed to somewhat overpower Nadia despite her being over twice Damon's age.
Dead Man on Campus
  • Stefan finds Katherine's suicide letter which talks about running from her enemies. When Katherine is about to jump off the clocktower, her voice reads the letter, however, she only reads half of the letter out, the letter actually reads:

Dear Nadia,
Sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do. Suicide, however, not very motherly of me. I ran from my enemies for 500 years, and then one day, I stopped. I stopped and I realized I didn't have a purpose anymore. [My entire] existence [revolved] around my survival and I'd...all my enemies. Now a new enemy wants me dead. Sure I could run from the Travelers, but there's still one enemy that I can never escape, time. So call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I've led, I refuse to drift off into the sunset.
Good-bye, Nadia.

Note: Text in bold is parts Katherine's voiceover missed out. Text in brackets is what we think is beneath Stefan's thumb.

Episode Error/Goof Image
  • Elizabeth Forbes has been admitted several times into the Whitmore Hospital (located in McKinley, Virginia) even though it is several hours away from the town she lives in, which has its own hospital.
  • Elena claims that only witches can't be compelled by vampires but werewolves and hunters of the five can't be compelled either.
  • Bonnie is able to get the cure out of the prison world despite the fact it took the hunters tattoo in order to undo the spell. However, it's believed that Bonnie channeled Qetsiyahs blood to get inside.
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
  • In Season 1 episode 13 Children of the Damned Elena asks why Stefan's father wasn't in the Salvatore Tomb. He tells her that it wasn't built until after Giuseppe's death. So how was Lily supposedly buried in the Salvatore Tomb, as was described by Damon in Season 6?

Episode Error/Goof Image
"Hell Is Other People"
  • Caroline mentions that she's 28 weeks pregnant. The timeline is March 2014, that would make the conception date (or rather the magical transfer date) September 2013, but Jo died in June that year and was already pregnant for months. Jo found out in "Let Her Go", which was February 2013 and she must've been pregnant at least two months at that point, placing the conception date at December 2012, which means that Jo was about six months (24 weeks) pregnant when she died in "I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime". That means that in March 2014, Caroline should be about 15 months pregnant, which is not possible. The only explanation is the it got reset somehow, and the conception date starts at late June 2013 (the time of Jo's death/magical transfer), and that's why Caroline gives birth several episodes and days later from "Hell Is Other People" in "This Woman's Work" at 9 and a half months.
  • The Armory had been pursuing Bonnie Bennett for three years to force her to open the vault. This makes no sense as throughout the three years, they had two siphoners captive that could have siphoned the spell from the vault and opened it easily.
Nora and Mary Louise Captive
Nora and Mary Louise captive

"I Went to the Woods"
  • Rayna says magic won't work on her, yet Valerie was able to read her mind.
Valerie reading Rayna's mind
Valerie reads Rayna Cruz's mind

Episode Error/Goof Image
Today Will Be Different
  • According to the Armory's archives, Sybil and a weapon arrived at the Armory in 1790, from a town named 'Mystic Falls'. However, in Pilot, the town's founding is noted as 1792. According to Family Ties, however, Mystic Falls was not founded until 1860, meaning that it was impossible for the shipment to arrive from there and be noted as being from 'Mystic Falls'.
    • The sign at Mystic Falls in Pilot, however, notes the towns founding around the late 1700s, so there is a continuity error where the founding has changed from Pilot and then changed back again.

The plaque shows the founding as 1792.

The Lies Will Catch Up To You
  • When Stefan becomes human, all of his compulsion was erased and the compelled's memories returned. However, in Silas' case, the compulsion wasn't erased because he was technically an Immortal, not a Vampire.
    • Additionally, Alaric's compulsion on Elena should have been undone when he became human thanks to the Travellers' spell around Mystic Falls.
You Decided That I Was Worth Saving
  • Sybil recounts how she has had a high success rate in controlling men over the "three millennia", however since the earliest recount of her history is 750B.C, that would place her age around 2750.
    • More than likely, she could merely be rounding up to the nearest millennium.

Throughout The Originals Series[]

Episode Error/Goof Image
"Dance Back from the Grave"
  • Camille O'Connell claims to Klaus that she's on vervain, however, she later uses her blood to feed Marcel with no negative consequences. While Marcel was shown taking vervain, Katherine Pierce, who took vervain every day for over a century and a half, still suffered negative side effects while taking it, so Marcel should have suffered some as well.
Cami feeds Marcel

  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
"Always and Forever"
  • In the flashback, Klaus is seen with two sets of fangs despite it being where he was a vampire and not a hybrid yet.
Klaus TO 1x01 on the ship
Klaus has two set's of fangs

"Always and Forever"
  • Despite Rebekah saying she never takes her mother's necklace off in The Vampire Diaries, in flashbacks in The Originals the necklace is never seen.
Rebekah 1700
Rebekah is wearing a necklace but is not wearing Esther's

Episode Error/Goof Image
"The Devil is Damned"
  • Sophie Deveraux said that witches from New Orleans practice Ancestral Magic. She stated that if a witch leaves New Orleans their access to magic is cut off, they cease to be a witch. However, Finn left New Orleans but was still able to practice magic.
  • It is unknown if he was still able to practice magic due to channeling Esther and Mikael.
  • Kol says his siblings were all witches however Elijah and Klaus have referred to them as humans before becoming vampires.
    • Though it is implied that a witch who hasn't activated their gene can be considered human, as only Freya and Kol tapped into their power.
  • Agnes claims that dark objects had no off switch but Kol proved otherwise with a spell.
    • It's possible she was merely lying.
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
"Red Door"
  • When Tatia is running away from Elijah, a stunt double can clearly be seen in place of Tatia.
  • When the stunt double, portraying Tatia trips and falls, the dress tears and can be clearly seen around the right shoulder. However, when Tatia gets back up, the tear is gone.
  • When Tatia finds Elijah and Klaus covered in blood, they could not compel Tatia to forget what she had seen; Esther transcribes this to the fact that her sons had only been vampires for a couple of days, therefore had not learned compulsion. In Ordinary People, however, Rebekah tells Elena that the sun kept them indoors for weeks until Esther created Daylight Amulets — there is no explanation as to how they could be in the sun shortly after they had been turned if they were kept indoors for weeks.
    • Furthermore, Elijah's daylight ring is seen in the flashback; there are inconsistencies as to how long after the Mikaelson's turned that their daylight rings were forged.
"Wheel Inside the Wheel"
  • Ansel mentions that he had risen "4 moons ago". The Other Side collapsed in May 2012, and this should place the events of this episode in September 2012, but the events of the two episodes prior (Live and Let Die) place the timeline on October 31, 2012 and the events of this episode in November 2012, which should be 6 months after the collapse of the Other Side.

Episode Error/Goof Image
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense, power-level wise.
"Wild at Heart"
  • Aya, upon giving Davina the spell to resurrect Kol Mikaelson, states that The Sisters are the only witches in the world with the ability to resurrect people. However, this is not true as both Bonnie Bennett and the Ancestors themselves have been shown with the capacity to resurrect on many occasions. However Aya was exaggerating to impress Davina.
  • Upon confrontation with Kara Nguyen in Purgatory, both Davina and Kol fail to defend themselves with magic. It seems that both did not even try.
    • It is possible that somehow, Kol does not retain his ability to practice magic. This, however, does not explain Davina's actions although its been speculated that since she was shunned Davina couldn't use her magic among the Ancestors.
"Dead Angels"
  • In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Aya states that she is three-times Marcel's age, this would mean that she is around 600 years old. However, in Dead Angels, it is revealed that Aya was the first member and co-founder of the Strix, and that it had been over 900 years since she had last seen the Strix's rule book. There is an indifference of age of over 300 years.
3x03 I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans-Marcel-Aya
"Heart Shaped Box"
  • Kol states that Davina and each of the Sisters are linked, and that if he subdued her, the rest would be subdued. This seemed to be correct, however, if the link works like that, when one Sister dies, all sisters should die. Meaning that all the Sisters should be dead due to Ariane's death. However there seems to be a loophole around that since The Strix wouldn't lose their coven all at once.
  • Davina stated that the originals died with vampire blood in their system, which is wrong since they were the first vampires in history, Esther made them drink doppelgänger blood and cast the spell. However it could because of Davina speculating that since she doesn't know the exact details of the story.

"Behind the Black Horizon"

  • The entrance into Mystic Falls is completely different to that of it in Home.

Episode Error/Goof Image
  • Freya retorts to Hayley that, alone, she is unable to maintain the spell that will project her inside Elijah's mind. However, she is able to, successfully, project Hope in while simultaneously maintaining the spell to keep Hayley there; all on her own. Prior, she had said she was unable.

Episode Error/Goof Image
"Where You Left Your Heart"
  • Despite there being a 7 year time jump from May 2019, the Factions are preparing for Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is typically celebrated between February or March. Given the time jump, Mardi Gras would take place on February 17, 2026, though 7 full years would place the month in May, not February.
"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
  • Freya states that Hope Mikaelson is 15 years old. Despite this claim, there has only been a 7 year time jump from May 2019. Hope would have only 14 years old as of Where You Left Your Heart which is now May 2026.
    • Elijah confirms in When The Saints Go Marching In that Hope is 15 years old. He states that she has "done in 15 years what I have been unable to in 1000".
"Don't It Just Break Your Heart"
  • Klaus and Elijah last saw each other in 1919; however, in 1933 when they reunited, Klaus states "13 years, you don't look a day over a thousand." The passage of time would be 14 years since they last saw each other, not 13.
Klaus and Elijah meet

"The Tale of Two Wolves"
The photograph is burned

"When The Saints Go Marching In"
  • A framed photograph of the Mikaelsons is seen from shortly after Hope was born. However, this photograph was burned shortly after being taken in The Map of Moments to hide the fact that Hope was still alive.
  • The photograph shown is different than the photograph that was originally taken. In the original photograph, Rebekah has her hand on Klaus' shoulder, and Hope is smiling. In the shown photograph, Rebekah has her hand around Klaus' waist and Hope is no longer smiling.
    • Whilst it is possible there were two photographs taken, this was not shown, and the Mikaelson's would've destroyed any photographs they had of Hope to keep her safe.
TO513-068-Klaus-Rebekah-Baby Hope-Hayley-Elijah~Hope
The picture in a frame

Normal TheOriginals209-1278
The photograph is burned previously in The Map of Moments

Throughout Legacies Series[]

Episode Error/Goof Image
Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn
  • The grimoire that Hope has hidden under her bed contians production errors. Specifically, the page that preceeds the death spell is the second page from the Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual, while the following page is reproduced in partial from the first page. The first half of the following page is the same, except the Ouroboros has been changed.
TO 4x03 Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual
Two pages from the Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual

LGC102-012-Dark Magic Spell
The Grimoire that Hope had hidden under her bed. This page preceeds the Death spell.

Mombie Dearest
  • Lizzie and Josie Saltzman celebrate their sweet sixteen. Having been born in 2014, that places the timeline in the year 2030. This however is a continuity error. There was a previous time jump of seven years in May 2019, leading up to 2026, followed by another two year time jump from The Originals' finale and Legacies premiere.
1x06 Mombie Dearest~Lizzie-MG
Lizzie and Josie's birthday.

There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True
  • Lizzie reads a newspaper in which Klaus and Caroline are named enemies of the state. Klaus' surname, however, is incorrectly spelled "Michelson" instead of "Mikaelson".
  • Caroline is referred to as "Caroline Forbes" under the portraits of the two, however in the text is referred to as "Caroline Mikaelson".
LGC110-128~Lizzie-Wish Caroline-Wish Klaus Photos-Newspaper
Klaus' surname can be seen spelt incorrectly, whilst Caroline is referred to by two different surnames.

The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to DoLet's Just Finish the Dance
I'll Tell You a Story
  • Lizzie sits in her room reading from a grimoire. The grimoire, however, is in fact one of Esther's. It's never explained how she obtained it, though the likely answer is that Hope took it with her when she left New Orleans. This, however, is never elaborated upon.
Esther's Grimoir
Davina goes through Esther's grimoire to find a spell.

TO502-Freya's Grimoire-Freya
Freya's Grimoire contains a copy of two pages from Esther's grimoire

LGC115-099-Esther's Grimoire
Lizzie's reading the same grimoire years later.

Episode Error/Goof Image
I'll Never Give Up Hope
  • There is another error with the timeline and how this matches up with Lizzie and Josie's ages. Lizzie tells Josie that they made the ascendant with Bonnie when they were five, this event takes place in It's Been a Hell of a Ride, which takes place in late February, 2018. However Lizzie and Josie were born March 15, 2014, making them around 3 years 11 months old.
Since When Do You Speak Japanese?
  • Sheriff Machado hands Alaric a restraining order filed against him by Rupert Vardemus. The order states his age as 46, however later in the episode it is shown that he was born in 1976 via the criminal record that Mac pulled on Alaric. This puts his age at 52 given the timeline is at 2028 in this episode.
    • This is also a continuity error, as Alaric is actually only 50 given his death on November 5 or 6, 2010 in The Departed and subsequent resurrection on May 2, 2012 in Home.
    • On the same criminal record document, it also states that Alaric's place of birth is North Carolina. This, however, is false. In History Repeating, Alaric states that his family immigrated to Texas in 1755, though he was born and raised in Boston.
LGC204-116-Alaric's File
Alaric's case file, containing two continuity errors.

Screw Endgame
  • Josie has had Penelope Park's journal underneath her bed, of which she says she's "been listening to [the] tiny little rat claws for months". Penelope gave her the journal earlier in the year, in late March. Despite listening to the scribbles for over six months, since it's now September, she only flipped back a couple of pages to find Landon's song about Hope — this is likely a blooper considering Penelope gave all the students pens to record what's written with them in the journal.
That's Nothing I Had to Remember
  • Josie brings one of Esther's grimoires with her to Rousseau's when she meets the Mikaelson witch — Freya. Despite handling her mother's many grimoires she makes no mention of why an otherwise random witch has her mother's spellbook. Moreover, she has used the same grimoire, or the spells are contained in her own, in One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, yet there is no indication why Josie had the grimoire.
    • Furthermore, it's never explained why Josie, nor Lizzie from I'll Tell You a Story has one of Esther's grimoire to begin with as black magic is forbidden at the Salvatore school. While the likely explanation is because Hope brought it from New Orleans, it's never elaborated on.
    • In I'll Tell You a Story, Lizzie is reading the grimoire upside-down, though the page on the left is the same page from when shown in Alone with Everybody. Despite this, in That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Josie is also reading the grimoire upside-down and the page on the right is different than the previous two occurrences.
    • While upside-down, the left page of the grimoire is repeated twice when Josie flips to the next page.
Esther's Grimoir
Davina goes through Esther's grimoire to find a spell.

TO502-Freya's Grimoire-Freya
Freya's Grimoire contains a copy of two pages from Esther's grimoire

LGC115-099-Esther's Grimoire
Lizzie's reading the same grimoire years later.

LGC206-032~Josie-Esther's Grimoire~Freya
Josie flipping through the same grimoire — yet the opposite page is different from when Lizzie had it.

LGC206-033~Josie-Esther's Grimoire~Freya
A page is repeated twice.

That's Nothing I Had to Remember
  • Around 1585–1590, settlers of the Roanoke Colony of North Carolina were terrorized by the vampire, Sebastian. His powerful witch lover, Cassandra, summoned a Croatoan to root out the lies of the Puritan hypocrites and desiccated Sebastian — in the attempt to protect him. The Croatoan, however, killed Cassandra (and destroyed the colony) and Sebastian remained desiccated for over four centuries. Sebastian was desiccated in North Carolina, yet he was found underneath the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted in Virginia and was awoke when MG and Kaleb spilled rancid blood from the Traveler's Blood Fountain.
    • Despite the error in location, which isn't explained by being moved (since the colony that knew of his existence was completely destroyed) — being in Mystic Falls would have resulted in his death in May of 2012 given Markos and the Travelers' magic purification spell that stripped away vampirism and other forms of impure magic. Even being buried underground, this would still occur as when the spell was originally cast, Stefan and Elena both began to suffer the effects of the spell while in the underground tunnels underneath Mystic Falls in Promised Land.
Sebastian buried under the Salvatore Boarding House/School

This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent
  • Sebastian changes the tire of Lizzie Saltzman's car when she gets a flat. However, due to being desiccated for over five-hundred years, Sebastian wouldn't know how to change a tire, as he has had little interaction with cars before.
Sebastian knows how to change a tire after centuries of desiccation

I Couldn't Have Done This Without You
  • Previously, in It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Josie used a grimoire provided to her by Ryan Clarke, under the guise of Professor Vardemus, to transform a trident into a dark object. However, she would later use the same grimoire with the same two pages to cast a spell over the mora miserium to give herself visions of doom should it break. Ironically, when Ryan showed her the spell, she was facing opposite him and looked at the grimoire upside-down from his perspective, yet when using the grimoire herself, it was still upside-down.
The Grimoire that containst he spell to transform an object into a Dark Object.

Josie uses the same grimoire to cast a visoin spell over the Mora Miserium.

I Couldn't Have Done This Without You
  • Sebastian reveals in That's Nothing I Had to Remember that he was desiccated during the time of the Roanoke colony circa. 1585 — 1590. However, Dorian remarks in this episode that Sebastian has been desiccated for 483 years. As the timeline is currently 2028, he would've been desiccated around 1545.
  • There is a timeline discrepancy of around 2 months with the flashbacks and the actual events that occurred.
This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies
  • Alyssa Chang remarks that Lizzie is the first girl Sebastian has been with since 1509; however, he was desiccated c. 1585 — 1590 when he was in a relationship with Cassandra, therefore she has gotten the date wrong.
    • It is, however, possible that Olivia Liang meant to say 1590, and nobody realized during filming. This would line up with the timeline and Sebastian's desiccation around 1585 — 1590.
    • This also clashes with Dorian's statement in the previous episode that places Sebastian's desiccation around 1545.
Kai Parker Screwed Us
  • The celestial event that was used to create Kai's 2018 Prison World was previously unknown. In It's Been a Hell of a Ride, all Bonnie claimed was that there was no eclipse to bail him out this time. There is, however, a discrepancy about what celestial event was used.
    • Diego states that he was banished to the 2018 Prison World "where it's always the same day and every night a full moon.
    • Kai told Josie that he actually didn't know what the celestial event was despite being trapped there for over 10 years. While this was more than likely to keep her from knowing what the event was, Kai used a Meteor Shower in his attempt to leave the Prison World with Josie's fake Bennett blood. While the meteors were visible in the night sky, there was no full moon, despite Diego's claims.
      • Diego's claim and newfound transformation control cannot be discounted and the most logical explanation to explain this is that there was both a full moon and a meteor shower on the same night.
Meteors in the night sky.

You Can't Save Them All
  • Lizzie unknowingly consumed Sebastian's vampire blood in Kai Parker Screwed Us. After her car accident, she has several cuts and gashes, one of which requires removal and surgery. Despite having vampire blood in her system, her wounds did not heal.
    • One can reason that when she siphoned Sebastian, desiccating and killing him, she could have also siphoned the magic within the vampire blood; however, that is not addressed.
"Dad, I drank vampire blood." -Lizzie, covered in cuts and bleeding.

Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself
  • Josie reveals that performing the Merge at 22 is a guideline and not a strict condition of performing the ritual itself. This in of itself is not a continuity error, as Josette originally explained in Fade Into You that "In our coven's tradition, after their 22nd birthday, the twins merge their strength." However, in previous Merges, celestial events were required; such as the rare solar eclipse and a Mercury-Venus conjunction. When Lizzie and Josie performed the Merge Ritual on their 17th birthday, there was no mention of any celestial event. This, however, can be explained by canon, though has not been confirmed.
    • As siphoners, they completed the Merge Ritual by previously siphoning or obtaining magic before the start of the ritual. Lizzie siphoned MG's vampirism and Josie was filled with dark magic from the mora miserium. Siphoners, since they're born without magic, cannot channel celestial events. One explanation could be that for a Merge between Gemini siphoner twins, a celestial event is not needed or cannot be used because of this limitation.
      • If true, then at least one witch would have to compete in the Merge with a siphoner in order to use a celestial event, such as Luke and Josette did with Kai.
    • Spells that "require" celestial events to perform can be circumvented by using an equally powerful source of magic. This was exemplified when Josie questioned Kai if the mora miserium could be strong enough to power the ascendant without a celestial event to escape the Prison World. Kai only replied with a coy "maybe" but she then demonstrated that this was true when she freed herself and the others from the 2018 Prison World. While not having a source of Bennett blood, given the above, she could not use the celestial event that was used to first create the Prison World.
  • During the fight scene between Hope and Josie, it can be clearly seen that a stunt-double is standing in for Kaylee Bryant. The double is Athena Akers.[2]
    • It is unknown why a stunt-double would be used, given there is no dangerous acting on Bryant's behalf, with Josie only walking around the ring.
Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing
  • Disguised as Hope, Lizzie talks with the wolf pack at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. She tells the wolves that after the funeral is planned, they can go out into the woods and run under the stars. Werewolves, however, are unable to turn at will unless it is a full moon, therefore only Hope would be able to turn at will.
    • It is possible that some of the werewolves were hybrids, however this was not stated.

Episode Error/Goof Image
Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right
  • The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted is under threat of closure due to a lack of funds. In season four of The Vampire Diaries, however, Rebekah Mikaelson claims that the Mikaelson Family are very wealthy and own numerous castles. Given their lineage and age, this makes sense. Furthermore, Klaus' generous donation to the opening of the school proves the family's wealth. It is not explained why Hope doesn't reach out to her family and ask for a donation or funds to aid the financial status of the school.
    • Nonetheless, Hope should have direct access to some of the funds. Given Klaus owned numerous properties, it is likely that Hope herself inherited these upon Klaus' death.
Long Time, No See
  • Hope claims that Lizzie was the only Gemini witch they had to activate the ascendant. Without her, her plan to rescue Landon falls apart. A "Gemini" witch, however, isn't a specific requirement in order to use the ascendant, as Bonnie and Emma have both used the ascendant without a Gemini witch to transport or banish certain people.
    • The only other reference to such a one-off requirement was in It's Been a Hell of a Ride during Kai and Bonnie's conversation. Bonnie stated in response to Kai's comment about creating a prison world, all she needed was an ascendant and "some Gemini magic" and that Josie and Lizzie were really making strides.
You Can't Run From Who You Are
  • The Necromancer being freed from Malivore is poorly explained. In To Whom It May Concern, the Necromancer claims the door Landon uses to escape Malivore is single-use, therefore the Necromancer shouldn't have been able to use it too. Thus him being on the mortal plane is unexplained.
    • In You Have to Pick One This Time, Malivore reveals he purposely released the Necromancer so he could trick Landon out of the Darkness. Despite being freed from Malivore, he was still trapped within the prison world. During Hope and Landon's astral projected visit to the prison world, they found his dismembered corpse. During their short time there, Hope claims that the Necromancer never revived with no current explanation.
      • It is believed he freed himself and reverse engineered the banishment spell as on the walls of the Salvatore Crypt were various spells from numerous witches, including the Bennett family. This would explain not resurrecting, which would likely mean that the dismembered corpse was from before he escaped.
  • Despite being released from Malivore and escaping the prison world, this does not explain the memory loss as he experienced before when Malivore sent him to Texas.

Episode Error/Goof Image
We All Knew This Day Was Coming
  • Lizzie and Josie send Hope to the 2028 prison world so she can speak to Rafael about Landon. There was no mention of using Bennett blood or a celestial event. While it can be assumed that they used blood from Alaric's storage, the lack of a celestial event, particularly being sent in the middle of the day, seems like an unexplained error.
See You On The Other Side
  • While in Limbo, Hope asks the Necromancer if her mother, father, or uncle pass by, to tell them not to wait for her. Hayley, however, already crossed over into Peace. Hope already knows this as she's seen her mother, as well as Jackson and other relatives, at peace in The Tale of Two Wolves. This comment is a continuity error.
The Story of My Life
  • After completing her transition, Lizzie Saltzman refers to herself as a Bibrid in relation to being a mix of two species--the "bibrid" to Hope's tribrid. This is an incorrect term as it has already been widely established within the TVDUniverse that the term is hybrid.
  • Lizzie, Hope, Professor Vardemus have referred to her as a Heretic given she has transitioned into a vampire-witch hybrid. This is another example of the term Heretic incorrectly being attributed to species rather than the coven created by Lillian Salvatore.
  • The sarcophagus being "destroyed" by Jen seems to be a continuity error. Hope's magic was unable to destroy the object but Jen had little problem destroying it when she threw it against Hope and a car.
    • It is possible that Jen was able to destroy the object given she is a god, but this has not been explored or explicitly confirmed.
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
  • Grayson and Miranda Sommers-Gilbert's tombstone is seen, though its appearance has slightly changed; notably, the flower accents on the top corners are gone.
    • This could perhaps be explained due to weathering of the stone since the tombstone itself has aged since the Pilot
The corner flowers are missing.

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