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This article is about Bonnie Bennett from the TV series. You may be looking for Bonnie McCullough from the novel series.

You made me realize that I had all the magic I ever needed right inside me. Now, give me a little luck.
Bonnie to Lizzie and Josie in I Was Feeling Epic

Bonnie Sheila Bennett is a very powerful witch and one of the main female characters of The Vampire Diaries. While she filled the role of counselor and confidante to all of her friends, Bonnie is a feisty, yet empathetic witch, who discovered her powers just in time to help out her family and friends. She is best friends with Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Damon Salvatore, and her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Gilbert and has known most of them since childhood. She is also close friends with Stefan Salvatore and Tyler Lockwood. Bonnie was in a romantic relationship with Lorenzo St. John before his death.

Bonnie is noted for having many heroine tendencies, such as being very compassionate, empathetic, helpful, and very selfless (to the point of martyrdom). Bonnie is repeatedly ready to sacrifice herself for her family and friends without any hesitation. As her powers grew, she's stepped up at every opportunity to protect her friends, even if it meant trading her life in the process. Her spell-casting abilities most definitely came in handy when the Originals came to Mystic Falls. Gaining the power of Expression, she was able to take down two Original vampires, as well as the very first immortal, Silas. Despite the warnings from her Grams, she combined spirit, Expression, and dark magic to resurrect Jeremy back from the dead. While successful, it was too much for her and the spell killed her in the process.

Existing on the Other Side as a ghost, her very ancient and powerful ancestor, Qetsiyah, transferred the status of Anchor to the Other Side from Amara to Bonnie, allowing her to exist on both sides of the living and the dead. However, Bonnie was forced to feel the pain of every supernatural death and no longer had access to the powerful magic she once had. After Markos violently tore his way out of the Other Side with the help of the Travelers, it began falling apart. His unnatural resurrection unbalanced the Other Side which threatened Bonnie with permanent death. Despite great effort on both her and her friend's part to save the Other Side, it eventually imploded on itself as Bonnie and Damon spent their last moments together. However, Sheila's last act made sure that Bonnie would be fine. Before it's destruction, they were engulfed by a white light.

Bonnie and Damon found themselves back in Mystic Falls. However, they were forced to repeat the same day, May 10, 1994, over and over. Though Damon retained his vampiric abilities, Bonnie was unable to perform magic. Eventually, they learn that this world is inhabited by another, Malachai Parker. When Kai attempts to kill Damon, Bonnie arrived just in time and regained her magic at the prospect of losing the only friend. Bonnie learns that she, rather her blood, is the key to free themselves from the prison world, using a Gemini artifact, called the Ascendant. Sacrificing herself, she sends Damon back to the mortal plane and is forced to endure Kai's torturous pursuit until she's left alone in the prison world without her magic. Reminded by her friends, she travels to Novia Scotia and retrieves Qetsiyah's calcified blood and reclaimed her own magic, freeing herself from the prison world. Her experience with Kai and her time in the prison world, however, drastically changes her. She decides to puts herself first but continues to suffer signs of PTSD, such as being unable to adjust to other people. With time, Bonnie falls back into her old life, but not before imprisoning Kai in the 1903 Prison World. However, he escapes as had Bonnie did, and linked her life to Elena's during Alaric and Jo's wedding. As long as Bonnie was alive, Elena would be forced to slumber in a magical coma.

With the return of the Heretics, a coven of siphoner-witch, vampire hybrids, Bonnie and her friends eventually turn to the Armory for help. However, in exchange, they want Bonnie to unseal the Armory's vault that was magically sealed by Lucy. Refusing to unleash a monster, Bonnie went into hiding with Lorenzo St. John. Over the course of three years, they developed a romantic relationship. Enzo eventually learned that the Armory's anti-magic pills that was helping Bonnie hide from them was also poisoning her, an illness that could not be cured and would eventually kill her. Rayna agreed to transfer her last life to Bonnie. As the spell is completed, Rayna revealed that Bonnie became the new shamanic huntress in her place. After Damon destroyed the corpse of the last shaman, Bonnie's connection to it also broke, freeing her from her duties and abilities as the huntress.

However, her magic did not return, leaving her devastated over the loss of her powers as well as Enzo and Damon being taken by the Armory's monster, Sybil. Bonnie was eventually reunited with Enzo after he was freed from Sybil's mind control. However, upon his tragic death at Stefan's hands, Bonnie unleashed a psychic blast, preserving Enzo's spirit in a newly created dimension. Eventually, she and Stefan fought Arcadius, the Devil himself, which led to Stefan killing him, though Hell was not destroyed — Katherine was its new ruler. Letting go of Enzo, Bonnie is able to regain her magic. With her magic restored and with the support of her many ancestors across the centuries, they managed to destroy Hell itself and Katherine along with it. Bonnie's eventually able to free Elena from her magical coma, sparing both of their lives. Determined to keep her promise to Enzo, she decided to live her life to the fullest and wanted to see the world and enjoy her life.

Bonnie is a member and the last surviving witch of the Bennett Family.

Early History[]

Bonnie Sheila Bennett was born on February 5, 1993, to Rudy Hopkins and Abigail "Abby" Bennett in Mystic Falls, Virginia. She is the youngest and last known member of the Bennett family. Sometime when Bonnie was a young child, her mother had abandoned her, after taking down the Original Vampire, Mikael and losing all of her powers, to protect her best friend Miranda Sommers-Gilbert's adoptive daughter Elena, who is a Petrova doppelgänger needed to break Klaus' Hybrid curse. Because of her mother abandoning her and her father seldom being a part of her life, Bonnie experienced severe parental abandonment. It could be assumed that since her mother abandoned her, that it was her Grams that had raised Bonnie for most of her life. Even though it isn't implied, it appears that her father, Rudy, gave Bonnie Abby's maiden name "Bennett", although the reasons for this are unknown. During Bonnie's early childhood, Bonnie became best friends with both Caroline Forbes and Elena. When Bonnie was nine years old, she lost her favorite teddy, Ms. Cuddles. In regards to her personality, she is moral, passionate, opinionated, free-spirited, feisty, determined, defends her opinion fiercely, and is unable to keep quiet about what she thinks is right. She is also extremely compassionate, kind, empathetic, caring, friendly, gregarious, and protective, especially of those she loves. Bonnie is also known to be a martyr; extremely self-sacrificing and selfless and she is always willing to put the needs of her family, friends, and loved ones before herself. She will always go out of her way to protect the people she loves and help others in need without asking for anything in return. Bonnie is also shown to be a romantic, someone who finds comfort in love and romance, although at first, she is more focused on her identity as a witch and protecting her friends. Because of Bonnie's opinions about vampires and their way of living (since vampires have to feed on humans and human blood for survival, thus increasing their chances of harming innocent people), this often makes her look like a prejudiced and judgmental person from time to time. However, Bonnie eventually comes to accept vampires and vampirism and even helps them and befriends them (as both her best friends Elena and Caroline are vampires), although vampires and witches are known to be natural enemies.

On December 22, 2007, Bonnie is fifteen years old and a freshman at Mystic Falls High School and is also helping her town prepare for the Mystic Falls Tree Lighting Ceremony. Bonnie threw a snowball at Elena and also revealed that her father is taking her on a trip and that she'd miss Christmas with her friends, so Elena revealed that she was going to convince her parents to let Bonnie stay for the holidays as they've never spent a holiday apart from each other.

During the weeks approaching December 22, 2008, Bonnie is a sophomore at Mystic Falls High School.

Her maternal grandmother Sheila Bennett at one point tried to explain to Bonnie about her witch heritage, although Bonnie dismissed this because she thought that her grandmother was drunk.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

In Pilot, as Bonnie began her junior year at Mystic Falls High School, she, along with every other girl in the school, fell under the charm of Stefan Salvatore; a new, handsome and mysterious student at school. Bonnie also revealed to Elena that she is a descendant of the Salem witches and that she and her grandmother are supposedly witches. As Bonnie continues to joke about her preternatural powers, during the Back to School Party, Bonnie inexplicably reads Elena's past.

In Family Ties, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at Mystic Grill. Bonnie is worried about Caroline seeing Damon but Caroline assures Bonnie that Damon is safe and that he just has lots of issues with his brother, Stefan. Bonnie encourages Caroline to give away the secret that Damon revealed to her about Stefan. Soon at the Ball Bonnie alone at a table notices a candle being blown out. She relights it just by staring at the candles, but instantly she blows it out. When Carol Lockwood complains about the unlit candles in the uncrowded room and the waiter goes to get the matches from the kitchen, Bonnie amazes herself by lighting one and the one lite candle lighting the unlit candles and the lights with her powers.

In You're Undead To Me, Bonnie is seen at Caroline's house on her bed. As she listens to her, she tries to light a candle. Caroline asks what she's doing with the candle. And Bonnie, as if she woke up from a sleep says "Nothing". Bonnie trying to light a candle. She puts the candle down and takes The Emily's Talisman and asks what it is. Caroline explains that Damon was going to give it to her, Bonnie comments "It's ugly" right before Caroline snatches it. Then At school when Stefan comes up to Bonnie and Elena, Bonnie instantly flees saying "Hey you know, I gotta go, be somewhere right now". Afterward Bonnie attends The Sexy Suds Car Wash. A man arrives with his car, hoping it will get washed, and Tiki comments that they can wash the car, but it will always be a "POS".

Bonnie, angered with Tiki's attitude, makes the hose run with her powers, and Tiki gets wet in the process. Tiki later is in charge of the car wash and makes Bonnie sweep the pavement because it has the be dry. Bonnie in anger burns the pavement and the fire travels up along the water and along with the car is set alight, Stefan runs over to Bonnie and shakes her. Bonnie asks what happened and whether she did it or not. When Stefan says yes, Bonnie asks him not to tell anyone. Later, Bonnie arrives at Sheila's house. When Sheila opens the door, Bonnie is crying and says that she doesn't know what's going on.

In Haunted, Bonnie learns more and more about witchcraft from her grandmother, Sheila. Sheila talks about the history and how serious witchcraft can be. Halloween is coming, and Caroline gives Bonnie a witch Halloween costume.

Bonnie finds The Emily's Talisman and asks if it's the one that Caroline got it from Damon. At the Halloween Party, Bonnie is in front of a cauldron filled with candies. Damon approaches her and asks her where Caroline is. In response, Bonnie warns him to stay away from her. Damon notices the Emily's Talisman Bonnie is wearing and asks where she got it from. He easily figures that Caroline gave it to her, notes that it's his, and wants it back. Bonnie says that she's not going to give it, she says she's going to give it to Caroline, and if Caroline feels like giving it to Damon, he can have it. Damon tries to pull it off her neck, but the necklace burns his hand. Bonnie runs away and comes home as soon as possible. And tells Sheila everything. Sheila says that the necklace belonged to one of the most powerful witches in their family, and she shows Bonnie an old picture of a woman who is also wearing same the necklace: Emily Bennett. And also it is revealed that she is Bonnie's great-great-great-great-grandmother.

In 162 Candles, Bonnie decides to pack up at her grandmother's and go home. Knowing that her father doesn't like her to be gone for long. Bonnie tries to give her grandmother, Sheila the necklace back but she says no and that it belongs to Bonnie. It is a talisman that has been passed down from generation to generation and it has found its way back to Bonnie. Bonnie decides her grandmother is right and leaves the necklace on, but she just wishes it was a little bit prettier. Bonnie pays an early visit to Elena in her room. She apologizes to Elena for being an absentee friend these past few days. Feeling that she can trust Elena, Bonnie swears her to secrecy and shows some of the things her grandmother taught her. She rips open her feather pillow to Elena's surprise and proceeds to make the feathers fly up into the air. Elena is shocked but happy that Bonnie shared this with her. Back at the Mystic Grill, Caroline spots Bonnie and asks her about the necklace. Bonnie refuses to give it back. When Caroline reaches out to grab the necklace, she gets a shock from the necklace. Bonnie senses that it isn't actually Caroline who wants the necklace but Damon. She tells Caroline to have Damon asked for it back himself. Bonnie walks off, upset.

In History Repeating, Bonnie dreams of her ancestor, Emily asking Bonnie for help. She is scared when she wakes from what she thought was a dream and finds herself at the ruins of the old Fell's Church. She senses that her relative "Emily" keeps trying to tell her something and feels that the necklace has a lot to do with it. Later, at school once again and without luck again, Damon confronts Bonnie about the necklace. She still refuses to hand it over to him.

He tells her that he would not hurt her and in fact, he can help her get rid of Emily. Damon tells Bonnie that the next time she sees Emily, to tell her "a deals a deal". Driving home from school, Bonnie tells Elena that she feels the necklace is causing all of this situation with Emily. Pulling off the road suddenly, Bonnie gets out and throws the necklace far into a deserted field. Elena is shocked but knows that it will make Bonnie feel more relieved. Elena invites Caroline and Bonnie to dinner so that they can try and be friends again. When Bonnie arrives, she tells Caroline that the "necklace" drama is all over and that she threw it in a field.

They decide to do manicures and Caroline goes into Bonnie's bag to get the kit out. Seeing the necklace in the bag, Caroline calls her a liar. Bonnie tries to convince her that she was telling the truth and that the necklace shouldn't be in there. Realizing that she overreacted, Caroline apologized to Bonnie. Suddenly, Caroline has the idea to have a séance to see what "Emily" wants from Bonnie. During the séance, the threesome starts to get scared when a breeze blows through and the candles begin to flicker. The candles begin to flicker some more and Bonnie decides it's enough. She throws the Emily's Talisman down by the candles.

A moment later, the necklace is nowhere to be found. Once again, Bonnie and Elena believe that Caroline has taken it. Caroline convinces them that it was not her. Looking for the necklace, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are about to give up. Soon, Bonnie is surprised to see the necklace laying on the bathroom floor. Bonnie enters the bathroom and suddenly the door shuts after her. Caroline and Elena rush over to help her but they can't seem to open the door. Finally, after a struggle, the door opens and Bonnie appears calm and slightly different. Telling them she's fine, Bonnie walks away towards the door. Passing by the mirror, the reflection is not that of Bonnie but of Emily instead. Fearing for Bonnie, Elena yells for Bonnie not to leave. Noticing that Bonnie doesn't even hear her, Elena calls out "Emily" and immediately Bonnie stops. Bonnie/Emily tells Elena that she is going to destroy the necklace and that Damon will never get it back. Having had enough drama, Caroline decides to head on home.

Bonnie/Emily leaves and not knowing what to do, Elena calls Stefan. She tells him what's happened and that Bonnie/Emily is headed to Fell's Church. Overhearing this conversation, Damon rushes to the church. Once at the church, Damon sees Bonnie/Emily and demands that she honor her side of the bargain. Reaching out to grab the necklace, Damon is thrust back against a tree with a wooden stake in his side. Bonnie/Emily steps in a pentacle/pentagram on the ground and it begins to burn.

Luckily for Damon, Stefan shows up just in time to save him. Bonnie/Emily tells Stefan what Damon forgot to mention. She would not just be releasing Katherine but she would be releasing the other 26 Vampires locked in there with her. Chanting a spell, Bonnie/Emily throws the necklace into the air and it explodes into a burst of sparks. Devastated and fangs bared, Damon rushes for Bonnie and attacks her. He bites her and nearly kills her. Not knowing any other way, Stefan opens his wrist to allow his blood to flow and had Bonnie drink from him. Immediately, her wounds started to heal. Watching on, Damon tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled him to love her. That they loved each other. Not knowing what to do anymore, Damon tells Stefan that he will leave town. Seeing that Bonnie is fine, Elena tries to once again convince Stefan that she cares for him and that she wants to be with him. Making her even more upset, Stefan tells her that they can't be together and that he too must leave town. Later at the Gilbert House Elena explains Bonnie everything, from the existence of vampire to Stefan and Damon.

In Bloodlines, Stefan finds Bonnie at the school asks her to help him. Bonnie finally agrees to help him since it involves Elena and she wants to help her friend. The two go sit down and Stefan gives Bonnie Elena's necklace to hold and see if she can find out if Elena is okay or not. Bonnie tries but discovers that her powers are blocked. Feeling scared and not knowing what is going on, Bonnie rushes off to her grandmother's house. There, Bonnie begins to try and find the answer to why she's blocked in books. Sheila arrives at home and tells her that she won't find her answer in a book. She tells Bonnie that she must go to the place where she was scared and face it.

Bonnie heads out to the rubble of the old church and looks around. Soon, she senses that someone else might be there too. Calling out, Bonnie suddenly falls through the ground into a secret chamber. Bonnie tries but fails to get a signal on her phone down in the chamber. She begins to hear something and she puts her head to the wall and soon hears the voices on the other side. Suddenly Stefan is there and he tells her to close her eyes and flies with her to the outside. Opening her eyes, Bonnie is happy to see that it was Stefan. Bonnie asks Stefan if the people are suffering down there. He tells her that they are no longer suffering and that only blood can bring them back. Seeing that she is scared, Stefan reassures her that it will never happen since Emily destroyed the crystal. Bonnie arrives home safe, happy to see Sheila.

In Unpleasantville, Bored with the dance, Bonnie and Caroline decide to go to the Mystic Grill. Proving to Caroline to go after what you want, Bonnie heads over to Ben to strike up a conversation. The two seem to hit it off and decide on going on a date.

In Children of the Damned, Ben and Bonnie seemed to be enjoying their date together but Bonnie decides to talk to Elena real fast. After a brief few words of encouragement from Elena Bonnie decides to go back out there to Ben and give him a big kiss. Suddenly, during the kiss, Bonnie gets a strange vibe and knows what he truly is. Recovering fast, she talks Ben into staying there longer but that she needs to use the ladies' room. Approaching the bathroom, Bonnie is suddenly grabbed by Ben and take away.

In Fool Me Once, Bonnie was found lying by Elena in the bathtub where they got locked up. At the motel, Elena tries to help Bonnie wake up by using a cool towel. Finally, Bonnie comes too and is shocked to see Elena there too. Elena explains to Bonnie that Anna wants Bonnie to use her powers to unlock the spell on the tomb. Anna makes arrangements to meet Stefan and tells Ben to use violence if necessary when dealing with Elena and Bonnie.

Once alone, Elena asks Ben for a glass of water. Just before Elena drinks it, Bonnie asks Elena for a sip. Elena hesitatingly gives her the water. Bonnie catches Ben off guard and throws the water at him. Bonnie lights his arm with magic where it's wet by the water. Ben panics and pats the fire off and just makes it in time to catch Elena before she escapes. Bonnie, who was by the door without a choice had to go back in.

He soon recovers but has a little more to deal with when Stefan kicks down the door. Stefan opens the curtains and tells the girls to leave. Back at her grandmother's house, Bonnie and her grandmother Sheila agree to help open the tomb. Thinking this will be the only way to get Damon to leave them all alone. Of course, they will need Damon to bring the Grimoire. Stefan doesn't think that Damon will ever agree to trust them again. Elena steps up and says that she thinks she can get him to.

Bonnie and her grandmother soon begin the ritual of chanting the spell. After a few moments, the tomb opens. Damon grabs Elena and takes her in as leverage. He knows that if he goes in there alone, they would close the tomb again. Anna also arrives to enter the tomb. Bonnie tries to stop her but her grandmother tells her to go on in. Her grandmother explains to Bonnie that the seal has not been broken and that any Vampires entering the tomb will not be allowed back out. Only humans will be allowed out. Bonnie tries to stop Stefan from entering the tomb knowing that he would not be able to come back out. He sees no other choice and proceeds inside to save Elena anyways.

Bonnie pleads with her grandmother to help break the seal. Sheila tells her that she may not be strong enough but with Bonnie's help, maybe it will work. They both proceed to chant the spell. Once outside, Elena turns around to see that Stefan is stuck on the inside due to the spell. Bonnie explains to her what happened and Elena realizes that Stefan risked his freedom to save her. Bonnie continues to chant in hopes of freeing Stefan. They only have a few minutes before it closes again so Elena runs back inside to find Damon and Stefan. Stefan is there trying to convince Damon to leave the tomb. Damon is upset because he knows now that Katherine was never in the tomb. Finally convincing them to leave, Elena, Stefan and Damon escape before the tomb is closed again.

Bonnie and her grandmother finally arrive home exhausted. Bonnie notices that her grandmother seems more than just exhausted. Not wanting to be fussed over, Sheila tells Bonnie she's fine and that she just wants to lie down. Elena soon arrives to check in on them. Bonnie enters her grandmother's room and notices she's not breathing. Racing to the bed, Bonnie begins to cry and tries to get her to wake up. Elena calls 911 but Bonnie knows that her grandmother is dead.

Lost in despair, Bonnie had temporarily left Mystic Falls. During her absence, Bonnie took her ancestor's Grimoire, to better herself in the arts of magic and witchcraft. Later during the season, Bonnie returned to Mystic Falls, with a newly distant relationship with Elena and Stefan. Finding Damon and Stefan responsible for Sheila's death, Bonnie has since then, grown a bitter hatred towards vampires.

In Miss Mystic Falls, Bonnie is back, and Elena is overjoyed to see her. Right away though, Elena notices that Bonnie is acting very distant and she does not know why. Outside of school, Elena asks Bonnie why she never took her calls while she was gone and Bonnie tells her that she just wasn't in the mood to talk. Of course, when Caroline shows up and embraces Bonnie, Elena hears that Caroline had talked to Bonnie every day on the phone. Since Matt had to work, Bonnie steps in to be Caroline's partner.

Once again, Bonnie gives Elena the cold shoulder. Seeing this, Elena asks Bonnie if they could talk for a minute privately. Bonnie tells her that since the Vampires escaped from the tomb, it means that her grandmother died for nothing. She blames both Stefan and Damon for this. Bonnie tells her that she knows she can't expect Elena to take sides but as long as she's with Stefan, she can no longer be her friend. Later at the event, Bonnie gives Stefan an aneurysm to stop him from hurting Amber.

In Isobel, Bonnie is seen sitting in the cafeteria with Caroline discussing the Founder's Day Parade. Caroline says that everyone around is having a fight, which includes Bonnie and Elena. Bonnie, apologizing, refuses to talk about it. Afterward, when Elena is at the Grill, she sees Bonnie at the door. Bonnie sees that Elena is really upset and fights the urge to go to her. Deciding against it once she sees Stefan behind Elena. Bonnie turns around and leaves without saying a word. Later at the Gilbert House, there is a knock on the door, Elena opens the door at home and is surprised to see Bonnie standing there. Seeing how upset she is, Bonnie embraces Elena. Elena fills her in with all that has happened.

Meeting back at school, Bonnie tells Elena that she has been reading Emily's spellbook. She also tells her that Johnathan never actually invented these magical devices but that Emily had put spells on them so he thought he had. Bonnie informs her that the device Isobel wants is a weapon. It was meant to kill Vampires. At the Salvatore house, Damon, Stefan, Elena, and Bonnie discuss how they can save Jeremy. Elena tells them that Bonnie can reverse the spell on the device and then they can hand over the device to Isobel. It would be useless now but Isobel would have no idea. Damon of course doesn't trust Bonnie.

Seeing they have no choice, Bonnie begins the chanting spell. After some flashes of the lights and the fire flickering, Bonnie tells them it has been done. Bonnie and Caroline are down at the Mystic Grill and Caroline is still trying to get Bonnie to tell her why she's upset with Elena. Bonnie finally tells Caroline that she did something really bad. Bonnie tells Caroline that she lied to Elena and told her she did something but she didn't. Once Elena finds out, Bonnie tells Caroline that Elena will never forgive her.

In Founder's Day, the parade is underway and Bonnie sees Elena and Caroline on the Miss Mystic Falls float. Waving to them until Damon steps in and waves back at Elena. Telling him to go away, Bonnie walks off. Convincing her to listen to him, Damon wants to sincerely thank her for her help in undoing the spell on the device. Seeing he is truly thankful, Bonnie begins to have doubts about not doing just that.

Before Damon walks off, he tells her that he owes her one. At the back entrance to the basement, Stefan runs into Bonnie who warns him not to enter. He tells her that he needs to save his brother and doesn't listen to her warning and enters the burning building. Elena tries to also follow but Bonnie stops her. Bonnie begins to chant a spell that makes the flames low, long enough for Stefan to save Damon. Since then Damon and Stefan are alive thanks to her. After everything, Stefan approaches Bonnie and tells her how thankful he is that she helped them. She tells him that she did it for Elena. Bonnie tells him that Damon needs to change his ways. She tells him that she knows who she is now and understands her powers. She warns him that if Damon spills one drop of innocent blood, she will kill him.

In The Return, a concerned Bonnie arrives at the Mystic Falls General Hospital, worried about Caroline's condition, after being involved in a fatal car crash. Later that afternoon, after convincing Damon into feeding Caroline his blood, Bonnie pays her respect to the Lockwood Family, after the tragic death of Tyler's father, Richard Lockwood. At the Lockwood's, Bonnie confronts Damon and tells him that if he makes one wrong move, she will take him out.

Proving her power, she uses her abilities, and soon Damon is holding his head in pain. Bonnie walks away and bumps into Elena/Katherine to complain about Damon. Touching her arm, Bonnie soon realizes that it is Katherine and not Elena. Once alone, Bonnie calls Elena and verifies that Elena is not yet arrived. Turning around, Bonnie is confronted by Katherine. Using her abilities once again, Bonnie soon discovers that they don't work on Katherine. Katherine reaches for Bonnie's throat and begins to choke her. Using her powers, Bonnie has the doors to the party open. Once exposed, Katherine lets her go and walks away.

In Brave New World, as Bonnie makes preparations for the annual Carnival Fair, she is horrified to discover a newly undead Caroline. Ever since Bonnie becomes a little distant from Caroline. Blaming Damon for what has happened to Caroline, using her powers, Bonnie soon has Damon on the ground clutching his painful head. She then has a river of gasoline heading towards him. Elena watches on in horror as Bonnie sets the gas on fire. She screams for Bonnie to stop when she sees the fire reach Damon. Elena jumps over the fire and shakes Bonnie out of her trance. The fire stops and Damon is okay.

In Bad Moon Rising, at the Mystic Grill, Stefan asks Bonnie to help Caroline out and put a spell on another ring so Caroline could walk in the sun. At first, Bonnie refuses because she saw Caroline kill a man and is afraid she will do it again. Soon, Stefan convinces her to help out. Later, in Caroline's room, Bonnie prepares to put a spell on the Lapis Lazuli ring. Caroline complains that the ring is ugly and Bonnie almost refuses to help again. Caroline keeps her mouth shut and Bonnie proceeds to place a spell on the ring.

In Plan B, at the Lockwood's, everyone is volunteering to help set up for Lockwood's annual masquerade ball. Elena sees Bonnie and approaches her. Bonnie is upset that Elena has chosen to take Caroline's side instead of hers. Bonnie is having a difficult time letting Caroline back into her since she is now a Vampire. Elena pulls Bonnie aside to talk more privately about exactly what's been going on with Katherine and Caroline. Elena hopes that maybe now Bonnie can try and give Caroline another chance and be her friend. On his way to leave, Mason accidentally bumps into Bonnie.

Stefan immediately sees that Bonnie senses something. Questioning her, he finds out that she saw Mason kissing Elena. Stefan realizes that it was Katherine and not Elena Bonnie saw. Later, Stefan and Damon bring Bonnie off to the side to try and get her to help them with Mason. At first, she refuses but finding out that it will, in the end, protect Elena, Bonnie agrees. A moment later, Bonnie tries to appear as though she is having trouble getting a table down from a truck so that Mason will come over to help.

Once Mason is next to her, Bonnie uses her abilities and soon Mason is grabbing his head in pain. Damon and Stefan step in to help put him into the truck and they drive off. Back at the Salvatore house, Bonnie reluctantly helps Damon tie-up, Mason. Bonnie begins to lay her hands on his head and try to read his thoughts. She soon discovers that the Moonstone is hidden in a well on the Lockwood property. On her way out, Bonnie bumps into Caroline. Not knowing what to say, Bonnie prepares to leave but seeing Caroline's face, Bonnie decides to invite with her to look for the well.

In Masquerade, Bonnie shows up at the Salvatore house to help out with trapping and destroying Katherine. Bonnie also sees Alaric and Jeremy there and they all begin to plot out a plan to kill Katherine and rid Mystic Falls of her once and for all. Bonnie and Jeremy arrive at the Lockwood mansion and find an empty room to set up for the trap. Bonnie proceeds to put an isolation spell on the room. Once done, they both head out to the party. Walking around the party with Jeremy, Bonnie begins to have a strange feeling.

Not being able to shake it, she follows her senses and comes across Lucy. Bonnie asks Lucy if they know each other and Lucy tells her that she knows no one at the party and walks off. Outside, Elena is in severe pain and Bonnie decides she can help out by putting a spell on her that takes away the pain. Discovering that there is another Witch, Bonnie has Jeremy watch over Elena while she runs off to discover who it is.

Bonnie finally finds Lucy and confronts her about what she's doing there. Lucy tells her that she owed Katherine and had to help her. Bonnie tries to convince Lucy to break the spell but Lucy tells her she can't unless they hand over the moonstone. Grabbing her arms to stop her, Bonnie instantly feels a connection to Lucy. Sensing the same strange feeling, Lucy tells Bonnie that she can trust her. Bonnie hands over the moonstone. Before Lucy leaves the party, Bonnie stops her to try and figure out who she is. Lucy tells her that they are related and are cousins. Lucy thanks Bonnie for giving her a wake-up call and that she no longer wants to mess with Vampires. Bonnie tries to tell Lucy that she too doesn't want to be in the middle of Vampire drama. Lucy tells Bonnie that she is a good witch and that in the middle is exactly where she belongs. In this episode Jeremy and Bonnie's relationship gets deeper.

In Rose, Stefan approaches Bonnie about trying to remove the curse on the tomb so that they can get Katherine's help. Bonnie tells Stefan that there is no way she could do it. Bonnie does, however, have another idea that might work. Using Alaric's empty classroom, Bonnie uses a drop of Jeremy's blood, Bonnie begins the spell and soon she has the exact location where Elena is. Bonnie's nose begins to bleed but she tries to hide it. After Stefan and Damon take off to find Elena, Bonnie and Jeremy wait together in his room.

Feeling helpless, Bonnie remembers a spell she learned that might help Elena. Asking Jeremy for a hair from Elena's hairbrush, Bonnie begins another spell. She begins by writing a message on a piece of paper and proceeds with the spell. After a moment, Jeremy starts to see that Bonnie's nose is bleeding. He tries to stop her but suddenly she passes out. Bringing Bonnie a glass of water after she wakes up, Jeremy questions her about what had happened. Bonnie tells him that witches too have a weakness. If they use too much witchcraft, the magic will push back. She makes him promise not to ever share that information with anyone. If someone knows her weakness, she can be in serious trouble. Bonnie opens up and tells Jeremy that she feels all alone and he admits that he feels the same way.

In Katerina, Bonnie gets out of her car and accidentally drops her books. Jeremy shows up and gives her a hand. Bonnie is shocked next when he asks her to join him later at the Mystic Grill. Hesitant at first, Bonnie soon says yes. Walking towards the school, Bonnie and Jeremy bumped into a new kid looking for the office. He introduces himself as Luka and seems to be only interested in Bonnie. Jeremy heads off with Luca to show him the office while Bonnie looks on. In the Mystic Grill, Bonnie runs into Luka and his father Jonas Martin.

They invite her to sit with them and seeing that Jeremy had not arrived yet, Bonnie sits down. Bonnie finds out that they just moved there from Louisiana. Jonas tells Bonnie that he knew some Bennetts in Salem and asks her if she is related? Bonnie tells him, yes but before she can say anymore, Jeremy arrives and they head over to the pool tables. Bonnie and Jeremy are enjoying a game of pool when Luka once again joins them. Soon Luka joins Bonnie at her table while Jeremy plays pool. Luka starts by apologizing if his father was being too much of a snoop but that they just needed to be careful. Not understanding what he's talking about, Luka shows her a little trick he can do with the salt. Bonnie asks if he is a witch but he admits he is a warlock.

In The Sacrifice, Bonnie and Luka's friendship seems to grow every day. She opens up and explains to Luka that lately, the spells have been too hard on her. Grabbing her hands in his, he shows her how to channel his energy. He explains that together they can be strong. Bonnie agrees to help Damon and Stefan break the spell on the tomb long enough to get them in there to retrieve the moonstone. Jeremy, of course, is upset because he knows that it will be too much for Bonnie.

Jeremy tries to convince Bonnie that she is not strong enough to carry out this spell. Bonnie, of course, will not listen. After they have done the spell and have the ashes from Katherine's picture, Bonnie turns her back to retrieve something to put the ashes in. While her back is turned, Jeremy places some of the ashes in his wallet so that he can go to the tomb and grab the moonstone himself. At the tomb, Bonnie channels Luka's energy to try and get Jeremy out but she ends up passing out. Taking matters into his own hands, Stefan races into the tomb and tosses Jeremy out. Now he too is locked in the tomb with Katherine.

In By the Light of the Moon, Elena and Bonnie discuss how to remove the curse from the moonstone. Elena is desperate to help free Stefan from the tomb. Telling her they will figure it out, Bonnie shoves the stone into her purse and walks away. Elena heads on down the stairs but runs into Bonnie. Bonnie can see that Elena is hiding something and demands to know what she is up too. Elena is caught and confronted when as they suspected, she had taken the Moonstone. When Elena attempts to leave the house, she discovers that Bonnie has put a spell on the home that will not allow her to leave.

Bonnie arrives at Luka's to give him back his necklace. After apologizing for using it, Luka allows her to enter. He shows her into a room where she sees old Grimoire's. Luka explains that his father has been collecting them for years. Bonnie asks Luka if he knows how to break a bind between a talisman and a spell. They both begin looking through the old Grimoires to find an answer. Upon a rooftop, Luka and Bonnie prepare to break the curse on the moonstone. Placing the moonstone in both of their hands, they begin to chant together. After a few minutes, the moonstone lifts out of their hands and bursts into tiny sparks.

In Crying Wolf, Bonnie brings a mocha over to Luka at the pool table as a gift to try and smooth things over between them. Little does he know, Bonnie had put a spell on his drink that would knock him out. After a few sips, he is ready to fall over. Jeremy and Caroline are soon there to help him up and back to Caroline's house. Setting up many candles at Caroline's house, Bonnie prepares to try and get information regarding Klaus from Luka.

Resisting at first but soon Luca starts to talk. They soon discover that Elijah promised Luka and his father that if they help him, he will get Luka's sister back from Klaus. After Caroline leaves to bring Luka back to the Mystic Grill, Bonnie decides to tell Jeremy why they shouldn't be together. Not wanting to hear her reasons, Jeremy takes Bonnie's face and begins to kiss her passionately, making her realize that he isn't a little boy or Elena's little brother anymore.

In The Dinner Party, at the Mystic Grill, Jeremy sees Bonnie and joins her at the table. Excited to see her again because of the kiss they shared the night before, Jeremy wants to ask her what she thinks of them being together. Not having a chance though because they are soon joined by Luka. Luka gets in Bonnie's face and demands to know what had happened to him. Pleaded innocence, Bonnie tells him that they had a coffee and played some pool. Luka, of course, feels differently, considering he woke up in the men's bathroom. Before he has a chance to get too loud, Jeremy steps in and asks him to leave.

Bonnie arrives at Jeremy's to work on some spells. When she walks in, she is shocked to see candles lit everywhere. Figuring out what Jeremy's plan was, Bonnie tells him that until she speaks with Elena, their romantic relationship can go no farther. Understanding, they both settle in for a quiet evening working on her spells. Dr. Martin storms through the Gilbert's front door after a visit from Elijah. With one movement from his hand, he throws Jeremy up at the wall and keeps him there. He then approaches Bonnie and takes her head in his hands and demands to know where Elena is. He also tells her that if anything happens to Luka, she will answer to him. Chanting a spell before letting her go, Dr. Martin leaves. Jeremy races over to Bonnie to check on her. She is crying and tells him that he took her powers away.

In The House Guest, Bonnie along with Caroline and Elena decide to have a girls night. Jenna walks in depressed and they soon convince her to stay and join them. Trying to decide what to do, Caroline tells them about the band playing down at the Mystic Grill and they all decide to head on out. Elena bumps into Bonnie who asks her how she would feel if she started seeing Jeremy. Elena tells Bonnie that Jeremy has had so much pain in his life that he deserves to be happy with someone as amazing as her. Later Bonnie sees Jonas enter the Grill and walks over to him to try and convince him that it wasn't their fault and that she wants to help him get his daughter back.

Dr. Martin doesn't hear her and soon the lights up above start to explode. People begin to scream and leave. Placing his hands on her head, Dr. Martin makes Bonnie collapse. Afterward, Bonnie kneels beside Jonas and attempts to close his eyes. Seconds later, he sits up straight and grabs her head between his hands. Holding her motionless for a minute until Stefan pulls him off and falls to the floor dead this time. Up in his room, Jeremy tries to talk to Bonnie about being in denial about losing her powers. She puts her hands to his chest and soon the lights flicker. Going up to his ear, she whispers that Dr. Martin gave her powers back. He also told her how to kill Klaus.

In Know Thy Enemy, Bonnie works with Jeremy and Damon to find the spell they will need to gather the power of the witches killed in the massacre. Damon takes them to the site where the witches were burned. Damon knew where it was because he had tried to save Emily. Inside the house Damon finds that he cannot move. His ring then stops working and he begins to burn. He tells Bonnie to help and she closes her eyes and starts muttering a spell. Bonnie tells him that she doesn't think that the witches like him being there. Stefan and Damon realize that Bonnie is their new secret weapon because neither Isobel nor Katherine knew that Bonnie had her powers back and the power of the massacred witches.

Outside the Witch House Jeremy asks how much power Bonnie can channel. Bonnie closes her eyes and shows how much: Winds blowhard, thunder roars, they sunshine disappears. Bonnie and Jeremy are at Elena's house when Jeremy reads the warning the witches gave to Bonnie and is upset because if Bonnie uses too much power she will die. He asks her how much power she will need to kill an Original and Bonnie tells him that she needs all of it. She tells him that if she dies it was to save Elena, him, and everybody else.

In The Last Dance, Bonnie is at the safe house with Elena, Stefan and Damon. Bonnie goes to the school decade dance with Jeremy. Jeremy confronts Bonnie again on why she wants to kill herself for Elena and they are overheard by Damon. Elena and Bonnie follow who they think is Alaric to help him. When Klaus leads them to an empty hallway Elena finally guesses who Alaric is. When Bonnie notices that Klaus´s plan is to kill Bonnie by provoking her into using too much energy she and Elena flee and bump into Damon.

Damon tells Elena to find Stefan and then asks Bonnie if she is willing to do what has to be done to kill Klaus. When Stefan and Elena return they find Damon alone and Bonnie fighting with Klaus. After a few striking blows at Klaus, Bonnie sinks to the ground and Stefan and Elena can´t find a pulse. Damon cuts in and tells them to leave and that he would take care of the body since the sheriff shouldn't find out about it. He takes Bonnie to the house, where she had received her power and she wakes up there and Jeremy promises to stay there with her. At the Salvatore House, Elena grieves the loss of Bonnie, when Damon tells her, that if they want a chance to win Klaus must believe Bonnie is dead. So he had planned everything with Bonnie.

In The Sun Also Rises, Over at the old witches' house, Jeremy and Bonnie look through the Grimoires to find a way of stopping Elena becoming a vampire. Meanwhile, Elijah Alaric and Stefan arrive to speak to Bonnie. Elijah explains that the sacrifice will happen in stages - the Werewolf will be killed, then the Vampire, and then the Petrova Doppelgänger. He says that once Elena dies, the curse will be broken and Klaus will become a Hybrid. However, this will also be when Klaus is weakest and Bonnie will be able to deliver him to the brink of death. Elijah says he will finish the job. Inside, Jeremy reveals that he thinks he's found a spell that might help and decides to ask Stefan to bring Johnathan Gilbert's journals for more information. Alaric appears and asks to speak to Jeremy alone. He explains that Jenna has been taken. Upstairs, Bonnie is willing to kill Klaus now to save Jenna, even though it would mean killing herself. However, Stefan refuses and explains that he has a plan - he will offer himself as the vampire instead.

Later, Bonnie and John explain that they have a spell that could save Elena. John's life for Elena. John explains that in Johnathan Gilbert's time, a woman had a sick baby but bound her life force with the child's. When the child died, the mother's life flowed through her and restored the baby's life. John explains that he will not let Elena become the thing he spent his life protecting her against.

Bonnie casts the spell on John and Damon, Bonnie, and Elijah leave for the sacrifice. Jeremy wants to accompany them, but Bonnie kisses him and casts a spell to make him pass out. Meanwhile, Alaric is furious when he discovers that he is unable to leave the house because of another spell Bonnie has performed to keep him safe. Bonnie uses magic against Klaus.

Bonnie then appears where the sacrifice is being held and throws Klaus across the ground. Greta heads over towards them, but Damon breaks her neck. He picks up Elena and pulls the stake out of Stefan's back. Stefan tells him to get Elena out of there and reveals he won't leave until Klaus is dead. Bonnie continues to cast the spell and as Klaus is weakened, Elijah approaches him. He starts to kill him, but Klaus croaks that he did not bury the family at sea - the bodies are safe. He promises to take Elijah to them if he saves him. Bonnie threatens to kill them both if Elijah doesn't slay Klaus, adding that she doesn't care if she dies. However, Elijah apologizes and dashes away before Bonnie could stop him. Bonnie later pays her respect to The Gilbert Family by attending John and Jenna's funeral.

In As I Lay Dying, Stefan and Bonnie go to the Witch House, and Bonnie explains that she will try to summon Emily. Bonnie chants a spell and Emily ends up possessing her body and Stefan asks how to heal a Werewolf Bite. Emily refuses to give him an answer, explaining that there is a natural balance to everything and maybe Damon deserves to die. She does hint that there is a cure, though. Suddenly, Bonnie screams and clutches her head. She explains that the Witch'es don't want her there as she is abusing their power. However, she reveals that she heard them saying that Klaus is key to the cure.

Later, Alaric calls Jeremy, who is at the Gone With The Wind screening with Bonnie and Caroline. Jeremy admits that Elena went to see Damon and Alaric warns that he's in bad shape and the cops are after him. He advises Jeremy to get Elena somewhere safe if he finds her. Bonnie tells Jeremy to wait behind, but Jeremy refuses, saying that for once they can't stop him from getting involved. Liz arrives and shoots at Damon, but he rushes off quickly and the bullet hits Jeremy.

Liz is shocked and, at that moment, Caroline and Bonnie arrive. Bonnie points out that Jeremy's ring won't work because he was hurt by a Human, not a supernatural creature. Caroline feeds Jeremy her blood - much to her mother's shock - but it doesn't work. Bonnie realizes that she knows what to do and takes him away with Alaric, who has just arrived. Alaric and Bonnie take Jeremy to the witches' house and Bonnie tries to use the power of the old witches to revive Jeremy. She casts a spell but begins to worry as the other witches are angry at her for returning and don't want to help.

She says there will be consequences, and Alaric tells her to get them to shut up as Jeremy is just a kid. Bonnie continues to cast the spell but her nose begins to bleed and she sobs. She calls to Emily, begging her to help as she loves Jeremy. However, the candles go out. Bonnie sobs as she believes Jeremy is dead for good, but then he wakes up. Bonnie hugs him and thanks to Emily for helping. Later, she calls Caroline, who informs Liz that Jeremy is alive.Jeremy returns home and searches on the internet for "back from the dead". Bonnie speaks to him on webcam and he admits that he feels weird, but Bonnie points out that he has just been brought back from the dead and it's bound to feel strange. She jokes that he can thank her "tomorrow and the next day and the next day". They say good night and Alaric appears, explaining that he's going to head off. However, seeing how Jeremy looks, he decides to stay the night. Jeremy thanks him for everything he has done. However, Alaric teases Jeremy by revealing that he overheard Bonnie's suggestion that he thank her "tomorrow and the next day and the next day".

In The Birthday, Bonnie video calls with her boyfriend, Jeremy.

In Disturbing Behavior, Caroline shows up on Elena's doorstep and announces that she had brought her a surprise. Suddenly Bonnie appears and gives Elena a big hug. Seeing Jeremy on the stairs, Bonnie goes running into his arms. Hugging her close, Jeremy looks into the mirror behind Bonnie and sees Anna watching them. Later, Caroline tries to help Elena pour her chili into a pot for the party when she lets out a tiny scream of pain. Pulling her necklace from her neck, she sees that it had burnt her skin. Taking the necklace off, Bonnie goes to touch it and it burns her too.

She tells them that there is some kind of magic with the Elena's Necklace. The Founder's party seems to be in full swing when the girls gather to see if Bonnie can figure out what kind of magic is attached to the necklace. Caroline takes this time to question Elena about her relationship with Damon. Hearing Bonnie's intake of breath, Caroline and Elena watch as the necklace floats into the air all on its own. Looking through old spell books, Jeremy and Bonnie try to figure out what to do about the necklace. Suddenly Anna appears and warns Jeremy that the darkness was there. Moments later, the books catch on fire., Chanting and shouting "Sutas Incenda!" Bonnie can put out the fire. Later, when they clean the ashes that which were burned Jeremy opens up to Bonnie, telling her about the ghosts.

In The Reckoning, Bonnie is placed under extreme stress, where she must find a way for Klaus' hybrids to live, and not die or turn rabid. Matt and Bonnie figure they need Jeremy's help, as he can contact the dead. Because Jeremy is missing, Matt puts his life on the line to try and get help from his dead sister, Vicki. Bonnie rushes to save drowning Matt, and he relays her the message, that the doppelgänger must be dead for Klaus to create hybrids: an outright lie, as Elena's blood, creates the hybrids. Bonnie explains to Matt that what he did was too risky and foolish. Matt cuts her off and tells her that he saw Vicki. Telling her that Vicki has a message for her. The message was that as long as Elena was alive, the transition cannot take place, and Tyler would die.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, the first day of school and Bonnie, Caroline and Elena reflect on the fact that they were all seniors now and how much their lives had changed. Later, Bonnie is discussing the fact that Jeremy is seeing Anna. Later, it is revealed that Jeremy knows that another witch from the other side is helping Vicki.

Bonnie doesn't like it and heads to Matt's to help him with his "dead" sister. Matt explains what had happened and Bonnie soon finds a spell that might help break the spell and send Vicki back. Bonnie begins to read the spell. Vicki appears and she begs Matt to stop Bonnie. Matt asks Bonnie if the spell is working. Bonnie in response says that Vicki is here because of him and that he should let Vicki go. Matt says to Vicki goodbye and Vicky vanishes.

In Ghost World, seeing Caroline and Bonnie hanging up lights for the festivities, Damon pulls over and demands Bonnie to figure out a way to send these ghosts back. Reaching down to pick up her bookbag, it comes open on her Grimoire. Reading what it opened too, Bonnie discovers that is was a manifestation spell. A spell used to reveal veiled matter which is ghosts. Needing some privacy to perform the spell, Bonnie and Caroline head over to the old mansion where the 100 witches had all died a horrible death.

Soon Bonnie begins to chant the spell and Caroline senses the change in the atmosphere. Bonnie gets a great shock when she suddenly feels and sees her grams holding hand. Looking at Bonnie, Grams tells her to dry her tears because they had some work to do. She explains that when Vickie was sent back, an old witch managed to keep the door open and now any ghosts with unfinished business could come and go. She needs the necklace to close the doorway for good. Bonnie later finds out that Jeremy kisses Anna After getting the necklace from Anna to Jeremy from Jeremy to Bonnie is ready to cast the spell in front of a fire.

She throws the necklace into the fire. Just when she is about to begin the spell, Grams appears and they chant the spell together. During the spell, the necklace is burned and cracked. After the spell Sheila says that Bonnie is "You are stronger than all of this. I'm so proud of you" and vanishes sadly. Later when Bonnie alone stands in the room the fire that which was still burning flickers a lot. When she goes to see what's wrong, she sees the necklace undamaged.

In Ordinary People, Bonnie helps Alaric and Elena by figuring out the marks and the symbols on the walls in the caves.

In Homecoming, Bonnie is at The Gilbert House still figuring out the marks and the symbols from photos. She suggests not to go to the Homecoming Dance and figure out the symbols, when Elena says that she doesn't have anything to wear. Bonnie refuses to talk about Jeremy when Elena asks her about it. Later, at the dance when Tyler is about the bite Damon, and when Damon tries to kill Tyler, Bonnie appears giving both of them aneurysms. She takes Tyler down. When Damon recovers and takes the White Oak Stake Bonnie asks what it is. When she gains the knowledge of it she gets into a shock.

In The New Deal, Bonnie slowly approaches the old mansion and walks in. Once inside, she hears the whispers of the ancient witches pulling her towards the cellar. In there, she sees a coffin. Opening up the lid, she sees Klaus's body and wrapped around his fingers is the necklace. Before she has a chance to reach for the necklace, she awakens and discovers she is in her bed. Later, at The Mystic Grill Elena and Bonnie discuss the latest news including her dreams about the Four Coffins. Once again Bonnie finds herself back at the old mansion but this time it's not a dream.

Hearing the whispers of the ancient witches again, she is lured into the cellar. There, she sees she is not alone. Stefan is waiting there for her. She sees the coffins and Stefan tells her that he needs her to put a spell on the coffins so they will disappear. Calling Bonnie, Elena tells her what almost happened to Jeremy. She asks Bonnie if she could use a locator spell and find Stefan. Bonnie agrees to help and tells her where she could find Stefan. Afterward Bonnie again arrives at the Witch House and discovers about the fact that the fourth coffin is closed with a spell.

In Our Town, Bonnie proceeds on opening the coffin, using different spells but they don't work. At school, Elena tells her that Jeremy has been compelled by Damon to leave town and is shocked. Together with Elena and Matt, she shows up at Caroline's house to surprise her with a birthday party. After Caroline states she will forever be 17 and is technically dead, they decide to make Caroline a funeral and they go to the cemetery. After Caroline goes with Tyler, Bonnie angry leaves after telling Elena she doesn't want Jeremy to leave town. Before he does so, she comes to say good bye to him.

In The Ties That Bind, Bonnie dreams about the coffin and her mom. She thinks her mom, Abby Bennett can help her open that coffin and tells Elena where the coffins are so she can get her help in finding her mom. With the help of Damon, they find her. She finds out that her mom is raising a guy named Jamie and the reason why she left her. When Abby tells that because of locking Mikael away in the '90s, she's lost her magic, she believes her mom is unable to help her solve the problem.

Later she hears a gunshot, following in her mom making Bonnie unconscious and giving her herbs that take away her magic temporarily. It appears one of Klaus's hybrids compelled Jamie to kill himself if they don't tell the location of the coffins. With the help of Abby, Bonnie is still able to warn Damon on time to get one coffin out of the Witch House. Abby also tells her that if Bonnie wishes so, she'll try to get her magic back.

In Bringing Out The Dead, Stefan guides Bonnie and her mother through the caves until they come upon the room where the coffin is being kept. Stefan demands that they work together to try and open the coffin quickly before Klaus discovers them. Looking through her mother's Grimoire, Bonnie tells her there didn't seem to be anything in there to help. She soon comes across a ripped out page and asks her mother about it. Abby tells her that it was the spell she used to bind Mikael into the coffin.

On the next page, she notices a rope with two knots. Abby explains that it means that if 2 witches did it together, it might unlock the coffin. In the cave, Bonnie and her mother try again to chant but it doesn't work. Seeing her mother about ready to give up, Bonnie tells her that she was not opening up herself up enough. Seeing the truth in what her daughter was saying, Abby once again holds her hands and they begin.

Soon the candles flicker and they feel the coffin slightly give way. Bonnie stops and walks out to go call Damon. Hearing a noise, Abby looks at the coffin. Seconds later, the coffin flies open. Stefan and Damon finds an unconscious Stefan and Damon head into the cave to see how Bonnie and her mother were doing. They soon see Bonnie and her mother knocked out. Making sure they were still breathing, they look at the coffin and are shocked to see it was empty. It is later revealed that Esther was in the fourth coffin.

In All My Children, Bonnie tells Elena that Esther had stopped by that morning and asked for her and her mother's help. Further explaining, she tells Elena that Esther wants to channel all of her families power to complete the spell that night during the full moon, meanwhile, they try the privacy spell Esther used at the ball by letting Caroline out of the room and see if she can hear with her vampire hearing with the burning sage. Bonnie and her mother Abby meet up with Esther and Finn at the old mansion.

Calling them sisters, she grabs their hands and tells them that tonight they will restore the balance of nature. Seeing Klaus, Elijah and Kol approach the circle for the ritual, Esther tells Bonnie and Abby to leave. Bonnie and Abby enter the mansion for protection. Bonnie tells her mother that they will be safest in the basement. Once in the basement, Bonnie realizes that her mother is no longer behind her. Stefan steps out of the shadows and Damon steps up behind Abby. Stefan tells Bonnie that they have to kill one of them to save Elena. Damon grabs Abby and breaks her neck. Showing up at Caroline's home, Elena asks to see Bonnie but Caroline tells her that Bonnie wants to be alone. She is sitting with her mother while she goes through the transformation. Understanding, Elena leaves in tears.

In Break On Through, Bonnie is seen in Abby's house. Caroline tries to help Abby deal with her new status as a vampire. Bonnie is very worried and Caroline tells her Abby needs time to adjust. Bonnie says that she "doesn't know how to help her". Later, she is seen in the kitchen and when Jamie comes in, he said he talked with Caroline, which Bonnie answers by saying that "Caroline lectured him". Jamie tells Bonnie that since Abby's been here for him, he needs to be there for her. A while after when he hugs Abby, her vampire instincts take over and she bites him. Bonnie saves Jaimie by giving her an aneurysm.

When night comes, Abby is very upset and says to Bonnie she should leave before somebody gets hurt. Bonnie says that if Abby leaves again, it'll be more painful, expressing her desire for her mother to stay and make things work. Later in the episode, Elena asks Bonnie to cast a spell to hold Alaric's murderous instincts in. She agrees and hangs up quickly. The next day, Bonnie and Elena have a conversation in the kitchen which starts with Alaric and ends with Elena apologizing about Abby. Bonnie forgives and hugs her. By the end of the episode, Abby decides to leave even if Caroline tries to convince her to stay.

In The Murder of One, Klaus threatens Jeremy. Klaus abducts Bonnie to force her to cast a spell and undo the linking spell Esther used to bond her children in death. Bonnie tries to stall but he blackmails her by threatening Jeremy's life with the help of his brother Kol. Klaus tells her he will keep hurting her loved ones until she does what he wants. Bonnie reluctantly unlinks The Originals. On her way out of Klaus' mansion, Bonnie sees Damon chained up, and, while she seems moved, she chooses to walk away. Once outside, a distraught Bonnie calls Elena. She tells her what she did and says she did not have a choice and hangs up, obviously upset. Bonnie is then seen crying against her car. In Do Not Go Gentle, Bonnie is seen attending the 1920s Decade Dance with Jamie. She and Jamie are seen dancing when Jeremy accidentally bumps into Jamie while trying to follow Stefan, Elena, and Damon. Things are awkward between them but it dissipates when Bonnie sees him still wearing the Gilbert ring. She questions him about it but he tells her that he would take it off when Elena stops hanging around vampires. Later on, the two are seen in an empty classroom and Jamie questions her about her circle of friends.

They end up kissing but were interrupted by Damon who needed Bonnie's help in lifting the spell that Esther placed to keep the vampires in the school. In the teacher's lounge, Bonnie attempts to break the spell and Klaus threatens to kill Jamie. Stefan intervenes by saying Bonnie cares only about Caroline and Elena and the rest of them she says can go to hell. Klaus releases Jamie and watches over her with Damon as she attempts to do a locator spell to find Elena. Damon says that she is still mad for what happened to Abby and he semi apologizes but says he didn't have a choice. Bonnie counteracts by saying there's always a choice and every choice he makes someone ends up suffering because of them.

After Esther is stabbed by Alaric, Bonnie breaks the spell, and Stefan thanks her. She says that she didn't do it for him and walks away. Bonnie is then seen crying with the rest of the group as Alaric decides not to complete his transition into a vampire. Jamie takes her home and Bonnie breaks down in front of him. He stays over and the two of them share a bed when Bonnie has a dream where Esther tells her that the witches need her to finish what she started. After it seems that Alaric has fallen asleep, Damon walks out of the tomb to see Bonnie walking towards him. She ignores him and he stops her, asking if she's sleepwalking. She gives him an aneurysm then gives Alaric her blood, completing his transition into an Enhanced Original Vampire.

In Before Sunset, Damon helps a bleeding Bonnie into the Gilbert household. Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie fed Alaric her blood to complete his transition. Bonnie reveals that the spirits wanted Alaric to turn for some reason. She also reveals that a witch cannot make a true immortal creature and that he has to have a weakness. After Stefan gets a call from Alaric saying that he would kill Elena and Caroline if Klaus doesn't turn himself in, Bonnie tells them that she may be able to desiccate Alaric just as Abby desiccated Mikael. Bonnie is then seen at the Boarding House with Damon as they wait for Abby to arr rive. When she does, Bonnie has a cold attitude towards her because of her recent departure. Abby then tells her that the desiccation spell is dangerous because it taps into the dark magic that comes from within a witch, not from nature which is pure. She also reveals that Bonnie has to stop a human heart to stop a vampire's heart.

Bonnie is then seen walking towards the school with Damon and meets Stefan, Jeremy, and Klaus. She then gives them her blood to drink to bind them to her. Klaus tries to desiccate Alaric but fails when Alaric overpowers him. Bonnie then tries again, this time she is successful by stopping Klaus' heart and effectively desiccating him. Towards the end of the episode, Bonnie is celebrating along with Jeremy, Elena, Tyler, and Caroline in the Gilbert household at a victory party hosted by Caroline. They celebrate the finality of a Klaus free life.

In The Departed, Damon takes Bonnie to Klaus and she secretly, without anyone knowing, transfers Klaus' spirit into the body of Tyler Lockwood to protect her friends and her mother. Telling him: "The spirits don't get to tell me what to do anymore. I am done being pushed around by all of you. I did it because I wanted to."

In Growing Pains, Bonnie searches for a way to turn Elena back to her human state before her transition is complete. She attempts a spell (the same she performed to resurrect Jeremy Gilbert) but it fails. She concocts a plan to travel to the Other Side and bring Elena's spirit back. She proceeds with the spell, though it required the use of dark magic. She finds Elena's spirit but before she could rescue her, Grams interfered and does not allow Bonnie to help Elena.

She stated that Bonnie had crossed the line using dark magic and if she continued on the path, Nature would punish her. Bonnie is later confronted by an angry Klaus (trapped in Tyler's body) who demands she restore his former self, threatening to kill Tyler if she refused. Unfortunately, the spell required Bonnie to tap into dark forces and she was once again confronted by an angered Sheila. However, the Spirits of Nature decided to retaliate but surprisingly punished Sheila instead, leaving Bonnie distraught and guilt-ridden.

In Memorial, Stefan goes to Bonnie to ask her about the wooden bullets Connor used to shoot Tyler with and if she recognizes the writing on the bullets. She informs him that the writing is not magic and tells him she still feels guilty about Sheila and that she hasn't been able to do any spells without reliving what happened. When she loses her power there is someone who can help her.

In The Five, Bonnie and Elena, with Damon, visit Whitmore College, where they meet Professor Shane. Bonnie receives a flyer from Shane to a fraternity murder house party. When the three go to the party, Shane digs up some of her Grams' items. Shane inquires Bonnie on whether she practices as her Grams did. Bonnie replies that she lost control of herself and there were consequences. Shane offers to help Bonnie, only if she's up to it. Later, while Damon and Elena are dancing and feeding off college students, Bonnie enters and is shocked at what she sees. Bonnie and Damon later argue, and Bonnie says, "Is that what you want? Her to be like you?" Damon replies that Elena is already like him and that he can make it fun, unlike his brother.

In The Killer, Shane helps Bonnie get past her guilt and fear. Shane tries hypnotism, but Bonnie says she doesn't think hypnotism would work, as witches are naturally immune to any sort of manipulation. Later, Bonnie and Shane are shown to have their eyes closed, but Bonnie opens them, saying that it isn't working. As it turns out, they have been doing what they were doing for several hours. Shane tries to get Bonnie to light a candle. Bonnie concentrates, but the candle in front of her hasn't been lit. Shane looks around the room and Bonnie sees that all the other candles in the room have been lit.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Bonnie is first seen with the Salvatores, talking about Elena. Bonnie says she would help if she could, and that she can ask Shane for help, and that he knows "everything and everything." Bonnie and Damon head to the Mystic Falls High School and see Shane giving a lecture on artifacts. The two find out from Shane that until a new hunter is awakened and their legacy is passed on, Elena's hallucinations will continue. The two use Jeremy to help Elena. Later, Bonnie and Shane are shown together in Shane's office. Bonnie asks Shane how he knows all this stuff and he says that he is Bonnie's biggest ally. Also, when Jeremy completes his mark, she will want to come to him, since he is the only one that can help. it has been seen that Shane has been teaching bad magic to her.

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Bonnie is concerned with Elena, and Caroline show up for a Girl's Night at the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena and Caroline are up in arms and Bonnie tries to cheer them up with some "magic tea". The girls have fun drinking the Salvatores' expensive Don Perignon, but the night turns sour when Caroline blurts that Elena is sired to Damon. Bonnie informs her friends the kind of magic Shane has been teaching her is called Expression.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Bonnie went to the Gilbert Family Lake House with Jeremy and Shane to help Jeremy control his urge to kill vampires and his sister Elena. When Elena and Damon arrived, Jeremy looked at them a bit angrily, but Bonnie comes from behind him and tells him it's okay and takes him inside. Bonnie was left in shock when Elena was invited in by Jeremy, but then almost killed by him. Later, Shane was helping Jeremy to not want to kill Elena, and Bonnie was with them. When Elena tried to tell Jeremy about the nice things they had, Jeremy looked at Bonnie and she smiled at him, but he said he wanted to kill Elena. Later, Bonnie went to tell Jeremy that Shane wanted to try again, but Damon said that he needed to find someone he can attach his warm and fuzzy feelings on, and Jeremy chose Bonnie. She was later seen when Caroline called her to ask her if the plan to put Klaus' in Rebekah's body would work, and she said that it should. She told Caroline that Elena was there with Damon, leaving her shocked and she hung up on Bonnie.

After Bonnie was helping Jeremy, she went with him to talk to Elena, and she told Elena not to move, despite Jeremy having a wooden weapon in his arm, which he later gave to Damon. Jeremy hugged Elena, meaning that Bonnie was successful with her help. She was later seen with Jeremy and Elena seeing the Christmas decorations that Elena and Jeremy used to have. Finally, as she is about to leave the lake house, Bonnie hugs Jeremy. Jeremy embraces her back and closes her eyes as he holds her. Jeremy and Bonnie pull apart and Jeremy smiles at her. Bonnie gets in the car and Jeremy closes the door for her.

In After School Special, Bonnie is first seen at the Mystic Falls High School where a gathering is being held in honor of Carol Lockwood, who had been killed. Bonnie's father, Rudy Hopkins is Mystic Falls' new mayor and he makes it his priority to protect Bonnie and the town. Bonnie, angry with her father, vents out her frustration to Shane, who gives her Qetsiyah's Talisman as a gift. When Bonnie leaves Shane's office, she saw Kol approaching his office. It takes her a moment to realize who Kol is, and she runs back to Shane's office, only to find that he had abducted Shane.

Bonnie rushes to the Mystic Falls High School and finds April in one of the science classrooms. April is surprised and asks Bonnie how did she know everyone (that being Elena, Stefan and Caroline, who are trapped in the library with Rebekah) was here. Bonnie says that she came to find Shane and April reveals to Bonnie that she knows she is a witch, much to her shock. Bonnie does not know what is going and April tells her that Rebekah and Kol have Shane. This makes Bonnie cast a protection spell on Shane, knowing that he could now be compelled. However, Bonnie accidentally links April to Shane and while Shane is being tortured by Kol and April can feel Shane being pushed underwater by Kol and having a pipe shoved into his stomach. Bonnie pleads for someone to help and that is when Stefan and Elena enter. Stefan feeds April his blood and instructs Bonnie to get April out of the school and to safety.

Later, Shane is at his office safe and sound, and Bonnie is furious, telling Shane that she can't do black magic anymore, as she almost had April killed. Shane proceeds to tell her that Expression is not black magic and it's up to her to determine whether it is good or bad. He tells Bonnie that she is the key to everything and he will not let anything bad happen to her.

In Catch Me If You Can, Shane is teaching Bonnie how to control all of her power until they are interrupted by Sheriff Forbes, who arrests Shane for connection with the death of the Town Council. Bonnie asks what is going on and Sheriff Forbes tells Bonnie to talk to her father about it. At the police station, as Shane is being questioned by Sheriff Forbes, Bonnie asks her father why he had Shane arrested and he tells her that Shane is responsible for manipulating Pastor Young to kill him and eleven other people. Bonnie asks her father for a few moments alone with Shane, which he accepts. Shane then admits to Bonnie to orchestrating the explosion at the Young residence.

Bonnie questions Shane on how he got the pastor to massacre eleven people and Shane tells her that it wasn't a massacre, but a ritual to resurrect Silas and that he would bring them all back anyway. Bonnie says that Shane is crazy, but Shane offers Bonnie something that she just cannot refuse: information on her Grams and if she would like to see her again. Shane starts to minimize Bonnie and she starts using Expression on him. Rudy tried to intervene, but Bonnie created a wall of fire to prevent her father from coming any closer. Shane convinces her to calm down, but Shane tells Rudy that Bonnie is a "ticking time bomb" and only he can help her. He also said that with his help, Bonnie could go on to become the most powerful witch in the world.

At the Mystic Grill, Rudy and Bonnie talk and he tells his daughter how she lost control of her powers and she needed help. Bonnie insisted that she didn't need help, but Rudy said that the fact that she thinks she didn't need help only meant that she needed help even more.

In A View to a Kill, Bonnie is in charge of setting up the school's 80s Decade Dance, when she is called by Elena. Elena tells Bonnie that she has a plan: to have Jeremy kill Kol, who had been causing all kinds of trouble for Jeremy and Klaus and Damon, who he had under his compulsion. Elena said that if they killed Kol, Damon would be free of his compulsion and Jeremy would have his Hunter's Mark complete.

Bonnie finds out that moments later, her father had put vervain in the water system and not only that but cancels the Decade Dance. He orders Bonnie to come home for a family meeting. As she leaves, Bonnie has a frightening encounter with Kol, who wants to kill her, knowing that if she is dead, no one would be able to get to the cure. Bonnie, however, uses Expression on him, causing balloons to pop and lockers to open, leaving Bonnie for a chance to escape.

Later, Bonnie is at her house and Jeremy enters, telling her that Kol is in their house and they need her help. When Rudy says that she can't leave, she breaks a lamp and tells her father to stop telling her what to do. She tries walking out the door, but Abby blocks the way, saying that no one is going anywhere.

Bonnie is shocked by her mother's arrival and Abby asks Bonnie who is Professor Shane and what has he been teaching her. Jeremy tells Bonnie that they don't have time for this and Rudy replies by saying that this is a family matter. Jeremy tells Bonnie's parents that his sister is in trouble and they need Bonnie's help, but Abby says that her daughter is done with helping Elena Gilbert. Jeremy tries to attack Abby, and Bonnie tells him not to and to leave. She promises Jeremy that she will be right behind him. When he leaves, Bonnie looks at her parents and says, "You wanna talk? Let's talk."

The Bennetts are talking and Abby tells her daughter that she had warned her about dark magic before. Bonnie replies that Expression isn't dark magic and she reveals that she needs it. Bonnie tells Abby that they found a cure, which could be used to save her and that she can do the spell to access it. Bonnie tries to leave, but Abby drugs her and tries to contact some witches to wipe Bonnie's mind of the things Shane taught her when she suddenly wakes up and uses her powers on Abby. She exclaims that she no longer belongs to the spirits, but herself and she leaves the house to save Elena and Jeremy.

Bonnie arrives after they have just killed Kol and Klaus is there, telling the Gilbert siblings how he would have killed them all once the cure was found and that he doesn't care about his hybrids. Bonnie uses Expression on Klaus and orders, Jeremy, to invite Klaus in, which he does. Bonnie traps Klaus in the Gilbert living room and they are safe until the spell wears off in 3 to 4 days.

Finally, Bonnie is with Elena and Jeremy at the Salvatore Boarding House. Jeremy is wondering why his mark isn't growing and Bonnie says that it will take time for Kol's line to die. Damon appears, free of his compulsion as Kol is killed, and Stefan arrives with Silas' headstone. Moments later, Jeremy's mark grows, allowing everyone to see it.

In Into the Wild, Bonnie arrives at the island where Shane claims that the cure is along with Stefan, Elena, Damon, Jeremy, and Rebekah. Bonnie takes pictures of Jeremy's tattoo which also tells the story of Silas and Qetsiyah, who was in love with him. Qetsiyah made Silas immortal and when she found out he made his lover immortal and not her, she freaked and killed his lover. Then she buried Silas with a cure for immortality, which she had hoped he would take and die.

Bonnie comes to Shane and tells him that she doesn't see a spell in Jeremy's tattoos, after studying them. He tells her that he will help her access Expression once she needs it and that he needs her to stay in control.

That is when he tells Bonnie that his wife was a witch, who died trying to use Expression.

This angers Bonnie and she yells at him, "You taught me the same magic that killed your wife!" Shane says that the upside is that he knows the warning signs and can keep it from consuming her. Damon has entered Shane's tent at the point and states the obvious: "The downside is you turned her into a time bomb that only you can dismantle." Shane tells Damon that he knows once they find the cure, he will try and kill him, but Bonnie has to keep him alive so that she can stay alive.

Sometime later, during the night, Jeremy is abducted by a strange man, leading Bonnie to do a locator spell to find him. She lights a fire and she follows its trail into the woods, the wind blowing around her, hearing voices as well. Bonnie later finds Shane, with Silas' headstone, which he stole earlier, and Jeremy bound a gagged. He introduces Bonnie to Massak and that if she tries to escape, he will ensure that she never finds her way back. He says to the three, "So the gang's all here. Silas awaits."

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane arrive at the well where Shane claims Silas is. Massak claims that he will not go any farther and Shane gives him Silas' Headstone, which is not needed to open Silas' tomb, just to pay Massak with. They proceed their journey into the well where Bonnie promises Jeremy that she won't let Shane raise Silas and she will kill him if he tries to hurt anyone. Bonnie begins a spell which "vacuums" up Jeremy's Hunter's Mark (meanwhile, another hunter of the Five, Galen Vaughn, has his tattoo disappear as well). She successfully opens up the passageway, also causing a cave-in, which causes Shane to break his leg. When he asks Bonnie and Jeremy to help him, they refuse and advance into the passageway.

Suddenly, Sheila Bennett appears and tells her granddaughter that they have to raise Silas and feed him so that she can be brought back. Jeremy realizes that it isn't her Grams at all and tells her that it isn't real; that it is Silas and he is getting inside her head. Later, the two find Silas, frozen in a vampire state. Bonnie says that to get the cure, Silas has to be fed their blood, as it is in his grip. That is when Vaughn appears and stabs Bonnie, where she falls onto the cave floor.

Katherine Pierce suddenly arrives (disguised as Elena, who she attacked earlier) and saves Jeremy from Vaughn, who was about to kill him. "Elena" is revealed to be Katherine when she calls Jeremy a brat for insisting that she save Bonnie first before getting the cure. Katherine slits Jeremy's wrist open and feeds him to Silas, who grabs Jeremy, giving Katherine an opening to grab the cure, and with that, she takes off. Silas then snaps Jeremy's neck and Bonnie watches from the cavern floor, unable to do anything, as she is dying.

In Stand By Me, Bonnie awakens in the forest and realized that her wound has healed. Shane/Silas came up and told her that he found a few revival herbs nearby to heal her. Bonnie asked him how he is healed and came to know that it was Silas who fixed his broken leg. Shane mentions Jeremy's death and that he was there when Silas awoke and, to gain the strength he needed to feed on Jeremy.

Bonnie is emotionally devastated at the news of his death and was angry at Shane. Overwhelmed with emotion, Bonnie shows a lack of control over Expression when she makes the fire grow. Shane/Silas then tells Bonnie that Silas can help her bring back Jeremy.

Silas/Shane also explains that three massacres are needed to complete the Expression triangle and another 12 people have to be sacrificed. Bonnie, who abhors the idea of killing 12 more innocent people ran away before she tripped and fell over an illusion of Jeremy dying and pleading for help. Bonnie attempts to revive him but it doesn't work. Bonnie then agrees to do what Silas wants.

When Bonnie is reunited with Damon on the island, they both return to Mystic Falls where Bonnie explains Silas' plan. Silas, as Shane, had told her that the Other Side was purgatory for supernaturals created by Qetsiyah. She had intended on Silas taking the cure and ending up on Other Side with her for all eternity. Bonnie told Elena, Caroline, and Matt that she needed to complete the Expression triangle to gain enough power to drop the Veil between the living world and the Other Side, causing all supernatural creatures to return; allowing everyone to reunite with everyone that they have ever lost but also the enemies they have killed over the years.

Bonnie was dropped at her home by Matt who insisted she needed to rest. When she was about to open the front door Silas/Shane asked if she told her friends the plan, to which she replies that they are unwilling to help and he tells her they are just afraid. She inquired to Shane/Silas if the 12 people died in Young Farm were humans and aren't supernaturals. Shane/Silas said their sacrifice was necessary and that they found peace and moved on. Silas/Shane said to Bonnie that they are going to work together in this.

In Because the Night, Bonnie is now aware that Shane is Silas, although he won't reveal his true form to her. He manipulates her into attempting a massacre of 12 witches - the final sacrifice necessary to complete the triangle. Silas explains that if witches are channeling one another, the death of one will result in the death of the rest. Bonnie meets with Aja, a witch friend of her mother's who she tricks into believing that she wants to be cleansed of expression. Aja's coven joins them and they begin the process of cleansing Bonnie by linking with one another. Stefan arrives to warn the witches about Bonnie's true intentions, but to his horror Aja prepares to slay Bonnie, fearing that after Silas' intervention she's "lost" to them. Stefan tries to intervene, but Aja gives him a massive headache.

Klaus and Caroline appear, and Klaus said they couldn't stop the witch now because she's linked to the others. Klaus is more than willing to let Bonnie die - but Caroline can't stand for that and rushes forward, stealing the head witch's dagger and turning it on her. Caroline stands back in horror as each witch slowly falls to the ground, dead. Caroline just murdered 12 people and completed the expression triangle - now all Silas needs is the cure.

When Bonnie wakes up, Stefan's surprised to discover that she remembers nothing since being in the cave, forcing him to tell her once again about Jeremy. Stefan attributed the memory loss to the witches' work on her mind. Your heart sunk when it became clear that Stefan would have to tell her that Jeremy was dead.

In Pictures of You, Bonnie was visiting Jeremy's grave to say goodbye and something better than her last words to him, "We did it." Jeremy appeared and told her to wake up. She'd been dreaming and set the room on fire. Next, Bonnie was with Caroline telling her about her dreams of Jeremy/killing time while shopping for prom dresses. Caroline, Matt, and Bonnie are going together as friends. Elena and Rebekah showed up and Bonnie noticed that there was something different about Elena. At prom, Elena is mean to Bonnie telling her that she was a walking reminder of all the tragedy in her life.

Silas, in the form of Jeremy, shows up and says he needs to help Bonnie before she hurts herself. But Bonnie says Silas just wants to bring down the wall and release all the monsters. Bonnie warned the Salvatores and she was announced Prom Queen as Matt was announced Prom King.

After Bonnie and Matt took their yearbook photos, Rebekah warned Matt that Elena was up to something regarding Bonnie. She could have been a tad more specific, right? Strange. Elena followed Bonnie into a special beaded-off VIP section and prepared to bite her. But Bonnie worked her magic, bringing wind and smashing some lights. She ran out. Bonnie start car alarms in the parking lot and scream at Silas to get out of her head as he awkwardly shouted "Control! Control!" at her. Bonnie succeeded in getting Silas out of her mind, and then Elena swooped in and bit her. But Bonnie's neck healed and Elena projectile-vomited the blood back up. Bonnie rose and started making Elena's bones break. Damon and Stefan stopped her from killing Elena.

The episode's final moment brought us our first look at Silas' real face. Bonnie had sought him out. He was hiding in the dark because Qetsiyah had made sure no woman would love him if he wouldn't love her. She'd disfigured him.

In She's Come Undone, Caroline was trying to call Bonnie, and finally, she answered the phone. Caroline asked her if she could come over to help her will turning Elena's humanity back on, but Bonnie said she wasn't going to forgive her that quickly and told her she needed to study for the final exam. Bonnie hangs up as Katherine sits down across from her at the table and picks up a menu. Bonnie told her she needed her help by giving her Silas' tombstone. Bonnie wanted Katherine to help her but at first, she refused, but then Bonnie told her that if she helped her she would give her what she always wanted, freedom. Bonnie didn't give her many details in case Silas got in her head and found out about them working together.

Later, Silas kept attacking Caroline and told her that he wanted her to find Bonnie. After he threatened that he would kill her mother, Caroline called Elizabeth Forbes and told her to go home and lock the doors and Caroline soon arrived home with her. They were in the living room trying to call Bonnie when she finally arrived. Caroline went to talk to her, and at first, she didn't unlock the door since she was afraid that she was Silas. Then Liz walked in behind Caroline, but Bonnie quickly told her that that was not her mother. Bonnie can enter with her magic while Caroline went running to help her mother who in reality, was unconscious on the living room floor. Silas told Bonnie that she was wrong thinking that she could hide from him, but Bonnie said that she wasn't. Silas told her that she better not betray him, and she said that she wouldn't, but told him not to hurt her friends. Silas ordered her to leave the house immediately, and she left, and Silas followed behind her.

Bonnie was later seen at the diner again talking to Katherine. She told her that if she helped her, she would talk to Qetsiyah to learn the spell she used to turn Silas truly immortal, and she would do it on her. Katherine told her that they had a deal.

In The Walking Dead, Bonnie is sitting in the forest with her legs crossed, when Katherine hears voices and starts to ask Bonnie why they need to be here. Bonnie tells Katherine that if she wants to be truly immortal she needs to drop the Veil and talk to Qetsiyah. Then Katherine asks why they are in the forest, and Bonnie explains that they are standing in the expression triangle and that she needs to channel all of the energy from Silas' Tombstone Then Katherine asks her what she wants, to which Bonnie replies that she is going to need help "putting him down." Katherine realizes she is referring to the one person who has been able to do this- Qetsiyah. Bonnie explains that if she can contact her she can ask her how to do it, and that she will need the tombstone to contact her. Katherine then explains that she's not letting Bonnie flood Mystic Falls with dead supernatural creatures so that she can ask not one but two favors, and that she's taking her business elsewhere. Katherine intends on leaving but is unable to because Bonnie has linked them and that they are in forced proximity with each other for the day. Bonnie doesn't want Silas getting into Katherine's head and finding out she doesn't need a full moon to drop the veil.

Bonnie and Katherine are walking towards the Lockwood Cellar, and Katherine says to Bonnie that she'll be staying up on land rather than in the cellar, Bonnie says to Katherine "You obviously don't know how this works" and as Bonnie starts to walk down the stairs Katherine is forced to follow, as if an invisible force is pushing her against her will. Once in the cellar Katherine explains that she is a vampire and that she can kill her, Bonnie then says "Whatever happens to me happens to you, do you really think I want you here?" Bonnie then starts to use her magic and the weather goes all hectic, and the power goes out.

Then Bonnie and Katherine are at the Pastor's Ranch and Bonnie says "12 humans died here, they died in vain for Silas", then the lights go out at the farm, and Bonnie tells Katherine that she linked the final 'hotspot', It's time to drop the veil."

Bonnie and Katherine are at the center of the triangle, which is underneath the school. Bonnie tells Katherine that she is ready and that the stone contains the calcified blood of Qetsiyah, one of the strongest witches in the world. While Bonnie has hold of the rock Qestiyah's blood starts to seep out, then Katherine asks Bonnie whats going on and Bonnie tells Katherine shes channeling the expression triangle. Then all the candles light and Bonnie says to Katherine, "It's done, the veil's down."

Katherine then tells Bonnie to hurry up, Bonnie tells Katherine that she can't reach out to Qetsiyah while Katherine is breaking her concentration every 5 seconds. Katherine then tells Bonnie that she can hear someone coming and that Bonnie needs to unlink her while she stalls then, Bonnie says no so but Katherine asks for some slack which Bonnie gives. While Elena is torturing Katherine, it's also hurting Bonnie until Caroline and Stefan come and Caroline tells Bonnie to unlink her. Caroline then asks is Bonnie alright and Bonnie replies "Yes, now that I unlinked her." Caroline then asks what is she doing down here Bonnie then tells Caroline that she is waiting for Qetsiyah. Then Caroline tells Bonnie that she may be waiting a while. Then Caroline disappears and Silas appears and tells Bonnie Qetsiyah isn't coming. Bonnie then says to Silas "But I saw Caroline...How? I thought you couldn't get inside my head." Silas then tells Bonnie that's what he wanted her to think and he could make her see whatever he wanted her to see. Then he asks Bonnie is he a disfigured monster, Stefan then appears and says "Of course not, a monster is what I wanted you to see.", Stefan then disappears and Caroline appears and says "That's the beauty of all this, you have no idea who I am." Caroline disappears and Stefan appears again and says "Or what I look like. Then Silas appears and says "Or how deep I am inside your head." Stefan appears and says "You thought you were more powerful than me?" Caroline appears and says "I'm stronger than you can imagine, I defeated the hunter's curse in minutes You thought that you could betray me? You can't I will always be one step ahead." Bonnie then tells Silas who is posing as Caroline to stay away from her, Silas says "Gladly after you finish the spell, then when the veil is dropped completely the I can take the cure and die, I just want to pass on Bonnie I'll even let you kill me, I'll be out of your life for good" Bonnie replies "But every dead creature will be roaming the earth" Silas says "well if you don't help me, I'll be roaming the earth" Bonnie replies " I was never going to drop the veil". Silas walking towards Bonnie says "I'm curious what was your plan, pow-pow with Qetsiyah, brainstorm ways to put me down, Qetsiyah's not coming she wants me on the other side with her for eternity" Silas then turns into Alaric and says "that sounds familiar, maybe Damon can convince you" "I won't let you" Bonnie says before Silas cuts her off mid-sentence by saying "You won't let me what?" Bonnie then starts to gasp for air as Silas says, "You feel that Bonnie, the air thinning barley enough to breathe?"

Bonnie is grasping for air when her grams appears and says "Bonnie, this isn't real Bonnie, feel the air in your lungs break through" Bonnie interrupts her by saying "Silas." "Would Silas try to save your life, now breath child" Shelia says. Bonnie gets up to hug Shelia and says "I was so worried about you" Shelia replies by saying "I know, but I'm ok, I've been watching over you". "I messed up, I'm sorry," Bonnie says, "you can still stop Silas," Shelia says encouraging Bonnie, "I can't Qetsiyah was able to immobilize him so he couldn't feed and get into peoples heads, I can't do that I don't know how to do that I don't know how to put him down" Bonnie replied. Sheila tells her, "You can do that, expression is a manifestation of your will, you can do anything, I don't like it but sometimes there are no choices, but you are strong enough, you can do this".

Bonnie walks in on Damon strangling Silas who has taken on the form of Alaric. She says, "I may not be able to kill you but I will stop you." Then Bonnie starts to use magic and Silas starts to find it hard to move as Bonnie says "I will make the blood clot in your veins, I will make ever bone muscle and joint in your body turn to stone, you won't have power over us anymore." Silas starts to walk away but soon can't walk anymore and stops as Damon asks "What the hell is happening" Bonnie replies "He can't hide behind his mind control anymore he's becoming his true self." As Silas stops and turns to stone Damon asks, "Who might his true self be?" Bonnie replies "I guess we'll never know."

"We need to get rid of Silas' body", Bonnie says and Damon replies "Well there's a slight problem their Medusa, even though you turned him into stone if he gets one more drop of blood he's back to his old mind tricks." Stefan replies "So, let's do what we were going to do to Klaus drop his body in the middle of the ocean."

Bonnie lets Elena and Jeremy know that she'll give them some before she has to put the veil back. Inside the cave, Bonnie is placing candles around as her Grams tells her it is time to put the veil back up. Bonnie reveals that she will put the veil back up after she brings Jeremy back from the dead. Sheila tells Bonnie that Jeremy's death was the will of Nature. Sheila warns her, "There is no magic in this world strong enough to challenge it." Bonnie tells her that she has every magic, the spirits, expression, and the "darkness". Bonnie then attempts to cast the spell as Sheila warned her to stop. Bonnie then collapsed to the ground. After a while, Bonnie came to and stood up. Sheila eventually touched her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Bonnie. The spell, it was just too much," she said. Bonnie turned to see her body was still on the ground. The episode ends with Bonnie's death.

Graduation finally arrives. We see Bonnie calling Caroline to tell her that she needed to wait until that night to have enough power to raise the veil again. Bonnie suggested they cancel graduation, but Caroline was having none of that. Bonnie wasn't ready to tell anyone that she was dead -- they'd been through so much, she said. Grams just told her to make sure she said her goodbyes before it was too late. When Bonnie went to school, Katherine popped up at the school demanding the immortality that Bonnie promised her, and threatened Elena's life. Bonnie was about to crush her skull but stopped when other students walked in the hallway and Katherine bolted.

Bonnie and Caroline were already there when Matt showed up. Then Elena and Stefan followed. Caroline couldn't believe they'd all made it. Bonnie teared up but still said nothing about her death. She didn't even tell her father, who presented them with their diplomas, the truth. She just thanked him -- for everything. When Bonnie sat down, Kol appeared in the seat behind her. Kol told Bonnie about his army of angry ghosts and no one noticed her sneaking off with him. Kol didn't want the veil to come back up -- he wanted it down so he could live on this side. She took him down to her body, and said that's what she wanted, too -- but you can't always get what you want. She trapped him in that room.

It was time for the veil to go up, so Jeremy wrote Elena a letter before coming to look for Bonnie. He wanted to be with her when she sealed it. He eventually told her there was so much he wanted to say to her but nothing seemed right. She told him not to speak. Instead, they kissed. When the veil was up, Jeremy gasped for air. That's when Bonnie knew: The spell that had killed her had worked. He was alive. He was so happy until he realized he couldn't feel her hands on his face. Then he knew she was dead. She made him promise to tell Caroline and Elena that she was staying with her mother for summer. She told him she'd be okay -- she had Grams, who was there to walk off with her hand-in-hand, and the other witches.

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Bonnie is a ghost but is still around, keeping an eye on her friends and family. The only ones who can see her are Jeremy and Matt due to their gifts of being a medium. She has been delaying the knowledge of her death by getting Jeremy to send post cards from "The Grand Canyon" and various letters and emails throughout the summer. The only ones who know that she is dead are Jeremy, Stefan, and Silas.

Later at the Mystic Grill, Jeremy senses that something is wrong with Stefan, and Bonnie informs Jeremy that the spell she performed on Silas is no longer in place. Jeremy then confronts Damon and tells him that the man who looks like Stefan has to be Silas. At the Mystic Falls' "End of Summer" party, Bonnie is present when Rudy is giving a speech. Silas interrupts and performs mind control on the entire crowd of people after revealing his true identity. Bonnie screams in anguish when Silas slits her father's throat. She rushes to the stage and kneels next to her father's body while Silas demands that the town finds Katherine.

In True Lies, Bonnie tells Jeremy about her dad's death and how she feels about it. She explains the strength of Silas' power about controlling the entire town. She informs him about the fact that he is looking for Katherine and compelled all the town to find her. Later, when Matt dies, his soul temporarily goes to the Other Side and finds Bonnie. She tells him that he is on the Other Side because he died wearing the Gilbert Ring and to go back, Matt has to reconnect to his body. Matt surmises that if he is on the Other Side, how Bonnie can see him. She answers with, "There is something you should know..." and informs him of her death and only Jeremy is aware of it. Then Bonnie and Matt find his body. Just before he leaves her, he tells her to tell everyone that she's dead, that she and Jeremy can't keep hiding this. Matt reconnects with his body and Jeremy sees Bonnie. She tells him that she's not ready to be dead yet and that she doesn't know what to do about her dad.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Bonnie is watching Jeremy who is working out. She's making jokes about being on the Other Side. Then Matt calls Jeremy because he needs Bonnie's help. Elena and Damon also ask for Bonnie's help about the lost memories of Stefan. Jeremy does not know what to do and if he should continue to lie about Bonnie's death. Bonnie insists he shouldn't tell the others, but Jeremy tells Damon about it, adding that no one can be brought back from the dead without consequences, that Nature found a balance- meaning Bonnie died to bring Jeremy back to life. Damon then tells Elena about her best friend's death. Just before her funeral, Bonnie is watching Elena crying on Damon's shoulder about her death.

In the forest, a memorial is organized for Bonnie. Everyone leaves something for Bonnie, anything that represents their friendship with Bonnie on the Parent Tree. For Caroline, it was cheerleader pompoms, Matt; a whistle, Elena; feathers and Damon; her grimoire. Jeremy tells everyone that Bonnie looked after all of them during the summer. Then she has Jeremy tell a little something to everyone.

To Elena : "The summer of your life... And I saw you happy. And I know you think now that you can't have a normal life, that you have to be here for everyone. But you don't. Everyone will find their way. So you are gonna repack your things. You'll gonna go back to college and you are gonna live it up."

For Matt : "You didn't do anything wrong, Matt. You know I would send you 300 e-mails back if I could. I miss you."

And for Caroline : "I watched you decorate that dorm room like your life depends on it. And I know that college isn't everything you expected. But you fell like if something missing... Tyler..."

Tyler shows up and puts a white rose on the Parent Tree. Bonnie tells Jeremy that it is what she needed, that she is now ready to be dead. Her memorial was what everyone needed to accept her death, including her.

In Monster's Ball, Bonnie is watching over Elena at college and she tells Elena she misses her too. Later on Bonnie is listening conversation between Jeremy and Damon. She thinks that Silas wants to destroy the Other Side. She says that the spell that was used to made the Other Side is probably bound to something very powerful because it still exists. Although she disagrees with using Silas' death to bring her back to life, Jeremy says she is in. After that, she and Jeremy are fighting about working with Silas to bring her because Silas is dangerous. Jeremy tells her that being able to see her and hear her is not enough anymore. He also tells her that she needs to let Damon try to bring her back. In the end, she agrees to try.

In Handle with Care, she is seen with Jeremy trying to find the Anchor. Unfortunately, they fail and Bonnie remains optimistic about coming back and assures Jeremy.

In Death and the Maiden, Jeremy is worried about the fate of the Other Side because Amara is human. Bonnie is dwelling on what would happen if the Other Side were destroyed- if it would be painful or cliche like going through a white light. She says that it would "suck if it hurts". Jeremy then says that he has three things to tell her. He tells her it's not a good bye and she would always be there and then he thanks her for giving up her life for him. Bonnie tells him to stop saying the last because if she waits until another time, it would mean that there would be another time. Later on, Bonnie and Jeremy meet Amara, who starts asking questions about how he was brought back to life. She then asks Bonnie if it is she who did the spell because she is a witch. Bonnie realizes that Amara can see ghosts and she also discovers that she can feel physical contact as a result of being the Anchor to the Other Side. The group quickly realizes that for Bonnie to be brought back, she has to become the Anchor. Later, they ask for Qetsiyah's help in performing the spell that would accomplish this. This requires the blood of doppelgängers - Amara, Katherine, and Elena - poured on Bonnie's grimoire which is used as a Talisman since Bonnie cannot be physically there. During the performing of the spell Silas shows up and it is halted. Later on, Amara is dying and Tessa is finishing the spell. Bonnie is shown saying goodbye to Jeremy, as she does not believe it is going to work. He tells her what he was going to say earlier- that he loves her. When Jeremy puts his hand on Bonnie's neck, they both can feel it and realize the spell has worked and Bonnie has become the Anchor. Caroline and Elena arrive, realizing that she's back and hug her. Bonnie and Jeremy are seen talking in private again. Bonnie is relishing the warmth of the fire and they finally kiss. When Tessa dies (after self-mutilation), she strolls up to Bonnie and tells her that, as the new anchor, every ghost has to pass through her to go on the Other Side, and as a result; she would feel the pain of not only her death but every supernatural being crossing to the Other Side. Bonnie then cries out in pain when Qetsiyah touches her.

In Dead Man on Campus, Bonnie is filming a video message for her mother, showing her dorm room at Whitmore College and she tells her that she loves her. Then Elena and Caroline walk in, telling Bonnie about a big party they are throwing because she is finally back. Bonnie sees a message from Jeremy and tells Elena and Caroline that she has to "register for classes". She starts laughing when she sees them kissing and hugging bottles, pretending to be her and Jeremy. Bonnie and Jeremy are situated on a bench kissing, when Jeremy breaks apart, mocking Bonnie's excuse to Elena that she was "registering for classes" to instead come and see him. Bonnie says she doesn't want to rub it in Elena's face on their first day in the dorm room and Jeremy then offers to take her back to his place. Bonnie laughs that it is Damon's house and sarcastically adds they should just have sex in the bathtub and let Katherine watch. They kiss and Jeremy compliments her new hair style, and she turns away smiling, however, stops when she sees an elderly woman staring directly at her from ahead. Jeremy asks if she's okay and Bonnie quickly excuses herself to go to class, saying she will meet him later on. She tries to run away but the old lady stands in front of her and says "I'm ready." She touches Bonnie's arm and vanishes and Bonnie screams in pain.

At the dorm party, Bonnie sees the old woman she helped over before. The woman was a witch but is doing fine on the other side since Bonnie helped her transition over. Jeremy approaches Bonnie at her welcome back party in the dorm and touches her shoulder, bringing her back to the living. He tells her she needs to come with him, and that they are going to "register for classes."

In a hotel room sometime later, Bonnie is trying to light candles unsuccessfully with a lighter when Jeremy appears and tells her to step away from the candles. She admits she misses her magic. He grabs her and kisses her, lifting her onto the bed. Bonnie rips off his shirt but stops in horror, seeing Jesse standing behind them. She stops Jeremy, saying that she thinks Jesse is dead. He touches her and she starts screaming. Once the pain stops, Jeremy demands to know what that was and how often it happens and she reveals she is the Anchor, every supernatural being passes through her although she doesn't respond how often. He asks why she didn't tell him, but she says they knew there would be consequences, but they are here now touching each other, before telling him to kiss her. She says any consequence is worth it before they have sex for the first time.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie is in college with Elena (Katherine) and Caroline who are planning to go to the Bitter Ball. In the class, she sees one girl next to her moving her pen and she realizes that she must be a witch. She asks Jeremy to be her date, but Jeremy would like to just skip this event and spend time with her. They are happy and kissing until Damon arrives and kidnaps Jeremy and forces Bonnie to find a witch who would do locator spell for him or Jeremy dies. She seeks out the girl Liv and begs for her help, but soon discovers that she has no practice or control over her magic making her task more complicated. She tries to teach her the locator spell, but she is not very co-operative and it takes a long time to perform this spell until they succeed.

In Gone Girl, she is seen with Jeremy talking about her birthday. She is also shown trying to convince Katherine to come to the Salvatore House so they can kill her with the knife. She and Jeremy ask Liv to help them to find Katherine. She later gets jealous because Liv is flirting with Jeremy. She later sees Katherine die and goes to a church to honor her father by lighting candles. She later sees Katherine as a ghost and Katherine tells her what she did to Elena before being killed. Katherine puts her hands on Bonnie, but nothing happens. Bonnie tells her that she doesn't decide who crosses over or not and witnesses Katherine being sucked into the darkness.

In While You Were Sleeping, Bonnie is seen helping Liv with her magic. She tries to get her to light salt on fire, but Liv doesn't succeed. She soon is with Liv trying to help Elena, but unfortunately, Elena stabs Liv in the stomach as to get her to break the seal on the building. She is seen with Bonnie again and they promise to try more spells. She walks into her room and lights all the candles. She is talking to her brother, Luke, and admits that it's cute with what she's doing with Bonnie.

In Rescue Me, Bonnie is first seen at the campus, in the living room, studying and talking to Elena about Damon. Eventually, Luke also arrives and Bonnie immediately thinks of him and Elena hooking up only for Elena to say he's gay which in turn, Bonnie says Damon'd be cute with him too. Eventually, after a couple of stares from Luke, Bonnie gets curious and stands up as she asks him if he has anything to say to her. He explains that he's just studying when suddenly a red-haired witch from Luke's coven, Hazel, who Enzo killed moments ago appears in front of a surprised Bonnie. Hazel tells her to deliver Luke a message that she failed and that "they" found them. She then goes on to pass through Bonnie to the Other Side. Luke asks her if she's okay after she moans in pain and she tells him what Hazel said to her. He then proceeds to explain to her that he's a witch and Liv's twin brother who is also a talented witch. He also explains about his coven's mission to stop whatever the Traveler witches are doing. Bonnie is creeped out by all of this and then gets a call from Jeremy who starts wondering about Elena's whereabouts as he's afraid Liv will do something to her.

Bonnie wonders about Jeremy and Liv, and by the time she ends the call, Luke is already gone. She's again seen at the end of the episode, calling Jeremy with him not picking up. She admits she's confused about where they stand and tells him to call her. At the same time, Sloan and the Travelers are performing a spell to bring Markos back from the Other Side-through Bonnie. Eventually, all of them commit suicide by burning themselves alive. Suddenly, dozens of chanting Travelers appear around Bonnie as they all go towards her to pass to the Other Side. She screams in pain as she tries to run away from them only to be surprised by even more. Eventually, all of them pass through her simultaneously which leaves her screaming, and eventually, the pain takes her down. As she faints, her shadow suddenly crawls away from her, and it is formed Markos' figure as he rises from her body. He then proceeds to walks away from Bonnie's unconscious figure, leaving her lying on the floor.

In Resident Evil, Bonnie is first seen taking a walk through the park as she recovered from the pain of the various Travelers that passed through her last night, and seems unaware that Markos tore his way out of her being. She is calling Jeremy, upset that he hasn't been talking to her at all in the last few days as suddenly, everything slows down and she transports herself to the other side, in time to greet Grams, who is upset because of what the Travelers did, and then reveals that because someone tore his way out of the other side, it is now falling apart.

Bonnie later goes to see Jeremy at the Lockwood mansion, only to get turned down by him when he tells her he has everything in control and wants her to trust him. As he begins explaining to her, Liv appears and Bonnie is upset and angry with her, due to the way Liv manipulated her. As she leaves the mansion, Matt appears, obviously dead, and apologizes as he passes through her on his way to the other side. She later discovers his body at the sheriff's office together with Jeremy and as they wait for Matt to awake, Jeremy apologizes for his ignorance to Bonnie and they reconcile just as Matt wakes up, and worriedly asks Bonnie about the events that are destroying the other side.

In Man on Fire, Bonnie is first seen with Elena and Stefan in the morning in the bar as the three studies together. Elena notices Bonnie's quiet mood and wonders what is up with her. She then realizes Bonnie is worried about the other side and tells Stefan that Bonnie is in denial which Stefan too has noticed. Bonnie explains that she just has to deal with it, considering there's nothing she can do about her impending death, though then reveals that she plans on asking Liv for help or if anything can be done. As she awkwardly starts looking at Liv, the blonde finally gets tired and asks what she wants. Just then, Enzo walks in, and Bonnie notices Liv's dislike of him. He calls Liv to use her magic on Elena and Stefan, and Bonnie tries to stop her and then finds out Enzo is using Luke to threaten Liv. She is later seen trying to call Damon for help, only so Enzo notices and takes away her cellphone before she can call him. He instead calls Damon. Later, when Stefan says he didn't kill Maggie, Enzo grabs Bonnie and threatens her, wondering what would happen if she were to die, or if she could even die.Stefan, to protect her from a furious Enzo, decides to lie and after all, says he killed Maggie. Enzo then sends Bonnie upstairs with Liv, who wonders if Bonnie is okay, to which she responds rather angrily, because Liv manipulated her. Liv then explains how she was the easiest to get to.Bonnie suddenly asks if anything can be done about the Other Side to which Liv responds rather cruelly, referring to Bonnie's impending destruction. Bonnie says that she doesn't care about herself, but the ones close to her who are over there. Later, as Enzo compels everyone to leave, he attacks Liv by biting her and then kidnaps Elena and runs off.Damon runs after him while Stefan stays too, on Bonnie's request, heal Liv.

Later, Bonnie and Liv are seen in the bar as they joke about Liv probably getting fired to the mess caused by the fight in the bar. Liv finally thanks Bonnie and returns to the question about the other side. Then, all of Bonnie's hopes disappear when Liv explains that she should do all of her goodbyes in the time she has left. Bonnie starts crying, aware that there is nothing she can do and Liv comforts her, telling her that she should tell Jeremy. She is later seen with him, explaining, and lying both to herself as well as him that Liv can help her through a spell. Then, Stefan calls, telling her that Enzo died and is about to pass on through her at any given moment. He then proceeds to ask Bonnie not to tell anyone, especially Damon about Enzo's demise. Just then, Enzo appears, ready to pass through Bonnie as she lies to Jeremy, telling him it's a werewolf. Enzo threatens that he will get his revenge and then passes through her, leaving her screaming in pain.

In What Lies Beneath, Bonnie is first seen with Jeremy, making out on the bed as she claims they have the dorm for themselves for the entire week, due to Elena and Caroline going off on a trip to escape the Travelers. Jeremy then finds out that Tyler finally returned home and goes off to get ready as Bonnie sits on the bed, wondering when to tell him about the events on the other side. Just then,Grams appears, angry with Bonnie due to her lying to her friends and giving herself false hope about the life she will never have due to the end of the other side. Just then Grams accidentally knocks over a lamp from the desk, and Bonnie is more than confused as to how she did that, only to figure out that the state of the other side is worsening, meaning the end of it, as well as Bonnie's, is approaching. She later goes off with Jeremy to Mystic Falls to greet Tyler and is with him, Jeremy and Matt when they devise a plan to torture the Traveler inside of him, Julian, to get answers. Bonnie, due to being the only girl there, gives Tyler a sad smile which he returns as she goes up from the basement, unable to watch the torturing session. Later, she gets a call from an upset Stefan, as she wonders why she didn't go with them instead.He asks her about the other side and she reveals that it's getting worse,saying that the dead can now move objects from over there. Later, to find Julian's body before the Travelers,she and Jeremy go down to the caves where they discover dozens of bodies of the Travelers,while trying to find Julian's body with an eagle tattoo, Jeremy apologizes for the bad date they're on,to which she replies positively, claiming it can't get any worse. And then it does. Maria, one of the Travelers and Julian's wife comes for his body and blocks Jeremy's air pipes in the process to which Bonnie begs her to stop while she rolls her eyes and goes off with his body.She later,together with Jeremy confesses to Tyler that they lost Julian's body and just then,the Travelers begin the spell to make Julian permanent in Tyler's body by burning Julian's body.Bonnie is the first one to connect the dots as she realizes they're doing the same thing they did with Katherine and Elena.

In Promised Land, Bonnie is first seen with Damon as he gave her a call to speak to Enzo through her. She delivers Enzo's words to Damon and is annoyed because of constantly being followed by him since he found out about the destruction of the other side. Damon then, in a panic due to the mess that is slowly ensuing tells Enzo that Bonnie too can bring him back, giving him false hope for now. Just as Bonnie is about to reveal to Damon there is no spell to save her or The Other Side,Jeremy arrives before she can say anything. She is later seen with Caroline back in Whitmore, who in a desperate state thinks that the only way to save Tyler from Julian is to kill him.

Bonnie, who is angry because of everything that's happening, after a few comments from Caroline, finally cracks and reveals that she lied and that there is no salvation for the other side. Later, as she's hastily packing, Enzo approaches her, angry that she didn't tell him anything about the fact that she lied and that there's no spell. He later explains how they need to fight for their lives until the last moment and just as Bonnie is about to pick up the stuff he knocked out of her hands,Maria, one of the Travelers Bonnie met recently, appears in front of her as Bonnie realizes the witch died. As she passes through Bonnie, she gives her a message,to give to Julian. Later, as Caroline gets back from Mystic Falls, she packs, panicking about how all of them are going to die, seeing as The Travelers started the spell to break the curse placed upon them. She then starts yelling at Bonnie to start packing while she,deep in thoughts figures out a way to save herself as well as Enzo. She gets up and goes to find him.

Later, as Stefan and Elena get back, together with Matt and arrive at Whitmore, Jeremy and Damon arrive too. They then devise a plan to get out of Mystic Falls and escape. It is decided that Jeremy and Matt should go back to Mystic Falls, seeing as they're human and the spell won't affect them, while Damon and Elena will go in one car and Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline should follow. Then, just as Bonnie leaves the dorm with a sad look on her face, Enzo appears, revealing that Maria, the only one who knew the spell Bonnie planned to use for her and Enzo got sucked into oblivion, meaning their plan failed.

Meanwhile, on the parking lot of Whitmore, as Stefan and Caroline wait, Caroline starts wondering where Bonnie is and just as Stefan is about to go find her, Julian appears. Once he finds out Maria's dead, in a flash of rage, he rips out Stefan's heart. Just then, as Bonnie talks to Enzo, Stefan appears and she realizes he died. He pleads for her to tell him she knows how to bring them back but she tells her she lost it. Then, as she starts crying he passes through, leaving her in pain as Enzo watches while Caroline screams in the parking lot next to Stefan's dead body.

In Home, Bonnie is first seen in her dorm room, affected by Stefan's recent death like the rest of the group.Damon though immediately attacks her and threatens her to find a way to bring his dead brother back from the other side before it collapses fully.Enzo soon appears, claiming he found a Traveler that can help them come back from the other side.Later on, to get Liv to help them, Caroline kills Luke who quickly after shows up to Bonnie and passes through her much to Enzo's dismay, since Luke is just one more person that they need to bring back. Bonnie is annoyed by the growing list too but is interrupted when Tyler, who was killed moments ago by Markos passes through her, though she promises him they found a way to bring them all back.

Later on, as Bonnie and Enzo get ready to head on back to Mystic Falls, the Traveler Enzo spoke about finally shows up. At first, Bonnie is under the impression it's Stefan but is shocked when she figures out it's actually Silas, her father's murderer. Eventually, though she agrees to let him help them and in turn, she needs to bring him back too. Soon after, the three of them arrive to Mystic Falls, where Bonnie and Silas are throwing witty remarks and insults at each other, while studying the anchor overwhelming spell. Liv and Elena show up soon, though Bonnie chooses not to tell them that it's Silas who's teaching her the spell. Instead, she lies it's just some old lady. After Silas teaches her the spell, she teaches it to Liv and as she walks out to let Enzo in on everything, Silas comes quickly from behind. Just then,the oblivion arrives and Enzo and Silas are suddenly pulled towards it. Bonnie keeps Enzo grounded while she decides not to help Silas, which gets him sucked into the oblivion. Thus, she gets her revenge on Silas for all the torment, manipulation and pain he caused in her life.

Soon after, Bonnie is seen standing in the cemetery on the other side, trying to contact her Grams. Finally, she shows up and Bonnie claims they found a way for all of them to come back, including Grams. She though says Bonnie won't be able to survive all of those people passing through her. In the end,Grams said she'll stay on the other side,claiming she found her peace by making sure Bonnie finds hers. Bonnie doesn't understand at first but then the two embrace as Grams says her final goodbye to Bonnie, telling her to be strong. Both start crying as Grams walks off into the light, finding her peace and leaving the crumbling dimension behind. Night comes soon and Damon and Elena set off the explosion in the Grill, therefore, killing dozens of Travelers. Bonnie meanwhile is standing in the cemetery,awaiting for them.Suddenly,dozens of them appear with Markos in front. He claims he'll just rip his way out of her again and then passes through Bonnie painfully as the other Travelers do so too. Later on,Elena and Damon finally run-up to Bonnie,ready to pass through. As they do, Bonnie warns them to get back to her as soon as possible.

The spell has begun and Bonnie is seen standing in the cemetery, with Enzo, Lexi, Stefan and Tyler waiting for the others. Luke though, unable to watch Liv struggle with the spell decides not to wait for the others and forcefully passes through Bonnie and comes back to life. Meanwhile, Bonnie continues telling them to come through because they are running out of time. Enzo quickly grabs her and returns to the living plane. He immediately walks off. Tyler is the next to come back through Bonnie. As she starts telling the rest of the group to pass through,Elena arrives,claiming she won't go back until Damon's there too. Stefan though eye-contacts Bonnie and she under his request grabs Elena and brings her back to life,much to her dismay. As Elena starts yelling, Bonnie starts coughing up blood, signaling the group that she is dying together with the other side. As she falls over, Stefan accidentally grabs her and comes back too. Bonnie, who stands up claims she will see it all through and then walks out.

Outside, Lexi is waiting on Bonnie, who immediately starts telling her to come through. Lexi though figures out that Bonnie is dying so she decides not to pass through because then Bonnie would die before Stefan could get his brother back. Markos suddenly appears and tries to get to Bonnie, but Lexi fights him off into the oblivion and so finds peace, with Bonnie watching her. Damon and Alaric arrive quickly after and Alaric is the first to pass through Bonnie. At the same time, Luke stops Liv's spell due to it killing her which leaves Damon trapped in death. As Bonnie tells Elena that Damon is dead for good,she breaks down. Later, Bonnie is seen finally calling Jeremy and telling him the truth about the other side as well as her death.He starts running towards the woods, yelling her name out loud. As the gang all come together in front of the cemetery, they hear Jeremy and then all of them see Bonnie in the distance realizing she is about to die with the other side. Just then, Bonnie looses her foothold in the physical world and flashes to the other side, where the dimension is in it's final seconds. White lights begin poking through the dimension's walls and Damon walks up from behind her. They hold hands together as the Other Side collapses around them. They're engulfed in a bright white light, leaving their final fate unknown.

In I'll Remember, Bonnie is joined by Damon at the Salvatore Boarding house. He's preparing her breakfast in the kitchen as she prepares the table. He's fixed her pancakes with a smiley face and whip cream fangs.

In Yellow Ledbetter, Bonnie and Damon survive the Other Side's collapse, seemingly unharmed. They’re both in the cemetery again, only without anyone of their friends and family around them. Bonnie immediately wonders about where they are and runs off into town with Damon following her. Mystic Grill is intact and there's no one around. If they were still on the Other Side, they'd at least still be able to see people.

They are later seen walking down the road, only to discover that Elena's burned house is still there. Damon then quickly grabs a newsletter and the two of them are shocked when they see the date - May 10th, 1994. Both are suddenly even more surprised by the eclipse that follows. They then sit down on Elena's porch with Damon on the swing chair and Bonnie on the stairs. After a little bickering and a few jokes in-between, Bonnie explains how Grams made a sacrifice for her and that they should use magic to get back home. Much to their dismay, Bonnie is still powerless after trying to light a candle on the table. It's later been a day since they arrived in this dimension and Bonnie first appears at the Salvatore's Boarding House in the morning with her childhood teddy bear which she lost when she was 9, and with her Grams' grimoire. Damon meanwhile is drinking under the belief that they're stuck in hell. Bonnie believes she can teach herself magic again and after a little yelling at each other, she starts eating the pancakes he made and doing crossword puzzles in the newspaper. Soon, an eclipse follows yet again and Bonnie and Damon discover that the date is still May 10th, 1994 much to their shock. That is when they figure out that they're constantly reliving the same day.

Two months have since passed and Damon and Bonnie have developed a routine where he makes pancakes every morning for breakfast. Bonnie however is still trying to solve one word in the crossword puzzle she's never managed to solve, much to her annoyance. Damon on the other hand is annoyed because she still hasn't regained her magic. After calling her useless, they fight and Bonnie storms off. Later, Bonnie makes dinner as Damon comes downstairs. They eat together and Bonnie comforts Damon, claiming she misses their friends and family too. Damon smiles at her and compliments her on solving the puzzle. Much to both her and his shock, it turns out neither of them solved it and they figure out that someone else is stuck with them in this dimension.

In Welcome to Paradise, Bonnie is first seen with Damon in-store in the Other Dimension. Bonnie tells Damon that they need "strawberries, eggs, milk and - ooh, candles" and Damon asks her what makes her think she can do magic again and Bonnie answers that when "this all started, you couldn't make pancakes" and that they're now edible. She also mentions that she has hope because there's someone else in town. Damon reveals that he truly has lost hope before a toddler-ferry starts playing outside. When they see it moving, Bonnie says that's the sound of hope, implying that someone turned it on on purpose.

Damon refuses, saying it must have something to do with the wiring, but Bonnie argues that someone put a quarter in it. Damon tries to be reasonable; even if someone is there, that doesn't guarantee a way out. But Bonnie says that he calls the dimension "his hell", but if there's someone else, then its not, and if its not and her Grams put them there, that means there's a way out. Bonnie asks what's the first thing Damon will say to Elena when they get out, to which Damon answers, "Sorry I killed Bonnie" and that she was useless and couldn't do magic. Bonnie then shows him his Mustang in the parking-lot and asks if he still thinks she's "useless". Damon then starts making car-engine sounds as he is excited to have his car back. Then Bonnie notices a shadow move nearby and asks Damon if he saw it and Damon admits it and they go check it out to no avail. When they return, Damon's car's gone and the fair starts to play again, this time with Damon and Bonnie there as witnesses and Damon loses his new-found hope and says there's no hope. Bonnie — pushed to the limit of Damon's hopelessness — tells Damon to give her his Daylight Ring and tries to force it off as Damon refuses and Bonnie says that all Damon ever says is that it is his hell and if its so bad why doesn't he just end it, then, after being pushes away by Damon "Hope is the only thing that keeps me going, Damon. So if you're done, if you have none, then BE done ..." and leaves Damon alone in the parking-lot.

Damon enters the store once more to get a drink and hears chips crunching somewhere, Damon follows his ears to a guy sitting on a chair inside the store, eating Pork Rinds. He introduces himself as "Kai". Kai tells him that his "bickering" with Bonnie's boring and reveals that he's been following them and he's seen Damon drive Bonnie away 13 times in an argument. After a couple of typical threats and sarcasm, Damon takes a drink out of a bottle of bourbon from one of the shelves and finds himself swallowing vervain. Kai intends on killing Damon. Meanwhile, Bonnie cools down and goes looking for Damon at the store and intervenes before Kai can kill him, saying "stay away from him!" and Kai simply says, "the useless one is here. I've watched you try to do magic for months now. What're you gonna do? - Fail at me? It's embarrassing, I'm embarrassed for you." Bonnie then stares at a couple of candles on a shelf after being encouraged by a look from Damon, she shocks herself by lighting the candle with her magic. She then smiles at Damon and tells him to "Run". He obliges and she chants a spell - "Phesmatos Incendia" and the floors ignite into flames that Bonnie manipulates to encircle Kai. He raises his hands in surrender and Bonnie says, "Giving up so soon? I'm embarrassed for you." Damon then knocks Kai out from behind, saying that he's sorry for calling her the most annoying person in the world because she isn't, Kai is.

When Kai awakens tied up, he says he is on the same side as them, but Bonnie says that is doubtful as allies don't kill each other. He says the only important thing is that Bonnie has her magic back and that he wouldn't try to kill Damon as that would be killing one-third of the population of the Unknown Dimension. Kai claims that he knew Bonnie would come back as she always does "all thirteen times" and that he knew with the right motivation Bonnie would be able to reactivate her magic powers, though he admits that he did worry that Damon had pushed her too far this time round, but he guesses that's how Bonnie and Damon show their love. Kai tells her that her magic is the key to getting out of the dimension.

In Black Hole Sun, Bonnie appears just in time to stop Kai and Damon's bickering when she brings all of the stuff Kai's asked for her to get. After more pointless arguing between the two men,Kai finally reveals that the spell to get them out requires a mystical relic called the Ascendant. He gives some of his blood to Bonnie and she starts working on a locator spell. After some discouraging words from Damon, Kai, after some mild flirting with Bonnie convinces her to just tune Damon out and concentrate. The spell eventually succeeds with Bonnie figuring out that Kai has had the Ascendant all along. He then says they're ready to go home, but after finding out that Kai is a mass murderer who slaughtered his entire family and a witch who has been trapped in this dimension by the Gemini Coven, Bonnie refuses to do the spell. When Kai is about to grab her, Damon attacks him. Later on, while Damon starts plotting with Bonnie to get out of the dimension without Kai, he shows up and claims that despite them believing he is powerless, that his one power is to drain the power of other witches,as he then demonstrates upon grabbing Bonnie and draining her power by giving Damon an aneurysm. He then says that he'll either kill them both or that they can all go back as friends.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Bonnie and Damon are seen walking through the woods to meet up with Kai,with Bonnie still skeptical about their return due to Kai's refusal to show her the spell.He after appearing suddenly still refuses to do so and storms off, saying that he's going to get some important supplies while ordering Damon to start digging a hole in the ground. After Damon digs up a hole and breaks into a cave, Kai comes back and it turns out the important supplies he needed to get was majorly a bunch of stuff from 1994 that he wants to take with him to the present.Bonnie however refuses to do the spell until Kai shows it to her.He however refuses to show her the spell which pushes her to challenge him to take all of her magic and do the spell himself.He,feeling challenged grabs Bonnie and starts draining her magic in front of Damon while she tries to fight back. After finally releasing her,Bonnie figures out that he doesn't know the spell otherwise he would have killed her,so she figures that they don't need him and uses her magic to kill him by shoving a pick axe into his chest, much to Damon's dismay. She later figures out that Kai didn't want to kill her because she was a Bennett witch.As it turns out, a Bennett created the place in which Kai was trapped, so that means only a Bennett can cast the spell to get out. Bonnie and Damon then proceed to set everything up,and just when Bonnie performs the spell, the two get separated when she gets shot by an arrow. Turns out that Kai is in-fact alive as the prison they're trapped in doesn't allow death to stick. Damon tries to heal Bonnie but then tries to stop Kai from getting to the Ascendant.After a bit of a fight between the two, Bonnie uses her magic to separate the two by throwing Kai off of Damon and pushing Damon towards the eclipse's light. She gives him the Ascendant,claiming it's already too late for her. As Damon is fighting back taken into the light, Bonnie sacrifices her chance of getting back for him. She then cries, happy for Damon but sad for herself and then passes out from the wound, onto the ground, seemingly dying.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Bonnie is not seen, but she is heard when Damon calls her cell phone to leave a voice message, stating that he misses her and thanking her for getting him back to present time.

In Do You Remember the First Time?, Bonnie is seen when she awakens on a couch at the Salvatore Boarding House. Kai has brought her back to the house, where he threatens to hurt her by taking her magic if she doesn't help put the Ascendant back together and do the spell to get them out of 1994. Bonnie in retaliation stabs him in the neck, takes the pieces of the Ascendant, and flees the boarding house. She is next seen getting out of Damon's car at the Mystic Falls Medical Center, where she takes pain pills and antibiotics while treating her arrow wound. Bonnie puts the Ascendant back together, only to realize that she's missing a piece. The lights go out at the medical center, and Bonnie finds Kai waiting for her in the hallway. She uses her magic on him then flees with the pieces of the Ascendant. Bonnie climbs back in Damon's car, where she tries to start the car, but it has been sabotaged by Kai. He appears behind her seat, where he wraps his hands around her throat and threatens her again. They are next seen in the cave, where Kai gives Bonnie Ms. Cuddles and admits that he wants to be a better person like her. Bonnie doesn't buy his act and instead of sending them to present time, she places her magic in Ms. Cuddles and sends her to present time with it. Bonnie is last seen telling Kai they're stuck forever and sarcastically apologizing, while Kai stares at her angrily.

In Fade Into You, Bonnie is seen when Kai opens the trunk of a car to reveal her inside. She has been drugged and tied up by Kai, who has flown them from Mystic Falls to Portland, where his family home is located. Kai tells her today is Thanksgiving in present time and offers to make Thanksgiving dinner for them. The two make a deal that she will have dinner with him then they will go their separate ways with Kai letting her take the car. Kai reveals his history to Bonnie, including why he killed his family and how he ended up trapped in the prison world. After dinner, Bonnie follows Kai outside to a tree stump in the front yard. Kai reveals that he has always wondered what happened to Jo's magic when they tried to merge and realizes that she put her magic away for safety like Bonnie did with Ms. Cuddles. He removes the knife that he used to stab his siblings from the tree stump and absorbs the magic from it. Kai tells Bonnie that he has watched her cast the spell to get them out of 1994 twice and has realized that he doesn't need her magic, just her blood. Bonnie is stabbed in the stomach by Kai with the same knife that he used on his siblings. She passes out from the pain of the stab wound and awakens hours later to find both Kai and the car gone. Bonnie picks up Kai's pager when it begins to beep and finds a message that reads: I LIED. The episode ends with Bonnie cursing Kai for taking the car and leaving her trapped alone in Portland.

In I Alone, Bonnie is seen when she calls Damon and Elena from a payphone. They have left a message on Kai's pager, thinking that he has Bonnie with him somewhere. She reveals to them what has happened since Damon was sent back to present time. Damon and Elena reveal that they're here to bring her back to present time if she can make it back to Mystic Falls from Muncie, Indiana in seven hours. Bonnie has spent the last couple of days driving from Portland, Oregon back to Mystic Falls. She is only 6 1/2 hours away, which means that she can make it to Mystic Falls with half an hour to spare if she doesn't stop to make restroom breaks. Bonnie is not seen again until near the end of the episode, when she is seen running up to the Gilbert House. She stopped at the Salvatore Boarding House, where she found a note from Damon that they were waiting for her on the porch of the Gilbert House. Bonnie frantically checks the porch, the foyer of the house, and finally realizes that she is alone. Damon and Elena aren't waiting for her because Liv ended her spell early, meaning that Bonnie is once again trapped alone in the prison world. Bonnie tries to be brave, smiling slightly for a moment before finally breaking down, sinking to her knees as she sobs.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Bonnie tries to make the best of her situation by recreating her favorite time of the year. She drags a Christmas tree out of Damon's car into the parking lot of Mystic Falls High School, where the yearly town celebration takes place. Bonnie is also seen in flashbacks to 2007 and 2009, where she is celebrating the holidays with Elena and Caroline. In the 2007 flashback, Bonnie is first seen throwing a snowball at Elena, who declares war on her. She is next seen stringing popcorn into garland with Elena, while telling her that Rudy is taking her out of town for the holidays due to a business conference. Elena offers to talk to her parents about Bonnie staying with them because the girls have never celebrated Christmas apart. In the prison world, Bonnie has strung her popcorn garland and lights, which she lights with an extension cord that she drags to her tree. In the 2009 flashback, Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie watch the tree lighting. Bonnie has received a beautiful bracelet from Caroline after the group had a Secret Santa Exchange. Back in the prison world, Bonnie admits that she misses her friends then sets her Christmas tree on fire. Bonnie is last seen walking away from her burning Christmas tree with an empty expression on her face.

In The Day I Tried To Live, Bonnie fixes herself breakfast at the Salvatore Boarding House. She sits at the table in the kitchen, where she crosses out February 5 on a calendar that she has modified to correspond with current dates. Bonnie then wishes herself happy birthday, revealing that February 5 is her birthday. After a moment, she angrily shoves the calendar off the table into the fireplace. Bonnie is next seen in the dining room of the Salvatore Boarding House, completely unaware that Damon, Elena, Jeremy, and Kai are standing behind her due to a spell cast by Kai. None of them can touch anything or interact with her due to the broken Ascendant and Kai not having enough power to allow them all to be corporeal. A birthday cake, pitcher of water, and bottle of bourbon are visible on the dining room table in front of Bonnie. She is watching a video on the camcorder where Damon calls this world his personal hell. Bonnie smiles, laughing slightly, and calls Damon a Drama Queen then fast forwards to a video of her and Damon, where she is acting as a reporter who interviews him. She abruptly ends the video as she smiles at the memories then reaches for the bottle of bourbon and pours herself a glass. Damon is visibly horrified at this and reveals to the others that he made a suicide pact with Bonnie when they believed it was just the two of them in this world. They agreed that if they couldn't take being trapped there alone for one more day, they'd kill the oldest bottle of bourbon in the house then kill themselves. Damon, Elena, Jeremy, and Kai abruptly disappear after this reveal because Kai isn't strong enough to sustain the spell, leaving Bonnie alone to continue to sip her glass of bourbon. Kai later sends Jeremy and himself back to the Prison World, where he finds Bonnie continuing to drink the bourbon. She now has a sliced piece of cake in front of her, but she hasn't touched it. Bonnie cheers herself for having made it this far alone then starts to cry as she tries to finish her glass. She decides that it's time to cut herself off from drinking after finishing the glass. Bonnie stands up from the table, where she grabs the bottle of bourbon and tosses it to the floor angrily. Bonnie grabs the camcorder from the table and stalks out of the room. Unbeknownst to her, Jeremy has followed her, after telling Kai to stay in the dining room. Bonnie is next seen entering the garage of the Salvatore Boarding house with Jeremy behind her, where Damon's car is parked. She closes the garage door then starts up Damon's car, revealing her plan to commit suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. Bonnie sits down next to the car, where she begins to record a suicide video to Damon, Elena, or whoever else may find the camcorder. She apologizes for her suicide, revealing that she tried to make it work, but she couldn't. Bonnie tells them that she misses too much. She misses telling strangers hi, ordering dinner in a restaurant, and laughing with her friends. She further reveals that she hates spending everyday alone without anyone to talk to and going weeks without speaking. Bonnie finally admits that it's the loneliness that she can't take anymore, and she only knows one way to turn it off: suicide. She apologizes again, not knowing that Jeremy is sitting next to her and has placed a hand on her arm. Bonnie leaves one last message for Jeremy, where she admits that she hopes that he's living his life with no regrets and wants him to fight for the life he wants. She tells him to never give up on himself and stay strong. Bonnie looks away from the camcorder abruptly as she remembers her Grams telling her to stay strong before she found peace. She snaps the camcorder closed then tries to get up as she coughs from the car exhaust fumes. Bonnie tells herself that she's going to stay strong and not die in this place as she continues to struggle to get up, but she's weakened too much. She crawls nearly to the garage door before she collapses to the ground, where she continues to cough. Unbeknownst to her, Jeremy has been desperately telling her to get up and trying to hit the garage door opener. When she collapses, seemingly about to die, Jeremy succeeds in becoming corporeal again and hits the button for the garage door to raise up. Bonnie gasps in relief, staring at the rising door and revealed sunlight. We next see Bonnie as she drinks from a glass of water in the kitchen and finds the atlas that Jeremy has opened to Nova Scotia. This is the location of Silas' Tombstone, which contains the calcified blood of Qetsiyah. This should be a large enough power source that Bonnie can create a portal back to the real world and current time. Damon had planned a trip to The Island when he was still trapped in 1994 to get away from the scenery of Mystic Falls. This is the message that Damon, Elena, Jeremy, and Kai wanted to leave for her during their initial visit. Bonnie calls Damon a genius, while smiling brightly at the atlas. Next, we see Bonnie throwing a packed backpack in the backseat of Damon's car then climbing inside. She grabs her sunglasses off the dash, places them on her face, and starts the car. Bonnie is last seen speeding away from the Salvatore Boarding House and toward the key to her freedom in Nova Scotia.

In Let Her Go, Bonnie has returned from Nova Scotia and goes to the Salvatore Boarding House. She turns on the camera and says that she found Silas' tombstone and used it reacquire her magic. Before she can channel the power of the eclipse to power the Ascendant and return home, Kai's sickness affects the various prison worlds and sends Bonnie to another snowy one. While there, she sees the Aurora Borealis in the sky and finds a cabin in the woods that has been recently inhabited. A diary tells her that the prison is set in the year 1903 and she also finds photographs of Stefan and Damon. When she gets transported back to the 1994 prison world, she sees the eclipse going on and hurries back to the cave while flickering back and forth between the two worlds. In the cave, she realizes that both the eclipse and the Aurora Borealis are recurring events that can send her home. As she opens the doorway, she sees a woman in old-fashioned clothing standing before her. The woman asks who Bonnie, Bonnie asks her the same. Before Bonnie can get an answer, she enveloped in while light. Back in Mystic Falls, Damon walks into the Salvatore kitchen and finds Bonnie there. They happily hug and Bonnie then shows him video of the mysterious woman. Damon recognizes her as his mother who died years ago.

In The Downward Spiral, Bonnie is seen adjusting to her old life back in the real world, however she seems to be Extremely sensitive to loud sounds. In her dorm room, her and Elena make a toast of Bonnie's return. Caroline then walks through the door carrying shopping bags, claiming that she wants to start over. She acknowledges that Bonnie is back, however she doesn't care do to the fact that her humanity is turned off. Bonnie responds with "it's like she's Caroline, but not Caroline". Later, at the rave, Bonnie and Elena split up to look for Caroline. Bonnie ends us getting dragged by a man and being forced to dance. The man tries it on with her so Bonnie burns his hand with her magic and responds with "sorry, I'm hot". Bonnie then, calls Damon about her encounter and that she just wanted to hear his voice. Damon asks her is she can talk to Kai because he wants to apologize to her for what he did to her in the Prison World. Bonnie refuses and says that she never wants to see Kai again and that she doesn't believe that he can ever change. Further on in the episode, Damon approaches Bonnie at the rave. Bonnie seems thrilled that he is there, however, Kai walks around the corner and stars to apologize to her. She then switches off to what Kai is saying and remembers what he had done to her like it had just happened. She then stormed out of the back door bursting it open with her magic.

Bonnie is later seen slamming her door in her dorm and waving her hand at the fireplace making it lite. Damon opens the door showing that he was following her and tries to apologize for what he just put her through. Bonnie replies with making him feel everything that Kai had done to her back in the prison world by inflicting all of the wounds through magic showing that she is much stronger than she was. She stops when she realizes that she can't make Damon feel the worst part. The fact that he left her alone.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Damon goes to Bonnie for help with traveling to the 1903 prison world. At first she refuses but then later changes her mind. At some point, Damon must of told her that Kai was going with them, so Bonnie must have come up with a plan to get rid of him and leave him behind in the prison world. At the Salvatore boarding house. Her, Kai, Damon and Elena prepare to go to the prison world. Bonnie slices open her hand and sprinkles her blood onto the ascendant and her and Kai cast the spell. Once in the prison world, Elena and Damon split up to go and get Lily while Kai and Bonnie search for the ascendant. Bonnie gets a locator spell going while Kai explains to Bonnie that he has changed and he's sorry even though she's not listening. Kai in his rage, grabs Bonnie's arms making her jump. Bonnie recovers and responds with "the ascendant's this way", and walks off. Later, Kai and Bonnie start talking again and end up with Bonnie stabbing Kai in the back saying that's for what he did to her. Back to where they first entered the prison world, Bonnie again slices her palm of her hand on the ascendant and casts the spell to send herself, Elena, Damon and Lily back to the boarding house.

In Because, Bonnie is walking down the campus hallway flipping through the book when Damon shows up and gives her coffee. She tells him that Elena called and said they found Caroline, but didn't mention anything about a cure for vampirism. Damon is worried she said something, but she didn't and asks her about April Lyrids. He tells her it's a comet thing that his mom thinks she's going to use to break her companions out of the prison world. Bonnie is concerned and says they're not letting them out, but he says he might've reinforced that possibility as he already gave Lily the Ascendant for safe keeping. She's angry at this since her companions are vampires that can do magic and he tells her that if she dodges Lily long enough, she will leave Bonnie alone. She is more furious and tells her to fix the problem before it becomes hers and told him to stop pretending to care about her. She gets a call from Matt and asks if the woman who looks like she's never been in a restaurant before is her lunch date and Bonnie says she's early. She tells him to tell Lily that she's running late and to stall her until she finds the Ascendant. Matt later on calls her again and he tells her that Lily is gone and left with Enzo. She then hears Lily's voice and she begins to panic as they walk toward the living room. When Lily and Enzo enter, Bonnie is gone and Lily is frozen where she stands as the dresser drawer she put the Ascendant in is open and it gone.

Bonnie is sitting in on the floor surrounded by a circle of lit white candles and chants a spell. She senses Damon and tells him not to take another step, but he does. He promises he won't let Kai out, but he just wants the Ascendant. She tells him that it isn't about Kai, but the others that are in the prison are a million times stronger than him and them, and how they would have fun with a newly turned human Elena. He tells her his mom has the cure and if she doesn't get the Ascendant from Damon, she's going to destroy it. She chants again and the circle around the Ascendant catches fire. He tells her to stop and speeds over to her and puts her in a choke-hold, but she magically throws him off before she puts the fire out. She tells him that he wanted to be human with Elena, he would've told her about the cure by now. She picks the Ascendant up and holds it out to him, but he doesn't take it and turns back to her spell after he leaves.

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, she and Elena throw Jo a bachelorette party at the diner. After Jo gets up to get some ketchup, Bonnie asks Elena about the cure. She tells Elena that Damon called her about it and how he's going to take it with her. Elena tells her she wanted to process about the cure and tells her she wants to be a human again but it's just complicated right now. Bonnie tells Elena that she should take it and asks her if the human her doesn't love Damon anymore and Jo says that despite being supernatural or not, it doesn't change how you are. After Elena leaves to meet Damon, Bonnie and Jo decide to end the party, but before they can go, Lily enters the diner. Lily wants her to get her companions out of the prison world, but Bonnie says that there is no other way, and even if there was she wouldn't. Lily lunges at her and Bonnie causes pain infliction on her and Lily then throws a piece of tableware and it embeds in Bonnie's neck. She gasps and puts Jo into a choke-hold into the wall and before she feeds on her, Jo tells her she's pregnant and then she leaves. After she is gone, Jo goes to Bonnie and examines her, telling her to stay calm and she'll help her. Jo tells her to squeeze her hand if she has trouble breathing and she doesn't when she takes the tableware out. She tries to talk, but Jo tells her not to and and reassures that there's no way out of the prison world. She then takes Bonnie to the hospital and it is revealed that Bonnie is fine after Damon gave her some blood.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, she is dreaming of Lily and Kai and she couldn't use magic, but Elena wakes her up from the nightmare saying they need to get ready for Jo and Alaric's wedding. Elena and Bonnie try to help Jo look for her shoes and get her organized, but nothing seems to go entirely right. Caroline shows up and makes up with them all and afterwards she tells Bonnie about the wedding dress and Jo that her shoes are under the couch. Bonnie goes to the door and Enzo is there. She tries to shut the door in his face a few times, but he tells her he wants to visit Lily and give her an MP3 player. He gives it to her and she goes down to where the cells are and hears Lily say crazy things and about her companions. Bonnie looks in the cell and doesn't see Lily and when she turns around, Lily grabs her and she breaks out of her hold. She and Matt talk and they decide to take Lily out so she won't get the chance to get her companions out and before she goes all Ripper crazy. They go down to the cells and they see the door is open, and Matt feels like he can't breath and Bonnie soon has the same problem. They both fall to the ground and pass out. Matt wakes up and notices Bonnie's hand is cut and bleeding, and she tells him she knows who it is.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Bonnie is on the phone with Damon, who tells her that Kai was at the wedding and killed Jo. He tells her that Elena got knocked out and that nothing is wrong with her, and Bonnie tells him that she's coming. In the meantime, she finds the video camera from Kai in the kitchen. She shows Matt the video, which is of Kai, who tells her that he is upset that she left him in the 1903 Prison World and that he linked her life to Elena's. Matt tells her that she needs to leave town, but she refuses, saying that she can't let Kai win. Matt tells her that Elena is the only thing Damon cares about and that he'll kill her. Later on, Bonnie arrived at the altar. She greets Kai and tells him a bad joke, to which he responds by telling her that if she was funny, her friends might be cool with letting her live instead of Elena. Bonnie then uses her magic and tries to take down Kai, but he siphons magic from his werewolf bite to lift her off the ground and slam her against the wall, injuring her. Damon arrives, finding her laying on the ground, hurt with a collapsed lung. Bonnie says Damon's name, as she's about to die. Kai tells Damon that he needs to act quick, either let Bonnie die so Elena can wake up, or save Bonnie. Damon tells Bonnie that he's sorry and kisses her on the forehead, and then gets up and walks away. Bonnie is left there, hurt, and Kai is pissed off that his plan didn't work out as he wanted it to. Suddenly, Damon decapitates Kai and rushes to Bonnie, giving her his blood to heal her and asks her if she thought he would leave her alone, and that he hasn't run out of nicknames for her yet. He carries her out. Later on, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at the Salvatore Boarding House to say their goodbyes to Elena. Caroline tells Bonnie that it's easy and that all she needs to do is take Elena's hand, close her eyes, and let her into her thoughts. When they say their goodbyes, Bonnie tells Elena that she's sorry. Elena responds by telling her that it's not her fault, and that they will both get everything they want- just not at the same time. Elena then brings out a bag of feathers and asks Bonnie if she could do her trick one last time. Bonnie smiles and tearfully raises the feathers in the air, and they both laugh and enjoy their last memory together.

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Bonnie is seen in Amsterdam with Damon and Alaric, who're both drunk on "a funky tasting whiskey" which Bonnie soon figures out to be tea. She writes in her journal to Elena Gilbert that she's there to make sure that Alaric does not die of over drinking. Soon, she decides to go site-seeing.

Later, while talking to Damon about how they're stuck together because she's linked to Elena and has been given a task to look after him, Bonnie is nearly hit by a car which Damon saves her from. After thanking him, she realizes that he had hesitated to save her life because of Elena and is disappointed in him. After Ric receives a phone call about "making a bomb" from Stefan, they decide to head back home only to learn that Caroline and Stefan had bargained away their home (all of Mystic Falls) to Lily and her children, the Heretics, leaving the town a ghost town as they had to evacuate everyone in town to save them from the Heretics - making anyone human in the town boarder fair game for them.

Having returned to Whitmore, Bonnie finds Damon in her room and he explains that since Stefan bargained away their home, he might as well be free to move in with her as she is his friend. Bonnie is surprised by this as he had hesitated to let her die in Amsterdam. Damon explains in a heartfelt manner that he had only hesitated because of Elena and that in those three seconds, he saw her, he held her and in the last he kissed her, but he decided to save Bonnie because she's his friend and she's "stuck with me, too." Bonnie comments that she just wanted to be sure and, reconciled, they decide they want to fight for their home back and will not let the Heretics win.

Bonnie and Matt have a conversation in which Matt accuses her of being at fault for the current situation as she is responsible for Kai's anger which eventually lead to the return of the Heretics and Kai's spell on Elena.

Malcolm, Lily's favorite Heretic, spots a human hobo who has not abandoned Mystic Falls and attacks him, draining him of blood. Bonnie arrives and uses her magic to inflict him with aneurysms which he overpowers and starts to siphon her powerful magic, agonizing Bonnie. But this is revealed to be a distraction for Damon to rip out the vampire-witch hybrid's heart.

In Never Let Me Go, Alaric approaches her with The Phoenix Stone after a class session where he teaches about death and warns the students to stay away from Mystic Falls, telling Bonnie that he got it from a contact in Duke, asking her if its magic is legit.

Bonnie senses no magic in the stone but reveals that some witches use their power to hide magic in objects to keep them secret from others, so she does a spell which unlocks the Phoenix Stone's immense power, overwhelming her as brief visions of random individuals being killed and screaming fill her mind. Convinced it's "evil", Bonnie tells Alaric she sees people dying and realizes that Alaric's contact had already warned him about the darkness in it, which is why he went to her last about it and urges Ric to destroy it.

Later, Bonnie tells Damon about Alaric's intentions to raise the dead and reassures him that she convinced him to drown it in acid. Damon then informs her that he needs her help saving Caroline after what they did the day before, thinking quickly — after learning that Matt now owns the Salvatore Mansion due to the Heretics compelling him to do so thus keeping uninvited vampires from entering the house — Bonnie approaches Matt with a plan to stop his heart so that Damon may have access to the Salvatore Mansion as Matt dying would break the seal permanently, but Bonnie assures Matt that she will also use magic to restart his heart. Matt is angered that he must die so that Damon's mess may be cleaned, prompting Bonnie to give a choice: "We don't have time for a debate, Matt. Caroline needs us. Are you in or are you out?"

Having convinced Matt, Bonnie tells him six minutes is how long it takes for Matt's heart to be stopped without anything bad happening to him, but he tells her it won't matter because she's only going to stop it for ten seconds. When Bonnie asks him if he's sure, he says it's for Caroline they should get it over with. Bonnie begins her spell and he falls unconscious as his heart begins to stop.

Once the spell is done, Bonnie texts Damon to inform him the seal is down and begins to use her power to restart Matt's heart when, suddenly, she senses the dark magic of the Phoenix Stone again and is consumed by the dark visions of death again, but this time, they reveal more, including people marked with X injuries that are emphasized in her visions. Overwhelmed by the Black Magic, Bonnie falls unconscious before she can resurrect Matt.

When Bonnie finally awakes, she has but 19 seconds resuscitate Matt and rushes to do so before she runs out of time, Matt awakens at the last minute. When Matt sees the time he is astonished that it is way longer that ten seconds.

Bonnie apologizes to Matt for the time delay and admits Matt was right the day before — it was her fault, she helped kill Malcolm and it was her idea to stop his heart. Matt then explains that he drives up and down the streets of Mystic Falls where there used to be kids playing, people in the street, etc. and now all he can think of when he sees these places is wish he sees no one because of the safety of the citizens and he hates it and he hates them to which Bonnie answers that maybe then they should stop fighting and do something about it. Returning home to Whitmore, Bonnie calls Alaric, asking him if drowning the stone in acid worked and he confirms that it has been destroyed.

In Age of Innocence, while recounting memories in her diary for Elena, Bonnie is overcome with more visions from the Phoenix Stone and collapses on her bed. Ten minutes later she wakes up startled at the realization of what happened. Determined to find answers, she seeks out Alaric. Concerned, she asks Alaric again, "you did destroy it like you promised me, correct?" Alaric, still wanted to use the stone to bring back Jo lies to Bonnie again, telling her that the Stone is gone. Meanwhile, Damon changes the conversation to going on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, to find the Heretic, Oscar. When they arrive in Myrtle Beach, they formulate a plan, though before they take in Oscar, Bonnie wants him to siphon the magic from the Phoenix Stone visions from her, since they are overwhelming her and causing her to faint and lose track of time. When they find and confront Oscar, they find that is different than the Heretics they've confronted before; Oscar knows and remembers Damon from another lifetime (when her was in the war at Gettysburg, July of 1863). After some small talk about "freedom", Bonnie asks Oscar's for a favor. Oscar initially declines, though Damon forces his hand, Siphon the vision and they won't tell Lily that he is avoiding his mission; Oscar complies.

When he siphons Bonnie's visions, he realizes they are from the Phoenix Stone. Fearing the stone, her attacks them and finds the stone in Alaric's possession. Some time after they all wake up, Bonnie discovers they Alaric had lied to her. They briefly argue over the fact that they all got their second chance, and he wanted to use the stone to give Jo a second chance at life as well. They confront Oscar a second time and Bonnie successfully subdues Oscar with a powerful pain infliction spell with Alaric shooting him with a vervain dart.

Later, Bonnie and Alaric are seen contemplating the Phoenix stone and how the visions are connected to reincarnation. Bonnie continues to show concern for Alaric and explains to him that Jo's spirit is not behind a veil that she can lift and she'll magically appear; not like before when the other side was intact. She goes on to tell him that what he wants to do to bring back Jo is. After seeing JO's lifeless body, she tells him that she will try to bring her back.

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Bonnie and Caroline are catching up on missed event. Bonnie comforts Caroline and tell her that she will work on a spell to remove the repulsion spell that Valarie placed on her. The talk some more and reveals to Caroline that she will have to find a way to gently tell Alaric that there is no way to bring back Jo, even with the "sketchy" Native American resurrection stone; that since the Gemini prison world is gone, Jo has probably found peace.

Later, Bonnie and Alaric are at the morgue of Whitmore Medical Center. Bonnie is pouring over her grimoires and before she is about to attempt a spell, Damon rushes in with a dead Oscar. Damon demands that Jo wait and that Oscar will have to be brought back first and "Now!"

Bonnie is running through resurrection spells using the Phoenix Stone as the binding agent; she briefly brings back "Oscar", though her quickly dies once more. She believes the stone work by creating a bridge between the body and spirit and she just has to find a spell to make that bridge permanent. Bonnie attempts another spell, that results in setting Oscar's body on fire. Spell after spell Bonnie tries to bring Oscar back. She finally tries a spell from Alaric's "Shamanistic Oral Traditions." Oscar's body jolts awake, startling everyone; Bonnie successful resurrected "Oscar". Damon thanks her by telling her she is officially the most terrifying person he knows.

Finally, Alaric and Bonnie are seen standing over Jo's body with the Phoenix stone. Bonnie completes the spell again on her and her eyes open.

In Live Through This, a flash-forward reveals that Bonnie is spending her time in a Psychiatric Hospital recounting the past how a stupid decision can change your life. She then reveals that she lost someone she loved and would do anything she could to take it back, but she can't, that all she can do is to find a way to live with what happened. Enzo arrives after her session surprising her. They embrace and share a passionate kiss.

Back in the present, at Whitmore, Bonnie continues to check in on Jo and Alaric. She is still worrying over the events of the last 24 hours, that she raised two people from the dead with a sketchy spell and the 'Phoenix stone". She fears that she's opened Pandora's box and takes back the Phoenix stone from Alaric to figure out the magic involved in the spell.

Bonnie returns to Mystic Fall and wants to meet with the revived Oscar but runs into Enzo instead. They briefly talk before meeting with Oscar. Bonnie tries to speak with Oscar but he seems confused as if they have never meet before. Bonnie continues to pressure Oscar about the Phoenix stone, though Oscar replies that the stone is where she got him out of.

While still at the Salvatore Boarding house, Bonnie receives a call from Damon, telling her that the person she resurrected is not Jo, that the stone houses hundreds of lost vampire souls acting as a supernatural prison. With this new information to Bonnie is horrified and comes to the same realization about "Oscar". Before Bonnie can leave, Enzo confronts her, demanding to know where she found the stone, telling her that Lily is looking for it. "Oscar" shows back up and demands that he is not going back in there and grabs Bonnie and "vamps-out" to bite her. She retaliates with another pain infliction spell. An agitated "Oscar" then discovers he is a Heretic and makes the lights explode and uses telekinesis to shatter a chandelier. Bonnie bolts, leaving the Phoenix stone behind and yells back at Enzo to "Run!" Bonnie attempts to slow Oscar down is a boundary spell though he learns how to siphon magic and breaks through to find Enzo and Bonnie. He attacks Bonnie again, demanding to know where the stone is. She tells him that Enzo has it and he releases her, giving her a chance to escape.

While at Mystic Grill, Bonnie calls Alaric telling him that it's not Jo, that the spell mistakenly place a vampire's soul into Jo's body. Damon later joins Bonnie for a drink as they discuss Damon's plans to torture Lily.

In Best Served Cold, Bonnie finds a confused "Jo". She calls Alaric, telling him that she cannot be left unattended she they have no idea what will happen to her since a vampire soul is now residing in a witch body.

Bonnie join's Lily's party meeting Enzo at the door. Lily hopes to make a fresh start though Bonnie disapproves and declines the offer by tell her she is the reason she will never see her best friend again, and hopes she is joking. Later on at the party, Bonnie pretends to be Enzo's date to help him make Lily jealous. While at the party a young caterer who is compelled asks Bonnie directions to the high school. He leaves and Bonnie and Matt follow, where at the high school they discover many other compelled victims hooked up to IV bags.

In Mommie Dearest, Bonnie is again working with Enzo to find something that Julian is looking for. They find themselves in Midlothian county impound lot. There they find a yellow smashed car with the correct license plate. Within the car they find a silver shortsword where the tip comes to the shape of an X. Bonnie recognizes the sowrd's mark from her visions and wants to take it for research though Enzo does not let her.

After meeting up with Alaric, she continues to research the sword where she finds a depiction of the sword with what appears to the phoenix stone encased at the hilt. She then realizes that "The stone gives the sword its power against immortal foes. Without it, the blade is merely a blade."

In Cold as Ice, Bonnie is helping with Caroline's toy drive when Nora shows up unexpectedly. Bonnie initially refuses Nora's help can calls her an Evil Heretic, though Nora wants to let go of old news and not let it get in the way of charity and retorts Bonnie's comment about being evil. Bonnie relents and lets her be apart of the toy drive.

Damon calls Bonnie seeking more help with finding Julian, with Nora, she believes there is something she can do. Bonnie attempts to befriend Nora and talks to her about her classes. Nora sarcastically dejects the thought of a pity friend though she see through Bonnie, asking her out right what she needed from her. Bonnie and Nora later discusses Nora and Mary Louise's relationship trying to offer advice.

Nora and Mary Louise's conversation didn't go well and Nora goes back to talk to Bonnie. Things go down hill after Nora finds out that they've taken Mary Louise hostage. Horrified, Nora attacks Bonnie, siphoning her magic until she collapses.

In Hell Is Other People, Bonnie works her magic to try and free Damon from the Phoenix stone. Alternatively Damon, while in the stone, finds Bonnie freeing him. Back in the real work the stone is making it difficult to locate Damon as if it is hiding his spirit. Eventually Damon accepts his feelings within the stone and Bonnie can pull him out, reuniting him with his body. Still believing he is in the stone, Damon attacks everyone including Bonnie, forcefully shoving her up against the wall, hard enough to make her head bleed, leaving blood smudged on the wall as she collapsed to the floor.

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Damon realizes that he has been freed from the stone and gives Bonnie his blood to heal her.

Later, Stefan is dreaming about his time within the stone and can hear Bonnie and Nora performing the same spell to release his soul from the stone.

Bonnie helps Matt with the ever growing presence of vampires in Mystic Falls; by using her magic to weaken or inflict pain on vampires, Matt stakes them.

While at Caroline's party, Bonnie greets Nora. Matt is visually upset as his hatred for vampires continues to grow. Matt eventually makes his opinion known to Bonnie, suggesting that it is time for Nora to leave. Nora and Matt's discontent for each other grows that escalates into Nora telekinetically choking Matt. Bonnie calms Nora down and watches as she leaves the party. Nora and Bonnie meet up again later, Nora coldly implying that Bonnie give her a postcar with an X on it.

After realizing it is a warning that the Huntress will find them, they discuss a way to stop her, that if her friend's lives are in danger, that she is not going to stand by and do nothing. Nora seemed impressed with Bonnie's willingness to help.

In Postcards from the Edge, Bonnie is seen performing a spell with Nora to find the Huntress Rayna Cruz. Their spell tracks her to Cincinnati, Ohio, where they find an aged women. She is the Huntress and attacks Bonnie, whose magic does not work against her. Rayna forcible makes Bonnie remove her bindings, though Enzo bursts in Killing her by throwing a knife in her neck.

In This Woman's Work, Enzo blackmails Damon to convince Bonnie to hand over the Phoenix Sword. At Whitmore College, Bonnie comes face to face with a newly regenerated Rayna who shoots Bonnie with a wooden arrow.

Bonnie meets up ta Whitmore medical center where Caroline is in the operating room. She informs Valerie that Beau didn't make it and Rayna is somewhere in the hospital. She then assists Valerie with the spell to keep the Gemini twins within Caroline from preventing the doctors to perform a C-section. Bonnie and Valerie greet the babies as they are born.

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Bonnie and Damon arrive at the Armory Headquarters only to be tricked by Enzo again. Enzo knocks out Damon with a tranquilizer and then Bonnie before she can perform any magic. Later Bonnie finds out that Enzo injected her with something that would prevent her from using magic.

Bonnie attacks Enzo from behind and steals the tranquilizer gun and shoots Enzo. To free Damon she needs Enzo's palm for the scanner to work. A weakened and semi-conscious Enzo see what Bonnie is about to do to him, yet unable to move. Bonnie replies to him "This is what happens when you make enemies, Enzo. For the record, I would have been a better friend." She cuts of his hand and goes to free Damon, before Tyler turns full werewolf, though in the process, Tyler escapes and bashes her head against the class. Taken aback by what he'd done, he regains some control and leaves. Damon tries to heal her, though whatever is preventing Bonnie from using her magic is also preventing the magically properties of vampire blood to heal her. Damon saves her, bringing her to the Hospital where she is hooked up to IV and oxygen machines.

In I Would for You, Bonnie has recovered enough to leave the hospital. Before leaving She argues with Damon about helping him take down Rayna. Seeking help from Enzo, she returns to the Armory. There, she meets Alex St. John, where she provides Bonnie with information to Rayna's creation and the Everlastings. There, she discovers that Rayna is mystically linked to the Everlastings and with each death, Rayna becomes stronger. She informs Damon of this new information, which he proceeds to kill another incarnation of Rayna. Bonnie also learns that the Phoenix Sword has linking magic that with her final death, any target marked with the sword, will die along with her. Bonnie warns Damon just in time to prevent her final death.

Later, Bonnie confronts Damon at the warehouse district after she learns he is planning on to desiccate himself until Elena wakes from the Sleep Beauty Spell. Bonnie is furious and tells him that she didn't want to lose another friend and wanted him to know that the last thing he'll remember as he desiccates is that he hurt her. In the three year flash-forward, Bonnie is seen participating in a group therapy session at the mental health center where she's been staying for some time.

In Days of Future Past, Alex tells Enzo give her regards to Bonnie. From this we learn that since Enzo met back up with Bonnie at the mental health center, she has been working with him to steal artifacts from the Armory, specifically the pills that can take away a witch's magic.

In One Way or Another, Bonnie is seen in another group session, talking about her feelings regarding Damon, and how he abandoned her and now that he is back, how he hasn't contacted her as yet. She is seen looking at another patient called Virginia. Bonnie is seen taking her pills and asking the nurse if she had any messages from her doctor. She notices Virginia trailing her and follow her into a room. Bonnie asked what Virginia is doing as she closes the door and starts to accuse Bonnie. Then Bonnie confesses that she just wanted to help Virginia, who then hugged her for her help. Bonnie smiles at her and agrees to get something to eat with Virginia.

After listening to Virginia's explanation, Bonnie revealed that she knew Virginia was a member of the St. John family. Virginia regards her suspiciously as she accuses Bonnie of being one of the members of The Armory. Bonnie tells her that she is hiding from the Armoury because they are after her. Virginia tells Bonnie that her family hunts things, and that they don't stop until they get what they want. Bonnie pleads with Virginia but she turns away, causing Bonnie to reveal that she is a Bennett Witch, which makes Virginia face her again. Virginia told her to prove it by doing magic but Bonnie said she couldn't. Virginia told her that if she was a Bennett then the Armory would've found her a long time ago, making Bonnie tell her how she was taking pills to hide her magic so that the Armory couldn't find her. Virginia promises to keep Bonnie's secret as long as Bonnie breaks her out when she is leaving, to which Bonnie agrees.

Bonnie is seen hiding her pills and asks Virginia why the Armory is looking for her. Virginia relents and explains there was a vault below the Armory that was sealed by a Bennett witch. When Bonnie asked if it was just a vault, Virginia then continued to state that as far as her family knew, Lucy Bennett was the last witch of Bonnie's line until she disappeared four years ago, stating that she didn't know how her family missed Bonnie. Bonnie explained that she was officially dead for a while, then she wasn't, asking then what was in the vault. Virginia seemed scared as she told Bonnie that it was something that shouldn't be let out, telling Bonnie that she couldn't let it out. Bonnie told Virginia that if the vault was the key to her freedom, then she couldn't make any promises until she knew what was in it. Virginia wiped her tears and attacked Bonnie as she thought Bonnie would've been on her side, managing to cut Bonnie with the glass shard. Bonnie looked on in horror as the orderlies took an anger Virginia out of the room.

Bonnie is seen packing her bags, and looking at the letter Damon had left for her which she hadn't opened. Enzo came into the room, and Bonnie laughed as she jumped into his arms and he spun her around. She kissed him passionately on the mouth, playfully joking about the scratch she got from Virginia, and their current situation. Bonnie was visibly stricken as she heard that she was going to die again. With tears in her eyes she hugged Enzo, only to be surprised when Damon appeared. Bonnie walked towards him, as she composed herself and watched Damon struggle to find the right words to get his feelings out. Bonnie smiled with tears still in her eyes then her countenance changed as she angrily slammed the door in his face.

In Somebody That I Used to Know, In 2013 Bonnie is packing up her things from her Whitmore dorm room; seemingly with Caroline off with Ric and the newborns and Elena in a magical coma, she had no reason to stay in the dorm. As she is leaving, Armory agents have entered the dorm's common area, guns at the ready to tranquilize her. Before she is spotted, Enzo speeds in and grabs her, whisking her away to safety. He tells her that Alex told the Armory to bring her in and before she can protest he tranquilizes her, saving her from the Armory. He eventually takes her to his safe house where they stay together over the course of three years, hiding from the Armory and growing romantically closer. One such moment where their romance begins at the turn of the new year where Enzo treats her to a nice dinner and dancing before going off back to the Armory.

Back at the Mental Health Center, Enzo and Bonnie embrace as she is told about the what the pills derived from Rayna's blood is doing to her, which will ultimately kill her. Still furious at Damon, she reluctantly accepts his help.

Damon plans to make a deal with Rayna, who previously refused Enzo. Damon brokers a deal that Rayna needs more time to accept. She tells them to kill off a few of the names and then she will decide on whether or not to give up her final life to Bonnie.

Bonnie, Damon, Enzo track down the vampire rejects, killing them one by one. Alex eventually tracks down Enzo and Damon takes Bonnie and flees before she can be captured. While riding back with Damon, she notices the first scab that results from the poison from Rayna's blood.

Flashing back to the past, Bonnie finds an excerpt from Virginia's diary that she knew Lucy and a bill from the Mental Health Hospital. With that knowledge, she decided to go to the source and find out from Virginia while Alex wants the Bennett bloodline.

When Rayna finally accepts to give up her last life to Bonnie, she has added hundreds of names to the list for Damon, and company, to kill before the exchange.

In Kill 'Em All, Bonnie is seen composing herself as she checks the sores on her body, noticing the progression of her sickness caused by the effects of the pills as Damon and Enzo race to kill all the names on Rayna's list. She is revealed to be in the asylum, looking for Virginia. Virginia reveals what was in the vault and why she had it sealed, asking Bonnie in the end to promise she wouldn't let it out. Bonnie finally agreed to Virginia's promise as she learns the seriousness of the contents of the The Armory's Vault.

Bonnie is then seen with Rayna. Bonnie teases Rayna about her relocation and her issue of her escaped souls. She relates to Rayna but then asks Rayna why she's giving her life to save her own. After listening to Rayna express her grief and loss, her yearning, Bonnie reveals that she has finally gotten her magic back. Though she views this darkly as she fears the Armory will be on to her location soon. Bonnie calls Damon as she couldn't reach Enzo. After listening to Damon try to banter with her, and her fear and worry of being discovered by the Armory is shown. After Damon brings to memory that she has died several times before, she forgives him though he told her to take it back as they will get through this problem. After ending the call, she injects herself with Rayna's blood, much to Rayna's reluctance. Knowing that it is taking too long to complete the hit list, with Bonnie quickly running out of time, Damon brokers another deal with Alex, he will hand over Bonnie to do the unsealing spell if they finish off the escaped vampires; she accepts.

Bonnie speaks to Enzo as he rants about her decision to lessen the time she has left. Bonnie tells him that he should come home as she wants him with her, not separated by miles during her last moments. Bonnie is glad that Enzo came home to be with her, and she is seen comforting him. Telling him that she has decided not to be sad, hanging on to her good memories and their time together. They shared a sad and emotional kiss before Rayna comes in, making Bonnie and Enzo realize that the escaped souls were rapidly being eliminated.

When Bonnie learns of this Damon's deal, she is furious, berating his deal with the Armory as she doesn't trust them and what's in the vault. After talking to Alex, and learning that the Armory has taken Caroline and Alaric, Bonnie decides to open the vault for them.

Bonnie is seen casting the powerful spell to unseal the vault, the strain visible as her nose bleeds due to the sickness, taking longer to perform the spell. After opening it, Bonnie quickly leaves, hiding her intentions. Alex lets her go and she enters seeking her sister. Bonnie meets up with an arguing Enzo and Damon, telling them that they must leave 'now!', her urgency visible to them. Once everyone is safely outside, Bonnie is shown to be sealing the Armory itself, to prevent the members and whatever was in the vault from getting out; with Alex screaming out, learning her sister is dead and she is now trap inside the vault with what killed her sister. When Damon asked her what she has done, Bonnie calmly tells him that she kept her promise to Virginia, and that ‘no one was getting out,' after her statement she passes out after overexerting herself.

Bonnie is seen worrying about Caroline's 'get-well soup', as she recovers from her exertion, though she is still weak as the sickness begins to take its toll. Having all the remaining names on Rayna's list killed off, Damon gather the descendant of the original shaman that cast the spell and Rayna to perform the transfer spell. The spell commences and all appears right, Bonnie is going to be healed and have a 'second' chance at life. Right before Rayna plunges the dagger, with Bonnie's blood into her heart, the Shaman changes the spell, at Rayna's request, to turn Bonnie into the new huntress, transferring not only her last life but all the strengths and burdens that comes from being the huntress to Bonnie.

Bonnie suddenly awakens from her sleep as Rayna dies as her last life flows into Bonnie, becoming The Huntress.

In Requiem for a Dream, Bonnie wakes from her slumber, gaining the final life of Rayna. Caroline and Alaric are also there. Caroline asks how she is feeling. She tells him that she feels different. She opts to bring her a water and leaves to get it, though she wants a bourbon, which Enzo complies to get. Enzo and Bonnie toast she attacks him, breaking his neck, kicking him into the fireplace. Caroline rushes back to see Enzo's body burning, though before she has time to react, Bonnie steps behind her and slices her head off.

Damon walks into the Boarding house to find Bonnie is still unconscious, revealing the previous sequence of events to be Bonnie's dreams. Damon reveals to everyone else that Rayna screwed over their deal, giving Bonnie not only her life but her lifestyle. Enzo concludes that she is not waking up because she is Bonnie, that she would have to kill them if she was to wake.

Caroline attempts to reach Bonnie and enters her mind. Bonnie is reliving her memories. She is in Alaric's class, who is lecturing on vampires, that they are real and can walk in the sun light. Bonnie looks around the class to see vampires feeding on her classmates. Alaric attacks her, strangling her, asking her what she would do when a vampire attacks. Alaric's eye become dark and veiny, revealing his vampiric nature. Bonnie screams 'this isn't real' and shoves him off and runs to her dorm. Alaric and the class runs after her. Caroline is in the room with her, though Bonnie believes she is not real. Caroline tells her she is half right, that she entered her mind, telling her that her body is in Damon's room and what she is experiencing is not real. Caroline wants her to focus on her and Bonnie realizes that her memories are being re-wired due to the Huntress curse to hunt vampires. Caroline tries to reason with her, though Bonnie start asking whether or not Caroline's kids know about her being a vampire. She continues to pressure her, bringing her vampire side to lose control. Eventually Bonnie break off a piece of wood from the door and stabs Caroline in her dream 'marking' Caroline, creating a psychic link.

Enzo is the second to try and wake Bonnie. Her new dream is of when she was a cheerleader in high school. Two stoners are there egging her on. They reveal themselves to be vampires, due to the curse changing her memories and forced to attack them to defend herself; staking one and breaking the other's neck. Enzo appears and Bonnie quickly embraces him. Enzo is controlling her memories now and they walk and talk about Bonnie's time before vampires were apart of her life. They briefly talk about their time writing music and Bonnie falling in love with 'a vampire'. Though Bonnie tells him that she would rather have the memories of loving him than having memories where she destroyed them. She is contemplating not taking Rayna's life, if it means to kill her friends, telling Enzo it is her choice and that she is already made it. Before she attacks him, she tells him to go. He refuses and she breaks the guitar and stabs him, forcing him out of her mind.

Enzo reveals the mark to Damon and tell him that she is fighting the life, and that she would rather slip away. On her real body, her nose begins to bleed.

Damon is the final one to try and wake Bonnie, telling her unconscious body that if they can't reach her good side, then he sure can reach her bad side; he enters her mind.

Bonnie is walking down the street, reaching the Gilbert house and sees the shadow of Elena. She walks towards the house, only to find Damon. She tells him that he is the last person she wants to see. He continues to provoke her, telling her that he thanks her for dying, because that will make him a happy man, for when she dies, Elena will wake. The continue to argue over the unopened letter Damon wrote to Bonnie before he desiccating himself. He continues to push her, telling her that he is sorry that he ever saved her from the car in Amsterdam, dooming him to never see Elena. His final remarks begs her to 'give up the ghost' and give him Elena back, in which she calls him a monster. He precedes to rip out her heart, forcing her to wake up from her magically induced coma, taking Rayna's last life.

Bonnie is wake and Damon taught her to catch him if she can, before he vamp-speeds away. Before she heads after Damon, she calls Caroline, tell her that she can see and feel her. She tells her that she will come for her and hangs up, forcing Caroline and Stefan to run.

Bonnie is now taunting Damon as she raids the kitchen stockpiling knives and sharpening wooden spoons. She reveals that she can see and feel him, resulting from the psychic link from entering her mind. She retorts to Damon that she will no long have to explain her actions to Elena if she kills Damon, and heads after him. As she leaves she encounters Matt, who tries to talk her out of murdering their friends. She asks him to help her keep her connected to her human side, though she wants to kill Damon first. Matt agrees when Bonnie reminds him that Damon killed his sister because he was bored.

Bonnie confronts Damon in the woods and proceeds to attack him. She tells him that she is going to dismember him, set him on fire and then to carve out his heart, because he is a living reminder of all the things she has lost. They struggle with Bonnie easily gaining the upper hand, her strength besting him. He leads her to her grave from their remembrance day, Damon recounting one of the many lives of Bonnie Bennett. Damon tries to persuade her from not killing him, that he forgives her, though she continues to shove a stake into his chest. He tries to fight her off, though before she can kill him, Matt tranquilizes her, saving Damon's life. The load her into the back of Matt's car, Matt telling Damon that he will take her away and kept her safe.

In Gods and Monsters, Bonnie is still struggling with her control over the Huntress' desire to hunt and kill vampires, and has all but given into it. Having regained consciousness and took control of Matt's police cruiser, she now pursues Stefan and Caroline's. As Stefan speeds down highway 60, Bonnie quickly catches up to them using the police siren. Further impeding their escape, a major crash has occurred further down highway 60. They turn away and being to head straight for Bonnie, who is shocked to sense they are heading for her. They plead with Bonnie to just jet them pass, she replies its not that simple and that she can't. As Bonnie is about to crash into Stefan's car, Matt, at the last second, pulls the stirring wheel, avoiding another crash. However to due Matt's actions, The cruiser Bonnie is driving is sent plunging down the embankment; they crash into a tree.

Bonnie is first to regain consciousness. She is okay and wakes Matt up. He is still pinned within the car, and cannot get his leg free. Bonnie's drive to hunt vampires is too strong and she is forced to leave him, injured, bleeding and alone in the cruiser.

Sometime later, Bonnie, steals an abandoned car, hot-wiring it to get it to start. Enzo calls her, she tells him that she know what they are planning, that see can see it. Enzo know she can't fight the urges and gets her to think about him, only him. She does and begins to chase after him, buying more time for the others to get into the Armory and destroy the last remaining Everlasting.

Eventually Bonnie catches up to Enzo at his safe house. He ran out of gas and though maybe they could share one final meal, hoping to persuade her to fight her instincts. She can no longer control them and attacks first, Enzo barely vamp-speeding away from the shotgun attack. They struggle and attack each other, Enzo barely fending her off. Bonnie quickly gains the upper hand, knocking Enzo to his feet. He tries to crawl backwards but Bonnie aims the shotgun at him. Enzo is too slow swatting away the gun and she shoots him in the side of the abdomen; he can no longer move. Bonnie grabs a broken piece of wood and plunges it into his chest, Enzo is barely able to hold her off, to keep it from piecing his heart. She plead with him to fight her, to push her off of him, though even with his vampiric strength, he is no match for her. They share a few final words of love towards each other, Bonnie full of tears and sorrow, she continues to push the wood into his chest. Enzo tells her she does not have to hold back anymore, for her to remember al the good times they had together in their three years. Just as Bonnie is about to Kill Enzo, Damon is successful in destroying the last remaining Everlasting, breaking the Huntress' curse. Bonnie is freed and removes the stake from Enzo's chest.

Damon calls, checking in on her from inside the Vault. She expresses her forgiveness towards him. Just as everything is starting to look up for Bonnie and Enzo, with Damon about to leave the Vault, Damon hears Elena's voice. He calls out to her, Bonnie and Enzo attempt to get Damon to focus, that she is not there. Bonnie tells him to get out of there though the phone goes dead. Bonnie and Enzo rush to the Armory to find out what happened to Damon. Bonnie quickly learns that Enzo went ahead of her and the others and enters the Vault alone. Enzo ultimately succumbs to the monster within the Vault and her, Damon and the Monster disappear without a trace.

Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline stay at the Vault, waiting and searching, though there is nothing, no indication of where they had left to. To further sadden her, Bonnie, losing two of her closest friends, also realizes that her magic never came back from being freed from the Huntress, unable to do a locator spell.

Months later they began to hear whispers of murders spanning the West coast. At first the news was encouraging, giving them all hope, though the body count continued to rise.

In Hello, Brother, Bonnie is seen writing in her diary to Elena. It's been some time since the Armory's Monster has escaped and the search for Damon and Enzo continues to no avail. She writes to Elena that they attempt to steal small moments of normalcy though, for her, it has been the hardest things she had to do, without Enzo by her side. As she writes, she recounts fond memories of her time with Enzo; her terrible guitar playing and his story of Greek mythology and The Odyssey.

Later, Bonnie, along with Stefan are searching a wooded trail following yet another lead related to the missing people that may be connected to Damon and Enzo. Considering that an actual body has been found, she is skeptical it is even related. Stefan tells her that he can't think like that and must keep searching, though Bonnie is exhausted and she can't keep going, that hope keeps crushing her heart. Stefan reassures her that no one else he knows, knows how to fight longer and harder than she and does not want her to give up. She agrees but tells him that "hope hurts, and I don't want to hurt anymore."

As Stefan and Bonnie continue following the lead and they eventually come to a crime scene, where Damon (and Enzo) attacked a young couple. The Investigator tells them that the female victim was strangled and exsanguinated; teen marks from where she was fed upon. Also on her neck were ligature marks where Bonnie identifies she was strangled with a guitar string; another clue specifically left by Enzo for Bonnie to find.

With Caroline's help, Stefan and Bonnie eventually locate an abandoned slaughterhouse a few miles away from the recent crime scene. Stefan goes ahead and Bonnie remains back at the crime scene getting more information from the investigator. Bonnie leaves the scene after more information that relates to Enzo and heads to the slaughterhouse. Once there Stefan takes care of Damon and wants her to leave because it is not safe and she is still powerless.. She refuses, not without Enzo. Enzo appears and Damon recovers and attacks Bonnie, grabbing her in a loose choke hold, forcing Stefan's hand. Enzo tells them to "Go" and Stefan complies and Damon releases an angered Bonnie. They both leave without Damon and Enzo.

Later, at Enzo's safe house where Stefan was dropping her off, they sit and have a small conversation. Stefan is visibly upset and has seemingly lost hope similar to Bonnie, just a mere twelve hours ago. Bonnie tells him that she has found her 'Hope' and she convinces him to find his. Not long later, in the cabin, Bonnie is continuing to go back over the clues Enzo was leaving for her. She recounts the story he was telling her about The Odyssey. The wax, the guitar wire, how the bodies were displayed in the slaughterhouse, and the abnormal control they is being displayed over Damon and Enzo; she discovers they are all connected to the story he told her; they are about the mythological Sirens. She calls Alaric and tells him of her findings, asking if they could be real. Bonnie continues to have hope more determined now that she knows Enzo is fighting the monster's control, leaving clues for her to find out about the enemy and wants their help in fighting it.

In Today Will Be Different, Bonnie, while play her guitar, is still going through the previous crime scene photos that were left by Enzo, looking for more clues. Determine to keep searching for Enzo, she works with Caroline, and Stefan over the phone, at the TV station combing through more crime reports as far as Tennessee. Caroline attempts to make sure Bonnie is doing well and eating, by offering her muffins, but she tell her that she in not hungry and refocuses her efforts. As they search, she discovers two new reports; two women in two different towns who suffered fatal wounds to the neck (a vampire bite) in North Caroline. Caroline mentions that the only thing released in the report were the two victims' names, which were Sarah Nelson McGowan and Sarah Jane Nelson. Caroline and Bonnie are initially confused though, Stefan informs them that Enzo ‘picked his moment' and tells them about "Sarah Nelson"; also known as Sarah Salvatore, Stefan's last living relative.

Bonnie, Caroline and Stefan are then making their way to Raleigh, North Caroline in hopes to save Sarah before Damon and Enzo reaches her first. While in the car, Stefan tells them that Sarah's mother was Zach Salvatore's girlfriend in 1994, though Bonnie is already aware of this part of the story from her time with Damon in the 1994 prison world where Damon killed a pregnant woman. As they continue to talk, Caroline Stefan blame Enzo gave up the name because Damon doesn't know of this relation. Worried, Caroline comforts Stefan, though Bonnie is visible annoyed; Enzo is being blamed while they get to be happy together. Bonnie puts in her ear buds and ignores them for the rest of the ride.

At Sarah's apartment, Enzo and Sarah are surprised to find Stefan and Caroline. Moments later Bonnie emerges and Bonnie tells Enzo "Nice to see you too." Though controlled by Sybil, Enzo tells her "Hello, Luv" and reveals he is helping Sarah. Enzo is avoiding eye contact and being elusive towards Bonnie which visible annoys her. Enzo goes on to tell her that the more specific he is, the more she can key in on him. He goes on to tell her that Sybil needs two loyal soldiers to keep "feeding" her and he and Damon were chosen based on happenstance of being in the vault when it was opened. Bonnie continues to push for information though Enzo tells her that he will need to return to her soon; if he stays he is only putting Bonnie more at risk. The more he thinks about her, the more easily it will be for Sybil to discover her. He is trying to protect her and in doing so he had to give up a meaningful name, Sarah. As they attempt to leave, Bonnie takes matters into her own hands and vervains Enzo, knocking him unconscious and driving away with him in the back seat of the car.

Some time later, as Bonnie is driving, Enzo wakes up in pain. Bonnie is determined to get Enzo far away as she can though Enzo continues to scream in pain as Sybil calls him back to her. Enzo reveals that her mind is bound to her and that he can't escape from her. Bonnie tells him they will find a way and that he hasn't lost her but she must let him go.

Later, Bonnie comes back to the apartment complex (without Enzo) and finds Caroline without her daylight ring and with a stake in her back. She gives back the ring and removes the stake, both unknown what has transpired with Stefan and Sarah. Bonnie tells her that she was unsuccessful about rescuing Enzo and had to let him return to Sybil. Caroline berates her for not following the plan though Bonnie tells her she had her plan, to live a life with Enzo, like what she and Stefan are living right now. Bonnie continues to tell her that seeing her happy with her family, with Stefan and her kids, her home, all of it makes her feel so alone that she wants to die. Unknown of Bonnie's feelings, Caroline tells her that she is not alone and how sorry she is for not being there for her and what a terrible friend she had been. Bonnie reconciles with Caroline and they embrace in a thoughtful hug as Stefan approaches them. Bonnie asks if Sarah was 'okay' though Stefan does not answer them. Through a memory flash of Sybil scanning Enzo's mind it reveals his and Bonnie's moments just after Enzo woke up from when Bonnie drugged him. After he tells her that she has to let him go, Bonnie, full of hurt tells him to leave though she is not going to watch it. As Bonnie turns away from him, he passionately grabs her and pulls her into a deep kiss. He tells her he will never stop fighting and will always find his way back to her.

In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Bonnie surprises Caroline at the Salvatore Boarding House. Having learned of her engagement, she decorates the bedroom in yellow balloons and wants to toast with champagne. She tells her that will celebrate and then go wedding dress shopping because she knows she will try on a thousand before she finds the right one. Caroline expresses concern for her, given her revelation previously at Sarah's apartment, however Bonnie reassures her that she is fine and not just putting on a face. She even reminds her that she asked her to be her bride's maid since she was ten, and that this is going to happen. Caroline tries to lift her spirits by confirming that they will find Enzo and she will be happy, though Bonnie tells her first things first: to plan the June Wedding. With that, Bonnie toasts with the champagne and shows reveals her wedding book; that she stole to ‘out plan' Caroline Forbes.

Sometime later, She accompanies Caroline to the Bridal Shop, unbeknownst to them that Damon has been commanded by Sybil to hunt down and kill Bonnie. After Caroline picks a few dresses out, Caroline want to find the perfect maid of honors dress for her. Bonnie is honored, even though Elena is in a coma. Caroline wants to rehearse the bouquet toss, even telling her that she is willing to rig it for her (and Enzo). Before Bonnie can catch it, Damon, using his vamp speed appears, and catches the bouquet in one hand and the, now dead, bridal clerk in the other.Caroline and Bonnie are shocked to see him and Caroline tells Bonnie to run while she buys her time and attacks Damon. Shortly after dismissing Caroline Damon comes after Bonnie, who has hidden within a rack of wedding dresses. Bonnie retaliates and stabs a hanger through Damon's hand and can run past him, distracting him enough to allow Caroline to impale in into the adjacent wall, allowing them both time to escape.

Bonnie and Caroline rush back to the Salvatore House, Bonnie on the phone with Stefan, telling him that if Damon wants her dead, then she's dead. Stefan is confused about this new turn of events, though Caroline tells him they need weapons they can use against him and Sybil. While they search for weapons Bonnie fields questions from Caroline about whether or not she can invite Damon to the wedding. Bonnie is doubtful as he will be her brother-in-law. As they come back down to the living room, they are surprised to find Sybil sitting in front of the fireplace with Caroline's wedding book in hand. She reveals that she wants to know what makes Bonnie was special, the hold she has over both Enzo and particularly Damon. She even asks whether or not something more had happened while they were trapped within the prison world, though it didn't. She presses Bonnie further about this devotion she inspires within them and tells them to sit.

Not wanting to get involved in any physical altercations, they comply. Caroline defends Bonnie telling, Sybil that Bonnie is fiercely loyal and that she would do anything for the people she loves. This intrigues Sybil and wants Bonnie to choose; Damon or Enzo, one will live and the other will die. Bonnie eventually makes the connection that Sybil is jealous; that she sees a pure love, a love that she didn't have to siren into that was all about her and that she is threatened.

Bonnie, Caroline, and Sybil drive towards Mystic Fall High School, where the battle will take place. Caroline berates her about the ways she is living her immortal life as she warns Stefan. As they get closer, Sybil questions them about their sass, and that it was easier for Bonnie when she had her magic to back it up. Sybil asks Bonnie if she is powerless, though reminds her that she has all the power to make the choice. Fed up with Sybil's talking, specifically about she sitting there and allowing Enzo to die, Bonnie makes a different choice. She slams on the brakes, sending Sybil flying through the front windshield, and they drive off, giving them time to get to Enzo and Damon without Sybil.

Without Sybil, Bonnie confirms that she was right, that Stefan will always protect Damon and that she has no power to help Enzo.

During the final moments of the battle, Bonnie shows up and pleads with Damon to stop. Sybil arrives and tells Bonnie that he can't fight it and for her to choose. As Damon plunges his hand further into Enzo's chest, Bonnie makes her choice, she chooses Enzo. Damon pleads with Bonnie not to do this to him (to die) but Bonnie tells him that she can't let Enzo die. Sybil decides she doesn't like the new turn of events, that Bonnie chose wrong and that she'll have Damon kill Bonnie unless Enzo turns his humanity off. Bonnie is unable to sway Enzo and she loses him. Sybil then has Damon to pursue Bonnie regardless and Enzo doesn't object and she taunts Bonnie further, counting down until she runs out of the school. Outside Damon easily catches up to her though she is saved by Alaric, who runs him down with his car and uses the tuning fork against Sybil. Stefan is previously recovered and snaps Enzo's neck.

Back at the Armory Bonnie and Stefan talk about how with Sybil back in captivity they might get some answers. He asks about whether or not she will be able to handle Enzo, though she coldly tells him that she will be fine. She confronts him that if it had came down to it he would have still chosen Damon, even knowing that Enzo fought Sybil at every turn while Damon submitted without hesitation. Caroline goes to stay with her, telling Stefan that Bonnie needs her.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Bonnie is still tirelessly working to regain Enzo's humanity. He tells her that he'll treat her to Paris and that she'll fix everything that is wrong with him, only if she will set him free. She relents and cuts him loose of his vervain ropes to which he replies that she is his saving grace only to vamp towards the door. He's stopped by a magical boundary, shocked that Bonnie has her magic back. However, she tells him that he doesn't and she's using a dark object on loan from the Armory: The Flame of Imprisonment. She tells him that it traps supernatural creatures where it burns and that she alone can put the flame out since she is the one who lit it.

Later, she calls Caroline, seeking advice on how to deal with the humanity-less Enzo. She tells her that drying and starving him did not work nor did playing the guitar or retelling their memories trigger any emotions. She wants to know what it took for her to break through. She tells Bonnie that she had to face her biggest fear and then live up to it. After she ends the call, she confronts Enzo again, asking him "Why don't you just turn your humanity back on?" However, she tells her that it's a hindrance. With a plan in mind, set sets off, leaving him at the cabin.

When she returns to the cabin, she's greeted to a decorated cabin and Enzo, who wants to dance. Bonnie does buy it and she's not assumed with his antics. She tells him that she's going to get through to him and she intends to use his darkest fears. She proceeds to throw gasoline about the cabin. Enzo's no longer amused and tells him that Damon left him in a fire and that it was a nice try but it wouldn't work. Bonnie reveals his darkest fear, that he's afraid of people leaving him, of being abandoned. She tells him she isn't going anywhere and takes the flame of imprisonment and sets the cabin ablaze.

As the cabin goes up in flames she continues to tell Enzo that she's not going to leave him. Enzo tells her to end it and attempts to goad her to leave because of the smoke. She refuses. She stays until she eventually collapses. Seeing Bonnie in trouble finally triggers his humanity. Some moments later, Bonnie wakes up outside the cabin, Enzo having saved her, though unable to leave the cabin due to the dark object. She refuses to let him go and rushes back into the cabin and snuffs out the flame. Enzo uses this vampiric speed and saves them both. Outside he embraces her and they share a deeply passionate kiss.

That night, both she and Enzo attend Tyler's memorial service at the carnival. They each share their final goodbyes about Tyler and ultimately catch up as a group and enjoy the carnival in Tyler's name.

In Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, Bonnie and Enzo are laying in bed, enjoying Enzo's regained humanity. Enzo picks with Bonnie about her "high school" bedroom. Bonnie's phone begins buzzing, numerous messages from Caroline. As Bonnie checks her phone, Enzo receives a call from Damon, who is supposed to be chained up since he is still under Sybil's control after having killed Tyler. As he answers, Bonnie watches as Enzo collapses in pain to the floor, as a siren's song can be heard through the phone.

Some time later, Bonnie manages to get Enzo to the Armory, who is still in agonizing pain. She screams to Matt and Stefan she needs help as she is still without her magic and cannot do anything to ease his suffering. Enzo explains that it was Sybil and she is attacking his mind. Bonnie is visibly worried about Enzo and questions if he can see her or speak to her. He says no and Stefan reveals that she must be attacking his subconscious as that was how she manipulated Damon mind. Bonnie pleads with Stefan to get into his head like he once did with her and to force Sybil out.

As Stefan traverses Enzo's mind he can see and hear Sybil's conversation with Seline about the twins shortly before he is forced out of Enzo's mind. Bonnie questions what he saw and pleads for him to continue, that he has to save Enzo. Many attempts later, along with the address to where the twins are located, Enzo's mind is released from Sybil's grasp and he is left in a comatose-like state. Matt attempts to console Bonnie, after Stefan leaves to join Caroline, and to get her to eat something. Bonnie refuses and tells him that she is too terrified that she is going to lose him. He gives her hope and encourages her that Enzo is a survivor, that he escaped her control and that, unlike Damon, fought back her control. As Matt is telling her this, he wakes and he and Bonnie embrace in a passionate kiss.

That night, Bonnie continues to question Enzo, wanting to know whether or not he was okay. Bonnie is relieved though saddened that he is still suffering from Sybil's control after everything she did to get him back. He tells her he will always fight to get back to her. She questions what kept him going, unlike Damon who gave up and gave into Sybil's control so easily. He tells her that a century of abandonment, torture and abuse will turn as heart to stone. Bonnie deflects that statement, reminding him that he his loving and kind. Enzo gives all the credit to Bonnie, that he wouldn't be able to leave this world without knowing true love, then he met her. He proclaims that Bonnie is his whole world.

In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, Bonnie and Enzo are together once again after the latter was saved from Sybil's grasp a second time. It's Christmas and they are exchanging gifts. Enzo gives her a present and she opens the box; it's a small Eiffel Tower figurine. She loves it and expresses, jokingly, that she can use it as a paper weight. The figure was only a representation of his true gift to Bonnie; he tells her that he's taking her to Paris and calls her a "Silly Witch". She embrace him in a hug and he takes her into his arms and kisses her deeply. The mood is spoiled when Bonnie's phone rings; it's Caroline. Bonnie guess that she was called because they were late for Christmas dinner and tells her she's sorry and that she knows they are late. Caroline expresses for them not to come, that both Sybil and Damon crashed their dinner and that Enzo needs to stay far away from her. They continue to talk and eventually conclude that she and Enzo will track down the tuning fork if Caroline can give them more information about where Sybil's been hiding.

Later, after Bonnie and Enzo leaves Bonnie's house, Caroline calls them while they are together in the car. She tells them that there is a place outside of Grove Hill, a mansion called The Pond Estate and that is where Sybil's been hiding and like they will likely find the tuning fork. Bonnie asks if everything is okay and Caroline expresses that Sybil wants to be her "bestie", and the twins keep asking about Seline and that Stefan is off "hiding" somewhere. Bonnie tells her that she misses Elena and that if she was her, Damon wouldn't be like this. This gives Caroline an idea and tells her that she needs another gift box and promptly hangs up on her.

That night, Bonnie and Enzo arrive at the estate, Enzo confirming that this is the one they are searching for as out of the four with pools, this was the only one with a light on. The doors they are at are unlocked, Enzo giving her the honors and she enters. Enzo attempts to follow, though he's bound by the threshold spell. Bonnie realizes that she picked a place with an owner to prevent vampires from entering. Bonnie tells Enzo that she will be fine and she can do it without him; Enzo, unable to stop her, agrees. Bonnie goes deeper into the house, carefully. Bonnie approaches the common room, a women is signing Christmas carols. Bonnie spies Seline, writing at a table, who knew she was there. She instructs Tammy to extend the invitation to their other guest, Enzo. Tammy calls from the living room for him to "come in" and Bonnie objects, given his history with Sybil and her mind control. Before she can finish saying no, Enzo is by her side, shielding her with his arm. Seline tells thems that she not Sybil and wont harm them. Bonnie complies and tells her that they will leave, though Seline mentions the weapon that they were looking for, the Tuning Fork. Seline takes out the Tuning fork from the adjacent desk and asks Bonnie to bring her phone over to her.

Seline wanted to speak to Alric; she tells him that both Bonnie and Ezno are with her and that they are in no danger. Bonnie confirms her intentions, telling him that she just wants to talk. After Seline's conversation doesn't end well, Bonnie spies the list she has been writing, a list of names with Georgie's at the top. She indicates that it's the last person she's killed and the list is in reverse chronological order, something she picked up from Stefan and recounts her meeting with him to her and Enzo. After she finishes her story and tells them that if Alaric loves his daughters, he will bring them to see her, to make things right. Enzo takes the tuning fork and he and Bonnie prepare to leave. Seline then asks Bonnie "The path to forgiveness begins with on step, right?" Bonnie nods and tells her "thank you" and they set off, back to Mystic Falls.

Sometime later, Bonnie and Enzo enter the kitchen in the Salvatore Boarding House and get the drop on Sybil, Enzo using it to disrupt her abilities she's currently using on Peter. As Bonnie comes behind Enzo, she too is pained by the fork and clutches on to the table, Enzo, more worried about Bonnie comes to her aid. Grabbing her head he asks if she's alright. Distracted, Damon rushes in and saves Sybil and vamp speeds out.

Back on the road, she and Enzo talk; Bonnie examining the tuning fork. She's confused, asking Enzo if he couldn't hear what she heard. He tells her that he did hear it but it sounded like a tuning fork where she replies that it gave her a splitting headache. She assumes that it's a signal that only witches can hear because Alaric also mentioned to hear that the twins could hear it as well. Enzo questions if Siren were also witches, though Bonnie retorts that her Grams used to say witchcraft was rooted in psychic energy and that before she knew she had magic, she though she was a psychic because of the senses and feelings she could divine about others. She indicate that they, the sirens and Cade, are connected. Enzo tells her that it's just one mroe reason to get the hell out of dodge, i.e. their trip to Paris. With this realization, Bonnie tells him that while he's taking her to Paris, she got him t-shirts for Christmas. She admits that she sucks though Enzo tells her that she is the gift he's always wanted. He takes her hand and kisses it gently.

In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch, it's revealed that some length of time has passed and Bonnie has returned from her and Enzo's trip to Paris. She goes to see Caroline, who is still at the Salvatore Boarding house, and surprises her with a visit. When she opens the door, Bonnie greets her with a gleeful "Bonjour!" and they embrace in a friendly hug. Bonnie hands off a dress to her as she inquires about how Paris was and how Enzo was doing. Bonnie tells her she ate cheese and drank wine and bought all the gifts, to which she hands one to Caroline. She tells her not to open it until Stefan is back as it's wedding themed. At that moment, Caroline spots her stunning new necklace hanging around her neck. She's tells Bonnie it's beautiful but is taken aback by what's in the centerpiece. Bonnie indicates that Enzo gave it to her on their last night in Paris and confirms Caroline's suspicion, that it contains Enzo's blood. She mocks Enzo and also tells her it's "A mere symbol of an eternity." Caroline expresses her fear and that it's a very specific symbol and questions if she wants to become a vampire, to which she dismisses. Caroline then receives a call from Seline and Bonnie questions what the "psycho-siren" wants.

Bonnie accompanies Caroline to Mystic Grill, where they meet with Seline. Seline tells them that her sister is assembling a weapon that has the power to kill her and herself. Seline suggests a compromise, she has a piece (the bell) and they have a piece (the tuning fork) and that she's trying to make amends. She goes on to tell them that Damon has the third piece, the Maxwell striker. Bonnie questions what's the striker and Seline explains. Bonnie and Caroline get up to leave after their little conversation and she questions where they are going. Caroline tells her they are going to Miss Mystic Falls.

At Miss Mystic Falls, Bonnie has already changed into a stunning green dress and is helping Caroline set things up by checking off names on the guest list. Caroline, with her back to the door, hopes that once the dance gets underway, that she and Bonnie can sneak off and locate the striker. Bonnie, having seen Damon enter the Founder's Hall retorts that "we could ask him in person". Sybil arrives and indicates that she invited both Damon and Stefan.

Some time later, Bonnie watches afar as Sybil sirens a pageant hopefuls. After Sybil leaves, she makes her way to the girl, though Enzo surprises her and grabs her by the arm, telling her to be easy and that he told her to wait for backup. She tells him that she believes Sybil just sirened the girl, to which Enzo tells her "all the more reason to proceed with caution". As an immortal, he wants her to leave the fighting to him. Bonnie is irritated that in all their time together, this is the first time he's played the "immortal" card on her. She questions if he giving her a literally vial of immortally (his blood) has anything to do with it. He reiterates that it's a token of his eternal love and she tells him that she can't imagine losing him either but she can't become a vampire, even if she wanted too. She's still linked to Elena and expresses that she wouldn't want to jeopardize her friend's life.

As the dance begins, Bonnie is joined by her escort, Enzo, and they proceed to preform the Miss Mystic Falls dance. He brings up the vampire topic again, asking her what she would choose if Elena's life wasn't linked to hers, theoretically. She tells him that a year ago she would have been offended, due to her witch heritage though it's more than that. She's watched all of her friends struggle with vampirism and how hard it's for them just to live. But she also tells him that she fell in love with a vampire that makes her feel alive and admits that she would turn for him, but that's not all it means to hear. She returns his necklace by telling him if it means something more than her love. She leaves the dance floor and Enzo.

After Caroline compelled the pageant to end, Bonnie and Enzo coordinates the evacuation of the guests and participants. As the last bystander leave, Bonnie wants to return, to put herself back in danger. Enzo refuses though she wants to go back, that Caroline needs her. He continues to fight, telling her that Caroline can protect her if she's not in the crossfire. Bonnie asks him why he's been watching her like a hawk after they've returned from Paris, that he trusts her and this attitude isn't like him. He explains that she give him the necklace back, that it was always meant to save her when he can't and that he's worried that she could die there. He goes on to tell her that if he had to ever survive her without speaking up... he couldn't bear the though. He expresses that he does listen to her, but also the dangerous world around her, and that whenever he feared for her life, he wasn't afraid to speak up for her. Bonnie is moved by his revelation and asks when he became such a sap. He reiterates her earlier statement that he fell in love with a human that makes him feel alive. She looks into his eyes and brings him into a moving kiss and he embraces her into a hug.

That night she and Enzo are still in the woods by the Founder's Hall. She confesses that it was wrong of her to have returned his necklace. Enzo tells her it's just a symbol, nothing more. She expresses that before him, she never knew what it was like to want to be with someone for forever. He understand that she can't turn (because of Elena), but he expresses that he's the luckiest man on the planet. Bonnie indicates that their forever will just have to be 60 or 70 years and they have to make it count. They kiss and Enzo agrees that with the right person 70 years can be forever though he's fearful about the "after" part and that he doesn't know what he will ever do without her. She asks him "what if it wasn't just my forever? What if it could be ours?" In that moment, she offers him the Cure.

In Nostalgia's a Bitch, the next morning, Bonnie is out early jogging to clear her head. She calls Caroline and asks if they can talk over breakfast, that she needs advice about Enzo. Caroline tells her that she is the last one to give relationship advice given everything she is going through with Stefan. She declines and says she is not going any where. It's revealed that she jogged to the Salvatore House and compromises with Caroline, telling her that they will have breakfast in bed as she lets herself in. As she is walking though the house, she spots a catatonic Damon and tells her that she needed to get out of bed, now.

Bonnie asks her what could have done this and Caroline appropriately guess that Sybil happened, but questions what she did to his brain. Bonnie agrees and tells her that there is only one way to find out; for her to jump them both in and for them to see for themselves. She gives Caroline her hand and attempts to enter his mind though they are forced immediately back out. Caroline expresses that all she could feel was fire and pain and Bonnie suggests that is what he's feeling as she sees a tear running down his cheek. Caroline hears something down in the cellar, and she and Bonnie come to find Sybil chained to the wall. Bonnie questions her what she did to him. Sybil tells them that she gave him what he wanted, his humanity back one, though he must have couldn't take the guilt and his mind retreated into his subconscious. Bonnie refuses to release her though they relent to free Damon from his mind.

With Sybil's release, she peers into his mind and tells them that consciously, Damon believes to be in hell. She tells them that to change his mind, they will have to confront him and ask him themselves as to why be believes he's in hell. Bonnie reminds her that they've already tried that and it didn't work. Sybil tells them that she can get them in through the "back door" of his mind, his subconscious. Inside his subconscious, Bonnie and Caroline meet Henry, Damon's deceased war buddy, personified as a desk clerk as the house acts as a hotel for guest. Bonnie tells hims that they are looking for Damon, though Henry points them towards a painting of the hotel's benefactor and that he died in the civil war. Henry tells them to get out and even with Sybil's help, they are forced from his mind once again.

Stefan shows up and demands that Sybil "fix" this. In compliance, she, Bonnie and Caroline attempt to find Damon again. As they enter his mind again, they appear at Mystic Grill. Bonnie deduces that Damon is there and all they have to do is follow the clues, as she holds up a news paper of the first "animal" attacks when he arrived back in Mystic Falls. Vicki, with a bandage on her neck, approaches them asks them if they are hear for lunch and wants them to follow her. Caroline is inspired and tells Bonnie to "follow the clues". Caroline questions that sicne Damon killed Vicki, why does he want her around in his subconscious. As she leaves, Bonnie follows her. Caroline sees her mother for the first time since having lost her and not being able to say goodbye. Bonnie tells her to go talk to her mom and she goes after Vicki.

Bonnie questions Vicki if the bandage was because of "Damon Salvatore" though Vicki dismisses her. Bonnie continues to push for answers though Vicki reveals a hickie and that she can slut shame her all she wants but she never heard of Damon.

With her Vicki clue unfruitful in locating Damon, she tries a different approach. She returns to her grandmother's house. Walking up on the front porch and knocking on the door, Shelia opens her home, excited to see her granddaughter with a "Hey Sweetie". Bonnie is overcome with joy as, similar to Caroline, this is the first time since she's seen her Grams since she found peace and saved her from the collapse of the Other Side. She tells her that she wasn't sure if she would even be here, as she ultimately knows that she's not real, that she is in Damon's subconscious. She remarks that his memory was remarkable, saying that he even got the sweater right. Grams, confused, asks if she's feeling alright. Bonnie tells her that she needs her help and Grams welcomes her into her home.

Grams pours her some tea to help quite her mind as they talk about what she needs help with. She tells her that her friend is in trouble and she needs her to do a locator spell to find him. Grams wants to know who she's looking for and Bonnie tells her. She doesn't know the name "Damon" and asks if he's related to Stefan. Bonnie confirms this and she refuses, saying that she doesn't get involved with vampire business. Bonnie tells her it's way too late and that all of her friends are vampires and that she even loves one. Shelia is shocked to hear this but continues by saying she's so close to having the happiness she's always wanted. Bonnie means the world to Grams and tells her that she's cheating, but will do the spell. She needs something of his to perform it and Bonnie thinks of the letter, saying it must be around here somewhere. She thinks Bonnie is crazy but she goes over to a cabinet and reveals the letter that Damon previously wrote her telling her that it's Damon's head and that if she was willing to help, so does Damon. Shelia begins the spell and asks Bonnie to concentrate with her, as she takes her grandmother's hands, the candle flame intensifies.

Bonnie is led to the Salvatore crypt and there is greeted by Tyler, another representation of someone that's been killed because of Damon. He asks her to leave or that he'll make her. Bonnie stands firm and tells Tyler that he can't make her leave because Damon lead her there and that he wants her to save him. Bonnie tells him that he will have to spend his life atoning for what he;s done, even though he's scared, he just has to believe he can. With that, she figures out what it will take to free Damon and she frees herself from his mind. She tells Caroline that she needs to get Stefan back as that is the only way to free him, that Damon needs to talk to Stefan. With his return, he's a bit skeptical, though Bonnie reassures him that he will only find the truth.

Sometime later, Stefan successfully frees Damon and, that night, he comes to speak to Bonnie. She begins with telling him that it's not his fault for what he's done while under Sybil's control. Damon relents and per Bonnie's statement while with her Grams he tells her what the letter he wrote said, that he a coward and terrified of failing her and Elena because, like Elena, would make him be a better man.. He goes on to say that he'd rather fail her one more time versus a whole life time and that he hope she had the happiest life possible and that she was his best friend. Bonnie tears at his confession and admits it's one hell of a letter and he apologizes that he left. Bonnie smiles and they reconcile and she embraces him in a heartfelt hug.

In You Made a Choice to Be Good, Bonnie is seen at a Coffee Shop, laying some money down on the counter as the barista rings her up. A man, seemingly from out of out, gains her attention when he rattles of coffee names. She muses that Mystic Falls attempt to be "hipster". She recommends a drink to the man and he thanks her for the insight. She takes her two coffees and leaves the man behind.

On the road, Bonnie is with Enzo and Peter's truck as they transport the completed Maxwell Bell to a safer location. Enzo runs over some broken, rotted tree branch in the road, causing the bell to ring. Bonnie clutches her head as it causes her pain; Enzo apologizes. He asks her where her secret hideaway is and she tells him it's a surprise. She receives a picture from Caroline, it's was her bucket list from when she was in sixth grade. She tells him what was on it and he playfully mocks her "tweener" dreams. She asks him about his bucket list though he admits, being immortal, he's never made one. She pushes him, that he needs to take full advantage of his immortality while he still has it and that must be some daredevil thrills that he wants to do. She convinces him to make the journey into an adventure.

Keeping her promise, she takes Enzo to a motor speedway and cheers him on as she watches him drive a race car around a track. He's thrilled and he grabs her and spins her around by the race while he happily kisses her. She comments that happy looks good on him, though Enzo admits it doesn't take much, i.e. fast car and a beautiful girl. She asks what's next, eager to keep the journey going. Enzo suggests skydiving. Bonnie agrees evening going so far to bring out her phone saying there was a place about an hour away. Enzo asks her what's really on her mind. She tells him that she just wants to make sure that if he takes the cure that there will be nothing that he's missed. Enzo corrects her, "when", that when he says he'll doing something, that he means it. They kiss and insists that if she wants more fun, he's going to take the car for another spin.

They finally arrive at their destination, Enzo comments on making good time given that they stopped to drag race and skydive, which the latter resulted in his phone being destroyed. He comments about their destination, a B&B in upstate New York. Bonnie tells him that she bought it a couple months ago with the money that he dad had left her, that since no one else knows about it, it makes it the perfect place to stash the bell. Enzo jokes that it makes for one romantic gesture that puts his blood necklace to shame. She tells him it wasn't for him, though he asks for a tour of every single room. She then invites him into her home. He pulls her back across the threshold and carries her over it, telling her that one day they will do it one day for real, implying marriage. He thanks her for the perfect "bucket list" day and she continues to worry about him becoming human, that maybe he needs more time for his vampire life. He consoles her by telling her that there is nothing that he could do as a vampire that wouldn't be better than being human with her. He even admits of doing it immediately, once they stash the bell, and drive to Brooklyn to Elena's coffin.

Sometime later, Bonnie receives a call from Damon about Arcadius, the ruler of Hell. He tells her they want to use the cure that is in Elena to cure Arcadius of his immortality. Bonnie is not convinced and angered. She tells him that she can finally start the life she wants with Enzo but they need the cure for that and she doesn't want to jeopardize that if Damon is wrong. Bonnie is conflicted and Damon attempts to reconcile with her, telling her that at least he was asking, though he apologizes for putting herself first for once. Damon tells her that he wants them all to be alive and asks if she will help take down the devil. Annoyed, she tells him okay, that they'll rescue everyone but themselves, again. Enzo continues to listen in with his super hearing as Bonnie hangs up on Damon. She looks back at him with sad eyes, that she may lose her future with Enzo.

Back inside the B&B, Enzo questions why Elena was moved from Brooklyn. Bonnie explains that it was for her safety once he and Damon went missing, under Sybil's control. Enzo admits that he heard her and Damon's conversation. Bonnie reluctantly admits that he was right and defeating the devil is more important. Enzo calls her to him and takes her in his arm. Bonnie, seemingly defeated, tells him that she never gets to have her chance, that she's always giving it up for everyone else and that it sucks. Enzo tells her that her "selflessness" is what makes her special and that no matter what happens, he'll stay by her side until she's old and gray. He's determined that they will still have their future and that he doesn't need the cure to be happy, just her. Bonnie and touched by his passionate words and they kiss. In the few moments afterwards, Enzo is magically excised from the home as, unknown to them, Stefan compelled the ownership of her safe-house to another women.

After he was evicted from her home, she tried inviting him in, though nothing is working and the spell holds. Enzo tells her that they need to get the cure and go. She says she'll try and takes the cure from Elena with a syringe. She's apprehensive about doing it and admits that it feels weird. After she's done, she asks him if the syringe is enough though he doesn't respond. She leaves the room and Enzo, at the door, is motionless and not responding to her call. In front of her, he collapses as Stefan rips out his heart. Bonnie screams in pain, as her lover is murdered. Stefan shove his body aside, drops his heart and steps over the threshold, entering the house.

Bonnie frantically searches for something to defend herself, as she's still without her magic. She breaks off a wooden coat rack knob prepares herself. Stefan mocks her and she attempts to defend herself though he easily stops her attack and grabs her forearm, squeezing it, causing her physical pain. He asks why she continues to care about Elena, when she was going to die by his hand. Bonnie fights back with the only other "weapon" she has; the Cure. She stabs the syringe into his side and injects him with the cure. Stefan collapses as she succumbs to the cure. Bonnie runs towards Enzo, tears in her eyes and screams his name. Enzo's body has already desiccated as she cradles his head; at a complete loss of words, her future dies right before her. In that moment she lets out a painful and agonizing scream, energy radiating from her as she continues to hold Enzo his her arms.

In What Are You?, it picks up some short time later from the previous episode. Bonnie is still distraught over losing Enzo and has moved just inside the threshold of her B&B and turns her back to Enzo's lifeless body. He hesitantly and tearfully answers Damon's call. Damon picks up on Bonnie's distress and asks what's wrong, fearful for Elena. She tells him that she's fine and, with prodding from him, tells her the grave new; Stefan murdered Enzo. He wants to come and comfort her though she refuses him and that he'll deal with his brother, though she tells him that she's already dealt with him; that she's cured him.

Sometime later that morning, Bonnie is making tea and while the kettle whistles, she hears a voice: Enzo's. Seemingly, he calls out to her "Help me. Bonnie." A knock at the front door startles her and she goes to answer it, a little shocked. Abby stands on the other side, she tells her daughter that Caroline called and she was hoping that she would want to talk to her since she wont talk to Caroline. Bonnie crosses the threshold and embraces her mother in a heartfelt hug.

That night, Abby performs a memorial for Enzo, to return him to the Earth, in Bonnie's honor. Abby wants her to say her final goodbye but Bonnie confesses that she doesn't think that he wants her to, that she can still feel him. Abby tries to console her, telling her that it's grief, but she dismisses it saying that she knows grief and this is different. If believes that if he's attempting to reach her, there has to be a way to answer, though Abby tells her that there's not a way, that the Other Side is gone and they both do not have their magic. Bonnie refuses her mother's answer and tells her that "There must be a way. You came back here for a reason. Let this be it."

Complying with Bonnie's wish, she performs a ritual, a séance. Bonnie takes her mother's and and latter calls out to Enzo. As Bonnie concentrates a wild wind picks up and Abby sees a vision of Enzo's death and that she felt his pain. Abby is confused about how it was possible without magic but she believes that she must have opened a door to someplace dark and it needs to be closed. Bonnie refuses, that if he's trapped somewhere, then there must be a way to free him. Abby blatantly tells her no though Bonnie disregards her mother. She collapses, as Enzo's voice can be heard, calling out to her.

Abby burns Enzo's body, returning him to the Earth, and Bonnie recovers enough to wake from her unconscious state. She tries to put him out though Abby drags her out. Bonnie is furious and full of tears and Abby tells her that she had to destroy him to break the connection. She pleas with her that he was trying to reach her and that he's all alone. Abby soothes her daughter, telling her that she's failed as a mother, but she won't let her destroy herself. She comforts her by telling her that he wouldn't want her to suffer and that she needs to let he go. Bonnie embraces her mother, full of painful tears and agony as she tells her that she has to say goodbye.

Later that night, as she returns home, she finds Matt at her doorstep. Out of everything that he's experience that day, coming to see her and to tell her how sorry he was for her loss was the most important. She tells him that she doesn't think she can do this and he tells her that she was one of the strongest people he knows and that he's never truly appreciate how tough the Bennett Witches were considering their family had history (a story for when she was up for it). He also tells her to find comfort in the fact that Enzo loved her and if she needed anything, for her to call him. He kisses her on the forehead and they part ways, Bonnie heading inside her home.

In The Lies Will Catch Up To You, Bonnie is seen in her bedroom, her back up against the bed and surrounded by dozens of candles. She holds Enzo's necklace that contains his blood, the last of his physical remains, in her hands as she attempts to reach him, though she still does not have her magic. Puddles of candle wax rings around the candles as she's been at this tirelessly.

She continues to call out to him, hoping that he will hear her, telling him that she doesn't have access to magic and that he's got to meet her half way. She clutches the necklace close to her heart and asks for a sign. Her phone rings and she finds that Damon is calling her. Annoyed, she picks up asking, "what do you need?" He lies, wanting to know if she's okay, though she knows that, having left nine prior messages, that he wants something. He wants to know he she's made any effort towards freeing Enzo from hell. He reasons that if Arcadius can do it, it would be possible from someone else. She tells him short of nuking Mystic Falls with the Maxwell Bell, she's not a practicing witch. As she's about to hang up, Damon pleads with her that he might need a solution for someone else, as if he had a "semi-ghost situation". He probes further, hypothetically mentioning what if there was a way to undo the link between her and Elena and the small price to pay was for them to free a soul from hell.

She corrects him, me, that she would have to be the one to do it if she were to get her magic back and that the idea to begin with is crazy as the only person to break the link would be Kai Parker. Unknown to her, Kai had already been semi-released from hell and was currently with Damon and, now, got the "weirdest feeling" that someone was with Damon. He denies it and counters that if someone was with him, it would be better if she didn't know as there was a mind-reading devil on the loose for escaped souls. She tells him that she hopes he's not talking about Kai and, even though Damon continues to refuse this, she tells him that she has an incredibly strong feeling that she can't explain and suggests that she may be exhibiting some psychic phenomena because of what her Grams told her before taping into her magic. Damon asks if her "psychic powers" can free someone from hell. She doesn't know but, fed up with the conversation and with a new idea, she tells she'll go directly to the source: she'll ask Arcadius himself.

Sometime later, Bonnie finds Arcadius at the coffee shop she and Enzo stopped at before. She asks him how she was able to find and he elaborates that they share a kinship, an awareness of each other. He tells her that someone new to the "gift" she's quite powerful in her new abilities and asks how to get Enzo out of Hell. He tells her to ask him herself and motions for her to sit. She want to know if he's going to teach her how to contact Enzo. He tells her that he's going to give her an understanding of what she's become and that like him, she had a powerful traumatic awakening. He continues that if she wishes to locate Enzo's soul in hell, she will open her mind to him and, together, they can contact him. She takes his hand and he beings the lesson. He wants her to remember the moment of Enzo's death and the moment of how it felt, the lost of her love and her happiness. That his death was needless. He asks what she feels; se tells him rage and anguish. He wants her to embrace it becasue that is her source of power. As she's reliving Enzo's death, magically the ceiling fans rapidly speed up, tea kettles begin to blow stems, napkins blow from an unknown wind and glasses shake on a table next to them.

She hears him and she calls out to him. As she does she opens her eyes and she's at their burned down safe house and he's there. He calls out to her and Bonnie is shocked to see him again. She runs to him and embraces him a hug and a deep kiss. He warns her that she has to get away from Arcadius, that he's trying to find him through her. She's confused with this revelation that, if he's not in hell where is he. He tells her not to trust him and she loses the connection. Arcadius asks he she saw Enzo, she lies though he questions why she's upset. She counters that she had to relive her lover's death over again. She thanks him for the lesson and leaves.

As she makes her way outside to her car, she gets another call from Damon, though she dismisses it and is confronted by Arcadius. She wants to know why he's following her and he explains that he's not done with her. He explains further that he's been wondering what happened to Enzo's spirit at the moment of his death. He now has his answer, that when Bonnie screamed during her moment of her deepest pain, an extraordinary psychic blast of energy was released. This resulted in her own private dimension, linked only to her and that Enzo's spirit hidden away, even from him.

He continues, that other than him, no one person has done what she's done. He tells her though that Enzo's spirit belongs to him and psychically attacks her though she's able to push him off, telling him to get away from her. While he doesn't get Enzo's soul, he find outs that she believes that Kai Parker has been released back into the world. He wants to know more, though she, truthfully, can't tell him any more. With that, he leaves her be.

Later that night, Bonnie goes to the burned down cabin that Enzo and her shared for three years. She has candles spread out all around her as she holds Enzo's necklace between her hands and calls out to him again, having learned how to contact him from Arcadius. She calls him again telling him that if he's out there and if he can hear her, she needs him. Enzo appears at the door and says "Hello, luv". She looks up and she goes to him and embrace each other. She tells him to never leave her again and the reciprocates, telling her he doesn't want to. I questions if it's him, that if he's there. He explains that it's truly him, but he's not physically there with her. She wants to know if he's apart of some psychic world that she created, though Enzo ignores her questions and that nothing else matter but her. They passionately kiss as Bonnie finally has Enzo back in some capacity.

In It's Been a Hell of a Ride, Bonnie remains at Enzo's cabin. While setting up candles, she's visited by Stefan. He attempts to speak to her, though she's still not wanting to even look at him for killing Enzo; she tells him there is nothing he can say to make her feel better. He claims to understand that but he couldn't live with himself if he didn't at least try. That angers her, tells tells him that it's a shame and a good human know when to shut up. He apologizes but she states "You KILLED Enzo!". He admits that he'll spend the rest of his human life with that guilt and looking for ways to atone; he also tells her that he's leaving Mystic Falls. She doesn't care what he does and mockingly tells him to have "safe travels" and slams the cabin door in his face.

While enraged, Enzo appears before her as she turns from the closed door. She expresses that she didn't know he was there but he tells her that whenever she's angry, appearing to her is easy their connection seemingly amplified where their at and by her emotional state. She embraces him in a hug, his presence seemingly soothing her rage. Bonnie expresses to him that Stefan's earned every word and that she hates Stefan for killing him.

A while later, Bonnie stays at the cabin with Enzo, candles placed on various surfaces as she and Enzo sit on the floor, their back up against what remains of the couch. He asks if she's happy; she replies "perfectly". He follows up with another question: "why not forgive Stefan?" She looks at him, confused and bewildered and asks him did he have to ask. Enzo tries to rationalize the situation, they both did horrible things as servants to Arcadius, that they've taken so many lives. Even at his lowest point with his humanity off, where he was willing to let her die, she continued to love him and that she continues to have the capacity for forgiveness. She continues to look at him and admits that she just needs time. Enzo gives her another piece of advice, "if you hold on to hating him, it will eat at you." She contemplates his words.

Later that night, while still at the cabin, Bonnie experiences a painful headache through her and Elena's life-link. Enzo comes to her, asking if she's okay. She tells him something is happening, that something was wrong and she was having visions of fire and Elena's coffin. With Elena the only person she has a psychic link to through Kai's spell, she knows she's endangered. She picks up her keys and makes her way to the door. Enzo questions where she's going, and she admits she doesn't know, but she has too.

By the time Bonnie reaches Steven's Quarry, Damon is already dead, once again. She encounters Arcadius. He address her as she approaches, that she was just in time. She questions where her friends are and he reveals that Damon is dead. He tells her that she shares his psychic gift and to open her mind. She does as she's instructed sees Damon's spirit. She tells Arcadius to let him go, but he refuses. She tells him that she wont let him take him without a fight. Arcadius claims that if she tried to keep his soul on this plane, her mind would shatter, though she doesn't care. She begins a psychic tug-of-war against Arcadius vying for Damon's soul. Bonnie puts up a fight though he claims that her body will give out first as her nose begins to bleed.

She's slowing losing against him though before he can claim his soul, Stefan stabs him in the chest with his ashen dagger, killing him in an explosion. Bonnie and Stefan are thrown backwards, temporarily knocking him both out. Stefan crawls towards her, getting her to wake up. As she comes too, she tells him that it was a nice save, though she still hasn't forgiven him. He tells her that it was just the first of many. Damon shows up telling them both that the psychic blast of Arcadius' death blew him back into his body. She looks on at Damon as he embraces his brother.

Sometime later, Bonnie comes face to face with Kai who claims he's in hell. Bonnie interjects, telling him it's impossible as Arcadius is dead and hell along with it. He's in chains and inquires if she's here to "punish" him. She tells him that she's been a bit psychic later and that she knows his worse fear is being trapped back in a prison world. Kai's dismisses it, his confident attitude taking charge, telling her she can't do that because a a prison world requires.... Before he's even able to finish she hold up a new ascendant, saying "one of these?" Kai's smirk disappears. Bonnie continues by saying that Josie and Lizzie have made strides in their Gemini magic. She continues and tells him that she helped, but admits the new world is quite impressive.

He want's to know where everyone else is and she tells him there is no one else. Just him and his insecure mind with a song he hates for forever. Kai's expression is of defeat and he's contemplating what can be done. Bonnie explains further that with this new world there's no eclipse for him to channel for him to release himself, as he's also no longer the "powerful" coven leader. Bonnie turns to leave but Kai begs her to wait. He claims he lost a bet. They continue to talk about what he meant. Once they are done, she leaves him all alone in the prison world, having finally gotten her revenge on him.

Bonnie, later, explains to Damon that she spoke to Kai and tells him that they didn't destroy Hell. Damon's question if he's not running it then who is. Bonnie repeats what Kai told her, to think of the only person worse than Cade, the one that knows all their weakness and where to hit them over and over. Damon slowing refuses to accept what she's telling him. Bonnie continues, "The one who wants revenge for what we did... to her." Damon breaks the bottle of bourbon telling her "Don't you dare say it, Bonnie. You hear me? Don't you dare say that name!" Bonnie confirms Damon's worse fear: Katherine is back and running hell.

In We're Planning a June Wedding, Bonnie surprises Caroline at the Salvatore Boarding House, like she did when she wanted to plan Caroline's "June Wedding". This time there is a somber difference; this is their first meeting since Stefan, now her fiancé, killed Enzo and is now human. She tells Caroline that she knows they have a lot to talks, i.e. Stefan/Enzo, and whatever trouble is heading their way, but she doesn't want to talk about that now. She hands her a bottle of champagne.

Later, at the Boarding House, Bonnie explains to the gang, and Alaric and Dorian who are at the Armory, that when Cade crossed planes with the eleventh ring of the Maxwell bell, other souls like Kai could do so as well. She mentions that Katherine would have jumped at the chance. They continue to discuss how they will defeat Katherine and they suggest making a dagger like was forged for Cade. Bonnie questions how would they make it, given the collective ingredients. While they work a plan to forge a dagger, they suggest backup plans such as breaking the link between Katherine and hell. Bonnie explains that psychic dimensions are tied to great emtional trauma; Cade when he was burned at the stake and Bonnie when she saw Enzo murdered. She reasons that there may be a way to destroy the dimension itself and Katherine along with it. Caroline tasks Alaric and Dorian on "Hail Mary miracle duty" while the rest attempts to draw out Katherine herself with Caroline and Stefan's wedding.

Not long afterwards, Bonnie is in the kitchen drinking the champagne. Caroline storms in complaining about throwing together a "shotgun Vegas wedding". Bonnie, annoyed, chips in her own opinion about it happening fast. Caroline takes the moment to explain to her about why she said yest to Stefan, though Bonnie already knows, that in spite of very thing she still wants to spend her life with him. She tells her friends that she gets it, but she can't watch her marry him and for him to be happy. She explains that it's hard for her because she wants to be there, to be her maid of honor, but she can't put herself through that, not after what he did. Caroline understands and tells her that she's sorry and comforts and tells her that she loves her.

Later, Bonnie is listening to a "melancholy" playlist and Enzo manifests himself to her. She muses that the music helps her stay connected with him. Enzo tells her that she doesn't need pain to keep that connection that she's a witch. He brings her over and they kiss and begin slow dancing. Bonnie dismisses him by telling him a witch that can't do magic, though Enzo suggest that she's wrong, that his presences proves otherwise and magic is involved. He continues that he wants her to go to the wedding, and that she won't need pain to keep their connection. Bonnie tells him that it's because Stefan murdered him and even though the version of Stefan that murdered him is gone, she doesn't feel that about him. He wants her to share in Caroline's happiness and that it won't negate their happiness. She ask if he's actually happy and he tells her he is. He goes on to tell her how he imagined they would be married on the French countryside and that he was the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. They embrace and kiss again.

As Caroline prepares Lizzie and Josie for the wedding ceremony, Bonnie arrives, telling her that she could walk her down the isle. They hug and she explains it's for a selfish reason, that she wants to be apart of her happiness. Caroline tells the girls, now she's ready, because her best friend is here. As the wedding proceeds, Bonnie walks the girls, as flower girls, down the isle in front of Caroline and stands besides her as her bridesmaid throughout the ceremony.

During the reception Bonnie dances with Damon and they contemplate Katherine's motives of sending Caroline her necklace but skips the wedding. Bonnie muses it's to stand him up for old time sake. As Bonnie begins to be happy, Enzo's presence replaces Damon and he spins her around and she believes that happiness, more so than pain, can keep them together. Moment later, Bonnie takes Josie and Lizzie to the bathroom in the Founder's hall, unaware of Kelly Donovan's plan to blow the place up.

Eventually the house explodes, engulfing the place in flames with Bonnie and the twins still inside. They are all saved by Valerie's protection spell on the girls, though, unknown to Bonnie, she doesn't understands and wants them to keep doing what their doing. Enzo comes to Bonnie, encouraging her to keep moving and that if she didn't, she would die. Enzo believes they are siphoning directly from her, from her magic. Bonnie dismisses the thought and says she doesn't have any magic and that if she does, she'll lose him. Enzo believes otherwise, that she's always had her magic and that why she's been able to stay connected with him. He wants them to continue to siphon her magic and save her. Bonnie disagrees though he continues to support her. He believes that, no matter what, they will be together again and there'll only be peace but she has to fight now and to live her life. Knowing that Enzo's words are true in her heart, she teaches Lizzie and Josie the spell needed to save them --Phasmatos motus incendiamos!.

They exchange "I love yous" and Bonnie gathers her strength and lets go of him; Enzo vanishes. She chants along with them as they move along the interior of the house, fire bending to their combined efforts of magic. As they reach the inner part of the house where the gas tank exploded, Bonnie takes command of the spell forcing the entirety of the explosion up through the chimney and expels it from the charred house. She emerges from the house with the girls and Caroline embrace them; Bonnie sits on the steps and watches the reunion. As she goes back inside, she comes face to face with Stefan. He watches her as she her nose begins to bleed as her recent reclamation of magic and the spell performed took its toll on her. Bonnie collapses to the floor, unconscious, and seemingly dying.

In I Was Feeling Epic, Bonnie is dying and Stefan tries desperately to revive her with chest compression. Caroline comes in and gives her some of her blood though it doesn't immediately take effect. As she is dying, she slips between the veil and sees Elena asleep on a bed in the middle of a thin forest. Elena begins to wake and the greet each other for the first time since she was cursed and embrace in a big hug. Bonnie is excited to finally see her best friend again. Upon her realization, Elena is not, she claims that it's not her time to die, that she was supposed to grow old and have children and grandchildren. Bonnie accepts her fate and tells her she can now be with Enzo. Elena tells her it's wrong, but Bonnie tells her she is ready. Enzo appears to Bonnie and tells her that he's not and that it's not her time. He takes her by the hand and they vanish, as Bonnie is revived by Caroline's blood. She hugs Caroline as she comes too and tells her and Stefan that she saw Elena.

Sometime later, Alaric takes Bonnie and the girls to the Armory for safety. On the way, Bonnie finds out that Katherine had Kai seal Elena's body in the High School, which she planned for Vickie to destroy the town of Mystic Falls with Hellfire. As time is running out, she tells them that she is too far away to make it back in time to help.

Once they arrive at the Armory Bonnie and Alaric talk. Bonnie is concerned for him. He tells her it's not that he doesn't care about Elena but he has to think about his family, that he can't fail his daughters. He glances down and Bonnie is drawn to his and Dorian's Hail Mary Miracle plan laid on the table. He explains that to destroy Hell, they figure they would need a few million volts of mystical energy. Bonnie has an idea, like the energy contained in Hellfire. With a plan coming together, Bonnie calls Stefan, telling him that Katherine has to be dead and in Hell, for her plan to work to destroy Hell and he agrees that he's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the plan. As Alaric prepares the girls to leave, Bonnie thanks them for saving her in the fiery explosion earlier that night before she regained her magic. That they both helped her realize that she had all the magic she ever needed inside her and asks them to give her a little luck. Caroline arrives and Alaric takes the girls to the car. She tells Caroline that she's going to save the world and she needed to get in that car along with her family. Bonnie tells her she loves her and hugs her, seemingly, for the last time.

Bonnie prepares herself for the spell. Spell books lay open on the table beside her as she's lighting many candles that span a couple tables. She takes a breath and calls out to her Grams saying, "If I ever needed you to hear me, hear me now." She begins her chant Phasmatos incendia movet, phasmatos incendia moventur, ego ex vos, vos ex unos, phasmatos incendia entrare at the Armory. Her magic fills the room and begins to shake and rumble chandeliers and other artifacts around her. As the clock tower strikes 10 PM, Vickie rings the bell for a final time and hellfire explodes from the bell, shooting outward from the bell tower. Bonnie's magic contains it in a powerful, protective barrier, preventing it from consuming Mystic Falls. She draws it inwards, down through the tower and into the underground tunnel systems and to the Armory. It blast roars through the tunnels consuming everything it touches and bursts through the Armory's Vault doors and straight towards Bonnie. With all her might, she contains the hellfire, keeping it at bay, preventing it from consuming her as well, just mere feet away from her.

As she holds it back, she can feel that she's losing it and continues to fight saying: "No, no I can do this. I can do this! I can beat you. You can't have me. It's not my time!" In that moment, Enzo appears to her and is happy that she is finally ready to live out her life. Enzo tells her to keep fighting but Bonnie tells him she can't, that it's too strong for her alone. He tells her it's nonsense that that she's strong enough to do anything she sets her mind to. He then reminds her that she's not alone and vanishes. Sheila, returning from peace, takes her granddaughter's hand, smiles and gives her a nod. They continue the spell once again. Beatrice also appears and takes Bonnie's other hand and chants along with her descendant. As they chant and stare down the hellfire, generations of Bennett witches, including Lucy, the Witch of the Five, and Ayana, return from peace and aid Bonnie, fighting back the hellire with their collective magic. With a final burst of magic, they successfully push back the hellfire, sending it back from whence it came, destroying Hell and Katherine along with it. Bonnie exclaims "I did it!" and collapses on the floor from exhaustion.

Sometime later in the not so distant future, Bonnie casts a spell over Elena and she wakes from her magical coma. She's surprised to see Bonnie and she tells her it some time, but she's finally been able to break the spell that Kai placed on her; that she's finally figured this witch thing out. Elena embraces her in a gleeful hug. Elena quickly comes to the sad realize of what happened with Stefan and asks for Damon. Bonnie takes her to the Salvatore Crypt, where Caroline and Damon are saying their goodbye to Stefan and they hold his memorial, all their friends in attendance.

As more time passes, Bonnie packs a bag. She's determined to keep the promise she made to Enzo; she's going live out her life to the fullest, to enjoy it, starting with seeing the world. As she packs her bag, she asks herself if she had everything. Enzo, at peace, continues to watch over her. He calls out to her, telling her "passport", that it's in the night stand. Bonnie unaware of Ezno's presence remembers and gathers her passport from her night stand. In the drawer, she finds and picks up the blood-fill necklace that Enzo gave her. Enzo's spirit caresses her cheek, though Bonnie can no longer connect with him. She looks around as if someone was there with her but she dismisses the thought. Enzo smiles and continues to watch fondly over her. Bonnie takes the necklace with her, in remembrance of her love, and sets off to travel the world.


Bonnie was a good-hearted, bubbly, sweet, fun-loving, spirited and optimistic individual. With regards to other people, Bonnie is described to be kind, warm, sympathetic, caring, compassionate, empathetic, selfless, and self-sacrificing. Bonnie has shown that she makes a very loving, devoted, loyal and caring friend. Bonnie could be considered to be a very spiritual person and she briefly believed herself as a psychic before discovering her true identity as a witch as well as learning of her witch heritage.

Bonnie was an optimistic person who always chose to see the positive in things. However, Bonnie begins to suffer immense grief, loss, pain and tragedy as well as the losses of people close to her, most notably, her Grams and Jeremy. She begins to become a much more serious and even depressive person. Although she has shown that she is generally a positive and optimistic person, she has also shown that she is capable of being depressive, withdrawn, martyring, and apathetic. After her Grams dies, she distanced herself from Elena and her friends in Mystic Falls. Her grief was so bad that Bonnie had even left town for a few weeks in order to escape.

Despite all the pain, loss and suffering that she has endured, Bonnie still remains rather strong, especially in the face of danger and adversity. She has shown that she is willing to put her own personal pain on the back burner in order to pay attention to the needs of her loved ones. It could be argued that Bonnie is much too emotionally invested or involved in the lives of her friends and this is probably the reason why Bonnie never seems to find a long period of contentment or happiness. Bonnie remains the person who is deeply loyal to her friends even through all of the challenges that they have faced.

While Bonnie has become friends with and likes Stefan, she remains cordial with his older brother, Damon, despite Damon's actions that have affected deeply including turning her mother into a vampire. Bonnie also sees the good in Damon and believes that he has the potential to be a good person and that there is hope for him if he makes the right choices.

Bonnie's most defining trait, as well as her greatest weakness, is her compassion, her selflessness, and her undying devotion and loyalty to her friends and her willingness to constantly sacrifice or martyr herself for them and for the greater good. Multiple times throughout the series, Bonnie uses her powers and abilities as a witch to save the people she cares for as well as innocents, despite knowing the consequences. Although every single member of her family has warned her about the consequences of some of the spells that she has performed, Bonnie's belief is that it is her duty to protect, save and help her friends at all costs.

Despite her strength in the face of loss, all of the tragic events that have happened to her and her friends has taken their emotional, mental and spiritual toll on her, particularly with Jeremy's death. Although Bonnie puts on a facade of strength and courage, she has proven that deep down, she is very emotionally vulnerable and she is in need of love, comfort and support. Bonnie's grief over the loss of Jeremy allowed her to be manipulated by Silas into agreeing to destroy the Veil between the realm of the living and the supernatural purgatory (the Other Side) just to bring Jeremy back knowing that it would also bring back every dead supernatural being.

Since finding herself in a prison world with Damon after the implosion of the Other Side, Bonnie has been trying her best to keep it together despite the stress and frustration of having to live through the same day over and over again with the one person she is fond of the least, believing that her Grams made sure that she would find her way back to the physical plane.

However, despite having to deal with that and Damon's sarcastic quips, she continues to stand tall in the face of adversity, managing to regain her magic at the possibility of the one companion or friend she had with her. Bonnie had no qualms when she telekinetically drove a pick axe through Kai's heart, knowing that he is of no use to her and Damon and also knowing that Kai is a psychotic murderer who has no moral or guilty conscience. However, Bonnie played the hero yet again when she sacrificed her chance to come back and let Damon go home instead, ensuring that Kai doesn't get to come back either.

Unfortunately, Kai's return to the real world set off a chain of events that put Bonnie in a most unbearable predicament - she is now stuck in the prison world meant for Kai and can only rely on her friends to get her back since she relinquished her magic and placed it in her teddy bear, which is also in the real world. Bonnie fell into a morose state as she tried to recreate a holiday tradition all by herself. She did her best to keep her spirits up but she ended up setting the Christmas tree she put up alight, showing that she is losing hope that she'll ever get out.

Not long after, Bonnie had reached her breaking point, as she found the suicide Bourbon she and Damon made a pact on and began drinking it profusely. She then decided to lock herself in the garage with the engine of Damon's car running, trying to suffocate herself to death. However, as she was recording her final moments, Bonnie was reminded of what her Grams told her and she willfully pushed through the pain of being alone and tried to escape the garage. Through Jeremy's timely intervention, she was able to get back up again and she found the atlas where Damon left notes about Nova Scotia, giving Bonnie the idea of going there to access the power of Qetsiyah's blood in Silas' headstone to bring herself back. Filled with a new determination, Bonnie takes Damon's car and journeys to Silas' tomb, hoping to finally return home.

Despite the injuries she sustained in acquiring the headstone, she nevertheless pushed through the pain and accomplished her objective. Even the erratic nature of the Prison Worlds did not stop her from fighting her way back home. When she did, she had a heartfelt reunion with Damon, who was overjoyed to have Bonnie back in the mortal plane. Despite the struggles Bonnie's faced, it appeared that they picked up where they left off and acted like not a day has passed since they got separated.

Bonnie is having a hard time reintegrating herself into life on the mortal plane, as she was very uncomfortable being in crowded places and scorched a man's skin because he was getting too close to her. However, she finds comfort in Damon, who somewhat reassures her that it's definitely going to take time for her to get herself together. However, things came to a head when she saw Kai again, threatening to melt his face off the next time she sees him, and she snapped at Damon for making her relive all the pain she felt in the Prison World. In a display of sheer power, Bonnie made Damon feel all of that pain so that her feelings about Kai would be made perfectly clear.

Bonnie has developed a more reserved, yet assertive and authoritarian demeanor after escaping the Prison World, even leading Damon (who is rather cocky and aggressive) to concede to her wishes. She acknowledges that her time in the Prison World changed her and is unsure if she is scared of what she may have turned into or likes this new version of herself. However, she is more than willing to pull through and figure herself out. After returning from the prison world, she is struggling to adapt to the real world and hide all the pain and loneliness she felt with angry and hate. But she is very happy to be reunited with her best friend Elena.

She is unable to let go of the past, as she refused forgiven Malachai Parker for what he did to her in the Prison World, despite the fact that he was no longer the evil psychopath he once was.

She even tried to kill him, even when he did not try to defend himself, Bonnie left him in 1903 as revenge for what he did to her. She is unable to let go of the past, as she refused forgiven Malachai Parker for what he did to her in the Prison World, despite the fact that he was no longer the evil psychopath he once was, becoming much more willing to backstab and even kill others. She is also seen to take a much more active role in the elimination of threats, helpingMatt kill vampires in Mystic Falls, aiding Damon in his revenge plot against Lily and Julian, and cutting off Enzo's hand to save Damon.

As the anchor to the Other Side, Bonnie seemed to have lost her abilities as a witch. Bonnie would experience the pain of all dead supernatural beings passing through her. She would try to keep the pain she experience as being the anchor a secret from everyone so that they would not have to worry about her. In the beginning, Bonnie suffered that pain without anyone being aware, however Jeremy soon discovered the price she paid when Jesse passed through Bonnie. Unlike the previous Anchor who was Amara, Bonnie had the support of her friends, as well as her Grams on the Other Side. This is likely what kept Bonnie sane, as Amara was alone and petrified which greatly aided her offset and crazy personality.

As the anchor, Bonnie has the ability to exist in both the physical world and on the Other Side, giving her insight on things that not every living or undead friend/ally of hers may know of. Bonnie's fate is tied to the existence of the Other Side. When Markos was brought back by The Travelers from the Other Side, it started to collapse and fall apart. With the slow destruction of the other side, the fate of the other spirits caused some being to be sucked away to the Dark Dimension (also known as being sucked into oblivion) like Silas, (Katherine was taken prior to the collapse of The Other Side). Even when it was apparent that her fate was sealed along with The Other Side's destruction she was still selfless and was willing to sacrifice herself, speeding up the destruction of the Anchor to save her family and friends. In particular she wanted her Grams to pass through her, bringing her back to life, though she was able to find a loophole for Bonnie and told her that she has found peace knowing that she (Bonnie) will find hers. Prior to the total collapse of the Other Side, besides Grams, Lexi is the other only known spirit to have found true peace. Bonnie, with the help of Liv casting the Resurrection spell was able to bring back her deceased friends (Stefan, Alaric, Damon, Elena, Enzo, Tyler, etc) allowing them to escape oblivion before it completely collapsed. In the end, Bonnie and Damon "died" together as they stared into a rising bright white light as the Other Side collapsed with Bonnie asking, "Do you think it will hurt?".

In Kill 'Em All, Bonnie becomes the new supernatural huntress, after Rayna Cruz offered to sacrifice her final life to save Bonnie's from dying from her blood, which is toxic to witches. However, Rayna didn't only give her final life to Bonnie but made her the next huntress, as a final act of revenge on vampire, Damon Salvatore, a long running enemy of Rayna's and Bonnie's best friend, knowing that turning his best friend into the huntress will turn her against him and with the help of the final descendant of one of the shamans that transformed Rayna into the huntress to do the spell to transfer the hunter's instinct to Bonnie, Rayna then commits suicide before Damon could react or stop her.

As the huntress, Bonnie will now develop Rayna's hunter instinct, which will cause her to grow an extreme hatred towards all vampire kind and this will making her a threat to the show's protagonists and her best friends; Damon, Stefan, Caroline and her own boyfriend, Enzo, stopping at nothing until she has killed them all. As the huntress, Bonnie could no longer use magic, most likely due to the huntress blood's effect on witches.

In Requiem for a Dream, it's shown that as the huntress, Bonnie is now plagued with nightmares about vampires and sees them as the enemy, despite good vampires like Enzo and Caroline plea to help her when they visited her inside her dreams, but Bonnie is shown without remorse for their kind and appears emotionless, taunting them, even trying to hurt their feelings before stabbing them, and despite, the Phoenix Stone/sword was destroyed, it's shown that once she's stabbed Enzo and Caroline in a dream, she's marked them in real life. While attacking, Damon she's shown great anger towards him more than any one else, mostly because of his betrayal of choosing to dessicate himself until Elena wakes up, without telling her face-to-face first. Because of this, she had great resentment towards him for three years, which appears to be amplified as the huntress, and with the combined strength and hatred for Damon, she was unstoppable and clearly wanted him dead. She didn't seem to care about Damon's attempts to bring the old Bonnie back and shows her the memorial spot that her friends held for her after her death. She is stopped by Matt via tranquillization, just before she was ready to end Damon's life. But that didn't seem to do much to her determined nature as she wakes up and attacks Matt, rendering him unconscious, and totally driven by her hatred towards Damon.

In Gods and Monsters, Bonnie is completely overcome by the huntress' instinct, as she feels Caroline and Enzo's feelings and emotions since she marked them, and is intent to hunt and kill them, however, it's made very clear that she doesn't want to hurt them but can't control her hunter instinct to kill the ones that she has marked, a lot like Rayna. She became very careless and reckless in her actions as the huntress, with her attempts to kill Caroline, when she left Matt injured and alone to continue hunting her. She became very emotional and upset when she was forced to kill her boyfriend Enzo by the hunter's instinct, even insisting that he should fight her back to stop her, but she was too strong. Luckily, Damon put an end her time as the huntress when he burned the body of last shamanic descendant, stopping her from killing Enzo and bringing her back to normal.

She was finally able to forgive Damon for wanting to desiccate himself until Elena wakes up.

Physical Appearance[]

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Physically, Bonnie is a very beautiful and attractive young woman. She is rather exotic and has an "ethereal" beauty with an air of feminine mystery. Bonnie has a very soulful and magical beauty and she is almost uniformly feminine, in which she possesses somewhat of a fragile and enigmatic aura. Bonnie has soft and gentle facial features and she has somewhat of a delicate appearance. There is also something rather dreamy about her physical appearance. Bonnie has a heart-shaped face, with full cheeks and a pointed chin. Bonnie has very expressive, soulful, dreamy and beautiful eyes; they are large, round and almond-shaped which are seen to be olive green in coloring. Her eyes almost have a feeling of a boundless ocean; an ethereal quality that is very hard to pinpoint. She has perfectly shaped arched eyebrows which frame over her limpid and soulful eyes. She has a nice, slender and straight nose. Bonnie has well-shaped, full and sensuous lips, with straight white teeth and a warm and generous smile. She has clear and soft light brown skin or complexion with long, luxurious dark brown or soft black wavy hair. Having been a cheerleader, Bonnie has a slim yet athletic figure. Bonnie is also rather petite at about 5'2" and she is the shortest between herself, Elena and Caroline (with Caroline being the tallest). Bonnie regularly changes her hairstyle, in the early seasons, she had her hair regularly styled in very tight curls and sometimes soft waves, however in the later seasons, her hair is much straighter and the length is somewhat shorter. Her fashion sense or style is described as being gypsy chic with a bit of a hippie trend and she dresses in a casual manner with nice tops and jeans, but on special occasions, she will dress up in trendier and fancier clothing. As shown by several dances and parties, she likes to dress up in costume.

In early part of the first season, her style was very much "normal", regular denim, blue jeans with colored t-shirts. However in later seasons, she began to wear a more "unique" style, with floral, flared cardigans, dark jackets and matching accessories such as long necklaces and pendants with small earrings, which Bonnie is regularly seen wearing. In season four, her style matured and she began to wear more somewhat darker clothing and shoes, such as dark greens and black. She regularly wears cardigans and tops with some type of floral pattern with jeans or leggings, and occasionally; such as for Graduation, wore a floral print dress with her trinkets underneath her red gown. In the early parts of season five, her appearance and outfit when she died remains unchanged. However, when she returned to the physical plane, she had her hair cut into a short bob. Her style is much more relaxed and she's seen in more sleeveless tops than she did before. Bonnie occasionally wears make-up, only usually for special occasions such as parties in which she will use accessories and makeup to compliment her choice of outfit, however daily, she wears little to no makeup and Bonnie is more of a natural beauty. After being resurrected as the Anchor, she cut her hair to chin length, in a straight bob cut style. In Season 7, her hair has grown to shoulder length and she wears it in loose curls. Three years later, she is seen with chin length, straight, bob cut style hair again.

Powers and Abilities[]

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Bonnie has all the typical weaknesses of a witch.


Sheila Bennett[]

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In the beginning, we hear Bonnie mention numerous times that her Grams says she' a witch. At first she thinks her Grams is crazy, but Bonnie then starts to experience inexpiable and supernatural things. She finally believes that she's a witch. When Bonnie was in the initial stages of learning magic, she would visit her grandmother on the weekends. When Bonnie didn't know what was happening with her abilities she went to her for help. Grams explained the Bennett family history and also taught her spells. When Bonnie and Elena were kidnapped, Grams got Stefan to save them both. Grams also helped open the tomb, so that Damon would leave town. After Grams and Bonnie opened the tomb, Grams lied down in exhaustion. However, the spell ended up being too much for her body to handle and she died. Bonnie was devastated and took a few weeks off from school after her funeral. Since then, Bonnie has taken witchcraft much more seriously. After the veil between the living and the dead is broken, a vast group of spirits return to Mystic Falls, including Sheila Bennett. After she reveals to Bonnie that the balance of Nature has been offset, together Bonnie and Sheila perform a spell that destroyed The Original Witch's Talisman. Before her departure, Sheila gives words of encouragement to Bonnie, reminding her of her strength, and how proud she is of how far Bonnie has come. When Elena was transitioning into a vampire, Bonnie tried to pull her human spirit from the Other Side but she was stopped by Sheila, who warned her of the dark magic she was using and to stop messing with Nature. When she continued to do so, Bonnie watched her grandmother die right in front of her. Now that Bonnie is also on the Other Side, they can now presumably stay together after she told Jeremy that she "has the witches" and she left holding Sheila's hand. After spending time on the Other Side together, they come to find that the witches are noticing the dimension is collapsing, thanks to Markos. After the Other Side starts to suck lost supernatural souls into oblivion, Sheila mentions how proud she is to have the opportunity to watch Bonnie grow. The two share a heartfelt goodbye before Sheila finds peace, beyond the Other Side

Lucy Bennett[]

Lucy seemed to be Katherine's friend and ally. She appeared in Masquerade. She is a witch and also Bonnie's cousin. She performed a spell that linked Elena to Katherine, in order to protect her. After Bonnie learned that she can trust Lucy, she handed over the moonstone. Lucy suffocated Katherine and afterwards gave Bonnie the moonstone and left town.

However, before she left she told Bonnie that she was a good witch and that she needed to continue to fight. She also reassured Bonnie that she would see her again.

Caroline Forbes[]

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The friendship between Bonnie and Caroline is one that has become stronger after Bonnie honed her witchcraft and Caroline became a vampire. Before they were cheerleaders in high school and they were also best friends with Elena Gilbert. Caroline was a shallow girl who envied Elena and usually talked to Bonnie about it. After Caroline transitioned into a vampire, Bonnie was angry over this and lashed out at Damon but eventually Bonnie's love for her friend overcame her natural dislike for vampires and the two were best friends again. After the Salvatore brothers killed Bonnie's mother, she kept the body at Caroline's house and it was Caroline who explained to Elena the strain it put on Bonnie being Elena's friend. Throughout the many seasons, Caroline and Bonnie have continually been there for one another despite their disagreements. Besides Elena being involved, Caroline and Bonnie have never shared a disagreement until Season Seven, when Bonnie is forced to become a Supernatural Huntress. Caroline is currently trying to save Bonnie from a lifelong misery of being forced to hunt vampires. After saving Bonnie, their friendship is almost immediately restored as they begin tracking down the Armory's monster and Damon and Enzo.

In Season Eight, Bonnie is helped by Caroline in her quest to find Enzo and Damon. While doing so, Bonnie desperately tries to get through to Enzo. After Bonnie rescued Enzo from Sybil, she planned to move into a house with him, but Caroline's fiancé murdered Enzo right in front of Bonnie. This puts Bonnie and Caroline in a tense position, especially when Stefan's humanity switch is back on and Caroline decides to still marry him. Bonnie initially refused to attend Caroline's wedding as her maid of honor because she was still very angry at Caroline's fiancé for murdering Enzo while his humanity was off. However, Bonnie changes her mind and decides to become Caroline's maid of honor after all, but only for Caroline's sake. After the events in the eighth season's finale, Caroline decides to stay in Mystic Falls while Bonnie leaves their town to travel the world. This separates them, but it can be assumed they still remained best friends.

Elena Gilbert[]

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Elena is one of Bonnie's best friend since childhood. She is the first person that Bonnie tells she is a witch. Bonnie has said that she "loves Elena like a sister" and has said that she would "die for her". They are very close and would do anything for each other. After Elena and the Salvatore brothers indirectly cause Sheila Bennett's death, their friendship goes through a temporary rough patch. Their friendship is later rekindled, and they remained best friends. After Jeremy's death, Elena turns off her humanity, and later attacks Bonnie at prom in an attempt to kill her, causing another strain on their friendship. After Elena turns her humanity back on, they make amends and Elena apologizes for her actions, to which Bonnie replies, "You weren't you. I know what that's like. I wasn't me for a long time", in reference to (expression) having an effect on her mind. They remain close until Kai Parker links their lives together in season six and they are forced to live without each other. Currently, Bonnie and Elena will never see each other again being Bonnie must die a natural death in order to awaken a slumbering Elena. The two share a heartfelt goodbye scene in the season finale in season six and afterwards, Bonnie seals Elena's slumbering body into the Salvatore crypt until she awakens. Bonnie currently misses Elena being she is forced to carry on without her.

Jeremy Gilbert[]

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Jeremy was the first to develop romantic feelings for Bonnie and the first to express desire for a more romantic relationship between the two of them. However, Bonnie was reluctant, thinking of him as Elena's 'kid brother', but eventually gave into her feelings for him. Jeremy and Bonnie then started a relationship after they got Elena's blessing to go ahead. Jeremy is overprotective of Bonnie; probably because he doesn't want to lose her like his past two girlfriends. Bonnie has proven her love for Jeremy when she willing brought him back to life, no matter the consequence. However, after Bonnie brought him back to life he started seeing and talking to the ghost of his ex-girlfriend, much to Bonnie's displeasure. Elena caught Jeremy kissing Anna, she then informed Caroline who in turn relayed this information to Bonnie. A heartbroken Bonnie then ends their relationship.

In Death and the Maiden, they confess their love for each other and kiss. In Home, Bonnie gets trapped on the other side with Damon, thus ending their relationship. However, in Season Six, the two rekindle their friendship and decide to breakup. Jeremy is currently away from Mystic Falls and would rather pursue his life chasing vampires than being with her in Mystic Falls. Also, Bonnie wanted to explore herself after realizing she has changed as a person.

Matt Donovan[]

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Matt and Bonnie are great friends that have been close since childhood. In the pilot Bonnie is seen talking and trying to comfort him about Elena. In season 3, Matt mentioned he and Bonnie were lifeguards last summer. Matt also has a lot of trust in Bonnie that he trust her with his life in The Reckoning. Even though Matt is feeling lonely, Bonnie reassures Matt; "You're the only one of us who actually gets to live their life like a normal person, no matter how lost you feel. Don't forget that."

Bonnie continues to be there for Matt as a friend for the rest of the series. When Bonnie becomes a supernatural huntress during the seventh season, this strains their friendship a bit. However, once Bonnie is saved, they go back to being friends as if nothing happened. It is assumed they have remained good friends even though Bonnie distances herself from Matt and the rest of their mutual friends when she decides to leave Mystic Falls to travel the world.

Damon Salvatore[]

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Damon and Bonnie first started out as enemies who usually worked together to save their friends and loved ones. However at the end of Season 5, they get stuck on The Other Side together, and hold hands as they get sucked into a white light. They later discover that they are stuck in a 1994 Prison World. They work together to find a way out and form an alliance to take down Kai. During this time, they are able to move on from their past and become best friends. Damon is shown to be protective of Bonnie by threatening Kai: "We may be having a bit of a disagreement, but don't ever lay a hand on her." Bonnie also sacrifices herself to let Damon go home. They later reunite in Let Her Go and Damon happily states, "You made it."

For Season 7, they are closer than ever and Damon looks to protect her (and her vice versa). They have their small fights every now and then, but ultimately come together as friends and ally to help their other loved ones against the one thing they hate the most: the Heretics.

During the season, Damon and Bonnie allied together frequently to stop Lily Salvatore and her adoptive children from wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. They are also close in friendship, until Damon feels that desiccating himself in a coffin to wait for Elena's return is the right thing to do. This breaks Bonnie's heart and this severely damaged their friendship. Three years later, Damon is awakened by Stefan being Rayna Cruz is after him once again. Stefan, Damon, Enzo and Bonnie work together to stop Rayna. This only strains Damon and Bonnie relationship even more, but they ally together anyways. However, once they defeat Rayna, her powers are passed onto Bonnie: the powers of a supernatural vampire huntress.

By Bonnie becoming a relentless huntress, this influences Bonnie to hate Damon once again, only worse than ever. Damon tries to get through to her, including telling her off in a dream by trying to get the real Bonnie back, but this doesn't work. Damon burns one of the last bodies of a corpse connected to Bonnie's huntress side and cured Bonnie of the huntress curse. Shortly after that, Bonnie and Enzo joke around with Damon on the phone and they confirm that Bonnie has forgiven him and that they are best friends once again. However, Damon mysteriously hears Elena's voice in the Armory's vault and is easily drawn to it despite Enzo and Bonnie's protests over the phone to try and stop Damon from following the voice. It is too later though; Damon has been drawn in to the Armory's monster's clutches. Bonnie sends Enzo first to see if he could save Damon, but Enzo too is captured. Currently, Bonnie is devastated that Damon and Enzo are missing and she is desperately trying to find Enzo along with Damon.

Lorenzo St. John[]

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Originally, Enzo and Bonnie met and became frenemies. Also, they mostly shared slightly antagonistic scenes together. However, Enzo is saved by Bonnie, after his first death as a vampire after he was almost sucked into Oblivion from the Other Side collapsing. After this, they become more tolerant of each other, especially during Season Seven. In Season Seven, Bonnie helped Enzo to deal with Lily Salvatore's romantic rejections of him. Enzo also helped Bonnie by saving her life before the Armory could get to her. While in hiding from the Armory, Enzo and Bonnie grow closer despite still having a love-hate relationship with each other, but this is only temporary being they share their first kiss while staying in the cabin they are in hiding together. Three years pass, Enzo and Bonnie are in a romantic relationship and are in love with each other. Currently, Enzo's life is on the line due to the Armory's creature mentally incapacitating him and Bonnie is currently trying to bring him back to himself.

Other Relationships[]

Bennett Family, Bennett Coven, Mystic Falls Gang, Mystic Falls High School, Whitmore College


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  • The casting call was: Seventeen years old, bubbly, adorable, loyal and bighearted, she is Elena's best friend who is developing her psychic abilities and senses that Stefan is dangerous. She also "sees" the black crow of death that seems to be following Elena...


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Bonnie McCullough is a main female character of The Vampire Diaries book series. She is an eighteen year old young witch who originally started off as a human psychic. Bonnie is from the small town of Fells Church, Virginia. Bonnie is best friends with Elena Gilbert, Meredith Sulez, Matt Honeycutt and Stefan Salvatore. Bonnie is the only person within the entire series to develop a deep, strong, tender and genuine relationship with Damon Salvatore (while Bonnie has a love hate relationship with Damon in the television adaptation, although as of the sixth season, this has dramatically changed). Bonnie was born on March 10, 1992, in Fells Church, Virginia. She is of Scottish American descent and she is descended from ancient Celtic Druids (pronounced Droo-ids). She has witch ancestry and she possesses psychic powers, which developed and became immensely powerful and strong over a period of time throughout the course of the series. Bonnie has a Scottish grandmother from Edinburgh, Scotland, who is a psychic witch (like herself) and to whom she was very close. She has one older sister named Mary McCullough, who is a nurse and who is two to three years older than her. It has been mentioned in the novels that Bonnie might possibly have another sister other than Mary, although this is not certain and has not been confirmed so it is assumed that Bonnie only has one sibling. Bonnie has slowly learned to control her strong abilities as a psychic, although her powers often become much too overwhelming for her to handle at times. Bonnie's psychic abilities are hereditary according to Bonnie, and she says that the psychic powers always skip a generation. Bonnie's grandmother has the psychic (witch) abilities, but she says that her mother doesn't possess them. Bonnie has also dabbled in the art of witchcraft successfully and she had done this when trying to help Elena find Stefan when he had gone missing in The Struggle. Physically, Bonnie is described to be a small, petite girl (while Bonnie Bennett is tall) with deep, large brown eyes, a heart shaped face, long strawberry red-gold hair (which is curly permed and while Bonnie Bennett has black hair) and very fair skin or complexion (while Bonnie Bennett has dark skin), which is said to be highly translucent and opaque. Bonnie's physical appearance is often described to be innocent, dainty and childlike like a pixie, while Bonnie Bennett's appearance is harder, serious and tougher. Initially, in the very beginning of the series, Bonnie comes off as kind-hearted and caring, but she is not seen to be very bright, scholarly and intelligent at all. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie begins to dabble in the art of witchcraft, and successfully pulls off a summoning ritual to call Stefan back to Fell's Church, then successfully manages to help Stefan communicate with a ghost! Elena by various means. At the end of Dark Reunion, Bonnie is the one who screams about the unfairness of their tragic fate, which triggers Elena's return from the afterlife. It is unknown if Bonnie's strong and powerful powers played any significant role in making this happen, or if it was just a matter of lucky timing (it was the night of the summer solstice, when ghosts were said to be prone to returning to Earth anyway). She slowly realizes that she isn't as dumb as she believes herself to be (and, as a result, as she's convinced everyone else she is), and that she's actually rather resourceful, useful, needed and loved by all of her friends. Although Bonnie's characterization generally appears to be light-hearted, bubbly and sweet, Bonnie is deeply fascinated with and drawn to darkness and unconventionality, especially with death. Bonnie frequently talks about, fantasizes about and romanticizes death, especially her own; constantly talking about her Scottish grandmother's prophecy that she would be young and beautiful in her grave, and she is going to die romantically. She is fickle, idealistic and flighty when it comes to the opposite sex, while Bonnie in the TV series barely has a boyfriend. Bonnie is described to be highly flirtatious and coy. She has a habit of chasing boys, therefore, this has made her look somewhat flighty, ditzy, unstable and even promiscuous when it comes to the opposite sex. She has had numerous boyfriends, crushes and infatuations who she doesn't seem to take seriously at all due to her fickleness, flightiness and her inability to commit to a stable, long-term romantic relationship. Bonnie has shown some interest in Matt Honeycutt. She begins to develop a relationship with Matt (especially in Dark Reunion), although Matt is still very much in love with Elena. Matt has been seen to be very protective over Bonnie, especially where Damon is concerned, and he appears to have a brother-sister, best friend or platonic connection with her. She has a pleasant and easy-going connection with Matt. Bonnie has a very deep, strong, indescribable and undeniable attraction and connection with Damon Salvatore. She deeply and strongly cares about him (unconditionally) and is indescribably and undeniably drawn to him. Damon has saved her life on various occasions throughout the course of the series and because of it, Damon is seen as Bonnie's hero and protector (in the series, Bonnie and Damon hate each other and will only work together if they have to). Damon has shown to be fiercely protective (sometimes overly protective) of Bonnie even though he won't and can't admit it to himself (for whatever unexplained reasons) and he is always there for her whenever she is in trouble of any kind. Bonnie is Damon's "weak spot" although Damon constantly and repeatedly tries to deny it throughout the series. By the end of the original series, Bonnie had become significantly more mature, grounded and serious; focusing on the more important issues and problems at hand rather than about the opposite sex and chasing boys. She even surprises herself a few times with her own insightful, helpful contributions to the fight against Klaus. Bonnie, who is a powerful psychic with supposed witch ancestry, is often greatly overwhelmed by her powers, and attempts to repress the true extent of them without very much success.


  • Bonnie is a feminine first name of Scottish or Scots-Irish origin which means "pretty", "beautiful", "charming" or "attractive". It is pronounced BAHN-ee or BON-ee.[2]
  • Sheila is from the Latin form of "Caelia", feminine form of the Roman clan "Caelius" meaning "heavenly", or "of the heavens".[3]
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".[4]


  • Bonnie's blood type is O-, the universal blood donor type.
  • Her car is a blue ribbon metallic Toyota Prius registered JR7-5183.
  • The Toyota Prius that Bonnie drives is also Kat Graham's personal car.
  • Bonnie once stated that she can't cook, like her friend Elena.
  • Bonnie's house number is 2136.
  • Bonnie spend 278 days inside the 1904 prison world.


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