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"The Rager"
  • Elena drinks from Matt's arm but the wound doesn't match the way she drank. The bitemarks turned about 70 degrees.
Blooper bitemarks
Bitemarks don't match the way Matt is been bitten

"The Five"
  • Stefan calls Klaus' torture chamber for Connor the "Red Room of Pain", which is a reference to the novel, '50 Shades of Grey' by E.L. James, however, the book should not have been published yet according to the show's timeline, as it is still 2010, and the book was not released until 2011. Alternatively, the "Red Room of Pain" has been used elsewhere, and was not meant to be a reference to that book, meaning there is no error.
  • Before Rebekah is neutralized, she attempts to escape, however, Stefan uses super speed to block her path. This is improbable as it has been previously stated that a vampire's speed increases with age, so Rebekah should have been able to escape before Stefan had a chance to block her. Also, Rebekah is, if you look at it mathematically, around 10x Stefan's age, she could have easily subdued Stefan and escape, which she did not.
"My Brother's Keeper"
  • In "My Brother's Keeper", Elena rips off Damon's shirt. But, at the beginning of "We'll Always Have Bourdon Street", she is seen wearing his button-down shirt, but it is buttoned at the bottom. 
"After School Special"
  • Stefan is seen drinking at the Mystic Grill in the daytime. Since Stefan is physically 17, shouldn't the staff have questioned him on why he's not at school or at least checked his ID to make sure that he was legally able to drink?
  • It is possible Stefan compelled the staff to serve him alcohol, however, Sheriff Forbes, who knew Stefan and was at the grill at the same time as him, and knew that he was a vampire, should have been able to say something on the matter.
  • Why would Sheriff Forbes debrief the mayor on vampire matters and cover-ups at the Mystic Grill, which was a public setting, where anyone can hear their conversations. It would make much more sense to do it in a private setting.
  • Blood starts pouring out of April because Bonnie inadvertently linked her to Shane, who gets stabbed. Her shirt should be soaked with her own blood, but after Stefan heals her, the stain on her shirt is far less concentrated than before.
"After School Special"
  • When Atticus Shane begins teaching Bonnie Bennett expression, he says the witches discredit it as magic and thus, do not monitor it so one can do what they see fit with expression without consequences. However, after using expression, the spirits punish Sheila Bennett for her granddaughter's actions.
"Catch Me If You Can"
  • Legally, Bonnie should not have been able to question Professor Shane in the interrogation room as only police are allowed to do the questioning. Also, Professor Shane should have been entitled to legal representation, and no lawyer was present.

"Stand By Me"

  • Bonnie is distraught to discover Jeremy is dead, though she saw him get his neck snapped in the previous episode. She may have assumed his Gilbert Ring brought him back, however.
"Bring It On"
  • Elena seemed to somewhat overpower Caroline despite the age difference.
    • This could, however, be due to Elena's training from Alaric, as she notes that Caroline, "fights like a girl" and "Alaric didn't train you".
"American Gothic"
  • A very small concentrated shot of vervain was enough to leave Rebekah completely unconscious for an unspecified duration of time, however Elijah, who is equal in age and presumably strength, healed almost instantly from a shot of a large vervain bomb in Rose. If they are equal, then the vervain shot should not have affected Rebekah at all. However, it is possible that the different elixirs of vervain and highly different concentrations.

"Pictures of You"

  • It is unlikely that Silas would know anything about Cinderella or that he would know the English language when he was unconscious for the last 2000 years.
    • This is irrelevant as Silas has shown the ability to read minds and impersonate the forms of those closest to people, so he could easily learn the English language and culture this way.
  • During Prom, they were dancing to "Stay", which is a song that was released by Rihanna in 2013. However, that song should not have been released yet according to the show's timeline as it is still 2011.
  • In Bonnie's dream, Jeremy has a grave which can be seen next to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, however, in Stand By Me, Elena claims that there's no more room in the Gilbert Family Plot, however, as it was shown in dream, it is unknown if this grave actually exists.
  • Also, April says she drinks vervain in her tea but when Elena sucked the blood from April, she had no ill effect from it.
"She's Come Undone"
"The Walking Dead"
  • Caroline is seen mailing invitations for graduation in this episode, however, this would be pointless as graduation would occur the next day.
  • The way the fight scenes are presented often don't make sense power level wise.
  • In season 2 when Stefan and Elena go to her family's lake house, she needs to 'take a moment' because she hasn't been back since the accident that killed her parents. However in season 4 when they bring Jeremy there to help him, she says that after her parents died, Jenna made them come back to the lake house, which contradicts her earlier claim that her visit with Stefan was the first since the accident.
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