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Mombie Dearest
  • Lizzie and Josie Saltzman celebrate their sweet sixteen. Having been born in 2014, that places the timeline in the year 2030. This however is a continuity error. There was a previous time jump of seven years in May 2019, leading up to 2026, followed by another two year time jump from The Originals' finale and Legacies premiere.
1x06 Mombie Dearest~Lizzie-MG
Lizzie and Josie's birthday.

There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True
  • Lizzie reads a newspaper in which Klaus and Caroline are named enemies of the state. Klaus' surname, however, is incorrectly spelled "Michelson" instead of "Mikaelson".
  • Caroline is referred to as "Caroline Forbes" under the portraits of the two, however in the text is referred to as "Caroline Mikaelson".
LGC110-128~Lizzie-Wish Caroline-Wish Klaus Photos-Newspaper
Klaus' surname can be seen spelt incorrectly, whilst Caroline is referred to by two different surnames.

The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to DoLet's Just Finish the Dance
I'll Tell You a Story
  • Lizzie sits in her room reading from a grimoire. The grimoire, however, is in fact one of Esther's. It's never explained how she obtained it, though the likely answer is that Hope took it with her when she left New Orleans. This, however, is never elaborated upon.
Esther's Grimoir
Davina goes through Esther's grimoire to find a spell.

TO502-Freya's Grimoire-Freya
Freya's Grimoire contains a copy of two pages from Esther's grimoire

LGC115-099-Esther's Grimoire
Lizzie's reading the same grimoire years later.


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