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"Brave New World"
  • Stefan says Mason only has superhuman abilities during the full moon. However, at the carnival Stefan learned Mason has superhuman strength even without a full moon when they arm wrestled and Stefan witnessed Mason's superhuman strength and agility when Mason fought with Carter.
Mason supernatural ability

"Bad Moon Rising"
  • Vanessa Monroe mentions that Katherine arrived in Mystic Falls in April 1864. However, the Atlanta campaign fires, which she used as a cover-up, took place in early September that year.
  • When Caroline and Stefan arrive to Tyler's party, she's wearing a significantly amount of eyeliner on her eyes.When she meets with Matt, she is wearing almost any make up.
"Kill or Be Killed"
  • When Caroline is sitting down in the dungeon on the Lockwood Estate and has blood on her mouth, the blood changes its consistency.
  • Damon was able to compel Tyler in Haunted before he triggered his werewolf curse, so why couldn't Katherine simply compel Tyler to kill someone to trigger his werewolf curse instead of compelling Jimmy?
Caroline blood amount changes

  • Throughout the fight scene between Katherine and Stefan and Damon the blood stains on the back of Elena's top keep changing size and shape.
  • When Damon and Lucy meet, neither of them seem to know each other. However, it was revealed in History Repeating, that Damon had made a deal with Emily Bennett to protect her entire bloodline in exchange for sealing Katherine in the tomb, in order to protect Emily's bloodline, Damon must have been aware of Lucy's existence.
Wound changes shape and size

"Rose (Episode)"
  • The blood stain on the back of Elena's top is considerably smaller in this episode than it was in the last episode.
  • When Bonnie is preparing to send Elena a message she tears a page out of her notebook, closes the note book and starts to write the message, then the camera angle changes so you can see what Bonnie is writing and her notebook is open and she is writing on a page that hasn't been torn out of it.
  • Elijah was unable to recognize that Elena's vervain necklace belonged to his sister, and his mother even though it was been in their family for one-thousand years.
Book is closed but in the next scene it's opened

  • Elena came to visit Katherine in the tomb with a full bottle of blood. She poured a little and half the bottle is gone.
  • Rose-Marie tells the Salvatores that Elijah is merely a foot soldier suggesting that he's one of many Original Vampires and lower in status. In Klaus however it is revealed that they're all part of a single small family. This could be explained in-universe as a lack of knowledge on Rose's part.
  • Stefan tells Elena that Klaus is the oldest vampire in the world. However, later it is revealed that the oldest vampire in history is actually Klaus' step-father, Mikael.
    • This could also be explained as a lack of knowledge. It is possible that since Stefan only met Klaus and Rebekah, he was unaware of the existence of the other Mikaelson siblings, especially Mikael, Finn and Elijah.
The amount of blood in the bottle is wrong

"The Sacrifice"

  • When Elijah ripped out a vampires spinal cord, it was not able to regenerate. However, In There Goes the Neighborhood, Damon's eyes were able to regenerate after Pearl gouged them out, showing that vital organs are regenerative.
"By the Light of the Moon"
  • In the scene where Elena wants to get out, the key ring is on her thumb, few second later it changes to her index finger.
  • Katherine says, "Your heart still beats, struggling to pump whatever blood remains. When it's gone, your veins rub together like sand-paper. It's excruciating." However, in A Few Good Men, Elena says, "Maybe this heartbreak will be good for him. It'll remind him that he has one, even if it doesn't beat." This creates confusion to whether a vampires heart actually beats.
  • When talking with Elena, Kat Graham calls her "Nina" instead of Elena. It is possible that she realized her mistake as she turns to look at Steven R. McQueen, who seems to be laughing.
Key ring switches fingers

"The Descent"
  • In Rose's dream before Damon stands up there are two white horses behind him, but when the camera angle changes and he stands up white horses is replaced by one brown horse.
Horses missing

"The Dinner Party"
  • In the scene when Elena is talking to Elijah, in one screenshot we see Elena's hair on her shoulder's but when it changes to a different camera her hair is down in front of her.
Error 2x15
Elena's hair changing

"The House Guest"
  • Katherine is seen wearing Elena's necklace to impersonate her. The necklace contains vervain, and as shown when Caroline turned and was wearing her necklace, it should have burned her.
  • Katherine mentions that she knows all about the Originals since she's been running from one for centuries. However, in Know Thy Enemy, she believed that the dagger would work on Klaus, meaning that she did not know that he was a hybrid and immune to the dagger. However, she is apparently aware of his hybrid status by As I Lay Dying, when she gets bitten, so he may have told her off-screen between that time.
Katherine taking off the necklace

"Know Thy Enemy"
  • When Isobel takes Elena to her grave, the birth date is different then seen in an earlier episode, where it was shown on her ID.
  • When Katherine was caught and brought into Alaric's apartment, she should have suffocated because she was not invited in.
Different birth dates

"As I Lay Dying"
  • When Vicki shows up to Jeremy as a ghost, she was wearing a different outfit than the one she wore before she died, the Halloween vampire costume.
  • When Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy are at the Gone with the Wind screening, they are watching the part where Scarlett walks among the wounded Confederate soldiers at the Atlanta train depot. Later in the episode, when Damon has escaped and is hallucinating about Katherine, the scene playing from Gone with the Wind is Scarlett leaving the hospital as the Atlanta residents prepare for the siege, much earlier in the actual film.
Vicki appearing
Vicki appearing to Jeremy

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